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excerpt Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law

TSaS QUESTION: The final battle between good and evil will be fought where and when?

Theologians and pastors purport the “where” as being at Armageddon, a Canaan plains area of the ancient city Megiddo, about 60-70 miles north of Jerusalem on the banks of Kishon River near Mt. Tabor and the Sea of Galilee: the former domain of the Hebrew tribe Issachar. These so called Biblical experts further and rather vaguely claim that it will occur “when” Christ returns. Their answers are based solely on one scripture found in Revelation and believed by most Christians: mainly because this erroneous interpretation is offered by the “tutored.” Remember: Jesus said, “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings (untutored) is praise (truth) perfected.”

Having cited man’s elucidation, and without including extensively researched historical data or paraphrasing scriptures, this rendering offers Almighty God’s definitive answer regarding both man’s view as well as Ishi’s own absolutes. FYI: Ishi is the name by which God will be called in the restored earth. It is Hebrew for husband. Please bear in mind that, contrary to the above version, many books of the entire Bible actually interpret this particular prophecy, thus not all references are provided below.

Truth Seekers and Speakers is all about allowing the Bible to interpret itself, TSaS often providing applicable historical data only as required for clarity. Note: neither Revelation nor any other book of the Bible is necessarily written chronologically, as Theologians and pastors tout. This tidbit as well as studying the Bible according to God’s prescribed manner are vitally important in allowing God to interpret His own Word, to-wit: Bible interpreting the Bible. Members might want to take another look at the response to “How, Why and Who to Trust” recently posted. Two helpful hints: 1) rightly divide the Word; and 2) “What was in the beginning is today, what is today will be tomorrow, and what is tomorrow was in the beginning.”~~ the great preacher of Ecclesiastes

While Rev. c16 is factual, it does not remedy our question but rather refers to time of redemption, which is twice different from the final battle— the utter destruction of evil and cleansing of the earth with purging fire. It should be noted that in no way does this passage or any book of the Bible state that the battle WILL occur at the time and place of the Rev. c16 gathering, to-wit: Armageddon. It merely shows us that the assembling takes place at Armageddon for the battle of “that great day of the Lord.” This day refers only to Christ’s return.

FYI: “As it is on earth, so it is in heaven:” In earthly murder trials, following a preponderance of evidence, a judgment then is rendered of either innocent or guilty, at which time the innocent immediately are set free. Yet, another hearing is conducted to determine actual penalty sentencing on guilty verdicts— for our purposes, death. However, death sentences never are executed simultaneous to sentencing or even shortly thereafter. And, so it is with God’s court of law.

Mankind’s trial began in 1844, when God’s hidden truths were revealed to the world, the evidence noting obedience or disobedience, during which time all people were given opportunity to accept Elohim’s truths by demonstration of obedience or to remain in disobedience, each generation judged accordingly. Final judgment was reached in 1991, which also opened the last church age of Laodecia— an era Jesus said will be remarkably short in comparison to the previous six church periods.

Christ’s return metaphorically represents the second hearing for sentencing, thus he arrives with the announcement: whether it be life eternal as evidenced by meeting Him in the air, or whether it be death as evidenced by being left behind dead of a first death— which sentence is of a second death for all those not found in the Book of Life, to be carried out at a later date. There is an incredible volume of scripture to validate this premise, thus it begs a question: What really happens the day and hour Christ comes in the clouds? Perhaps a TSaS member would like to post the inquiry? In the interim, an explanation of the answer follows:

Revelation 16:12-14,16 ~~ These 4 verses are disrupted by v.15. Nevertheless, the 4 go together to reveal Lucifer gathering his angels and human minions for what he teaches is the coming final battle with God over the dominion of mankind, earth and heavens. And, it is Lucifer who has determined that the battle will be waged at Armageddon, which timing of the assembling may be recognized in Luke 21:20 (consider Feb. 1991 Desert Storm— the Holy Lands remain surrounded by the worlds armies to this day). It behooves us to avoid a perception of God calling them either to battle or to this specific location: Holy Lands in general. Other scripture will disprove such a premise. V.14 refers to “that great day of God Almighty”, DAY being an announcement clue for Christ’s living flocks hoping for His quick arrival. Other verses will show that the “spirits of devils” gather together untimely and in error. (Isaiah 9:5; 54:15-16)

Revelation 16:15,17-21— Continuing from above, v.15 is inserted amidst Lucifer’s assembling merely as an announcement advising Christ’s children that by this marshalling of kings (world’s armies) they are to understand Jesus is about to “come in the clouds to take up His flock to meet Him in the air”.  (see also: Matthew 24:30-31,36; Luke 21:20)— Revelation v.17,20-21 pick back up with events that will occur at Christ’s coming and the devastation following in His wake as He takes up his sheep. This reveals that of the last seven plagues, the seventh vial is poured out behind Jesus as He moves across the skies reaping His harvest. (Genesis 1:2; Isaiah 24:1-5,20-22; 34:2-3; Jeremiah 26:32-33; Matthew 13:41-42,49-50; Psalm 37:10,38; 110:5-6; II Thessalonians 1:7-10)

Special note should be made on v.19: Babylon (the great mother whore) was divided into 3 false prophet divisions centuries ago, so the first line of v.19 serves to identify Great Babylon— her divisions being pagan, papal, protestant. Here, God simply wants us to know that He has not forgotten their abominations and the affect they have had on His sheep, for which the three are now being rewarded with suffering and later will be re-rewarded with utter destruction! The passage then flashes back to a scene of destruction falling upon old earth as up ahead Christ’s sheep are being redeemed from both grave and among the living: the elect.

