God's Truth Not Smooth Words

Vol. III: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors & Elderly

Vol. III: Uncommon Common Abuse of Seniors & Elderly

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Reflecting back on the last segment, we covered what had happened when trying to get an apartment at Fir Tree Park (FTP), the issues after moving in, and problems with neighbor raging alcoholic Rachel and her two grown sons above me. Then HUD contacted me and the wheels began turning but it did not seem to faze Allied Group, the management company in charge of FTP, and their on-site manager Shannon. The problems continued to escalate with Allied and Rachel. Readers might recall she had assaulted me back in April 2008.


Every key person in HUD had a copy of everything I had, including the State investigator who finally contacted me. I had witnesses to everything, including the two acts of discrimination and all the retaliation as well as concerning Rachael. The investigator had names, addresses and phone numbers and stated she would be contacting them for their statements. After ‘hearing’ my story, she gave me every hope this was going to be resolved in my favor. In fact, she expressed anger over how I had been treated, how it dangerously affected my health, and even asked what kind of settlement I would want. Settlement? That had not even entered my mind, so I said, “I don’t want to hurt anyone. I just want all of this to stop for all of us.”


Two weeks later, the investigator called me to read to me a letter she had received from Allied Group in response to her inquiry; an attempt to prove without proof they had not discriminated and I had lied. The investigator wanted me to hear the letter, then respond accordingly. Quote: “We never attempted to prevent Ms. Quesinberry from moving into FTP as there were other people ahead of her and, in fact, she later did move in. However, she had installed a window A/C unit and we had to have the fire department inspect for safety. They said it must be removed as it blocked a safe rear exit, so we had her remove the unit. Later, she obtained a portable unit. Obviously, we had no problem with her disability need for air conditioning.”


Allied went on to claim they could get a statement from the fire department, IF the investigator requested proof. I told the investigator that if they could get such a statement from the fire chief, it also would be false. In the end, Allied never provided proof of any of their claims. I not only had proof, I had witnesses and relied on the investigator’s statement that she would get statements from each one. If she did, the case was mine.


The letter went on from there, at the conclusion of which I stated it was a fabrication in its entirety: I had never had a window unit, as my neighbors could testify and so could my daughter Maria, and the fire department had never inspected my apartment for safety. I am a certified first responder and former fire department dispatcher, so I knew that such inspections are done only by the chief or assistant chief. Allied claimed it was “one of the firemen.” And, I related this fact to the investigator.


By now, Maria had informed me she had not heard from HUD’s investigator, as some of my other witnesses also stated. I mentioned this to the investigator and she claimed she did not have their phone numbers, to which I reiterated that all were in the transcripts; however, I gave them to her again. At this time, I did not know the investigator had to wind up the case within 30 days, apparently some kind of HUD regulation.


Two weeks following her call, the investigator called again to tell me she had made her decision and it was irreversible in that her time had expired. I do not know for a fact that there was a regulated time restraint. Again, I stated that my daughter had never heard from her; and, again, the investigator said she did not have Maria’s number. I reminded her that it was both in the transcripts and I had given it to her again two weeks before: “Oh, here it is on a piece of paper on my desk.” She stated she would call Maria but reconfirmed that her decision already was made and irreversible because she had no time left. What good was calling Maria going to do now?


She did call Maria the next day but only asked one question: “Did your mother have a window unit in the beginning?” Maria responded, “My mother told me that Allied claimed she did have one; but, no, she never had a window unit. I know this for a fact, because I was the one to move her in and I was the one who installed her portable unit.” Maria was not given an opportunity to discuss the discrimination she had witnessed, as the investigator immediately thanked Maria and disconnected. The same happened with several of my other witnesses. Nevertheless, testimony had proven that Allied lied.


In that last call to me, the one prior to calling Maria, the investigator said she had ruled in Allied’s favor because there was no proof of discrimination and retaliation and no witnesses to validate the claims. I was stunned speechless. Within a week, I received a letter to this effect and was told I could take the matter to civil court, if I disagreed. The cost would be mine because the Senior Justice System attorney did not handle those types of cases. The investigator’s decision was laid out in a transcript provided to the HUD board on Human Rights for a final opinion, along with a copy to me.


The investigator had worded witness testimonies in a manner rendering me a liar, or delusional at best, and my daughter had confirmed it. Maria was livid, to say the least. She had been quoted as stating that she had only heard about the discrimination, yet Maria had said this only about a purported window unit and was never asked about the discrimination. The transcript also stated that Allied had not replaced the 30-year old carpets because they were in good shape, and that they had not had a problem with my ferrets; it was only a misunderstanding that had been quickly resolved. Lies, lies, and more lies. Worse, they and the State Investigator had effectively shredded my reputation for integrity and absolute truth.


I was devastated and did not know which way to turn. After all, the State had given Allied the power to carry through with the eviction they previously had served on me and would surely win in court; which they could do within a year of having executed service. What judge would not enforce an eviction when the highest Federal agencies had “proven” me a liar, or delusional at best, I being the person who simply was making it hard on Allied to do their job; which also meant Allied could sue me for loss of income due to expenses I supposedly caused them.


