God's Truth Not Smooth Words

Identify Deceivers Before Getting Hurt

Identify Deceivers Before Getting Hurt

©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.



Deceit — 1. act of representing as true what is known to be false; lying. 2. lie; dishonest action. 3. being deceitful. Syn. deceive implies deliberate misrepresentation of facts by words, actions, etc., to further one’s ends; mislead is to cause to follow the wrong course or to err in conduct or action; beguile implies use of wiles and enticing prospects in deceiving or misleading; delude is to fool someone so completely that false is accepted as true; betray implies a breaking of faith yet appear to be loyal. ~~Webster’s New World Dictionary, Collegiate Edition, ©1962


The presentation herein is based on only God’s principals of psychiatry, as opposed to man’s, and His opinion regarding deceitful behaviour in the midst of Christ’s church. The purpose is to aid His sheep in identifying false brethren, of which there are many. All scripture references are taken from the Bible’s Authorized King James Version.


The contents herein might be offensive to some, but it will enlighten Christ’s sheep. This article is not meant to single out any particular individual, rather it defines the deceitful actions of all false brethren. If the reader identifies with a few of the traits of false brethren, do not assume this is to cite you as a false brethren. The key to discerning the false from the uninformed is whether or not God’s Two Keys are evident in your life: the faith of and in Jesus Christ and obey all of God’s Law, as cited three times in the book of Revelation.


If uninformed, it means the reader has more to learn and a few weaknesses to overcome. The uninformed might be confused but do not speak confusion nor do they act deceitfully with malice or disguise themselves as something or someone they are not; instead they ask questions of a person they trust as a Truth speaker and strive to change whatever they must change in order to line up with God’s Holy Word. This is in keeping with James 5:16.


The first definition reveals a deceitful person as knowing they are acting in a dishonest manner; Romans 10:16,18 supports this. It states God’s Word as having been heard to earth’s every corner. It is a matter of making a choice either to believe His Word and obey it or to hate and disobey, preferring instead the world’s smooth words. As Jesus told us, it is not the sheep that false brethren hate, though it would appear they do; rather, it is Christ in the sheep whom they hate: for Christ requires they sacrifice their fleshy desires and obey His Father.


According to Webster’s, hate implies a great dislike or aversion to and, with a person as the object of hate, it connotes an intent of malice. Seemingly contradictory is that many who hate Christ do take on the persona of Christianity, thus at first glance they seem quite charming and filled with love yet beguile the sheep with lies. They speak long about how much they love the Lord and love is all it takes, yet they do not exhibit corroborating actions: thus, love is neither proven to themselves nor to the Holy Spirit.


This masquerade is not limited to just the brethren but extends also to pastors and preachers and teachers and prophets of man’s ordination. They all will go to great lengths to endear themselves to sheep who are closest to Truth speakers of God’s anointing, the hidden intent to destroy teachers of God’s logic as well as to destroy Christ’s flocks.


With that in mind, we are led to Paul’s revelation in Jude v.4,10-13,16 about men who sneaked into those early churches in order to discover what the Apostles were teaching; then, I John 2:19 reveals they left to begin their own form of Christian churches, which II Timothy 3: 5 describes as “having a form of godliness but lacking the power of God.” We are instructed to stay away from these in v.6-7; because, despite the fact they appear to be constantly learning about God and Christ, their secret behaviours prevent them from ever coming to God’s knowledge of Truth, thus they never receive the mind of Christ: which only can motivate perfection. 


Deceivers promote confusion, either quite boldly or covertly and in disguise. Christ’s sheep have His mind, as stated in I Corinthians 2:16. Christ had the mind of God and God’s mind is very orderly, logical, loving, full of justice and peace; while the mind of a deceiver is disorderly, chaotic, unjust, judgmental and combative, thus confusion reigns. Who is the author of confusion? We all know it is Satan.


A person who boldly verbalizes hatred of God or Christ or both and a person who states boldly they do not believe in God thus Jesus are to be more trusted than one who hides hatred in sheep’s clothing. The former people are redeemable, but the latter is not; mainly because masked deceit is not easily seen and, when discerned, the deceiver will deny responsibility for vile behaviour while placing blame on another person.


A deceiver’s anger will be palpable, but this anger is all about having been discovered; which they believe was surely because a friend betrayed them. Most deceivers don’t realize they always reveal themselves, usually accidentally yet unaware they’ve done it. Deceivers remain unredeemable because they have no sense of guilt or take responsibility for their own wayward actions they justify by Jesus’ name: blasphemy, pure and simple.


