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Is the Bible Boring, Untrue and Irrelevant?

Is the Bible Boring, Untrue and Irrelevant?

©copyright 2004 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.


Lighted Bible

 Is Christianity boring, untrue and irrelevant? This is a loaded question. Does it refer to denominational Christianity or individual Christianity? It seems the more definitive query should be, “Is the Bible boring, untrue and irrelevant? This, because Christianity is based on the Bible— separate and apart from religious denominations preaching smooth words and teaching that the Bible is difficult to understand, thus a seminary-trained person is required to teach it to us: lies on both counts.

Many people state three things about the Bible: 1) It is boring to read; 2) It was written by men, so it can’t be relied on for absolute truth; and, 3) It is irrelevant to these modern times, things have changed.

Regarding common statement 1— experience dictates that when someone says the Bible is boring, what they really mean is one of two things: 1) they cannot understand its many convoluted meanings when they have attempted to read it on rare occasions; or, 2) they might claim belief but truly have no interest in God or His ways, which speaks of unbelief. Deadly pride— which God says is the same as idolatry—prevents them from stating the truth behind their refusal to read the Bible, either due to not wishing to appear stupid or because they wish to be found acceptable to society in general thus hiding their lack of belief.

In the early years of my study in the Bible, I might have said it was hard to understand: except, I persevered, hung in there as it were. By having done so, the Holy Spirit stepped in and began to guide and teach me— “Ye who are anointed have no need to be taught by any man.” This verse belies denominational teachings that we cannot gain God’s Truths, Secrets and Mysteries without a trained professional. As Jesus said, “Out of the mouths of babes,” by these untutored will praise be perfected and truth gained. There will be more on this concept of ‘boring’ later in this article.

Common statement 2, the Bible is untrue; or, more commonly stated, the Bible contains inconsistencies thus cannot be wholly relied upon. Once again, I draw on over 30 years of research and study in the Bible— taught by no man— which revealed no inconsistencies whatsoever. Even pastors, evangelists and theologians have been heard to say that it contains conflicting recounts therefore unreliable. Yet, when God’s Word is studied in the manner He prescribed— and no other— the Bible shines in its perfect harmony, without so much as one conflicting statement nor anything ‘new’ having been presented in the Gospels: another fallacy being taught amidst corporate Christendom.

Indeed, the Bible was penned by 46 different men— all with no formal Biblical schooling— over a period of 1500 years, as well as translated into other languages by many since 1600 A.D.; but, to place the burden of accuracy upon these mere men is to do injustice to God: for He said that their pens were/are His mouth and His Bible scribed by divine inspiration, the truth of which He has “preserved” throughout the ages.

The Bible has more corroborating evidence than any book of fact in the world or even any criminal trial ever conducted. There are over 5000 pieces of historical documentation validating just the Bible itself: each piece an exact copy of its original. Virtually all historical documentation for non-related events or material require only 4 or 5 copies to determine an original valid for accuracy. Additionally, history itself bears out not only the Bible’s validity but also testifies to the truthfulness of its prophecies. Even man’s science got on the bandwagon in an attempt to nullify the Bible. Instead, all they succeeded in doing was to validate it. Further, God’s Holy Word is the only book in existence to remain in reprint and on the best sellers’ list: being ancient is no guarantee that a book will survive thousands of years, especially one as convoluted as the Holy Bible. Only God is capable of “preserving” His Truths.

In fact, making the Bible available in all known languages of this earth was part of Yeshua’s greater plan: in order to “preach again His Truths” in the age of Revelation’s Philadelphia, 1844 to 1991 A.D.— the preparations for which began with the King’s James’ translations in the 1600’s amidst the Thyatira era, 538 to 1798 A.D. Studying and researching for this ‘preaching again’ then began in the Sardis age, 1798 to 1844 AD: the ‘preaching again’ beginning in 1844. This could not have been achieved without translations. To so much as imply that man created a Bible full of errors is to deny God’s absolute power and control over everything, most especially His Written Word.

The above then begs the question: If the Bible is God’s Word unchanged, why then would it be necessary to ‘preach again? This is where diligent study and research pays off: the apostate church, or Satan’s synagogues were allotted 1810 years during which to deceive the world concerning God’s Word, the Gospel and His prophecies, to-wit: to establish a church that only appears to be light but darkness/lies within: “a white sepulchre full of dead men’s bones.” During most of this period between 34 A.D. to 1844, Bibles were not available to the common person: only church leaders and a few selected wealthy even were allowed to possess a copy.

