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Will My Beloved Pet Go to Heaven?



Will My Beloved Pet Go to Heaven?

©copyright 2007 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.



Of the many Bible tutorials TSaS has presented over the last five or six years, this one brings the love of God into a sharper clarity than ever before. Such incredible detail is gained only by way of the greatest Light; such a Light revealing all the smallest, almost insignificant, of features: a Light showing not just the incalculable, immeasurable, and indefinable depth of God’s love, but just how immense the area over which His love extends: nothing is without God’s love, absolutely nothing with which we are familiar in our finite world and our finite perceptions.


There simply is not one thing or person with whom we could even begin to compare God’s love; thus, I feel such sadness for each person who has chosen not to experience His love by having not chosen to obey our Father. This testament of God’s love reminds me of the cat with whom I grew up with, Cissy. When I was age 6, we got Cissy as a 3-week old breeder cast off, considered an ugly duckling, which my Mother fed with a doll bottle until she was old enough to eat on her own. She turned out to be the most beautiful cat, part Persian and Angora, truly a family member that did not know she was a cat: she thought she was part dog and part human. She died when I was half way through my 24th year. We all grieved terribly, thus I was so pleased when my parents had her buried in a pet cemetery, headstone and all.


Scriptures hereinbelow cited are paraphrased from the Authorized King James Version Bible and just might come as quite a surprise to many readers.


What animals do not have, that we humans do possess, is the power of free will in making daily choices; other than this, there is no difference between us. Animals do only what God requires they do, the things He designed them to do; which is a lot more than can be said for the human race: unless, of course, man intervenes by forcing a different behaviour upon an animal. Even then, our small and great creatures continuously strive to do as God intended. As He instructed us to obey our human masters, so animals obey their human masters; even when contrary to their nature.


Job 12:10 and Psalm 150:6 could not be more concise in answering our question— “In God’s hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of all mankind. Let every thing that has breath praise the Lord. You praise the Lord.”


“Every thing that has breath, praise the Lord.” I had opportunity to prove this with my ferret Cocoa. He does not mind his cage for short naps, would even put himself in the it for naps, or overnight sleeping; but, he was adamant about getting out of confinement during the day, IF I were home. Every morning, he would grip the cage door with his little hand-like paws and rattle the daylights out of it until I let him out.


One Friday evening, a little over seven years ago, I came across the above Psalm just about time for Cocoa, then six months old, to go into his cage for the night. I carried him to it while explaining, “Cocoa, the Lord says that ALL things that have breath are to praise the Lord. Now, you have breath, so you need to know that it is now the Lord’s Sabbath until tomorrow night: it extends from sundown to sundown every Friday night to Saturday night. This means you need to be quiet and rest and praise the Lord.”


I put Cocoa in the cage. Though highly unusual, he never made a sound the next morning. BUT! The minute sunset arrived, signaling Sabbath end, Cocoa instantly set up a mighty rattling, insisting on getting out of the cage for at least a few hours before bedtime. Cocoa is now 8 years old and still obeys God’s Sabbath, along with his little mate, 6-year-old Princess. It cannot be said that Cocoa obeyed the Sabbath because I obey the Sabbath and had done so as long as Cocoa could remember. He did not obey the Sabbath UNTIL I told him about it. Is this not true of humans, as well?


Several months later, Cocoa and I went to stay with my friend Betty for a month, while she recovered from a terrible bout with pneumonia. Betty could not help noticing Cocoa rattling the cage door every morning and asked if he did it every day. “All but the Lord’s Sabbath.” She did not believe me; however, after observing Cocoa’s quiet each of four Sabbaths, Betty was a believer and quick to tell others about it.


The first thing we learn in Job and Psalm is that every living thing has a soul, though many might argue that they have no spirit being within, such as we do. Nonetheless, the second thing we learn is an admonition to ALL things that breathe: they are to praise the Lord, for He alone breathed the breath of life into all things. If we back up a bit to Job 12:7-9, we find an instruction to ask of animals, birds and fishes of the sea and they will teach us; also, speak to the earth and it shall teach us.


