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Extra Oil Update 9: “They Lie to My Chosen”

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 9: “They Lie to My Chosen”

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


“There is not much time on this old earth and the time left will pass swiftly. A day is as a second, and a second is dust.” ~~ ©2009 Debby Sorenson-Carlson

I have 15 pages of notes on the last two weeks of global news: economic collapse, wars and rumors of wars, Armageddon, wild natural elements, rapidly rising death tolls. As noted in prior updates, all the signs and 6 plagues are worsening but at a rate far faster than anyone anticipated. One special was on global warming, scientists now saying it is far worse than first thought: i.e. 700 glaciers in the Andes are dramatically smaller and, at the rate of melt, will disappear by 2015; north and south poles’ glaciers not recovering every winter, more and more ground revealed— investors already moving in for the untapped riches in ores, gold, oil and natural gas, that before were inaccessible.

I could not summarize all those notes in this update; for there was a matter of far greater importance brought to bear upon my heart and mind and spirit. I’d seen “25 Messianic Signs” aired on TBN this past Tuesday: signs Corporate Christendom declared Biblical of Christ’s return. All “prophetic signs” they pointed to are in the Old Testament, bits and pieces of prophecy, yet the end result was God’s fury roaring through my body and mind, “THEY LIE TO MY CHOSEN PEOPLE!” Jehovah’s Israel; rather, not just them but the same lies are given to Christ’s sheep: “smooth words” reflecting an end that shall not be.

Several hours later, as I attempted to get some sleep, there was an excruciating surge of pain within that came from incredibly deep, so deep that I knew it was not my own: it was God’s infinite pain in grief and rage that such lies will not only destroy 2/3rds of those flattering lipped Christians but 90% of Israel, too. Inside I was screaming louder than one can imagine and agonizingly hot tears flowed unabated until I finally called my Texas sister-in-Christ, Anita—5:15am her time, 3:15am mine. We talked for 2.5 hours. Still, my spirit being weeps and I cannot be consoled, for God’s grief is so overwhelming.

Each sign presented was validated first by Israel’s and the temple’s destruction in 70AD, followed by Jews being scattered across the globe, then Jews having returned to Israel and finally declared a State in 1948, summing up the ongoing wars therein and the need to rebuild the Temple, whereupon sits a Moslem mosque, in order to ‘usher in’ Christ.

Corporate Christendom’s leaders admit that orthodox Jews do not know Christ as their Messiah and contrarily stated that the Jews will recognize Him at the moment He arrives. There is nothing mankind can do to ‘usher in’ Christ: He will come only when God instructs Him to begin the harvest. All the prophecies Christendom used were grossly misused and/or misplaced in history: if the Jews do not recognize Christ until He gets here, such timing is far too late to save them! 

Corporate Christendom is misleading Israel, guiding them to utter destruction; the biggest lie of all being that the Temple must be rebuilt. Daniel and Jesus made it clear that it would never be rebuilt after its destruction in 70AD. To encourage the Jews to rebuild is to justify their denial when Messiah came the first time yet at the same time implies that Jesus never came the first time; albeit, the latter does fulfill one sign: there will be those who even deny Christ ever came the first time.

Protestant leaders do say Immanuel came the first time but fail to prove or even attempt to prove this to orthodox Israel, yet God’s Testament proves it when compared with Christ’s Testament. Instead, the Great Whore and her harlot daughters imply one lie and withhold God’s Truth for a second lie by omission. By God’s infinite wisdom, a lie is a lie whether it is spoken or written, implied or by omission.

I remember saying to Anita that I wish there were a way I could get ‘the book’ to Israel, to even go there myself in order to speak God’s Wisdom in the streets of Jerusalem. If it is to be so, so shall it be by God’s Will. If any of you know someone in Israel that might be willing to accept the book if mailed to them, please let me know by providing a name and valid International mailing address. In the interim, we must continue to speak God’s Truth of these end days, to continue issuing God’s warnings to the unrepentant and, hopefully, to literally snatch a few from the fire.

If any of you saw TBN’s presentation of “25 Messianic Signs” and have any questions about or confusion on any of the 25 points they made, please do not hesitate to send an email to me with your question(s), being sure to cite which TBN ‘sign’ is in question: all 25 should be in question, albeit all are clarified in “Bind Up. . .” God’s prophecies tied to Israel’s resurrection in 1948 does, on the surface, seem a logical understanding; but, when presented by God’s Holy Spirit, man’s logical falls grossly short of Truth. I will respond to all queries received in time for next week’s update:

Share the virgins’ “Extra Oil” reports with everyone you know, everyone that wants God’s truth about current events in their lives, in prophecy and want only God’s Truth. Earth’s body is in turmoil and her people in chaos. The Kingdom is near. And, don’t forget—

HEAVEN’S TWO KEYS: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus, AND obey God’s Commandments.” Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5 confirm compliance with Jehovah’s perpetual Laws; “which stand forever and ever, even in the new earth and new heavens.” Many believe they comply but should understand His 4th precept. It is this Statute-of-Life the majority violates: THE Seal of God and Jesus. To avoid this precept puts a person straddling the fence, a fatal place to be when Christ arrives. Do you comply?

 BonnieQ, Truth Seekers and Speakers


NEW BOOK REVIEW: “The Last Speaker of His Truth” ~~ Debby Carlson 

“BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW” – 5-Stars, 1998 Revelation interpreted, published 2003, arranged/paraphrased by Bonita M Quesinberry, 25 May 2009 Review by Debby Sorenson-Carlson, Texas, author/poet, nursing home dietician & chef; wife, mother, grandmother.

[Bonita is] speaker of the house; the one God anointed to spread the truth, also the clear bearer of news that many will not want to hear or believe but all will believe soon. [She is] His truth, as she is incapable of lying. Actually, she may be the last speaker of His absolute truth before His coming. [Bonita is] part of the last seal, created for just this purpose, just as she was placed in my life so that I could see with my heart all I was to understand. I do believe Christ is standing in the door and in the cool of an October evening (book’s detail and my soul’s belief), He will walk through and we will pass from this old earthly world to His eternal life.

As far as the latter parts of the book are concerned, they are happening now [2009]. One would have to be blind not to see that everything written in “Bind Up. . .” was divinely inspired, as there is no way anyone could have predicted what was going to happen in the detail it was written in 1998. I would never have dreamed this world would exist in the [current] mess it is in.


If you missed prophecy’s first 2009 “Extra Oil” followed by 7-updates and a 2005 Recall, (9-articles), go to:  —archives open to public viewing

BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW, Biblical/spiritual, chronological interpretation of Revelation—written 1998, published 2003. For spiritual insight: “TRUTH GATHERING,” the only exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible of salvation subjects: no other in the world, God’s “every” word in each subject. Buy “used” at— used is new.

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Extra Oil Update 8: Revelation’s Seventh Vial

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 8: Revelation’s Seventh Vial

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


“There is not much time on this old earth and the time left will pass swiftly. A day is as a second, and a second is dust.” ~~ ©2009 Debby Sorenson-Carlson


As promised last week, this is not an update of world events relative to either signs or first six plagues already performing; although, I have done cursory views every day, just not so intense as previous weeks. Those will begin again next week. However, please note the following few “to avoid” warnings:

WARNINGS: 1. Nestlé’s Refrigerated Raw Cookie Dough E.coli tainted are being recalled; 2. Computer-generated calls from a RON ZIMMER, and possibly others, offering investment deals** returning up to 40%, surely a Ponzi scheme; 3. US being flooded with counterfeit dollars out of North Korea; and, 4. Severe storm system covering parts of Canada, all of US and parts of Mexico delivering hurricane-force winds up to 100mph unusually far inland, up to F5 tornados 1/2-mile wide, massive flooding

**KNOWLEDGE: A return “of” investment means a return “of” the money you invest in a plan; a return “on” investment reflects a gain on your money— i.e. 40% return “of” a $20,000 investment is $8,000 of only your own money returned; 40% return “on” $20,000 investment equals your money plus earnings or, as the example, $28,000. In today’s economic climate, such returns of and on investments are insane and can mean only a Ponzi scheme: a con to get your money and never return it. The Madoff scandal: he presented huge returns “on” investors’ money but only on paper— investors never received a return of and on their investments because there were none; Madoff lived well off billions he collected from investors over the years.


Christ could be here “any day, any hour;” so, I felt it prudent to paint a very clear picture of the seventh angel’s vial designated to be poured out behind Jesus as He crosses our skies from east to west “taking up His small flocks, from both the dead and the living,” to meet Him “in the air;” then escort us “to the safe haven of heaven.” Scripture placement amidst the seven vials leaves no doubt about when it is emptied: sometime during the ongoing Middle East wars that began in 1991 via Desert Storm. Provided is relevant data taken from two current reports by experts in the fields of earthquakes and volcanoes contained in this seventh vial. Let us begin with God’s Word about this plague to come:

Revelation 16: 17-18,20-21:

“And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air (global effect); and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, ‘It is done.’ And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great. And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent (100-lbs): and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding.”

“It is done.” What is done? Man’s sentencing has been decided and Christ’s harvest of wheat begins, the weeds left behind to burn. Based on the earthquake description, it is apparent that volcanoes are involved; the “great hail” likely huge, fiery stones violently cast in eruptions caused by coinciding immense global earthquakes basically tied together. In the pole regions, the hail could be huge pieces of razor-sharp ice and stone being catapulted by volcanoes local to those regions.

Two reports viewed this past week were on these two elements, the worst seen historically and what will come. High winds occur as a by-product of immense energy forces created in the air by combined volcanic heat and earthquakes greater than ever recorded or even theorized, which sea based earthquakes will set off tsunamis: huge walls of fire, mud, lava and water exceeding 3000-degrees and moving faster than anything ever reported. A potential by-product of quakes and eruptions would be involuntary explosions of man’s weapons of mass destruction. God will prevent those.

We begin with the world’s SEVEN most dangerous seas together with a few of earth’s most deadly volcanoes, the latter numbering far more than seven: God’s perfect number. These seven seas dot earth in an arrangement assuring the first death of all wicked humans and render the planet to its condition before life: Genesis’ described, “a void, an abyss” to which Satan will be metaphorically bound (unable to fly the heavens) and chained (trapped) for one thousand years. God designates this same period as earth’s Sabbath rest of 1000 years. She lies fallow: works not moves not until regeneration.

