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Who Are True Believers?

anijesusinclouds.gif    Who Are True Believers                                                                              ©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.  

Who are true believers of God and Christ? How can they be recognized? What makes them a ‘peculiar people?’ What makes them different from goats and wolves wearing sheep’s clothing? Identifying true believers here also will result in being able to identify false believers. This treatise goes hand in hand with the previous, Discerning the Spirits.

Do not make the mistake of tying this teaching to any organized, incorporated Christian denomination; for not one of them teach 100-per cent of God’s Truth, which renders the whole a lie. This is about God’s Word and only God’s Word: all scripture references herein taken from the Authorized King James Version Bible, the only translation to have fulfilled one of Revelation’s prophecies; which portent required that the Bible be made available to every person in preparation for the Truth being taught again for the last time— the Philadelphia church age, which ended in 1991 and the last church age, Laodicea, began and is about to end.

With respect to Christian faith, Webster’s Dictionary defines a believer as one who has confidence in God’s existence, His effectiveness and His Truth, and a believer has a passion for God’s Word and His Doctrine/Law. In addition to this formal definition, a believer also has the conviction that Christ was and is the Son of God, the believer’s Lord and Saviour. The only explanation that carries any weight, however, is God’s definition of a true believer: for only they will enter heaven’s gates, according to His Word.

In the United States alone, statistics reveal 85-per cent of its population professes to be Christian; yet, widespread sinful behaviour among professed Christians and their leaders belies such a large percentage: certainly, the vast majority do not do as Christ did, yet He instructed us to do just that. In reviewing ancient Jewish tribes, ‘saving a remnant’ always resulted in 10-per cent of a tribe’s population in any given event. In one case, 7000 were saved; according to their records, the tribe’s population was 70,000. Therefore, the repetitive number applied to the term ‘remnant’ is a spiritually sound 10-per cent.

Since Christ, those who will be redeemed also are referred to as a remnant of His church; thus, it is appropriate to apply the same 10-per cent to the Christian professing population in any given generation. This meshes well with the millions seen in heaven after Jesus takes up His sheep, leaving all others behind ‘lying dead from one end of earth to the other end.’ For instance, a hypothetical world population might be 6-billion, of which 85-per cent claim to be Christian or 5.1-billion. Ten-per cent of 5.1-billion professing Christians equals 510-million true Christians to be redeemed when Christ returns.

It would be inappropriate to use earth’s entire population from any given generation, inasmuch as anyone who does not accept Christ as God’s Son and/or they violate one or more of God’s Commandments, knowing they are sinning, will not be saved. Thus, the other 90-per cent represents false Christians: add them to the remainder of the world who profess no beliefs at all plus those of false religions, and the total quickly fits God’s statement that they number ‘as the grains of sand.’ Who can count the grains of sand? This also clarifies the numbering of Christ’s true sheep as ‘small flocks, which are greatly outnumbered by the wicked.’

Noted numerous times in the gospels is the statement that the sheep believe Christ was and is the Son of God. This then is the first identifier of a true believer. Second in note is that they also believe in God as a sovereign God. Third in note is that they profess to love God and Christ. How do we know professing Christians love God and Christ? I John 5:3 states clearly, “For this is the love of God, that we obey his commandments.” II John v.6 verifies, “This is love, that we walk after His commandments. That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.”

Another trait of the sheep is that they love their neighbors. How do we know the sheep love their neighbors? I John 5:3 states clearly, “By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments.”

Psalm 119:66 cites another example of Christ’s sheep as being believers of God’s Commandments; which Jesus reiterated and/or lived each of those Ten Statutes and told us to do the same. He went one step further by stating that ‘he who obeys the Law and teaches the same will be called great in heaven.’ I John 3:4,8 clearly state, “Whosoever commits sin violates the Law. He who commits sin is of the Devil.”  

