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Flattering Lips Reap Fatality

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The following are AKJV scriptures paraphrased-as-we-speak today addressing Christ’s statement, “They flatter me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” There is no doubt that words are hollow, meaningless, when the speaker’s actions do not match his or her words; therefore, it is to flatter God and Christ by saying all the “right” things, those things that have mankind declaring the speaker as a “good Christian,” which can have deadly consequences where like-actions are not present; which is to say, man’s behaviour reveals his heart. Take great care that you absolutely live what you speak. For it is each individual’s actions that God will judge, and judge in accordance with His Law:  not by what you say.

Holy Bible, Authorized King James Version: 

Godly men have ceased to exist. They all speak vainly with flattering lips and with a double heart. They have said in their hearts, “With our tongue will we prevail, for our speech is our own. Who is lord over us?”

Their sorrows shall be multiplied, their offerings Jesus will not offer His Father nor will He speak their names; for they speak proudly. They are workers of iniquity, uttering peace to their neighbours but mischief is in their hearts. They even speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.

They do not present to God a broken spirit and remorseful heart. Their tongues devise mischiefs; like a sharp razor working deceitfully. They love evil more than good and lying rather than to speak righteousness: their words are devouring. They are men that did not make God their strength but trusted in the abundance of their riches and strengthened themselves in their wickedness.

Does the congregation speak righteousness and judge correctly? No. They teach wickedness and violence on earth. Break their teeth, O God, in their mouths! Their lips are swords for the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips, let them be taken in their pride and for the cursing and lying, which they speak. They will be slain, all of them. They delight in lies, bless with their mouth but curse inwardly. They will be stopped.

The wicked sharpen their tongue like a sword and shoot bitter words like arrows at the perfect yet have no fear. They encourage themselves in evil ways and plan traps, searching out iniquities. Both the inward thought of everyone of them and the heart is deep. But, God shall shoot them suddenly, causing their own tongues to slay themselves.

Despite knowing God is their rock and redeemer, they nevertheless flatter Him with their mouth and lie with their tongues; their hearts are not right with Him nor are they stedfast in His Law. I am for peace: but, when I speak, they are for war. They are gathered together for war with sharpened tongues like a serpent, adders’ poison under their lips.

Let them be cast into the fire, that they rise up not again. Let the wicked fall into their own traps. The lips of a strange church drop like honey and her mouth is smoother than oil; but, her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword. Her feet go down to death, her steps take hold of the grave. Her ways are unstable.

Remove yourself far from this church and don’t come near the door of her house for fear of having to say you were in the midst of the evil of her congregation and assembly. Keep yourself away from this congregation, which flatters you and the Lord with her words. She is loud and stubborn. With her smooth words she causes man to yield to her ways and doesn’t even know it will cost him his life.

Hear me, O you children and follow my words. Do not let your heart go into her ways nor walk upon her path; for she has cast down many wounded and many of the righteous have been slain by her. Her house is the way to the grave, to the chambers of death.

He who hides hatred with lying lips and speaks slander is a fool and his heart is of little worth. Those rebellious tongues shall be cut out; for the righteous know what is acceptable unto God. Lying lips are an abomination to Him and they will be destroyed; for in their lips is the rod of pride and their talk leads to spiritual poverty. The lips of the wise spread spiritual knowledge, while the heart of the foolish do not.

The spiritual instruction of the foolish is folly, their way seeming right to man, but the end of it is death; for ungodly men dig up evil and in their lips is a burning fire. They sow strife and whisper separation of friends. Their violence entices their neighbors and lead them in ways that are not good. Their moving lips bring evil to pass. Thus, a wicked doer gives heed to their false lips and a liar listens to a naughty tongue.

Their foolish words lead to conflict and call for fights. Their mouth is their destruction and the trap for their soul. Every man shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth and they shall be filled; for death and life are in the power of the tongue. Those who love it shall eat the fruit. Better is the poor that walks in righteousness than he who is perverse in his speech and is a fool.

The people will curse he who tells the wicked that they are righteous and nations will abhor him. He who meddles in someone else’s trouble only seeks to control. Those who deceive their neighbors are like one who flings firebrands, arrows and death while calling it a game. An argumentative man fuels trouble and a talebearer causes mortal wounds.

Likewise, he who hates beats around the bush with his words and builds deceit within himself. When he speaks fairly, do not believe him; for there are seven abominations in his heart: his wickedness shall be revealed to the whole congregation; for he who digs a pit for others shall fall in it himself, and he who casts stones shall have stones return upon him. Liars hate those whom their lies afflict and a flattering mouth causes destruction.

People draw near me with their mouth and with their words do honor me; but, their hearts are far from me and their respect toward me is taught by man’s precepts. From their hearts they speak lies and mutter perverseness against the Lord and cause others to sin. Yes, truth has failed and those who depart from evil makes him self their prey. The Lord sees it and it displease him that there is no judgment.

I, the Lord, have stricken them, but they do not grieve. I have consumed them, but they refuse to receive correction; only making their faces harder than a rock. They refuse to return to my ways. They are foolish; for they do not know the Lord’s ways or God’s judgments. They shall be slain and torn into pieces because their transgressions are many and their backslidings are increasing.

Shall I not avenge these things? Man’s battles are with confused noise, garments rolled in blood; but, my wrath shall be with the burning and fuel of fire. Behold, I will make my words in their mouth fire and their people wood. It shall devour them!

You trust lies that do not profit you. You steal, murder and commit adultery and swear falsely and walk after false gods. Yet, you dare to come and stand before me in the house called by my name and say, “By grace we are allowed to do all these abominations? My house has become a den of robbers. I have seen it! You confuse yourselves; thus, my anger and fury shall be poured out upon man and beast, upon trees and fruit of the fields. It shall burn and not be put out. You have rejected the word and wisdom of the Lord and have provoked my anger with your graven images and strange self-importance.

You are not valiant for the truth, thus proceed from evil to evil: because you have forsaken my law and have not obeyed my voice. Rather, you have walked after the imagination of your own hearts and after Lucifer. Therefore I shall feed you with wormwood and give you bitter gall to drink. Indeed, you are close to me with your mouth but far from my reins. You have forgotten me and trusted in falsehoods.

Cursed be those who trust in man and whose heart departs from the Lord. But, blessed is the person who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is God. I, the Lord, search each heart and test the reins. The land is full of adulterers, their course evil. In the houses by my name, both prophet and priest are blasphemous. Their wickedness I have seen in my houses. You have perverted my words, the words of the living God, of the Lord of hosts.

The people hear God’s words but will not do them. With their mouth they speak much love for Him, but their hearts go after covetousness. The Lord is even a lovely song to them, but they don’t do His words. The ways of the Lord are right, and the just shall walk in them! But, the sinners shall be judged by those words and will die.

Listen to me, you priests, pastors and preachers. You have departed from my ways and cause many to stumble at my Law. You have made light of my Statutes; therefore, I shall make you contemptible and base before all the people. You have wearied me with your lies; yet, you ask how so. Every time you say that anyone who does evil is good in the Lord’s sight and I delight in them. Or, when you say, Where is the God of judgment?

I am the Lord, I change not. You have moved away from my Commandments and have not obeyed them. You even rob me of tithes and offerings. Only they who fear the Lord and obey are written in His book. They shall be the Lord’s jewels and he will spare them.

You cannot serve two masters; yet, this you do by drawing near the Lord with your mouth and honoring Him with your lips with a heart far from Him. In vain you worship God, teaching for His doctrines the commandments of men. You lay aside His Statues to keep the traditions of mankind. You justify yourselves before men, but God knows your heart: from which proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these are evil and defile you.

What? You gentiles think you are better than my people the Jews? In no way are you; for you all have left my ways to become spiritually unprofitable. Your mouths are full of cursing and bitterness, swift to shed blood. Destruction and misery are your ways; for the way of peace you do not know: and, you have no respect for Yeshua, who is before your very eyes.

His Son spoke and did all God’s words of old; yet, for all He did and said, few hear and obey. He says to you, “Continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God and give thanks to His name. Do good and don’t forget to speak His truths; for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.”

Those who do not repent of the things they do against God, who fail to cease their worship of devils and wealth, or repent of their murders by tongue or weapon and their false teachings, fornications and thefts, will be destroyed.

They who obey God’s Statutes of Life, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ, shall be redeemed; for their names are written in the Lamb’s book of life. Blessed are they that do God’s commandments: they shall enter the gates of New Jerusalem and have right to the tree of life-everlasting.


Scripture References:

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Statutes of Life: Exodus 20:3-17; Deuteronomy 5:7-14,16-21

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Christ’s True Church


Christ’s Church

excerpt Truth Gathering, Chapter 30, pgs. 485-507, excerpt 5.5 pgs©copyright 1998, 2003 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.  

Church, according to the Hebrew word, is translated people. Jesus cited His church as not hewn by man and referred to His sheep as lively stones, metaphorically hewn wood and stones formed by one mind, one faith, one heart and one way, the mortar holding the whole together. Both God and Jesus made it clear the behaviour in which such a church would perform, which scripture references are provided at the end of this article. 

Are there any corporate denominational churches out there functioning in accordance with God’s Word? There is not one sect wholly of one mind, one faith, one heart and one way, which is obvious by virtue of their myriad differences without and within. Still, are their members wholly equal in all things? The answer is a resounding NO. Not even those who seem to teach Truth, such as Seventh Day Baptists/Church of God/Adventists, the first two of which have been in this nation since the first settlers; though none doing all things equal— the meaning revealed in God’s Holy Word. 

The only organized religions near to practicing all things equal—and separate from the world in hard work, absolutely no use of manmade evil inventions, such as electricity, cars, computers and so forth—are Amish and Mennonites. In these, Christ’s sheep could learn from their example. Albeit, Amish and Mennonites, too, are tied to the Great Whore by observing her counterfeit sabbath: made worse by entering into that blasphemous rest every two weeks as opposed to each seventh day according to God and Christ. 

The absolute closest to description would have to be those few Christian Jewish congregations that observe and do all Twelve of God’s Precepts in and of the faith of Jesus, including supporting one another both spiritually and financially.

Nevertheless, there is not one Christian professing incorporated religious group wherein all members pool their resources and divide excesses for equality. Most pay their church leaders but do not divide surpluses among members as each have need—thus all things being equal as Christ established with His Apostles and disciples; and, as they established it in all churches they formed. It isn’t going to happen either: at least not amidst corporate Christendom.

Corporate Christendom: those denominations formed under governmental incorporation laws. In this case, for the specific purpose of avoiding taxation: making them wickedly similar to any for-profit business. Being incorporated puts denominations under strict governmental control, more so than one might think. Incorporation allows religions to urge, even force, governments to pass laws as those so called righteous men of the moral majority deem necessary. Regardless of how good intentioned such laws are, morality nor immorality can be forced. It simply is: because God deems and controls both. 

As determined in a previous chapter, all known corporate denominations—with the exception of Catholicism—are of Satan’s Synagogues, those obese and excessively wealthy harlot daughters of the Great Whore: Papal Rome, the mother by some edict or other. If for no other reason than they are mixing church and State: despite the fact both they and State deny such commingling. Is there not even one considered wholly Christ’s denomination? No! Not even those seeming* to teach whole truth. (*next paragraph) 

I recall one Sabbath a few years ago, as I sat in a neighborhood *Seventh Day Adventist Church. Behind me was a young, divorced mother with three children, one a newborn. She struggled to make ends meet: at the moment, in need of food and diapers. So, a note was given to the Pastor requesting a call for a special love offering on behalf of a nameless family in need at close of service. He read the memo, stuffed it in his pocket and, at the end of his sermon, walked to the exit to bid everyone a happy Sabbath as they strolled out the door. He was careful to avoid eye contact with the missive’s author. Then he left to go play golf, violating God’s fourth Law, which this preacher taught as truth. 

Stunned almost immobile, as the front rows filed past our pew, several of us quickly dug into our purses, pooled meager cash-on-hand, stuffed the money in a tithe envelope and presented it to the young mother: rapidly advising her embarrassment that it was a gift, not from us, but from God. After all, whatever we have, however so much or little, is the Lords for our use, as He deems appropriate. 

Even I had experienced a lack of care in that church: for at the same time this young mother was suffering, I had been conducting in my home a free in-residence counseling program for teen girls, supporting it with a small retirement fund. When the money ran out, I contacted our pastor via email to learn if there were any programs available, within the Seventh Day Conference, to aid in keeping a much-needed service alive and well. 

The Conference meant the hierarchy of SDA churches throughout our nation. A short email advised: the church does not have the budget. He mentioned no programs such as I had requested. In the end, I lost my home and, no longer able to work, ended up on public assistance and housing. Praise the Lord! He never let me go hungry or without a roof. I must, however, quickly add: I am where I am at any given moment by God’s design. He always shows me who and why I am there or here or over yonder. Yet, I digress. 

Even the rare corporate religion teaching truth is failing to enter into that truth: the Pharisees in panoramic color, as are many of its own leaders and members. Woe unto that church leader, for God surely will hold him accountable: not only for corrupting God’s Holy Word by his blatant example, but for failing to respond to the needs of the flock in his care. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep. One of mine hungered and you did not feed her. Thus, I say to you, I never knew you.” 

