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MATTHEW, Chapter 1: Some of God’s Secrets Within

MATTHEW, Chapter 1: Some of God’s Secrets Within, learn why it is necessary to not only study God’s Word as He instructs (see August article, God’s Instructions for Study) but also to conduct historical research for clarity. 

Chapter 1 appears simply to cite Christ’s lineage beginning with Abraham up to Jesus’ birth, a genealogical chart most find boring and skip over. A brief reminder of ancient prophecies citing a coming Messiah is included. Our Father provided instructions for a specific manner by which to study His Word, thereby promising to reveal His mysteries and secrets. It safely is assumed that related passages from books such as Luke, Genesis, Exodus and others should be consulted. Thus, Matthew c.1 discloses not only the month of Christ’s birth but the exact dates of His death, resurrection and ascension to heaven (see September article, Christ’s Birth, Death and Resurrection). But, for the purposes of chapter 1, only His birth is discussed in depth.

Additionally, beginning at Adam an approximate passing of earth’s years are disclosed, which will be covered first. And, in all these is detected the true depth of Matthew c.1 while imparting a deeper understanding of God’s mysterious ways in which He works to the good of His children, yet to the destruction of unbelief. “The Truth shall set you free…” of men’s doctrines and traditions, those things the Lord abhors.

Matt. 1:1-17— from Abraham to Jesus is 42 generations (14 x 3). Using the statistical average of 30 years from one generation to the next (14 x 3 x 30) equates to approximately 1260 years having expired at Christ’s birth. But, there is more in…

Luke 3:23-38—sets out Jesus’ lineage beginning with Adam for a total of 74 generations. Additionally, Genesis and Exodus provide 22 exact generations from Adam through Jacob totaling exactly 2636 years, to wit:

Adam was                    130        when Seth was born

Seth                             105                  Enos

Enos                              90                  Cainan

Cainan                           70                  Mahaleel

Mahaleel                        65                  Jared

Jared                            162                  Enoch

Enoch                             60                  Methuselah, the longest living human

Methuselah                   187                  Lamech

Lamech                        182                  Noah

Noah                            500                 Shem (Sem)

Shem                            100                 Arphaxad

Arphaxad                     530                  Sala

Sala                                30                  Heber

Heber (Eber)                  34                  Phalec

Phalec (Peleg)                30                  Ragau

Ragau (Reu)                   32                  Saruch

Saruch (Serug)               30                  Nachor

Nachor (Nahor)             29                  Thara

Thara (Terah)                 70                  Abraham*, the father of nations

Abraham (Abram)        100                  Isaac

Isaac                              60                  Jacob

Jacob                             40                  Juda (Judah)

                                  2636 years

Beginning with Judah up to but not including Jesus, the Bible speaks not a word about those men’s ages when each of their designated heirs were born. It does, however, provide sufficient clues to determine not only the year in which Christ was born but as well the very month yet not the exact day. There is a very valid reason for these Biblical omissions, which will be discussed later. Therefore, adding a statistical figure for the unknowns to the exact sum, an approximate passage of time from Adam up to but not including Jesus reflects approximately 4196 years have expired of earth’s 6000 years time allotment: 74 generations minus 22 known years times 30 plus 2636 known years = 4196 years, that is  [74 – 22 = 52 x 30 = 1560 + 2636 = 4196].

Earth has 6000 years? That too is scripturally proven but should be covered in another Bible study. Nevertheless, c.1 also leads to Christ’s birth. In order to achieve accuracy, it is only logical that a Hebrew calendar be applied to God’s Word. After all, Hebrews wrote the Bible thus all Biblical dates are based on their calendar. To use any other, such as today’s Gregorian, would produce falsehood. Note, however, that the Hebrew calendar is in use even today and, always, Sunday is the first day of the week and Saturday the seventh day: lending validity to observing Saturday as the Lord’s Day.

The only differences between Hebrew and Gregorian calendars are number of days in each month as well as which month is deemed first of a new year. The Gregorian new year begins with January while the Hebrew begins with September. Gregorian months contain from 28-31 days and the Hebrew alternates between 29-30. By these differences are Biblical interpretations often made in error or an outright lie taught. A perfect example is teaching that no one knows when Christ was born, which is a bold-faced lie. ALL theologians thus ALL tutored pastors do know. They know a lot more than ever will be taught from their global pulpits. And, they have a very valid reason for keeping quiet! God’s Truth reveals them for who they really are amidst the church.

Matt. 1:18-21— finds Mary pregnant and unmarried, yet Joseph is directed to marry her anyway, the former finding which leads us to…

Luke 1:26-31 and 2:6— v.26-31 reveal that angel Gabriel came to Mary in the 6th month, at which time she conceived by way of the Holy Ghost. Without getting into scripture validating Gabriel acting in God’s power as the Holy Ghost, which also is another Biblical lesson, nonetheless he did and still does, therefore supporting the premise of Mary’s conceivement when Gabriel came to her. Further, there is no word that he came to her yet a second time, thus it had to have occurred at that moment.