SEVEN MOST DANGEROUS SEAS: listed in order of “most dangerous” causing tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

1. Andaman Sea: located in the 1100-mile Java Trench in the Indian Ocean between Java and Sumatra, the Trench being the India and Burma tectonic plates. A 9.3 earthquake by those plates moving, one over the other, caused the Indian Ocean tsunami of Dec 2004; which affected over 5000-miles of coastline and over 275,000 dead and missing. Some waves were over 100-feet high, making them equal to the power of 10,000-mph winds, with an impact force like being hit with a solid object as large as the Great Wall of China.

Amidst the Indonesian portion of the Java Trench, between Asia and Australia about 30-miles from Java and 90-miles from Katavia, lies the world’s most deadly volcano first known as Krakatoa: actually a series of 3 volcanoes, the other two known as Toba and Tambora. The three, spread over 1700 miles, blew 4 times on 27 Aug 1883, the fourth blow resounded 100-decibels heard as far away as San Francisco, CA. A fifth eruption collapsed Krakatoa, creating a huge bowl, a “calderas,” on the sea floor, destroyed 2/3rds of the volcanic island and killed 36,000 people; a small number compared to what we already have seen during this Laodecia period. It was a very loud trumpet heralding the beginning of the Philadelphia church age 4 months later (1844).

It was determined, also, that a bigger eruption occurred in 535AD, four years before the onset of Thyatira era. Through both findings, it was discovered that the calderas is what makes Krakatoa the most dangerous in the world: with each eruption, its calderas enlarges to create more power in the next eruption. 416AD delivered Krakatoa’s largest explosion, the plume of ash and rock darkening the sun worldwide for 18 months: one of prophecy’s signs fulfilled. It pointed to the firm establishment of Revelation’s first beast, aka Satan’s Great Whore.

1920: a new Krakatoa island suddenly appears above water, now called Anat Krakatoua (son of Krakatoa). At an annual growth of 25-feet, it stands 600-feet tall today, 1-mile across, and has been building in strength for 89-years, it’s last deadly eruption almost 126-years ago: Java and Sumatra, combined populations today 2-million, are ground zero. Were it to blow any time soon, it would create 100-foot tsunamis; a torrent of fire and water moving at 60mph. The only warning might be an earthquake the day before. It would darken the sun for many decades— causing earth to become a dark void— planes would seize mid-air and crash, seas and rivers would dry up. Sound like scripture? Indeed; and, no doubt, Jesus will be crossing our skies when it blows without warning.

2. Mar de Hoces:  located between South America’s Cape Horn and Antarctica; waves usually 60-feet high from one direction, possibly 100-feet from another, and 80-feet from yet another route; winds always high; inhospitable conditions are far worse in storms. This strait has the world’s strongest currents due to the narrow passage receiving water from both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans as well as river feeders from continents on either side. Even 44,000-ton ships have been sunk by the ocean’s power in this region: 1-cubic foot of water weighs 64-pounds, 1000 times heavier than air; so imagine billions of tons of water hitting anything and everything both on land and sea.

3. Caribbean Sea: warmest ocean area at 80-degrees or more, thus spawns hurricanes. While winds are destructive enough, hurricanes are worse because they suck up water and heat; which is what made 2005’s Katrina the worst hurricane in US history. Katrina’s power to a category 5 was due to picking up 2 water heat core rings (swirling eddies) that were about 150-ft deep, top to bottom, from the Gulf of Mexico and created winds up to 200mph. It hit New Orleans with a 22-foot wall of water and, if it had not been for early evacuation, the death toll would have been more than 1800 reported. These storms are intensifying steadily due to global warming and are expected to be worse each year.

4. Philippine Sea: between South Japan to East Guam, the deepest part of the ocean at 36,000 feet— such depths cause instant death and implosion of most sub-vehicles. It’s Mariana Trench is considerably bigger and deeper than Grand Canyon, total darkness last six miles down, last mile called the hadalphylagic (Hades/hell)— pressure on bodies human or mechanical is tolerated as heavy as 15psi at a depth of no more than 60-feet. Multiply 15psi by 600 at the sea floor! Even that figure would be grossly short of true psi at 36,000 feet. There are, amazingly, all manner of life producing their own light at that depth, an exploration revealed in 1960 but, because of inherent dangers and pressure damage to a special-built sub, none have been done since. A submarine, about that time, imploded at 1800-feet, killing over 100 aboard. Today, only about 3% of earth’s oceans have been explored, meaning there are likely far more tectonic plates and sea volcanoes than currently discovered.

5. Aegean Sea: Eastern Pacific between Greece and Turkey; discovered in 2000, its main feature is a 200-mile trench made up of the Aegean and African tectonic plates, where volcanoes constantly form— “sort of a volcano nursery.” An ancient eruption formed a ring shaped island later called San Tarrini discovered in 4000BC by the Minoan people, who then inhabited it. Unaware, volcanoes were building again below their seaport. The seabed indicates a later massive eruption where many Minoan artifacts and architecture as well as art revealing Minoan personalities were found; but, there was not one human remain located. It is theorized that an earthquake warned them of an eruption coming and they fled the island to Crete, which likely wiped out most of them, anyway. Crete records indicated a tsunami wall 200-feet high moving at 150mph that devastated Crete. Today, these volcanoes are still very much active and fast gathering more strength than ever.

6. Sea of Norumbegan: northwest Pacific, between Canada and India; contains hundreds of whirlpools (vortexes, eddies) that, when opened up, range from 10 to 15-feet across to as much as 250-feet wide. In the last 20 years, 400 died in a large eddy near Bangladesh. In the last 10 years, a vortex called “Old Sow” near Canada has claimed 12 lives. They are formed when ocean currents must turn to avoid large obstacles like underwater mountains, or where fresh water flows into salt water: one is lighter in weight thus causes something akin to an air pocket. Whirlpools, which look like underwater tornados whose tails touch the ocean floor, instantly enlarge when they move over a deeper seabed from a shallow position. A test conducted to determine how one might break free from a vortex found lightweight objects sucked in, while heavy objects were thrown free. Scientific advise: “throw out boat’s heavy anchor and pray.”

7. Beaufort Sea: southern edge of the Arctic Ocean above the Pacific is a vast frozen wasteland that in summer is about the size of Manhattan and double that in winter. The Northwest Passage is the most dangerous area of this Sea. Water temp is rarely over 32-deg. Fahrenheit: hypothermic in seconds, death in minutes. In spring and summer broken sheets form icebergs and ice caps become very dangerous; as evidenced by sinking the HMS Titanic, a ship the size of two city blocks that claimed over 1500 lives. Boats and ships trapped in the ice usually are crushed as winter sets in, winds always high: about 50mph. Ice is less dense than water thus floats but is rock hard and razor sharp, easily cutting through a ship’s hull or ports. Many ships have sunk due only to the weight of ice forming on them. Global warming has made this area particularly dangerous because central glaciers are sliding off the landmass: i.e. a recent glacial slide was the size of Manhattan and about a mile long. It was a 4500-yr old glacier that quickly disappeared, now even more dangerous to ships because no one can tell captains where it might be.

The above seven seas are becoming increasingly deadly because: 1) man has caused global warming; and, 2) man’s trash is everywhere on ocean floors. The latter has resulted in ocean acid levels so high that marine life are dying in huge numbers; the former is causing increasingly more violent storms, hurricanes and tornados, and high winds from these drive tons of water ashore to eat up everything in its path— like a head-on collision with a solid concrete wall as thick as the Great Wall of China.

One of our “Extra Oil” updates indicated God’s children and Christ’s sheep do leave this planet for 1000-years, that same period being earth’s Sabbath rest; a time wherein she lies fallow, unable to support life. This seventh plague returns her to a state of being before God created life: a dark void, an abyss (Gen. 1:2). As a result of this last angel’s vial, both water and earthquakes, the latter causing unheard of volcanic eruptions, bring about earth’s final condition; that of absolutely no life and no water beneath, upon or above her.

When Krakatoa erupts it will devastate the entire globe, killing all life therein and there on. However, a study conducted recently on the seven volcanoes in the US west coast Cascade mountain range reaped startling results; which are added to recent finding of the lava pool beneath Yellow Stone National Park, an eruption of which would destroy half of the US to its eastern coastline. Lava pools beneath Mt. St. Helen’s, and the other six volcanoes between Alaska down into California, now have huge, powerful pools that are 100 times their sizes back in 1980, when Mt. St. Helen erupted. If only Mt. Helen or Mt. Rainier erupts, it would take out the entire United States. Plus, there are numerous global volcanoes currently active and exceedingly dangerous; as noted in the 7 seas and such as Hawaii, which State currently is enveloped in smoke/smog showing no sign of lifting.

There is no doubt, as mentioned before, that the closer Christ comes to earth the more turbulent and powerful these forces have and are becoming. Therefore, as He crosses our skies beginning in the east— scripture indicates He begins in the Middle East for God’s children the Jews— and progresses to the west, behind Him every fault line and volcano reacts in violent, massive quakes and eruptions containing heat up to 6000-degrees, “such as the world has never seen.” Just the volcanoes in the oceans will dry up those huge bodies of water covering about 85% of our globe. Add fire preceding Jesus and the heat alone will “dry up every river, sea and ocean, pond and well, even containers of water,” as prophesied. Clearly, the living wicked die an instant first death. We will see these things but not be touched from where we travel in the clouds with our Lord and Saviour.

Prophecy also states we shall see their smoke rise up forever and ever; which interprets as the 1000 years: to the wicked, weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth, it will seem forever: a time of agonized knowing without doubt what remains on their itinerary. The cloud of smoke, dust, ash and rock from Krakatoa alone would encompass the globe and darken the sun for incalculable decades. Consider how long the combined clouds of all volcanoes erupting almost simultaneously might last. A thousand years? God says, “Yes.” After all, when we leave for heaven, the earth comes to a perfect stand-still resulting in no winds, no rains, and no gravity; all of which aid in moving, cleansing and returning airborne particles to ground. Suspended smoke appears to rise forever: until our return.

