God's Truth Not Smooth Words

Vol. II: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors & Elderly

Vol. II: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors and Elderly

©copyright 2008 Bonita M Quesinberry



As we pick up from Volume I of this issue, I remind that the agreement I had with my deceased friend Betty’s son was to stay and care for her property until the oldest heir turned eighteen, at which time he would move in and I find another place. The blessing to me was another 2 years in that peaceful spot in Washington’s Tahuya State Forest. January 2007: I had to get on HUD waiting lists for a unit and pray I’d be out no later than June 2007. Why did I wait so late? Well, Betty’s son had told me in December 2006 that he thought I would have another 3 years, so I dallied. Alas, it did not work out inasmuch as Derek’s son changed his plans.


First lunge out of the gate was a bleak start: I was number 47 on the list for a one-level complex in Poulsbo, a good hour and half farther away from my daughter/caregiver Maria in Portland, Oregon. Being in that position could have meant up to a two-year wait, which was not going to work. A week later, the floater manager in Poulsbo asked if I would be interested in a Shelton unit, an hour closer to Maria: I would be number one there and assured I could move in by mid-March or April at the latest. At that time, she cited six vacancies with more coming up and no one on the waiting list: my requirement for a ground floor unit was no problem.


Alas, on February 01, a permanent manager was installed at Fir Tree Park Apartments (FTP) and who contrarily acted in accordance with Allied Group’s direction, the management company for whom their floater in Poulsbo worked and also trained new site managers. She was told to fill up the complex before me and justify doing so by claiming there had been a waiting list of which the floater was not aware.


As a courtesy, certainly not a requirement, I had provided with my paperwork a letter from my doctor indicating the necessity of both a ground floor apartment, due to a propensity for falling, and air conditioning I would provide. It seems Allied did not want anyone moving in with A/C— increase the electric bill (I take measures to prevent this but they did not know it). This began to come to light during a phone call when the manager said she had put in five people ahead of me and continued to put me off due to yet more ahead of me. So, I called Poulsbo again to see if I had misunderstood: no, I had not. The floater got on the phone and the next day Fir Tree Park (FTP) called to say my paperwork was ready and I could move in by 11 May 2007. Praise the Lord, I would meet my June deadline as agreed!


Maria went with me to sign papers and pay the upfront fees. It was then the FTP manager informed us of Allied’s discrimination against my extreme sensitivity to heat disability, not wanting me in because of A/C. After signing and paying, we were then informed that Allied had said they would not replace the 30-year old, threadbare carpet if she let me in: a second act of discrimination as well as retaliation. Since I was getting an apartment, I chose to ignore this violation of law but had transcripted the details. Alas, it would not end there, for Allied truly did not want me or my air conditioning.


The unit was incredibly filthy and I spent over 36 hours getting it to a livable condition, then requested of Allied the return of my damage deposit, which was not paid to clean up another person’s filth. I had refused to sign the move-in inspection because the manager would not list problems thereon, as she was supposed to do. So, along with my request, I provided a transcript of labor to get the unit sanitary. I received no response whatsoever.


I had lived in the unit only three months when suddenly the manager accused me of failing to disclose the fact I had two caged ferrets. Despite proving I had made full discloser in writing, Allied continued its assault with threats, calls, inspections, demands, and unannounced visits by a variety of people from their home office; ultimately serving me with eviction because I refused to pay a $300 pet deposit ($150 per pet): which HUD did not allow on caged pets. I’d never had to pay a deposit for the ferrets in the entire 20 years I’ve lived in Washington, even through Bremerton Housing (Vol. I).


Now, I would have to do something. After all, Allied had filled my file with false charges and complaints that might make it easy for a judge to uphold the illegal eviction. I contacted Senior Information and Assistance (Senior I & A) who previously had helped me by purchasing a portable A/C unit. In the interim, I had been keeping meticulous records and transcripts of everything that had transpired from the time I went on FTP’s waiting list, including all details, dates, names, and witnesses to conversations: now days it pays to have a background in law.


Around October 2007, I received a call from HUD’s Ben Jones, the Washington State HUD Contract manager in charge of FTP’s portfolio. I followed his directions and mailed to him a copy of everything I had. After reviewing them, he then instructed me to provide everything to their department for discrimination acts: seems I had two separate cases, the other being acts of retaliation.


According to Mr. Jones, I needed only one witness to the discrimination and he stated that my daughter was sufficient. Mind you, I never contacted HUD, but an investigation was launched, nonetheless. Almost immediately, HUD advised Allied that they could not touch me or my ferrets and could not charge a deposit for the ferrets, acts of retaliation, but Allied was deaf.


Allied’s manipulation and torment escalated, despite my attorney’s actions (lawyer with Northwest Senior Justice Project, Olympia): more threatening letters, inspections and unannounced visits. One such visit came at 3:00 pm on a Friday by yet another Allied employee I’d not met before, and it lasted until 9:15 that night: didn’t even get to eat dinner. Then, Allied came up with a new tactic, actually due to their own screw-up: they claimed to have erred in calculating deposit and rents— another excuse to contact me both by phone and visits— therefore owing me nearly $300 in overcharges. They refused to refund and falsely charged me with refusing to sign recertification papers, another lie added to many lies they feeding HUD, which will come out in our next segment.


