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Extra Oil: Economic Crisis & Emotions in Prophecy

Extra Oil: Economic Crisis & Emotions
in Prophecy
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry
edited and updated

Recall of 03/24/09: This is an updated version of the very first extra oil provided TSaS members. Mankind is now in the critical stage that presents pending danger to Christ’s sheep, thus this reminder of why we need extra oil for our lanterns: the interpretation of Christ’s wedding parable was given by the Holy Spirit, the message of which no one has ever heard taught and will not teach it, except it comes through God’s prophets today.

As promised, this Oil is about prophecies regarding the very near end of earth’s 6000 living years, what it says about the global economic collapse occurring for far longer than we’ve been told— actually set in motion by 9/11 exactly as set out in Rev. 18:8-14— and how people’s emotions are being affected coupled with how those emotions bring the saints and elect into the worst and shortest of these end days. This message, and succeeding ones, represents the sheep’s much needed extra lantern oil as we await Christ.

There is no way to provide all information and scriptures regarding the entire of this last church age Laodicea— most of which already have taken place, including Armageddon ongoing— herein are events specific to this brief; thus, it is highly recommended that members get a copy of “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law;” copy this interpretation and slip it between the pages of the Laodicea chapter. Everything in “Bind Up. . . ” is scripture and research data set out chronologically by era and paraphrased as we speak today by the Holy Spirit’s design and instructions. For our purposes here, and for the sake of brevity, there will be some scripture references but no literal quotes.

Refer to Christ’s story of the ten virgins with oil lamps invited to the wedding and told to bring plenty of extra oil in case the Groom tarried. The virgins represent two types of people: 1. those who always have obeyed all twelve of God’s Statutes of Life along; and, 2. those who completely converted to total obedience. What do the lamps and oil mean?

The oil IN the lamps represent repentance, belief, faith, and total obedience, to-wit: we are the lamps that reflect God’s Light, Jesus. If this were enough to be fully prepared for Christ’s return, then why bring extra oil? Obviously, to be fully prepared means possessing more than repentance, belief, faith, total obedience; and to shine His light.

EXTRA OIL signifies a clear understanding of end day prophecies, that we may gauge the times thus be fully prepared for our Groom’s arrival in the clouds: recognizing all signs and timelines. Clear understanding comes from God’s few seventh seal prophets scattered across the world. Every event predicted has been and will continue to escalate extremely rapidly. Five virgins did not bring extra oil and were left behind because the Groom came while they were gone to buy more oil— unaware of signs and times, meaning they assumed, in error, that there was plenty of time. According to man’s interpretation, there is a ton of time left: those buying into it are wholly unprepared.

In the last two weeks, three TV broadcasts were viewed, each relative to this nation’s economy with brief global mentions. The first featured a renowned economist; the second a private interview with President Obama; and third, the President’s News Conference, the second of his 60 days in office. One issue discussed was the emotional affects of the current economic collapse resulting in astounding unemployment, banks failing, home foreclosures, and so forth; which emotions the economist compared to a person grieving the loss of a loved one. Certainly, the loss of livelihood.

As a psychotherapist and God’s handmaiden, I agree with the logic of his comparison. Grieving is comprised of 4 phases; albeit, in prophecy there is a fifth and final phase that is every bit as logical:
1) a person just unemployed might be worried but certain of getting another job;
2) the unemployed then shifts into shock when a job is not forthcoming;
3) this phase is depression because what Federal help comes will not be enough and they remain unemployed as well as losing everything they had;
4) as time progresses without employment, the person becomes angry at the government and the wealthy, but most of all those cults they feel have caused God’s wrath; and, finally,
5) when the realization that lack of jobs and the economy worsening, people will experience panic and uncontrollable rage toward what they believe to be the cause of God’s wrath raining down: Corporate Christendom’s citation of cults, specifically God’s Doctrine Keepers, Sabbatarians as it were.

It is the latter phase of grieving that brings the sheep, those bearing the Seal of God, to several REVELATION events that carry us through phase 5 of economic grief and three months away from Christ’s return: (C= chapter and verses in The Revelation)

1) C.6:9 wherein previously slain saints, over the centuries since Christ’s ascension to heaven, are crying out for Him to avenge them. They are told they must rest for a season longer, this being the three months of the fifth grieving stage, until their brethren are killed as they were; then Jesus comes in the clouds to find only 144,000 of His elect still alive, a multitude of saints to be raised from their graves and taken up, as well.