Finally, the first-death toll will be greater than man has ever seen in a single catastrophic event: 90% of unrepentant living Jews, 66% of professed Christians with “flattering lips” together with all living heathens who outright denied the Holy Trinity and God’s Law. The numbers are staggering. Nevertheless and as pointed out in last week’s report, their first death is so instant as to not physically suffer at all: their spirit beings, however and unlike the righteous dead, won’t have the benefit of sleeping until the second resurrection. The only thing left alive on earth will be Satan: metaphorically “chained to an abyss.” A fitting wait before he and his followers’ are utterly destroyed? Amen and amen!

When every inch of mother earth quakes from violent movement of tectonic plates that then incite all volcanoes, today super charged, to erupt in sync with Christ’s appearance in the clouds, the tremendous force they will exert could easily reduce our planet to little space particles. Their power far exceeds man’s atom bombs and nuclear weapons of mass destruction. According to God, she will remain intact, which will confirm our findings in heaven: “God always was and is in control.” Despite the enormous, immeasurable power of God’s arsenal, only He controls how much damage they can do— injury or fatality. “Islands and mountains disappear.” Earthquakes provoking volcanic activity created both landmarks; and, “such as man has never seen” will remove them. Who can prevent God?

If you know someone who is lost, or who is cold thus desperate for God’s Truth or, worse, lukewarm, urge them to read this “Extra Oil” and, perhaps, it will scare them straight: literally “snatching them from the fire.” Share the virgins’ “Extra Oil” reports with everyone you know, everyone that wants God’s truth about current events in their lives, in prophecy and who want only God’s Truth. And, don’t forget—

HEAVEN’S TWO KEYS: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus, AND obey God’s Commandments.” Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5 confirm compliance with Jehovah’s perpetual Laws; “which stand forever and ever, even in the new earth and new heavens.” Many believe they comply but should understand His 4th precept. It is this Statute-of-Life the majority violates: THE Seal of God and Jesus. To avoid this precept puts a person straddling the fence, a fatal place to be when Christ arrives. Do you comply?

BonnieQ, Truth Seekers and Speakers



“The Last Speaker of His Truth” ~~ Debby Carlson 

“BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW” – 5-Stars, 1998 Revelation interpreted, published 2003, arranged/paraphrased by Bonita M Quesinberry, 25 May 2009 Review by Debby Sorenson-Carlson, Texas, author/poet, nursing home dietician & chef; wife, mother, grandmother.

“[Bonita is] speaker of the house; the one God anointed to spread the truth, also the clear bearer of news that many will not want to hear or believe but all will believe soon. [She is] His truth, as she is incapable of lying. Actually, she may be the last speaker of His absolute truth before His coming. [Bonita is] part of the last seal, created for just this purpose, just as she was placed in my life so that I could see with my heart all I was to understand. I do believe Christ is standing in the door and in the cool of an October evening (book’s detail and my soul’s belief), He will walk through and we will pass from this old earthly world to His eternal life.

“As far as the latter parts of the book are concerned, they are happening now [2009]. One would have to be blind not to see that everything written in “Bind Up. . .” was divinely inspired, as there is no way anyone could have predicted what was going to happen in the detail it was written in 1998. I would never have dreamed this world would exist in the [current] mess it is in.”


If you missed prophecy’s first 2009 “Extra Oil” followed by 6-updates and 7-2005 Recall, go to:  

— post archives open to public

BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW, Biblical/spiritual, chronological interpretation of Revelation—written 1998, published 2003. For spiritual insight: “TRUTH GATHERING,” the only exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible of salvation subjects: no other in the world, God’s “every” word in each subject. Buy “used” at— used is new.

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Extra Oil Update 7: Melting Pot of Immorality

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 7: Melting Pot of Immorality

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


“There is not much time on this old earth and the time left will pass swiftly. A day is as a second, and a second is dust.” ~~ Debby Sorenson-Carlson

Truth Seekers and Speakers was SEVEN years old on 01 June 2009! But, I digress. As our sister Debby’s headliner indicates, the acceleration of Biblical events in just the last week have become so voluminous I hardly could keep up while viewing, throughout each day and evening, every major cable news network (CNN, MSNBC, FNC, HLN, BBC, and more) plus major networks’ news and documentaries of today’s world in prophecy. A History Channel documentary of special note — “Armageddon, By Theology and Science”— aired Tuesday evening and is summarized herein to reveal why so many people believe we serve a “cruel God” thus avoid “religion,” per se.

I can’t write or transcribe data to computer fast enough for broadcast. This condensed Update is longest to date: first on 24 March was 3.5-pages for 7 days, but in just seven short weeks since, this report jumped to 11.3-pages over a mere 3.5 days—began 07 June. Each update covers the same signs and plagues! I stopped viewing Wed, 10 June, except for clarification: my brain felt fried to a crisp. Please Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

We all, I feel, are mentally and emotionally exhausted from the tremendous volume; so, it’s time for a short break: no Update for next week ending 20 June. Currently armed with the first 2009 “Extra Oil,” 6-Updates and 1-2005 Recall, viewing our local news reports in the interim should be sufficient to grasp global occurrences: just magnify them 100 times and you might have a sense of what is really happening. Even this report is miniscule in comparison. Update 8 resumes on 27 June— if Jesus doesn’t get here first.

I have been tracking prophecy unfolding since 1991, but most readers are just now aware of events occurring before their very eyes; all because theologians and sect pastors insist the elements are not that unusual as well as Middle East events not being Armageddon: according to a human version. In the beginning of 1991, tracking was fairly easy, but in the last few weeks the speed and volume of events is almost overwhelming: seems faster than the speed of light, very much in keeping with prophetic timing.

We live in the most exciting era of God’s infinite power appearing on earth’s stage— much like the first arrival of Christ plus what the Jews and Egyptians witnessed in Moses’ day— Jehovah striking fear in the wicked while advising His sheep of earth’s demise (Sabbath rest) to “come quickly.” These events are disturbing, sad, disappointing, the latter due to earth’s majority people being “blind and deaf” thus unwilling to repent when God’s prophets speak His warnings or to hear the angel’s exceedingly loud trumpet announcing our Groom’s pending arrival.

This week’s prophetic actions cover many world events, in addition to data pointing to the US as Revelation’s “second beast that rose up from the wilderness to support the first beast that rose from the seas” — in short, the world’s melting pot of immorality. To “rise from seas” indicates an ancient nation still powerful in some way (ancient Rome, Papal Rome), as opposed to “rising from wilderness” describing a very young yet exceedingly powerful nation: though temporary, as it never will be “ancient.” I am a born and raised American and do prefer living here; but, God’s Truth comes before citizenship. It’s sort of like loving our children but not being blind to their sins and failures, thus warning and reprimanding them with the hope they listen and repent before destruction.

MELTING POT OF IMMORALITY: “a lamb with little horns, the second beast” and “they will not enter the gates of heaven” for defiling God’s Law (sign of Christ’s return)

LOUISIANA: Adult film actress, porn star Stormy Daniels, announced plans to run for Louisiana Senate after numerous people said she is needed. (Fornication)

KANSAS: anti-abortionist Roeder, who shot and killed late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller, announced last week of more attacks by others scheduled across US; Tiller’s abortion clinic has closed permanently, “a win for life” stated Roeder. Nebraska doctor set to do late-term abortions in Kansas to replace Dr. Tiller. (Murder)

NEVADA: gambling and prostitution legal in Las Vegas as well as other States.

UTAH: Polygamy still practiced inspite of Statehood agreements. Groups are in other States, as well. (multiple wives–adultery & fornication)

CALIFORNIA: US accepts Hollywood’s approval, contrary to God, via movies and entertainers’ actions of— nudity, homosexuality (abomination), sex outside marriage (fornication), same sex marriages (abomination), divorce (adultery), ghosts (spiritism, abominable), astrology (“not to delve into”), cross-dressers and transvestites (effeminate), rich get by with murder— all that is evil is called good (violate last 6 Statutes of Life).

FIVE STATES: passed bills approving “same-sex marriages.” (abomination)

FEDERAL: 200-year old Federal documents vow and declare, “Sunday national sabbath and sabbath for whole world (“example of unbelief,” polluted 4th Precept), absolutely no provision for seventh day (denial of 4th Statute),” Sunday violators under police power (“polluted God’s Sabbath” and threaten lives of all who keep His Holy Memorial).

52 STATES: 1.Child porn and perverted sex acts, i.e. autoerotic asphyxiation as in actor David Carradine’s ruled accidental death, or with animals; Pedophiles ranging from ages 17 to 82 number thousands across nation; 2. Sunday Blue Laws with police power— Corporate Christian sects observe Sunday and include pagan artifacts with heathen festivals (“they have polluted God’s Houses of Prayer and polluted God’s Sabbath,” saith the Lord). (1-abominations, 2-violate first 4 Laws of Belief)

In every way, the United States (52) has and continues to commit adultery against God; which is exactly what Revelation’s “second beast” was intended to do. Adding insult to injury, the US protects and promotes the Great Whore’s harlot daughters, that Uncle Sam has enabled to spread her lies globally: making them “worse than their mother.” This nation lays claim to “One Nation Under God,” and the above abominations clearly identify the aspiring god whom it truly serves: Satan, a mere fallen angel slated for utter annihilation by God. God’s justified wrath is zooming in so fast it is an unrecognizable blur to the vast majority in this nation, indeed, to the entire world.

“I HAVE SPARED THY BELOVED DEAD FROM THE TERRORS OF THESE END DAYS”: Isaiah “THOUGH 1000 FALL TO MY LEFT AND 10,000 TO MY RIGHT, I WILL NOT FEAR— (wars, rumors of wars, Armageddon {signs} and viruses {plague}

US military has lost about 5000 soldiers in Middle East since 1991: tiny number compared to military and civilian lives lost in Middle Eastern States beginning in same year. The worst current war-related civilian deaths equal to 4 times US military losses over the last 18 years, was in one day 2 weeks ago— 20,000 Sri Lankans. Past week: 33 civilian Muslims killed by Taliban suicide bomb in Pakistani Mosque; 10 shot and killed in Thailand Mosque; Pakistani civilians kill 14 Taliban. Peruvian police kill “more than 30 civilian protestors” (arrest 36); 5 killed in Kashmir unrest; 7 killed in Baghdad Bus Station explosion; Hamas kill 5 Israelis in power struggle; Muslim cleric killed who spoke against such attacks; teen shoots Iraqi lawmaker and bombs mosque.

