God's Truth Not Smooth Words

What is Blasphemy?

excerpt from AKJV Topical Bible, Truth Gathering, chapter 18: What is Blasphemy? pages 319-327 ©copyright 1998; summary is about 6 pages: feel free to print it for ease in study. This is for enlightenment purposes only and not intended to convince anyone of any part of God’s Word: that is His task alone.

Webster’s New World Dictionary: Blasphemy1. Irreverent or profane or mocking speech, writing, or action concerning God or anything regarded as sacred. 2. Contempt for God. Any remark deliberately mocking or contemptuous of God or thing regarded as sacred. Syn. Profane or profanity, swearing or cursing—further extends the concept to irreverent remarks, both referring to the utterance of profane oaths or condemnations.

World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary: Blasphemyspeaking or writing about God or sacred things with *abuse* or contempt.

Theology: Blasphemyoffenses against the Ten Commandments, such as evil thoughts (lust), or actions such as murder, thefts, lying and so forth. Attributing the work and teachings of the Holy Spirit to Satan [or altering the teachings of the Holy Spirit and claiming God allows of it].

Because space is limited in this setting, scripture references are interspersed throughout this excerpt with notes following each verse(s) references, which will necessitate reading the scriptures then the notes. Should the reader discover he or she has committed blasphemy of the Holy Spirit but did not understand its weightier matters until now, know that God does not hold us accountable for that which we do not know. Be warned: by the time you finish reading the following, you will know and be held accountable henceforth. Make wise, godly choices, that you may have eternal life.

 Exodus 32:13-15; Leviticus 24:15-16,22; Numbers 15:32,35,39-40; Deuteronomy 5:11; I Kings 21:10; Psalm 74:3-4,7-8,10,18,23; Proverbs 1:27-32; 4:4,21-23; 6:16-19; 6:20-24; 7:1-5,24-26 

NOTES about above scriptures: It already has been shown that a harlot or whore or fallen woman represents the Synagogue of Satan. The above verses clearly show us the direction such a church will lead us. Christendom at large has done just that by teaching us lies, which is the same as to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. In turn, this is to deny both God and Jesus as well. The above passage, therefore, is twofold in that it refers to human women as well. After all, a sinful woman has the ability to bring a man down from righteousness.

The Book of Proverbs is quite thorough in teaching what it is that God abhors and what it is He expects of His Children. Throughout its pages we learn of Jesus and what He would show us when He was here in the flesh. Chapter 8 especially points out Jesus. ~~ end of notes

 Ecclesiastes 1: 9-10; 3:15  

NOTES:  Corporate Christendom delights in teaching that Christ not only did away with the Ten Commandments but gave us two new ones as well. The previous verses of Ecclesiastes should prove to the most skeptical reader that \nothing\ has changed since the beginning.

As for purporting that Jesus issued two new laws, Love God…and love your neighbor, previous chapters herein validate the fact that those same two laws were first said several times in the Old Testament. Regarding the Ten Commandments, Christ himself stated that the Law in no way would be deleted. In fact, the Ten Statutes are repeated over and over in the New Testament as enforcement and obedience to them is expected of anyone professing God and Jesus.

Therefore, Corporate Christendom has committed blasphemy against the Holy Ghost and so has anyone who speaks and/or teaches those same lies. Thus, we continue with identifying the forms of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. ~~end of notes

Isaiah, Chapters 36 & 37summarized: Assyrian King *claims God said what God did not say*.

Isaiah 5:20-23—Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them  that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and*men of strength to mingle strong drink: which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!

Ezekiel 36: 17,20— Son of man, when the house of Israel dwelt in their own land, they defiled it by their own way and by their doings: their way was before me as the uncleanness of a removed [impure] woman. And when they entered unto the heathen, whither they went, they profaned my holy name, when they said to them, These are the people of the Lord, and are gone forth out of his land.

NOTES— Ezekiel sheds light on yet another form of blasphemy, that is to say that we belong to God when in fact we do not by virtue of our disobedience. Or, to say that someone else belongs to God when his or her behavior says otherwise.

The Holy Spirit writes God’s Laws upon the hearts of the His people. To transgress against even one of those Laws is akin to blasphemy of the Holy Spirit by implication, thus further by implication denying the power of God and in turn denying Jesus. We truly need to understand that blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is not merely to reject his very existence, but includes as well the refusal to accept and obey God’s truths that the Holy Spirit imparts to us. He cannot teach anything but God’s truth.