It was during these first 5 church ages in which it was easy for God’s Word to be distorted, for the people had only the pulpit’s spoken word to rely upon for God’s Truth. Lucifer successfully defiled and twisted God’s Truths; thus of necessity, El’s book had to become available to the general populace, for it would be those untutored who ultimately would ‘preach again.’ As readily noted above, this ‘preaching again’ ended in 1991.

The only thing left remaining is for Christ to come take us up: which occurs at some non-cited time in this Laodicea age; according to Jesus, an era He will cut short for the sake of His suffering elect. Therefore, we may conclude rightly that it will be the shortest church age. Currently, the shortest era among the first six was Sardis, comprised of 46 years. The 1810 years, Biblically referred to as “time of the Gentiles,” spanned the entirety of the first 5 church timeframes: Ephesus beginning in 34 A.D., 66yrs; Smyrna, 223yrs; Pergamos, 215yrs; Thyatira, 1260yrs; and, Sardis, 46yrs.

Sardis being the shortest age to date can mean only that Laodicea will be even fewer years: because at no time did Jesus say any other age would be cut short. Additionally, the Bible reveals that earth, from its beginning of life, would have a life span of 6000 years followed by a 1000-years Sabbath rest, during which it will lie fallow and desolate, unable to support life of any kind: for a total of 7000 years. 2008 years have expired since Christ’s birth. Almost 4000 years preceded His birth, revealing only a few years allotted to Laodicea before His return.

The “time of the Gentiles” perfectly coincides with several events in 34 A.D., precisely 3-1/2 years following Christ’s crucifixion: 1) Stephen’s stoning death; 2) Saul’s call by Jesus to replace Stephen, Paul’s specific assignment being the Gentiles; and 3) the birth and infancy of an apostate church offering a distorted version of God’s Word, warned of in several of the epistles. Both the Bible and voluminous historical records confirm each of these facts.

Determining 1810 years, which number does not appear in the prophecies— as do the 1260, 2300 years prophecies and others— is gained by establishing 34 A.D. as the beginning of ‘time of the Gentiles,’ based on the 3 facts presented above, then establishing the beginning of the Philadelphia age by prophetic signs marking each era, at which time the truth was to be preached again to the world: 1844 A.D.

Philadelphia ran for 147 years, bringing mankind to the year 1991 and entry into the last church age of Laodicea: according to appropriate signs. Obviously then, God’s Truth was ‘preached again’ for 147 years! This being 2004, it still is being taught; so, now it’s been 160 years! Historical records bear out that this preaching, contrary to what organized religions were, and still are teaching, circled the globe like wildfire; yet, very few rose to the occasion and accepted those truths brought by men and women neither standing in pulpits nor seminary trained.

This abject denial by the masses also validates the Bible’s premise that only about 10% of the population, in any given generation, would accept the truth… even preached again. Nevertheless, it still is being taught today by the untutored, of which I am merely one. The world now is in its 13th year of Laodicea. Signs and Biblical detail indicate this era about to end: any day, any hour now.

This brings us back to the first part of the question: “Is the Bible boring?” Yes it is, and has been since its inception, BO—RING! But, boring ONLY to the “wicked and filthy,” those blatantly wicked as well as those willing to listen to only smooth words spewing from global pulpits: these latter being the filthy. Just the information imparted above should give a hint as to how fascinating is the Bible to those who love and serve the Lord.

The Gospels allude to God’s secrets and mysteries. If one fully immerses self into the Bible, he or she soon would find all those secrets and mysteries cleverly hidden within its volume of words: so well written that the wicked and filthy never will find them, for the Spirit will not guide them… ever! So well written, that no group of authors, since or to date, over such a long span of time could compete against such accuracy, endurance, and perfect harmony… ever!

Now, as to whether or not the Bible is IRRELEVANT. Again, yes, it is irrelevant! It has been irrelevant in every church age: yet, irrelevant to ONLY the wicked and filthy. To the righteous, this Holy book always has been and always will be exceedingly relevant and of priceless value to his or her life while suffering this ailing world and their persecutors while patiently awaiting our Messiah’s return to get us out of here.

