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Prepare and Prepare the Way

Prepare and Prepare the Way 

©copyright 2007 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.


“Prepare” and “prepare the way” are two phrases found in abundance throughout the Bible; the former given as instructions and the latter as encouragement and reassurance. “Where there is a will, there is a way.” And, we know that God’s way and His timing always are perfect; while our way is full of potholes and pitfalls and our timing leaves much to be desired.


Two of the five greatest expenders of man’s energy are fear and worry, both of which go hand in hand; for what one fears, one worries about. To experience just one hour of either of these emotions utilizes the equivalent of eight hours of hard, physical labor: hours that, instead, could have been used to find solutions to problems: worry about how bills will get paid; a place to live; present dangers in this world; our children; worry about fidelity; about losing and/or finding a job; ongoing and/or potential wars; paying taxes; worry about affording food; gas prices; what others think of us; worry about what others have done to us; salvation; earth’s coming end; worry—worry—worry. These and more cause one to become riddled with fear; and, where fear exists, perfect love does not reside.


If we use our God-given free will to choose God’s instructions as well as exercise our faith, trust as it were, that He has prepared the way for us, there is no need for fear and worry: in fact, God guarantees that, if we make these two choices among several others, we will not experience fear or worry. Review what God says about how to “prepare.” 



I Samuel 7:3 tells us to prepare our hearts for the Lord and remove all strange gods from our midst, as noted in II Chronicles 19:3; then I Chronicles 29:18 confirms that God is the One who prepares our hearts, if He is our true desire. And, by preparing our heart to seek the Lord, He states in II Chronicles 30:19 that He will pardon and purge them of sin; but, not according to the ordinance ritual of sacrifice and oblations. In other words, God purged then and Christ purges today by their holy Word, not by what we do in ritual.


Isaiah 40:3, Matthew 3:3 and 11:10 instruct that we prepare the way for the Lord, a highway as it were, for our God. While this was John the Baptist’s assignment ahead of and on behalf of Christ, it also is our instruction. In an aside, all key figures of the Old Testament are noted as having prepared their hearts to receive God: in short, they actively sought God, just as we should actively seek Him through Christ. 


By preparing our hearts to receive God and Christ, which today we prepare by sincerely accepting Christ as God’s Son, being baptized of our past sins, followed by obeying God’s Doctrine, as Jesus instructed; then Christ and the Holy Spirit come to reside as permanent residents who give us perfect hearts; which means we will be filled with God’s love and Christ’s mind: to love as truly as God loves and to think as well as behave as righteously as Christ thinks and behaves: which is to have a heart to obey God’s Precepts and do all things He requires; the works by which we are judged. Then we are fit to receive God’s wisdom, knowledge, even His mysteries and secrets.


However, until we remove from our life all things offensive to the Lord, He will not enter our lives; as confirmed in II Chronicles 12:14, which states that when people do not prepare their hearts for the Lord, they will do evil. So, it behooves us to know and understand what evil it is that God “hates with a perfect hate.” In many cases, we have made self, things we have and/or things we do, and people in our lives, as those “strange gods.” Then, we compound these sins by following denominations teaching “man’s commandments and traditions” and a vow of prosperity, thereby accepting them as our “strange gods:” Satan’s synagogues, as the Bible describes them. We have only to study God’s Ten Precepts, in fact all of His word, to understand that He hates any and all violation of His Statutes of Life, His Law of Righteousness: disobedience reaps unrighteousness and evil ways.


Proverbs 16:1-5 reveals that the desire to prepare our hearts and the desire to gain answers come only from the Lord, which validates “God chooses whom He will to follow His Son, Jesus Christ;” therefore, we are instructed to commit our works TO the Lord, then our thoughts will be established BY the Lord. Proverbs goes on to say that one of the sins God hates is pride, which is the “weightier” sin of idolatry; but, if we fear the Lord thus are obedient, by His mercy and truth this sin will be purged from our hearts, if we first acknowledge this sin in us. All sin in us is purged by God’s mercy and Truth, for by His Truth are we able to recognize sin within us and, if we choose Christ, we also choose to sin no more.


