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Love to Give


©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

“‘Tis the season to give!” We hear this directive every year when man’s holidays come near, as well as for people’s birthdays and wedding anniversaries; yes, each are man’s traditions— not God’s— and most are designated Christian, despite their pagan origins for false gods: Christmas and its gaudy tree, Valentine’s Day and its throw-away hearts, Easter with its bunnies and eggs, Thanksgiving and its obesity of food, personal birthdays and anniversaries. God deems self-involvement a form of idolatry.

God has a different opinion about giving and, certainly, a strong opinion regarding heathen festivals conducted in His Son’s name, or not; albeit, this latter is not the purpose of this treatise, which latter was addressed in a previous exposition entitled “Christ’s Birth, Death and Resurrection.”

Jesus instructed, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” He went on to say, “Give to him that asks something from you, and do not turn away he who wants to borrow from you, even if it is your enemy; for if you love only those who love you, there is no reward for you: even the wicked love those who love them, yet their reward is destruction.

“Do good and lend, expecting nothing in return; then your reward will be great as children of the Highest, for you will have done as God does, who is kind even to the unthankful and the wicked while they are here.

“Give, and men shall give to you in good measure, pressed down and shaken together and running over. By the same measure you give, the same shall be measured out to you again; and the Father in heaven shall give good things to them that ask of Him.” (paraphrased, Acts 20:35; Matthew 6:42-46; 7:11-12; Luke 6:29-35,38). Christ also said to give good to our enemies: give them drink or food or clothing or all things needed, even lend to them.

Obviously, some of the blessings received from giving are that others will give in return, not necessarily like-gifts nor from those to whom we gave, and so shall our Father give in return. Caution: the above scriptures reveal a truth in the following adage, “What goes around comes around.” If we give evil, instead of good, and deny those who have basic needs, it will come around to bite us harder than they suffered. Nevertheless, in giving from the heart there also are blessings on an emotional and spiritual level.

On an emotional level, no one gains good feelings inside when they give from a sense of duty dictated by man’s costly, blasphemous holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, and/or because something is expected in return. One cannot gain good feelings when they give in order to receive in return, or they lend an amount expecting a greater amount in return. Those good feelings create within us a sense of well-being and come when we absolutely give for no reason and expect nothing in return.

Consider Christmas: Merchants begin heavy add campaigns, subtly implying that you must buy this or that or be thought ill of; their purpose being the almighty buck. Obediently, everyone scrambles to purchase just the perfect tree to decorate with expensive babbles, which tree ultimately will end up in the garbage dump; and, they dash around buying gifts for those on their list, making sure they spend the appropriate amount of money, knowing they will receive gifts from them, too. It is expected, and such a waste of money; money that could feed or clothe or house the needy! Giving for no reason, expecting nothing in return, comes from a godly heart of love: giving simply for the sake of giving, lending simply for the sake of lending; in short, LOVING TO GIVE!

Watch the joy on a woman’s face when her husband gives flowers or a gift and it’s not even her birthday or their anniversary or Christmas. Notice a man grin from ear to ear when his wife, dressed to the nines, greets him home with a candle-lit dinner, the kids at grandma’s place: for no reason, except she loves him. Hear the joy in a child’s laughter when he or she is given a gift for absolutely no reason. See an older, lonely neighbor’s face light up when presented with a gift or a meal prepared for no reason. Note the grateful expression on a hungry man’s face when given food and it’s not a designated season of feeding.

Consider how you would feel if you received any gift at all and there was not one single reason for it; except the giver loves you. We are to love even our enemies and love is to love giving: no matter who it is or what time of year it might be. Giving should be about love and no other reason; it is loving mankind and God.

Not only are we to give to one another as each other has need or because we wish to give, we also are to give unto God. What is it we should give to Him? Believe that Jesus is His Son, have faith like that of Christ, AND obey God’s Law: the keys to heaven’s gates (Revelation 12:17; 14:12; 21:10,27; 22:14). On a spiritual level, our Father in return gives ALL knowledge, wisdom, and a good understanding of ALL things; spiritual gifts of power; all that we have need of in the way of food, shelter and clothing; and, He gives us “the mind of Christ.” (see entitled article)

To have the mind of Christ is the greatest gift Father can give to us during our temporary flesh lifetime; for with His mind, it becomes easy to think and act as Christ thought and acted, easy to obey the Father as Jesus obeyed: love and forgiveness given freely and indiscriminately with obedience no longer a seemingly impossible feat. Yes, we will have all these things AND suffer for Christ in adversities, thorns in our flesh, and persecutions: these latter being the greatest sign of who we are and to whom we belong. Thus, even this suffering is a gift!

