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One Amazing Day ~~ faith testimony

One Amazing Day

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.


I recall a number of memorable days in my life:

pleasant ones, others joyous, and some of them strife;

but, one amazing day stands out, yet began the year before,

when MS took its toll and cut me to the core.

My mortgage was now past due and the house would have to be sold,

though a year passed by: seemed I’d be out in the cold.

In fifteen days my home would be offered on the auction block,

my neighbors wary while watching a homeless clock.

I had done all I could do: applied for housing assistance,

and social security; who was resistant.

Neither of these seemed forthcoming, but I waited patiently

while packing many boxes quite efficiently:

taking care to mark each one, to find easily in storage,

and hoped the rats wouldn’t find it easy forage.

Fifteen days to go: and, suddenly, I had a good buyer!

“Can you close before auction,” taunted the Liar.

Oh, but Satan had more to say, “You’ve no place, except the road.”

It was a timely closing, my house finally sold:

three days to vacate, so I called the movers to load my things.

Wry neighbors watched to see what God’s timing might bring,

as I stood on the sidewalk, each knowing I trusted the Lord.

I silently prayed that quickly they be not bored.

All year I heard this as Karen asked again, “What will you do?

You’re so calm! I couldn’t take what you’re going through.”

I replied, “Sure you can. Just trust God to work where you can not.”

Eyes wide, she pointed, “They’ve almost loaded the lot!

And, you have no apartment to take it to. Where will you go?”

I chuckled, “Well, at this time I really don’t know.

But, I do know God has never let me down and never will.”

Karen wondered if, indeed, God would fill my bill;

for there was just an hour left before the movers were done.

I prayed, “Father, let them see power from your Son.”

It seemed in that instant I heard the phone ringing in the house.

We dashed to catch it, Karen quiet as a mouse.

“What did they say? Tell me!” she said, when I broke the connection.

“An apartment,” I smiled. “Look at these directions.

It is just five blocks from here and the rent is what I can pay.”

Then, Karen asked, “Will they let you move in today?”

I grinned, “As soon as the movers finish, in about one hour.”

“Oh my gosh,” she hugged me tight, “God has great power!”

God has performed lots of wonders in my life, but this one’s best:

for my neighbors a witness and for me a test.

I know I aced this exam, yet still pray for each one of them;

that at least one neighbor came to wholly trust Him.

Ah, but there remained social security with whom to deal,

for this humbling thorn of MS wasn’t to heal.

God settled that score, too, with enough to pay my only bill

and a new computer to fulfill His will.

A little was left over for a cremation in the end;

so this one task my children will not have to tend.

Keep this story close; for loving God means total reliance.

Each event’s meant only to build our compliance:

for already God has prepared the way through each of our trials.

Why needlessly worry and weep in denial?

Don’t you understand that what you can’t do, only God can do?

Trusting Him is His testimony seen in you.

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13 September 2006 - Posted by | Bible, Faith, Grace, Holy Spirit, Poems, Spiritual, Testimonies


  1. Beautiful poem! I’ve also been in similar situations before, and He always provides. It’s just a matter of getting there. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.

    My mother also has battled MS, and she’s another voice for faith and hope throughout whatever trials are placed in front of her. I’m going to send her to your blog.

    Comment by jaimeanne | 25 September 2006 | Reply

  2. Thank you so much, Christie, for the encouragement. During my 62 years, I’ve learned that nothing happens by accident; everything is either a test that God will turn into a blessing or it’s a blessing. And, all our trials and tribulations are an opportunity for others to see Christ in us; so, never hesitate to share your vulnerabilities: they serve God’s purposes for both you and others.

    Much love, prayers and hugs,
    BonnieQ 🙂

    Comment by bonnieq | 17 September 2006 | Reply

  3. ((((((((BONNIE)))))))

    What an amazing testimony!!! Isn’t our Father Wonderful beyond imagination??? I have been in desperate situations before, and each time, He rescued me. Thanks for sharing your testimony!!! It sure well encourages others.

    Thanks also for the post on my blog…Yes, i have been writing poetry for 4 months now(i became a christian around that time..) and felt that God had a great plan for me, that if I submitted to His will, He could use me to achieve some work…Starting my blog was so much out of my comfort zone…most of my writings are so personal, and they show a vulnerable side of me that I was frightened to show for years..but since i took the leap of faith and gave it all to Him, he has never left me, and is instead placing in my heart a calling for ministry…

    I’ve been through some of your pages…You are just an amazing daughter of His( gosh, i wish I had time to type in emoticons….I’d give you a big smile here.,…)

    Be blessed for being such an encouragement….

    Comment by christiekk | 17 September 2006 | Reply

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