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Jus’ Wunna Them Days

Jus’ Wunna Them Days

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.



It wuz jus wunna them thar days, ya know?

Ah mean, Ah git up outta bed

knowin’ fer sure it wuz a Mundee,

an’ thankin God Ah wuzzent dead.


Soz, Ah gits about doin’ mah bizness

when that thar phone starts a ringin.

Well, it wuz mah free-spirit’d Auntie—

’bout sixty-seven but darin’.


Anywho, Jan sez she’s takin’ out her hog,

but that she’d jus had a strain born.

Now, I ask ya, whut wuz Ah s’posed ta say?

“Wuz it boy er gurl ya done born?”


Well, she gits all done in by that question.

Seems she really had a brainstorm.

Now, fer yous who dun’t know whut’sa big hog:

motorsicle, sounds like a storm.


Later, Vickie comments on mah new poem,

and Ah’m thankin’ ‘er up ‘n down;

jus ta learn wuz cuz it’s in’er contest.

Soz, I thank ‘er agin in town.


Then, mah gearfrin in Tehxsus calls ta ask,

“Whut’cha ben a’doin taday?”

“Well,” Ah sez, “Tween calls, Ah laundered mah hair

an’ shampooed clothes down in tha bay.”


“Had’ta threaten to whistol phip Princess,

cuz she’ bizzier then a bee.”

Well, it fin’lly hits ‘Nita whut Ah’d said,

laff’in ‘n slappin’ at her knee.


“Whistol phip?” she shouts and laffs even more.

“Well, Ah meant pistol whip,” Ah states.

Fin’lly, Ah gits mah self back ta workin’

at gittin a choc’late cake baked.


Well, Vickie reads anuther poem o’ mine,

leavin’ some real muffled applause.

She wuz clappin’ er head to er shoulder!

Well, that shore gave me sum real pause.


Ah tell ya, Ah’m shore glad Ah’m a brunette;

cuz all these blonds seem a might tipped.

Bah day’s end, Ah’ma thinkin’ it’s Thursdee.

Soz, Ah git dressed an tha bed stripped.


+   +   +




4 October 2006 - Posted by | Christian, Humor, Poems


  1. LOL! Thank you, Del! Actually, it was written about a “real” day that I had. I just decided to put a strong Texas accent to it. My blond friends and auntie really are ditzy. And, I inherited the blond brain, so I’m ditzy, too; at least on my blond days. LOL!

    Love and hugs,

    Comment by bonnieq | 5 October 2006 | Reply

  2. Good stuff, Bonnie. I love it.


    Comment by teachmedad | 4 October 2006 | Reply

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