The stress was mind-boggling and my health was deteriorating rapidly while my blood pressure was soaring off the charts: not because I was worried or afraid, but simply because Allied never let up and I was becoming quite angry. Yeah, I know, “Get angry but sin not.” I obeyed. Still, my doctor and neurosurgeon were going through the roof, finally telling my attorney to instruct Allied not to contact with me in any way or be subject to a charge of reckless endangerment, or worse, negligent homicide if I died: the risk of another brain aneurysm at an all time high. Allied ignored the directive: just a few days later I received yet another threatening letter.


About a month after I had moved in, management placed a woman above me who was not “62 or older,” as required by the HUD “elderly only” contract with FTP owners. She is a raging alcoholic and within two months she had moved in her grown sons (21 & 23), in violation of both HUD and DSHS welfare requirements: she reported to neither entity as required. Not to worry: I shall not report it, as Jesus would not approve. But, take a wild guess as to who does get reported to DSHS for fraud. That’s our next segment, too.


As a psychotherapist, I was not surprised when Rachel and her sons began tormenting me 24/7; after all, they knew I could be, the operative words being “could be,” their greatest threat as the nearest neighbor to be affected by their behaviour: constant, deliberate stomping on the floor, going to management filing false complaints against me, and so forth. Their mentality is to “do unto others before they do unto you.” Typical behaviour of addicts, liars and manipulators: unfortunately, Rachel and her sons are all of these.


Needless to say, I wasn’t sleeping and management did nothing. Albeit, for many months I did not complain, but neighbors had— loud and clear and even in writing but to no avail: they also called the police several times, once having her carted off to detox for three weeks, as well as filed complaints directly with Allied and FTP’s California owners. Alas, Rachel was convinced I was the one who did all the complaining and Allied was happy to let her believe it; despite the fact I had asked management to tell her I was not the one— hoping truth would put a stop to her harassment and torment.


The abuse continued to escalate, most of it witnessed by surrounding tenants. In March 2008, Rachel came to my door one evening, drunk as usual and ranting. So, I shut the door. The next day, Management attempted to serve me with a “stop harassing” notice on Rachel’s behalf: she had run to the manager, crying crocodile tears, that next morning and claimed I was constantly coming to her door harassing her. I informed management of what really happened and two of my neighbors confirmed. Management tore up the notice she was about to serve on me but did not remove the one in my file, which she had agreed to remove. Alas, my pristine file is now filled with false charges and complaints.


April 2008 arrived in a painful storm amidst Allied’s continued torment: the third afternoon Rachel slammed into my storm door, yanked it open to pound on the door, and began raging when I opened the inner door to find her right in my face as she held open the storm door. Fortunately, my next-door neighbor saw everything and immediately called police. Before they arrived, three times I instructed Rachel to step away from my door and attempted to shut it. Instead, the third time I spoke, Rachel assaulted me by shoving my door into my face: an act that easily could have killed me.


Still, I chose to do as Christ and did not file charges against her; hoping instead, as did my neighbors, that management finally evict Rachel: she is a danger to all and Allied certainly had enough in her file to make it quite easy, in addition to her having broken every rule of both house and HUD— case in point, Rachel brought in a huge dog without permission or deposit, which size is prohibited; a neighbor filed a complaint with Allied, but it was in my car that one of Rachel’s sons put a bag of her cat’s feces as retaliation. Assumption gets people in trouble: I called the police, car dusted for prints although, again, I did not pursue charges but did tell management of the event.


Allied fired the above site manager, then refused to let a new temp-manager evict Rachel: she was serving their purposes quite well, in view of HUD being on their case. No doubt they hoped I would move due to Rachel, then HUD would drop my case  automatically. When one lives in subsidized housing, it is not easy or even quick to move: virtually all such properties have as little as a two-year and up to a 3-year waiting list. Unfortunately, the Section 8 waiting list, which allows a person to live anywhere, even a house, is not taking applications for the next 4 to 5 years.


By the time HUD had called in its State Investigator on the discrimination issue and the California owners had been notified of Allied’s many violations, it looked as though my life might settle down soon. Naturally, Satan was not and is not finished; for despite everything having been witnessed, it was going to be the Fed’s turn to take as many bites out of me as possible. But, while they were chewing and chomping, FTP owners fired Allied effective 01 August 2008, and a new management company came in with a new site manager: looked as though they might be worth their salt—one of the first people he wanted out was Rachel and her boys. Of course, we all know that looks can be deceiving.


According to HUD, it usually takes up to a year before a case is assigned to an Investigator, most States having more than one; however, the “entity that shall remain nameless,” as my attorney stated to Allied, had gone straight to the head of HUD with my case and “the head” told this State’s only Investigator to get right on it. This is where our story will take up in the next segment of Federal and State abuse of seniors and elderly, which will include the details of a recent DSHS action noted below. It won’t be difficult to figure out who or what caused DSHS to join HUD for dinner at my expense.


