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Personal Prayer Request

Dear friends,

My daughter arrived today and, early tomorrow morning, we will make the 100-mile trip into Seattle’s Harborview Hospital. They will be performing an angioplasty on me for an annual check-up, so to speak, since I underwent surgery last year for a “huge” right temporal lobe aneurysm. At the time, they also found a small aneurysm at the base of my skull on the left side. My prognosis at the time was considered terminal, so they did not address the small aneurysm in that the large one was life threatening. (see “Blessings In Disguise”)

I’ve already claimed total healing; however, the scheduled procedure is not without risk, so I ask everyoneto  pray for our awesome Lord’s will over me and His control over the doctor’s hands. I will know the results when I see my neurosurgeon on Wednesday afternoon.

Also, I ask the Lord for strength to endure these tests and the great number of draining hours this will involve. Still recovering from having broken my back, my health also is compromised by MS, Lupus and a number of other issues. And, I ask for strength for my daughter, who has been quick to my side throughout this past year.

Thank you so much for your prayers! Much love in Christ, BonnieQ

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A Golden Road

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C. 


Will you listen, for just a moment,

to the soft voice of one?

He who pleads with you to follow Him,

before earth’s work is done?


His Father exquisitely made Him,

that you might love His Son;

for He teaches the art of caring

and how living is done.


He wants you for His beloved child,

to bless you ev’ry day

and see that you’re fed heaven’s manna.

Would you walk in His way?


Will you heed all that He said and did,

accept His form of pay?

The rewards are considerable,

the golden road His way.


He will build a mansion just for you,

with gardens in full bloom;

in ev’ry direction gorgeous scenes

viewed from each lovely room.


And, when you weep o’er pain long suffered,

with you He also cries;

though, He will comfort yet chastise, too,

with love deep in His eyes.


Will you turn a deaf ear to this world

and avoid all its lies?

He will show you God’s Truths and mys’tries,

if you’ll open your eyes.


Does any of this sound good to you,

to be free from earth’s doom?

Simply accept Jesus and for Him,

deep in your heart, make room.


Lay before Him each of your sins

and detail all your pain.

Sin no more and He’s sure to forgive,

then turn all to your gain.


But more, you’ll learn what life’s all about

and never feel the same.

His small price? That you love and obey,

His gift of life your gain.


+   +   +



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Peace in Prophecy

Peace in Prophecy

©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.


A common theological teaching today about peace on this earth has been erroneously tied to prophecies of these end days: that the antichrist will come in the form of a man and he will effect an end to national wars before Christ returns, only to later be revealed as the monster he is; at which time they claim Christ will return to defeat this monster. Indeed, peace is spoken of Biblically but not as various Christian sects are teaching it. All verses hereinbelow are taken from the AKJV Bible and paraphrased for comprehension.

Paul advises in I Thessalonians 5:2-3, “You know perfectly well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. But when people are crying for peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes upon them, and they shall not escape.” Paul is telling us that, when the world has become weary of conflict and wars thus are crying out for peace, this will be the time in which Christ returns, destruction following behind Him; albeit, no one can cite a specific day and hour for His return but the time of year can be given. In short, those who are demanding world peace are one and the same as those cursing God for what we see happening all around us: such as the war in Iraq. There is no doubt the world is screaming for peace and has been for some time.

Jesus had several things to say about this desired peace from wars among mankind as well as in personal relationships. Matthew 10:34-36 addresses the latter, “I did not come to bring peace on earth. I came with a sword to cause conflict between a man and his father, the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s enemies shall be they of his own household.”


In Luke 12:51-52, Christ went on to say, “Do you think I have come to give peace on earth? I tell you, NO! I came to cause division. From this day forward, there shall be five divided in one house; three against two, and two against three.” Christ did not mean these numbers as specific, rather they are an example of division and conflict in a household.


Division? Conflict? Yes; for “many are called, few chosen.” This division by conflict represents removal of weeds, those who profess to be Christians but merely flatter with their lips— Satan’s goats in sheep’s clothing also referred to as grapes, per Revelation’s second resurrection— from amidst the wheat, Christ’s sheep who are harvested in the first resurrection. Therefore, this last church age, classified also as end times, represents God’s angels coming ahead of Christ to extract the weeds currently choking the wheat’s roots, for the ultimate purpose of burning those weeds: Matthew 13:37-42.


Following behind these angels, as they precede Him with fire as it were, is Christ in the clouds moving from east to west as He “harvests wheat,” which is to say He takes up His small flocks noted in Revelation 14:14-16. Other scripture tells us that “every eye shall see” this event, proving false the teaching of a rapture where people simply disappear; and another scripture says “they know perfectly why they are left behind; and yet another says they “die at the brightness of His coming.” Following in Christ’s wake, however, is the seventh plague of Revelation 16:18-21, which renders everyone left behind quite dead for a period of, as Revelation 20:5 indicates, one thousand years. (see also Nahum 1:5)


Jeremiah 25:32-33 validates the above, “Thus saith the Lord, ‘Behold, evil shall go from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth. And those the Lord has slain in that day shall be left lying from one end of earth even to the other end of earth: they shall not be grieved for, neither gathered nor buried; they shall be waste upon the ground.” This is what Satan will live with for one thousand years.


This same timeframe represents the sheep’s stay in heaven as well as the time allotted for earth’s Sabbath rest (Leviticus 26:35; Jeremiah 50:34; Zechariah 1:11; Zephaniah 3:8)— earth’s seventh thousand years, during which earth lies fallow and unable to support life; much like an abyss, a void or bottomless pit, such as it was described in Genesis 1:2 before life was created upon and in earth. It is this bottomless pit to which Satan will be metaphorically chained, meaning he cannot leave the planet, cannot fly the heavens: all by himself on a sleeping earth with the stench of decaying bodies rising in his nostrils for one thousand years, with nothing to look forward to except his utter destruction at the close of those years. (Revelation 20:1-3)

Regarding wars, Matthew 24:4-15 and Mark 13:5-14 tells us exactly what to expect in these end days just before His return: “Don’t let anyone deceive you, for many shall come in my name, even saying that I am Christ or that they are Christ, but they shall deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumours of wars, but do not be troubled; for all these things must come to pass before the end. Nation will battle nation, kingdoms against kingdoms; there shall be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. These are the beginning of sorrows.

“The wicked will cause you to be afflicted and shall kill you, and you will be hated by everyone for my name’s sake. Many will be offended and shall betray and hate one another. Many false prophets will deceive the majority and sin will abound while the love of many believers will wax cold. But, he that endures persecution until the end, for having preached the gospel as a witness to the world*, then he shall be saved when the end comes. The end will come when you see the abomination of desolation*, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place of Jerusalem.” (see also Daniel 11:31)


*The first event Jesus speaks of is the preaching of the gospel, which directly relates to Revelation 10:11 instructing that the truth be preached again after having been hidden in the wilderness for 1260 years; during which time Satan flooded the world with false doctrines in God’s name (Revelation 12:6,13-15). The “preaching again” was fulfilled during the Philadelphia church age, 1844 to 1991 AD, Revelation 3:7-13. And, it continues today by those who are hot for those cold or lukewarm (Revelation 3:14-22).


*The second event Christ mentions is just one of many signs of earth being in its final church age, Laodicea, in which Jesus is no longer saying “I will come soon” — as He had said in the previous two church ages of Sardis and Philadelphia; rather, He is now saying He will come quickly. Therefore, Christ is referring to Laodicea in Matthew 24:22, “Unless those days are shortened, no one will be saved; however, for the elect’s sake, those days shall be shortened.” We may rightly understand that this last church age will be the shortest of the previous six eras, of which Sardis was the shortest at 46 years; having extended from 1798 AD to 1844. We are now 16 years into Laodicea.


Desert Storm of 1991— Revelation 16:16, Armageddon, Luke 21:20,27-28 — trumpeted Laodicea’s beginning, while sightings of “the abomination of desolation” reveals time accelerating to a quick close. The abomination of desolation, that is Satan’s representative, was seen in the Holy City of Jerusalem in 1991 and again in 1993 for the last time (see article “Pure Organic Logic”).


It should be abundantly clear that there never will be peace from conflicts and International wars on this old earth, because II Timothy 3:1-5,13 notes the wicked waxing worse in these end days: wickedness does not promote peace. This being the case, there is no way mankind shall experience peace from wars and conflicts; not until evil is utterly destroyed and earth is made new. Jesus made it clear: the only peace one currently can experience is internally, as He gives, and the peaceful personality His sheep present to the world— noted in John 14:26-27 — and who have peace with God, Romans 5:1-2.

Laodicea is the most perilous age to believers: it is filled with wars and threats of wars, Revelation’s first six plagues are poured out, each of which have been gaining in intensity since 1991; and, according to Revelation 7:3, the fury of natural elements were released as well: inasmuch as the sealing work was completed when Philadelphia ended.


It was during Philadelphia that the angels of the “four winds of earth”— elements such as snow, whirlwinds, rains/floods, earthquakes and volcanoes; these being God’s weaponry reflecting His wrath (Job 37:2-6; 38:22-23; Psalm 148:8; Proverbs 26:1)— were instructed to hold back those winds “until sealing was finished.” As soon as completed, the winds were released (see article “Elements of God’s Love ~ Tsunami”).