Indeed, times have changed, just as the Bible prophesied they would: and, sadly, changed not for the better but for the worse; therefore, confirming absolutely the validity of the Bible’s prophecies. It is the only book in the world, since earth’s beginning, that has prophesied the end from the literal beginning: each prophecy fulfilled exactly as portended and right on schedule. What hasn’t changed, however, is God and His requirements of us: He is “the same yesterday, today, and forever;” which means we “ought to obey every word of God, for it is the whole duty of mankind: His Law will stand forever and ever; even in the new earth.”

A true Christian finds neither his or her faith nor God’s Word boring, untrue or irrelevant. On the contrary, he or she finds within both PEACE and a sense of FREEDOM “such as the world cannot know” or even begin to understand; for it is not peace and freedom such as the world thinks of peace and freedom. Faith and God’s Word mean everlasting life to Christ’s sheep. And, with or without their Bible, they will not depart from His Truths or let go their unfailing faith: even in the face of death. The first death, death of this flesh garment we temporarily wear, means nothing to us; and, it is the second death, that of the spirit giving this body life, we adamantly avoid through faith and obedience: we die daily to the flesh, refusing to give it reign.

In the end, we will be given new bodies incapable of corruption and an earth restored to like Eden: where there will be no evil, no pain, no illnesses, no hunger, no homelessness.

~~Article End



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  1. Oops, typo on the above comment:

    “And so what we imagine *because* what we’re subconsciously told to imagine”

    Should Be:

    “And so what we imagine *BECOMES* what we’re subconsciously told to imagine”

    Comment by Steve | 23 September 2006 | Reply

  2. Excellent stuff!

    Whoever says the Bible is boring is in fact really calling themselves dull, boring, and lazy. Boredom is a sign of a lack of an imagination or a laziness to use imagination. Using one’s imagination is the hardest task for a brain. It takes a lot of work. Many people’s imaginations are out of shape and rusty. Imagination is said to be like a muscle. If you’re not training it, it won’t bulge out of your skin. Hence, it’s harder to get it out of your head, and onto paper, canvas, musical instrument, etc.

    Something I haven’t thought of before, but which John Piper helped me realize is that our imagination is in fact our most Godly feature. Our imagination is what allows us to create something out of nothing.

    Living in today’s world, our imaginations have become compromised. The media advertisements, the billboards, the magazines, TV, radio, and the many distractions around us, leave us bombarded with so much to take in and process, that come time to use our imaginations, our brains are exhausted. And all we feel like doing are the less-straining thought processes, engaging in the same old mundane routine tasks.

    Also, in America, we live in an age where we have never wanted so much of the crap that piles itself up around us. We become satisfied with what we’re force fed. As a result, we cut off any need for imagining things any other way. Moreover, the ongoing pile up of uselessness around us creates boundaries in our minds. Society restrains us with these boundaries. And so we think that the way it all is, is the way it’s handed to us. There is nothing beyond.
    The little imagination that we do see today is nothing Bible-like. It’s shallow, its pre-programmed. Our imaginations become vandalized by the media. And so what we imagine because what we’re subconsciously told to imagine. Pop star careers, and oversized kegs of beers.

    The greatest crime is imagination theft. Don’t let the mind invaders get away with your imagination!


    Comment by Steve | 23 September 2006 | Reply

  3. Thank you for the prayers. As of right now, I think my brother is ignoring me, but I’m sure the Lord is speaking to him, drawing him. Thank you for your encouragement.

    Comment by Mike Kines | 21 September 2006 | Reply

  4. Oh, Praise the Lord, Mike! I am so glad this article just might help you get God’s point across to your family member. The most difficult to reach are those in our own family and friendship circles; so, my prayers are with you as you continue to witness for our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

    I pray that the Holy Spirit guides you with just the right words and keep your mouth shut at precisely the times you should say nothing, that all things and words may be delivered in God’s perfect timing. In Jesus precious name, Amen and amen.

    Much love and prayers,

    Comment by bonnieq | 20 September 2006 | Reply

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your thoughts here capture a lot of ideas that I have been trying to get across to someone in my family. This article will really help me to share more effectively ….. Very good article!!!! Grace and peace, Mike

    Comment by Mike Kines | 20 September 2006 | Reply

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