The Hebrew calendar cites the 6th month as Adar or February of the Gregorian calendar. C.2, v.6 states that Mary fulfilled her period of gestation at the time she and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem for government taxation, without any mention of problems tending to suggest early or late delivery. Therefore, accepting her gestation period as normal and applying the appropriate time frame to begin sometime in Adar (February), it concludes that Jesus was born at a time in Cheshvan (October) of 3BC. The year is determined by who was ruling as king at the time of Christ’s birth, which is confirmed via validated historical records providing not only king Herod’s reigning years but also the date of his death. The latter is important to Christ’s return from hiding in Egypt and his appearance in the temple at age 12, also another Bible study lesson.

In summary of verses 1-21: discovered has been Jesus’ genealogy, the approximate passage of years up to His birth and the time of His birth. Further, it should be noted that October in the Holy Lands is the same October we all know: autumn, the last month of harvest time (Aug-Oct), a warm season when shepherds’ flocks still would be in the fields. Winter there was and remains the same as ours and their winter temperatures are very cold, thus flocks are brought in from the fields and stabled during those months. So, why are nativity scenes always set in snowy winter conditions as well as timed for the month of December? There is not one supporting Biblical scripture validating such a time or condition, yet there are sufficient to support autumn’s harvest time. Harvest time also is a key feature of prophecy. Ah, but these too are other Bible study lessons. Nonetheless, now comes:

Matthew 1:22-23— wherein ancient portents predicting a coming Messiah are referred to by way of supporting evidence that Mary indeed carries that Messiah who shall be called Emmanuel (Immanuel), interpreted “God with us.” Every book of the Old Testament cites a little or a lot regarding a Saviour who one day would save God’s people from their sins, even Genesis. The latter first alludes to Christ as well as to His battle with Lucifer in c.3, v.15. From there and throughout the Old Testament, clues begin to gain in both momentum as well as containing more definitive information.

Matthew 1:24-25— then confirms that Joseph did as the Lord commanded and married Mary. We are enlightened, however, that Joseph did not know his wife intimately until after Jesus was born. Why? Christ’s conception and birth was to be of a virgin. Had Joseph known his wife prior to Jesus’ birth, she no longer would have been a virgin and God’s Word would have become a lie.

It should seem obvious now that the first chapter of Matthew contains much more than the naked eye first reads, as does every book and chapter of the Bible. But more, this chapter should raise a lot of questions in the minds of all Christians seeking only God’s Truth as opposed to the smooth words of “men’s doctrines and traditions”, all of which ultimately will be answered as Bible studies continue. One question can be answered in summary…

Why didn’t God just cite all the facts in one book or chapter? If He had, two things might have happened: 1) Lucifer would have made it impossible for the layman to have their own Bible because they might discover the truth about him and his ways; and, 2) vessels of dishonour might “discover the truth and obey, yet only marginally” (lukewarm). What better way to assure they do not than by hiding His Truths throughout the Bible and then instructing only His children in how to glean said Truth in whole?

~~ Thus, Matthew 1 is concluded.



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    Comment by bet365 | 1 December 2010 | Reply

  2. has become a favorite sunday point for me

    Comment by Sharon | 29 November 2009 | Reply

  3. Thank you so much, Sue, for sharing your love of the Lord with me on this glorious day He has made for us! I, too, was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, so I know what you go through. I medicate naturally, that is herbs and so forth, and find that despite the complications of MS and Lupus, I fair so much better than patients who take man’s medicines.

    As for your question regarding Gabriel, I would suggest getting a copy of “Truth Gathering,” which is the only “exhaustive” AKJV Topical Bible available: there are two chapters therein about not only Gabriel but heaven’s hierarchy as well. The best pricing can be found at; cheaper than even I can purchase it. 🙂 Nevertheless, what you heard was the Holy Spirit telling you His name.

    Hi, Lee! Praise the Lord you have had him since age 16! I was introduced to Jesus when I was 6yo and was baptised at 9yo; but, I really came to know God and Jesus when the Holy Spirit began working with me over 30 years ago: and how blessed I am that He did! 🙂 As you said, I too could not have reached the age of almost 63 without them: belief and faith, both action words, are the key to experiencing God’s grace and mercy. Yep, with God all things are possible!

    Thank you so much, Sue and Lee, for stopping by and sharing your faith as well as aiding in the further spreading of God’s Truth amidst a whirlwind of man’s “commandments and traditions.”

    Much love in Christ
    BonnieQ 🙂

    Comment by bonnieq | 3 May 2007 | Reply

  4. I have been a Christian since the age of 16, two most important realizations which are substance and can be trusted is Jesus is Lord and Savior if we accept him. His grace will cover you in all circumstances, if you would only believe and trust him faithfully. He has been with me every step of the way and I can tell you it hasnt been necessarily easy to face lifes challenges and experiences. With man very few things are possible but with God all things are possible.

    Comment by Lee Simek | 3 May 2007 | Reply

  5. Sister Bonnie Q
    Last Sunday I was sitting in the back yard listening to gospel music and looking at the clouds in the formation of the clouds i saw Jesus then an angel over to the rt of him in the formation of clouds.
    The quiet voice of the Holy Spirit said Gabriel
    I know nothing else and have hard time understanding.
    i also have fibromyalgia and severe cad with significant dead tissue in my heart after numerous heart atacks and I KNOW i am a miracle of God.
    IN Christs love Sister

    Comment by Sue Daniels | 25 October 2006 | Reply

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