God's Truth Not Smooth Words

Why, Oh Why?

        Why do you not understand what I say? What form of logic do you apply and from whom does it come? Why do you contradict your self in order to validate your charge that I speak and act in error? And, from whom do you derive the power to warn others against the Holy Spirit’s teachings I deliver?

        It is illogical for Christ to have lived and taught God’s Law, yet you charge me as a legalist because I choose to follow in His steps by doing His Father’s will. Contrarily, you agree I should not steal or lie or covet or commit adultery; that I should honor my parents and have no part in idolatry. Are those not nine of God’s Ten Statutes? Specifically, the first three and the last six?

        In that I do obey the Law against those sins, oddly you do not say I am a legalist. Yet, the moment you learn I also obey the fourth Precept, that I be obedient to all Ten of God’s Statutes, you contradict yourself and condemn me as a legalist.

        Where is the logic in such contradictions; and is not contradiction the work of the Devil? And, if you would avoid any form of idolatry, why would you observe a day that is wholly given over to pagan gods and observe their heathen festivals and decorate your buildings and homes with their icons?

        Your form of logic escapes me, for the Bible states clearly that Jesus spoke of no other day; that we must enter into the seventh day Sabbath rest so as not to set an example of unbelief. Contrarily again, you attempt to validate your blasphemous day by saying that Love is all that matters and cite misinterpreted scriptures to support each lie.

        How is it you do not understand what I say? One obeys God’s Law because of Love and having the mind of Christ; for where love is feigned His Law will not be wholly obeyed; only part instead of parcel. Then feigned love sets out to excuse and accuse, for their hatred is great against Love. Oh, how I understand the frustration Jesus felt when He asked the same question.

        From whom do you derive the power to warn others against the Holy Spirit’s teachings I deliver? Only Lucifer is full of hatred and alters God’s Word and speaks in contradictions. And, in these end days, only Satan would have you charge me as a blasphemer and a false prophet and doing the Devil’s work; the same with which he had Christ charged and executed.

        Do you not understand what you are doing? Do you not comprehend that, ultimately, you will have the likes of me killed, and think you are doing it for God? Do you not understand it is written in the prophecies of these end days? You are fulfilling them to your own conviction of twice dead.

        Oh, Lord, how I wish they would listen and heed and change their ways. Nevertheless, Father, please forgive them, for they know not what they do. In Jesus precious name, Father, I give them over to Satan, that their flesh be destroyed that their spirits might be saved.

~~ Amen and amen.


23 October 2006 - Posted by | Bible, Blasphemy, Christ, Christian, Christianity, Christmas, Church, Death, Easter, End Times, Evil, God, Holy Spirit, Jehovah, Jesus, Lord's Day, Love, Memorial, Pagan Festivals, Prayers, Prophecy, Religion, Sabbath, Salvation, Saturday, Seal, Sign, Spiritual, Sunday, Ten Commandments, Testimonies, Truth


  1. Thank you so much, John, for the visit and encouragement! As you say, there is nothing better than God’s undefiled word. Men’s smooth words are so frustrating and, alas, we are living in the age where the majority prefer those words, fully prepared to “accuse and excuse;” which is to say they will excuse their lies while accusing truth speakers as they accused Christ.

    I will be adding you to my blogroll!

    Much love in Christ,
    Truth Seekers and Speakers

    Comment by bonnieq | 28 October 2006 | Reply

  2. Fabulous! Nothing better than the Word!

    Comment by John M. Kenney | 27 October 2006 | Reply

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