Have you ever noticed that no matter how badly a dog or a cat might be treated, it remains fiercely loyal to its abusive owner? No doubt the dog or cat is petrified of such an owner, which is clearly noted in its body language— first lesson learned from this mammal, you its master are abusive— still, it will come back again and again seeking its owner’s attention and affection, however little or rare the owner might give it. Animals even take abuse without complaint or fight yet do weep and cry out in pain.


Even children, who are abused by parents, still seek the parents’ attention and affection, even seek their approval right up until their parents’ deaths. Second lesson: animals teach us what it means to love unconditionally. Third lesson: animals teach us to quietly take the abuse of others, including that of those in our lives: such as spouses, other family members, neighbors, even employers. We were instructed to do this when Jesus said in Matthew 18:22, “Turn the other cheek seven times seventy;” as well as when Apostle Paul said in I Corinthians 6:6-8, “You sue a brother who has wronged you, and that before man’s court of unbelievers, when you should have accepted the wrong. You do wrong!” 

Take a bird out of the sky and cage it, or take a fish out of the sea: they struggle until they die a premature death. The same applies to us; if we go against our Creator, we struggle until we die or until we repent, which ever comes first. Observe untouched forests, how beautiful and healthy and well balanced they are; then, view the travesties when clear cutting begins: bacteria indigenous to and safe in forests is dangerously spread into areas where it does not belong thus causing hideous diseases; the ground erodes and land slides hazardously, often causing deaths; and, with every tree cut down, the earth loses its ability to convert carbon monoxides into life giving oxygen. Yet, earth still struggles to support life in and upon it. Yes, we can learn from all life forms and even earth. Observe and speak your questions.


God has now established that animals have souls and, like us, are instructed to praise the Lord; but, does this mean they will go to heaven? We already know that only obedient spirit beings, which inhabit these frail flesh bodies we walk around in, will go to heaven. Well, Ecclesiastes 3:19-20 enlightens, “That which happens to men, happens to animals; even one thing befalls them both: as one dies, so dies the other. Yes, they all have one breath; so that a man has no superiority above an animal. All go to one place; all are of the dust and all turn to dust again. Should this mean the spirit of man goes upward and the spirit of an animal goes downward to the earth?”


What we see amidst mankind is a belief that we are superior to animals, a belief they have no soul thus no spirit, no ability to rationalize or feel emotions— that is what most of us have been taught— therefore man deems heaven unavailable to them. Ecclesiastes clearly denies man’s teaching. Also, animals consistently demonstrate logic and emotions; as shown in Numbers 22:21-35 where God revealed not only a donkey’s reasoning ability but also allowed it to speak to Balaam; who learned that his abuse of the animal was not only wrong, but it also acted in what only seemed to be a disobedient manner in order to save Balaam’s unworthy life.


Humans are instructed to praise the Lord and, if they do so, they will go to heaven. We praise the Lord by obeying our Father. Like humans, animals and all living things also are instructed to praise the Lord; therefore, if they do so, they also will go to heaven.


Does not Ecclesiastes state that what happens to man, happens also to animals? More importantly, Ecclesiastes reveals that animals are spirit beings within those flesh bodies. And, those spirit beings do as God intended they do and they do it without question. Would that mankind should do the same thing: do, rather than question. Finally, heaven and a restored earth to include animals is further validated in appropriate prophecies, wherein animals are discussed and described (see “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” wholly Biblical, Holy Spirit interpretation of The Revelation).


The Bible strongly supports pets and all other animals, such as are not considered vile beasts, as going to heaven and inheriting a new earth along with those humans who both “love and obey God as well as have the faith of Jesus Christ.”


