God's Truth Not Smooth Words

A Belly-Crawling Snake ~~ poem

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.  

He used a belly-crawling, dust-eating serpent

to bring temptation’s glitter to life.

God said, “Don’t eat of the two trees in Eden’s midst;

for if you do, yours is death and strife.”

Still, that subtle beast said, “You’ll not die but be wise,

be like gods knowing darkness and light.”


Did Satan speak the truth when he said they’d not die?

That they could gain all wisdom saintly?

Oh, how clever is that vomit-eating devil!

God never said they’d die instantly.

Adam and Eve lived eons, but not in Eden;

still, they will live in eternity.


It’s easy to spread deceit yet utter not one:

speak, write, imply without admission.

Satan’s tricks are truth laced with lies wickedly phrased,

manipulation by omission.

Think about how it’s done, those lies we’ve all followed.

Changing what is God’s is his mission.


“Like gods,” Lucifer had said while failing to add,

“but without God’s wisdom to use well;

for ultimately you will die, just not real soon.”

They’d suffer too, he deigned not to tell,

if Eve chose to go against their Father’s commands.

Oh, how bittersweet temptation sells.


Our Father took the time to warn what could happen

should we choose to disobey His Law;

but, Satan paints pretty pictures without bound’ries,

knowing full well these cause deadly falls:

save and except we decide to go to Father.

For God’s pure Truth, on Him we should call.


Christ said, “The Shepherd’s flock need not be taught by men.”

Yet, when His sheep share Truth, once forsook,

those who hear use men’s words to excuse fancy’s flight;

instead of opening Father’s book

while seeking guidance from just His Holy Spirit.

To bittersweet destruction they look.


+  +  +


Genesis c.2 and c.3


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