There was no way I could afford an attorney in order to file a discrimination suit, despite the fact HUD had said they could not combine discrimination with retaliation but stated the courts could. So, now there was every chance my ferrets and I would wind up on the streets. Nevertheless, I called my attorney in the hopes she would handle the case. To my utter disappointment she only confirmed what I already knew, then informed me that Allied was making new demands on me: they wanted copies of my records for the previous recertification and even for the year before, which had nothing to do with them because I was living at Betty’s at that time. My lawyer did put a stop to this demand.


I received a letter from the Human Rights department of HUD advising that the investigator’s transcript would be reviewed by their board and, if I wished, I could file a letter expressing my disagreement with her findings. I did so truly knowing I likely would not hear a word in return, muchless one in my favor. It was now coming on July 2008, and my suspicions proved correct: I never heard one word from the Review Board. Apparently, the case decision stood as the investigator had filled.


If I could find a pro bono attorney (free), did I not also have Susan, the Poulsbo floater manager, as a witness to discrimination, and Jan the FTP site manager who told us of the discrimination as a witness? Yeah, right; Allied had fired both and I had no idea where to find them. Just prior to the investigator’s decision, a tenant provided a cell number for Jan and I quickly gave the number to HUD’s investigator and called Jan myself— of course, she would testify on my behalf! Alas, she lied to the investigator, claiming she never had such a conversation with my daughter or me.


Okay, there was Ben Jones, the HUD contract manager who had confirmed that FTP was supposed to rent to elderly only, which should have removed Rachel, as well as had directed my discrimination case to Human Rights. Then, there was the woman in Human Rights totally on my side. I called Ben to find he had been replaced. When I called the woman, she said straight out, “I hate what you are going through and I feel it is just plain wrong; but, I have been informed that I am to speak with no one at Fir Tree Park or lose my job.” This, despite it actually being her job!


What in the world is going on? Yet, again, I was stunned speechless as she continued by giving me the names and phone numbers of several attorneys, though not sure they would take the case: she wasn’t supposed to do even this. The very agency designed to protect our HUD and Constitutional rights is now behaving as if they work for the very companies and agencies harming us by replacing any HUD employees who actually do care about us and believe it is their job to protect our rights as both human beings and citizens of this great? nation.


Soon, it was July 2008 and, apparently FTP’s California property owners had received all prior data from HUD about my case, and the other four, as well as letters from a number of tenants and me, albeit not the investigator’s final decision. At this time, all FTP tenants simultaneously received a letter from Allied announcing they would no longer be managing FTP effective August first. While Allied did not tell us, we were informed by the manager Shannon that Allied had been fired from all Washington properties they managed for the California owners. I was delighted and hopeful, as was every tenant here. Surely, the new company, Professional Property Management, along with their site manager Michael, would prove to be far better and, with compassion, treat us as human beings who are not deadbeats and do not defraud programs designed to assist us.


This would not be the case, as noted in the second segment wherein manager Michael threatened me with eviction if I file a third complaint on Rachel. My attorney had demanded that new management sit down with me to go through my file and remove all false charges and complaints, effectively restoring my good name. I also asked Michael for that courtesy: it was the right thing to do. Michael refused; thus, no matter what I do, I look good for eviction at any time he chooses for a variety of trumped up reasons on file. My attorney could do nothing, in that the Senior Justice System considered her job done, case closed, and put her on other pending cases while subtly advising me that I could “donate” to their cause. I would need a different attorney at a cost to me.


Needless to say, I’ve been keeping my mouth shut here at FTP and simply living on 4-6 hours sleep per week. Allied and the Feds had made a delicious meal of me and I didn’t think there was anything left for any entity to gnaw on, except what bones might be left.


Well, Satan was going to make sure I knew better when I received a letter from the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) advising that my Medicaid was denied for lack of meeting the spend down requirement (like an insurance deductible): a dollar figure based on my income less out of pocket as well as owed medical expenses. AND! They were investigating my case for fraud. WHAT! Not only had my expenses more than triple covered the spend down but I certainly had done nothing to defraud DSHS. My records are impeccable and completely validated; so, who reported fraud?


Here we go again. Not only would no doctor in Shelton take my case because they were afraid of its complexities but neither would Mason County Hospital in Shelton treat me if need be. Here I am at extreme risk, my health failing rapidly, I have no doctor and nowhere to turn. Oh, what about your doctor in Port Orchard, you might well ask? The one who was on your case since the brain aneurysm? Well, we will get into all of it in our next and final segment series of one nightmare after the other.


Please remember that we seniors and elderly are the largest demographic in this nation, and we need help putting a stop to government abuse at both Federal and State levels as well as abuse by property managers and their companies. We don’t need money; albeit, if you know a TV news reporter or one at a major newspaper, please share our story with them and get it spread across this nation. So far, I have fallen short of being able to garner this kind of media coverage, though I’ve repeatedly tried. It would go a long way toward demanding change. Also, send our story, or the links to it, to everyone you know and ask them to spread it around.


Your friends can find each segment of this story at BonnieQ — (if the link does not work, copy and paste it into your browser) then scroll down my author page and click on “Critical Articles” where each segment is listed by “volume number.” Click on the first volume, read, then the next and the next when finished with each one. Each segment is 4 to 5-1/2 pages: feel free to print them out for reading ease.


Until next week, I pray everyone is doing well and surviving this most unusual weather our nation is experiencing. I live at sea level, yet even we are snowed in. The final segment is scheduled for January 03, 2008; so, stayed tuned for more horror.



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