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Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update: Swine Flu Pandemic

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update: Swine Flu Pandemic

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The first six plagues are now at their worst: “the dregs of God’s wrath.” All we await is the seventh plague; which follows behind Jesus as He crosses our skies taking up His small flocks from their graves and the 144,000 Elect still standing. Those who expect this pouring out of the seventh, and by far most deadly, vial before Christ arrives is sorely unprepared, having no extra oil for their lamps: these are left behind, lying “dead from one end of earth to the other end.”

In less than one week’s time we have seen a new strain of influenza slip into our country to rapidly spread across the nation and around the world: Swine Flu, so called not because it comes directly from pigs; rather, because the viral strain contains DNA similar to all life forms that it can attack: pigs, birds and humans. It does not come from eating pork, as some have erroneously thought.

While it is being said that humans have no natural immunity to or vaccine against this new breed of flu, there is no expectation that it will become an epidemic equal to the proportions of the one in 1918; which killed 5 million people, one-third of the global population. Just in this nation alone, over 36,000 people die every year of influenza. Still, at this time, available drugs seem to be helping those afflicted and death tolls are small.

No natural immunity? Christ’s sheep and God’s prophets ARE IMMUNE. From earth’s beginning God prophesied various events to occur that, ultimately, would bring earth to an end, to its Sabbath rest; all the historical prophecies came about and did so accurately. Therefore, we have no reason to doubt what God has told us of these end days, especially regarding the six vials of plagues to include viral and bacterial epidemics. God said of this latter, “My people shall walk among them and be not touched.” THAT’S OUR IMMUNITY.

This is not to say we might not contract swine flu. Prophecy reveals we could be mildly affected by the first six plagues, as exemplified by God’s statement regarding one of the curses when we reach heaven: “You will never feel the sun’s heat again.” Thus, if we do contract swine flu, it will be incredibly mild and not impede us in any way. After all, the sheep look to God as the Great Physician and turn to His medical prescriptions: “I give you the herbs of the field for your body’s dis-ease.” However, the majority of sheep will die of other more natural causes prior to Christ’s return, which is “to spare them the worst of these end days;” and, a few of God’s prophets will be murdered; none, however, will die from any of the first six plagues poured out from the vials.

One of the most potent herbs for fighting virus is ASAFETIDA (true spelling, Asafoetida, an enzyme from a type of cabbage) put out by NATURES ANSWER in a liquid tincture— liquid preferred. Most herbal food stores either stock it or will order it for you. If you live in the Shelton, Washington, area, I recommend JC Vitamins & Herbs located at 206 So. Second Street: Pastor Lee, the proprietor, is already prepared.

If you’re already ill, one dropperful initially taken straight is recommended: it will taste awful but truly works! After the first dose, one to two droppersful in a glass of grapefruit juice every 4 hours or more frequently as needed and get plenty of rest. I can attest to the ability of this herb: about 12 years ago I developed strep throat so badly that it hurt to breathe through even my nose. One dropperful straight and in 20 minutes strep was totally gone. Since then, I’ve never had strep again or ever had seasonal flus (I don’t take annual flu shots).

At this point, one might be wondering why Swine Flu is considered one of the plagues when it is not expected to come anywhere near bringing about the number of deaths that occurred in 1918. Such events of that magnitude were reminders to the world, “You’re on trial now and God’s truth is being taught one more time: YOU ARE NOT LISTENING!” Sadly and now that we are in the sentencing phase, people still refuse to listen, muchless accept by repenting and obeying.

Why not the Avian Flu of the last few years? Or MRSA, a deadly staph infection that originated in hospitals or the flesh eating bacteria? Swine flu presents two points identifying it as being the dregs of that particular vial, the last drops of God’s wrath, as it were, before He instructs Christ to harvest His sheep: 1. The timing is not a typical flu season, thus totally unexpected; and, 2. It is traveling at unbelievable speeds around the globe, despite news reports saying otherwise. All of the above viruses and bacteria— in reality one in the same— however, are from the same vial.

God stated of these days, “Let the righteous remain righteous and the wicked remain wicked”— the reason for which is that man’s trial began in 1844 and ended in 1991: which brought mankind into the sentencing phase, which Jesus delivers personally: innocent to ascend, guilty to die.  Events are occurring in a manner to cause the blind to remain blind: only Christ’s sheep and God’s prophets see and understand the “signs” of these days; so naturally, the world at large expects monumental catastrophic events and, therefore, never see the true signs on a lesser scale. It is worse to us than to them, mainly because we have done the research and followed the signs instead of relying solely on man’s news reports and his seminaries filled with dead men’s bones. Times are far worse and far shorter than the world comprehends.

 Look at our prophetic updates as doom and gloom and be fearful— “for the fearful shall not enter the gates of heaven”— or, GET EXCITED because you understand our Saviour is so close that even “earth is trembling, reeling to and fro” from the immense power of His nearness. It is as though His hand is on the door knob and He is about to enter. Time is about to expire. Suffer for Jesus only a little longer, for He has promised that in this day He “comes quickly.” From the look of things it could be this year; thus, as always, I remind everyone to look toward the final Jewish harvest festival: late October or early November— only the Father knows the hour and day.

Even I must remind myself of these things, as I am under considerable, mind-boggling attack; so much so that, “if it were possible,” I would succumb to the enemy for just a few moments peaceful rest. Praise the Lord, it is not possible! Look to God and Christ and your fellow sheep for reassurance and strength, as we are urged to do in these times.

As God’s prophecy warned of these end days, time— or, events as it were— advances more rapidly than even God’s prophets could imagine, time filled with people behaving as they had never before even considered. In order to keep up with Biblical signs, Christ’s sheep are urged to not only watch the clouds but also local and world news reports, do research or get your own copy of “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” wherein all the research of 30 years has been done for you.

Many Christians avoid watching the news because “it’s depressing and I don’t want to hear all the doom and gloom and horror.” We ask you, “how can you recognize all the signs, in order to be prepared, by burying your head in the sand?” To do that is to be left behind quite dead. Remember, it takes two keys to enter the gates of heaven: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus, and obey God’s Commandments.”

P.S. If you missed the first two segments of prophecy’s “Extra Oil” and updates go to:

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