Car bomb to 5-star hotel in Peshawar, Pakistan, claims 17, 50 injured by; 24 injured in acid attack in Hong Kong, 3rd in 6 months; Afghanistan mine blast claims 1, 50 injured; Turkish rocket factory explosion, no report on lives. 35 dead, toll rising, in Shiite market by suicide car bomb in Al-Bathaa, So. Iraq; 28 & 35 dead in two other Iraqi locations by suicide bombings; 2-officers killed at Islamabad police station by suicide bomber, 1-officer wounded when heroically stepped between bomber and building; roadside bomb in Baghdad claims 1, wounds 4; British soldier killed in Afghanistan (attacks reach record highs); evacuations are recommended in Bannu, Pakistan. US Military experiencing highest suicide rate ever in history amidst personnel, rate still rising making these our civilian losses due to war.

Also, numerous civilian deaths around the globe due to natural elements, accidents or religious extremists, and viruses/bacteria— i.e. daycare fire in Mexico killed 44 children, 36 hospitalized; 15 Mexican soldiers, 2 civilians, 2 tourists killed in shoot out at Acapulco house where 4 police officers held hostage, Drug Cartel wars (to date, 11,000 killed, includes 2300 in last 6 months; 3 police officers killed in another Acapulco exchange; China, “over 30” killed in massive landslide; 20 dead in Kashmir Bus wreck; Air France to Paris takes 238 lives with plane’s ocean crash; 10 immigrants killed in SUV crash in Arizona; 4-bystandeers dead by theft getaway car in Philadelphia; building explodes in Kentucky, losses unknown at this time; ammonia leak collapses ConAgra Foods building near Raleigh, North Carolina, 36 injured (4 critical), 3 dead.

WARNING: Man shoots at “loud” teens. We must caution teens and young adults in this economic climate of rage. All of us hear cars pass by with stereos cranked and basses pounding to the point of rattling things on our walls and glasses on shelves and throbbing in our ears, parking nearby but leaving stereos on for hours on end, or teens gathered outside late at night shouting with loud laughter. This is the kind of noise over which people have no control, no switches to turn off; therefore, where rage already exists, it raises people’s anger to uncontrollable levels, causing them to do things they might not have otherwise done. Warn your teens and young adults that it is no longer safe to turn up the volume both at home and in vehicles. The man above is the precursor of retaliation to come against forced-upon-people noises.

100s of African children lost in senseless killings, more by starvation, and thousands kidnapped by one man who has forced them into becoming killing machines (slaying their own parents). His motive: “to save the kids”— “and the children shall rise up lawless and cause the death of their parents” also void of God’s Law (sign of Christ’s return). In an aside, Italy and France have fallen behind in providing aid to Africa.

Columbian news Wednesday: first Swine Flu death; Australian confirmed cases cause WHO (World Health Organization) to raise level to 6, meaning it is now considered an “early stage” pandemic based on number of nations hit, speed it travels on own, and considered unstoppable due to not eradicating early. “First true pandemic in 41-years, since Hong Kong flu claimed over a million lives. Swine Flu first virus to occur so early and first to be so closely watched,” said WHO. When certain words are spoken, they often point to prophecy; albeit, the speaker may not be aware. For instance, just before Desert Storm in 1991, Hussein dared US attack, saying, “It will be mother of all wars, Armageddon.” Such clues proven true throughout history when they tie in with prophecy.

Currently, 74 nations total well-over 30,000 confirmed cases, in excess of 130 deaths, which number is small; US has 50 contiguous states with confirmed cases and 27 deaths to date. Swiss company developed vaccine, in process of shipping to affected countries.

As I advised in 1991 that Desert Storm never ends until Christ crosses our skies, so I advise that this plague never ceases month after month: no longer a defined flu season. Swine Flu not only is a new strain added to other new and old strains during Laodicea’s age but it seemingly came out of nowhere to strike rapidly and totally out of season; thus, I feel this is God’s viral/bacterial plague vial that will continue henceforth unabated, along with all others through all seasons until Jesus arrives.

Too many to list all deaths in US— 2 claimed in Arizona helicopter crash, 1-dead and 1-injured in New Mexico helicopter crash; numbers rising of large and small aircraft and helicopter crashes; random shootings, spouses killing spouses and/or children, mother kills 2 sons then self; murders committed in crimes of theft and robberies, hundreds of auto fatalities, fires and other accidents, killing of pregnant women for unborn babies— some babies died; numerous drug and alcohol deaths.

Washington DC: 88-year old James Von Brunn killed Holocaust Museum guard, wounded bystander, then police critically shot Brunn critically— Von Brunn is a known KKK and anti-government activist, both groups homeland terrorists. His motive: economy and an African American President; note in Brunn’s car— Jewish Holocaust a lie.” Brunn also was the person who claimed, “Barack H. Obama’s birth certificate was forged.” I suspect Brunn also was responsible for pre-election claims that Obama, an avowed Christian, was Muslim and would not be sworn in with the God’s Bible.

Add insult to injury: Reverend Wright, President’s former pastor, was asked if he had spoken with Obama since election. He stated with hostility, “Them Jews won’t let me talk to him. But, I will, probably when he becomes a lame duck.” He also charged, “Those Zionists are doing ethnic cleansing in Palestine.” Like California pastor’s support of gay marriages the week before, which is the worse of two evils, Brunn or Rev. Wright?

Yet another professed minister of God who does not speak with God’s mouth— God’s evidential revealing of “that which is hidden,” of who truly is the god Sunday-observing sects represent. A psychiatrist being interviewed agreed that Rev. Wright is the most dangerous because more people listen to Christian ministers than to overt terrorists such as Brunn. God agrees and so do I. Such pastors, as more dangerous, will bring prophecy to bear as they incite greater hostility by heightening the long standing label of “cult” because Christ’s sheep obey God’s seventh day, Fourth Commandment, Sabbath thus encouraging deadly attacks against us: It Is Written. It does seem, however, that Obama needs to do damage control. Facts: there are volumes of historical documents, thousands of German mass graves filled with millions of Jews, many living survivors then and still today, all of which testify to the horror of Hitler’s Holocaust against Jews. Nonetheless, bias of any nationality is not of God. We are all one blood!

As God warned, we are living in very dangerous times abroad and in the US: news announced gun sales up. Based on fear, many people are set to defend or steal rather than take the offensive. This was rudely brought home to me, when several weeks ago two tenants near me, within 2 days, were seen on our grounds with a gun: a rifle and pistol. Someone called police on the first man but, apparently, the second man was ignored as being better known. While neither man threatened anyone, it is apparent they are preparing for the economic worst. Anger is a by-product of fearing death-by-any-means, and fear is of Satan. Alas, we will begin to see more senseless killings. Take the offensive: share all you have; it is our duty to God.

US & GLOBAL ECONOMIC UPDATE: (sign of Christ’s return)

Memberships rising rapidly in US extremist organizations of white supremacy (KKK) and anti-government groups, due to global economic crisis having begun in America coupled with fact we now have an African American in office— President Barack H. Obama; whom actor Jon Voight labeled a “false prophet” in a Monday night speech or, rather I should say, rant. Whether a false prophet or prophet of God, both speak and lead scripturally: one by distortion of God’s Word laced with lies, the other in God’s Truth.

Mr. Voight spoke in ignorance and does not acknowledge that God sets up national leaders and takes them down at His discretion based on His purpose at any given point in time. This does not make any national leader a “false prophet” and neither does it make any leader the “anti-Christ;” for the anti-Christ is not a specific man, rather a title representing opposing Christian religions led by many men over the centuries and were forming during the Apostles’ time, against which they spoke warnings very clearly.

Fiat/Chrysler’s dealership closings: 100,000 unemployed, 40,000 unemployed by plant closures; GM plant reaps 21,000 unemployed; no reports on Ford. Sunday Fox news: US expected national unemployment average to be only 8% by September, whereas May reflected 9.4%, the highest in 25 years, and still rising by all accounts— which does not include the large percentage of “under unemployed” noted in last week’s “Extra Oil.” May also reflected the loss of 345,000 jobs in miscellaneous markets, the number down from previous months, but are not reflected in the President’s Tuesday statement.

WARNING: auto dealership deals, by-product many buyers may overlook: consumers will get deals and warranties honored, but trade-ins might not get paid off due to closures. In short, the consumer could end up owing for both old and new vehicles. Advice given was, “you sell your trade-in and pay cash down.” Announced, however, is a government plan to pay part of new auto purchases; specifically $4,500. The catch: new auto must be one of specific models among 4 makes— Cadillac, Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford— at cost of at least $45,000 with your trade-in only a certain age and must get at least 18mpg or better. Seems only the wealthy will be able to cash in on these deals: Biblically, they will not reap for long. I recommend making no new purchases of any commodity.

Pres. Obama reports 335,000 jobs lost in May, fewest in last 8 months or about 1/2 of the 650,000 job losses a few months ago. National unemployment average of College grads is shown as 80.3% and is very close to the 75% reported in Washington State alone. No national unemployment averages were given for unemployed teens, which Washington State reported at 24%. Also not included in unemployment figures is the number of each States’ jobs eliminated, despite their Stimulus packages. May unemployment claims for benefits were 601,000 and fewer unemployed even seeking benefits. How much do the above figures add to the 11.5 million unemployed nationally in 2008— it is exceedingly worse than data being officially reported. The figures are Biblical, “as never seen before;” yet, Vice President Biden declared, “There are signs of hope.”

