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Eyes On the Clouds

Eyes On the Clouds

©copyright 2003 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.,

published in MSMusings Magazine,

“Looking Forward” Aug 2003 edition


An eternal optimist: consistently looking forward while bombarded by our world’s filth and wickedness, illnesses and diseases, false accusations and persecutions, even blasphemous teachings. There is but one way to continue onward in the midst of humanity’s corruption: God Almighty. Only He has power to pull our defiled gaze upward to the clouds, despite it all.

An MS/Lupus thorn may pierce the side, yet cannot defeat a positive spirit. It hurts, but why despair over a little suffering? Is it as great as Christ endured on our behalf? Definitely not. Besides, smiles and laughter create much nicer lines, in spite of Lupus skin aging prematurely while MS ligaments and tendons suddenly and painfully atrophy, temporarily twisting bones in unnatural ways. So what if there are times when walking is almost impossible, if not outright unachievable; or, hands cannot open a jar or pick up a penny? It is just the outward garment, not the inward person. The mind’s spirit-of-the-heart remains sharp and focused; so, don’t speak as though it is a failing. Instead, smile sunshine on both sunny days and cloudy, stormy ones. It eases everyone’s pain.

Looking forward always has been a way of life for this writer, clearly never understanding pessimists. How do they think? Are they blind as well? For it is a certainty they neither see God’s beauty around them nor sense His abiding love. Looking forward is far more pleasant, even rewarding. Can one thing be changed about yesterday or preset into the future? Nothing. Yesterday and tomorrow are just that—nothing: one is past and the other yet to arrive. One is to grow from, the other to grow into. Thus, power is in today; yet, we all look forward to better than today. Why not make today the best, a perfect day created by Adonai for all to enjoy? After all, tomorrow might never come.

This optimist does look forward to people discovering the books Elohim inexplicably directed her to pen. More importantly, she eagerly awaits Christ’s return, her sometimes triple-vision brown eyes on the clouds: as He instructed for these end days. Isn’t that neat? Sometimes she gets to see three beautiful moons and more than one North Star! Now is so temporary, not worth fussing and moaning and groaning and complaining about. Seek the permanent; that place where there is no sickness, no pain, no hunger, and none homeless or naked: an Eden free of MS, Lupus and all those other maladies of a sick and dying world.

Gazing ahead, Apostle John said, “Nevertheless, come Lord Jesus!” And so, I look forward to His arrival bearing wondrous rewards: the greatest gift being in our Father’s presence, set free of this restrictive flesh forever. LOOK FORWARD!

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