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FEAR: A Veil of Illusion

Fear: A Veil of Illusion


©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

Fear. What is it? From where does it come? Every human has felt it; sometimes finding it unreasonable in certain circumstances while completely understandable in others. Still, no one wants to experience a sense of dread; it never feels good and leaves a person ill.

FEAR: of losing a lucrative career; losing everything possessed, as demonstrated in the Indian Ocean tsunami and this nation’s Gulf Coast States ravaged by hurricane Katrina, as well as other areas around the world; fear of living on the streets; fear of thieves; fear of losing a child or other loved ones; fear of unfaithful spouses; fear of diseases; fear of natural disasters and war; fear of drunk drivers; fear of rapists, pedophiles, murderers; fear of creepy creatures such as spiders; fear of snakes; fear of. . .

This list truly is endless and includes every clinically known compulsive disorder as well as emotional disturbances. And, what about the fear of someone speaking ill of us? In reality, they are saying exactly what he or she thinks of self. A person who “loves self” would never think to speak ill of others. This one behaviour in itself proves that by whatever term humanity justifies individual fear, finite fear itself is a veil of illusion: not at all God’s infinite reality. How so?

The original questions hereinabove can be answered from two harmonious points of view: clinical and Biblical. Both sources reveal fear is rooted in a subconscious dread of dying; although, many might say the Bible teaches to fear God. In this context, the word is intended to mean respect and trust that God knows best and has everything under His perfect control: despite how it might appear to finite humans. If one delves deeply into any single fear mentioned above, the bottomline is that any single event might cause death. For instance, if a good job is lost and another not found, one could wind up on the street and, as a result, die from hunger or by another street person’s hand.

This counselor/author buried two children by the time she was 27. Additionally, it was determined she had been experiencing the effects of MS and Lupus since about age 8. At 23, she was diagnosed with degenerative vascular disease, thus at high risk for major stroke or brain aneurysm or cerebral hemorrhage. Albeit, at 23 we all seem to think we are invincible and she was no different. In the interim and like Job of the Bible, she enjoyed prestigious careers and had everything: homes, fancy cars, clothes and jewels.

Today, she has nothing and lives at 60-65 per cent below poverty level. However, she has never been naked, hungry or homeless. She remains satisfied with the basics of life filled with a sense of peace and freedom such as mankind cannot understand. Satan hates this; so in late June 2005, at age 61 and at Lucifer’s hands, she endured a severe, deadly brain aneurysm and underwent surgery about 8 days later— see story in August issue of MS Musings, Blessings In Disguise. Almost 3 months hence, she is recovering well: having defied all statistics, proven Satan the liar he is, and never experienced fear or panic, despite the most horrendous pain ever felt in an entire life of physical pain.

Why no fear, even when clearly facing death? If we understand both who as well as what we truly are and love God, fear becomes nonexistent. Understand: worry and fear are one in the same. On this note, God’s Word tells us three very important facts: 1) we are genderless spirit beings placed randomly in male or female flesh bodies for a specified period of time, for how long only God knows, until or if we find our way back to God; 2) as spirit beings having left a body, we merely sleep until Christ returns for us; which we are advised will seem as though we slept only over night; and, 3) God does not give us a spirit of fear; rather, He gives us a spirit of indescribable peace.

The latter of these facts reveals fear as a weapon belonging to our mortal enemy: Satan. While he does not have power over life or death, Lucifer certainly will bring God’s children as close to death as possible while urging us to believe we will die and it is God bringing such adversity down upon us; however, the Bible story of Job clearly reveals God as the only giver of life and death, or rest as it were regarding our spirit being. Jesus repeatedly referred to those who had died as merely sleeping: those of a flesh death. God’s Word also states that He does not bring adversity upon us; but, if we will give it to Him, He will turn those things into blessings. Guaranteed!

Satan’s goal, of course, is to torment us until we either deny or curse God. If we do either, Beelzebub’s goal is achieved in that we will suffer a second death; which is death of who we really are, the spirit being within the flesh body: because, in effect, we have committed blasphemy. The Destroyer assured God that Job would do one or the other; Job being a man God repeatedly called righteous above all men. Job confirmed God right and Satan wrong.

There is only one proven way to eliminate fear from our lives: “Love God with all your heart and soul and might and mind; and, love your neighbor as you love yourself. Upon these two depend all the Law.” The Bible further clarifies: “We know we love God, because we obey His [Ten] Commandments. . . as given in the beginning.”

It is unequivocally testified here that God’s Word is true and it does eliminate all fear when we obey Him and have faith like that of Jesus. We make the choice to live in fear or to live without fear: which is to say, we choose our master— Lucifer or God. Revelation clearly states that the “fearful” will not enter the gates of heaven; rather, they are counted among the wicked. Therefore, fear, at the deeper level of our spiritual being, definitely is a fear of the second death; which is utter destruction to nevermore exist. Our spirit being knows, without doubt, whether we are or are not in compliance with God. If we experience fear, we are not obedient to God and His Christ.

It is an awesome feeling to experience a total lack of fear of dying by any manner, whether by disease or drunk driver or murderer or horrendous natural elements or even just by God’s Almighty Hand. When He slays the flesh body of His children, it is to give us rest and to spare us from the horrors of these end days. It is a different matter altogether for those who die without Christ: their spirit being weeps and wails and grinds their teeth, knowing a second death is the only thing yet to come.

Living without a drop of fear definitely is one of God’s blessings in this temporary here and now. It simply doesn’t matter what happens to this flesh body. What matters is the spirit being who gives the flesh it’s temporary life; for that is who we truly are. Praise the Lord, we are not these pitiful, corruptible bodies!

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