Just such corporate religions and many of their members, indeed, have a form of godliness but lack the power of God. These corporate sects have need to support their own leaders in a worldly style to which they wish to become accustomed. They want to build bigger, fancier buildings and recreation rooms; despite our Lord saying His church would not be hewn by man. 

In fact, churches established by the Apostles met in private homes. But, corporate leaders desire to flaunt wealth, to drive fancy cars, live in expensive homes and wear designer clothes: and, call it bearing fruit of righteousness when they overflow their synagogues with misguided people. An erroneous message of prosperity. 

They must be celebrities in their own right: television shows filled with elaborate sets and movies filmed on lies and traditions of men with the roles played by Hollywood actors, some of whom voice non-belief in God: all with money gained from the poor. They build their own schools at all scholastic levels: to teach what man deemeth right but which lead the way to destruction. They covet being recognized authors of volumes of books full of half-truths and void of all but a few inapplicable scriptures: fully expecting to be well paid for their talent in producing great fiction. Of course, those authors make even more bucks when corporate Christendom purchases the movie rights. 

It is of no consequence to them if members are wearing rags, going hungry, living in shacks and walking wherever they need to go: all, in order to send their last dime to help pay for all those evangelical luxuries and falsehoods. Or, they even may be homeless and destitute, yet diligently seeking our gracious Lord while helping others with what little they might have: by sharing it. 

The only good thing that can be said for all these corporate denominations is exactly what Paul said, “Some indeed preach a Christ of envy and strife; and some also of good will. One preaches a Christ of contention but the other of love. What then? Notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.” 

At least they are teaching something of Jesus: meaning, at some point members here and there are going to do exactly what this commentator did—question God for His truths and His only. And, in finding it, those few here and there will become obedient and seek out others like themselves. We of the truth have in common a sense of being alone, without mutual believers around us. 

Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and of her plagues. It is corporate Christendom’s myriad denominations which Christ’s members are called from to come together in one mind, one heart and one way. Without benefit of a corporate structure designed for tax exemption while ceding ultimate control to governments. They come together believing one Truth, God’s; behaving in one Way, Christ-like; and, all of one heart in obedience to Every Word of God: ever lifting up each other, encouraging one another and adamantly maintaining equality among Christ’s members. One at a time: here a person, there a person. This is exactly why Jesus said, Where two or three sit in my name, so shall I be in their midst. It has been said from the beginning: God’s people are of little strength—indicative of their small numbers all over this world. 

Sometimes, one sheep stands alone, for a time: often feeling persecuted while those around them jeer at his or her belief, poke fun at their obedience and make jokes at their expense. Finally, someone steps over to his or her side, and then another and another. Today’s church is no stranger to taunting, teasing and jesting, as well as being called a variety of unflattering names; such as false prophets and blasphemers, just as Jesus was accused. Today’s church is well aware, however, that it is worsening: because the day is fast approaching when corporate brothers will lay blame for this world’s ills at the feet of obedient brethren. 

But we: Fear not, for the Lord is with us. We are fully armored and cannot be swayed to change sides. We care not for the flesh and hope for the day when, victoriously, we say to a tormentor, “Go ahead! Kill me, and I guarantee you that, in the end, Jesus will raise me up again.” Think how triumphant Jesus must have felt when He said almost those same words to the Pharisees. Victorious! Wonderful! Because He knew it was true. The Father would and did raise Christ up again; and, it will be done for us as well. It is written! 

Solomon built a temple, just as God foretold his father David. David was not allowed to build it because he had warred much and spilled blood, defiling the land. A splendid house Solomon did build! Solomon remains the wisest king in all history and since; yet, like his father David, he ultimately fell from grace due to his monetary extravagance virtually bankrupting Israel coupled with his legendary number of wives. 

Later, Solomon’s temple to our Lord was destroyed. Then, rebuilt several times until the last time in preparation for a coming Messiah. Seventy years after Christ’s birth, it was destroyed again: as Daniel and Jesus portended, and will remain so: because New Jerusalem will come down from out of heaven, according to John’s Revelation. 

Over the hundreds of years following Solomon’s structure, there were many times when God’s house and His ways were forsaken. Many times it was defiled by merchants and vendors: long before Jesus. Worse, priests and Pharisees began wielding more power than they had right; thus, even God’s Word was defiled. 

Looking at various church buildings and leaders of today reveal the same vile uses, lust of power and abhorrent sacrilege of God’s Word. Perhaps one might think this does not hold true in Sabbath keeping denominations. Think again: for quite often, even they will rent their buildings to Sunday keeping sects. It is little wonder God declared, His church would not be built by mankind. Neither is it: because man cannot bring anyone to Christ, nor can man create a man, nor can man build a house that will stand forever. Christ’s church is built of mankind, of people. 

Nevertheless, discover Christ’s True Church. Bear in mind: the word church, Biblically, means the people—our first clue as to the building blocks we seek in defining this church. Along the way, this AKJV Topical Bible has revealed every dirty little secret of Satan’s Synagogues, including the fact it is built upon shifting sands, an unstable foundation, and enormous lies for building blocks of dust easily blown away. 

Learn each truth and every nuance of Christ’s church, for there is no other like it. It is the only one built upon an indestructible, immovable rock and whose members are handpicked by the Father to follow His Son. Christ’s church: the personality and behavior of its people, who are small lively stones building up the body of Christ’s temple—being one with His body, mind and spirit. 

The AKJV scripture references below begin with a description of the ancient church, first setting out the Father’s Commandments. Remember: those same precepts were spoken long before they were written by God’s finger for Moses, as set out in Exodus 20:3-17 and Deuteronomy 5:7-21. Additionally, the fourth commandment seventh day Sabbath was not established through or for the Jews. It was established at creation, Genesis 2:2-3, thus for ALL people of whatsoever nationality. 

The second and ensuing sets of verse references below reflect Christ’s New Testament church. Once having read both God’s and Christ’s church descriptions, it will be clear that neither ancient nor new differ in God’s requirements. TRUTH: those who truly love God will look up and study every one the scriptures provided, for they seek only God’s Truth. 

In an aside, the Authorized King James Version is the Bible of choice in whatsoever language, in that it is the only translation from the original languages that fulfilled a part of Revelation prophecy: therefore a divine translation. Also, it has been determined that other, newer versions have altered, changed and even deleted critical data. 

The Ancient Church:

Exodus 20:1,3-17,25; 23:12-13; 31:13; Leviticus 19:3,30; 23:3; 26:1-3; II Samuel 7:12-13,14,16; Psalm 5:7,11-12; 27:4,6,14; 30:1,2-4,11-12; 84:4-5,9-12; 85:8-13; 92:13-15; 100:1-5; 105:1-5; 111:7-8; 116:12-14,17-18; 127:1; 135:4-7,(8-11),13; Proverbs 1:2-6,7,33; 3:1-14,24-25,27,29-31; 4:1-2,4-7,14-15,17,19,10-21; 7:1-4; 8:7-14,32-26; 24:3-4; Isaiah 51:1,7; 56:4-7; 58:6-11,13-14; 60:3,10-12; 66:1-2,15-16,18-19,21-24; Ezekiel 20:12,20; 44:24; Micah 4:5; Habakkuk 2:20 

Christ’s Church:

compare to Exodus 20:3-17— Matthew 4:10; I John 5:21; Acts 17:29; I Timothy 6:1; Matthew 24:20; Mark 2:27,28; Hebrews 4:4,9,10, margin Colossians 1:16. The Law after Christ’s death: Romans 3:31; Luke 23:54-56 and at least 84 references to the Sabbath in the book of Acts


Christ’s Church Personality & Ways:

Matthew 7:24-27; 9:37-38; 10:7,14-15,22,24-25,27-28,32,40,42; 12:6-8,11-13,48-50; 16:24-26; 18:20-22; 19:17,18-19,21; 21:13-14; Mark 1:14,21-22; 10:14-15,19,21,23; 11:25-26; Luke 4:14-16,31-32; 6:6; 12:29-36; 13:10-12; 23:54-56; 24:1-3,6; 18:18-20,22,24; 20:22-25; (ref. Matt. 17:24-27); John 2:16-17,19-21; 5:5,8-9; 14:1-4; 

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Hebrews 3:1,3,6-8; 4:4,9-11; 10:22-27; 12:22-29; James 5:7-8,10-11,13-16,19-20; I Peter 2:5,9-10,17-18,21-23; I John 1:5,7-10; 2:3-7,15-17; 3:16-18; 5:2-3; II John v. 5,6,9; III John v.4-6,11; Revelation 1:9-10; 3:12; 12:17; 14:12; 22:14 

In future postings, look for two poems very much related to Christ’s church, each providing answers never heard from pulpits yet fully supported by scripture: The Grave, and Mark of the Beast

As noted, this article is an excerpt from Truth Gathering, which is an exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible (rightly dividing) unlike any available in the world, none of which are exhaustive. Truth Gathering covers all critical-to-salvation subjects by providing every relevant scripture (here a little, there a little), fully annotated for definition and comprehension, and includes a prophetic time chart of all critical prophecies relating to Christ and these end days. It can be ordered from Infinity Publishing or any local or online bookstore; however, best pricing at


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Angels Cushion Life’s Blows ~ a testimony


Angels Cushion Life’s Blows

©copyright 2003/06 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

Psalms 91:11 speaks of angels having charge over Jesus throughout his short life fraught with danger: from the time of His birth to His death. Our lives are no different; thus, God’s children also have angels ministering to them, in addition to Holy Spirit—evidence throughout the Bible. The latter, of course, is not on the scene from day one of our lifetime: rather, Holy Ghost comes to each of us at a specific point in our lives—precisely when deemed appropriate.

So has my experience been regarding both ministering angels and Gabriel. There are so many incidents, during my 62 years, revealing both ministering angels and Holy Spirit: it likely would take a lengthy book to cite them all. I summarize only a few here and pray each might help others to identify when angels surely were with them.

Beginning on a day in 1944, Satan began his insidious attacks against me through other people: an abusive mother and, later, a sexually inappropriate stepfather—molestation. It would be 1971, however, when Baal attacked from within: at least on an emotional level. Illnesses and diseases always are internal. Nevertheless, in this same year, Lucifer’s attacks then switched back to external. In retrospect, I realize ministering angels, both seen and unseen, and later El’s Holy Spirit the Comforter were and remain with me.

Today, and not that I’m any different from His other sheep, I understand God had plans for me before ever I existed: one mission so great Beelzebub wasn’t going to take any chances I might succeed; thus, he started quite early with child abuse meant to beat me down to inaction, indifference and, his main goal, utter rage against God thus humanity at large. Lucifer utterly failed: for I’ve never come to those terrible negatives. Rather, El graced me with a forgiving heart toward all persecutors of whatsoever nature. Didn’t Jesus teach us to forgive those who sin against us—IF we hope to be forgiven our own sins? Well, I’ve certainly committed plenty of my own.

By six, I was petrified of Mother and didn’t learn how to avoid Stepfather until 12; yet mercifully, at that tender age of 6, I learned Jesus loves me and all the children of every color in the world. In the same year, I fell almost 30 feet: a deadly plunge had not Ishi’s angels cushioned the blow. Permanent head and internal injuries quickly were followed with what was intended a terminal bout with double pneumonia compromised by German measles, then along came chicken pox and, finally, mumps. It was a devastating year to my immune system, but Yahweh’s angels knew His plans: I lived—despite all odds and much to Destroyer’s chagrin.

Alas, Violent One is not one to back off, even in the face of defeat: which does reveal his stupidity. Still, what has he got to lose? Lucifer knows he will be destroyed in the end, anyway. So, why not give it his best shot? At 10, I suffered another head injury in the same right temporal lobe, leaving me blackout blind for 3 days. As a 16-year-old virgin, I was violently raped. At 18, I married; divorced 3 months later; married a second time; divorced 5 years later; and, married a third time, only to divorce 21 years later.

During all this, I buried two of my four children. Again, those unseen angels were present. With the death of Angeliqué, they cushioned me with strength to carry on; and at Contrina’s death, they blinded me to the stark reality for six weeks—shock, because she died at home in my arms—until strong enough to deal with it. Angels seen were lifelong friends glued to my side: Helen and Robby, Donna and Ken, Anita and Doyle. But as I said, Satan is not one to back off. For amidst these events, I nearly died from pancreatitis and, ultimately, was diagnosed with MS, Lupus, epilepsy—the list of thorns-in-my-side is long and not worth discussing. Those thorns keep me humble.

By 1971, life’s miseries and pain coupled with tremendous health issues were heaped high upon me, a pleasing sight to Beelzebub: my third daughter had died about six months before, exactly a year and a half after my second daughter passed away; my third husband was constantly leaving—despite declaring me the perfect wife and he’d never been happier in his life—my mother was telling family I faked illnesses, and on and on. This was the best time for Satan to attack from within, for by then I thoroughly was convinced: family and friends, husband, son and daughter—why even the whole world—would be far better off without me in it. Enduring all this had to mean there was something wrong with ME, not the world around me. Satan is such a liar.