Christ also said, “No greater friend is he that lays down his life for another;” and, Jesus gave his life for us and we should be willing to give our lives for our neighbors and for Jesus. By observing everything Christ did and said, we find He obeyed all twelve of God’s Precepts; the first two being the royal laws of love upon which depend the Ten. We find the same behaviour in his Apostles as well as minister Saul-called-Paul and their proselytes. According to I Corinthians 2:16, the true sheep ‘have the mind of Christ;’ therefore, they can do no less than what Christ did and are eager to do as He did.

Hebrews c.4, however, brings to light one Commandment blatantly disobeyed throughout Christendom: the fourth precept citing God’s Holy Sabbath, the seventh day, which also happens to be His Seal of Authority designated in Ezekiel 20:20 and is referred to in Revelation 7:3; which day begins at sundown Friday and extends to sundown Saturday.

Myriad and diverse Christian denominations keep a false sabbath, justifying Sunday without scriptural validation by claiming it was and is for the Jews, not Christians: they teach the day does not matter for Christians. Verse 8 states that Jesus did not speak of any other day, therefore revealing the promotion of Sunday as the lie it is: a counterfeit day established by Revelation’s great whore and carried on by her harlot daughters. This fact also clarifies God’s urging to, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her plagues . . . and her destruction.”

Further, Genesis makes it clear that God’s Sabbath, of which Jesus said He also is Lord, was established at the beginning of creation; long before Jews were accepted by God as a chosen people. Additionally, this day was and remains Biblically declared perpetual, ‘even in the new earth.’ Hebrews 4:11 clearly states that to disobey this precept is an ‘example of unbelief.’ Therefore, true believers passionately obey God’s Sabbath in the manner God prescribed, without the Pharisee’s amendments and additions sanctioned either by God nor by Christ.

Identifying a Peculiar People: once again, God’s perfect number seven

  • 1. Believe in God and His sovereignty, the Father Creator

  • 2. Believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God thus their Lord and Saviour

  • 3. Have the mind of Christ, therefore become perfect as He is perfect

  • 4. Obey God’s Ten Commandments

  • 5. Obey God’s fourth Law, seventh day Sabbath; again, God’s perfect number seven is seen 5.a through 5.g (See Isaiah 58:2-8,10,13-14). Jesus said the same:

  •      a. Worship the Father and Christ

  •      b. Rest from six days of labor

  •      c. Spend time with family

  •      d. Feed the hungry

  •      e. House the homeless

  •      f. Clothe the naked

  •      g. Visit the sick

  • 6. Love God and Christ and Love neighbors

  • 7. Willing to give life for another and/or for Christ

The above seven traits of a true believer represent the two keys opening the gates of heaven to believers, as cited in Revelation 12:17, 14:12, and 22:14— “[Believers] obey the commandments of God and possess the faith of and in Jesus.”

Just as God states that to knowingly violate even one of His Commandments is to be guilty of them all, so true believers must meet all seven of the above identifiers. Thus, if someone claims belief yet is missing even one of the above identifiers, they are one of two things: either a false believer OR an uninformed believer. Regardless of which they might be, it is a true believer’s responsibility to inform them; then, each person can make an informed choice.

The false believer will adamantly adhere to his or her false teachings and be quick to argue as well as attack the informing true believer in some way, whether verbally or physically or both: it’s called persecuting Christ’s sheep. The illusion of the church persecuting the church, as John was so astonished to see when shown in Revelation.

The uninformed believer will be quick to meet God’s requirements and be rejoicing in gratitude that a mature believer told him or her where he or she was falling short thus in danger of being spewed from God’s mouth as an unbeliever. To be spewed from God’s mouth is to be utterly destroyed in the end, and upon their ashes the righteous will walk. 

And, to the righteous, saith the Lord, “This know also, that in these end days perilous are the times. For men are lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, unable to control themselves, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; [false believers] having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. They are ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

The Bible is clear: only the righteous will enter the gates of heaven, all others dying at the brightness of Christ’s arrival to take up His sheep to escort them “to the safe haven of heaven.” Unbelievers are goats deemed twice dead. Where do you stand? Is seven your peculiar number? Are your ways peculiar among the masses? If not, be quick to change; for Christ is even at the door.    

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