Previously discussed was how to discern false preachers and prophets; but, how does one recognize false brethren? Of course, an initial clue given in James 4:11 reveals they appear to accept Christ but reject His Father’s Will; which is God’s Law, the Twelve Precepts. A deceiver will speak ill of and/or outright lie about those who do obey God’s Statutes of Life. Deceivers claim God’s Law no longer applies; one has only to believe Jesus is the Son of God. As we all know, even demons profess Jesus; thus and obviously, belief is not sufficient by itself, for demons will be utterly destroyed.


On a physical and psychological level there are glaring signs that reveal a deceiver’s mind. For instance, he or she might live in a very disorderly and filthy house with a yard that looks like a wild jungle and drive a filthy car:  any one or more of these indicate a very disordered, chaotic mind. If they have children, the kids might be unruly and undisciplined and their pets will be the same, or they may seem inordinately subdued and fearful: pets and kids might appear somewhat or even out right neglected. A deceiver may or may not have little regard for his or her own personal hygiene. They might also be poor employees, often unreliable. The overall personality is one of saying and doing what they believe will be acceptable to others and outright lying to achieve their own goals.


If listened to carefully, most deceivers have very negative attitudes, as opposed to being perpetual optimists in Christ. They take far more than they give. They often accuse others of disloyalty or lying about them or just talking about them, yet have no facts to back up such accusations: a bit of vivid imagination, evident paranoia and an expression of their own guilt. They might have money problems but blame it on creditors; such as lending institutions or landlords or friends. Most of their friends are short-term, in that deceivers trust no one and not many people can tolerate their negativism for any length of time; and, false brethren always blame friends or spouses for relationship breakups.


False brethren may claim one or more mental disorders, such as schizophrenia or bi-polar; which are not in keeping with true sheep bearing the purely logical, orderly mind of Christ. They may take an inordinate number of pharmaceuticals, both over the counter and prescription and might even drink heavily, while totally denying God’s natural herbal methods for healing the body’s dis-ease; as noted in Genesis. FYI: bi-polar is a misdiagnosis for someone suffering with hypo- and/or hyperglycemia, a health issue easily remedied by diet. But, the moment drugs are introduced to treat what so many doctors today are calling bi-polar, Satan has been given control of the patient.


If deceivers are writers or entertainers of whatsoever ilk, much of their work will be dark— which in itself would not be a problem, if they also offered light at the end of the tunnel to close each work; a godly solution as it were: after all, each human has been in a dark place before coming to God’s Light. Usually, a deceiver’s work reveals unresolved rage, as opposed to having truly forgiven, and most will not avoid the use of foul language. As scripture instructs us, we are not to take on even the appearance of evil.


Every false brethren begins charming and beguiling yet possesses one or more or even all the above traits. They also are very manipulative. Christ’s sheep are instructed to discern the spirits; that is, the spirits driving each human being. This is very logical in that God works through humans and so does Satan. The sheep live in a world dominated by evil spirits, thus it is vital they be able to identify not only false teachers and prophets but also false brethren: whether it be face-to-face or the Internet or on television or reading a book.


The latter three encounters are difficult to discern; so, keep in mind: whatever you hear or read is true ONLY if it wholly lines up with ALL of God’s Word. It’s not the presenter’s job to verify his presentation: God says it’s up to the hearers, or readers as it were, to verify data through God’s Bible via the Holy Spirit. To go to another human for verification is inappropriate and unacceptable to God; unless you question the presenter’s spirit, thus take the information to someone you know is one of God’s Truth speakers. Even then, you still should take the anointed’s words to the Lord for final validation.


Deceivers are not in the sheep’s presence to be saved; rather, they are in our midst with malicious intent: ultimately meant to take us down into the pit of fire and brimstone awaiting them and their master. As Paul cautioned, we are to stay away from those who would do or say anything by deceit and those who continue to live in sin; albeit, we are instructed to fervently pray for such people, “for they know not what they do.”


Further, we should never do anything that even remotely resembles evil. So, all you sheep who are writers, take great care in what you write: if what is today perceived as a foul word and it doesn’t appear in the Holy Bible, do not use it; and, if such a word is in the Holy Bible, use it wisely— use it as God used it, with the same intent and meaning.


Watch for Identifying False Teachers and Prophets to be posted soon.




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