Oh? Someone questions whether or not animals know and love Christ, one of our prerequisites to entering heaven? There is a large, abused Pit Bull named Buddy roaming the forest community where I live: his body language tells of abuse by his master across the road. For some odd reason, Buddy comes to the end of my driveway every day and simply sits there barking. The first time he did this, I quietly said, from where I sat on the deck some 60 feet away, “In the name of Jesus, you go home, Buddy.” That dog cocked his head, then turned and trotted home; though he still visits every day yet too frightened to come to me.


On another day, I was out in the yard when he and Siska, another neighbor’s different and smaller breed of Pit Bull came literally charging into the yard. Siska is not abused and does know me, but Buddy instinctively went into pack attack mode by rapidly circling behind me. I spoke softly while making no sudden moves, “Hello, Siska. Buddy, in Jesus name you come back around with Siska.”


Buddy actually looked surprised but came around from behind me, his lips appearing to smile. He and Siska then took off. So, yes, our animals even know Christ and obey commands in His name, especially when delivered in loving tones. Did not the fig tree die upon Christ’s command? Would it not have born fruit if He had commanded? Upon Christ’s command, did not a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish feed 5000 people?


“That which happens to men, happens to animals.” As our spirit being will be given a new, incorruptible body, so we can believe our pets’ spirit beings will be given new, incorruptible bodies. Why would we doubt such a thing? After all, God loves every thing He created; He would do no less for animals, who have obeyed without choice, as He will do for us who obey by choice.


Consider your choices carefully and remember that we are not superior to animals: treat them well and learn from them how to be better humans and caretakers of our planet and its life-sustaining abilities. It Is Written!


~~ end Sabbath Lesson of 03/17/07



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  1. Your ability to convey this type of data is exactly what every one of us require. By revealing your understanding you guide other folks through expressing your own private insights. And I’ll tell you now your article assisted me.

    Comment by sap tax reporter what is | 6 February 2012 | Reply

  2. […] Only man needed Jesus because he has not behaved as God intended and instructed in His Doctrine. Proof lies in the fact that, when Eve sinned and Adam agreed, God exiled them from Eden rather than destroy them and start all over, which He did consider; yet, mankind continued to sin worse and worse. A Saviour was needed to cleanse them of their “past” sins then teach them righteous behaviour. Had there never been Christ, only animals would go to heaven. Think on the strength of that truth! In the meantime, see Will My Beloved Pet Go to Heaven? […]

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  3. Thank you for these words. On 2/21/08 we lost our wonderful dog, Precious at the age of 18. It was extremely difficult for us and I was just so in shock. My mind kept replaying and replaying a favorite hymn, “You are mine” and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I struggled with the idea of where Precious was??? Was she in Heaven??? Did our pets go to Heaven? Certainly many people would tell you NO, they do not. Yet, I couldn’t get it out of my mind that the God that I know and love, the God that I believe in wouldn’t create and give us these wonderful pets only to have them cease to exist when the die. It didn’t just make sense. Our pets are our friends. They are there for us when we are hurt, in despair, when we are grieving. The wag of their tails, the licks from their tongue all relay their love for us. They don’t leave us when times get rough. They teach us about love, about respect, about loyalty and about caring. We become better people for having them.
    Then 5 weeks later, our beloved KC who had turned 15 in November suffered a serious stroke and we had no other choice but to let her go and stop her extreme suffering. KC was a mommy’s girl and we shared the same birthdate. I was absolutely (still am) grief stricken. Two of my furbabies in a little over a month! The Friday we put KC down was awful. I couldn’t figure out what to do, where were they, all sorts of things like that! Two days later, I was surfing the web trying to find the answers. One post I read cited Corinthians 2:9 “eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him” as a reason why our pets did go to heaven. Where is it written in the Bible that they don’t??? We, as humans, really don’t have ANY idea what heaven is like-we can’t conceive it with the minds we have. A few hours later I went to Sunday evening Mass and was shocked to see that two of the songs we were singing were “You are Mine” and hymn 482 “Eye has not seen”. The gospel reading that day was John 20:19-31 all about believing. The priest gave a wonderful and very personal homily all about the ability to just ‘believe’.