When it comes to gift giving, it is not what we can buy and/or how much we spend that causes a receiver to feel incredibly loved. Over the years, some givers have found the greatest gifts given were prompted by either financial adversity and/or giving for absolutely no reason: crafts tailored made for an individual, poems written specifically for another, or a letter detailing the importance of each: receivers are reduced to tears while saying, “This is the most wonderful gift I’ve ever received!” The most rewarding money gifts are when the giver’s cash is in short supply AND the receiver has not asked for the help received. Though money is scarce, these givers never lack anything.

The Bible does NOT cite specific times in which to give. God simply says, “GIVE.” Yet, mankind seems to think a set time and/or specific events are needed in order to prompt giving; even then, he gives sparingly and for the purpose of receiving greater. Consider: give to the hungry during man’s designated holidays; give to those affected by a catastrophic event, if it’s great enough; each gift representing a tax right off at year’s end; give only because, only to, and only when. God and Christ do NOT recognize such gifts, for they come by demand and greed established in man’s arrogance: for he does not recognize there is no one greater than God (see article “From Adversities to Blessings”).

Man’s behaviour demonstrates an attitude of being greater than God; his ways determined better than God’s ways. God abhors paganism, yet man decided it was better to incorporate their ways into Christ’s church. God’s Laws are perpetual and not to be changed or deleted, yet man decided he could make them better. God established time, yet man decided he knew a better way to set time. Take great care in whom you choose to follow. When are you giving and how are you justifying both timing and gifts? Will God recognize your time-determined gifts as His way of giving?

Christ is about to arrive; so, it has never been more important, than today, to review where you stand with God, in ALL respects, or risk being left behind quite dead. Man has become so incredibly self-focused. It is time to step outside of self to focus on God, Christ, and others. Possessing a giving heart is an awesome gift. Receive it by giving it.


~~ end article 


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  1. Gud Day in the name of Jesus Christ,

    Plz I want 2 ask a Question about where 2 find the suitable quote for “Givers never Lack”.




    Comment by Precious | 16 October 2008 | Reply

  2. very good stuff, keep it up

    Comment by not-son-of-perdition | 30 March 2007 | Reply

  3. Thank you, sweet Sis, for sharing your story about that blasphemous holiday and for the encouraging words. You always know how to keep me going! LOL! 🙂

    Tons of love and more! ~SisBon

    Comment by bonnieq | 17 November 2006 | Reply

  4. What a wonderful article and so timely. It is so sad the way people equate a day to celebrate our Savior’s birth with receiving gifts and going into debt. If we were to truly celebrate His birth, we would focus on Him and all He gave to us not on gifts and trees and reindeer. Satan is such a liar.

    When I first accepted the Lord, my pastor was preaching against Christmas. It was a mind opening truth for me. That year I did not put up a tree. It was like I was committing a disgrace. I had to be obedient to His truth and the Word opened up why. All these Christmas things were just idols placed before my Jesus.

    Thank you for reminding me of the Truth. As always, you have penned a powerful piece of Truth.

    Love and hugs,


    Comment by Joanne | 17 November 2006 | Reply

  5. LOL! 🙂 Nope! I’ve never been accused of beating around the bush: praise the Lord! LOL! God’s Word is hardhitting, pulls no punches, and meant to strike right to the heart. He breathed into me at birth to present His truth in just that way.

    I recall my mother telling a friend, years ago, that she never had to wonder what I was thinking. . . because I said it. Still do, just don’t know any other way and I certainly refuse to speak “smooth words.” I think I am somewhat like a man: he doesn’t want the whole story, just cut to the chase and give him the bottomline. Well, that’s how I am and how I teach for the most part; with the exception that I must included every Word God has to say on any given topic. LOL!

    You definitely gave a priceless, treasured gift to your wife and I hope you still do that from time to time for absolutely no reason, except you love her! 🙂 AND, I hope she surprises you from time to time dressed to the nines and the kids gone for the night. 🙂

    God is pleased that you have found this article serving as an awakening: make sure your choice pleases Him, too, my dear brother in Christ. 🙂

    Oh! And, don’t worry about the duplicate comment. Sometimes W/P seems to go nuts. I simply deleted the repetition. LOL!

    Much love, hugs and prayers,

    Comment by bonnieq | 15 November 2006 | Reply

  6. The most treasured gift I have ever given my wife, according to her, is a poem I wrote to her many years ago when we didn’t have 2 cents to rub together. She said it was because it came from a priceless heart. That statement was my gift from her.
    This is a very awakening post for me, and now that I’ve read it I must do something with this knowledge for I am now responsible for making a choice.
    Bonnie, no one ever accused you of beating around the bush, did they? Wow! You preach hard,lady.

    Comment by John M. Kenney | 14 November 2006 | Reply

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