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A Life With Meaning


A Life With Meaning

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.  

There are so many things for which I am forever thankful. I choose to start with my mother, though not at the top of my list. Despite emotional and physical abuse she regularly dished out upon me, Mother taught excellent things— what it means to be a lady; how to behave, talk and dress like one: she exemplified this teaching in public.

Mother taught organization, keeping a clean home, cooking and more. Despite abuse and demeaning criticism, which could have rendered me incapable of thriving, she contrarily and repeatedly said my brother and I could do anything we set our minds to, while demanding we excel in school. By the grace of God, I chose Mother’s verbal teachings.

I am eternally grateful for my biological father, who left me with memories of a very loving Dad. Without those memories, I might have hated men; considering sexual abuse by my stepfather and a violent date rape when sixteen. Instead, I adore men, finding them to be exceedingly fascinating pillars of strength: when they discover it within themselves.

Also, there are the many lifelong and new friends God has placed in my life, each one bringing such valuable lessons to my dinner table as well as being there for me in times of trouble: illnesses such as a recent brain aneurysm, the deaths of two children, divorce and, best of all, sharing my love for our Lord. The list endlessly details how each of them lifts me up, encourages, even directs me when necessary. We ALL need friends; for, if we allow them, they will enrich our lives, making it better: and, if we allow ourselves, we can enrich their lives.

More importantly, Mother had us in church by the time I was five. It was there I met Jesus and truly learned what love looks, acts, sounds and feels like. From the Lord I would learn what true inner strength is all about and how to achieve it: how to pass through adversities with grace and come out even stronger each time. I am most grateful, however, for Christ’s lessons in forgiveness: being forgiven of my own sins and finding the personal compassion to forgive others who have sinned against me in some way. It is this one act that truly sets us free of deadly baggage, sets us free to love unfeigned.

Naturally, at the top of my list of things for which I’m grateful are the heavenly Father, His Christ, and His Holy Spirit. Without these three, my life would have absolutely no meaning and my death would have even less. Without them, I could never have seen the good amidst my childhood; for I would have seen with my own eyes a vile illusion. And, I’d never have been able to forgive those who sinned against me; thus, I’d never have been forgiven of my sins. With these three powerful sources, my life not only has meaning but also purpose; therefore, the ultimate death of my body will have meaning.

God and His Christ are everything to me, for I am pitiful without them: God being the only true parent as well as Christ being the best husband one could ever have. And, the Holy Spirit is an incredibly thorough teacher of Father’s Word as well as His secrets and mysteries, without whom I’d be even more pitiful. I’ve been extraordinarily blessed!



26 August 2006 - Posted by | Christ, Christianity, Faith, God, Holy Spirit, Jehovah, Jesus, Salvation, Spiritual, Testimonies

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  1. You have been blessed with a strong spirit, precious soul, surviving situations against all odds often. I believe this is because the Light touched you at an early age (perhaps even before you were born). And in all you do and express I see you make good use of your mental powers, helping and inspiring others always. You are a blessing to this world that is so in need of souls who have unconditionally surrendered to the Light and voluntarily become involved in all the good things that come out of that.


    Comment by Chris | 27 August 2006 | Reply

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