Lucifer is so devious and had me plan exceedingly well. At 3pm, having just arrived home from the Bank, I took a fatal dose of 30 powerful prescription pain pills, filled just the day before; hid the empty bottle; told my 8yo daughter I had a migraine and to tell my husband, when he got home at 5, not to disturb me; shut the bedroom door and went to bed: secure in the knowledge no one would bother me. Why would anyone suspect I might commit suicide anyway? I’d never threatened to do it. So, it was a fail-proof plan. I’d simply go to sleep and never awaken to misery again. My brother found and got me to the hospital—seven hours later. Here again were those angels: my brother Perry seldom visited our home and only angels could have compelled him on this rare occasion. Angels seen and unseen.

Scientifically, it was too late for my body. Pumping the stomach was useless. By now there was nothing to purge. My doctor lost me three times on the emergency room table: a fact he angrily and justly shouted the next day as he stood at the end of my bed shaking his fist: “You EVER do that again and I’ll kill you myself.” Praise the Lord; His ministering angels had not allowed Dr. Truman to accept it too late for my physical life.

It also would be that next morning, as I came to, when Holy Spirit spoke to me on behalf of God for the first time in my life: “YOU HAVE THINGS YET TO DO.” I am so grateful to say I told Dr. Truman, when he concluded his tirade, “You don’t have to worry about me ever doing something like this again, because God got to me first.”

Holy Spirit said nothing more that morning. Know this: the Bible describes God’s voice as many waters and thunder and it is so; for those few words thundered and roared like Niagara Falls penetrating my hazy mind. Its deep bass sound definitely got my attention: there was no doubt who spoke and absolutely no doubt I’d made a terrible mistake, sin as it were, never to repeat. Yet, in the roar and thunder there is an incredible soothing quality usually not associated with such intense volume.

At the moment, I simply did not fully understand what things I was supposed to do: apart from accepting suicide as a terrible legacy to leave kids—my mother left it to my brother and I when she took her life at 58, after countless failed attempts throughout our childhood. Also, I was to continue raising my children and, more importantly, come to intimately know Eloi. It was time to increase in devotion and humility.

Even though Yeshua’s words were few, I had an innate sense of there being more: much more. Gloriously, this would not be the only time He spoke to me: albeit, each event would prove just as brief yet serve to steer me in the right direction as needed or to reassure me over the next 32 years of learning, researching, studying and, ultimately, being blessed with gifts of prophecy, interpretation thereof, teaching and counseling. And, I would come to understand why there always had been an innate talent for writing.

The second time Elohim spoke was to chastise and also to motivate the research and study mentioned above: “YOU ARE SITTING IN JUDGMENT!” My hair standing on end like a terrified cat and finally peeling myself off the Bank ceiling above my desk, I understood exactly to what He was referring. Just two weeks before while visiting a small non-denominational church, actually forgotten by the time God rendered His opinion, I witnessed the pastor’s wife speaking an “unknown tongue” and thought to myself: Humph, I could do that; how theatrical. Having studied Latin and Spanish, I detected her saying the same three words over and over, yet the pastor was interpreting with long non-repetitive sentences.

While our Lord said nothing else to me on this matter, I sensed He meant I was sitting in judgment because I had based my findings on nothing more than, at best, circumstantial evidence: certainly not hard scripture. So began the first of many quests into His Truths.

The third time Yahweh spoke was in a vision revealing I would come to recognize the antichrist for who and what it is. Apparently this knowledge is perilous to recipients, as indicated in my dream. Perilous, of course, can mean a variety of things, such as a threat to life or persecution by myriad means or both. Thus, this vision ended with God’s voice of many waters roaring, “FEAR NOT, FOR YOU ARE SAFE IN THE LORD.”

What tremendous reassurance and, naturally, it spurred me on to learn more of Jehovah’s truths, secrets and mysteries: eventually revealing antichrist’s corporeal identity: that of the great whore and her harlot daughters.

A fourth event also was during a dream, which portended Satan’s influence amidst even Christ’s true church and providing an urgent sense of timing regarding Christ’s return. Obviously, and since I ultimately was charged with writing books containing El’s facts, this was hazardous data as well; and, again, His great voice thundered, “FEAR NOT, FOR YOU ARE SAFE IN THE LORD.”

That was the last time I actually heard our Lord speak. Sometimes, I find myself missing His voice, wishing He would speak again. Yet, I understand there no longer is a need for Him to do this. On the other hand, Lucifer never will be finished with me while I inhabit this feeble flesh and as long as I persevere in spreading Adonai’s Truth.

In 1986, my long marriage ended in divorce followed by a move from Texas to Washington State: both the move and divorce a blessing in disguise. A few months before I moved, I was feeling terribly alone. As I lay in my bed one night with hot tears of misery coursing down my cheeks, I blubbered: Lord, I just wish you could pick me up and cradle me like a baby.

I don’t recall being held much in my life: only a foggy memory of a loving biological father separated from me when I was four. Contrarily, I’m very affectionate by nature, very much a toucher. Lo and behold, instantly it felt as though I were lifted and warmly cradled into the most powerful, loving arms I’d ever experienced. I was held so close as to hear the calming heartbeat of God.

His hold, soothing and reassuring, demanded nothing of me in any way. Most of all, it was an incredible feeling of utter safety and indescribable peace. I don’t recall how long Comforter held me. I do know I went to sleep in His arms. And, it was long enough to last me a lifetime, an event quite impossible to forget. You see, nothing is impossible for the One True God. We set the limits, not Him.

Some might wonder how a divorce after 21 years possibly could be considered a good thing. Easy. Well, not exactly easy, rather a bit painful: but, God’s Truths provided His opinion. As far as El is concerned, I never was married to any one of the three men, except in the winking eyes of mankind: thus, all four of my children were born unclean. In order to remove adultery from my life, or in the end lose my salvation, I could not be married even to the first man: much less a third.

It all began with the first husband’s elaborate deceit wherein at 18 I was caused to be guilty of adultery. Marrying again compounded this sin, now making it wholly mine. I more likely never was intended for marriage, especially considering El’s all-consuming mission for me. Yet, from marriage I learned much about how God’s Word should be applied to this union establishing one from two, making for a better counselor to those whom He recognizes as married. “ALL things work to good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

I’ve experienced so much more: each trial and tribulation and lesson always leading to the same place—my awesome FATHER who NEVER FAILS me. Unfortunately, it was I who failed Him—time and time again, until I realized my way wasn’t at all working. Experience has taught me what this life really means; in itself, very little: nothing more than a God-given opportunity to find our way back to the only parent who truly loves us. That takes a LOT of education, not as man instructs but as Yeshua teaches.

I’ve come to understand death means nothing, at least the first one involving our defiled flesh; not even cause of demise being important: natural, violent, accidental, disease, or however people might classify an end to life. It doesn’t matter because not one person dies a split-second before or after God makes His decision, despite any human attempts at intervention: whether it be by modern medical practices or passing more and more laws. Most importantly, when God deems a life over, it actually is a gift of rest to its recipient: that is, except for the wicked and filthy. It also can be a call to obedience to the survivors.

There is no doubt Lucifer wanted me out of the way as quickly as possible: preferably at birth or shortly thereafter. What Evil One fails to accept is the fact God’s Truth Speakers, dispersed across our globe, are protected and preserved: despite seemingly impossible odds, regardless of illnesses and injuries, in spite of lying accusations and persecutions by others through whom Satan chooses to work, yet they profess to be Christians. Only when Truth Speakers’ missions are completed does Elohim grant them rest “from the terrors of these end days.” How we die simply does not matter one whit.

Again, Satan attempted to kill this flesh late June of 2005 with a deadly brain aneurysm. But, God had other plans, and even the doctors had to admit I am a walking, talking miracle. More recently and because of a stupid move on my part, Satan quickly attacked by breaking my back; his intent was to leave me lying in the woods where no one could hear me scream for help. Instead, I told God He would have to help me get up and get out of there; and, He did! And, I’m still walking and talking God’s Truth and will for as long as He deems it necessary for me to continue.

Satan is beating a dead horse, aspiring to heights he never can attain: thus, only fools choose to follow him. Granted, those false Christians, goats in sheep’s clothing, are not going to suffer as I and other sheep do; but, in the end they will perish and we will live eternally. I’d much rather suffer in this temporary here and now, than to lose permanent paradise. Hence, PRAISE THE LORD for His ever ministering angels and His incredible Holy Spirit the Comforter together with the people through whom He often works.

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Beware Ye Double Minded


excerpt TRUTH GATHERING, Volume II, chapter: ‘Beware Ye Double Minded’ ©copyright 2003 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C. in response to TSaS question posed by member Manya of California, "In the book of James 1:8 the scripture tells us that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Since all sin and fall short of his glory doesn’t that apply to all?” — solution 4 pgs, all scriptures hereinbelow from Authorized King James Version Bible

As often done, we shall begin with Webster’s New World Dictionary, Collegiate Edition, to determine the definition of double minded: this practice often aids in better understanding of God’s Word. 

DOUBLE MINDED: adj. Undecided in mind; vacillating. VACILLATE: v.i. 1. to sway to and fro; waver; totter; stagger. 2. to fluctuate. 3. to waver in mind; show indecision; be irresolute. SYN: see hesitate. HESITATE: v.i. 1. feel unsure; pause or delay in acting, choosing or deciding; waver; hence. 3. to be reluctant; not be sure that one should. Implies a delay signifying indecision or reluctance; waver suggests especially a holding back or hesitating after a course or decision has been adopted; vacillate implies a shifting back and forth in a decision. 

In reviewing the passages in James, found are the words wavering, tossed like waves of the sea, which fit the above definition of to and fro as well as back and forth— for and against— and double-minded. While James specifically is referring to seeking God’s wisdom, God’s Word always is much broader than the obvious: for, overall, a double minded Christian is one who appears to live God’s requirements yet, at the same time, fails to live all of it, therefore still living in sin; validating the latter behaviour with various excuses— i.e. “I don’t believe that’s really required anymore,” OR “Well, my church doesn’t teach that,” OR “Well, we all sin. It says so right there in the Bible. It’s human nature. That’s why we have the grace of Jesus,” OR “God understands that I can’t help it.” 

Indeed, God does understand; thus, such contradictory actions directly relate to Revelation 3:15-17, speaking of this last church age of Laodicea in which we now live, together with Revelation 13:16— I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art LUKEWARM, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked. And he [Lucifer] causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to RECEIVE a [LUCIFER’S] MARK [seal, sign, token] IN THEIR RIGHT HAND, OR IN THEIR FOREHEADS. 

Having referred to Satan’s mark symbolically being in the hand or the forehead, we must include Revelation 7:3— Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have SEALed the SERVANTS OF our GOD IN THEIR FOREHEADS. 

Add to these the fact the Bible is written not for the world, rather only for God’s chosen of Israel and Christ’s sheep: the church. These marks are symbolic, demonstrated by a person’s behaviour. Those with the seal of God upon their forehead completely fulfill Revelation 12:17~ — Which obey the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. 

Those who bear the beast’s mark either seemingly fulfill Revelation 12:17, yet their actions deny, therefore they the mark is in the hand to symbolize action as opposed to total belief— in other words, they vow belief but actions say otherwise. See? Even God says, “Actions speak louder than words”. OR, they blatantly do not fulfill Revelation 12:17, thus demonstrating the mark in the forehead: behaviour matching no belief at all. 

The hand, as noted, implies a Christian appearance and a claim for Jesus yet certain behaviours do not live up to such claims: “a form of godliness but lacking the power thereof” and “even the demons profess Jesus.” These people fail to abide by ALL of God’s doctrine, usually living part of His canon according to the Bible and the remainder according to denominational false teachings. Israel all over again. 

The forehead denotes a person lacking Christian behaviour altogether and/or laying no claim to God, Jesus, and Christianity. These utterly reject God either in blatant wicked behaviour—violating El’s Law left and right— or by claiming to be atheistic or agnostic. Certainly many atheists and agnostics might well live up to certain moral codes similar to those of Yeshua’s. Alas, they do so strictly by laws of the land— which is true legalism—­ as opposed to doing so for Adonai because of a belief in and love for Him and His Son as well as trusting that obeying His doctrine is in our best interest. 

Now, it should be apparent that double mindedness might occur amidst two different groups within the church: cold and lukewarm. Obviously, the hot are those members who are on fire for the Lord, have the faith of and in Jesus, believe He is the Son of God, obey God’s commandments, and teach others to do the same, as noted in Isaiah 8:16,20 paraphrased: “Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples. They speak only my testimony and teach only my law, because there is light in them.” Therefore, double mindedness does not apply to the hot. 

Cold are those confused; but because they are cold, they actively seek warmth: as it were, God’s wisdom and knowledge. Being cold denotes this person believes, yet distinctly feels as though something is missing in his or her walk with the Lord. The hot can aide in bringing this person fully into El’s warmth. During this phase of being cold, it is possible for this person to appear to be double minded: in that he or she may vacillate between pure and false doctrines until God’s Truth finally is both found and understood. Then, he or she adamantly will accept and wholly obey. 

Lukewarm are those who have heard and know the Truth— being God’s Law, doctrine— believing this to be all they need. This was very true amidst the Pharisees during Christ’s ministry. Today’s lukewarm Christians, however, are very passive about speaking God’s testimony and teaching His Law, not wanting to disturb the world around them: “There’s two things I don’t get into discussions about, politics and religion.” Sound familiar? This smacks of preserving convenience and peace in an individual’s life. Jesus didn’t come to bring peace. He came with a sword to divide and conquer, instructing that His disciples carry the same sword of Truth. 