Denial of anything that is God’s is to blaspheme the Holy Ghost, for it is he who teaches us only God’s Word and heals only through God’s power. While Jesus was in the flesh it was blasphemy to deny that He is the Saviour and Son of God, because to do so was to deny God. As regards healing of the flesh, that certainly can occur in the synagogue of Satan inasmuch as Lucifer is the one who puts illness, disease and injuries upon the body. Certainly he can just as well remove those afflictions. After all, Jesus did say that the Devil’s house is divided.

However, when Jesus ascended to heaven, He left with us the Holy Spirit (Comforter). Since then, it is blasphemy to deny the Holy Spirit’s existence and/or any or all of the Spirit’s teachings, which denial is akin to also denying God and the Son.

Ezekiel 36:27 below is very enlightening in that it exactly states what Christ taught during His ministry. NOTHING HAS CHANGED! (Ecclesiastes 1: 9-10; 3: 15) Then Matthew picks up with more about what is blasphemy. ~~end of notes

 Ezekiel 36:27; Matthew 12:22-28,31-32 

NOTES— To declare the work of the Holy Spirit as the work of Satan is considered the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. We are told that the Holy Ghost through Jesus healed an afflicted man. The Pharisees unforgivable blasphemy is not limited to the healing work of the Holy Spirit but to everything the Holy Spirit teaches us of God’s truths. As we learned in Ezekiel, it is the Holy Spirit who writes God’s Laws upon our hearts. To disobey any one or more of them is blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.

By the same token, it must be understood that if someone claims to have healed another through the power of the Holy Ghost yet they are disobedient to God in any way, then they have committed unforgivable blasphemy against the Holy Ghost by claiming the Holy Spirit did that which he did not do. The same applies to professing Jesus Christ yet being disobedient to God’s Laws.

The Holy Spirit would not and cannot cause disobedience, nor can he teach a lie. If anything were to have been changed when Jesus was here, other than the deletion of the sacrificial ordinances, then Jesus would have told us. Therefore, the Holy Spirit can do and teach only that which was from the beginning. To disobey comes through the work of Satan, which is set out in the next verses. ~~end of notes

 Matthew 15:18-19; Mark 3:22-26,28-30 

NOTES— Jesus is not saying Satan cannot cast out his own demons, for surely he does throughout his synagogue appearing Christian and does so in the name of Jesus. We are being told this because Satan does do these things: his house is divided and will fall. It does have an end. Satan’s end is to perish in a pit of fire and brimstone. Since he does have an end pending, then he surely is guilty also of blasphemy. ~~end of notes

 Mark 7:21-23; Luke 12: 9-12; 22:63-65; John 10:31-33 

NOTES— While the Jews above are accusing Christ of calling himself God, we are to understand that this is exactly what the synagogue of Satan represents. In other words, as the Bible says, Lucifer aspires to \be God\ and sets himself up to \be God\ and to be worshiped as God.

However, mankind also does the same in many ways, especially when the glory for all benevolent events is given to men and women instead of God the Father. We should never honor and glorify any human being and certainly not self. Even our very livelihood is the work of the Lord, therefore the glory His, not ours as an employee.

As Apostle Paul wrote, when we have done all that we are supposed to do as a human, then say it was only our duty to God. No praise accepted or given except to God. ~~end of notes

 John 14:16-17,26 

NOTES— Now we have it! The Holy Ghost cannot teach anything that was not first taught by Christ and Christ taught only what the Father first taught. Nothing changes! Not in the beginning or in the middle or even near the end of this earth. ~~end of notes

 John 15:26; 16:8,13-15; Acts 2:4,7-8,13-14,16-18,32-33,38; 4:29-32; 5:32 

NOTES— Can Acts 5:32 be any more concise? Only those people who obey God, which means obey ALL TEN of God’s commandments and Judgments, receive the Holy Ghost. This is to say that until a person comes into total obedience, they are not of the sheep. This is not to say that the person can never enter the fold. It simply means that if a person accepts Christ and is baptized, they are not yet part of the fold until totally obedient thus baptized in the Holy Ghost: no longer just called but chosen.

Accordingly, logic rules that as long as a person violates even one of the ten precepts, they are denied the Holy Ghost who brings with him the knowledge and wisdoms of God, the internal peace of which Jesus spoke, and teaches only those things as well as bestowing gifts of the Spirit to each of the Lord’s sheep according to God’s discretion.

