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A Portent of Armageddon?


Does a Checkless/Cashless Society Portend Earth’s end?

©copyright 2002 Bonita M Quesinberry

The writer of “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law”, a Biblical interpretation of The Revelation now available at book stores everywhere, states being ENCOURAGED by articles touting the coming of checkless, cashless living being indicative of earth’s eventual end. “Although”, she said, “the message is not a new one.” Similar news has been published periodically in America and globally over the last 158 years, as well as cited in various theological renderings. Still, the writer is encouraged in a way contrary to popular Revelation interpretations. Why she is confident is revealed here.

While a Texas junior bank lending officer in 1978, a small town in New York also was functioning as a test site for checkless, cashless living: and it seemed to be successful. Unfortunately at the time, having spent a year in seminary study of The Revelation, she would find she was armed with man’s interpretation of Revelation 13:11,16-17; recited:

“I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon. He causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

Naturally, during that time she believed such a lifestyle would fulfill this prophecy: until the Holy Spirit provided God’s much simpler yet more precise and exceedingly logical discernment. There was and remains no doubt that the two-horned lamb is the United States, for there are many Biblical passages to validate the axiom. The symbolic lamb denotes: 1) its Christian appearance, and 2) this country’s youth (having arisen from the wilderness) as opposed to ancient nations (rising from waters) who’ve been around for thousands of years. Its horns are two, indicating 1) its power over its own people (church) and 2) those of other nations, which power the U.S. has exercised for many years and continues to do so. The horns also reveal, 3) America is not as harmless to Christ’s true church as it might first seem, but rather a beast supporting the first beast.

Speaking like the dragon refers directly to a purportedly Christian nation contrarily allowing all manner of ancient Rome’s paganistic doctrines and traditions within its boundaries, while claiming to be “one nation under God” and “in God we trust.” One might wonder then to which god does this nation refer? Neither its Constitution nor any other legal national document reveals the identity of the god to which it points allegiance and from which it gains its power.

Additionally, the Lamb with horns promotes purportedly Christian denominational dogmas seemingly teaching on behalf of Yeshua yet speaking on behalf of the great whore riding upon (controlling) the pagan beast of ancient Rome. And, America does support her because it houses her harlot daughters thus is responsible for their blasphemous message spanning the globe. While heathenism was and remains all over the world and the U.S., contrary to the Bible speaking to the world at large, it speaks only to Christ’s church and pagan Rome is used prophetically to point to events directly affecting Christ’s small flocks during any given era: after His ascension back to heaven.

For a checkless/cashless society to work there also would need to be Federal Laws to insure that all State Laws are enforced from the highest level in the event of disobedience in one or more States, or individuals for that matter. Such a law must, of necessity, support the blasphemous mark of Satan, which just happens to be a counterfeit likeness of God’s seal of authority (Exodus 20:8-11). Both seals are symbolic in nature inasmuch as they are spiritual marks, therefore recognized by individual and/or group behavior: as opposed to some hitherto unknown tangible identification such as a tattoo or micro-chip inserted beneath a person’s skin.

Having said that, we then are pointed to the World Council of Churches continuing to lobby our Government, for 30+ years and continuing, urging the creation and approval of a Federal Sunday Blue Law in order to control all State Blue Laws, which include deadly police power: as exercised during the Puritan age. See “Dateline Sunday, USA” by Warren L. Johns, esq. The inclusion of police power provides the ability to legally threaten and/or take life when or as necessary to enforce these laws. Such deadly power attached to those old laws has never been abolished. It is very much alive today, just not exercised for many years: but they will be.

Therefore, man’s interpretation of those Revelation scriptures is that this nation and the world must first accomplish three things BEFORE Christ will return, which is to declare that Christ will not arrive until:

1) A Federal Blue Law requiring all US citizens to adhere strictly to a Sunday sabbath is passed and duly enforced, for which consenting persons will receive an identifying tattoo or special credit card (all bearing the same number) or a microchip or some other form of identity equally tangible and seen by the naked eye or computer scanable. The corporeal mark supposedly grants a person the power to buy or sell, as they will, while those without it cannot. This belief has been around at least since Social Security came in following the 1920’s great depression, which requires the assignment of an identifying number to every card-carrying living-breathing U.S. citizen. Albeit, such numbering systems have existed since time immemorial. Also,

2) A checkless, cashless global society in which only those persons identified, according to such a law, would be able to live as they always have: amply enjoying excesses in shelter, clothing, food and desirable luxuries; and,

3) To rebuild the Holy Temple in old Jerusalem, which would cause a third construction, allegedly pursuant to prophecies spoken by Isaiah and Jeremiah, without any regard for Daniel’s portent (Daniel 9:26-27). Then, and only then, is it supposed that Christ will return for a 1000-year reign upon earth (another fallacy). The recent euro ostensibly is just one global step in this direction. So too is corporate Christendom’s encouragement upon a misguided Israel to rebuild the Holy Temple.