Lukewarm might pay tithes but will not go out of their way to help others, either financially or with their time. Lukewarm is the only spiritual condition where obeying God’s Law could be referred to as legalism. As Jesus accused, “You didn’t feed the hungry, house the homeless, cloth the naked, visit the sick and those falsely imprisoned. Therefore, you did nothing for me. I do not know you.” To not be known by Christ is to reap Satan’s token of twice dead. 

Lukewarm distinctly is double minded, obeying only part of God’s will and, like the Pharisees, leaving out the weightier matters of El’s doctrine. To such attitude, Yeshua says He will spew them out of His mouth. In any day and age, this means a second death for them: IF they do not repent and change their ways immediately. 

According to Revelation 3:18-19, these are the only humans, during these end days of Laodicea, who still have the option to repent: mainly because they answered the call to salvation prior to Laodicea and do know the truth. Otherwise, salvation no longer is on offer, to anyone not previously called, in this church era: “…for the time is at hand. He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, behold, I come quickly.” (Revelation 22:10~,11, ~12

Amos 8:12— They [the unjust and filthy] shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it. 

While Amos is speaking of Israel’s utter collapse following Christ’s ministry, the warning applies equally to this Laodicea era and fully harmonizes with II Timothy 3:5,7— Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. [They are] ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 

About now, a few might be exclaiming in horror, “But, I’m just now learning God’s truth and I’ve believed for years and years. And, I’m obeying His truth as I learn it!” Then he or she must be one of the cold seeking El’s warmth: having been called to salvation sometime prior to February 1991: possibly through a denominational organization, but now find his or her self currrently realizing something definitely is missing. So, he or she began seeking what was missing. Welcome to the elite. God never said He would spew out of His mouth those who are cold: for with them He sees hope, even in these end days. 

To fail to do any part of God’s Doctrine and His Will is to commit sin: as we discovered when learning God’s viewpoint regarding tithe. Those who bear the seal of God, DO NOT SIN: for sin is transgression of the Law. It states in Revelation 14:12 that the wisdom of the saints are they who obey God’s Precepts and have the same level of faith as that of Jesus. The term double minded could not, in any way, apply to those persons. They are people who, no doubt, sinned in the past— therefore, will continue to be called a sinner as long as in this flesh— but, for love of the Father and His son, he or she chooses to no longer sin: for they understand what is the weightier matters of sin and have chosen to sacrifice their body, therefore no longer giving in to sin. 

To sin is to choose to sin. We either override the flesh, which can be tempted, by allowing our spirit being within to dominate, which cannot be tempted; or, we choose to give in to temptation, thus violating one or more of Elohim’s Statutes: which is to willingly commit sin. 

Proverbs 21:6— The getting of [worldly] treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro of them that seek [the second] death. 

To knowingly sin, after learning El’s Truth, is to set one’s self up for a certain fearful awaiting of judgment: for there is no further atonement. As scriptures state, Christ’s atonement blood was shed to cover our PAST sins, those things we did without understanding before accepting His call and His blood: He died only once and will not die again for humanity. 

Before James ever existed, Elijah defined double-mindedness in I Kings 18:21— And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal [Lucifer], then follow him. And the people answered him not a word. 

{Baal was an Egyptian false god, therefore it is proper to refer to Baal and any other false gods as being the various forms Lucifer manifests: just as within Christianity, he takes on the appearance of light— a wolf in sheep’s clothing— represented by his great whore and her harlot daughters, his ministers who appear as ministers of light.}

His Law and His Sabbath. This was and remains today an abomination to Elohim, for which the Jews were and have been mightily punished: as an example to us of what Adonai hates with a perfect hate. So, Elijah was telling them that it must be one or the other. It cannot be both. To do both is to be double-minded or, as Revelation indicates, to be lukewarm. This is akin to having one foot in El’s camp and the other in Satan’s world. As far as Ishi is concerned and unless both feet are in His camp, then both feet are in Satan’s. Riding the fence is unacceptable and goes recognized only by Beelzebub, for which he gladly will render token. 

Despite having been warned time and again, the people continued as they wanted, instead of in accordance with Jehovah’s message through various ancient prophets. Christendom does the same thing today, despite Jesus having both taught as well as lived His Father’s doctrine as our living example to follow, the same illustration performed by His Apostles and disciples as well as proselytes of that day; yet, Christendom justifies its abominations in the name of saving heathens who worship no god or numerous false gods. This didn’t work for the Jews: as history painfully chronicles. And, it won’t work for us Gentiles, any more than it did them. 

Paul also clearly describes double mindedness in Ephesians 4:14— That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and CARRIED ABOUT WITH EVERY WIND OF DOCTRINE, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive. 

(James 4:2-4,7-8,17) Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts. Ye ADULTERERS AND ADULTERESSES, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the ENEMY OF GOD. 

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. CLEANSE YOUR HANDS, ye sinners; and PURIFY YOUR HEARTS, YE DOUBLE-MINDED. Therefore to HIM THAT KNOWeth TO DO GOOD, AND DOeth IT NOT, TO HIM IT IS [COUNTED AS] SIN. 

James adds clarification to what is a double-minded person: one who knows what is sin yet does it anyway. There is not a shadow of doubt that Israel knew God’s Truth: after all, it came by way of Israel. Still, man’s arrogance got in the way. We are told to clean our hands— which is to change our behaviour, actions— and to purify our hearts, which is first to acknowledge and admit sins committed then change our heart to one wholly desiring to please thus obey Ishi. 

So too, leaders of Christ’s church are cautioned in I Timothy 3:8— Likewise must the DEACONS BE grave, NOT DOUBLE-TONGUED, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre. 

To be double-tongued is to say or teach what people want to hear while at the same time knowing God’s Truth— speaking either El’s doctrine or mankind’s or a little of both— as opposed to what they need to hear by keeping strictly to El Elyon’s policy. What people want to hear are smoothly spoken words to ease guilty consciences. The great whore and her harlot daughters do this quite well through their corporate Christendom leaders of myriad denominations, whose creeds are just as widely varied. Appropriately, church leaders are cautioned not to become greedy: which greed we see in abundance today among denominational and evangelical leaders. They even pay great homage to Hollywood: in fact, all forms of worldly entertainment. 

The remaining part of the question here deals with the fact we all are sinners. Sadly, corporate Christendom has caused confusion regarding the fact we all are called sinners: as though no matter what we do we are destined to continue sinning. They twist the term called to mean we will continue to sin once saved; so, they falsely teach a once-saved-always-saved dogma and blasphemously lay it at the foot of Christ’s cross: blasphemy, pure and simple. As the chapter about Grace revealed, we can lose our salvation at anytime before achieving the sixth step of grace. 

Biblically, if we committed so much as one sin during our entire life but never sinned again once saved, we still are known as sinners— which is to say, we are called sinners— as long as we wear this corruptible flesh: because this temporary body bears the scars of a sin or multiple sins. Corruptible flesh is another of God’s two-fold messages: it was destined to sin before coming fully into compliance— if the Father called such person to Jesus— AND it is destined to decay and die because of sin. 

Consequently, while we might take on Christ like perfection, obeying henceforth in all things, we were not perfect to begin with— as was Christ who was not born of sin and never sinned in His lifetime— thus, we wear a scarlet letter upon our damaged flesh. Whole perfection will occur only when we are given new, incorruptible garments— which never will sin and is destined to eternal life— in exchange for this tattered one. Our new clothing will match our clean hands and purified heart. Once we repent and change our ways, this old garment no longer matches. It fit perfectly the filthy ways. 

Once a person commits to total obedience, his or her mindset changes as well. Like Paul, as long as he or she is in this flesh, it is to be absent from the Lord and he or she longs to be in heaven with Him instead of here in this sick, dying world; yet, he or she willingly remains until El Shaddai deems his or her mission complete and grants rest, or Christ returns to take him or her up: whichever comes first is irrelevant to His servants. 

Hebrews 10:22-31,35-39— Let us draw near [Christ] with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promise); and let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works; not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting [encouraging] one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching [of Christ’s return]. 

For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries [wicked and filthy and their father Lucifer]. 

He that despised Moses’ law died without mercy under two or three witnesses: of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace? 

For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence [promise] of reward. 

For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry [delay]. Now the just shall live by faith [that Christ will return]: but if any man draw back [into sin], my soul shall have no pleasure in him. But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition [deadly sin]; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.

* * * * * In closing, be not double minded: for it is a deadly wide road with only utter destruction at its end.


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A Life With Meaning


A Life With Meaning

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.  

There are so many things for which I am forever thankful. I choose to start with my mother, though not at the top of my list. Despite emotional and physical abuse she regularly dished out upon me, Mother taught excellent things— what it means to be a lady; how to behave, talk and dress like one: she exemplified this teaching in public.

Mother taught organization, keeping a clean home, cooking and more. Despite abuse and demeaning criticism, which could have rendered me incapable of thriving, she contrarily and repeatedly said my brother and I could do anything we set our minds to, while demanding we excel in school. By the grace of God, I chose Mother’s verbal teachings.

I am eternally grateful for my biological father, who left me with memories of a very loving Dad. Without those memories, I might have hated men; considering sexual abuse by my stepfather and a violent date rape when sixteen. Instead, I adore men, finding them to be exceedingly fascinating pillars of strength: when they discover it within themselves.

Also, there are the many lifelong and new friends God has placed in my life, each one bringing such valuable lessons to my dinner table as well as being there for me in times of trouble: illnesses such as a recent brain aneurysm, the deaths of two children, divorce and, best of all, sharing my love for our Lord. The list endlessly details how each of them lifts me up, encourages, even directs me when necessary. We ALL need friends; for, if we allow them, they will enrich our lives, making it better: and, if we allow ourselves, we can enrich their lives.

More importantly, Mother had us in church by the time I was five. It was there I met Jesus and truly learned what love looks, acts, sounds and feels like. From the Lord I would learn what true inner strength is all about and how to achieve it: how to pass through adversities with grace and come out even stronger each time. I am most grateful, however, for Christ’s lessons in forgiveness: being forgiven of my own sins and finding the personal compassion to forgive others who have sinned against me in some way. It is this one act that truly sets us free of deadly baggage, sets us free to love unfeigned.

Naturally, at the top of my list of things for which I’m grateful are the heavenly Father, His Christ, and His Holy Spirit. Without these three, my life would have absolutely no meaning and my death would have even less. Without them, I could never have seen the good amidst my childhood; for I would have seen with my own eyes a vile illusion. And, I’d never have been able to forgive those who sinned against me; thus, I’d never have been forgiven of my sins. With these three powerful sources, my life not only has meaning but also purpose; therefore, the ultimate death of my body will have meaning.

God and His Christ are everything to me, for I am pitiful without them: God being the only true parent as well as Christ being the best husband one could ever have. And, the Holy Spirit is an incredibly thorough teacher of Father’s Word as well as His secrets and mysteries, without whom I’d be even more pitiful. I’ve been extraordinarily blessed!



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Jesus Spoke of No Other


A Law of Blessings

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.   

I was a Texas bank lender some years ago,

an enjoyed and prosperous forte;

but, when Holy Spirit convinced me of God’s Truth,

to Him “No” wasn’t what I would say.


He’d taught me ev’ry word about the fourth Precept,

showing Sabbath as the seventh day.

“It is Sunday,” man has taught; yet it’s Saturday,

and of no other day did Christ say.


What shall I do, I mused, for I work Saturdays,

I thought in self-commiseration.

Still, Holy Spirit was firm that it be obeyed;

so, six weeks was my resignation.


I didn’t know then why God would put me in law,

where fair’s not a consideration;

but, that was my next two valued arrangements

and teaching the next resignation;


For then I moved to Washington where jobs came, too;

each one allowing Sabbath for me.

Why? Because I told them my pref’rence before hired:

“not ashamed” of God’s whole Word in me.


Soon, I learned that Sabbath is a Law of blessings:

though not yet job hunting, jobs found me!

“Cursed are those who don’t obey; blessed are they who do.”

Each day, see blessings fall upon me.

+   +   +

Jesus Spoke of No Other

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.  

Did not Paul say, “Do not fall short of Christ’s promise

by not obeying God’s Sabbath rest?”

Christ’s gospel was preached to both the Jews and Gentiles,

but some lacked faith and failed our Lord’s test.


“Those of us who believe do obey God’s fourth Law,

who first spoke it in Genesis Two,

making holy the seventh day for all to rest;

then, Psalm Ninety-Five speaks His wrath true.


“Those who do not obey will reap God’s deadly ire;

judged as unbelievers, they will pay.

Father set a specific time of rest for all,

and His Son spoke of no other day.


“Hence, the seventh one is for a righteous people:

a break from their work, just as God rests,

not one setting an example of unbelief.

So, desire to pass these easy tests.


“God discerns thoughts and hearts and judges compliance.

Let your faith witness be true and strong,

that you may come boldly before the throne of grace

to obtain mercy for all past wrongs.


“God is quick to command, His Word as powerful,

like a two-edged sword but much sharper.

Know that He can slay both your body and spirit:

trust, obey, and be not a carper.”