Foreign markets: N Korea demands 4-fold wage increase for all N Koreans working for S Korean companies located in a NK industrial park. US expected economy to be better than reality of continued downward spiral. 37 US banks utterly failed, May reflected smallest stock losses since Sept. 2008, albeit tumbled again on Monday; Oil rose to $70 but 24-hours later increased to $73 a barrel, gas prices surge at pumps; May saw 3rd highest real estate foreclosures; mortgage interest rates rising; US Dairy Farmers report losses of $100,000 a month in economy-caused sales loss, despite government aid, earnings not enough to feed and bring water to large herds. (“and the cattle are confused”)

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, in a rare interview with Scott Pelley of “60 Minutes,” stated biggest reason for bank failures occurred over the last 12 years— Hundreds of billions of dollars have been deposited into American savings accounts by foreign investors, as a result billions of dollars in accrued interest has been paid out to foreign accounts. Contrarily, our banks did not wisely invest the initial huge deposits as a preventive measure to earning less than paying out. Coupled with private American investors’ and the general population, lack of confidence in banks, as well as American economy, ultimately, will cause a total collapse of this “life blood” industry. American public and private investor confidence, as well as those investors shareholding in our banks, is the only hope for economic recovery, as long as the government does its part to slowly wind down dollar needs. Biblically, I disagree: prophecy states utter collapse. But, I agree with Mr. Bernanke’s parting statement, “The era of high living is over.” 

The President’s summer goal is to create 600,000 jobs quickly by speeding up spending, noting that he had created 100,000 jobs in his first 100 days; further, to create 3.5 to 4 million jobs within the next 2 years. In the last 8 months alone 985,000 jobs were lost through May 2009, which does not include the “under unemployed.” If we consider only the 11.5 million unemployed in 2008, which figure is grossly unrealistic, there still would be 2.85 million unemployed by the end of 2011. And, Obama expects to implement a “pay as you go” (Paygo) plan for government spending: “for a dollar paid out, we must save a dollar elsewhere.” Everyone should live by that method!

Health Care Reform in planning phase, President said, “Health care reform is critical to US prosperity,” American Medical Assoc. (AMA) against a public plan. Venezuela has demanded Coca-Cola remove Coke Zero from its country, due to unspecified “health dangers.” WARNING: avoid Coke Zero until more details about possible dangers.

Glenn Beck, of Fox News, stated, “The US spirit of wealth has been bashed by the economy.” Beck then spoke of his economic prediction in 1998 that portended what now has caused 1.3-trillion dollars lost in Americans’ individual assets between Jan-Mar 2009; representing 8.6% of all households, knocking private net worths back to 2004 values. The first trillion high was hit in 2007, before the housing market collapse. Spending has dropped dramatically because credit is not available now. Beck urged, “Wake up, people! What is it going to take to wake you up?” I say the answer is GOD— Christ’s sheep were warned some 36 years ago when I worked in the banking industry, then again in 1991, again in 2001-2002 and again when “Bind Up . . .” was published in 2003, and they’ve since been warned continuously. God doesn’t lie; it’s all in His Word.

Adding fuel to US economic fire: 52-US States set to increase individual and business State taxes by a collective 24-billion dollars— likely through sales and property taxes, school and hospital levies, roads, etc— as if people are not already in dire straits. This easily could increase general sales taxes into double digits, the death of many an historical empire. Homeowners need to sell while they can get some money back— rather, cash out all investments: stocks, bonds, real property, etc. Values of “life-blood” commodities WILL zero out: oil, housing, food, money, clothing; precious metals will be worthless. “Who can prevent God?” who also said, “Owe no man.” Time is short, time to comply. This applies to sheep worldwide, for it is a global, total economic collapse.

A new poll revealed most people unhappy with Obama’s Stimulus Package and his spending deficits. While his long-range plans are sound and in the very-very long haul would eventually turn matters around, it truly is too little too late but, surely, fulfills God’s prophetic signs of Christ’s “quick return.”

WARNING: cockroaches coming out of the woodwork in form of mass mail outs by psychics, seers, astrologers promising, for a specified fee, to tell your future regarding money and what will happen if you fly on certain dates. Also, fake lotteries and vacation groups are sending out come-ons saying you have won huge amounts of money or a free vacation, send them money to receive your winnings. I expect to see, also, mass chain letters promising mega-bucks to recipients if they enclose $1 or more then send it to a specified number of other people you know plus the sender and names below his on a list included: you do their dirty work. Expect, also, to receive bogus telemarketing calls promising all sorts of things to help you in return for money from you. All of these are scammers who play on people’s fears during hard times. Unfortunately, being in an economic crisis and the numbers of planes crashing are the perfect foil for these unethical criminals. Throw away that mail and hang up the phone without saying a word!

Watch the clouds; local and world news reports; current documentaries covering first six plagues. “The dregs of God’s wrath” fast reaching maximum potency, yet most Christians avoid “doom and gloom” news; which, on the contrary, should be exceedingly exciting to Christ’s sheep. How can one recognize the signs, the extra oil of preparedness, by burying our heads in the sand? To do so is to be left behind dead. That is God’s reality, not man’s.

GOD’S ARSENAL: four winds of elements, not wars  

Since 1991, there have been dramatic changes in various storm-related behaviours such as “never seen before:” i.e. larger, more destructive, steadily increasing frequency, occurring in unheard of locations, like the recent “micro-burst” caught on camera in Irving, Texas, between Dallas and Ft. Worth. This past week was even more unusual. Residents of Cleburne, about 30 miles south of Ft. Worth, awoke Monday to perceived thunder, actually a 3.0 earthquake: one of several having struck in the past several years. “We don’t think of Texas as earthquake country, rather tornados,” exclaimed one reporter.

In other news, a storm-chaser caught on film strange tornado behaviour (location N/A): funnel suddenly separated from the mother cloud— something I’d never seen during 36 years of living in Tornado Alley— Texas. It’s top then pivoted like a head and tipped slightly downward as though intending to turn its body and move straight for the camera- man 2 miles away. He did capture an inside-the-funnel view, describing an eerie sight, “It looked like a huge monster’s mouth with intent to devour me.” This tornado was moving parallel to him and did continue that path; so, its action appeared like a live creature, one very angry who had seen the man and wanted him to know he had been seen. Tornados drop from clouds but never separate, later to be drawn back into the cloud.

S. Beach, Fla, reported unheard of 9-inches of rain resulting in massive flooding in a city never flooded, thus inadequate drain systems: no fatalities or injuries, damages huge. Georgia has had 25 consecutive days of rain. Wed: in 24-hours, Ft. Worth-Dallas, Texas area had severe storms that dumped 8-10 inches of rain, causing tremendous flooding with wind gusts up to 70mph with more rain due and tornados sighted: numerous DFW flights cancelled. Last Saturday, freezing temps moved down from Canada to meet 90-degree temps in Mid-East and Southern States, resulting in 1 to 2-inches of snow in Montana and North Dakota— “This is June,” said stunned meteorologist.

Mix of hot/cold air causing violent storms, hail, tornados in various States and to the east coast. Washington St. reported temps 15 to 20-degrees over normal for time of year and lasting longer than normal— 5 days; toward end of week, temps dropped below normal at 60+/- on Friday. Wednesday began with line of severe storms across entire nation, one Washington town hit by 1000 lightning strikes in little over an hour. Lightning used to be rare in Washington, Oregon and California.

A report mentioned earthquakes out of control, ref: in China last year claimed lives of over 5000 students; total death toll was over 80,000. The fact we did not hear final total confirms censorship. Also mentioned the one in Indian Ocean caused deadly tsunami: report was over 125,000 dead, actual total over 275,000. First numbers were bad enough; but, as I’ve been saying, God’s arsenal is far worse than being reported. Misleading reports serve only to “keep blind unseeing and deaf unhearing,” it is too late for them. God’s prophets and Christ’s sheep investigate for truth and confirm prophetic signs.

ARMAGEDDON, Theology and Science: according to man – Tues. 06/09/09, 8pm PST, cable History Channel

Most are familiar with the “Left Behind” book series that, supposedly, give a true interpretation of Revelation; authors of which commented throughout documentary, one a pastor and a cowriter. Books were classified fiction, admittedly to increase sales, which is greedy and devious; but, authors state emphatically books are total truth of Bible facts. The series were produced as movies, shown at theatres and televised on TBN, Trinity Broadcasting Network, a Corporate Christian entity. The movies can be rented at Video Stores, so think about viewing them for comparison sake.

The History Channel combined man’s theological interpretation with that of scientific theories and possibilities, wherein scientists agreed that “falling stars” would be meteors that “darken the sun” and red tide contaminates the water— Indeed, science agreed with man’s interpretation and that we definitely are “heading into the end;” alas, some of the Biblical signs they used as part of the interpretation are events that have already occurred and were meant to happen in previous church ages as signs of God’s displeasure and to warn against not obeying, but not in Laodicea.

They err by assuming Revelation is about only these end days written chronologically: neither is true. Man also errs by teaching that the Jewish temple must be rebuilt before Christ will come: Daniel said it never would be rebuilt after its destruction of which Jesus spoke. Thus, a lie is being taught not only to Christians but orthodox Jews, too. This lie prevents orthodox Jews from accepting Jesus as their promised Messiah, and it declares by implication that Messiah never came the first time (sign of Christ’s return). Sadly, what man’s theology has defined and science is confirming, reflects a god of very ugly character. Come to think of it, a vile character directed man’s version: Satan. 

If you’ve read the “Left Behind” series or seen the movies, then you know a horrific picture is painted of what is purportedly Armageddon, the word defined by man as World War III; so horrific, made even more cruelly painful by the seventh plague occurring simultaneous to first six, and so long lasting that it is the reason most agnostics, atheists, and pagans say they want nothing to do with the “cruel God you serve.” Another injustice by man against God and against heathens. Albeit, man has attempted to soften God’s cruelty by teaching Christ will “come quickly,” end the war, then spend 1000 years on earth teaching us. To soften the end does not remove the blight of cruelty man’s version puts upon God nor has it change the hearts of unbelievers.

Christ’s said, when He entered Jerusalem at age 12, “God is kind even to the wicked.” His Father had long before said, “I give the wicked the desires of their heart, for this is all they shall ever have.” We serve a loving God and His kindness to the wicked reflects in Laodicea, for during this age they lose only health and wealth. His kindness is evident when the wicked die a first death and again with the second death 1000 years later. The Spirit’s interpretation of Revelation differs dramatically from man’s; for what God sees in the Middle East IS what corporate Christendom calls Armageddon, yet to them it is not a 3rd world war. Man’s version means war is fought and blood spilled on every square inch of earth’s soil by the use of man’s weapons as evil battles good. Not so with God.