If we look for world peace prior to Christ’s return, we look for that which will never happen and, as such, will be unprepared when Christ comes in the clouds. If we look for Israel’s ancient temple to be rebuilt, we look in error; for Daniel 9:20 advises that Christ would portend that the temple destroyed after Him (Matthew 24:1-2). In 70 A.D. the temple was destroyed.


Daniel further stated that the temple would never be rebuilt again: “even until the consummation,” which means not even when Christ returns; and, today, a Moslem Mosque sits on its foundation. Why? Because Christ will not reign here on this old earth while she lies fallow; rather, He takes up His sheep to heaven to remain during her thousand years of Sabbath rest. Additionally, when we return with Him, New Jerusalem will “come down out of heaven and there will be no temple therein; for God and Christ are the temple.” (Revelation 21:1-2,22)


Throughout the New Testament, peace is spoken of as being within a person; as such people behaving peacefully and encouraging peace; as a blessing in the form of “peace be with you” as well as “peace upon the household” of one who accepts the disciples’ teachings of God and Christ and are obedient. If it were possible for every human to be peaceful within and without, there would be no conflicts or wars near and far; however, that is impossible as long as evil reigns on earth.


We are living the years of Revelation 22:11-12, “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, Jesus said, ‘Behold, I come quickly.'”


Therefore, the end days’ instruction to Christ’s sheep is to be fully dressed in God’s Armor while keeping our eyes on the clouds; for Jesus is even at the door and earth has been  “reeling to and fro like a drunkard” for quite awhile (Isaiah 24:19-22). Time is incredibly short; so, let this serve as a heads up to every professed Christian whom God deems cold or lukewarm (Revelation 3:14-22). Repent— repent— repent quickly and totally.


~~ end article


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Pure Organic Logic ~ prophecies fulfilled

Pure Organic Logic

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

In the week of 10 April 2005, truth speakers witnessed fulfillment of one segment of both Daniel and Revelation prophecies, another fulfilled in 1993. First, God’s prophecies come to be interpreted: 1. Only the Holy Spirit can provide understanding; thus, 2. God’s Bible provides interpretive clues scattered randomly throughout its many pages. 

One clue is relevant to the above events: a woman, spoken of in prophecy, is a metaphor representing the church organization— not the people following those various Christian denominations. A virtuous woman represents God’s pure doctrine being taught in Christ’s virginal church: established during His ministry and which continued unblemished as long His Apostles lived. 


A vile woman, Revelation’s great whore and her harlot daughters, stand for Christ’s virginal church defiled by a flood of false doctrines: established during the Apostles’ ministry but not coming to full power until after the death of the last living witness to Christ, Apostle John. Her daughters would later carry her lies around the world: in effect, doing worse than their mother who had confined her lies to the European continent. 


The great whore was fully formed by 200 A.D. and firmly established as a powerful church body endowed with civil power by 348 A.D. Both dates also reflect her installation of a false sabbath as well as changing God’s time of a day being determined from sundown to sundown to that of midnight to midnight. As Daniel warned, “They hope to changes times and law.” 


Since 1844, the world of Christendom has known and declared the identity of the antichrist’s representative, yet over the years began to silence themselves in fear of their connection to her being discovered. A glaring spotlight shown upon the great whore as well as her harlot daughters, who stood at the fringes of this bright revelation light; the daughters secure to their mother’s umbilical cord. Satan spoke boldly through his queen via his prince and those beneath the prince. Did not God speak and act through His prince Christ of His virginal queen, Christ’s church? So does Satan speak through his vile queen. 


Pope John Paul II, who died on 05 April 2005, in an interview several years ago said, “I am pure organic logic. Take it or leave it.” What does this statement tell God’s Truth seekers and speakers about Pope John; rather, for whom he spoke? Review Webster’s definitions of the words “pure” and “organic,” which should lend a bit of comprehension to this Pope’s underlying message while revealing the one who spoke through him. 


Pure: adj. 1. Free from anything that adulterates, taints, impairs, etc; unmixed; clear. 2. simple, mere. 3. utter; absolute; sheer; 4. free from defects; perfect; faultless. 5. free from sin or guilt; blameless. 6. virgin or chaste. 7. of unmixed stock; pure-blooded. 9. in the Bible, ceremonially undefiled. n. that which is pure. —SYN. see chaste. 


Organic: adj. 2. inherent, inborn. 3. organized, systematically arranged. 5. derived from living organisms. 7. producing or involving alteration in the structure of an organ, opposed to functional. organical disease: visible structural changes. organism: an organism’s own dynamic system constitutes life, opposed to mechanism, vitalism. 


Humans are organic beings, meaning the body has solidified substance; however, the human flesh has no life of its own— unless or until a non-organic spirit being is placed within each, thus giving life to a flesh body made up of various earth-based organisms. Spiritual beings are pure energy with neither a visible form nor made up of substance or earth-based organisms: albeit, they can manifest a visible form. Therefore, the Pope’s “pure, organic logic” must be construed as that of flawed mankind’s, as opposed to God’s pure spiritual logic. 


Was the Pope a pure man; free from sin that adulterates, taints and impairs? Was he perfect, without fault, ceremonially undefiled? According to God’s Word, the only pure person ever to walk upon this earth was Jesus Christ; who was of an immaculate birth, thus not born of sin, and He never sinned against God during His short lifetime by violating and/or changing any of His Father’s Laws: therefore ceremonially pure. 


A man conceived in the traditional manner and born of a woman never can claim the perfection and holiness of God and His Christ. While we can grow up into Christ’s perfection, we nevertheless always will bear scars of our past sins as long as we wear these fleshy, restrictive, tattered garments. Christ had no past, present or future sins therefore bore no scars of sin. 


Consequently, to have added organic to his self-description, Pope John subtly revealed that he spoke man’s logic, Satan’s as it were, which is opposed to God’s reasoning: the former blemished, the latter perfect. Before Bibles were available to laymen, Papal Rome made structural, weighty changes to God’s times and laws, over 1900 years ago: as Daniel, Jesus and His Apostles warned. All previous Popes as well as John Paul agreed to these changes by virtue of their individual compliance as well as working to convince the world of Christendom that these blasphemous changes were by divine power: for the most part, to which all organized, incorporated Christian denominations adhere. 


This charge of guilt is the same as God having charged guilty of murder those who did not actually do the killing of His ancient prophets, or all unrepentant sinners being judged guilty of Christ’s death. God’s judgment is based on each individual having supported the original perpetrators by adhering to their falsehoods: thus are all future generations judged by behaviour deeming them an accessory to murder after the fact. 


Say Gary confesses to Joe that he committed a murder but hasn’t been caught. If Joe does not report Gary to law enforcement, then Joe can be charged as an accessory after the fact to that murder, thus rendering Joe also subject to Gary’s punishment. 


God’s court of Law functions no differently. If you know God’s Truth and do not adhere to it as well as don’t shout it from rooftops, then you are just as guilty as those who changed God’s Law and you will be subject to their everlasting penalty. Daniel made it undeniably clear what we were to look for in order to identify false prophets and teachers: times and laws, the most vital being law; for within God’s law is His seal. 


If the seal is not intact within the Statutes of Life, then it is NOT God’s Law: study the fourth Precept to discover the seal, then compare it to what is being taught; and, if not being taught, then look to that which is being observed by a monkey-see-monkey-do mentality: Exodus 20:8-11. 


Lucifer was given 2300 years in which to deceive the world, in the midst of which 1260 years would be done through his queen and her daughters. They would convince the world of lies in God’s name. It would be these 1260 years during which God’s fourth Statute was presented changed and the majority of earth’s Christian population would obey said changes. However, God’s truth was being preserved by small flocks hiding “in the wilderness” during those years, prepared to preach it again when it was time. 


Bear in mind, Bibles were forbidden to laymen; therefore, the non-clergy population had to accept whatever came from their chosen pulpit: which means that, up until the Truth was preached again, all those violating the fourth commandment were not held accountable for it: UNLESS they had encountered one of the small flocks and had heard God’s Truth. This is not to say they were judged wholly innocent, for there might have been other ongoing sins that would have rendered them guilty thus marked twice dead. 


Preaching the Truth again began in 1844 through 1991, the Philadelphia church age, by then the Bible having been widely available and circulated since 1611. And, while man’s trial and sealing has been completed, for we are now in the last church era of Laodicea, the Truth continues to be spoken to those lukewarm or cold around the globe: these being the ones whom God is saying, “Come out of her.” This means to fully comply with God’s Doctrine, wholly giving up all ties to the great whore and her harlot daughters. 


To be lukewarm is to know and obey God’s Law out of duty instead of love and faith thus believing obedience is all it takes: these are in danger of being spewed out of God’s mouth, meaning that if they don’t repent they shall perish in the end. One who is cold believes in God and Christ yet feels that some part of what he or she has been taught was only a part: a sense of something missing, as it were. God prefers that one be either hot or cold; there being more hope for the cold in that a cold person will seek warmth, look for that which is missing and, upon finding it, he or she instantly will embrace it. 


More revealing in recent statements by John Paul, provided after his death by the media, his Cardinals revealed the identity of who spoke through him and them; albeit, it was done very cleverly. They declared Pope John as the “Universal Church Leader” and “Prince of the Church” and “Christ among us.” These titles are nothing new, always having been a matter of Vatican record— all previous Popes carried the same titles— yet none have ever been made in such a public manner and, certainly, not as blatantly as during the second week of April 2005. 