+   +   +

 A poetic rendering of Hebrews c.4, AKJV*

*Note: in other Bible versions v.8 names a prophet instead of Jesus,and in some the word ‘seventh’ has been twice deleted in v.4— such changes and deletions distort God’s  truth. See also: Exodus 20:8-11; Ezekiel 20:12,19-20; Luke 4:14-16; Acts 13:42,44; 17:2; Romans 3:23-25



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Seal of the Living God


Seal of the Living God

©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.                                                    

Sign: token, something that indicates a fact, a mark or symbol, to write one’s name on as in acknowledging authorship, to express, indicate or signify with a sign, points to a fact or conveys a meaning. SYN: sign, mark, token, symptom, indication, Seal: proof of authenticity, confirmation, guarantee, pledge, confirm the truth or genuineness of a promise, marks of office and authority. ~Webster’s’ World Collegiate Dictionary

Sign, seal, mark, and token are synonymous words, each used in the Bible, meaning the same thing but not for identical purposes or of the same design. Many signs are spoken of in the Bible, for example the rainbow signifying God’s promise not to ever flood the entire earth again; yet, only one sign is God’s Seal and a counterfeit of it is Satan’s Mark.

There are several worldly opinions amidst corporate Christendom as to what is God’s Seal of Authority mentioned in Revelation 7:3, though most approach it from the Mark of the Beast viewpoint without really clarifying what is God’s seal— 1. number 666 will be tattooed on a person’s head or hand; or, 2. a microchip will be inserted beneath the skin; or, 3. a special credit card with numbers 666 on it will be issued to all who do not bear God’s Seal. None of these is the Mark of the Beast, not even 666; thus, finding God’s Seal automatically reveals Satan’s Mark, which the beast has confirmed by public statement.

One theory taught in the last 15 years is based solely on two scriptures, Ephesians 1:13-14 and 4:30In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed [confirmed] with that holy Spirit of promise, which is the earnest [deposit] of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory. . . And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.

The first passage is not saying that the Holy Spirit is God’s Seal; rather, it advises that the Holy Spirit fulfills Christ’s promise to believers of being anointed with one or more spiritual gifts with the Spirit’s comforting as well as teaching: which serve as a deposit against all that believers will inherit in the end. Ephesians 4:30 is clarified by the word—

Whereby defined as administered by. Whether corporeal (tangible) or spiritual, a seal of authority cannot be a living being; rather, a seal is administered by a living being: i.e. the President presses the Presidential Seal next to his name after signing a bill into law, the seal both validating his signature as well as making the law enforceable over the United States domain. Without that seal, the laws would not be enforceable and neither would God’s Law be enforceable upon those without His Seal whom He has chosen.

There are clues scattered throughout the Bible that lend to greater understanding of “weightier matters;” in this case, the most applicable are “On earth, as it is in heaven,” and “I have given similitudes on earth of that which is in heaven.” Similitudes are earthly things that in tangible form— can be seen and touched— resemble heavenly things that are in spiritual form— cannot be seen or touched, instead being noted in humans by their behaviour. With this in mind, we are led to discover what, according to law, makes valid and legally binding any seal of authority, whether tangible or spiritual.

Any Seal of Authority must: 1. cite the name of the author having formed the law or laws; 2. cite the domain over which those laws will be enforced; 3. cite why the author has the right to enforce such laws; and, 3. the seal must be unique, not another like it in the world or universe. With respect to the Presidential Seal noted above, there is not another like it in this world. Every nation’s seal is different from any other nation’s, and so forth. Likewise, God’s Seal of Authority is unique, not another like it in the universe.

God stated His Seal of Authority in Exodus 31:13-17 and Ezekiel 20:20— “Keep thou the Sabbath as a sign between thee and Me that I AM the Lord thy God”— the same sign over which Jesus said He also is Lord. These two passages belie teachings that the Holy Spirit, a living being, is God’s Seal: instead, it is the Holy Spirit who administers God’s Seal, to-wit: a person so sealed is detected by his or her behaviour revealing the seal.

Exodus and Ezekiel refer us back to Exodus 20:8-11 as well as Deuteronomy 5:12-14, where we find that God’s seal meets every requirement for a valid seal of authority: “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour and do all thy work: but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger [heathen] that is within thy gates: for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day, and hallowed it [made it holy].”

Other verses declare the seventh day Sabbath as perpetual, “even in the new earth and heavens.” In fact, all 12 of God’s Precepts also are declared perpetual, to stand forever; as noted in various Bible books including Psalms.

1. Author of Ten Commandments: Lord thy God

2. Domain of Enforcement: heaven, earth, sea, and all that in them is

3. Reason for power to Enforce: God made heaven, earth, sea, and all that in them is

4. Unique Seal Design: seventh day Sabbath, sundown Friday to sundown Saturday

There is not another sign, seal, mark or token mentioned in the Bible that fulfills the requirements of a valid spiritual Seal of Authority. Neither is there another seal in the universe like this one: we’ve only to look at the day of worship of various religions in the world— only one is Saturday, some are Friday and some Sunday; this latter with a time frame marked from midnight to midnight, which is contrary to God’s declaration that “a day is from even to even;” that is, sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

Sunday fulfills Daniel’s warning that “they hope to change times and law,” a clear distinction identifying Satan’s synagogues and his Mark, which mark does not meet the criteria rendering it a valid Seal of Authority; therefore and according to God’s Word, Satan’s reign on earth is temporary, both in nature and in fact, and he has plagiarized God’s Law by using it in an altered state.

Many teach Saturday as Jewish and Sunday as Christian; albeit, all theologians agree there is no scriptural validation for observing Sunday, its origins in pagan worship was instituted into Christianity by Revelation’s great whore 348 years after Christ ascended. First, God did not establish His Sabbath for and through the Jews. He established it at creation for all of humanity that would serve Him as their God, Genesis 2:1-3, to clearly identify those who belong to God and His Christ, whether Jew or Gentile. Second, Christianity never was meant to be separate from the Jewish faith; that is, that part embracing Christ as God’s Son: it is the Jewish faith offered to heathens, this made abundantly clear in the Old Testament and offered to pagans even then.

Also, many teach that Jesus did away with God’s Doctrine, specifically the fourth Precept, by hanging on the cross, therefore teaching only 9 of the 10 Statutes. This is assumed by the fact the Sabbath Law also appears amidst God’s Ordinances of Sacrifice and Oblation, which are the only laws Christ revoked. A Seal of Authority must be impressed upon all laws for them to be enforceable, whether Statutes or Ordinances; the latter usually temporary in nature. Just because a temporary law is revoked does not remove the Seal of Authority from all other law remaining in force. Revocation removes the Seal only from laws cancelled, rendering only those no longer enforceable.

AKJV Scripture References

Exodus 20:8-11; Deuteronomy 5:12-14; Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 16:23,25-30; 23:12; 31:13-17; 34:21; 35:2; Leviticus 19:3-4; 19:30; 23:3; 26:1; Numbers 15:16; Deuteronomy 13:3-4; Nehemiah 9:13-14; 10:31; 13:14-18; Esther 8:8; Psalm 111:7-10; 119:150-152; Ecclesiastes 12:13-14; Isaiah 56:2,5-7; 58:1-8,10,13-14; 66:22-23; Jeremiah 17:21-22; Ezekiel 18:21; 20:12,20; 23:38; Hosea 8:1; Matthew 5:17-20; 7:21; 12:8,50; 15:3,6,9; 24:20-21; 28:1; Mark 1:21; 2:27-28; 3:4,35; 6:2; 7:6-7,13; Luke 4:16; 6:5-6,9-10; 13:10,14-16; 14:1-5,11,14; 16:17; 23:54-56; John 3:33-35; 4:23-24; 7:16-17; 12:49-50; 13:15; 14:15,21; Acts 5:29-30; 13:14-15,42,44; 16:13; 17:2; 18:4-5; 21:24; 24:16; Romans 1:21,25,30-31; 2:13-15; 3:31; 7:7,12-13,22; 8:4;Ephesians 5:3,9; Philippians 2:5-8; I Thessalonians 5:21-22; I Timothy 4:16; II Timothy 3:1-5; Titus 1:14-16; Hebrews 4:1-11; 13:9; James 2:10,14,14,26; I John 2:3-7; 3:4-6,8; 5:2-3; II John v.6; Revelation 2:9; 7:2-3; 12:17; 14:12; 22:14


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Vision: A House of Holes

anichurch.gif  A House of Holes

©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

On that day, 04 January 2005, was the second time in just over a week I’d had this dream. Oh, Lord, make me understand; does it apply to me, or my daughters, or is this for all the people? Show me if the vision is from you, Lord; and, if so, make me understand its convoluted meaning. Or, show me if it is the Destroyer bent on confusion. In Christ’s precious name, I ask this of thee; make me understand. Amen and amen!

It seemed I was in a building of obvious and severe disrepair; in fact, as though it never had been maintained since the day it was built; though I never saw the outside to discern whether it had been a business structure or multiple dwellings. I was at first uncertain whether I was visiting or moving in, for it was implied I had clothes with me. Yet, in the first vision María, my daughter, was with me as I moved from one atrocious room to another, their walls of decaying wood planks revealing chinks of filtered, grayish light.

I finally asked where to put my clothes, for I’d not seen a closet. She showed me a small, smelly wardrobe: which I did not utilize. We continued on through weird twists and turns from one room to another, each seeming worse than the one before.

Each area was bare, damp and filthy, only one housing a bed— one would not want to lie upon its mussed, dingy sheets— floors rolled up and down from one another; sharp delineations not by steps but by ramshackle decay and a foundation that obviously had broken then sank into different levels. I noticed a narrow, short dead-end hall at one end of what seemed a huge, wide hall in which we now stood— on either side of which were rooms. One wall of the short hall held two panel doors painted an unpleasant, deep blue.

“What are those?” I’d asked, thinking the space large enough only for closets or storage of some sort. María opened the first door and smiled as she pointed. The floor was about three feet below its threshold, again no steps down; the semblance of a bathroom in that same shade of blue as the doors. It housed a commode perpetually running and water dripped from the ceiling and a musty, moldy scent overpowered; no shower, sink or tub, for the space was not accommodating.

Her smile widened as María opened the second door to reveal the floor about a foot below us. In sharp contrast, it was pristine, a freshly painted bright white, large medical room with an examining table in its midst. I was aware of other medical paraphernalia but not what kind. When asked, María said it was a project her friend was working on— without stating its purpose. Other than when prompted by my queries, María never spoke.

It was then I realized I was visiting, that this dilapidated building must belong to María and/or her friend, whose name I heard her say yet it did not remain with me. All I could think was what a horrible place this was, unfit for man or beast; best torn down to the ground for the rotted rubble it already had become; and, I wondered why I was even visiting. There also seemed to be no order in the arrangement or size of rooms, a sense of chaos and evil hazily pervading the entire structure, making me think someone had been sold a bill of worthless goods.

In the second vision, nothing had changed nor did I ever see kitchen facilities; except this time, in addition to María, there also were Tammy— my foster daughter from Florida— and another dark-haired woman I didn’t know— perhaps the friend María had mentioned previously— and various men I’d never seen before, each of them tall and rather rough in appearance yet neat in dress; contrarily, I was introduced to no one.

This time, however, it was implied that Princess, my ferret, was with me but in her cage as, once again, we were walking through rooms that had not changed at all. If anything, the filth and stench of mold and decay were worse, as was a sense of pervading chaos.

Standing in what must have been a living room or waiting area at the front entrance, I was made aware that someone had let Princess out of her cage and she was running all over the place. About this time, Tammy opened the front door and went out, leaving it open; despite a quick reminder Princess was loose and in danger. Tammy’s stance indicated a total lack of caring about Princess’ welfare or anyone else’s, for that matter.

I rushed around trying to find Princess, to no avail, María trailing in my wake as though not quite interested in helping. I never actually saw the cage nor saw Princess on the loose. It was as though I’d simply been made aware. And, those men seemed to just get in the way while expressing concern, though it seemed none really cared as they smiled and laughed and strutted around with their hands stuffed in Dockers® pockets— constantly stepping into my hurried path as though to delay me from finding Princess.

Then I discovered a balcony at the other end of that wide hallway, open and absent of hung doors. It slanted so badly I felt as though I were leaning backward in order to prevent pitching forward as I stepped out onto it. The railing was covered with clear plastic on its outer side, the plastic’s lower edge wrapped beneath the decking; as if to keep something in— quite useless, as it were— as opposed to keeping something out.

I heard a noise to my left and looked down in that direction. It appeared Princess was struggling between the plastic and railing adjacent to this deck. Just as I reached to snatch her from there, before she could fall, another brunette woman I’d not seen, until now, whose upper body suddenly emerged leaning over on the adjacent deck— a balcony I could not actually see— and picked up Princess; except, it wasn’t a ferret she came up with; rather, a medium-sized cat of similar color. She ruffled the cat, turned and disappeared, all the while as though I were invisible to her. Yet, I clearly had seen Princess’ tiny face as she clawed to free her self.