Ephesians 6:15 tells us to prepare ourselves for the gospel of peace; to receive it and, wherever we go, we go peacefully and speak peace in the Lord. This means that, no matter what or who might come up against us, we are not to fight back: as Jesus directed and demonstrated with His own life, we ARE to turn the other check as many times as it takes for that person or persons to comprehend us as a people of God and thereby a people of peace, not war. Consider that it was when Christ died that one of the guards declared Him the Son of God, not before. So it might be that, by our own death, there could be a few who then acknowledge that we spoke God’s Truth. II Chronicles 35:6 then instructs that we also prepare our brethren, which goes hand in hand with Christ’s admonition to go out into the world and teach God’s Truth, both by example and word.


Please do not misunderstand: we cannot make a nation be one of peace, for God orchestrates all wars for His specific purposes; and, wars will not end until God says they end or He ends this earth as known today. The peace Christ’s sheep bring is peace within us, which should shine before each individual encountered. No matter how loud some might scream for world peace, it will not happen; thus these are seen as fanatics who do not support their governments or troops. It is a sin to speak ill of governing leaders of any nation, including one’s own; for as God said, He sets up kings and takes down kings according to His purpose. Possibly a sin to remove before God and Christ reside in you?


Job 11:13-20 states again that we are to prepare our hearts, and if there be any sin there, we are to put it far from us and not let it dwell in either our bodies or our minds. In doing so, we will forget misery’s pain; remembering each without pain, more like water that flows away. By this preparation, we are assured that we will become secure in hope, rest in safety, and nothing or no one will cause us fear. This is further confirmed in II Timothy 2:19-26, adding that by purging self of sin, we will become a vessel of honor, sanctified and appropriate for God’s use, thus prepared for every good work.


Psalm 10:17 says the Lord hears the desire of the humble and will prepare their hearts; one cannot be humble and at the same time possess pride: for they are diametrically opposed to each other. Humility is to acknowledge that we are nothing and do nothing except by the grace of God; whereas pride is to give one’s self credit for any and all accomplishments, whether they be of the world or of the Spirit. Psalm 61:7 enlightens that a humble people will abide before God forever, for God “prepares mercy and truth to preserve them.” By Psalm 119:142, and other like scriptures, we know that Truth is defined as God’s Ten Commandments: one piece of God’s Armour we must wear, yet not one piece missing. Alas, the majority of professing Christians are missing Truth.


The final message from God is found in Amos 4:12, “Prepare to meet your God!” Here, however, the message goes out to both the righteous and wicked, inasmuch as God created all that there is; for all people will face God and He will judge their works, that they are righteous or unrighteous: the latter partially noted in Malachi 3:55 as well as Psalm 9:7-10, Proverbs 19:16,27-29, and Matthew 25:41-46.


The final message from Christ is to the righteous in John 14:2-4 and Matthew 25:34,46, saying He prepares for them a place with Him where He is in heaven with the Father, and that they will inherit a restored earthly kingdom to come thereafter; where they shall live eternal life. Hebrews 11:16 states that God has even prepared a city for those not ashamed to call Him their God: we view this city in Revelation c.21 as New Jerusalem coming down from heaven.


More over, I Corinthians 2:9-12 assures those, who have prepared their hearts for God, that the Holy Spirit reveals all these things to them; for as a mere human or one who has not prepared his or her heart to receive God and Christ, we could not and will not know by our own devises. II Timothy 3:7 reveals that man’s devises are steeped in ever studying but never coming to the knowledge of Truth; for they are mired in “man’s commandments and traditions,” therefore they do not receive God’s Holy Spirit.



In responding to the admonition to “prepare our hearts,” we find that God not only purges us of sin but He also prepares the way for us in all our works for the Lord and in our daily living needs. We are assured and reassured that we will not go without our basic needs and neither will we fall short of meeting a work that God wants us to accomplish. There are many Old Testament situations where one of the key figures was instructed to go to another place and, each time, God stated that His angel— the Holy Spirit— would prepare the way ahead of the person being instructed to go.


We have only to remember that we can do all things in God and for God, as long as we have prepared our heart to receive God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. So, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?