    GOD knew my pain. HE saw my suffering and grief. HE gave me signs-the two hymns, the gospel, the homily, the readings. BELIEVE was the message! That morning, and I don’t care HOW strange it sounds, I was startled awake by a sigh. KC used to come in my room in the morning, plop down in front of the door, give a sigh and proceed to fall asleep. She was there again, even for one small moment, to let me know that everything was ok. Oh I know it wasn’t KC but rather GOD sending me a sign-something that I would recognize to help me get through this.

    I just can’t dismiss all of these ‘signs’. GOD loves me and HE loves all the animals that HE has put here for us. Those two wonderful babies of mine were there with me for 9 months as I battled cancer. They slept by the couch with me when I was so tired. They never left me. They were a gift from GOD to help me. I BELIEVE that they are right now playing, romping, whatever they might do in heaven praising GOD and waiting for the day when I will hopefully be reunited with them!

    Comment by Jaynee | 4 April 2008 | Reply

  4. I just lost my precious dog lil annie of almost 19 years of age.
    The intense grief comes and goes because it’s only been a couple of days and I miss her so very much. Knowing I’ll see her again in Heaven is the only comfort I have and I thank you for everything you’ve said because I will cling to your words taken from the Bible. God Bless you! Sue

    Comment by Sue | 1 December 2007 | Reply

  5. I believe that religion was taken over by men and interpretated by them to serve their interests. Does the Bible mention having a pope or religion classes? I don’t think so.
    People have interpretated the bible as saying the earth and non human creatures were made for and to be abused by men. However rooted in our minds, I think the meaning of the bible is we are in charge of the other creatures, of their well being. I believe that a good christian has to be vegetarian or vegan (some think jesus might have been raised a vegetarian, his brother was), I am sure it’s more consistant with the teachings, I’m sure he wouldn’t aprove slaughter houses!!! I am aware of the multiple translations and interpretations and of course it’s not a pure text we have, and the essence of it should be love and respect for all beings. So yes, if there’s a heaven, pets should rest there……

    Comment by zara | 1 November 2007 | Reply

  6. First, you have my condolences on the lost of your beloved Animal friend.

    Second, I would like to let your readers know there is a website that addresses these and other questions about animals and spirituality. We are the Interfaith Association of Animal Chaplains, at We represent many different faiths, so we do not all share the same answer to the big questions, but we do share a love for animals, a commitment to comfort bereaved humans who have lost animal friends, and a desire to teach others about our obligation to be responsible stewards of the earth and all of its creations.

    Please visit and say hello on our guest book.
    Yours in friendship,
    Chaplain Nancy

    Comment by Chaplain Nancy Cronk | 3 August 2007 | Reply

  7. hi
    my dad lost his beautiful akita and shepherd mixed breed dog lasat wednesday july 10 and we all cried .
    i was just wondering we buried brownie that was his name and i go to his grave everynight and talk to him.does he hear me?will his spirit return in another dogs body and find his way to my dad again?and will he find another dog body identical to his or another dog body?
    and will he come to my dad or will my dad find him?
    please someone help me
    they are allreadsy thinking of another dog but is it too soon?
    isnt it disrespectable to brownies spirit so soon?
    i think it is but am i wrong?should they really wait a few months?

    Comment by robyn | 15 July 2007 | Reply

  8. Way way too much time on your hands.

    Comment by Dale | 24 June 2007 | Reply

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  10. Hi, darling Steve! Thank you so much for such a great comment and for sharing what you have learned about animals. There is no doubt that those creatures are far more in tune with nature and God than mankind; who has become pitifully disconnected.

    I put together this particular Sabbath lesson because I hear the title question so often, and I know how much people, at least most, really love their pets. We grieve over their loss just as we do over the loss of any family member or dear friend. I feel that a lot of people needed this Truth, for the response has been tremendous at the various places it has been posted. If I can give a person peace about just one thing we experience in life, then I feel God has been so gracious to me. 🙂

    Again, thank so much, dear brother, for sharing with me on this glorious day our Lord has made!