If, as Daniel enlightened, prophetic time is calculated as an hour being a day and a day being a year; then, would not the three months be equal to 90 years? No, and for several logical reasons. In this case, the three months is literal due to how God stated it: a season, as opposed to hours or days. Further, prophecy bears out that this last church age will be the shortest of the previous six: Ephesus-66yrs, Smyrna-223yrs, Pergamos-215yrs, Thyatira-1260yrs, Sardis-46 years, and Philadelphia-147yrs. To date, Sardis is the shortest era; therefore, Laodicea is to be even shorter, making 90 years untenable.

What if, however, our Groom tarries? Could He be delayed by 90 years? The plan is for Him to return at the end of three months. Much like we plan to arrive for a meeting at an appointed day and hour, oft times traffic jams or other unexpected events cause us to arrive thirty minutes late or later.

Christ’s traffic jam is a “day and hour known only to His Father.” Christ’s intent is to arrive at the conclusion of three months, but He cannot begin the trip until Father instructs Him to leave; thus the need for extra oil, the oil of wisdom and knowledge in prophetic understanding. Still, 90 years remains illogical in that it would cause Laodecia, already 18 years in, to be much longer than Sardis. Additionally, God will not allow His people to suffer more than the allotted time; so, if the Groom were to tarry, it would be by only a few literal hours or days.

C.10:7 reveals the mystery of God, as given to His prophets for these days, as being finished prior to the killing spree they will experience. This may well account for recently and repeatedly hearing that my work is done, which work has been to interpret the prophecies as well as God’s secrets and mysteries and the weightier matters of God’s Law. The great day of God’s wrath will come thereafter.

2) C.7:3 reveals God’s Seal that must be upon His people, which other Bible books and research reveal is the Fourth Commandment, the seventh day Sabbath further confirmed by C.14:12 as well as other verses; while C.13:17 sheds light on Satan’s mark, other Bible books and research expose it as the counterfeit sabbath of Sunday. Thus, it is clear that the spiritual seal and mark are represented by people’s behaviour. The saints, by virtue of God’s Seal, are validated small flocks and elect of Christ; counterfeits only appear to be Christian and outnumber the saints by at least ten (10) to one (1).

Many Sunday keeping people unequivocally declare they would never do such a thing to anyone who believes in God and Christ, regardless of the day observed. Yet, following the 1844 revelation about God’s Fourth Law and many people embracing it as obedient Messianic Sabbatarians, they have been consistently labeled cults for the last 165 years solely by Sunday denominations worldwide: perfectly enough, we have been around since Adam. No other religious entity has thus classified Sabbatarians; albeit, they will join in the coming attacks.

God’s logic is perfect in concluding that it will be those who profess to be Christians yet, in reality and behaviour, bear Satan’s mark; which Christ confirms in John 16:2-3, when He stated some of His saints will be slain by those who think they are doing a “service” for God; yet, He says they have not known the Father or the Saviour by reason of following man’s Sunday keeping denominations and ways.

Once the unemployed pass through the haze of economic depression, their anger will be expressed first in their churches then church leaders will go to our government, both State and Federal, to encourage enforcement of all the States’ Sunday Blue Laws; which still maintain deadly police power: do all of earth’s nations. Federal and the States will do so, at first simply warning Sabbatarians to comply with Sunday rest and worship ordinances. As noted in previous prophecy lessons, Federal does not need a matching Blue Law; for it always has had a little known law giving it the discretion to support State Ordinances in the absence of a Federal matching law.

When demands to comply are ineffective and the economy continues to collapse, the masses will become enraged and demand police power be enacted to its fullest, fatal extent, thinking surely this will appease God and abate His wrath by getting rid of those they think are reprobates. By now, they have no doubt Jehovah is exceedingly angry. The first Sabbatarians to face police power will be executed for refusing to “instantly” comply with Sunday. While our flocks are small, many will be killed around the world; still, 144,000— known as the elect— will be standing alive when Christ crosses our skies: “I come quickly,” saith the Lord. He takes up the elect and those resurrected from graves.