Desert Storm was and remains Armageddon; it is World War III: by virtue of every major nation being represented in the Allied Forces fighting in that specific arena. As God said, “Evil has called evil to battle but they gather untimely, for they will not do battle with me. Rather, they slay one another.” This is precisely what is happening and said war was meant for the purpose of ushering in the Laodicea church age: a sign of the end days having begun, a sign that the first 6 plagues are pouring out, a sign that the world awaits sentencing, for man’s trial had ended at close of the Philadelphia church era, a sign that the Groom is on His way with appropriate sentencing results.

The horrors are not great enough for man’s interpretation. It’s got to be a thousand times worse and so must the plagues. So, man has the seventh plague occur simultaneous to the first six. Now he achieves the level of blood-guts- and gore he thinks Armageddon should deliver; man loves blood soaked fields created by “a cruel God” that no one wants to serve. I can hear Satan’s insane laughter, for all he needs now is for God’s sheep to buy into this piece of nonsense: the third of professed Christians he has yet to possess.

Before Christ comes in the clouds, the only things that worsen, though certainly not to the degree man indicates, are the elemental signs and first six plagues while every human remains living, at least those who do not die prior to our Groom’s arrival; while upheaval in the Middle East will not end. We know many sheep will die, God sparing them the worst, and many goats will die. However, as Jesus crosses our skies, fire precedes Him (plus “the brightness of His coming”) as He takes up God’s children.

It is His brightness and fire at His feet that instantly kill all wicked, who have time only to “know perfectly why they are left behind” before their first death: a split second. True, there will be “weeping and wailing and grinding of teeth” due to their spirits not sleeping; but, it is only because they “understand perfectly” to what end they will be resurrected. A thousand years pass, it is time to resurrect the wicked (“second resurrection”). Again, when God “utterly destroys them to nevermore be remembered,” it is done so swiftly there is no time for a thought, no pain or suffering, no recall of existence; their spirits no longer exist— if they ever did exist as more than this old world’s illusion.

Now, that to me is truly a very, very loving God; a loving God who takes no pleasure in destroying what He created, one who takes so little pleasure in it that He made allowances, hesitated, then delayed by giving mankind 6000 years to come to Him, His Son and His Truth. To truly understand the difference in man’s prophetic interpretations versus that of the Holy Spirit, read the “Left Behind” series or, like me, the first book will be enough to recognize lies; then, read “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law.” The former reflects an angry, cruel God and is filled with flawed logic and inaccurate historical data; the latter reflects a loving God and is filled with pure logic and accurate historical detail. So ends this summary of the documentary about Armageddon as defined by theologians, pastors and science. Jesus warned us to beware of those first two.

SPECIAL NOTE: More news reporters, national officials and scientists are speaking God’s name in various contexts; not overtly negative, other than vague references to the terrors of these days being of His power. God said of these days, “The people repent not, rather they curse God.” Most people think of “cursing God” as flinging curse words at Him or using His name as a vile word; but, that is not the case in God’s words. He states, first, they do not repent despite “knowing” it is His wrath upon the world, as noted in His words about their last thought before first death when Christ arrives in the clouds.

Cursing God is refusing to repent yet knowing His Truth; blaspheme the Holy Ghost by denying Truth; to blame God’s prophets and Christ’s sheep for the world’s ills yet know by His Truth it is due to the wicked. Cursing began at 9/11 and continues unabated in the only days left for the cold and lukewarm to comply: both know and accept His truth— cold are those desperate for God’s Truth and are more than willing to comply when they hear it; while lukewarm vaguely comply but are not on fire for God, as evidenced by their works, more because they have all the worldly goods. In these same days, God said the wicked won’t repent: “Let the wicked remain wicked, and righteous remain righteous.” It is too late for the wicked and almost too late for the cold and lukewarm.

FORGIVE ME: a few months ago, on the premise that “God is kind even to the wicked,” thus these end days being the “wicked’s last hurrah” before Christ returns— all of which is true— I recommended a vote for gay marriages and abortion to remain legal; which since then must have seemed contrary to more recent admonishments to “stand for God’s morality.” Spirit has shown me that I erred: we do not vote for those things because we do stand for only God’s morality; as such, God will see to it they get what they want without our votes. While we are directed to be kind to the wicked, it is not our place to execute God’s kindness by appearing to go against His moral issues, any more than it is our place to execute God’s condemnation. So, please forgive my error. I pray all know I do believe according to God: homosexuality is an abomination and abortion is murder.

HEAVENLY GATE’S TWO KEYS: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus, AND obey God’s Commandments.” Read Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5 to confirm your compliance with Jehovah’s perpetual Laws; “which stand forever and ever, even in the new earth and new heavens.” Many may believe they comply but should take care to understand the fourth precept; for it is this most critical statute-of-life the majority violates. It IS the Seal of God and of Jesus Christ.

Be sure to share the virgins’ “Extra Oil” reports with everyone you know, everyone that wants the truth about current events in their life, in prophecy and want God’s Truth.

BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW, Biblical/spiritual, chronological interpretation of Revelation—written 1998, published 2003. Book for insight: “TRUTH GATHERING,” exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible of salvation subjects: none available in the world, God’s “every” word. Buy books “used” at— used is new.

BonnieQ, Truth Seekers and Speakers

If you missed prophecy’s first “Extra Oil” and 2009’s previous 5-updates with 6-2005 Recall, go to:  

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Extra Oil Update 6: Recall Jan 2005 Warnings

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 6: Recall January 2005 Warnings

Article Reprint ©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

 Prophecy In the Elements of God’s Love

©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry (01/15/05)

 brief excerpt from Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law ~ Revelation, c. Laodicea; ©copyright 1998/published 2003 Bonita M Quesinberry {the 2005 prophecy reprint below expresses what was in 2004, what went forth, and what continues in 2009}

In 2004 the world experienced one catastrophic event after the other, death and destruction coming from wars but more so through nature’s fury; this latter being God’s arsenal. Until 2005, the world turned a blind eye to what has transpired since the onset of 1991’s Desert Storm campaign in Iraq, when simultaneous events of 6.5 or greater earthquakes suddenly jumped to 62 before year’s end. By 1997, they topped 93 and continued to increase each year hence. Death tolls, injuries, homelessness and property destruction soared to ten times the norm. God’s love? Yes, and hereinbelow reveals why.

In 1991, earthquakes caused 3,287 deaths with over 106,000 homeless. Just between January and February of 1999, earthquakes killed over 40,000 and left over 600,000 homeless. From 1991 to 1999, over 85,000 had died and over 3 million were left homeless, plus over 189,000 livestock reported killed in one 1999 event.

In 1998, the National Earthquake Center reported that, for the first time in earth’s history, quakes of some magnitude were occurring every hour somewhere in the world. 1999 changed dramatically, when they announced the earth then quaking nonstop with an event somewhere every thirty-five seconds, and likely even more frequently by 2006. The report concluded, “The earth is reeling like a drunk.” Their statement was almost verbatim of God’s concerning the time drawing near to Christ’s “quick” return: “The earth is reeling to and fro like a drunkard.”

During the same periods covered above, an explosion of volcanoes erupted in various places around the globe: whole islands and villages destroyed with large death tolls. In 1998, Mt. St. Helen’s in the USA steadily increased in activity with greater energy than in 1995. Today it quakes daily while building a lava dome at astronomical rates, a devastating explosion a certainty but unpredictable.

Even Mt. Rainier in Washington’s Cascade chain, deemed the one that will cause the most devastation, and Mt. Hood have been rumbling in unison with Helen. In fact, Rainer’s heat became so intense that it melted a huge glacier in 2001, a lahar carving out a hundred-foot deep gorge down the mountainside before rushing into the Columbia River. And, in the last few weeks of January 2005, several volcanoes in other countries suddenly came to life, spewing hot lava. October 2006: in one week Mt. Rainier shook with a 4.7 earthquake followed by a series of 20+ at magnitudes 2.7 down to 2.0 and still rumbling.

Add to all the above, other events such as never seen before: deadly hurricanes and tornadoes of incredible sizes and frequencies as well as appearing where they’ve never before occurred. Plus, flooding, mudslides, avalanches, global warming causing deadly heat in various places, seas and oceans so poisoned that marine life is dying in huge numbers, fresh water sources so vile that more and more chemicals are added to make it drinkable. Record rains, snowfall such as the unexpected in Buffalo Oct. 2006, wild temperatures, and draughts, and a 6.7 earthquake in Hawaii (also Oct. 2006). Unknown diseases have erupted and flourishing: the list continues to grow at astronomical rates.

Why weren’t all of these early global events televised, instead of just a pitiful few partially reported? At least here in these United States, where freedom of speech rings? In earlier years of this last church age of Laodicea, our country was concerned with what took place only here, thus lulling us into a false sense of well-being. When events began happening even here, our government censored, to minimal reporting, all news-reporting agencies in 1999, noted in an April 2000 documentary, with respect to catastrophic events of war and/or natural disasters.

Uncle Sam’s reason: “We don’t want people to panic.” Seattle’s King5 News provided examples of this limited reporting in that special broadcast at the time: i.e. Desert Storm and the numerous earthquakes that had hit Turkey. Reporting of this latter ceased at a death toll of 15,000, yet it was nearer to 45,000 dead in one single event; plus the region was hit with over 200 more earthquakes in just a few weeks following the big event.

Fortunately and since February 1991, this writer had been conducting intensive research of all the reporting agencies tracking earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and other natural catastrophic events and had printed out much of the data gleaned. This same data is no longer available, except in very brief and incomplete reports, at the various organizations’ websites.

Don’t forget 9/11. Even this was prophesied in Revelation: “the angel cast the fire of his censer, and it fell upon earth— meaning a specific place— the United States: in one hour death, and in one day famine.” Within one hour three planes had hit their targets and death reigned; and, in one day, the stock market plummeted and hunger reigned. But, the dregs of God’s perfect wrath have been poured out since 1991 from the first six of seven vials: they were emptied in 2005. And, as God said, “The wicked will only wax worse.”