Applying this interpretation to corporate Christendom then renders them the synagogues of Satan, inasmuch as they not only violate the fourth commandment but as well teaches people within its myriad denominational walls to do the same. Since the fourth precept is the seal of the living God, the Holy Ghost hardly will be present where the seal is not even acknowledged or especially where a counterfeit seal is observed. After all, the Holy Ghost administers, applies-affixes, the seal to those who obey God. He would not apply it to any organization or people obeying a manmade precept.

Hence, corporate Christendom (and any person in agreement with her) is guilty of blaspheming the Holy Ghost when they declare that the day does not matter, Sunday is in honor of Christ’s resurrection, and the church had the divine right to change the holy Sabbath, or the Apostles validated Sunday in the Book of Acts. The latter two avowals are especially their undoing and bring the mark of the beast upon all those in agreement. ~~end of notes

 Acts 6:10-11,13; 7:51-59; 26:9-11; Colossians 3:8 

NOTESSaul called Paul’s blasphemy, disciple to the Gentiles, was not against the Holy Ghost but rather those things against Christ. Thus, mercy and atonement was made available to Paul: if he chose to follow Christ when called into His ministry. Paul’s form of blasphemy, also, was done in ignorance and he atoned completely to receive baptism of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, ignorance is a reason up to the moment a person’s ears hear the truth. If El’s truth is rejected, either by belief or behavior or both, then ignorance no longer applies to that person and he or she is marked with condemnation. ~~end of notes

 II Timothy 3:2-5; Titus 1:16; James 2:4-10,14,24,26; Revelation 13:6 CLOSING NOTES

Scriptures herein clearly indicate baptism of the Holy Ghost comes only to those who are obedient. This reveals that baptism by water does not necessarily mean the one baptized is called by God, but rather may mean they simply are members of Satan’s synagogues thinking they belong to God. They are in ignorance until they read or hear God’s truths, then they must make a choice to either stay where they are or to extricate themselves from Satan’s bondage to become wholly obedient to God.

The role of El’s Holy Spirit (Ghost, Comforter) is: teacher of and guide through God’s truths, bearer of gifts from God, comforter in troublous times, and a truthful witness on behalf of the Father and Son. To change God’s Word in any way cannot come through the Holy Sprit. It comes only through the deceiver, Satan, by way of his synagogue so clearly described in the Bible. Ergo, to change times and laws is the work of Satan and to live by those changes is unforgivable blasphemyunless ignorant: such as Paul’s actions had been; albeit his blasphemy was of Jesus only. Never had he blasphemed the Holy Ghost during his persecution of Christians. Still, instantly upon learning God’s truths, Paul obeyed without question. This we all must do or, in the end, perish.

While there are many scriptures concerning blasphemy, the simple explanation is to avoid unforgivable blasphemy by being wholly obedient to God from the heart, have the faith of Jesus, love love love every thing that breathes, and excel in good works!

God’s Laws never change. To teach and/or believe that any one of the TEN were changed or deleted by virtue of Christ’s crucifixion is to be guilty of unforgivable blasphemy, for it implies that the Holy Ghost teaches lies. Or, to teach or believe that no specific day is more important than another as long as one day out of each seven is set aside to worship God— unforgivable blasphemy. It implies that the Holy Spirit teaches lies and has the power to change things not taught by God and exemplified by Christ.

The latter is precisely what Papal Rome did and swore to have done it through the divine power of God— having the appearance of godliness, but denying the power thereof. And, by virtue of obedience to Papal Rome, her harlot Protestant daughters have perpetuated as well as added to her lies and are just as guilty. As the mother, so the daughter. For instance, contrary to God, divorce and remarriage are acceptable under any circumstances even by women, sometimes even encouraged! Referring to the definitions of blasphemy, the World Book Encyclopedia stated speaking or writing with abuse. It is abuse of God’s Word to change one dot or one tittle (the dot of one I or the cross of one T), whether it be verbal or written. The Old and New Testaments declare it so!

One might ask, “Which is the true Christian denomination?” In these last days, all God’s children will come out of myriad denominations to join together as one without benefit of any worldly corporate organization! And they all will be of one mind, one heart, one spirit and one obedient manner as well as sharing equally in all things. Seek them out meeting anywhere and everywhere, except in corporate Christendom’s buildings. The validity of this is in the scriptures. To deny it is to deny the Holy Ghost.

Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is, by Christ’s own words, a chain reaction leading to denying the power of God and God’s existence, thus in turn to deny the existence of His Son Jesus Christ. Consider this fact— Jesus stated unequivocally to the people of His generation that to deny Him was to deny the Father who sent Him. Once Jesus ascended to heaven and sent the Comforter to His sheep, He declared those prior acts of blasphemy forgivable. However, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit then became the unforgivable sin to all generations hence His ministry.

In keeping with the soundness of God’s Word and by Christ’s definition, unforgivable blasphemy has a domino effect: first, denying the Holy Ghost results in denying Jesus who sent the Comforter and that results in denial of the Father Creator of all that there is or ever will be. Without one, there cannot be the other two. Without the two, there cannot be the ONE TRUE GOD. Without the Son, there is no Father. Without the Father, there is no Son. For the Son is one with the Father and the Father is one with the Son; meaning they are in complete agreement.

Ask yourself, What am I doing and/or saying that might condemn me of blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, which results in permanent death? It is the only unforgivable sin and to attain everlasting life we must NOT do such abomination willingly. Have you heard the whole truth for the first time? If so, ask the Lord’s forgiveness and instantly become obedient to life everlasting. Do you know the whole truth, yet deny part in exchange for a lie or counterfeit doctrine, perhaps because it’s more convenient or better fits into what you want as opposed to what God wants?

Only the individual and God know the answer, but in the end we all will know who did and did not live the One True God’s Truth, for not all will be lifted up to Jesus in the clouds on that awesome harvest day of His return. And, He says of those left behind, They will “know perfectly why they are left behind as they fall dead from the brightness of His coming.”

 Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is to

1.  Deny that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and/or to state that He changed and/or gave new laws in place of the Father’s

2.  Deny that God’s Law of Twelve Precepts is His Doctrine and it is His Will we obey

3.  Deny that we must obey all Twelve of God’s Law as His Doctrine, and to state that one or more of those Laws were eliminated by Christ, and/or imply that we cannot be perfect; contrary to what Jesus commanded

4.  Deny that denominational teachings not of God’s Doctrine makes them synagogues of Satan and that to call them God’s children only compounds the lies

5.  State, teach or imply that God’s Holy Bible is filled with errors to justify disobedience and/or adhering to false teachings

6.  State, teach or imply that observing any day of the week as God’s Sabbath is acceptable to God, contrary to His directive set out in Hebrews chapter 4

7.  Deny that God’s Seal is the fourth Precept of His Doctrine

 +   +   +   +   +   +   +

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  1. Dear madam,

    I have a small problem that i would like you to please help me with. You see, for a long time, I had this problem of worrying over wether i had commited the unpardonable sin. By now, i know that if I am worried that i have commited it, i have not. Also that you have to use your MOUTH to commit the unpardonable sin.Unfortunately, blasphemous thoughts about the Holy spirit keep coming into my mind, (but I just ignore them usually.) yesterday, however, I think I CONCIOUSLY said something blasphemous to the Holy spirit in my MIND. And then I was worried, but I decided to do a ‘test’ to see if i had really commited the sin-I said, with my mouth, ‘Holy Spirit, you are-” as if I was going to blaspheme, and i didnt complete the sentence, but i did that to see if i would feel fear as I spoke that sentence. I hope you understand what i mean, sister. Would either of those things mean that i have commited the sin? I was robbed of all my peace, and I definitely want jesus to not leave me, but Im not sure wether i have commited the sin, or commited a ‘form’ of the unpardonable sin now. please help, sister.

    Thank you,


    Comment by JE Lanka | 29 June 2010 | Reply

    • Dearest Jeshan, I urge you to read again this treatise on Blasphemy and I urge you to refrain from “testing God” in the manner you describe. That in itself is a sin, for God said “I cannot be tempted.” Any time you do such a “test” you are, essentially, questioning the validity of God’s Word thus the Holy Spirit’s words. The only time God has said to test Him is to act in total faith that He will do as He has promised: this is to move forward with certainty that God has everything under control and all things will be in your best interest. Believe and obey as would a child, without question but with much love for our Father and His Christ. To say we believe but not act in faith is to “flatter Him with your lips, but the heart is far from Him.” Time is exceedingly short, for Jesus is to “return quickly” and we must be fully prepared and fully armored.

