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Extra Oil Update: Viruses, Nature, Economy

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update: Viruses, Nature, Economy

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Today and compared to the last prophecy update, more deaths associated with confirmed cases of Swine Flu have resulted as well as contracted numbers still rising: all deaths to date qualified by “underlying medical conditions.” Another school here in Washington closed last week with 300 suspected cases of this flu strain. Thursday’s news reported a new virus erupted in Africa in April, Lujah (uncertain of spelling), and has been compared to the Ebola strain of flesh eating bacteria that struck there a few years back; however, Lujah causes profuse bleeding from body orifices, death is quick.

This past Tuesday, the International Volcano Center reported, in documentary format, a swarm of earthquakes beneath Yellow Stone National Park; the site of the largest subterranean lava lake in the world. If it were to blow, it is estimated that it would take out half the United States. According to the scientist reporting, it is not necessarily unusual to experience quakes in the area; however, such a large swarm of them, over 1000 to be precise, is considered exceedingly rare— interpret that as “has never happened before.” Other volcanoes were briefly discussed, specifically those in the Cascade Range along our West Coast from Alaska through California; all noted as being active and frequently quaking, as are others around the world.

Some of you might recall a series of tornadoes that struck 5 States in Tornado Alley in one day of 2008: billions in damages and 57 deaths. What the news did not tell us but the above documentary did: “Over 1000 tornadoes in one day, unlike anything ever seen in recorded history.” Coupled with the recent “micro-burst” in Texas, we are truly seeing “such as never seen before.”

Also on Thursday, news announced a 7.1 earthquake that set off tsunami alarms along the coast of Honduras, where many homes collapsed: have not heard if there was a death toll. In the past week, another earthquake in California as well as Washington. And, last week, a new fault line was discovered running east by southeast from Seattle across the Cascades to Yakima in Eastern Washington. Also, a tropical storm is forming off the coast of Florida, albeit the Hurricane Center does not expect it to threaten land, rather moving out to sea. Hurricanes and tornados have become particularly large, powerful and violent in these days. More importantly, their locations have proven unpredictable.

Indeed, earth is “reeling to and fro” as Laodicea continues its eighteenth year: as a friend said, “Earth is shaking, rattling and rolling!” Keep in mind, however, the worst catastrophic events in nature, not wars (which continue unabated in the Middle East and are escalating), of such enormous magnitudes as to destroy everything, represent the seventh plague.

That vial is poured out behind Christ as He crosses our skies taking up His flocks. Therefore, Yellow Stone is likely to rumble until that day and hour, of which only the Father knows, perhaps belching a bit but little more; while other elements are destructive in random places as opposed to the entire world. The first six vials were poured out upon the air, which means a global effect; however, other scriptures specify occurrences in “diverse” or random areas and locales where never before seen: such as a tornado striking the Colorado mountains last year.

In the past week, I again read BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW, the wholly Biblical and spiritual interpretation of The Revelation— for the fourth time since it was written in 1998 and published in 2003. By Friday, I had begun the chapter “Laodicea,” the world’s last church age having begun in 1991 and in which we all are living today until Christ gets us out of here. I strongly urge everyone to read again the “Laodicea” chapter.

Nevertheless, readers might recall a recent prophecy update advising of our government admitting that the economic collapse began in 2001 with the events of 911: said facts laid out in the “Laodicea” chapter in 1998, beginning in the second paragraph of page 169 when God’s angel cast fire from his censer to earth— as opposed to “upon the air” and means a specific location— to strike the monuments to our financial and military might. Details of this event were added to the chapter before publication. It was on the same page that Uncle Sam’s 1999 censorship of all news-reporting agencies had been announced in April of 2000 by way of a documentary aired by King5 in Seattle.

Continuing to “Laodicea,” page 172, the last full paragraph— I think it was about 7pm when “60 Minutes” aired on TV for a discussion on President Obama’s current Stimulus Package with an economic expert; specifically, how it would impact exports of American products to other nations, since the President wants American companies to return to US soil in order to provide jobs for our own unemployed.

