God's Truth Not Smooth Words

Again This Dawn ~~ spiritual poem

Again This Dawn

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.



Another glorious Friday You’ve made, Father,

this Sabbath eve; skies clear and sun warm.

I remembered Your words giving understanding

when again this dawn I woke in tears:

“Thou grieveth, like a mourning dove on the mountain,

for those left in cities filled with fears.

They refused to obey My Word; and, they should have

when ye spoke them to prevent their harm.”


Oh, thank you so much, Lord, for sharing that wisdom,

and more, the one who sought to find me:

she whom I’ve just met though I have never seen her.

She said, “I spoke to God about you;

and, He said to me, ‘She is favored of the Lord.'”

Oh, how merciful to hear this, too;

a soothing balm healing each of my battle wounds;

for soon, Jesus lifts me up to Thee.


Father, this handmaiden is humbled by Your Love,

that You would choose this unworthy Eve,

then bless me with such great responsibility:

to reveal Your mysteries so true,

as well as to teach all Your Law, that some might live.

Oh, how I weep, for there are so few.

Alas, most turn away; others argue Your Word,

contrarily claiming to believe.


In all things, good and bad, I praise my loving God;

praise and give all the glory to You:

for I’m nothing without You, merely pitiful;

yet with You, I am all things and more.

Praise you, Father; Amen in Christ’s name: You are God!

You love me, just for keeping Your score!

And I know I love God, for His Law I obey.

It’s vile to break even one or two.


+   +   +


Exodus c.20; Deuteronomy c.5



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