      Much love & prayers in Christ,

      Comment by bonnieq | 29 June 2010 | Reply

  2. I read your notes on blasphemy with great interest — in large part because you ascribe a much looser definition of the acts which qualify as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and thus are never forgiven.

    This is particularly clear when you say that the Holy Spirit writes the lord’s commands upon our hearts; therefore by breaking one of the commandments we blaspheme against the Holy Spirit and don’t receive him. This statement, and many of the others in this post, would lead most to believe their prior and post conversion behavior will disqualify them from an eternity with God. In other words we are all wasting our time — if we haven’t always honored our father or mother. Or loved our neighbors as ourselves. etc. etc.

    This goes against most common theological interpretations. Including those of powerhouses like John Wesley see note with Matthew 12:31 at

    I wonder how many potential Christ followers have been turned away from Him by reading this post ? This would also seem to be a disqualifying sin — because you would have worked against the will of the Holy Spirit to call them to Christ.

    I am not saying it is impossible for your words to be true — but it is a potentially very dangerous slope you are leading the audience down and damning of virtually every member of every denomination — no matter how much they love the Lord. Or any church who holds Saturday services.

    Comment by Dave | 2 March 2009 | Reply

    • You’ve made some good points, Dave. We are held accountable for that which we know and understand AT THE TIME we come to know and understand. If we willing sin thereafter, there is no further atonement, as stated in the New Testament. As of “every denomination,” that you sat apart from Saturday observing denominations, the Truth has been heard everywhere; thus, every denomination observing Sunday is observing the mark of the beast. They know the truth but do not embrace it. The members there in, long ago, were instructed to “come out of her, my people.” If they choose not to separate themselves from those denominations, it is their choice.

      It is, however, the truth speakers’ responsibility to warn and warn is all we do. The rest is up to God and each individual. I can damn no one. I can warn only. And, if there are those who observe the Seal of the One True Living God who observe with flattering lips, again, they are warned. Much like one can take a horse to water, one cannot make it drink; just as I can speak God’s Truth but cannot make anyone embrace it.

      I suggest to you, Dave, that it is critical to speak ALL of God’s Truth; for if a complete warning is not given, then their blood is on our hands. I choose to have no one’s blood on my hands.

      Thank you for the comments. 🙂
      Luv in Christ, BonnieQ

      Comment by bonnieq | 13 March 2009 | Reply

  3. I am under intense heartache over my mouth problem. I tend to say things I don’t mean in verbal agruments. I have had a tongue problem since I was a prideful little girl. When I do not get my way I get frustrated. I have been under a lot of stress and wanted something very badly and when I felt like maybe it wasn’t God’s will after all I threw a temper tantrum and cried God give me what I want and that if he couldn’t change me than to kill me. Each time I suffered horrible consequences and I felt led to repent and to ask God for forgiveness and for a whole year I seemed to have been under spiritual warfare and fear of talking bad to my Holy Father’s face and being damned. I felt God was very upset with me and my identity in Christ. I have never felt so ashamed or unworthy of God’s mercy on my soul. How can I be confident in my walk with Christ again being terrified that I challenged the throne of God? I was just throwing a temper tantrum but I see how serious it is to be disrespectful to God. I feel like a failure bc there was obviously an abundance of contempt for God in my heart and lack of faith.

    Comment by sabina | 14 December 2008 | Reply

  4. Dear Mrs Bonnieq,

    Thank you very much. You have helped me greatly by what you said; I feel much better now that I know I haven’t done the unforgivable sin.

    with love,

    Comment by David | 15 October 2008 | Reply

  5. Dearest David,

    Jesus told us that we could blasphemy God or even Jesus or both, but that the only unforgivable sin is to blasphemy the Holy Ghost. From what you’ve told me, you have not done the latter; albeit, you do need to ask God to forgive your inappropriate behaviour as well as to give you a spiritual understanding of what you were going through at the time. Remember, Satan is the enemy and it is he that brings problems upon us, not God. In fact, God told us that if we would give Him those problems, He will turn them into blessings: so always look for the blessings when in the midst of adversities. 🙂

    Then, Jesus tells us to, “Go and sin no more.” Don’t do this again, for as Paul has told us, there is no further atonement available: because Jesus hung on the cross only once and will not again.

