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A God of Miracles

A God of Miracles

©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

A few weeks ago, TSaS presented a lesson entitled “From Adversity to Blessings,” in which was quoted a scripture about coming to know that there is no one greater than God. With the strange weather we’ve all experienced across this nation and around the world, it is hoped we are learning more and more to rely on God’s power. Many of us have discovered anew that we, indeed, serve a God of miracles. We have only to ask in Christ’s precious name, believing, and He assures us that His Father will do as we ask.

God’s people also are blessed to know that we are living in earth’s end days, for the vast majority deny the truth of this; albeit, even now, the world is beginning to sit up to question if this is so and it is now coming out in televised news reports. Recently on Oprah, prior Vice President Al Gore offered a slide presentation about the disastrous effects of global warming, revealing that it is far worse than we have been led to believe as he showed film clips on various areas of both the north and south poles’ ice caps.

Just yesterday, news announced that a huge chunk of ice, the size of 11,000 football fields, had broken off into the sea; nearby towns having felt it as though it had been an earthquake. The other day a volcano erupted ash and flowed with red-hot magma in icebound Siberia, non-seasonal deadly tornadoes in Texas as well as Florida, repeat blizzards in Colorado, and increasing fog and flooding in England. Of course, there are back-to-back storms with deadly winds, rains, snows, flooding, and mudslides in Western Washington, where TSaS is located.

A Seattle King 5 reporter stated, “We’ve never seen such strange weather patterns around the world as we have experienced in the past year and especially in the last few months. Every known record has been broken everywhere.” Another reporter questioned, “What does this mean to the world? Could it mean earth is about to end?” A friend in England stated that their news broadcasts are saying the same things about that part of the world.

King 5 news presented a brief review on how even plants are being affected; reminding TSaS of scripture regarding these end days, “Even the trees are confused.” A reporter showed film clips of various types of flowers now blooming, those by seed and bulb, in myriad places across America, all of which should not begin to bloom until early to mid-spring. The reporter included various trees, annuals and perennials, while saying, “It seems the plants are confused!” Our British friend said this is happening in England as well. TSaS reported this phenomenon to its members several years ago, warning that it is one of the signs pointing to Christ’s quick return.

Since its inception 4 years ago, TSaS has reported the many prophetic signs having been and/or are being fulfilled since 1991. TSaS has been tracking all the natural elements since entering the last church age in 1991. Therefore, its main thrust has been to warn people that earth is about to come to its second end thus repentance must be done quickly, after which earth shall lie fallow one thousand years; for Christ is about to come through the door to take up His small flocks.

There is no doubt even God’s people are affected by God’s wrath demonstrated in earth’s natural elements, albeit not as drastically as people who do not know God; so, what can we do until Christ comes for us? First, we must be reminded that we serve a God of miracles and He hasn’t stopped performing them for His children. God protects His own!

While TSaS cannot speak for its worldwide members, inasmuch as we haven’t heard from most of them, it can speak about its experiences during the most recent storms to assail Western Washington, thus testifying to God’s miracles given time and again. And, we can speak from friends who have related incidents in their part of the world. Some of these miracles might seem insignificant, of no importance; yet, be reminded that God takes care of the smallest details just as quickly as He takes care of major issues.

As all of you know, senior sister BonnieQ experienced the early stages of hypothermia during Washington’s first lengthy power outage a few weeks ago; and, it was a major issue to get her somewhere warm: which God handled expediently and efficiently without Bonnie even asking the neighbor who took in her and the two ferrets. The little things, however, really came to light during the second, shorter power outage that lasted about 16 hours: just long enough for the old, metal mobile home to become quite cold.

Power had gone out during the night, due to the main power plant serving Mason County having been hit. When Bonnie got up, she poured a half-cup of icy coffee while asking the Lord to make it hot. Within five minutes, her neighbor Curt drove in on his quad with a camp stove strapped to the back. Well, Bonnie not only had hot coffee within five minutes but hot soup for lunch as well.

By 3pm, Bonnie was feeling tired and overly cold, apparently not quite over the effects of hypothermia suffered the last time around; thus she got into bed under a mound of blankets where she prayed without ceasing, asking the Lord to allow the power to come back on before dark. It gets dark in Western Washington about 4:30pm this time of year and with that darkness comes dramatically colder conditions.

At 4:10pm, Bonnie heard the click of the furnace coming on, the ping of her alarm clock announcing it was out of sync, the refrigerator’s hum and a whoosh of air from heat registers. The power was on before dark! Bonnie jumped up and danced around the kitchen singing praises of glory and power to God, telling Him there is no one greater than Him, while preparing a hot meal and listening to news reports.

As a Texas sister in Christ noted when the incidents were related to her, “When we pray in specifics, God gets real specific!” In fact, just a few days later, Anita and Doyle were sitting in DFW airport waiting for a flight to Las Vegas to see their pregnant daughter, due in just a few weeks, and her family. They fly standby as parents of an American Airlines’ flight attendant. With the tremendous back up caused by Denver’s recent down time, it was decided that, if necessary, she and Doyle would take separate flights: Doyle, the only standby to be called for boarding, had left out about an hour prior to Anita.

Anita called Bonnie while waiting for the next flight. She was number 8 on the list, meaning she likely would not be boarding the plane just having docked. Most standbys were being taken by ones, as opposed to several per flight. So, Bonnie and Anita prayed in agreement and in Christ’s holy name that Anita would be on the flight then boarding. No more than five minutes later, they called Anita’s name!  

Four hours later and right on schedule, she called Bonnie, “I’m in Vegas!” Now we are praying that Anita and Doyle can get on a Sunday flight home; which might be a problem since Denver’s airport, as of last night, was once again shut down due to another blizzard hitting the State. If you are not sure your prayers are heard, then read a lesson from sometime ago entitled “Are ALL Prayers Heard.”

We serve a mighty God, His power infinite and His love great for those who love and obey Him. Christ assures us, “Whatsoever you ask, in my name, the Father will do.” God still is in the business of performing miracles and of caring for as well as protecting His people during these end days. So, get specific, making sure that whatsoever you ask of Him is the right thing, yet be willing to accept what ever is His will in the matter; for God’s will and timing are perfect, so wait patiently while doing your part in the request: which is to step out with the faith that all has been done before you even get there!


If you are not a member of Truth Seekers and Speakers aka TSaS, you might want to consider joining this group that is kept informed and warned of prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. Visit TSaS:; you will need to add http:// to the URL. If you like what you see, click on the blue JOIN THIS GROUP toggle in the upper right corner of the screen.  

If you want to learn of ALL the prophecies already fulfilled and those currently being fulfilled, you might want to get a copy of Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law: a wholly Biblical, Spirit-led interpretation of The Revelation, chronologically paraphrased as we speak today. It can be ordered from any local or online bookstore; albeit, offers the lowest pricing.

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