    Much love and hugs,

    Comment by bonnieq | 15 March 2007 | Reply

  11. Hey Bonnie, great article and examples!

    I heard it reported that the number of wild animals killed in the tsunami was very low. It was as if they knew something humans didn’t. The amazing behavior of animals during disasters seems to show that they are somehow
    connected and in tune to the earth and it’s changes.

    Perhaps we humans once had that natural earthly connection instinct as well. Maybe we’ve shut it out just like the way we sometimes manage to shut out our inner voice. Maybe our human attention is too often placed elsewhere than where it needs to be focused on. Even when warned, we sometimes fail to obey the warnings because we think ourselves too proud to submit to the knowledge of others. We humans would rather go by our own knowledge of good and evil, as if we’ve got something to prove. When we choose not to obey our Father, we also choose not to obey the valuable warnings He provides His obedient ones. And for those who ask: “What’s in it for me if I obey the Father?”, the answer is: life as you know it and life as you will come to know it! For it is when we cut ourselves off from our Creator that we cut ourselves off from His saving warnings.

    Here’s more about amazing animal behaviors:

    “Strange animal behavior before the quake warned officials to alert the inhabitants and evacuate the city several
    days in advance of the quake. And it’s not just quakes. There are even stories of animals fleeing valleys in advance of avalanches and warning of German bomber squadrons approaching London during World War II. Biologist Mike Heithaus explains the role of animal instinct in the Florida hurricanes that struck in 2004. In the 12 hours before Hurricane Charley hit Florida, 14 electronically tagged sharks off Sarasota who had never left their home region before fled into deep waters and stayed away for two weeks before returning.”


    Oh and Bonnie, one last thing, the following quote seems to have come to me while replying to your post, so I’ll share it:

    “All that needs to be proven has been proven to the heart. It is when we dwell in the mayhem of the mind that the truth is hard to find. Are we so disconnected from our hearts that we live out of beat with the very calling that connects us?”

    Glory to God in the highest!


    Comment by Steve | 13 March 2007 | Reply

  12. Oh, Cumby, thank YOU for the fantastic experience you have shared with us! God is good and, one way or another, He will show us His Truth. Everyone who loves animals definitely will appreciate your testimony as just one more validation of God’s unerring Word.

    Whoever started the tale that animals have no soul thus no spirit must have never really paid attention to them. When we closely observe animals, as closely as we should be observing our own children, there is no mistaking the similarities between animals and humans; as scripture enlightens us. 🙂

    Breederx, thank you so much for your encouraging words and for sharing your love of animals with us. God is sooo good and covers us with His love through everything He created. Animals are such wonderful little and great creatures. 🙂

    Much love in Christ,

    Comment by bonnieq | 13 March 2007 | Reply

  13. This is such a beautiful post! It is just so comforting to know that God loves them all creatures great and small and that one day we will be reunited with the ones we love at his house. Thank you for this and God bless!

    Comment by breederx | 12 March 2007 | Reply

  14. What a wonderful post!

    I’ve relayed this incident in someone else’s blog and was mildly chastised by someone for it, but in case you missed it:

    Our beloved Malamute/Wolf Samantha died on our living room floor in March of 98. We had gotten her from the dogpound in California when she was 1 and she had another weekend before being destroyed. She had been abused and abandoned. She was around 13-14 when she passed on.

    The family and I wept all day. That night before bed I was in the living room, my son was asleep and my wife was in the bedroom. There came a rush of wind through the house, all doors and windows were closed, and the sound of an animal running. It swept by me and through me and headed through the bedroom where my wife screamed.

    We were filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Once again the Lord had sent a blessing where there was only grief and pain. I had said something dumb to my wife and son that day about animals not having a soul. God loves to tweak my nose sometimes. How did I miss the horses in Revelation?

    Comment by cumby | 12 March 2007 | Reply

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