Oops! If those three events must take place, then the whole Bible is rendered three times a lie: 1) by bold statement filled with irrelevant facts; 2) by implication; and, 3) by omitting crucial facts. Worse, rebuilding the Holy Temple implies that our Messiah never came in the flesh (I John 4:2-3). All over the world, corporate Christendom teaches that Daniel’s 70-weeks/490-years prophecy (which began in 457BC) stopped at 69-weeks/483-years or at the close of 26AD. Supposedly, the 70th week or final 7 years just resumed at the beginning of 2001 and is anticipated to conclude sometime in 2006 or, perhaps, 2007: or maybe as late as 2008! If it is 7 years, why not state it will end at the close of 2007? As this vague date implies, they don’t know of what they speak!

Contrarily, they state that Christ did begin His ministry in 27AD and He died in 33.7AD and Stephen died at 34AD: yet, they deny the 70-weeks were then fulfilled in total; thereby implying Christ never came in the flesh.  In any court of the land a lie is a lie, whether it be by bold statement filled with irrelevant facts or by implication: which is a manipulation words designed to avoid responsibility. Or, they lie by omission of crucial facts or by all three methods, which makes the latter worse. “As it is on earth, so it is in heaven.” Concerning Daniel’s 490-years prophecy, denominational Christian religions have compounded their lies three-fold, thus rendering the harlot daughters’ sin greater than their great whore mother’s sin (Ezekiel 16:44-52).

There are several facts rendering those three man-predicted events completely erroneous and misleading to Christ’s church: whether they are put into practice or not. Each may well take place, or at least to some minor degree, but none will ever be fully in place by the time Christ returns because:

1) Sealing God’s people (Revelation 7:3), and by implication the simultaneous marking of Satan’s goats, began with the Philadelphia church age (1844AD). During which time, and continuing today, the Lord’s hidden truths “about to die” (Revelation 3:2), discovered near the close of the Sardis church age (1843AD), began to be revealed globally in 1844: simultaneous to Ishi’s call to, “Come out of her my people (Revelation 18:4).”

And, 2) the Philadelphia era ended in 1991, heralded by an exceedingly loud trumpet, called Desert Storm, announcing the final church age of Laodicea, which will be very short indeed: as Christ promised. Last but not least,

3) Daniel’s prophecy was completed by 34AD with the stoning death of minister Stephen, which fulfilled the 70-weeks/490-years thus beginning the “time of the Gentiles.” The remainder of Daniel’s portent warned beyond 490-years when it spoke of the “sanctuary” or the Holy Temple’s destruction. Therefore, Daniel prophesied, then Christ stated, “not long from now” the Temple would be destroyed: and was in 70AD. Additionally, Daniel 9:26-27 makes it very clear that, after such destruction, the temple would never be built again upon this old earth, “not even until the consumption;” which means not even until redemption. Therefore, the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah are, and absolutely were, merely the furtherance of fulfilling Daniel’s portent: not separate prophecies calling for a third Temple building.

Aside from those facts, there currently and contrarily sits upon the Holy foundation a new Moslem Mosque. What are they going to do? Blow it up? Perhaps, albeit more pressing is the fact that New Jerusalem will be built in heaven during the sheep’s thousand years reign IN heaven. Then, it will come down from heaven onto a restored-to-like Eden earth. Scripture further advises that there will be no temple therein because God and His Christ ARE the temple. So, what would be the point of building a temple in Old Jerusalem now? There absolutely is not one verse throughout the entire Bible indicating it necessary as a warning sign of Christ’s return. Therefore, only one entity could possibly benefit from such a destructive lie: Lucifer himself, at least until Jesus arrives in the clouds.

Man’s interpretation, via Satan’s machinations, of these crucial prophecies is done in order to deceive people (Christ’s church) into believing His return is a long way off: perhaps even a thousand years. It also implies to the Jews that their Messiah has never come, thus preventing them from accepting Jesus as the Son of God. As predicted, many are saying today that things go on as they always have. If we believe that man’s predicted three events MUST take place BEFORE Christ returns, there then is no doubt that His arrival would, of necessity, be very far into the future. Know this: If those events must occur, then the Bible and God and Jesus are each rendered a liar and we all may as well throw up our hands in utter defeat with no hope of life eternal.

More importantly, corporate Christendom is behaving just as did the Pharisees when Jesus began His earthly ministry: they expected greater things and personage than what they saw with their own eyes. Why? Because they did not discern by way of the Holy Spirit but rather by comparing Christ to a worldly perspective. In their mind, how could Jesus be King of the Jews? He had no rich and powerful country under His rule: unless they were ignorant enough to believe He really did come from heaven and actually was the Son of God.

Christ had neither royal robes (only sackcloth and ashes) nor fancy chariots in which to travel rapidly and comfortably (only a donkey colt). For that matter, Jesus didn’t even LOOK kingly. He was black, as black as Solomon’s curtains and Kedar’s tents. Wow! Doesn’t that throw a monkey wrench into Klu Klux Klan belief! Anyway, not only was Jesus black, but His face was so marred and His short body so deformed that people would turn away from looking at Him. Indeed, He could be compared to the hunchback of Notre Dame!