The second program viewed was a personal interview with President Obama. Not long after hearing of his support of abortion, gay marriages and funding stem cell research, I learned that, from a moral standpoint, Obama believes none of these are moral and, in the interview below, stated he found it difficult to support them. However, God is using him to bring these end days to a close in a way in keeping with this nation’s creed of freedom of choice, equal rights to all, and freedom in general.

During this interview, the unemployment rate of 11.5 million over three months ago was mentioned; to which Obama stated there had been an exponential increase just in the last two months: Jan and Feb. He did not cite a new number, though I believe it safe to assume it likely exceeds even 13 million and rising, if not far more (Oct 2009, over 15m): remember, news reporting agencies were censored in 1999 when it comes to catastrophic events of nature and wars— some of Revelation’s seven plagues— now, we must include unemployment as it relates to the economy. “We do not want the people to panic.”

In last Tuesday evening’s Presidential News Conference, Obama addressed various issues covered in his current stimulus package; which he stated cannot possibly correct our financial woes even in his first four years of office. He predicts that, as this package eases some strains and creates some new jobs, then another package will have to be created to continue the process of turning around the economy, followed by another and another. He estimates it could take ten years or more and into another president’s term or terms.

Obama was clear that this much-needed change should have occurred many years ago; when it would have been easier on everyone. I don’t know of anyone who disagrees. God’s prophecy describes this nation as a “lamb with little horns,” hence Obama— while many years ago would have been the man to effect such change— is too little, too late. We waited too long to sacrifice for fair, balanced, stable changes in this nation. Besides, the United States is the second beast who rose up to support the first beast.

In having watched this economic slide since 9/11 in 2001, disbelief that this nation could collapse has been its driving force to secrecy— until President Obama. Unemployment rates have risen steadily since the fatal day that wasn’t off by so much as one minute of prophetic timing; therefore, I am led to believe the unemployed, for the most part, are in grief’s depressive haze of unreality: although, there are many now becoming angry (Dec 2009, panic/rage). As for the world, this nation’s economic collapse quite naturally destroys every other nation’s economy: Rev. 18:15 reveals their riches were gained through this wealthiest of nations.

Soon, we will see the Blue Laws enforced in a futile effort to please God. It already has begun in other nations, i.e. Germany. When things only worsen thereafter, then follows uncontrollable rage around the globe and US that will enact deadly police power. From the moment of that proclamation and the first deaths, our Groom could arrive in mere days or as little as hours. Only 3 months will pass between the time the killing begins and Christ is instructed to harvest His wheat.

God assures His sheep they will do fine: when the killing begins, we are to “flee from city to city to city as necessary to avoid confrontation.” He goes on to say, “before you go far, I will be there.” Make sure you understand the signs and timelines, for these are the extra oil for your lamps.

Update 12/09/09 Time is running out at a dizzying speed, as each of the Extra Oils have shown since this one began the process of providing the saints with extra oil for their lanterns. Please keep in mind God’s profound statement, “I do nothing that I do not tell my prophets first.” They are the only ones He informs, thus He expects the sheep to “listen” to them; just as He always has since the first prophet of ancient days, so it is today and to earth’s end for Sabbath rest.

——Watch the clouds: mid-October to mid-November henceforth until no later than 2011. Jesus will not be late. “Full conversion” must be instant, this day, TODAY: do not delay. Pray unceasing! Be watchful; stand fast even to death. WE HAVE GOD’S POWER. KEEP WALKING and TALKING: might snatch one lost, Lukewarm sheep from the flames of wrath or give God’s warm Truth to a Cold waiting for it. Saith the Lord, “Ye lukewarm await consuming fire.”

——TSaS POST archives open to public; members access FILES. TSaS ministry asks only for prayer and that you share God’s Truth with all who will hear/read and obey in “the instant.” Be good stewards of your Sword: harm no one, share Extra Oils, and lead everyone to God’s Truth (note new TSaS URL for as much simplicity as possible, seems our acronym was is in use by someone else)

Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ
Unicorn Haven’s Seventh Seal Library
also at Remnant Doctrine Keepers

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