“The time is at hand,” for 2005 began worse than 1991 through 2003 combined, with the likes of which “the world has never seen” — a comment made in news broadcasts, yet originally came straight from God’s mouth. A deadly, 9.0 quake set off a tsunami in the Indian Ocean, where there never had been a tsunami.

It affected twelve countries bordering its shores and knocked earth off its axis by one minute, which will cause dramatically greater catastrophes involving natural elements. That tsunami resulted in over 225,000 deaths with thousands still missing, over 471,000 injured, millions homeless, no food and water, children orphaned, whole cities destroyed, and parts of islands disappeared. Biblical proportions: “even the trees are confused.”

Since then, several comments were heard in news reports and elsewhere: 1) “Why, God,” asked repeatedly like an angry mantra; 2) “No, no, not now,” as though people knew exactly what these deadly occurrences meant; God says they do “understand perfectly;” and, 3) “If God is so loving, why is He killing so many innocent people?”

The masses, in ignorance, need someone to blame; so why not blame God? These things are God’s fury finally being poured out upon this corrupt, poluted world, just as He vowed to do at an appointed time. As He said, “There must be an end [to evil’s reign].” In Noah’s day, He cleansed earth with a great flood and swore that a final cleansing would occur. This time, however, God will purge evil with purifying fire, preceding Jesus as He crosses our skies taking up His own, while the seventh vial is poured out behind Him.

A loving God? YES. Only a loving God thoroughly teaches all we need to know to avoid evil in order to gain eternal life in paradise. Only a loving God warns, from the very beginning, what will happen if we do not obey Him. According to Isaiah, only a loving God takes the life of His own in order to spare them from horrors to come: prior to Christ taking up His small flocks. Only a loving God is so patient as to wait 6000 years for man to repent. And, only a loving Father follows through with His Word. God is the epitome of a perfect, loving parent.

“Come out of her, my people, so as not to be partakers of her sins and die of her plagues… The time is at hand. I come quickly.” And, scripture has the sheep saying, “Though a 1,000 fall to my left and 10,000 to my right, I shall not fear; and, though this body might die, my Lord shall raise me up again: for I am protected by His full armor.” Do you have His full armor upon you?

What about that piece called Truth, which is God’s Law? And, if you are not sure, then listen to God’s Truth Speakers; most professed Christians are accusing Truth Speakers of committing blasphemy, of being false prophets and of doing the Devil’s work: just as they charged Christ in His day when He warned sinners while teaching only God’s Truth. And, He warned us that if we follow Him we also would be falsely charged.

If you are teaching only God’s Truth, then you should be like persecuted. If you are not, then examine your teachings, for they must be man’s “smooth words” filled with man’s “commandments and traditions lacking the power of God” — the most dangerous and deadly place to be when Christ arrives.

For all of Revelation’s interpretation, get a copy of BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW; order from any local or online bookstore. Helpful hint: best pricing — buy “used” receive “new.” WARNING: don’t expect your denomination to approve this rendering, for it has not one “smooth word” in it; just hard-hitting Truth to snatch the lost from God’s coming fire.

Recent Book Review:

The Last Speaker of His Truth

“Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law”— scriptures arranged/paraphrased by Bonita M Quesinberry, available at; 05/25/09 Review by Debby Sorenson-Carlson, Texas, author/poet, nursing home dietician & chef; wife, mother, grandmother.

“[Bonita is] speaker of the house; the one God anointed to spread the truth, also the clear bearer of news that many will not want to hear or believe but all will believe soon. [She is] His truth, as she is incapable of lying. Actually, she may be the last speaker of His absolute truth before His coming. [Bonita is] part of the last seal, created for just this purpose, just as she was placed in my life so that I could see with my heart all I was to understand. I do believe Christ is standing in the door and in the cool of an October [or November] evening (book’s detail and my soul’s belief), He will walk through and we will pass from this old earthly world to His eternal life.

“As far as the latter parts of the book are concerned, they are happening now [2009]. One would have to be blind not to see that everything written in “Bind Up. . .” was divinely inspired, as there is no way anyone could have predicted what was going to happen in the detail it was written [in 1998]. I would never have dreamed this world would exist in the [current] mess it is in.



BonnieQ, Truth Seekers and Speakers

If you missed prophecy’s first “Extra Oil” and 2009’s previous 5 updates go to:  — post archives open to public

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Extra Oil Update: Cars, Swords, 6-Plagues, Economy

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update: Cars, Swords, 6-Plagues, Economy

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

This week’s prophetic signs update is longer than previous weeks, due to events moving incredibly faster each day since the last: this past week was almost overwhelming with increased activity of both the signs of Christ’s return and the effects of God’s first six vials of the seven plagues, which pouring out began in 1991. Be prepared, my people, be prepared, kind and patient; though, it will not be easy. Time is of the essence.

Last Sunday, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria hosted guests Joshua Cooper Ramo, author of “Age of the Unthinkable,” and Niall Ferguson, author of “The Ascent of Money,” (perhaps it should have been entitled “The Descent of Money”). The two men commented on the economic crisis; followed by Henry Kissinger, 1973 Nobel Peace Prize recipient for his work at ending the Viet Nam war and Secretary of State under the administrations of Nixon and Ford. Kissinger offered opinion on the North Korean nuclear missiles issue.

Kissinger stated that North Korea (NK) could easily collapse if it were to give up nuclear weapons of mass destruction (WMD); yet, to maintain them would require NK to give security assurances to China, Russia, South Korea along with America and, additionally, NK should not have to worry about a US military attack. To give up their WMDs could cause China to view North Korea as impotent, an untenable situation. He went on to say that to believe NK would not use the weapons is an illusion. Further, and contrary to NK’s assumption, they will not be able to get the US to ally with NK against China.

The US stated that China needs to adopt the policy of “having global responsibility” but this is uniquely an American idea based on a desire to form a US/China “one world power.” Kissinger added, “North Korea should be solely a test for China, just as Iran should be for Russia;” — the US ought to stay out of both. Yesterday, it was announced that NK and SK are scheduled to hold a rare meeting, the purpose unstated.

Zakaria guests Ramo and Cooper were in agreement that economic recovery by year’s end is wishful thinking, advising people to take with a grain of salt the word of government economists predicting a quick reversal; such a turn around based on the assumption that this calamity, like past recessions, is based on typical economic cycles: previously every 5 years then 7 and finally about every 10 years (2001-2010 would conclude a ten year cycle). Ramo and Cooper predict “no turn-around by employing either old economic models or by borrowing money nor by expending bail-out funds.” “Those who forget history make bad economic choices,” said Naill. Indeed, God agrees!

Many citizens feel safe with US Bonds, but Niall stated deep trouble for them, inasmuch as the US Bond market has steadily dropped in the past year; mostly due to Uncle Sam being unable to finance its debts at a low enough interest— thus, it will not be able to pay holders the interest and principal due on mature or maturing bonds.

On the global front, Ramo stated, “Since 2001, China has been in ‘shock and awe’ of their own dependence on American economy,” brought to light by 9/11 and our quickly following economic collapse. Niall added, “China is losing patience with America’s disaster and the continued Middle-East wars. The United States [is beginning to] feel like an empire on the wane.” The US could be compared to the ancient Roman empire. For these reasons, China is making huge political changes to something very much more complex: what this might mean to the US is unknown.

In other news, the fall of America’s automobile empire has not ‘just’ happened. Contrarily, it has been happening for a number of years. “The Big Three,” Ford and GM and Chrysler— the latter of whom invented car loans— became fat and rich by producing quality and, at the industry peak, employed over 600,000 auto workers nationwide: which literally created middle-income America. Unfortunately, three things kicked off their slow decline: 1) declining quality; 2) did not see cheaper, more fuel-efficient foreign vehicles, especially Japanese, coming their way— no foresight, as it were; and, 3) encouraged people to purchase above their means resulting in bad loans. Last year saw over 400,000 auto workers in lay-off and they aren’t done yet.

While the industry’s quality has improved, they are working on but have not achieved true fuel efficiency. Alas, the latter will result in higher auto prices, which is and will be out of most people’s reach. Despite all efforts to achieve reorganizing by use of Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and Uncle Sam’s 16.9 billion dollar auto bailout for a price of a 30 billion dollar stock ownership of the industry, it will never really recover— because they will not be able to pay back bailout monies or buy back the 60% ownership.

With 2900 dealerships closed since last year to date, Chrysler set to close 789, and GM planning to close 2100 along with discontinuing several of its popular auto lines, which closes the related production plants— the Hummer being one, ironically just bought by China and the Saturn bought by Penske. It would seem the foreign market might become this nation’s auto mogul, at least until America’s utter collapse— foreign markets cannot aid recovery. It would be temporary at best, because collapse will be global. It is written.

Bankruptcy not only cancels out unsecured debts for the “Big 3” empire but the court also treats existing  auto-malfunction injury lawsuits as unsecured debts; thus, the plaintiffs will be left high and dry regarding ongoing medical expenses plus punitive damages. In the civilian arena, the last year has seen an extraordinary increase in bankruptcy filings; new filings expected to add another 1.5 million by the end of 2009.

“Live by the sword, die by the sword,” so saith the Lord. “Wars and rumors of wars” of wheresoever and whatsoever nature. Battles this past week in the Middle East and Israel as well as other countries resulted in numerous deaths; sadly, the largest civilian toll was in Sri Lanka: over 20,000. The wars to watch, relevant to Revelation’s prophecy, are strictly in the Middle East: Israel— who just staged the largest war drill in history— Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. Despite President Bush’s declaration in 1991 that Desert Storm was over and won, I had simultaneously warned, rather not I but the Lord, that they would not and will not end until Christ returns— Middle East wars have continued unabated.

The Middle East is referenced by one Revelation scripture as “Armageddon,” a location rather than the “battle between good and evil:” The Old Testament fills in the blanks, “They gather untimely, for they will not do battle with me; rather, they battle one another.” As opposed to the Biblical location of Armageddon defined above, the actual battle between evil and God will take place in the Valley of Jehosephat, outside Jerusalem’s Dung gate where God calls evil to battle: His time of battle to be 3 months after we return to earth, from a 1000 year heavenly reign, for the second resurrection and utter destruction of the wicked.