As scripture cites, there was nothing comely or beautiful about Christ’s appearance that would have encouraged people to follow Him. My, my! Isn’t God’s wisdom absolutely perfect? It’s all about the inward person, after all. Also, Hebrew leaders completely disregarded their own Torah prophecies: and so do Christian leaders of today. (Solomon 1:5; Isaiah 52:14; 53:2-3; Psalm 119:141; 139:14-16; Luke 19:30,35; Matthew 21.2-5)

But worse! Jesus actually lived on the streets and slept out in open fields or in caves. A destitute street person AND trouble maker, for pity sake! The son of an impoverished carpenter who lived in a dry hot wilderness as opposed to the luxuries of city dwelling. Ah, but most convincing to Jewish leaders was finding Jesus NOT followed by numerous well-trained, armed legions of tireless warriors defeating all of Israel’s enemy nations. Gees, Louise! He was even buried in a borrowed tomb!

It all brings to mind: “What was is and what is will be and what will be was. There is absolutely nothing new under the sun.” The physical description of Jesus speaks volumes to a global population bent on worldly riches belonging only to the bold and beautiful followers of corporate Christendom. And, indeed, they are right: for it is all they will ever have because they will not inherit Ishi’s kingdom.

Nevertheless, by presenting these facts it is hoped one can determine that in denying natural cataclysmic events such as the world has never seen (which actually have been happening since 1991 as portended) while contrarily expecting the highly visible events above discussed (which if they do occur, mean absolutely nothing and neither will delay nor hasten redemption): then the simple signs of Christ’s imminent return are missed just as easily as Hebrews missed His Messianic visit. Such spiritual blindness results in utter destruction: for Jesus comes as a thief in the night. And that metaphor is exactly what El Shaddai’s Truths describe. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit offers Eloi’s interpretation:

1) The spiritual sealing/marking work concluded with Desert Storm, thus man’s tangible marks are meaningless as well as useful only as a consistent means to persecute Jesus’ small flocks. Thus, the only thing remaining is for Christ’s few straggling sheep to exit HER, which has been happening every day in each generation and from every creed in the world since the beginning of the Philadelphia age; and,

2) A Federal Blue Law is not required to fulfill these end days’ prophecy inasmuch as there is a little known Federal law giving the U.S. government, at its discretion and in the absence of a matching Federal law, full power to enforce any and all State laws. So, fighting for a Federal Blue Law is just another ruse intended to make it seem as if Christ’s return is far away. After all, that law has yet to be passed. Actually, it’s never made it to the table. Corporate Christendom uses this trick to perpetuate also greed: higher oil, food, clothing and shelter prices literally causing many to wind up on the streets. Is that not to prevent buying and selling? If a Federal law is unnecessary, then what about not being able to buy or sell if we bear the seal of the One True Living God? The implication is that those sealed of God will not be able to buy or sell AT ALL, which brings us to:

3) Not being able to buy or sell AT ALL belies scripture stating that Christ’s sheep at no time will be without life’s necessities nor will they go begging for food right up to redemption. Before Blue Laws and since the first such laws enacted during America’s Puritan age (but as early as 200AD Rome), no person whose behavior demonstrates God’s Seal has ever been able to buy or sell on the Father and Son’s Sabbath. However, because of Blue Laws, neither are they able to buy or sell on Satan’s black sabbath enforced by laws of the land. In short, Ishi’s sealed sheep obey God absolutely in all things.

Therefore, and by similar behavior, all goats bearing Satan’s mark always have and always will, at least for a short time to come, freely buy and sell seven days a week: while those with the Seal of God may only buy and sell five days a week. Why is that? Because the Lord said to obey His Sabbath AND the laws of the land. In reality these State requirements are labeled as unfair business tactics—then and now—yet not one government official or Christian lobbying group deigns to present a bill for change: thus, goats always have had an economic advantage, even more noticeable since 1844.

Pray it has been shown herein that it is the spiritual simplicity of God toward which all should look. In conclusion, Christ is even at the door and about to come through it. Since 1991, this writer has told everyone who would hear with understanding that this nation would be hit toward the latter end of 2001. How and by what manner? It was certain only that fire and a disease “in small dust” like that of Moses’ Egypt would be involved and directed at this nation’s wealth and military power. America was struck as Revelation prophesied—at the monuments erected to its god of mammon and military power—right in the midst of harvest time: September 2001.

The Spirit says to Christ’s churches: in abject obedience to God’s Statutes of Life, all ye sheep watch the clouds, for HARVEST TIME is nearer than the moral majority choose to believe. Why in the world would any true follower of Christ want to delay His arrival by attempting to change what cannot be changed, what is and always was predestined: the unchangeable? Only Satan “hope(d) to change times and laws,” (Daniel 7:25, fulfilled by 348AD and revealed in 1843AD).

This is WHY the writer is so very encouraged and even excited. Actually jumping up and down, shouting praises and singing Hallelujah! For it all proves just how quickly Jesus will walk through that proverbial door to take up His sheep to meet Him in the air! Freeing us all from mankind’s messy twist of God’s Word and His beautiful creation.


Harvest time…Remember…Harvest Time!


© 2002 Bonita M Quesinberry, “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” available by order from any local or online bookstore; most cost effective


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