Earth is a mere dot in the universe thus the heavens are included in “Universal Church Leader,” indicating Satan finally and boldly had declared himself to the world as God and did so through Papal Rome’s prince who had just died. Then, by virtue of declaring himself “Christ among us,” the Destroyer metaphorically ascended to God’s throne upon Pope John’s demise: portended in Isaiah 14:13-14 and Daniel 7:23-25, 11:36. Lucifer’s ascension is only metaphoric, for he never can truly achieve such a lofty position. 


What we have here is an elaborate veil of illusion that most Christians cannot see beyond. Alas, they expect to literally see Satan himself performing great miracles, then before their very eyes he turns as ugly as his personality. Satan is far too devious to reveal his spiritual form. After all, his expertise is in the creation of illusions and lies. Although, Satan’s miracles have and are being performed through his various princes/ministers. As Paul warned, “Do not be surprised that Satan can manifest himself as an angel of Light or that his ministers can do the same.” 


Look around, pay attention: they’ve been achieving miraculous healings, but not by the power of God nor even according to His instructions about using the gift of healing. One must have God’s seal in order to have the power of God. Lucifer has been performing miracles also through doctors and nations’ armaments; again, not by the power of God. Satan’s miracles differ on several levels from those Christ performed, mainly because Satan’s are illusions meant to deceive while Christ possessed the power of God designed to reveal God’s power and to identify Him as God’s Son. Stop looking for more than there should be, just as Israel looked for more than there should have been when the promised Messiah arrived. They missed Him, at least the majority did. 


By her bold behaviour, not only has the great whore declared herself a queen that cannot be overthrown, see Revelation 18:7, but her princes have declared themselves Christ: both of which Jesus charged as being false prophets and false Christs in Matthew 23-24. Her harlot daughters Pagan and Protestant do the same, although much more subtly and by diverse means: in order to conceal their familial bond, both parental and sibling. After all, even the sisters deny each other. Satan’s house is divided, as Christ declared in Luke 11:17-18, and it will fall to utter destruction as Christ crosses earth’s skies from east to west. Satan’s house is Revelation’s Babylon in three parts: Papal, Pagan, Protestant. How much more divided can that be? 


Pagan and her like sisters are blatant in following Papal laws while denying God and His Christ altogether. After all, the Vatican is riddled with Pagan’s icons, black rituals, and consuming superstitions of Wiccan, Druidism, and all other false religions. 


Protestant, however, is the more devious of Papal daughters; in that she and her like sisters quietly adhere to Papal laws and times as well as by deed, more than word, encourage their followers to do the same— rather than God’s Laws written in stone with His own finger. Protestant and her sisters overtly deny familial ties with their mother as well as her sister Pagan. 


One daughter denies both mother and God yet follows her mother’s ways; the other daughter denies mother and sister yet also follows her mother’s ways while contrarily declaring God and His Christ: albeit, she does use her pagan sister’s trinkets and icons as well as observes her heathen festivals, all in the name of Christ. 


Think not? Consider one example: as is Christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving, Easter also is another pagan festival, one dedicated to pagan sun gods; a floating day celebrated in Christ’s name by Protestant on 27 March 2005 in exchange for Passover, the first fixed day of which is 24 April of 2005. Christ observed Passover and instructed His sheep to do the same: “as often as you will, do it in remembrance of me.” There is more. 


False prophets and false Christs are revealed through God’s Law untouched. If it is taught and lived as it was “given in the beginning,” then the prophets are as true as Christ was true and as His Apostles and their proselytes were true. Contrarily, if the Law is taught with changes therein, then the prophets are false. Additionally, false Christ’s are those willing to be considered Christ while merely a church leader. 


Apostle Paul warned of these “men,” finding only one good thing to say about them: “They preach Jesus.” Christ said of them, “For all the good you do, I do not know you.” And, He warned the people of His day against Jewish Pharisees and Scribes, which also applies to Christian leadership today, and it is for the very same reason that He does not know the great whore and harlot daughters and the people refusing “to come out of her:” 


“You appear as white sepulchres with your commandments and traditions of men taught in God’s name, and the people love your smooth words; but, you are full of dead men’s bones.” This is to say, the great whore and her harlot daughter Protestant appear as Christ’s light but they teach lies for God, thus they condemn their own followers to a sentence of twice dead: UNLESS they “come out of her” to follow only God’s Law of Liberty. Avowed pagans already are so sentenced, although in their midst might be some lost sheep. If so, those lost sheep will embrace God’s Truth the “instant they hear it.” 


Another prophecy, fulfilled back in 1993, was first portended by Daniel and reiterated by Christ. Jesus and the Apostles had just left the holy temple and were walking in the city of Jerusalem when Christ said, “When you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel, standing in this holy place, then flee to the mountains and watch for me to come in the clouds.” 


“Abomination of desolation” is another title Satan bears; however, the person or entity we must look to is one of his ministers who only appears to be Light and functions as the leader of Revelation’s great whore. Over the centuries there have been many such ministers, each having assumed the blasphemous titles of the one who reigned before him; much like the king or president of a nation hands said titled to the next man or woman to fill that national leadership role. The minister in question here would be a part of having distorted God’s Word by supporting blasphemous changes to God’s Law as well as His times and teaching same to the world and its denominational followers. 


It is a matter of record that Papal Rome changed God’s Law and times, making it the mother synagogue of the “abomination of desolation.” Therefore, the man/minister we look for, relative to this particular prophecy, would be Papal Rome’s highest leader. Pope John Paul was seen standing at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall in 1993, an event that was not reported worldwide at the time; news film clips of this his second visit, since 1991, were not reported in the United States until after his demise. This event reveals Christ about to come in the clouds. 


The instruction to “flee to the mountains” was qualified with, “making sure your flight is not on the Sabbath day.” Therefore, two things are revealed: 1) the most unsafe places to be in these end days are global cities, validated by local and world news every day; and, 2) the admonition to not flee on God’s seventh day Sabbath brings to bear the importance of this day, meaning it is not to be disobeyed even during troublous times. That, and it is God’s Seal; thus, all who are impressed with His Seal would not disobey His and Christ’s Sabbath just to avoid possible trouble or even death. Review Hebrews, chapter four. 


In the end, it is not God who causes the second death of all who did not embrace His and Christ’s Truth; rather, it is Satan himself “who slays his own.” God is true, His righteousness above all, His judgments just: God is love, for only love speaks truth and warns those who are not living in accordance with His and Christ’s Doctrine; which is one and the same as that which God gave in the beginning, written by His own finger on tablets of stone (Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5), the same Law that God said would be “magnified and made honorable” by Christ: then Christ said, “Do my Father’s will.” 


God’s will always has been obedience to only His Ten Commandments from a fleshy heart of love, whereupon are written His Law: “circumcision of the heart,” as it were. To “magnify” is to live the Law, and to make “honorable” is to teach others to live it. Jesus lived God’s Law and He taught us to do the same. Jesus then said, “Whoever obeys God’s Law and teaches the same will be called great in heaven.”

~~ end article

For a complete spiritual interpretation of The Revelation, consider getting a copy of– Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law— which can be ordered from any local or online bookstore. does offer the lowest pricing.


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God’s Fourth Precept

GOD’S FOURTH PRECEPT: excerpt “Truth Gathering” ©copyright 1998 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C., exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible containing all critical-to-salvation subjects. Abbreviated version of CHAPTER TWELVE: Saturday vs. Sunday, pgs. 191-202; scripture quotes replaced with references only, in most cases, that this may be as brief as possible: reduced to 3.5 pages

In order to render specific clarity to the fourth Commandment, only those scriptures relevant to God’s seventh day Sabbath are referenced together with appropriate notes and notations made in the midst of and at the end of this chapter, which notes are separated by these [ brackets ].

Do not assume, due to so much emphasis placed on the fourth Commandment, that it means the other nine are in no way being violated. To violate the least of the Ten is to be guilty of them all; however, the fourth Precept is a crucial law in that it directly relates to Daniel’s prophecy and it is the only law blatantly changed by mankind. Albeit, the second Statute was literally deleted, making the fourth the third and leaving only nine Laws. In order to make Ten, the tenth was then divided into two precepts. Revelation’s great whore is very crafty, for it was all done when the general populace had no Bibles of their own.

The reason for the change is obvious. If Satan can fool most of the people into believing that God’s day does not matter, then he succeeds in causing a violation wholly unacceptable to our Father and Saviour. Guilty: guilty nonetheless and despite being blind. Therefore, the reader is urged to open their eyes that they might see, their ears that they might understand, and their heart that they might obey God’s truths and only His.

According to God, His Sabbath begins at sundown Friday and extends to sundown Saturday; while Satan’s counterfeit extends from midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday (for which there is no Biblical authority). We begin by reiterating the fourth Precept contained in Exodus 20:8-11 and Deuteronomy 5:12-14.