~~ end Sabbath Lesson of 02/10/07 



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  1. If i understand what I have learned from the Bible, (I have a habit of reading it, then letting spirit distill the message into a nature), when asked what scripture was of most value, Jesus replied that all scripture has value in teaching His ways. As a student of religion, and more so faith, I try to not only study the distilled English language versions of the Bible, but further to study the new testament in Greek and the old testament in Hebrew. Additionally, I glean the beliefs prominent in the world that Jesus walked to better understand the context of His words. I am constantly amazed in the lack of curiosity that many who seek answers adhere to. In speaking with clergy from all the world’s religions, I find that there is often walls that define the boundaries of their faiths. I like to think of religions as being diamonds. All receive the same light. Each reflects the light to varying degrees depending on how they have been cut. But, like diamonds, they are defined one from the other by their flaws and inclusions. I am shocked at how many Judeo-Christian leaders that haven’t pondered questions such as: Why were the ten commandments on two tablets?, When Mary called her son in for dinner, what name did she call out? (Mary spoke Aramaic, and the letter “J” wasn’t invented until 1617), and, When two hands are placed together in prayer (as practiced by all five of the world’s major faiths) what is the significance and the origin?

    The answers to these and other questions are often found in the common knowledge of Jesus’ time and have trails leading back to “beresheit”.

    Comment by Nick | 11 December 2007 | Reply

  2. Thank you, dear Cumby! I shall keep on, for as Christ said, “If you bring just one lost sheep back to the flock, you shall be called great in heaven.” Indeed, just one saved is worth the effort.

    What you read on my blog each week is usually a copy of Truth Seekers and Speakers weekly Sabbath lesson. Well, this week TSaS is going back a ways to re-view. If interested, you can find this week’s lesson at this link 🙂

    By the way, might I know your first name? 🙂 After all, you know mine. LOL!

    Much love and blessings 🙂

    Comment by bonnieq | 24 February 2007 | Reply

  3. You keep on keeping on, Bonnie! Numbers are also useless in blogging. If we work on this blog thing for ten years and only one person gets saved, healed or set free from bondage; it will all be worth it.

    Comment by cumby | 22 February 2007 | Reply

  4. Hi Cumby! You are so right. Mankind is just arrogant enough to believe he decides who and how many will follow Jesus; and, as noted in the various denominations, they determine their fruits by how big their numbers. This, despite the fact Christ refers to His sheep as “small flocks.” They also overlook the fact that Christ said that if we bring just one lost sheep back to Him, we will be called great in heaven. Clearly, the fruit is not about numbers; it is about how little or great our righteousness.

    However, we have to remind ourselves that God is omnipotent: He knows everything from before the beginning, thus He knows our choices before we make them; and, most of all, He knows the hearts of men, while we only can discern the condition of the mind. So, naturally, He also knows exactly who will follow and who will not, rather making only a pretense of following.

    Arrogancy or pride, either are considered a form of idolatry according to the weightier matters of God’s Law. And, if we experience pride in any form whatsoever, we must remove it immediately from our lives.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing you experience in your ministry. You also encourage me to keep on keeping on! 🙂

    Much love in Christ,

    Comment by bonnieq | 16 February 2007 | Reply

  5. Thank you sooo much, Steve, for such wonderful comments and for sharing your wisdom. You are one of only a few that keeps me going, keeps me speaking God’s Truth in the midst of an incredible deluge of persecution from professing Christians: as Christ said it would be. You are so wonderful about lifting me up.

    You asked about the various denominations: about 25 years ago, the Holy Spirit had me research all of the Christian denominations. Now, at the time and in that moment, I thought He was going to show me “which one” was truly Christ’s church. In short order, however, what He revealed was how each is Satan’s synagogue. Prior to this research, the Spirit had revealed both God’s Seal and Satan’s Mark; which turned out to be necessary in order to clearly reveal Satan’s synagogues. The other aspect of this research was so that I would know what each believes and why, therefore I’d be able to scripturally show a person why God disagrees.