I went back inside to continue searching but, very quickly, this vision of a house full of holes ended for a second time. Both times I emerged from this dream, the overall atmosphere of it seemed one of deliberate misleading and lies built upon crumbling lies. I also came away with the prevailing emotion of neither wanting to be anywhere near the structure nor the people involved; even my own daughter, from whom most of the misleading and lies seemed to be emanating, the others present only there as supporting her efforts. (See poem, Rotted Wood, Mold and Poison, for the Spirit’s interpretation)


Rotted Wood, Mold and Poison

©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.  

The vision panned a large white house, inside decay

and people moving about; each in the wrong way.

The dream left me perplexed; so, others and I prayed

that the Spirit make me understand by God’s say;

for I know the time is short, the end any day.


“That whore and her daughters’ churches are full of holes,

teeming with poison they empty out twice dead souls;

yet outside, each shrine is a beauty to behold,

walls in My Name but man’s laws posted in fools gold,

that the people believe it’s fine to stray as told.


“Inside: pitching, rolling floors, rotted wood, and mold;

chaotic plans with no doors against Satan’s cold,

and pastors spew bitter bile to kill their goats’ souls:

not all of God’s beginning Law spoken as told;

thus, they stand on a cliff’s edge yet see a clear road.


“And, they feed their goats to the fill with rancid meat,

murdering lost souls they send rushing to defeat;

the fetid stench one of rank hearts eager to cheat:

thus, these goats and vile pastors eagles will soon eat,

once Christ takes up His, proving God cannot be beat.


“Expunge that rotting house; rebuild with God’s fine wood;

by His plan level floors, walls, and hinge doors ye should;

then like Christ, eat God’s Word that change ye might and could.

God soon repays with eternal life, if ye would;

but, if ye would not, ye shall perish: as thou should.


“Heed the warning God’s herald brings to thee for light;

circumcise thine heart with My Law as a sharp knife;

accept My Son Christ, that ye might avoid man’s strife;

obey My Doctrine, that thy virtue be seen rife:

then, when My Son comes, ye shall have eternal life.” 


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A Portent of Armageddon?


Does a Checkless/Cashless Society Portend Earth’s end?

©copyright 2002 Bonita M Quesinberry

The writer of “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law”, a Biblical interpretation of The Revelation now available at book stores everywhere, states being ENCOURAGED by articles touting the coming of checkless, cashless living being indicative of earth’s eventual end. “Although”, she said, “the message is not a new one.” Similar news has been published periodically in America and globally over the last 158 years, as well as cited in various theological renderings. Still, the writer is encouraged in a way contrary to popular Revelation interpretations. Why she is confident is revealed here.

While a Texas junior bank lending officer in 1978, a small town in New York also was functioning as a test site for checkless, cashless living: and it seemed to be successful. Unfortunately at the time, having spent a year in seminary study of The Revelation, she would find she was armed with man’s interpretation of Revelation 13:11,16-17; recited:

“I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon. He causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

Naturally, during that time she believed such a lifestyle would fulfill this prophecy: until the Holy Spirit provided God’s much simpler yet more precise and exceedingly logical discernment. There was and remains no doubt that the two-horned lamb is the United States, for there are many Biblical passages to validate the axiom. The symbolic lamb denotes: 1) its Christian appearance, and 2) this country’s youth (having arisen from the wilderness) as opposed to ancient nations (rising from waters) who’ve been around for thousands of years. Its horns are two, indicating 1) its power over its own people (church) and 2) those of other nations, which power the U.S. has exercised for many years and continues to do so. The horns also reveal, 3) America is not as harmless to Christ’s true church as it might first seem, but rather a beast supporting the first beast.

Speaking like the dragon refers directly to a purportedly Christian nation contrarily allowing all manner of ancient Rome’s paganistic doctrines and traditions within its boundaries, while claiming to be “one nation under God” and “in God we trust.” One might wonder then to which god does this nation refer? Neither its Constitution nor any other legal national document reveals the identity of the god to which it points allegiance and from which it gains its power.

Additionally, the Lamb with horns promotes purportedly Christian denominational dogmas seemingly teaching on behalf of Yeshua yet speaking on behalf of the great whore riding upon (controlling) the pagan beast of ancient Rome. And, America does support her because it houses her harlot daughters thus is responsible for their blasphemous message spanning the globe. While heathenism was and remains all over the world and the U.S., contrary to the Bible speaking to the world at large, it speaks only to Christ’s church and pagan Rome is used prophetically to point to events directly affecting Christ’s small flocks during any given era: after His ascension back to heaven.

For a checkless/cashless society to work there also would need to be Federal Laws to insure that all State Laws are enforced from the highest level in the event of disobedience in one or more States, or individuals for that matter. Such a law must, of necessity, support the blasphemous mark of Satan, which just happens to be a counterfeit likeness of God’s seal of authority (Exodus 20:8-11). Both seals are symbolic in nature inasmuch as they are spiritual marks, therefore recognized by individual and/or group behavior: as opposed to some hitherto unknown tangible identification such as a tattoo or micro-chip inserted beneath a person’s skin.

Having said that, we then are pointed to the World Council of Churches continuing to lobby our Government, for 30+ years and continuing, urging the creation and approval of a Federal Sunday Blue Law in order to control all State Blue Laws, which include deadly police power: as exercised during the Puritan age. See “Dateline Sunday, USA” by Warren L. Johns, esq. The inclusion of police power provides the ability to legally threaten and/or take life when or as necessary to enforce these laws. Such deadly power attached to those old laws has never been abolished. It is very much alive today, just not exercised for many years: but they will be.

Therefore, man’s interpretation of those Revelation scriptures is that this nation and the world must first accomplish three things BEFORE Christ will return, which is to declare that Christ will not arrive until:

1) A Federal Blue Law requiring all US citizens to adhere strictly to a Sunday sabbath is passed and duly enforced, for which consenting persons will receive an identifying tattoo or special credit card (all bearing the same number) or a microchip or some other form of identity equally tangible and seen by the naked eye or computer scanable. The corporeal mark supposedly grants a person the power to buy or sell, as they will, while those without it cannot. This belief has been around at least since Social Security came in following the 1920’s great depression, which requires the assignment of an identifying number to every card-carrying living-breathing U.S. citizen. Albeit, such numbering systems have existed since time immemorial. Also,

2) A checkless, cashless global society in which only those persons identified, according to such a law, would be able to live as they always have: amply enjoying excesses in shelter, clothing, food and desirable luxuries; and,

3) To rebuild the Holy Temple in old Jerusalem, which would cause a third construction, allegedly pursuant to prophecies spoken by Isaiah and Jeremiah, without any regard for Daniel’s portent (Daniel 9:26-27). Then, and only then, is it supposed that Christ will return for a 1000-year reign upon earth (another fallacy). The recent euro ostensibly is just one global step in this direction. So too is corporate Christendom’s encouragement upon a misguided Israel to rebuild the Holy Temple.

Oops! If those three events must take place, then the whole Bible is rendered three times a lie: 1) by bold statement filled with irrelevant facts; 2) by implication; and, 3) by omitting crucial facts. Worse, rebuilding the Holy Temple implies that our Messiah never came in the flesh (I John 4:2-3). All over the world, corporate Christendom teaches that Daniel’s 70-weeks/490-years prophecy (which began in 457BC) stopped at 69-weeks/483-years or at the close of 26AD. Supposedly, the 70th week or final 7 years just resumed at the beginning of 2001 and is anticipated to conclude sometime in 2006 or, perhaps, 2007: or maybe as late as 2008! If it is 7 years, why not state it will end at the close of 2007? As this vague date implies, they don’t know of what they speak!

Contrarily, they state that Christ did begin His ministry in 27AD and He died in 33.7AD and Stephen died at 34AD: yet, they deny the 70-weeks were then fulfilled in total; thereby implying Christ never came in the flesh.  In any court of the land a lie is a lie, whether it be by bold statement filled with irrelevant facts or by implication: which is a manipulation words designed to avoid responsibility. Or, they lie by omission of crucial facts or by all three methods, which makes the latter worse. “As it is on earth, so it is in heaven.” Concerning Daniel’s 490-years prophecy, denominational Christian religions have compounded their lies three-fold, thus rendering the harlot daughters’ sin greater than their great whore mother’s sin (Ezekiel 16:44-52).

There are several facts rendering those three man-predicted events completely erroneous and misleading to Christ’s church: whether they are put into practice or not. Each may well take place, or at least to some minor degree, but none will ever be fully in place by the time Christ returns because:

1) Sealing God’s people (Revelation 7:3), and by implication the simultaneous marking of Satan’s goats, began with the Philadelphia church age (1844AD). During which time, and continuing today, the Lord’s hidden truths “about to die” (Revelation 3:2), discovered near the close of the Sardis church age (1843AD), began to be revealed globally in 1844: simultaneous to Ishi’s call to, “Come out of her my people (Revelation 18:4).”

And, 2) the Philadelphia era ended in 1991, heralded by an exceedingly loud trumpet, called Desert Storm, announcing the final church age of Laodicea, which will be very short indeed: as Christ promised. Last but not least,

3) Daniel’s prophecy was completed by 34AD with the stoning death of minister Stephen, which fulfilled the 70-weeks/490-years thus beginning the “time of the Gentiles.” The remainder of Daniel’s portent warned beyond 490-years when it spoke of the “sanctuary” or the Holy Temple’s destruction. Therefore, Daniel prophesied, then Christ stated, “not long from now” the Temple would be destroyed: and was in 70AD. Additionally, Daniel 9:26-27 makes it very clear that, after such destruction, the temple would never be built again upon this old earth, “not even until the consumption;” which means not even until redemption. Therefore, the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah are, and absolutely were, merely the furtherance of fulfilling Daniel’s portent: not separate prophecies calling for a third Temple building.

Aside from those facts, there currently and contrarily sits upon the Holy foundation a new Moslem Mosque. What are they going to do? Blow it up? Perhaps, albeit more pressing is the fact that New Jerusalem will be built in heaven during the sheep’s thousand years reign IN heaven. Then, it will come down from heaven onto a restored-to-like Eden earth. Scripture further advises that there will be no temple therein because God and His Christ ARE the temple. So, what would be the point of building a temple in Old Jerusalem now? There absolutely is not one verse throughout the entire Bible indicating it necessary as a warning sign of Christ’s return. Therefore, only one entity could possibly benefit from such a destructive lie: Lucifer himself, at least until Jesus arrives in the clouds.

Man’s interpretation, via Satan’s machinations, of these crucial prophecies is done in order to deceive people (Christ’s church) into believing His return is a long way off: perhaps even a thousand years. It also implies to the Jews that their Messiah has never come, thus preventing them from accepting Jesus as the Son of God. As predicted, many are saying today that things go on as they always have. If we believe that man’s predicted three events MUST take place BEFORE Christ returns, there then is no doubt that His arrival would, of necessity, be very far into the future. Know this: If those events must occur, then the Bible and God and Jesus are each rendered a liar and we all may as well throw up our hands in utter defeat with no hope of life eternal.

More importantly, corporate Christendom is behaving just as did the Pharisees when Jesus began His earthly ministry: they expected greater things and personage than what they saw with their own eyes. Why? Because they did not discern by way of the Holy Spirit but rather by comparing Christ to a worldly perspective. In their mind, how could Jesus be King of the Jews? He had no rich and powerful country under His rule: unless they were ignorant enough to believe He really did come from heaven and actually was the Son of God.

Christ had neither royal robes (only sackcloth and ashes) nor fancy chariots in which to travel rapidly and comfortably (only a donkey colt). For that matter, Jesus didn’t even LOOK kingly. He was black, as black as Solomon’s curtains and Kedar’s tents. Wow! Doesn’t that throw a monkey wrench into Klu Klux Klan belief! Anyway, not only was Jesus black, but His face was so marred and His short body so deformed that people would turn away from looking at Him. Indeed, He could be compared to the hunchback of Notre Dame!

As scripture cites, there was nothing comely or beautiful about Christ’s appearance that would have encouraged people to follow Him. My, my! Isn’t God’s wisdom absolutely perfect? It’s all about the inward person, after all. Also, Hebrew leaders completely disregarded their own Torah prophecies: and so do Christian leaders of today. (Solomon 1:5; Isaiah 52:14; 53:2-3; Psalm 119:141; 139:14-16; Luke 19:30,35; Matthew 21.2-5)

But worse! Jesus actually lived on the streets and slept out in open fields or in caves. A destitute street person AND trouble maker, for pity sake! The son of an impoverished carpenter who lived in a dry hot wilderness as opposed to the luxuries of city dwelling. Ah, but most convincing to Jewish leaders was finding Jesus NOT followed by numerous well-trained, armed legions of tireless warriors defeating all of Israel’s enemy nations. Gees, Louise! He was even buried in a borrowed tomb!

It all brings to mind: “What was is and what is will be and what will be was. There is absolutely nothing new under the sun.” The physical description of Jesus speaks volumes to a global population bent on worldly riches belonging only to the bold and beautiful followers of corporate Christendom. And, indeed, they are right: for it is all they will ever have because they will not inherit Ishi’s kingdom.