God’s interpretation to our question, Revelation 20:1-9,12-15

The entire chapter speaks exclusively of Christ taking up His sheep followed by the metaphorical chaining/imprisoning of Lucifer: the literal, in this case, being that he is left alive on a desolate earth populated with dead humans and from which he cannot escape for the duration of our gift received of a 1000 years in heaven. Fitting first retribution for Satan having persecuted humans for 6000 years.

The chain symbolizes Beelzebub’s inability to ever enter heaven again, which originally was established in Rev. 12:8-9 and which occurred in about 538BC. Here we simply are reminded that Lucifer does not have the power to leave earth. Genesis 1:2, and other passages, clarify that “bottomless pit” means an earth void of life. Only the first part of Rev. 20:10 applies to this time frame, whereas the remainder is a flashback to events having occurred at redemption; thus, “tormented day and night for ever and ever” relates to the 1000 years seemingly like forever to those so tormented.

Then we are shown what happens at the close of the 1000 years we’ve spent in heaven with Christ. The wicked dead are resurrected— see also Rev. 14:17-18, grapes represent the wicked— and Lucifer immediately deceives them for three months— a season— into believing God still can be defeated. Really stupid, isn’t he? Satan then gathers them around old Jerusalem, because that’s where Christ and His saintly warriors are camped upon their return from heaven. So, in effect God now has called the time and place for that final battle; which will be no battle at all, according to Isaiah’s citations regarding this event. But, of the location God is even more specific, which should lend clarity.

Joel 3:11-15— The valley of Jehoshaphat, valley of decision/judgment, to-wit: where sentencing of old was carried out— today called Kidron Valley. Interestingly, the valley of Jehoshaphat (Kidron) lies east of Mt. Zion and west of Jerusalem. The valley is directly outside Jerusalem’s east portal called Dung Gate, the only gate through which garbage and human waste were to be removed from the ancient city. And, it is that same valley in which God historically executed first death sentencing upon those persistent in disobeying Him and/or for having harmed His chosen people.

Joel confirms this location for the final destruction of all that is evil, filthy and wicked, inasmuch as v.17-18 follow the sentencing execution with a description of new Jerusalem as set out in Revelation 21:1-6. It is only after the complete purging of evil that a New Jerusalem (Psalm 37:20), wherein God and Jesus ARE the temple, comes down out of heaven and Christ’s saints at last inherit a newly restored earth. (Isaiah 26:14)

So now we have God’s opinion. Where~~ Valley of Jehoshaphat; When: following the sheep’s’ 1000 years reign in heaven with Christ. Of course, that 1000 years just might foster another question: “Why a 1000 years? Why not just do it all when Christ returns?” The answer also is given in God’s Holy Word: that 1000 years is earth’s Sabbath rest, during which time she shall lie fallow— unable to support life— because mankind “did not give earth her Sabbath rests of every seven years,” as God had ordered. For each day of a week, earth was given 1000 years. Thus, she was to labor for 6000 years, then have her Sabbath rest the seventh 1000 years. 6000 years has essentially expired.

Nonetheless, an incredible logic and absolute justice is found in God’s Word unblemished by mankind, undeniably better than any penalty humans could devise. What better punishment than to have Satan left on a dead world littered with rotting, stinking bodies from one end of earth to the other as well as the unopened graves of his previously deceased followers: all for 1000 years of “weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.” No one to torment, no one to tempt, no one to torture, no one to follow him, no one to do his biding… no one at all, not even his fallen angelic army. How awful that will have to be for Beelzebub, who has been so busy for 6000 years. (Obadiah v.3-4; Amos 4:10)

Our courts should do as well by eliminating death sentences, for how much better than that a murderer should have to live in confinement all his/her natural years while living with why they are there. In the end, what better place to destroy all evil garbage than outside Jerusalem’s Dung Gate in the valley of judgment: where God roars out of Mt. Zion utterly purging evil by all consuming fire. Then, and only then, does He restore earth as Eden: where we dwell forever in the Lord’s magnificent light! Praise the Lord!


For a complete, paraphrased-as-we-speak-today scripture interpretation of “The Revelation,” pick up a copy of Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law. It includes a paragraph-by-paragraph Scripture Bibliography, Resource Bibliography, and detailed Prophetic Chart by date of all key Biblical prophecies. Order from any local bookstore or online: is the most cost effective.

~end article 

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