God's Truth Not Smooth Words

Keys to Heaven


Keys to Heaven

©copyright 2004 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C. 052204


So many times I have heard someone inquire,

“To enter through heaven’s gates, I do aspire;

but, what does it take, what must be done to go?”

It is apparent that God’s Word we must know

and to follow in the ways Jesus did show.

I once asked the same questions and even more,

so determined I am to reach heaven’s shore.


Some teach one key: in Christ we all must believe,

then from this earth’s chaos us He will relieve.

Yet, God said, even demons profess His name.

Does this mean they, too, will gain heavenly fame,

despite those angels’ cruel and wicked games?

No way! It means there is yet another key,

if assured heaven we all desire to be.


“What is the second key,” I asked earnestly.

“There is none,” they all declared determinedly.

That did not make sense; so, I went to the Lord,

as He said to do and, since then, never bored.

El’s Word is deep but for me He bridged the fjord.

Safely on the other side, the key I found

amidst Revelation: three times clear and sound.


Jesus Christ, our earthly Lord, is the first key:

for without Him, God sees we do not believe.

Like a safe deposit box, two keys required:

First insert Christ, all His love must be desired;

then, the second key, if you truly aspired,

is God’s Law of Liberty from beginning.

In perfect heart, obey to avoid sinning.


“This is the wisdom, heed well without a fuss:

life to those who live in faith, as did Jesus,

and obey God’s Statutes of Life, thrice cited.”

Without both keys, a life will be indicted

to a second death: three times it’s recited.

Exodus and more, even Revelation:

for found in God’s Word is His confirmation.


Long before our Messiah lived so few days,

His Father declared who would follow His ways,

the things they would say and do to never fall:

“Bind up God’s testimony and seal His Law

among My disciples, that they have no flaw.

Only My Law and Testimony they teach,

for within them is light they never will breach.


“If anyone sets out to preach other words,

deliberately causing My Truths to blur,

it is because there is no light found in them:

they are cursed, full of darkness, anguish and sin.”

These only appear to obey God, a whim;

yet in truth, they lust only for the world’s things.

Their soul is twisted: absolute death it brings.


Exodus 20:3-17; Deuteronomy 5:7-21;

Revelation 12:17; 14:12; 22:14;

I Peter 1:16,22

I John 2:15-16; 3:4-6; 3:8-,22; 5:2-3;

II John v.6

Isaiah 8:16,20-22


10 August 2006 - Posted by | Biblical Poems w/verse ref, Poems, Religion, Spiritual

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