Nevertheless, by presenting these facts it is hoped one can determine that in denying natural cataclysmic events such as the world has never seen (which actually have been happening since 1991 as portended) while contrarily expecting the highly visible events above discussed (which if they do occur, mean absolutely nothing and neither will delay nor hasten redemption): then the simple signs of Christ’s imminent return are missed just as easily as Hebrews missed His Messianic visit. Such spiritual blindness results in utter destruction: for Jesus comes as a thief in the night. And that metaphor is exactly what El Shaddai’s Truths describe. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit offers Eloi’s interpretation:

1) The spiritual sealing/marking work concluded with Desert Storm, thus man’s tangible marks are meaningless as well as useful only as a consistent means to persecute Jesus’ small flocks. Thus, the only thing remaining is for Christ’s few straggling sheep to exit HER, which has been happening every day in each generation and from every creed in the world since the beginning of the Philadelphia age; and,

2) A Federal Blue Law is not required to fulfill these end days’ prophecy inasmuch as there is a little known Federal law giving the U.S. government, at its discretion and in the absence of a matching Federal law, full power to enforce any and all State laws. So, fighting for a Federal Blue Law is just another ruse intended to make it seem as if Christ’s return is far away. After all, that law has yet to be passed. Actually, it’s never made it to the table. Corporate Christendom uses this trick to perpetuate also greed: higher oil, food, clothing and shelter prices literally causing many to wind up on the streets. Is that not to prevent buying and selling? If a Federal law is unnecessary, then what about not being able to buy or sell if we bear the seal of the One True Living God? The implication is that those sealed of God will not be able to buy or sell AT ALL, which brings us to:

3) Not being able to buy or sell AT ALL belies scripture stating that Christ’s sheep at no time will be without life’s necessities nor will they go begging for food right up to redemption. Before Blue Laws and since the first such laws enacted during America’s Puritan age (but as early as 200AD Rome), no person whose behavior demonstrates God’s Seal has ever been able to buy or sell on the Father and Son’s Sabbath. However, because of Blue Laws, neither are they able to buy or sell on Satan’s black sabbath enforced by laws of the land. In short, Ishi’s sealed sheep obey God absolutely in all things.

Therefore, and by similar behavior, all goats bearing Satan’s mark always have and always will, at least for a short time to come, freely buy and sell seven days a week: while those with the Seal of God may only buy and sell five days a week. Why is that? Because the Lord said to obey His Sabbath AND the laws of the land. In reality these State requirements are labeled as unfair business tactics—then and now—yet not one government official or Christian lobbying group deigns to present a bill for change: thus, goats always have had an economic advantage, even more noticeable since 1844.

Pray it has been shown herein that it is the spiritual simplicity of God toward which all should look. In conclusion, Christ is even at the door and about to come through it. Since 1991, this writer has told everyone who would hear with understanding that this nation would be hit toward the latter end of 2001. How and by what manner? It was certain only that fire and a disease “in small dust” like that of Moses’ Egypt would be involved and directed at this nation’s wealth and military power. America was struck as Revelation prophesied—at the monuments erected to its god of mammon and military power—right in the midst of harvest time: September 2001.

The Spirit says to Christ’s churches: in abject obedience to God’s Statutes of Life, all ye sheep watch the clouds, for HARVEST TIME is nearer than the moral majority choose to believe. Why in the world would any true follower of Christ want to delay His arrival by attempting to change what cannot be changed, what is and always was predestined: the unchangeable? Only Satan “hope(d) to change times and laws,” (Daniel 7:25, fulfilled by 348AD and revealed in 1843AD).

This is WHY the writer is so very encouraged and even excited. Actually jumping up and down, shouting praises and singing Hallelujah! For it all proves just how quickly Jesus will walk through that proverbial door to take up His sheep to meet Him in the air! Freeing us all from mankind’s messy twist of God’s Word and His beautiful creation.


Harvest time…Remember…Harvest Time!


© 2002 Bonita M Quesinberry, “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” available by order from any local or online bookstore; most cost effective


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Is Healing of a Christian’s Body a Given?


                ©copyright 1998/2003 Bonita M Quesinberry,R.C.  

QUESTION: What was the thorn in Paul’s flesh? Why didn’t God intervene on Paul’s behalf? (II Corinthians 12:7-10)


ANSWER: excerpt Truth Gathering, chapter “Gifts of the Spirit” ©copyright 1998/2003 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C., Infinity Publishing, ISBN 0-7414-1686-7

Each question directly relates to whether or not healing of personal thorns-in-our-flesh—known as persecutions, illnesses and/or diseases, infirmities, afflictions, and/or adversities not of one’s own making—are an automatic given when we take up our cross to follow Jesus. The answer may well release a lot of people from the painful bondage of false teachings implying or outright saying: “If you are ill and/or suffering financial hardship and a host of other adversities or persecutions, then you must not be Spirit anointed or you lack considerable faith in God’s healing powers or both.” In short, you’re a non-believer: that is what they are saying.

OR, “You haven’t truly repented of your sins thus are still sinning, therefore must not be saved.” Any of these accusations could be true of any one person; but, if our deeds prove them false, all such charges have the negative power to put a person on a needless guilt trip that may or may not end with him or her turning away from a God they eventually come to believe is utterly impossible to please: or worse, turn them to an equally false but more easily digestible denomination. Sadly, either way exactly suits Lucifer’s goal to irrevocably separate us from Elohim.

Nevertheless, to sufficiently answer the latter of Bob’s questions, “why didn’t God intervene,” it is necessary to address not only how to know if we’ve been anointed by the Holy Ghost but additionally to examine the lives of minister Paul together with those of other key Bible figures. I begin with the latter topic and chose to analyze Jonah, Moses, Job, Apostle Peter and minister Paul with a brief mention of Joseph: all of whom suffered in myriad ways for a variety of very valid reasons, yet all were “called” into the Lord’s service, to which they responded thus remain irrevocably “chosen” to enter His kingdom.

Then, I will respond with how to know whether or not we’ve received the Spirit’s anointing. Following that, the first of Bob’s questions “what IS the thorn” is discussed. Finally, I will conclude with how this very issue, at one time, negatively impacted my own life: fortunately in the end and much like Joseph, ALL for my good. This, as might be rightly assumed, is a lengthy response wholly necessary to our understanding.


The Lord instructed Jonah to go to Nineveh and inform them that their wickedness was known to Jehovah, for which they would be destroyed in forty days. (Interesting. That’s how long Jesus remained on earth after His resurrection.) But, Jonah did not want to go into that wicked city, so he went the opposite direction. For that blatant disobedience, a great whale swallowed him and Jonah remained in the whale’s belly for three days and nights (the same length of time Jesus remained in the grave): until he was willing to admit the error of his way and consent to do as Yeshua had instructed.

Had Jonah not finally obeyed, Nineveh would have been destroyed and Jonah would have died in that whale’s belly full of bitter, digestive biles. Jonah did repent and the people of Nineveh heeded his warning; so, God cancelled (repented of) the destruction of Nineveh.

In Jonah’s case, he suffered “corrective” adversity because he disobeyed a direct order. To say the least, I find it hard to imagine God speaking directly to me, which would be earth-shattering at best, yet still refuse to obey Him! If I did, then I would deserve any and every thing Elohim allows Lucifer to throw at me. So, for a bit of CORRECTION, Jonah remains irrevocably “chosen” and will enter the Lord’s kingdom.


The book of Exodus reveals a lot about Moses. As a Jewish infant and unbeknownst to him, he was cast off in a little basket with hopes of saving his life, then found and raised by Pharaoh’s daughter as the Pharaoh’s Egyptian grandson. But, as we learn, this was for eventual good to the Jews being held captive in Egypt: where they had been for about 400 years by the time Moses led them out. If this same thing happened to a child today, he or she would grow up with a host of emotional disorders: simply because society says they should and convinces him or her that they have.

Moses fled to the wilderness as a felon: he had slain an Egyptian officer for beating a Jewish servant. Of course, that too was to good, for it was in the wilderness that Moses learned of God’s mission for him regarding his own people’s freedom. And, so, we find Moses at last leading the people out of Egypt to wander the wilderness for forty years: but, only because they consistently disobeyed Adonai. In the end, only the children of the original wanderers were allowed to enter the promise land. Not even Moses was allowed entry: himself then 120 years old and in perfect health yet he was told it was time for his physical death. The Lord would bury his body because He did not want anyone finding it and carrying the bones into the promised land.

What had Moses done to deserve that punishment? He had not adequately instilled obedience in the people he led, time and again; he struck the rock three times when told to strike only it once for water, which revealed a lack of his own faith; he requested flesh for the people to eat rather than explain to the people that it was not for them and to demand it was a lack of faith that the Lord would provide all their needs; Moses allowed the people to gather manna on the Sabbath instead of enforcing the fact he’d already told them to collect enough on Friday for both Friday and Saturday— because there would be none provided on the Sabbath; Moses shattered the first of the Precept tablets… I believe these are sufficient to explain why Moses did not enter the land of milk and honey.

In the end, which was more important: to enter the land of milk and honey during his lifetime OR to enter God’s kingdom for everlasting life? In my mind, the latter is the greater reward. Ah, but there is another less innocuous reason Moses did not enter: “I shall not allow a man more than 120 years.” Moses already was 120 years old. Because Moses did obey God in the most important facets of his mission and was willing to take a tiny bit of PUNISHMENT, Moses remains “chosen” and will enter the Lord’s kingdom.


God repeatedly described Job as a “perfect and upright man: one that fears God and avoids evil.” Yet, Lucifer was allowed to take everything from Job: his land and holdings, his sons and daughters, and in a sense even his wife. When Job would not curse God, then Lucifer took Job’s health just short of, but not including, death: at which point Job’s wife cursed him and wished him dead! Gees, Louise! What were you thinking? Ah, but Satan wasn’t finished: for the final insult was Job’s friends declaring that he was guilty of the sin of pride, which is considered a form of idolatry: otherwise God wouldn’t be punishing Job as he was clearly being punished—in their minds.

Following each leg of Lucifer’s attack on Job, God contrarily again described Job as a “perfect and upright man: one that fears God and avoids evil.” So, why? Why did God allow these things to come upon Job, whom He adamantly declared perfect? It was a test, pure and simple. At any time during all these horrendous adversities and diseases, would Job finally curse God—which is to blame God—just as Lucifer said Job would do? We battle not flesh and blood, but rather powers and principalities. Obviously, Job never cursed God, for all was restored double to him in his flesh-lifetime. Job remains irrevocably “chosen” for having passed the TEST, and rightly so.


Ah, Peter, Peter. Silly man—never knew when to keep his mouth shut as well as acted with violence on one occasion. And for this, Jesus informed him that he would suffer infirmities in his old age (John 21:18). So, what errors did Peter commit during his literal walk with Jesus?

Peter lacked abiding faith when walking on water thus began to sink (Matt. 14:28-31), questioned Christ’s command to forgive always (Matt. 18:21-22), and argued that Christ would not die (Matt. 16:22-23). But, Peter’s sins did not end there. He then boasted about leaving all behind to follow Christ (Luke 18:28) when, in fact, God’s Word teaches that it is by His grace we are called in the first place; and, more importantly, chosen only if we both answer the call AND “do the Father’s will.” Thus, it is no more than our whole duty therefore nothing to brag about.

Peter also cut off the ear of one of Jesus’ captors (John 18:10-11) and did not heed Christ’s warning that Satan wanted Peter (Luke 22:31-32). Then Peter flat out denied even knowing Christ, as Jesus had predicted (John 18:16-17, 25-27) and, at the last, he had the audacity to question Christ’s decisions made just before He ascended (John 21:21-22)! The latter incident of Peter questioning our Saviour points to Daniel 4:35—All the inhabitants of the earth are known as nothing and not one of us can prompt or prevent God’s actions or even dare ask Him, “What are you doing?” So, Peter was PUNISHED while in this life yet remains irrevocably “chosen” because he became “fully converted” thus rightly will enter the Lord’s kingdom. And, finally, there is minister Paul:

PAUL: formerly called Saul

Paul, on the other hand, caused much suffering and was responsible-by-consent for the deaths of some of Christ’s followers (Acts c.8)—until Jesus selected him to carry the message of salvation to we heathen Gentiles (Acts c.9). Even so, Christ gave Paul special wisdoms and gifts (Acts 19:11-12) not given to the Apostles; and, we are enlightened that Paul needed something to keep him humble in the face of the Lord’s generosity: the rod of afflictions and infirmities, or thorn of Satan as it were. (II Corinthians 12:7-9). For Paul, adversity and infirmities were for: 1) PUNISHMENT, 2) prevent him from being OVERLY EXALTED and 3) to prompt his HUMILITY. Thus, Paul remains irrevocably “chosen” and will enter the Lord’s kingdom. 

There are numerous cases of healings and resurrections of the dead during Christ‘s ministry. It is shown in many of those events that the person healed had done nothing to deserve his or her affliction: rather, they had been afflicted, or even died, in order to reveal Jesus for who He was by the miracles He performed and as evidence that He has power over everything—including illness, disease and the grave. These people, and many today, suffered as IDENTIFIERS 

Nevertheless, if physical healing were a given to every follower of Christ, as taught in corporate Christendom’s myriad denominations, then the Bible is rendered a lie. Proof provided hereinabove reveals physical healing NOT guaranteed just because a person belongs to Jesus.  For instance, Paul’s brother-in-Christ, Epaphroditus, became so ill that he nearly died but God had mercy on him (Philippians 2:25-27).