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy, six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: but the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it. {Ref: Romans 14:5-6 to understand the significance of the Lord’s Sabbath Day, plus scriptural confirmations begin below}

ENDURING CONFIRMATIONS: For comprehension, please look up and read each of the scriptures referenced

Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 16: 23,25,26,27-28,30; 23:12; 23:23; 31:13-17; 34:21; 35:2; Leviticus 19:3-4; 19:30; 23:3; 26:1; Numbers 15:16; Deuteronomy 5:12-14; 13:3-4; Nehemiah 9:13-14; 10:31; 13:14-18; Psalm 111:7-10; 119:150-152; Ecclesiastes 12:13-14; Isaiah 56:1-7; 58:2-8,10,13-14; 66:22-23; Jeremiah 17:21-22; Ezekiel 18:21; 20:12; 20:20; 23:38; Hosea 8:1

Matthew 5:17-20; 7:21; 12:8, 50; 15:3-11; 24:20-21

[Concerning the above scriptures in Mathew, Jesus was prophesying about future events, specifically the tribulation spoken of in Revelation. Since that event is occurring in our generation where the moral majority believe the day doesn’t matter and the Ten Commandments no longer stand, why would Jesus caution us to avoid fleeing on the sabbath day? Logic concludes that the Sabbath does matter and obedience still is required— even in times of trouble. Actually, especially in times of trouble! ] 

Matthew 28:1; Mark 1:21

[With respect to Matthew and Mark, we not only are to do as Christ said but we also must do as Christ did! The above scripture is just one of many which set out Christ’s obedience to the fourth statute. Are we so much better than Christ that we, a mere speck of dust, have the right to throw out one commandment because it isn’t convenient for us? It make us too noticeable thus Sunday is a better day? Why, we aren’t even worthy to tie Jesus’ shoes! ]

Mark 2:27-28

[We must understand that Jesus was NOT saying that the Sabbath was made for our own enjoyment and pleasure. Surely it is obvious by now that its observance marks us as belonging to God as well as serves as our demonstration to Him that we undeniably claim Him as the ONE TRUE GOD. So, of course, it was made for man! ]

Mark 3:4; 3:35; 6:2; 7:6-9, 13 {Remember the Lord saying this very thing back in the Old Testament?} Luke 4:16; 6:5-6; 6:9-10; 13:10; 13:14-16


[Please note in the previous scriptures Jesus has in no way referred to labor designed for personal gain. It is a simple fact that all living things need food and water even on the Sabbath day. That is not considered labor for personal gain but rather caring for. Reflect logically on the wording of the fourth commandment as well as the scriptures indicating that on that day we are to turn away from doing our own pleasures and work for personal gain, even speaking our own words. Jesus meant nothing other than caring for another and the body we inhabit. In the following scriptures Christ makes it clear that by doing something for another knowing there is no personal gain is to be rewarded in heaven. ]



Luke 14:1-5,11,14; 16:17; 23:54-56; John 3:33-35; 4:23-24; 7:16-17; 12:49-50; 13:15; 14:10; 14:15

[ Concerning the above group of scriptures, interestingly and contrary to popular opinion, even the Apostles and Gentiles, Greeks and other heathens they converted, kept the true Sabbath according to the fourth commandment, as will be shown in abundance throughout the book of Acts.  ]

Acts 5:29-30; 13:14-15; 13:42,44; 16:13; 17:2; 18:4-5; 21:24; 24:16; Romans 1:31-32; 2:13-15; 3:31; 7:7,12-13,22; 8:4; Ephesians 5:3,9; Philippians 2:5-8; I Thessalonians 5:21-22; I Timothy 4:16; II Timothy 3:1-5; Titus 1:14-16; Hebrews 4:1-11; 13:9; James 2:10; 2:14,24; I John 2:3-7; 3:4-6; 3:8; 5:2-3; II John 1:6; Revelation 2:9;  7:2-3; 12:17; 14:12; 22:14

Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.


NOTES: Denominational preachers, pastors, priests and theologians call Sabbath keepers “legalists” or “fanatics” or “cults,” as though Sabbatarians commit some heinous crime against Christ and the Holy Spirit. Yet, right there in the above scriptures, it says, WE KNOW WE LOVE GOD WHEN WE OBEY HIS COMMANDMENTS: those given from the beginning. By that same love, we know we love God’s children. Thus, the two royal Laws of Love are demonstrated as fulfilled when we obey His Commandments.


God’s Precepts are TEN, which includes the Fourth Sabbath Statute. Should we then assume that because Sunday keepers appear to obey nine of the Ten, they too should be labeled “legalists, fanatics, and cults?” Contrarily, they are not so tagged. Their logic is no logic at all: for only “doers of the whole Law are justified.”


Readers are challenged to find 10 single spaced 8.5×11-inch pages of Biblical scriptures declaring the Fourth Precept no longer applicable since Christ; OR, to find 48 single spaced 8.5×11-inch pages of Biblical scriptures clearly stating that all the Ten Statutes no longer apply. It cannot be done: short of finding perhaps 3 or 4 scriptures taken totally out of context and grossly distorted to support such blasphemous claims. Nonetheless, the challenge is issued herewith.


It is a fact that among ministers of God’s Word who choose to preach the Truth—declaring the Ten Precepts and the faith of Jesus, which includes the seventh day Sabbath— as being required of all Christians, they are promptly fired from their pastoral positions. This Pen personally knows two such ministers to whom this happened: a former Methodist preacher and a former Church of Christ pastor. There is no telling how many others like them there are throughout the world. The two I know of are truly blessed with stripes for Christ. It is written: “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins…of her plagues.” Even so, come, Lord Jesus!


During an October 2000 TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) broadcast, a pastor stated that when a person acknowledges the truth of God’s Word but still rejects it in their personal life, they do not reject it from an intellectual standpoint but rather refuse truth from an immoral position. This is to say, they understand intellectually that what they have heard or read is true AND even agree that the bearer of truth has clearly made his or her point. However, the hearer declines to act upon those truths because it adamantly does not fit into this world after which they lust.


The saddest thing is that while the pastor made a very profound and true statement, he himself abstains from the whole of our Lord’s truths: if for no other reason than he teaches-by-implication that Sunday is the Lord’s Sabbath. As far as our Creator Father is concerned, part truth is as unacceptable as a lie. One lie renders the whole a lie. God says, “Only the whole truth and nothing but the truth shall set you free of Satan’s bondage, that you may be admitted through the gates of heaven to eternal life.”


God’s people are “peculiar,” stand out like a bright neon light. More importantly, they lust after heaven: adamantly denying all of this world. It is interesting that one of the many behaviors, which causes the sheep so much notice as well as being called names throughout Christendom, is their unfailing obedience to the Fourth Statute of Life, of Liberty: God’s and Christ’s Sabbath, the seal of the One True Living God, the very emblem indicating WHICH God it is we serve. The sheep care not about going to dinner on Friday night or after church on Saturday. Nor do they care that they do not frequent malls or shop on the seventh day or traverse golf courses during His holy convocation.


Need more proof? Then read on, for God’s Sabbath day represents far more than one might first think: see article posted 08-24-06 by copying and pasting this and the following links into your browser: “Seal of the Living God”   > also consider reading “When Is the Lord’s Day” at which includes this pen’s personal testimony of learning this Truth. Then you might want to read “Why, Oh Why?” at for it just might change your thinking and behaviour.


Where do you stand? What is your position? Intellectual and immoral? OR, intellectual and moral? The message is the same for one and all who profess to be Christians: “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins . . . of her plagues.” To be a partaker of her plagues means certain and utter destruction, to-wit: the second death.




~~ end article



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Why, Oh Why?

        Why do you not understand what I say? What form of logic do you apply and from whom does it come? Why do you contradict your self in order to validate your charge that I speak and act in error? And, from whom do you derive the power to warn others against the Holy Spirit’s teachings I deliver?

        It is illogical for Christ to have lived and taught God’s Law, yet you charge me as a legalist because I choose to follow in His steps by doing His Father’s will. Contrarily, you agree I should not steal or lie or covet or commit adultery; that I should honor my parents and have no part in idolatry. Are those not nine of God’s Ten Statutes? Specifically, the first three and the last six?

        In that I do obey the Law against those sins, oddly you do not say I am a legalist. Yet, the moment you learn I also obey the fourth Precept, that I be obedient to all Ten of God’s Statutes, you contradict yourself and condemn me as a legalist.

        Where is the logic in such contradictions; and is not contradiction the work of the Devil? And, if you would avoid any form of idolatry, why would you observe a day that is wholly given over to pagan gods and observe their heathen festivals and decorate your buildings and homes with their icons?

        Your form of logic escapes me, for the Bible states clearly that Jesus spoke of no other day; that we must enter into the seventh day Sabbath rest so as not to set an example of unbelief. Contrarily again, you attempt to validate your blasphemous day by saying that Love is all that matters and cite misinterpreted scriptures to support each lie.

        How is it you do not understand what I say? One obeys God’s Law because of Love and having the mind of Christ; for where love is feigned His Law will not be wholly obeyed; only part instead of parcel. Then feigned love sets out to excuse and accuse, for their hatred is great against Love. Oh, how I understand the frustration Jesus felt when He asked the same question.

        From whom do you derive the power to warn others against the Holy Spirit’s teachings I deliver? Only Lucifer is full of hatred and alters God’s Word and speaks in contradictions. And, in these end days, only Satan would have you charge me as a blasphemer and a false prophet and doing the Devil’s work; the same with which he had Christ charged and executed.