    Read this “Blasphemy” lesson again, so you will have a clear understanding of what it means to blasphemy the Holy Spirit: he is our teacher and he cannot lie, so deny nothing he teaches that is in perfect harmony with God’s Word; there is no other that is truth.

    Much love in Christ,
    BonnieQ 🙂

    Comment by BonnieQ | 15 October 2008 | Reply

  6. I am a saved Christian. Recently I was going through some spiritual problems. I started nursing anger against God for this, and recently, I just let out to Jesus how I truly felt about it all. I felt so hopeless that I told Him, that I felt like a outcast in His family, and that I felt like rejecting Him and committing suicide. I scolded Him in Bad language. Then I felt so terrible and scared that I had done the unforgivable sin. Have I commited this sin? Or am I guilty of trampling on His name like is mentioned in Heb. 10.26? I so desperately want to know that I can still be forgiven. Please help me.

    Comment by David | 15 October 2008 | Reply

  7. Thank you so much, John, for reading and commenting on this article about Blasphemy. While it is not blasphemy for your Russian church leaders to speak in their native language, Paul does tell us that to speak in an unknown tongue to those who do not understand it, they edify only themselves as opposed to edifying the people. Paul further states that it is better to speak prophecy than to speak publically in a language the people do not know. If I were you, I would point this out to your church leaders– I believe the appropriate scriptures are in one of the Corinthians– on the other hand, their intent might be to appear Spirit-led when they might not be so led. This would be arrogance coupled with falsehood, the former which is as idolatry and the latter a violation “Thou shalt not bear false witness: both of which are forgivable sins, but must be confessed and repented of straight away.

    My prayers are with you, BonnieQ

    Comment by bonnieq | 2 April 2007 | Reply

  8. Dear Ms . BonnieQ
    I enjoyed your infromation on Blastphemy,my concern,I belong to a Russian speaking Christien church ,most members today speak and understand English,while the elders rise to speak Gods word falls on ears that dont understand .Id like to point out to the elders thats it is blastphemy to speach in a language that only enhances the religion and feeds not the members .As Christ said .”feed my sheep ”

    Any responcve will greatly be appreciated

    wish you well



    Comment by John Samarin | 25 March 2007 | Reply

  9. Brian, the Devil is attacking you and Christ said we have dominion over Satan. Until now, you’ve been allowing Satan dominion over you. You need to take that control back from him and bind Lucifer and his Sex Demons in the name of Jesus Christ. What we bind in Christ’s name, the Father binds in heaven.

    You need to take control of your life; because the time is short, too short for you to sway back and forth in the winds of sin. When you become wholly obedient to God and Christ, then the Holy Spirit will come to you and you will be given the “mind of Christ.” It is this that prevents us from falling away. But, confession and repentence and obedience must come first.

    My prayers are with you, Brian.

    Love in Christ,

    Comment by bonnieq | 28 September 2006 | Reply

  10. Earlier on in the article you cite that, blasphemy is to ignore God’s laws, as equal to ignoring his presence. So I am confused. I have been an OFF and ON christian. More OFF lately than ON. In my heart, I have always wanted to be a christian, but for whatever reason, I am ashamed to even represent myself as a christian, more so, because I do not want to become a parody, so that others can use me as an example of christianity, while the real christians do not do any of the vile things I do. The root cause of all the bad things I do is because of my inferiority complex. NO, I am not sad or depressed by my inferiority, but rather I am turned on sexually by those thoughts. What Iam referring to is the cuckold (News flash… maybe you have never heard of anything like that, but when you do, you will probably delete this comment) lifestyle. I do not practice the lifestyle, its a secret fantasy that I constantly dwelve on.
    Lately , I have begun to realize that my cuckold thoughts is the antithesis to GOD’s institution of marriage. Have I allready commited Blasphemy?. I remember when I was young (about 13-14) I was watched a game on TV (beach volleyball) and I saw some scantily clad girls while the commentory was going on. I was so turned on that, I had to see more. I figured that if I prayed to the devil, then he might show me more. I did pray and there was a perverse feeling of sexual arousal. Well I learnt one lesson, I didnt get my wish, but I have always been guilty of that ever since.
    I guess I was just talking freely. Anonymity on the web lets you talk about things that you cannot talk to a friend or counsellor.

    Comment by Brian | 28 September 2006 | Reply

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