We also are enlightened that if, as a brother or sister in Christ only, we commit fornication knowing it is a sin, then our body is given over to Satan for destruction of our flesh: that the spirit within, who we truly are, may be saved (I Corinthians 5:15). PUNISHMENT. It is appointed unto man to die once. With the exception of the elite 144,000: we all will die at least once and, hopefully, will be among those of the first resurrection.

This really clarifies why we as sheep should have no concern for the life, and even the health, of our bodies. In fact, we should willingly lay down our life both for Christ and in acceptance of our past sinful behavior against the Lord: willing to crucify the flesh of its passions and lusts (Galatians 5:24). Determined then is that, while being healed of illness and diseases and injuries can and might be granted, healing of the flesh body nonetheless is not a given for any one or more of the following reasons:

1) establish IDENTITY or IDENTIFIER—as Christ’s sheep

2) exact PUNISHMENT;

3) deliver CORRECTION;

4) instill HUMILITY;

5) prevent being OVERLY EXALTED;

6) TEST our faithfulness and devotion to God.  

Additionally, when a child of God experiences adversity and/or illnesses, diseases and/or injuries or even persecution, not only is it for one or more of the first six reasons but always it also is a TEST for the recipient and serves as a:  

7) WITNESS, or TESTIMONY, on behalf of any and all observers: either positive or negative—based on how we react to our personal thorns.  

There’s Adonai’s magic number SEVEN again. ISN’T GOD AWESOME! However, referring back to article 1 above, Jesus made it clear: 1) those afflicted were not cursed; but rather, 2) healings and raising of the dead miracles He performed were to identify Him as, indeed, the Son of God: our promised Messiah.

Still, The Revelation reveals: during earth’s last days of Philadelphia—which expired in 1991—and its end days of Laodicea—which began in 1991—such miracles achieved during highly visible performances are done now to identify Satan’s synagogues via his ministers who have manifested themselves as ministers of light: no surprise, since Lucifer manifests himself as an angel of light, according to Christ.  Thus, affliction of our body should result in our obedience, not only a sufferer’s but potentially can result in obedience of at least one or more bystanders observing our suffering-yet-rejoicing.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, ever happens to a child of God that also cannot be used to save another and another and another. Joseph’s story truly reflects this axiom. It all hinges on how we handle our afflictions and infirmities. Are we angry at God, in essence blaming Him, moaning and groaning for everyone to see? Or, are we laughing amidst our pain and discomfort while, like Paul, glorying in our adversities and infirmities while praising Yeshua? Which behaviour better exemplifies Christ when He suffered, especially upon a rugged cross?  

There is no denying we can be healed of physical frailties; but, it is not always in our best interest or in the interest of those around us: therefore, clearly not a given just because we believe and obey. But, healing of our spirit IS a given because we believe and obey.

Nevertheless, the decision to heal is God’s alone: “I will heal that which is to be healed and let remain that which is to remain.” The Lord uses the rod-of-evil, which is Lucifer, only on His children: “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” He does not correct the wicked. In fact, God tells us the wicked will do quite well while on this earth because He gives them the desires of their heart: but, it carries a deadly price—THIS is all there is for them.

Proverbs tells us to seek that which is in our heart with our whole heart but also to be warned we will be judged according to the desires of our heart. When a person experiences no pain or suffering or poverty in life—not due to their own doing—or the correction rod, then God has responded to what is in his or her heart and it just might cost them utter destruction.

What should the sheep do if not healed of physical afflictions and/or infirmities? Jonah, Job and Moses as well as Peter and Paul are examples to follow. Job felt he must have done something to offend God therefore worthy of his afflictions: thus, he continued to praise the Lord while praying for others. Moses was refused entry to the promise land; but, he also knew he had demonstrated a lack of faith regarding a stone yielding drinking water and had failed to both control and instill faith in the people he led.

Peter and Paul each knew of and accepted his own sins against God: therefore, each accepted physical discomforts yet continued to preach of and praise our Lord. Paul went so far as to say he would rather glory in his infirmities so the power of Christ would continue to rest upon him. In other words, the gift of salvation together with the spiritual gifts Paul had been given were, in his mind, greater than anything his body suffered in exchange. So, in essence, God did intervene for Paul. Not only did Jesus tell him that His grace was sufficient for Paul but it is obvious Yeshua also rendered an understanding in Paul’s mind of the WHY: else Paul would not finally have consented to glory in his pain and frailty (II Corinthians 12:5-11).

We should add Joseph to the list, who was sold into slavery by his own brothers; but, it was shown to be for the ultimate good of his family during a future famine many years after he was bartered. All these godly men understood the flesh is of no importance; but rather, the saving of their spirit to everlasting life being the paramount consequence: for it is not the body giving us life but the spirit within. We all have sinned. Being baptized, both by water and the Spirit, washes away those PAST sins but in no way removes the scars of sin for as long as we wear these corruptible bodies. Therefore, we deserve whatever we get and in it should only praise Adonai and spread His truths.


As for knowing whether or not we’ve received anointing of the Holy Spirit, we’ve learned in other Answer Posts that only those who “obey God in all things” receive anointing of the Power of God. So, one only need examine the Father’s Doctrine to determine if he or she has been CHOSEN thus anointed. Disobedient in even the smallest point of Yeshua’s Canon means the person has not proceeded beyond having been CALLED thus baptized in water, therefore has not experienced baptism of the Holy Ghost bearing gifts of power, knowledge and wisdom together with an indescribable sense of internal peace and inexplicable freedom from this world. 

On the other hand, why then are multitudes being overwhelming healed today, as noted in various televised ministries such as Benny Hin and the like? Two points: 1) if indeed we are living in the last church age, and the Bible confirms that we are, then it is this time in which the synagogue of Satan is said to be performing great miracles and healings of all manner. In fact, so effectively and believably that, if it were possible, even the elite could be fooled; thus, healings among the true church are not occurring in so blatant a manner, if at all: else confusion would reign in attempting to determine the false from the true.

And, 2) James 5:14-16 cites certain rules of execution accompanying the gift of healing: directions that Lucifer’s ministers are not following. Read the rules, then watch the shows: it is obvious to only the spiritually informed. 


The thorn in the flesh, as noted in II Corinthians 12:7, is given by way of Satan. Found throughout the Bible are many passages enlightening us of God’s use of Lucifer to the good of His sheep and, ultimately, to the destruction of the wicked and filthy. In Paul, Satan’s thorn-in-the-flesh was a combination of: infirmities, reprimands, lack of necessities, persecutions and distresses for Christ’s sake (II Corinthians 12:10). 

Webster’s Dictionary defines a) infirm, and b) infirmities as: 1) not firm or strong physically; weak, feeble, as from old age, frail, shaky; 2) the quality or state of being infirm, feebleness, weakness, a physical weakness or defect, frailty or ailment, as from old age.  Webster’s further sets out: a moral weakness, which most of corporate Christendom teaches was Paul’s ongoing problem. This cannot truthfully apply to Paul because it would make the Bible a lie. After all, Jesus AND Paul taught that those who follow and are in Christ CANNOT sin because, by the Law, sin has become as exceedingly abhorrent to them—as it is to God—and their conscience will not allow them to continue in sin.

Consider: once forgiven, there is no further atonement if we sin again AFTER learning God’s True Doctrine; only a certain fearful awaiting of judgment abides within the person (Hebrews 10:26-29). Therefore, Paul’s thorn, as evidenced in Acts as well as II Corinthians, was a combination of persecution, myriad adversities AND illnesses and injuries sustained: all of which served to his PUNISHMENT for previous persecution of Christ’s sheep as well as a TEST of his commitment to the Lord: which also prevented Paul from being OVERLY EXALTED for the exceeding power he was endowed with: and, finally, to keep Paul HUMBLE where the demon of arrogance might have entered. And, Paul stated as much. 


Not long after meeting Jesus at the age of 6, I fell almost 30 feet: sustained considerable internal injuries as well as right temporal lobe brain damage, the latter of which later resulted in petite mal epilepsy. Because my immune system was overly taxed by injuries, within the same year I suffered a bout with simultaneous double pneumonia and German measles, almost died, only to then experience chicken pox followed by a heavy case of mumps.

Thus, by the age of 12 Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus were fully manifested in my flesh body. Although, those chicken pox virus related diseases were not diagnosed until much later in my life, together with fibromyalgia. Eventually, heart problems developed along with severe migraine headaches and various environmental and nature related allergies. Later, I experienced cancer, two heart attacks and, in June 2005, a deadly brain aneurysm: this latter Doctors told my daughter that I likely would not even make it to surgery; but, if by chance I made it through surgery, I either would be in a perpetual coma OR paralyzed and unable to speak. God had other plans.

I was baptized by water at age 9; but, my oldest child would be 12 and I age 31 before I finally received baptism of the Holy Ghost. It was at 31 I earnestly began seeking God’s Truths—as opposed to mankind’s taught in virtually all Christian sects; and, I ultimately became wholly obedient as Father’s Doctrine was revealed to me by His Spirit. However, it was not until I became fully obedient that His Spirit endowed me with gifts: which was appropriate because I had a lot of false teachings to overcome. 

Once given the gifts of ministering (counseling), teaching, prophecy and interpretation thereof and the weightier matters of God’s Law, it became increasingly worrisome to me that many of my ailments had not been healed as well. Oh, the seizures ceased altogether; severe migraines lessened from as little as seven days and up to three weeks down to no more than 24 hours; my heart was healed completely after 2 heart attacks; and, most of my allergies disappeared. And, I no longer spent most of my life in a hospital. BUT! The 24 hour migraines, MS, Lupus, and fibromyalgia have persisted; albeit, instead of steadily failing to the point of a wheelchair or worse—which was where I was by age 23—I now experience only periodic episodes of both and which last only a few days each time. 

Then, came monetary loss in early 2000: I had a career that paid me exceedingly well ($32 p/h), had bought my own home 2 years before, had money in the bank and a building retirement fund. This was great! Now I could add an in-resident counseling program for teens in my big home where I lived alone. Within 3 years, while the program was very successful, I no longer could work due to health; had to sell my home at a loss to me, went into public housing where I remain today, drive a 31-year old car—albeit, Steel Magnolia, Maggie, purrs beautifully—and on Disability: my retirement funds long ago expended to keep the house long enough to get my last teen through and doing well. 

Nonetheless, a lack of TOTAL healing, now compounded by monetary loss, remained troublesome to me, mainly because of other so-called Christians’ accusations: “You’ve been saved and that means you’ve been totally healed! Either you don’t believe it OR you haven’t truly been saved. You’ve done something wrong or God would not have taken everything from you.” Isn’t that what Job heard? Even Jesus was considered cursed because of His physical deformities. Others accused me of lacking faith; but, no one denied my anointing or the gifts resulting from that baptism; although, many today have a propensity for saying, “Well, that’s just your opinion,” despite presenting only God’s Word in response.  

As a result, for many years I begged God to save me OR increase my faith OR help me to believe OR, at the very least, help me to understand why it seemed I was not totally healed and why I had lost everything: until one day Ishi pointed me to His Word and instructed me to read of the men discussed in this Answer Post. The first point was to intensely review the Spirit’s gifts, then the lives of Paul and Peter, and at last to delve into Old Testament figures such as Job. In the interim, I learned Lucifer not only exacts his own revenge against God’s children but that God also uses Satan as His rod of punishment, correction, testing and, in the end, for the ultimate destruction of evil as well as the wicked and filthy: including Lucifer himself. 

Once understanding what has been revealed herein and having accepted that I, as a woman, am inferior to man, who is holy unto God: I soon had the clarity of minister Paul. For a mere pitiful Eve to be endowed with such tremendous gifts of the Spirit was akin to receiving ALL the gifts given to Paul: who formerly persecuted Christ’s sheep! There is no doubt in my mind that the thorn in my flesh is for the same purposes as those of the figures discussed hereinabove.

I especially identify with Paul as regards humility: mainly because I’ve yet to be exalted by any stretch of the imagination.  The wisdom and knowledge God has imparted to me together with such awesome gifts of the Spirit, especially to a mere pitiful Eve who caused earth’s mess in the first place, does on occasion cause Lucifer to tempt me with arrogance. And, it is those times when I experience the worst health episodes, quickly reminding me who I am and from where I came: humbling me to the max! So, like Paul, rather than be deprived of the power God so graciously has given me, I now take pleasure in my infirmities, reproaches, loss of all monetary holdings once had, persecutions such as the above accusations, and in various distresses for Jesus’ sake: “for when I am weak, then am I strong!”  

And, last, I remind myself: 1) this life is temporary yet what I seek, and suffer for, is permanent; and, 2) we were warned that, if we follow Jesus, we will suffer for Christ, according to the Father’s will, just as He suffered for us. So, when I look at all the horrors and injustices and false accusations Jesus endured, I realize what I suffer is a mere drop in my water bucket compared to Christ’s ocean of suffering. I’ve yet to be staked to a cross and a spear slammed through my body. Sometimes the pain I live with every day feels like it: but, I haven’t shed one drop of blood and, even if I did, it still would not be equal to our Lord’s sacrifice for me—and you and you and you. 

In all these I am validated as bearing the seal of the One True Living God. AMEN and amen! Oh, how I wish everyone everywhere were like blessed. For that I pray unceasing: as I’m sure all Christ’s sheep pray.

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