        Do you not understand what you are doing? Do you not comprehend that, ultimately, you will have the likes of me killed, and think you are doing it for God? Do you not understand it is written in the prophecies of these end days? You are fulfilling them to your own conviction of twice dead.

        Oh, Lord, how I wish they would listen and heed and change their ways. Nevertheless, Father, please forgive them, for they know not what they do. In Jesus precious name, Father, I give them over to Satan, that their flesh be destroyed that their spirits might be saved.

~~ Amen and amen.


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From Adversities to Blessings

©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

brief excerpt of Truth Gathering, Vol. II (not yet available)


AKJV-Ecclesiastes 7:13-14 ~~ paraphrased for comprehension~~ “Consider the work of God, who has established adversity to balance, which is to measure, your righteousness; so that, in the end, man will find nothing greater than God.”

No doubt Christians suffer adversity, at least until their true colors are revealed. Are they proven white as snow or are they found with Christ’s blood on their hands? True believers will suffer adversity throughout their lives. The tests, of course, begin small and, in time, the intensity increases. A test can be as simple as a problem with a coworker or  boss or  spouse or child, or a test can be as great as the death of a loved one or our own life threatened by another or health issues, such as diseases man considers deadly.

Just because we “say” we believe in God and believe in Jesus and love them both . . . well, anyone can say the words but only our behaviour validates or invalidates what we say. Adversity in our lives will validate or invalidate our claim of belief. Action. It takes action on our part. To believe that we don’t have to do anything to be saved, except to believe Jesus is the Son of God, is the greatest lie among Satan’s deadly arsenal. Anyone who hangs onto that lie is marked for slaughter.

Nehemiah 13:2 reminds us of God having brought curses upon Israel, due to their disobedience and defilement of both His Law and His temple. Bear in mind, the only Law with which God is concerned is that which He wrote with His own finger upon stone tablets. After Israel repented, God then turned their afflictions into blessings. There are numerous citations in the Old Testament of God giving blessings following adversities.

Acts 7:9-10 speaks of Joseph having been sold into Egypt’s slavery by his own brothers who envied him. God delivered Joseph from this undeserved adversity by bestowing the blessing of wisdom upon Joseph, which caused Egypt’s Pharaoh to find favor with him. This is an example of adversity that proves to serve the greater good.

II Timothy 3:1,10-12, 14-17 informs that all who live godly in Christ shall suffer afflictions and persecutions; however, the blessing in this type of adversity is that it makes the afflicted one wise about salvation and faith, this latter as demonstrated by Jesus in every way, including His crucifixion.

II Timothy 4:5 urges that we endure afflictions, and rightly so when referring back to Ecclesiastes 7:13-14; for afflictions are the scale by which God determines our level of righteousness. Is it equal to God’s righteousness? Is it equal to Christ’s righteousness? Will we stand through the adversity in a righteous manner, that is to give good for evil, or will we succumb by giving evil for evil?

Jesus informed us, “Be as perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect.” We literally are expected to become “more righteous than the Pharisees.” And, we are consistently tested until we reach God’s level of righteousness; after which we can be presented as a chaste bride to our chaste Groom.

Paul noted in II Corinthians 12:7, these tribulations also are considered thorns meant to keep us humble, in short having come to understand that there is nothing and no one greater than God; where as, having received great gifts of the Spirit might cause one to become arrogant: a sinful attitude of determining self as more special to God than, say, the next person, when no one person is more special than another, and of presenting an attitude of being more knowledgeable than another.

While the latter might be true in many cases, especially if the person is teaching others who do not yet know those things, it is a sin to think of self as more knowledgeable in that the knowledge did not come from self; therefore, it would be akin to setting up self as God: another “weightier matter” of the sin of idolatry. We are nothing and know nothing, save and except the Holy Spirit gives us ALL wisdom and knowledge of God; thus, in all respects the wisdom and knowledge is God’s, making us as nothing more than a vehicle by which He delivers His Truths. The glory is God’s and only God’s.

Reasons for Adversity: the Bible states that we as Christians are “tried in earth’s furnace” until God can see Himself in us. Adversities and afflictions in our lives are the fire of earth’s furnace. Much like raw silver is refined by fire in order to remove waste material, thus revealing the beauty of silver in its purity, so we are refined by fire to remove sin in our lives to reveal the purity of God in us. Accepting as well as enduring those flames then assures us an eternal place in God’s perfect kingdom. Let us look at the reasons for adversity and afflictions of whatsoever nature:

1. To balance the righteous. Adversity reminds Christ’s chosen that, prior to accepting salvation, we were no different than all the wicked in the world. Adversity caused by others also teaches us what behaviours God “hates with a perfect [justified] hate,” that we also come to abhor those sinful ways, making certain we do not do those things again in the remainder of our lifetime. Finally, the evil in this world highlights its opposite, Love, therefore giving us clarity about what is love and how it should NOT act and/or speak.

The recent adversity of their Amish children being murdered in their classroom gave the world an opportunity to witness how love should act and speak: these deaths, then, were for the greater good of the Christian world. However, there also is a personal lesson for the Amish to learn, for they still defy a specific precept in God’s Law.

2. To correct disobedience. A previous lesson found Jesus stating, “You have not chosen me, I have chosen you.” Therefore, as one chosen, we come to Christ riddled with sin and knowing only the basics of His Father’s Doctrine; therefore, while we repent of that which we already know, there remains the weightier matters of God’s Law, of which Jesus spoke but very few Christian leaders have been teaching it.

If we sin unknowingly, then adversity is sent to correct and teach; for we must be presented to the Groom as a chaste virgin when He returns to claim His bride. Otherwise, we would be as the virgins who did not have enough oil for their lamps and were left behind. In other words, our growth into perfection remained incomplete; and, it would remain that way by the choices we make, for in all things we still have the power of choice. So, we either continue to grow by learning and applying what we learn, or we stagnate to ultimately perish.

3. To reveal a greater purpose; as was the case with Joseph and the Amish. Joseph’s adversity was having been sold into slavery for no reason, other than his brothers’ sin of envy/coveting; the greater purpose was to prevent famine in the future, which would have adversely affected his immediate family as well as all of Egypt. Therefore, what might appear as adversity to us, such as losing a home or job, might in fact be occurring for God’s greater purpose: His way of putting us where He needs us to be at any given time. The event of 9/11 should have been a wakeup call for every weak Christian.

Christ’s true sheep see beyond adversity, rather than focusing on adversity. To focus on adversity is to wallow in misery, play the oh-woe-is-me game in the midst of a pity party where a bowl provides pity pills in abundance; but, to see beyond adversity is to know and understand that blessings are waiting on the other side: so, true sheep focus on the expected blessings and this in itself gives them the strength to get through each event; and, they become even stronger with each fire they pass through.

4. To strengthen an anointed ministry. Jesus remained strong in His Father during His short ministry, despite constant persecution and false accusations. Why did He remain strong? Father had told Him to expect to be called a blasphemer, to expect to be accused of doing the Devil’s work, to expect to be labeled a false prophet. So, when persecutions and false accusations began, Christ only grew stronger in those attacks; for they merely confirmed He was doing exactly what His Father wanted Him to do and it was playing out exactly as He had been told it would.

Christ’s executioners unwittingly confirmed that He spoke only His Father’s Truth, and they confirmed to the world that He was, indeed, the Son of God. And, when they hung Him on a cross, He was by then strong enough to endure the death of His body, because He knew His Father would resurrect Him from the dead. After all, everything Father had told Him had proven to be absolute Truth, so there was no reason for Him to doubt.

This is the true test of faith, extreme faith, the spiritual gift of faith. While all Christians are given a “measure of faith,” it takes the “gift of faith” to die for anyone. We who have a measure learn the depths of faith from they who have the spiritual gift of faith; Jesus being the first to have been anointed with this gift: so, we learn from Him and, later, Christ’s Apostles. We learn and grow and exercise our faith until it becomes the gift, or we give up and fall away. John instructed in Revelation that we must take on “the faith OF Christ,” that extreme faith motivating us to die for Christ (see “Faith Times Seven”).

Therefore, when Christ gives us a ministry on His behalf, He already has told us to expect to be treated just as He was treated and that, in the end, some Truth Speakers will die for Him; but, we are assured of the first resurrection, so we have no fear of false accusations, of being labeled blasphemers and false prophets, and no fear of what man can do to our bodies. We know these vile acts validate God’s Seal upon our forehead and a curse upon those who falsely accuse us. Thus, we bless them instead of cursing them. God does the latter, for He said, “It is to your good, and to them a curse.”

5. To instill humility. Paul was the one who pointed this out to us and described the adversities he suffered as a “thorn in my side.” Paul was not one of the twelve Apostles; he was, in fact, chosen as one of the seven ministers to replace Stephen after he was stoned to death. As we all know, Paul was a Pharisee and devote in his religion therefore approving persecution of Christians, who at the time seemed to him to be heretics.

Saul’s absolute devotion was why Christ chose Saul-called-Paul to the Gentile ministry; and, by this selection, Jesus bestowed greater gifts upon Paul than even the Apostles had received. Paul’s unlimited knowledge of God’s Laws and Ordinances as well as those great spiritual gifts easily could have caused Paul to become very arrogant when teaching the Gentiles, who knew absolutely nothing except their own pagan backgrounds.

