God's Truth Not Smooth Words

A Glorious Invitation ~~ poetic testimony

 A Glorious Invitation


©copyright 2004 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.


I was six at first memory of mother,

although I clearly remember my brother

and, of course, I do recall my loving dad,

a motorcycle cop: a tall, handsome lad.

Oh, but mother was not absent from day one:

family said, she was mentally undone.


Perhaps, being taken to church caused recall;

for it was there I found love reigned without fall,

as they taught us that Jesus loves me and you.

Me! Just a little girl not seen, it was true.

He gives peace, freedom and even more to gain:

in the end, no illness, misery or pain.


He invited me to join Him— at the time,

I think I was just barely the age of nine.

I was excited, my heart even appeased,

as I started for the isle, mother not pleased.

She tried to prevent me, “Too young,” she had said.

Still, I struggled away and rushed on ahead.


Oh, I had many things from Jesus to learn,

to assure that I never, never would burn;

but, I was very young and, many times, fell.

Yet, His Spirit was there for me, quick to tell;

Then, He’d pick me up and say, “Now, do you see?”

Though, never cruelly nor scoffing at me.


I’ve known our Lord, now, almost fifty-six years,

through many ups and downs, joys and floods of tears;

in some way broke every law He gave us.

Still, Jesus stood by, all without a big fuss.

Ah but, He corrected me, yes He sure did!

Until finally, I learned to do His bid.


There was one time I felt so very alone;

He gently cradled me, His voice soothing tones.

Another time, I overdosed on pain pills:

I was tired and wanted free of earth’s ills.

He was fierce, when in the hospital I woke.

“YOU’VE THINGS YET TO DO!” His voice boomed when He spoke.


Finally, I pray, I learned His lessons well;

then, our Lord gave me gifts, I am here to tell!

Now each day in my mission jobs I labour,

gladly doing for my beloved Saviour.

He said, “Seek me early and ye shall find me.”

If you haven’t sought Him, He’s calling to thee.


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