The “60 Minutes” guest said, “I believe those nations will ban American products in their countries, which would result in considerably less sales and profit figures; therefore such return is unlikely to improve our economy or unemployment status.” I had just read the above paragraph as well as into page 173: it took my breath away and I thought, “Lord, who am I?” At that moment, I wanted to curl into a humbled ball on the floor, distinctly feeling I should be prostrate before God’s feet. Why? The early years of this chapter covered events already history, yet the paragraphs covering the “60 Minutes” issue was just now happening.

For the last 2 years I had questioned myself concerning the writing and publishing of “Bind Up…” Did I do it of my own volition or had God really commissioned the work? Why had I done it, especially in view of the fact so few people fail to read God’s warnings? My friend Anita advised, “Because you are like Jeremiah, fearing that you have not done the job as God wanted or that, maybe, you weren’t supposed to do it. That’s one of the reasons Jeremiah was known as the ‘weeping prophet.’ That and the fact people weren’t heeding his words.” Through Anita and Sister Debbie, God assured me I had done as instructed and had done it for only His people, His small flocks: not the world.

A ban of our products might happen if U.S. companies return to the States but in God’s reality the lack of sales will be due to, “the world’s business leaders weep and wail over America, for very soon no one will be able to purchase her products any more.” This, because of her utter economic collapse resulting in a chain reaction of global collapses; thus, a ban would be a wasted of effort.

Wednesday’s news reported on the failing housing market, revealing a 20% drop in property values across the nation in the past year but an even greater drop in sales added to a huge inventory of foreclosures, which numbers still remain on the rise, and new construction at a stand still; which has reduced existing housing values and costs to that of 2002. Contrarily, home sales rose by 2.9% in this month of May: driven by only first time buyers snatching up perceived bargains.

One definitely could say that, at 2002 prices, we are in a buyers’ market and a sellers’ dilemma; however, do not be lulled into a false sense of confidence: for, indeed, buyers will pick up great deals and exceedingly low mortgage interest rates: alas, in a very short space of time homes will be worth even less. Illogical to improving the economy, Bank fees and credit card fees also are on the rise, as is the cost of oil and gasoline. Prophecy is clear, God is clear: the world’s economy will not recover, for the Kingdom is at hand.

Having said that, I strongly urge Christ’s sheep to stay put if their homes are free and clear; neither sell nor buy: albeit, property taxes and insurance still accrue and must be paid. However, if you have a mortgage, then sell your homes as quickly as possible and pocket the money, if there is any left after closing, then rent until that great day. At the time Christ comes, your rent would be either not due or already paid. Additionally, a renter owes no property taxes or insurance as owned property does accrue. Values will continue to fall and God said, “Owe no man.” Time is so short now that the sheep need to comply with His directive.

There is no doubt we will see small upturns in the economy, such as the above housing sales, and in various of areas of commerce as well as unemployment from time to time; but, despite a prediction that the housing market should be fully recovered by the end of the year, it will not happen nor will any other areas continue to rise. Rather, worsening drops will follow each small, occasional increase: such upturns being Satan’s way of keeping the general populace unaware of reality. Just as there was a huge drop in the stock markets of 911, and it appeared to rise again, we actually never came even close to recovering those losses; thus, here we are today in a crisis of staggering proportions. It is written: the economic collapse will be total and worldwide and it is happening far faster than the majority of people realize. Jesus is about to come through the door.

To keep up with Biblical signs, Christ’s sheep are urged to not only watch the clouds but also local and world news reports as well as all current documentaries covering the first six plagues, do research or get your own copy of “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” wherein the Biblical, historical, and spiritual research of 30 + 30 years has been done for you: chronological interpretation complete as well as paraphrased as we speak today. Buy it “used” through, because used is really a new copy at a very low price.

The first six plagues are about to reach their worst: “the dregs of God’s wrath.” Many Christians avoid the news: “it’s depressing and I don’t want to hear doom and gloom and horror.” I ask, “how can you recognize the signs, the extra oil of preparedness, by burying your head in the sand?” To do so is to be left behind dead.

REMEMBER: according to Revelation’s three affirmations, it takes two keys to enter heaven: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus, AND obey God’s Commandments.” Thus, read Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5 to confirm your compliance with each of God’s perpetual Laws; “which stand forever and ever, even in the new earth and new heavens.”

Another book most helpful to understanding how to comply with God is “TRUTH GATHERING,” an exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible covering all critical-to-salvation subjects: there is no another available in the world that is exhaustive. This, too, can be obtained as “used” from—


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