Yeah, Rachel and her non-working, non-disabled sons remain and still are tormenting me. Worse is the fact that she is one of those who defrauds our government systems and gets by with it: the result of it being that much more difficult for an honest and deserving person to get help from the various State and Federal programs.


Case in point: when I applied for Social Security (SS) at age 55, to which I had paid into for thirty-seven years (having worked 33 years longer than my doctors advised), I was denied twice and had to go to court. My SS facilitator told me right up front that if he could show me as a depressed addict of drugs or alcohol or both, approval would be almost immediate; but, the honest person who most needs it gets taken through a wringer then has to jump through hoops of fire that usually consumes two years.


By age 57, I was a heap of ash, for he knew what he was talking about, when two years later I was in an SS court: the judge was irate over how I had been treated coupled with the fact their own doctors had stated unequivocally that I could not work both times I’d been denied, then the judge ruled hands down in my favor— thanks be to the Lord!


Alas, the new FTP manager now whines that Allied should have removed Rachel long ago instead of leaving it for him to do. To demonstrate his feelings about that, I was informed two weeks ago that if I complained a third time, I would be evicted along with Rachel: not that he has made any attempt to evict her. This is just one of the fear tactics so many site managers use instead of doing their jobs in accordance with law and HUD and in the best interest of their tenants’ safety.


Rachel is a danger to everyone around her: cigarette burns all over her mattress, smoked up our apartments burning things on or in the stove, and killed one of my ferrets by gassing my apartment with extremely toxic fumes: my other ferret became ill but recovered and my blood pressure spiked dangerously for the twenty minutes I was exposed. I had been gone and, apparently, my unit had been gassed for several hours: she was attempting to burn-off plastic that she had melted to a burner coil on her stove by leaving the burner on. My ferrets and I had to vacate the unit for the evening and leave the apartment open in very cold weather.


Rachel also flooded my apartment when her commode overflowed and she walked away doing nothing about moping up until it was too late. Where else could that water go? What does management need to remove this danger that, ultimately, can cost the owners their complex by fire? Anyway, Allied has been gone since August 2008, but they were not finished tormenting me and would do so through DSHS.


As I’ve said before, this is not all about me. In fact, there were four other cases just here at FTP that went to HUD, one was automatically dropped when the tenant’s daughter moved her to another town and subsidized unit. That is the way of HUD: if you move, they simply drop the case and declare it resolved.


That case above, though, was another horror story: an 86-year old dwarf, Petie Balls, who had lived here at FTP for almost 20 years, started and ran a craft club and maintained her supplies in the Community Room under lock and key, as long ago approved by prior management. New management charged her with theft, took everything that actually had been purchased by and belonged to Petie, and served her with eviction. Her daughter didn’t know what else to do, except get Petie out of here, because HUD was dragging their feet, not even holding a temporary stop sign in front of Allied.


It took months to achieve the move, so Petie was harassed and had the police called on her both times she attempted to speak with management. Unfortunately, one month after Petie moved to another town, Allied Group took over as the management company of Petie’s new location. Her daughter is watching them and their site manager like a hawk ready to swoop in if they harass her. Horror stores abound throughout this demographic.


The other three cases, also threatened with eviction, ended up ignored by HUD, likely because they were not considered as serious and/or did not involve discrimination or at least the appearance of discrimination: we will get into that in our next segment about HUD’s actions in all this.


Remember: the senior and elderly population is the largest demographic in this nation! Do we realize that, as such, we have the collective power to even determine votes? We can do something about these undeserved injustices but it will take all of us being loud and clear about what we no longer will tolerate at our Federal and State levels by the very people we put into office and the organizations that are supposed to protect us.


According to HUD, we have the right to say how our subsidized apartments are run, a right we have not utilized in most settings because management will not allow a Tenants’ Association; which HUD recommends we have. Management puts enough fear into the majority of tenants so they will not join an Association, even if one is started: such as here at FTP. And, we have the right to organize clubs of whatsoever nature, as long as legal, without interference from management. As seen here at FTP, management disbanded all clubs and took over our newsletter. Now the only thing that gets printed is what management wants us to read, truth or not.


Of course, greed is the driving force of these end days: sort of the wickeds’ last hurrah before their demise. In these cases, however, the greed is that of only property management companies, whereas the Federal and State departments want to simply ignore their responsibilities to those whom they subsidize in whatsoever ways: management companies can be fired and it doesn’t pay HUD or DSHS to shirk their obligations. Our tax dollars pay them to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law!


No sleep. . . oh, well, I do believe Jesus told us that we are children of the Light and we are to keep watch at night when the wicked sleep: so sleep not. I keep hanging on to that, knowing that it could be any day/any hour now for His return, and I believe I can keep going as long as Father intends. I’m the Energizer bunny? I think new batteries might help. Again, please pass this story on to everyone you believe might be able to help us or to persons experiencing similar injustices.


End of Volume II

Volume III continues next week



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