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God’s Other Spiritual Blessings

God’s Other Spiritual Blessings

©copyright 2004 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.


The Holy Bible reveals that God’s blessings stem from more than many might think or even know. Cited below are just a few commands that carry blessings or promises from God, including scripture references for validation. Please feel free to print this article for ease in comparing it to an Authorized King James Bible.


It should be understood that all behaviours listed below must be done: doing one or two is to do it man’s way. God expects us to be all these things; and, Jesus taught us to do them as well: both by His words and His behaviour:


1.  They who believe in and trust God, both in what He commands and in the trials of every day living, are blessed: in that he or she does believe and trust, thus he or she neither worries about nor fears anything or anyone. (Psalm 40:1-5)


2.  All who love God, as demonstrated by absolute obedience, receive God’s Truth, Knowledge, wisdom, judgment, mysteries, and spiritual riches in heavenly treasures. (Proverbs 8:17-21)


3.  Anyone who obeys God’s Law, as given from the beginning, has a good understanding of both God and His requirements of mankind and works to save others; therefore, the love of God is perfected within him or her, thus he or she is rewarded with eternal life. (Proverbs 8:32-36; 24:3-4; Psalm 119:7-10; Matthew 19:17-19; Romans 2:13-15; I John 2:3-7; 5:1-3,20; II John v.6; I Timothy 4:16; Revelation 21:10,27; 22:14)


4. All who obey God’s and Christ’s Sabbath, the first precept to offer a blessing, are blessed and God will have mercy upon them, give them a great name as well as rewards; additionally, they will be joyful in all things, for they bear the Seal of God. (Isaiah 56:2,5-7; Ezekiel 20:20; Malachi 2:6-10; Revelation 7:2-3)


5.  He or she who cares for the poor among them receives God’s strength and protection. (Psalm 50:14-15)


6.  They who thank God in all things will be saved. (Psalm 41:1-3)


7.  All who believe Jesus is the Son of God will not be condemned. (John 3:16)


8.  Anyone, who loves and trusts Jesus, will be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and receive the fullness of God. (Ephesians 3:16-19)


9.  He or she who loves their fellow mankind, God’s love is perfected within him or her, his or her name appears in God’s Book of Life and will enter into the Holy City as well as have right to the Tree of Life. (Ezekiel 18:21; 20:12,20; John 12:49-50; I John 2:24-25; 3:16; 4:7-12,15-17,19; 5:1-3,20)


10. Each human that is perfect, as Christ is perfect; God is with him or her and provides comfort and peace through all trials and tribulations. (II Corinthians 13:11-12)


11. Anyone who teaches God’s Law is called great in heaven. (Matthew 5:17-20; James 19-20)


12. All who honor their parents, the first Statute to offer a promise, are blessed with a long life. (Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 5:16; Ephesians 6:1-4)


13. Those who give freely to others are blessed with all their own needs: food, shelter, clothing. (Malachi 3:8-9; Matthew 19:29; Luke 6:30,31,35-36; 12:29-36; II Corinthians 8:13-15)


14. Each person that tithes will always have enough. (Malachi 3:8-9; Matthew 19:21,23-34; Acts 4:34-37; 20:28,33-35)


15. He who forgives everyone, regardless of how bad an atrocity, will be forgiven. (Mark 11:25-26)


16. He or she that blesses his or her persecutors is blessed by the Lord, thus he or she curses no one. (Romans 12:1-2,9-21)


17. All who overcome daily trials, as well as the great temptations of earth’s end days, will be given a Crown of Life, fed with God’s hidden manna, given a new name and a new body, provided a position of importance in the temple and sit with Jesus at His throne. (Revelation 2:10-11,17,26-28; 3:5,10-12,20-21)




I don’t know how all this sounds to everyone else, but the blessings God is prepared to bestow are worth more to me than anything this world possibly could offer. How does it sound to you— given the utter chaos and cruelty and, yes, total insanity evident amidst humanity today? Besides, the above 17 blessings are just a drop in the bucket to the abundance of blessings in God’s storehouse.


“It is the whole duty of man to obey every word of God.” That’s every word, which means both the Old and New Testaments: “for a wise man brings out from his treasures both the old and new.”


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