As a persecutor, Paul was wholly undeserving; thus, Christ told him, “My grace is sufficient for you.” We are no different than Paul. In fact, as former pagans, we are even less deserving; at least Paul believed in God from the beginning; therefore, when we are selected because of some specific knowledge we already have, then are given spiritual gifts to enhance that knowledge for God, it is necessary to have thorns in our side as reminders of where we came from and who really has the power: GOD! In short, there is no one greater than God.

6. To strengthen endurance for perilous times. The more professed Christians endure, the stronger they become each time they pass out of the flames. Or, they turn away from God to avoid the flames; therefore, adversity serves as a garden hoe removing weeds from God’s field of wheat, critically so in this last church age of Laodicea; for Christ’s harvest is about to occur. Those who refuse to endure represent goats who were masquerading as either shepherds or sheep. These will never enter the gates of heaven but, unbeknownst to them, they reveal Christ’s true sheep.

Look at how much Christ endured in order to show us God’s love and promise of redemption. If endurance means death of our flesh body, of which the true sheep have no fear, then we are assured of being in the first resurrection and forever living in paradise. We are living in the most perilous church age, the last one, and this means Satan is in a desperate, foot stomping, violent rage, his cruelty surpassing our wildest imagination. But, know this: our enemies, our attackers, appear to be Christians.

Lucifer knows his time is just about up and he is determined to take down as many sheep as he can. In many ways, he achieves this goal when he physically attacks a true sheep; for those masquerading as sheep then refuse to accept the true sheep’s warnings, more fearful of what Satan will do to them than they are of what God will do to them for having been traitors to God and His Son. Never once do they consider that they have just condemned themselves to being judged twice dead: death of both the body and spirit.

7. To serve as a testimony to God’s sovereignty and infinite power.  True sheep endure and rejoice in all adversities upon them, thus revealing to everyone not only God’s loving and giving character but also His infinite power to overcome evil in this world; whether it be physical or verbal attacks. After all, we could not endure, and certainly not in rejoicing, were it not for having the mind of Christ (see “The Mind of Christ”). As a result, Christ’s true sheep bear fruit of righteous behaviour, as evidenced by obedience to ALL of God’s Law, as well as bearing the fruit of finding and returning either lost sheep and/or those sheep still in the midst of Revelation’s great whore and her harlot daughters.

Don’t forget who these fallen women are: they are the antichrist but appear to be Christ’s church, wolves in sheep’s clothing, as it were. Be reminded of Paul’s warning, “Do not be surprised that Satan can manifest himself as an angel of Light and that his ministers can do the same.” Everything about the Bible relates to the church, not the world as a whole.

From Adversity to Blessings: What are the blessings on the other side of the flames through which we pass time and time again? They are: 

1) God’s existence and power is proven to us every time;

2) We become more righteous, this is to say more obedient to and have great love for His Law, until God can see Himself in us;

3) Our measure of faith begins to grow into a gift of faith;

4) Our strength in God’s Word grows in wisdom concerning salvation and faith until it becomes unshakable and can be taught in Truth, whereas in the beginning it was wobbly and easily questioned with each wayward wind;

5) While we may own nothing of value, we have everything we need of shelter and food and clothing and brethren;

6) We receive valuable gifts of the Spirit to use for God in our ministry on His behalf, these same giving us a good understanding of ALL things (see “God Says, ALL”); and,

7) We discover our particular mission and its ministry moves forth in strength, despite being surrounded by darkness and naysayers and false accusations and even Satan’s attacks against our body and/or by those who claim to be Christians.

It never ceases to amaze this pen for God: every time the Holy Spirit provides a lesson to be shared, the rudiments of it always end up equaling God’s perfect number: seven reasons for adversity and seven blessings for passing through all those painful fires. Just imagine if they were real flames, such as when Daniel and his cohorts were cast into the king’s great oven! Yet, because of their absolute faith in the God they served, they emerged from that oven unscathed and so can we.

There also are thorns in this pen’s side, and justifiably so; and, God has increased my strength through each adversity, even the attacks against my body (see “Blessings in Disguise”) or my financial status (see “One Amazing Day”); and, like every Truth Speaker, I am frequently accused, either in writing or face-to-face, of being a blasphemer and false prophet and doing the Devil’s work: this is where the unshakable part comes in. How kind of them to validate God’s Seal upon my forehead. Even better, though, God always gives me the capacity to see a bit of humor in each battle Satan has waged against me, reducing me to laughter: health to the marrow of my bones.


The point of this lesson: do not focus on the adversity that you may be in the midst of in any given moment, else you will wallow in self-pity and die; focus instead on the blessings to come, focus with expectation and assurance that there will be blessings waiting when you step from that particular fire. By focusing forward and expecting those miracles, we actually come out of the fire much quicker and not nearly as burned as we might have been.


As God said, “I put before you life and death; choose life.” To put this in context with adversity, some adversities might be what man calls deadly diseases and the doctors may have told you that you are dying. God’s opinion does not always agree with man’s. So, in this case, look forward by choosing life and claiming life despite all odds. We might die anyway, but as long as we choose life it will be according to God’s timetable instead of man’s.


“Consider the work of God, who has established adversity to balance, which is to measure, your righteousness; so that, in the end, man will find nothing greater than God.”


~~ end article


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Prophecy In the Elements of God’s Love


Prophecy In the Elements of God’s Love ~~ Tsunami

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

brief excerpt: Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law ~ The Revelation, Laodicea 

@copyright 1999/2003 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.


In 2004 the world experienced one catastrophic event after the other, death and destruction coming from wars but more so through nature’s fury; this latter being God’s arsenal. Until 2005, the world turned a blind eye to what has transpired since the onset of 1991’s Desert Storm, when simultaneous events of 6.5 or greater earthquakes suddenly jumped to 62 before year’s end. By 1997, they topped 93 and continued to increase every year hence. Death tolls, injuries, homelessness and property destruction soared to ten times the norm. God’s love? Indeed, and it will be shown why a loving God.

In 1991, earthquakes caused 3,287 deaths with over 106,000 homeless. Just between January and February of 1999, earthquakes killed over 40,000 and left over 600,000 homeless. From 1991 to 1999, over 85,000 had died and over 3 million were left homeless, plus over 189,000 livestock reported killed in one 1999 event.


In 1998, the National Earthquake Center reported that, for the first time in earth’s history, quakes of some magnitude were occurring every hour somewhere in the world. 1999 changed dramatically, when they announced the earth then quaking nonstop with an event somewhere every thirty-five seconds, and likely even more frequently by 2006. The report concluded, “The earth is reeling like a drunk.” Their statement was almost verbatim of God’s concerning the time drawing near to Christ’s “quick” return: “The earth is reeling to and fro like a drunkard.”


During the same periods covered above, an explosion of volcanoes erupted in various places around the globe: whole islands and villages destroyed with large death tolls. In 1998, Mt. St. Helen’s in the USA steadily increased in activity with greater energy than in 1995. Today it quakes daily while building a lava dome at astronomical rates, a devastating explosion a certainty but unpredictable.


Even Mt. Rainier, deemed the one that will cause the most devastation, and Mt. Hood have been rumbling in unison with Helen. In fact, Rainer’s heat became so intense that it melted a huge glacier in 2001, which carved out a hundred-foot deep gorge down the mountainside before rushing into the Columbia River. And, in the last few weeks of January 2005, several volcanoes in other countries suddenly came to life, spewing hot lava. October 2006: in one week Mt. Rainier shook with a 4.7 earthquake followed by a series of 20+ at magnitudes 2.7 down to 2.0 and still rumbling.


Add to all the above, other events such as never seen before: deadly hurricanes and tornadoes of incredible sizes and frequencies as well as appearing where they’ve never before occurred. Plus, flooding, mudslides, avalanches, global warming causing deadly heat in various places, seas and oceans so poisoned that marine life is dying in huge numbers, fresh water sources so vile that more and more chemicals are added to make it drinkable. Record rains, snowfall such as the unexpected in Buffalo Oct. 2006, wild temperatures, and draughts, and a 6.7 earthquake in Hawaii (also Oct. 2006). Unknown diseases have erupted and flourishing: the list continues to grow at astronomical rates.


Why weren’t all of these early global events televised, instead of just a pitiful few partially reported? At least here in these United States, where freedom of speech rings? In earlier years of this last church age of Laodicea, our country was concerned with what took place only here, thus lulling us into a false sense of well-being. When events began happening even here, our government censored, to minimal reporting, all news-reporting agencies in April 2000, with respect to catastrophic events of war and/or natural disasters.


Uncle Sam’s reason: “We don’t want people to panic.” Seattle’s King5 News provided examples of this limited reporting in a special broadcast at that time: i.e. Desert Storm and the numerous earthquakes that had hit Turkey. Reporting of this latter ceased at a death toll of 15,000, yet it was nearer to 45,000 dead in one single event; plus the region was hit with over 200 more earthquakes in just a few weeks following the big event.


Fortunately and since February 1991, this writer had been conducting intensive research of all the reporting agencies tracking earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and other natural catastrophic events and had printed out much of the data gleaned. This same data is no longer available, except in very brief and incomplete reports, at the various organizations’ websites.


