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Extra Oil Update: Waves of Anger & Crime

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update: Waves of Anger & Crime

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A few weeks ago, TSaS pointed out the emotions involved in the world’s economic collapse, warning about the phase of anger among the jobless; anger which would quickly become rage. And, in that short time we have seen news reports already reflecting this rage as it escalates into crimes of desperation.


As God’s prophecy warned of these end days, time— or, events as it were— advances more rapidly than even God’s prophets could imagine, time filled with people behaving as they had never before even considered. In order to keep up with Biblical signs, Christ’s sheep are urged to not only watch the clouds but also local and world news reports. Many Christians avoid the latter because “it’s depressing and I don’t want to hear all the doom and gloom and horror.” We ask you, “how can you recognize all the signs, in order to be prepared, by burying your head in the sand?” To do that is to be left behind.


In just the last two weeks, both Washington and Oregon have reported astounding robberies. In one, a man walked into a convenience store and robbed the clerk at gunpoint. What made this case exceedingly unusual was two points: 1) he had his nine-year old daughter with him, who watched in horror; and, 2) he had absolutely no criminal record. When caught, it was learned the man had been out of work for almost eight months and desperate to care for his daughter; who was returned safely to her mother.


In a second case, a man entered a bank and demanded all of the teller’s money. Again, the man had been out of work for a long time, with nothing on the horizon; desperate to take care of his family; and, like the man above, he had absolutely no criminal record. Similar cases occurred in Oregon during this same two weeks, robberies being committed even by women; in fact, such events are happening across this nation and around the globe.


Anger and desperation are escalating at an astounding rate, “such as the world has never seen.” Even suicides will be commonplace and, quickly, Christ’s sheep and God’s prophets will bear the brunt of attacks. All these events are on a metaphoric hinge that will open the door to Christ and His host of angels, entering our world to take up His small flocks; for neither the Father nor Jesus will allow us to suffer long: it is written. However, other signs occurred during the last two weeks.


Revelation tells us that the first to be destroyed, just before Christ enters our door, is the Great Whore, Papal Rome; for she is the one who abused and contaminated Christ’s church and spread the abuse about through her global harlot daughters. The recent massive earthquake in central Italy resulted in devastation and deaths of her goats. While this did not impact Rome’s Vatican, this quake represents a warning to her in the form of an indirect “hit too close to home”— a warning God said she would ignore— another will rush in without warning and tear her down to the ground.


When we see the above happen, expect violent attacks against the sheep and prophets: ordered by the Pope throughout the world and through every apostate denomination. As this is being written, God is separating the sheep from Satan’s goats; the wheat from the weeds: see this all around you, even within your own families and among your friends.


There also was the eruption of Mt. Redoubt in Canada, which has continued to erupt with the same force as Washington’s Mt. St. Helens back in the 1980’s; the latter rumbling and spewing ash for the last several years along with Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier in the Cascade chain. Volcanoes all over the world are rumbling, some experiencing thousands of quakes per day, if not exploding. These are signs of just how close Christ is to our planet; meaning that earth is reacting to His unlimited, extreme power as He nears, and so are man and creatures reacting— though quite negatively.


In the last two weeks, new reports have aired about earth’s contaminated waters: seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, and even wells. The pollution is so bad that one scientist stated, “It’s as though earth’s water ways have ‘turned to the blood of all marine life who are dying’ in huge numbers.” Additionally, earth’s overall temperature has risen more than ever in history: “the sun scorches men.”


The first six plagues are now at their worst. All we await is the seventh plague; which comes behind Jesus, in His wake as it were, as He crosses our skies taking up His small flocks. Those who expect this pouring out of the seventh, and by far most deadly, vial before Christ arrives is sorely unprepared, having no extra oil for their lamps: these are left behind, lying “dead from one end of earth to the other end.”


Look at this update as doom and gloom and be fearful— “for the fearful shall not enter the gates of heaven”— or, GET EXCITED because you understand this means our Saviour is so close that even “earth is trembling, reeling to and fro” from the immense power of His nearness. Time is about to expire. Suffer for Jesus only a little longer, for He has promised that in this day He “comes quickly.”


Even I must remind myself of this, as I am under considerable, mind-boggling attack; so much so that, “if it were possible,” I would succumb to the enemy for just a few moments peaceful rest. Praise the Lord, it is not possible! Look to God and Christ and the sheep for reassurance and strength. TSaS will be here for all of you for as long as possible.



Truth Seekers and Speakers


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