God's Truth Not Smooth Words

I Wrote the Words

I Wrote the Words

©copyright 2004 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C. 030704

Lighted Bible

I wrote the words no one wants to read.

Buried deep in man’s blasphemous creeds,

spewed from pulpits they all eat up lies

and call it truth; though their hate doth cry.

They think I do not hear those smooth words;

but, I hear well— my truth they have blurred,

teaching lies leading to destruction.

Would just one follow My instruction?


I wrote the words no one wants to read.

They all do abominable deeds,

calling good evil and evil good;

doing nothing as I said they should.

They say there is no life manual,

Yet, I sent to them Immanual,

A perfect man on whom they trample.

Will just one follow His example?


I wrote the words no one wants to believe;

yet, man’s word they readily receive

without comparing it against Mine,

thinking they have more than enough time.

Alas, all of man’s years have run out;

for My Christ soon will mightily shout

with trumpets sounding clearly and loud.

Will just one join My Son in the cloud?


I wrote the words no one wants to read;

so, I taught those untutored my creed:

my sheep not of man’s seminaries.

Now, they speak as My luminaries:

only My testimony preaching,

only of My Commandments teaching.

Yea, they are hearing Our trumpets loud,

and soon will join My Son in the cloud!


I wrote the words no one wants to read;

but, will you listen to My true creed

spoken by My children of pure light?

Will you agree with them upon sight?

Will you obey all their instruction,

keeping your selves from My destruction? 

For, if you obey, you do love Me

and, soon, heaven’s kingdom you will see.


I wrote the words I want you to read,

to learn and obey only my creed. 

For, you see, I can take no pleasure

in destroying your lack and leisure;

but, know this, I will do what I said:

by My righteousness deem you twice dead.

You will weep and wail and gnash your teeth

in a pit of fire beneath my feet.


I wrote all the words you should have read

to keep you twice alive, yet not dead.

Nineteen ninety-one ended your trials,

my judgment rendered to close the files:

each one marked innocent or guilty; 

for yet some failed and still are filthy.

Sentencing then rendered by My Son

when He comes in the cloud, It Is Done!


Righteous ones join Him in joyous tears;

the guilty left dead with their worst fears.

Then earth shall lie barren and fallow;

because my rules man did not follow,

every seven years a sabbath rest:

that she may always produce the best.

Thus, one thousand years sabbath for her:

this is just one fact wicked man blurred.


Read my warnings in Revelation,

those my flock received with elation.

All the prophecies have been fulfilled,

on earth, just as in heaven I willed.

Six plagues long since cast about the earth,

the seventh, in My Son’s wake, a curse,

as He crosses your skies east to west

to escort His now heavenly blessed.


Read my warnings of Old Testament—

read it, all ye who contested it;

for there it shows who is left behind:

those wicked and filthy and unkind,

lying dead, for the eagles a feast;

not mourned are these children of the beast.

Lucifer alone will bear your stink,

a thousand years of it he will drink.


I wrote all the words you should have read

to keep you twice alive, never dead.

Your bodies lie there one thousand years,

but your souls grind teeth in bitter tears:

for ye shall not have a quiet rest.

Nay, for you it is not still a test:

your resurrection to utter death,

your names never again on my breath.


Thirteen years Armageddon has been,

warning cold and lukewarm of their sin

and sounding Christ even at earth’s door.

Still, you refuse to fall to the floor,

begging my mercy upon your knees

and humbly confessing as you plead.

Instead, you swear love is all I AM.

I also hate! You filthy be damned.


I wrote the Laws you should have obeyed,

yet you chose man’s, thus Me you betrayed.

You love smooth words and to those adhere,

while saying it is mine you did hear.

Listen! There are not seven more years,

no secret rapture to stop your tears!

Nor still a thousand years to repent.

Judgment is done, I shall not relent.


Armageddon is not what you think,

but bitter waters you chose to drink.

Outside old Jerusalem’s Dung Gate,

I will quickly execute your fate

there in the Valley of Decision.

For garbage, I make no revision.

All this is in My testimony,

written true without acrimony.


I wrote the words no one wants to read.

Buried deep in man’s myriad creeds,

Spewed from pulpits they all eat up lies

and call it truth; though their hate doth cry.

They think I do not hear those smooth words;

but, I hear well— my truth they have blurred,

preaching lies leading to destruction.

Ten per cent follow My instruction.

+   +   +

Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law ~ ISBN 0-7414-1374-4

Available by order from any local or online bookstore. An untutored wholly Biblical discernment of Revelation, chronologically paraphrased as we speak today: plus Scripture Reference and Resource Bibliographies, Prophetic Chart: “Buy the truth and sell it not” –Proverbs 23:23


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  1. Thank you, Steve, for adding to the Spirit’s Words in this poem. The day it was written, I awoke with those words consistently running through my mind until, finally, I realized the Lord wanted them written and put out there for the world to read and, hopefully, heed.

    I can’t even imagine being without God’s Holy Words, for they guide me in every aspect of life and spirit.

    Much love in Christ,

    Comment by bonnieq | 7 September 2006 | Reply

  2. Amazing! Powerful words and creative rhymes! Scary yet beautiful. Cryptic yet revealing.

    No one wants to read His words because they’d rather throw themselves in the drowning pool of this world’s distractions. They claim His words are not His, and were written by corrupt men. Yet, they pick up the morning paper and build their day around what it has to say. Oh how they greet the worthless news of man with such confidence, but then are quick to challenge the Good News that comes from God. They’ve sold themselves to self-sufficiency, self-indulgence, and self-centered living. The self is their center, but Kingdom come, none of them will enter.


    Comment by Steve | 7 September 2006 | Reply

  3. This is intense and really well-done. He did write the Words of life and truth and all we have to do is read and believe and obey. I cannot understand why people choose death over life and lies over truth. The powerful deceive the weak to remain in power. Even the children are told out right blasphemous lies. If only the “power filled” would repent and return to the Lord.

    Truly the time of the enemy is almost over. Praise the Lord. This is a perfect poem to read and reflect on today.

    Love and hugs,

    Comment by Joanne | 3 September 2006 | Reply

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