Don’t forget 9/11. Even this was prophesied in Revelation: “the angel cast the fire of his censer, and it fell upon earth— meaning a specific place— the United States: in one hour death, and in one day famine.” Within one hour three planes had hit their targets and death reigned; and, in one day, the stock market plummeted and hunger reigned. But, the dregs of God’s perfect wrath have been poured out since 1991 from the first six of seven vials: they were emptied in 2005. And, as God said, “The wicked will only wax worse.”


“The time is at hand,” for 2005 began worse than 1991 through 2003 combined, with the likes of which “the world has never seen” — a comment made in news broadcasts, yet originally came straight from God’s mouth. A deadly, 9.0 quake set off a tsunami in the Indian Ocean, where there never had been a tsunami.


It affected twelve countries bordering its shores and knocked earth off its axis by one minute, which will cause dramatically greater catastrophes involving natural elements. That tsunami resulted in over 225,000 deaths and thousands still missing, over 471,000 injured, millions homeless, no food and water, children orphaned, whole cities destroyed, and parts of islands disappeared. Biblical proportions: “even the trees are confused.”


Since then, several comments were heard in news reports and elsewhere: 1) “Why, God,” asked repeatedly like an angry mantra; 2) “No, no, not now,” as though people knew exactly what these deadly occurrences meant; God says they do “understand perfectly;” and, 3) “If God is so loving, why is He killing so many innocent people?”


The masses, in ignorance, need someone to blame; so why not blame God? These things are God’s fury finally being poured out upon this corrupted world, just as He vowed to do at an appointed time. As He said, “There must be an end [to evil’s reign].” In Noah’s day, He cleansed earth with a great flood and swore that a final cleansing would occur. This time, however, God will purge evil with purifying fire, preceding Jesus as He crosses our skies taking up His own, while the seventh vial is poured out behind Him.


A loving God? YES. Only a loving God thoroughly teaches all we need to know to avoid evil in order to gain eternal life in paradise. Only a loving God warns, from the very beginning, what will happen if we do not obey Him. According to Isaiah, only a loving God takes the life of His own in order to spare them from horrors to come: prior to Christ taking up His small flocks. Only a loving God is so patient as to wait 6000 years for man to repent. And, only a loving Father follows through with His Word. God is the epitome of a perfect, loving parent.


“Come out of her, my people, so as not to be partakers of her sins and die of her plagues… The time is at hand. I come quickly.” And, scripture has the sheep saying, “Though a 1,000 fall to my left and 10,000 to my right, I shall not fear; and, though this body might die, my Lord shall raise me up again: for I am protected by His full armor.” Do you have His full armor upon you?


What about that piece called Truth, which is God’s Law? And, if you are not sure, then listen to God’s Truth Speakers; most professed Christians are accusing Truth Speakers of committing blasphemy, of being false prophets and of doing the Devil’s work: just as they charged Christ in His day when He warned sinners while teaching only God’s Truth. And, He warned us that if we follow Him we also would be falsely charged.


If you are teaching only God’s Truth, then you should be like persecuted. If you are not, then examine your teachings, for they must be man’s “smooth words” filled with man’s “commandments and traditions lacking the power of God.”


If you want to know all of Revelation’s interpretation, then you might want to get a copy of Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law; which can be ordered from any local or online bookstore. Helpful hint: has the best pricing. Caution: don’t expect your chosen denomination to approve of this interpretation, because it has not one smooth word in it; just hard-hitting Truth meant to snatch you from the fire.


~~ end article 


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MATTHEW, Chapter 1: Some of God’s Secrets Within

MATTHEW, Chapter 1: Some of God’s Secrets Within, learn why it is necessary to not only study God’s Word as He instructs (see August article, God’s Instructions for Study) but also to conduct historical research for clarity. 

Chapter 1 appears simply to cite Christ’s lineage beginning with Abraham up to Jesus’ birth, a genealogical chart most find boring and skip over. A brief reminder of ancient prophecies citing a coming Messiah is included. Our Father provided instructions for a specific manner by which to study His Word, thereby promising to reveal His mysteries and secrets. It safely is assumed that related passages from books such as Luke, Genesis, Exodus and others should be consulted. Thus, Matthew c.1 discloses not only the month of Christ’s birth but the exact dates of His death, resurrection and ascension to heaven (see September article, Christ’s Birth, Death and Resurrection). But, for the purposes of chapter 1, only His birth is discussed in depth.

Additionally, beginning at Adam an approximate passing of earth’s years are disclosed, which will be covered first. And, in all these is detected the true depth of Matthew c.1 while imparting a deeper understanding of God’s mysterious ways in which He works to the good of His children, yet to the destruction of unbelief. “The Truth shall set you free…” of men’s doctrines and traditions, those things the Lord abhors.

Matt. 1:1-17— from Abraham to Jesus is 42 generations (14 x 3). Using the statistical average of 30 years from one generation to the next (14 x 3 x 30) equates to approximately 1260 years having expired at Christ’s birth. But, there is more in…

Luke 3:23-38—sets out Jesus’ lineage beginning with Adam for a total of 74 generations. Additionally, Genesis and Exodus provide 22 exact generations from Adam through Jacob totaling exactly 2636 years, to wit:

Adam was                    130        when Seth was born

Seth                             105                  Enos

Enos                              90                  Cainan

Cainan                           70                  Mahaleel

Mahaleel                        65                  Jared

Jared                            162                  Enoch

Enoch                             60                  Methuselah, the longest living human

Methuselah                   187                  Lamech

Lamech                        182                  Noah

Noah                            500                 Shem (Sem)

Shem                            100                 Arphaxad

Arphaxad                     530                  Sala

Sala                                30                  Heber

Heber (Eber)                  34                  Phalec

Phalec (Peleg)                30                  Ragau

Ragau (Reu)                   32                  Saruch

Saruch (Serug)               30                  Nachor

Nachor (Nahor)             29                  Thara

Thara (Terah)                 70                  Abraham*, the father of nations

Abraham (Abram)        100                  Isaac

Isaac                              60                  Jacob

Jacob                             40                  Juda (Judah)

                                  2636 years

Beginning with Judah up to but not including Jesus, the Bible speaks not a word about those men’s ages when each of their designated heirs were born. It does, however, provide sufficient clues to determine not only the year in which Christ was born but as well the very month yet not the exact day. There is a very valid reason for these Biblical omissions, which will be discussed later. Therefore, adding a statistical figure for the unknowns to the exact sum, an approximate passage of time from Adam up to but not including Jesus reflects approximately 4196 years have expired of earth’s 6000 years time allotment: 74 generations minus 22 known years times 30 plus 2636 known years = 4196 years, that is  [74 – 22 = 52 x 30 = 1560 + 2636 = 4196].

Earth has 6000 years? That too is scripturally proven but should be covered in another Bible study. Nevertheless, c.1 also leads to Christ’s birth. In order to achieve accuracy, it is only logical that a Hebrew calendar be applied to God’s Word. After all, Hebrews wrote the Bible thus all Biblical dates are based on their calendar. To use any other, such as today’s Gregorian, would produce falsehood. Note, however, that the Hebrew calendar is in use even today and, always, Sunday is the first day of the week and Saturday the seventh day: lending validity to observing Saturday as the Lord’s Day.

The only differences between Hebrew and Gregorian calendars are number of days in each month as well as which month is deemed first of a new year. The Gregorian new year begins with January while the Hebrew begins with September. Gregorian months contain from 28-31 days and the Hebrew alternates between 29-30. By these differences are Biblical interpretations often made in error or an outright lie taught. A perfect example is teaching that no one knows when Christ was born, which is a bold-faced lie. ALL theologians thus ALL tutored pastors do know. They know a lot more than ever will be taught from their global pulpits. And, they have a very valid reason for keeping quiet! God’s Truth reveals them for who they really are amidst the church.

Matt. 1:18-21— finds Mary pregnant and unmarried, yet Joseph is directed to marry her anyway, the former finding which leads us to…

Luke 1:26-31 and 2:6— v.26-31 reveal that angel Gabriel came to Mary in the 6th month, at which time she conceived by way of the Holy Ghost. Without getting into scripture validating Gabriel acting in God’s power as the Holy Ghost, which also is another Biblical lesson, nonetheless he did and still does, therefore supporting the premise of Mary’s conceivement when Gabriel came to her. Further, there is no word that he came to her yet a second time, thus it had to have occurred at that moment.

The Hebrew calendar cites the 6th month as Adar or February of the Gregorian calendar. C.2, v.6 states that Mary fulfilled her period of gestation at the time she and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem for government taxation, without any mention of problems tending to suggest early or late delivery. Therefore, accepting her gestation period as normal and applying the appropriate time frame to begin sometime in Adar (February), it concludes that Jesus was born at a time in Cheshvan (October) of 3BC. The year is determined by who was ruling as king at the time of Christ’s birth, which is confirmed via validated historical records providing not only king Herod’s reigning years but also the date of his death. The latter is important to Christ’s return from hiding in Egypt and his appearance in the temple at age 12, also another Bible study lesson.