    Therefore, the most conclusive evidence is finding Satan’s mark in the midst of the denominations: Sunday, a blatant manmade sabbath in direct contradiction to God’s fourth Precept.

    One might ask, well what about the few Sabbath keeping denominations, such as Church of God, Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), and Seventh Day Baptist (SDB)? Church of God, which is the Jewish Messianic church, is the closest to fitting the Biblical description of Christ’s church, including taking care of their own and not practicing any pagan rituals.

    On the other hand and while SDA and SDB do observe and promote God’s seventh day Sabbath, which might lead one to think they also are in good standing, it simply means we must look further into God’s Law in order to confirm: in this case, specifically the first 3 Commandments concerning idolatry. After all, the church/denomination should represent the first four Laws in that the church is supposed to have a good relationship with God.

    Unfortunately, SDA and SDB still observe Papal relics of pagan festivals within their worship: Christmas including the decorated tree, Easter with its bunnies and eggs, and Thanksgiving with its over-indulgence in food. And, they do not necessarily take care of their own, as Christ directed that members should be equal in ALL things, including financial. Alas, they also approve divorce along with remarriage and twist the scriptures to justify same.

    Christ’s church has no part in religious denominations, especially during these end days. His people are “coming out” of those denominations to meet in private homes, spread the word via the Internet and other available avenues. Those who have attempted to warn their former denominations about the error of their ways always are ostracized and kicked out of the denomination. And, this is every bit as true of pastors who have done the same. I personally know 2 pastors who, upon learning, stood in the pulpit and taught God’s Truth about the 4th Statute, only to be promptly fired. Signs of the times.

    When it comes to interpreting prophecy, SDA was the one to bring out the truth found in Daniel and Revelation; but, that was 163 years ago, so it is accurate only up to the Philadelphia age. Alas, the interpretation from that point forward is full of gross errors based on worldly perspectives. It was here that the Holy Spirit instructed that I write the interpretation for the last two church ages of Philadelphia and Laodicea; which, of necessity, would include the previous 5 church ages for continuity. Sadly, SDA publishers would have no part of “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law.” Which came as no surprise when one finds traces of paganism in their midst. So, the Holy Spirit made it possible for the books to be POD published; so much the better, because they will always be available as long as we are on this old planet.

    I pray that I have sufficiently and efficiently answered your denominational question. 🙂

    Also, thank you for inquiring about my health. I am doing fine; though I do ask for your prayers, as I must move by the end of April, June at the absolute latest. At the moment, this presents a very real financial challenge: in short, I haven’t the funds to move. But! I do know that our Father began preparing the way as soon as I received the phone call. 🙂

    And, I do hope this finds you doing well!

    Much love and hugs 🙂
    sister BonnieQ

    Comment by bonnieq | 16 February 2007 | Reply

  6. “God chooses whom He will to follow His Son, Jesus Christ;”

    These words came out of me tonight as I was preaching in my prison ministry. It is a difficult concept for some to grasp that God has a say in whom He wants to hang out with in eternity. It is pride that causes us to believe that it’s all up to us.

    Thanks so much for the teaching!

    Comment by cumby | 15 February 2007 | Reply

  7. Thank you BonnieQ for these words of preparation. How valuable they are for this unprepared world facing devastation. I appreciate your reminder that God’s way and His timing always are perfect. Today’s society is plagued by fear and worry. Oh how we live in such a hurry. Many have gone oblivious to the fact that we weren’t meant to live out our days in anxiety and fear. God did not design us to lead fear-driven lives. Our bodies cannot endure the self-inflicted torture that we bring upon ourselves by not trusting in God and not living by His knowledge.

    Until we remove from our life all things offensive to the Lord, He will not enter our lives

    Yes! I think that the main reason why people neglect opening themselves to receive God in their lives is because they think they’d be happier doing the things that offend God, rather than what they were made to do, which is to love God and to please God. Such a foolish misconception.

    Yes! 2 Chronicles 12:14. So powerfully true. We can see it in the lives of rebellious teens as well as in the lives of criminals.

    Are all denominations satan’s synagogues?

    I hope you’re doing well.


    Comment by Steve | 15 February 2007 | Reply

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