In summary of verses 1-21: discovered has been Jesus’ genealogy, the approximate passage of years up to His birth and the time of His birth. Further, it should be noted that October in the Holy Lands is the same October we all know: autumn, the last month of harvest time (Aug-Oct), a warm season when shepherds’ flocks still would be in the fields. Winter there was and remains the same as ours and their winter temperatures are very cold, thus flocks are brought in from the fields and stabled during those months. So, why are nativity scenes always set in snowy winter conditions as well as timed for the month of December? There is not one supporting Biblical scripture validating such a time or condition, yet there are sufficient to support autumn’s harvest time. Harvest time also is a key feature of prophecy. Ah, but these too are other Bible study lessons. Nonetheless, now comes:

Matthew 1:22-23— wherein ancient portents predicting a coming Messiah are referred to by way of supporting evidence that Mary indeed carries that Messiah who shall be called Emmanuel (Immanuel), interpreted “God with us.” Every book of the Old Testament cites a little or a lot regarding a Saviour who one day would save God’s people from their sins, even Genesis. The latter first alludes to Christ as well as to His battle with Lucifer in c.3, v.15. From there and throughout the Old Testament, clues begin to gain in both momentum as well as containing more definitive information.

Matthew 1:24-25— then confirms that Joseph did as the Lord commanded and married Mary. We are enlightened, however, that Joseph did not know his wife intimately until after Jesus was born. Why? Christ’s conception and birth was to be of a virgin. Had Joseph known his wife prior to Jesus’ birth, she no longer would have been a virgin and God’s Word would have become a lie.

It should seem obvious now that the first chapter of Matthew contains much more than the naked eye first reads, as does every book and chapter of the Bible. But more, this chapter should raise a lot of questions in the minds of all Christians seeking only God’s Truth as opposed to the smooth words of “men’s doctrines and traditions”, all of which ultimately will be answered as Bible studies continue. One question can be answered in summary…

Why didn’t God just cite all the facts in one book or chapter? If He had, two things might have happened: 1) Lucifer would have made it impossible for the layman to have their own Bible because they might discover the truth about him and his ways; and, 2) vessels of dishonour might “discover the truth and obey, yet only marginally” (lukewarm). What better way to assure they do not than by hiding His Truths throughout the Bible and then instructing only His children in how to glean said Truth in whole?

~~ Thus, Matthew 1 is concluded.


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I Hate Housework!

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

. . . But! I love a clean home. So, I don’t clean house: never scrub sinks, commodes and tubs or spend time looking for misplaced items. Think I have a maid? Nope. Instead, I keep a clean house. Does this sound redundant? Well, it really isn’t. Some call me Queen of Clean; but, more often, I’m accused of being obsessive-compulsive about cleaning: although, they’ve never seen me at the task. By definition and experience as a counselor, this would mean I’m cleaning round the clock what already is clean. Remember: I hate housework! Besides, with MS and a host of other maladies, I look for the easy way out.

I’m a typical Gemini with myriad interests, which I actively pursue; so, I’m not about to spend every waking moment cleaning: mother, grandmother, author, counselor, director of both TSaS and Lighthouse of Prayer; poet; personally maintain an acre of beautiful lawn and gardens; shopping, crochet; go out with friends, help others; and, amidst all these activities, my abode stays immaculate, laundry done, and even cook for myself as well as care for my ferrets— one ailing with cancer for the last two years.

Some might say, “Well, obviously, you don’t have a husband and kids to pick up after.” Well, I do have Cocoa and Princess; but, no, I don’t; albeit, for many years I certainly did— even used cloth diapers, instead of throw-aways, with three children— and nothing was any different then than it is now. My children were taught from the cradle up; and, any parent who isn’t doing this is in for a very bumpy ride and many disappointments as well as heartaches: not to mention kids who are ill prepared for adult reality.

I’d much rather spend my time doing things I love, such as playing with the kids; thus, over the years I’ve developed a number of tricks to maintaining a sparkling home with very little effort or time involved. How about approximately an hour each day, most times far less? What I offer here not only applies to our homes but our jobs as well.

The first trick is to look at chores or tasks in terms of minutes, as opposed to hours, the latter of which can be overwhelming and cause one to put off. Next, be well organized: everything has a place and everything in its place. You say you aren’t organized? Then get organized: one room at a time. It takes less time to return something to its place than it does to set it down willy-nilly, then later have to waste time just to find and put it away. Being organized aids speed; for efficiency organize closets, drawers, desks and cabinets.

Also, clean from the back of the house to the front, including vacuuming, carrying anything with you that needs to be put away, washed, or thrown away: such as an empty glass on the night table, carrying a bag to empty wastebaskets, etc. No backtracking. Dusting is the last thing done. As for husband and children: they should be a part of maintaining the home you each share— no one should be classified as the maid.

Remember I said I don’t scrub sinks, commodes/toilets or tubs/shower stalls. When finished with a sink, dry it out before hanging up the towel. Before drying self off and while still in the shower or tub, towel down the tub or shower including those shiny fixtures; which prevents corrosion and they always shine— within this couple of minutes, you already are dry: better for our skin to air dry, which prevents overly dry skin! This keeps fixtures clean thus scrubbing unnecessary. It also eliminates even the possibility of dangerous mold forming, which ultimately will get inside walls where it can’t be cleaned.

As for commodes, simply keep the brush nearby and every few days or so, when you happen to be there, swish it around the bowl then take a small bit of toilet paper to wipe of splashed moisture; which effectively cleans the seat and rim. Boys and men really don’t have to stand to do their business: besides, their aim is terribly off the mark! If they insist upon standing, then they should clean up their mess, including the spattered walls.

Another trick: do not wear shoes indoors. People really don’t mind removing their shoes inside the door when they know their feet or socks will not get black walking on filthy floors! Quickly vacuum daily as well as run a damp mop over tile floors: this also will prevent carpet and tile from wearing out, keeping it in like-new condition. I hate to waste money by having to replace something that, if it had been properly cared for, otherwise would not have needed replacing. I think of better ways to spend money. Nevertheless, if something gets spilt on the floor, immediately wipe up with a damp rag.

Every six months, dry shampoo carpets and strip tile floors of old wax. Apply a thin coat of Turtle Paste Wax for cars, buff it, then apply two coats of Johnson Clear Wax: the floors look like they have a sheet of glass over them and will remain this way with just daily damp mopping for the next six months— never any wax build up in corners, etc. This does not apply to self-shine tile or linoleum. About four hours work twice a year.

Laundry is done when a load accumulates: for those with children, it will mean doing at least one load daily— immediately folded as taken from the dryer and properly put away. Do not, under any circumstances, take out all the dry laundry and pile it somewhere else to be folded: this takes much more time and causes procrastination.

Clean up the kitchen as a meal is being prepared. This way, when dinner is finished, the only thing left to clean will be dishes on the table. Dishwasher: stack it as you go and run it only when full. Put clean dishes away each morning and begin stacking process again. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. No dishwasher? Then wash them immediately, dry and put away. Procrastination occurs when things are left for later.

It’s okay to let a little dust accumulate. It isn’t necessary to dust furniture every day; perhaps, once a week. I have a lot of glass tables, mirrors, and fine woods: glass and mirrors clean without smearing if a cloth-wet-with-plain water is used, then dried with crumpled newspaper: Voila! No smears and no lint. A bit of Endust® or pure lemon oil on a soft cloth is great for dusting woods. I rarely clean glass and mirrors: if something gets splashed on them, immediately wipe and dry off; otherwise just dust.

And, the acre of lawn and gardens: Tuesdays I mow and Fridays mow and trim; always clean up the mower and Weedeater when done. This makes mowing not only easier and faster but it also prevents the grass from burning by cutting too much off the top AND assures that my weekend will be entirely free of work. When hand watering the gardens, I pluck up weeds as I see them. I fertilize the lawn every two months with Scott’s Weed and Feed®, and fertilize the gardens monthly with Rapid Grow Shake and Feed®.

About an hour to mow and another thirty minutes at most to trim as well as clean the equipment: so, in a week, I’ve spent perhaps 2.5 hours on the lawn. I’ll spend another couple of hours every three or four days hand watering both lawn and gardens, which allows me to pluck up weeds before they have a chance to take hold— as well as solve the world’s problems in the bargain. About 7 hours, in any given week, keeps this acre park-like. When I had just a small yard, I spent very little time keeping it beautiful.

No one need be a slave to housework— spending hours of backbreaking scrubbing and dusting and polishing— or maintaining lawns and gardens. With organization and a maintenance attitude, as opposed to a once-a-week-cleaning/mowing mentality, one can keep a beautiful house and grounds in very little time; time I am sure you’d rather spend doing other, more enjoyable things.

A week consists of 168 hours, less 42 to 56 hours for sleeping; depending on individual needs: at the least, 112 hours remain. From this total, I personally can deduct about 6 hours for the house and another 7 hours for the grounds, leaving a total of 99 hours to prepare meals, eat and do as I please. Your grounds may not be as large as mine; so, you might wind up with more free time than I do.

This equates to approximately 14.1 hours of free time each day! Okay, okay! I hear ya! You work a fulltime job of 8 hours plus commute time of, say 2 hours. You still have 4.1 hours of free time every day— that’s 1,476 hours of free time per year! More on the Lord’s Sabbath: because I do absolutely no work on that day, except in God’s Word, and neither should you.

Don’t clean house! Keep a clean house. . . THE EASY WAY! 

~~ end article

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