As for “wars and rumors of wars” in the world, those like a teeter-totter will flair up, die down and flair up again; but, the Middle East wars will go silent, sort of a battle pause, only when heaven goes silent just before Christ takes up His sheep. Behind Him, the seventh vial is poured out. Recent polls showed 78% of Muslims view the US unfavorably, 14% favorably, and 8% undecided: let us pray that President Obama truly changed their view with his excellent speech in Egypt, which by the way was received overwhelming well except by US Republicans. Unusual fighting, resulting in over 40 deaths, was reported along our US/Mexico border at El Paso, Texas. It is ongoing.

Battles are now hitting close to home and worsening due to fear and panic over unemployment and hunger. A report this week revealed 5 States with the highest unemployment rates ranging from 15 to 26.9% — in order of severity: California, Arizona, Michigan, Oregon, and Louisiana. My son-in-law, an Oregon journeyman electrician, has been on layoff for seven months (Nov. 2008) with no offers in sight. To his detriment, Oregon is a union State; therefore, John must be on a list with others and can apply for a job that comes up only if he is next in line. I feel that unions need to be abolished in this economic climate, rather than keep people from working because of specific and unrealistic terms for union members.

Washington State reported in at 9.7% unemployed; this was increased by a statement regarding “under unemployed,” which adds people who have given up and are no longer looking for work and those who have found part-time unrelated jobs, much of these at minimum wage: raising the State-wide percentage to 16.9% with an added 24% of teens unemployed and 75% of 2009 college graduates unable to utilize their degrees. I suspect the above 5 States’ rates, as well as all other States, would be much higher percentages if they included the “under unemployed.”

Unemployment rates in the remaining States will continue to rise. Texas, thus far, has been the least hit, both in unemployment and housing devaluation, but it cannot escape altogether what is coming. A new report this past week showed a dramatic slow in rising unemployment; however, we can look for a sudden surge via automakers as well as other types of commerce. A friend in England called Wednesday, advising of their unemployed  rates being equally dramatic. Britons are in a rage, demanding change; the last phase of grief of which our people were advised early in this crisis.

Last Sunday in Kansas, an anti-abortion protestor shot and killed Dr. George Tiller where he was ushering in his Lutheran church. Dr. Tiller provided controversial late-term abortions through a local abortion clinic. Members said the shooter was not a church member, but they recognized him as a protestor: arrested later Sunday, since charged with first-degree murder, bail 5 million dollars. Dr. Tiller: a father and grandfather.

God judges abortion by the sixth Commandment, murder; albeit, on the other side of this coin we all are God-endowed with freedom of choice. I agree that we, as Christ’s sheep, must stand for God’s morality, thus the pro-lifer committed murder. He did not stand for God’s values but, obviously, neither did Dr. Tiller, a professed Christian— both acted in confusion— otherwise, neither man could have violated “Thou shalt not kill.”

Which is worse— Dr. Tiller and his shooter or Reverend Cribbs, Church of Christ at San Moreno, California? On Tuesday Cribbs aired his stand for the right of gays/lesbians to marry, publicly vowing to perform no heterosexual marriages until homosexuals can marry— Cribbs stated his premise of “equality in love.” In either case, God’s love was and is not present. Neither case reflects His definition of love. In my opinion, Rev. Cribbs is the worse of two evils; for he should testify only of God, Christ, and God’s Word, speaking and standing for only God’s Truth while warning sinners by that Truth. For pity sake, what have we to do with evil! One “sign of the times” Christ spoke of, “Beware the Pharisees, pastors and theologians and lawyers; they speak for lusts of the world.”

So saith the Lord, “Not one sin is greater than another.” Sin is sin is sin and is punishable by death. We cannot enforce morality upon anyone except self and our minor children, for not even God enforces. He teaches and tells us what HE will do in the end to all who do not comply with His Law— key word here is “in the end” comes retribution, only by God Himself. Bottom line: we are to teach God’s way and warn those in noncompliance. It is NOT our job, certainly, to execute capital punishment.

Be wary, for there will be many killings that are so senseless as to be unbelievable; such as the one reported Wednesday of a British soccer fan attending a game and who was shot for “singing too much.” Imagine God’s prophets and Christ’s sheep being killed for speaking God’s Truth: it’s just around the corner, for we live in the age where only lies are acceptable and win disputes. Nevertheless, we are bound to speak God’s Truth as a warning. Personally, I shall stand very still, spread my arms wide, and say, “Take your best shot, for Christ shall raise me up again.” Fear is of the Devil and I have none.

Tuesday began with WHO raising incidents of Swine Flu to a phase 6 pandemic. Until now not reported, there is a worsening Cholera crisis in Zimbabwe; a disease thought long ago eradicated. Do not be alarmed by all these resurrected and new bacteria/viruses: they all are from the same angel’s vial. 

A documentary this week revealed 5 incidents in earth’s existence where many life forms were rendered extinct, including entire civilizations. The culprits were cited as: meteors, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and weather elements such as hurricanes and tornados— all natural elements. “Earth is critically close to utter extinction, for the first time due to the largest of species: mankind.” As Christ’s sheep, we already knew this was coming.

The ever-growing hole in earth’s ozone allows the sun’s immense heat and rays to “scorch men”: another worsening plague. A report revealed our oceans having increased in acid content by 30 percent— a time-lapse film of vacated shells were dissolved to nothing in a matter of a few days. Add to that acid the red tides, extremely deadly organisms, plus man’s ocean-dumped waste and it becomes clear why a huge number of whales, apparently several pods, of varying ages washed ashore last week. Despite efforts, all died. The plague: “Turn the world’s waters to blood like that of a dead man,” meaning contaminated, toxic, deadly, will be “its oceans and seas, rivers and lakes, wells and containers of water,” such as water company storage tanks.

I finished reading BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW, the wholly Biblical and spiritual interpretation of The Revelation—written in 1998, published in 2003. Its last two chapters begin with our 1000 years reign in heaven, followed by our return for the second resurrection of the wicked for destruction then earth’s regeneration. Those two chapters are exceedingly encouraging and provide so much clarity as to why events are what they are during this Laodicea age. Again, I urge everyone to read the “Laodicea” chapter for a better spiritual understanding of where the world is today, then the last two chapters for encouragement plus the strength to “stand and continue to stand.”

I still recommend homeowners to sell while they can get some of their money back; in fact, cash out all investments: stocks, bonds, real property, etc. Values of all “life-blood” commodities WILL fall to zero: oil, housing, food, money, clothing. Even precious metals will become worthless. This applies to the sheep worldwide, for it is a global plague bringing about total collapse of global economy. Adding fuel to this monetary fire are this nation’s States being set to increase State taxes by 24 billion dollars.

Even government officials are affected by the dramatically declining housing market: our US Treasury Secretary, who purchased his 1.6 million dollar New York home for more than asking price in a bidding war, cannot sell it for 1.5 million. He currently rents it out for $7,500 per month: annual property taxes are about $27,000 plus insurance. Sadly, the American dollar already is worth less than European Euros; the fact of which this nation is unaccustomed. God said, “Owe no man.” Time is short: comply with His directive.

To keep up with Biblical signs, Christ’s sheep are urged to not only watch the clouds but also local and world news reports as well as current documentaries covering the first six plagues, do research or get your own copy of “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law.” Buy it “used” through, because used is really a new at a very low price. Read the reviews below this article.

“The dregs of God’s wrath” are fast reaching maximum potency, yet most Christians avoid “doom and gloom” news. How can you recognize the signs, the extra oil of preparedness, by burying your head in the sand? To do so is to be left behind dead.

REMEMBER Revelation’s three affirmations about the two keys required to enter heaven: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus, AND obey God’s Commandments.” So, read Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5 to confirm compliance with each of God’s perpetual Laws; “which stand forever and ever, even in the new earth and new heavens.” Many may believe they are in compliance but should take care to understand the fourth precept; for it is this most critical one the majority consistently violates.

Another book most helpful to understanding how to comply with God is “TRUTH GATHERING,” an exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible covering all critical-to-salvation subjects: there is no another available in the world that is exhaustive; and, as we know, we are to take God’s “every” word. It also can be obtained as “used” from—

BonnieQ, Truth Seekers and Speakers

P.S. If you missed the first of prophecy’s “Extra Oil” and previous updates go to:

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Reviews: “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law”












The Last Speaker of His Truth

“Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law” by Bonita M Quesinberry . . . . . . 25 May 2009 Review by Debbie Sorenson-Carlson, Texas, author/poet,  nursing home dietician & chef; wife, mother, grandmother.

[Bonita is] speaker of the house; the one God anointed to spread the truth, also the clear bearer of news that many will not want to hear or believe but all will believe soon. [She is] His truth, as she is incapable of lying. Actually, she may be the last speaker of His absolute truth before His coming. [Bonita is] part of the last seal, created for just this purpose, just as she was placed in my life so that I could see with my heart all I was to understand. I do believe Christ is standing in the door and in the cool of an October evening (the book’s suggestion and my soul’s belief), He will walk through and we will pass from this old earthly world to His eternal life.

As far as the latter parts of the book are concerned, they are happening now and one would have to be blind not to see that everything written in “Bind Up. . .” was divinely inspired, as there is no way anyone could have predicted what was going to happen in the detail it written. I would never have dreamed this world would exist in the mess it is in.


Was 9/11 foretold by the Bible?

“Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law” by Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.
Review by Robin Bayne, Maryland, author of inspirational romance “Cougar Lake” and “Honor Bound” 28 March 2003: submitted to Buzzle eZine, Word Thunder, Authors Den, Christian e-Authors, Waltsan Publishing ~~ Rating: 5-stars

This event and many others throughout history were predicted in the book of Revelation. “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” arranged and paraphrased by Washington writer Bonita M. Quesinberry, R.C., guides readers through the seven church ages: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and the final, Laodicea. This last age is the time we live in now, counting down the last days of the world, as we know it. Paraphrasing God’s word, she clearly shows why we are living in end times and how to find related proof in verses of the Bible. The Study Hints and Helpful Data section is well worth the price of this book on its own, providing readers with information on alleged Bible codes and other false teachings.

Just as follows any earthly battle, plans follow for reconstruction. The book concludes with prophecy on Regeneration of Earth and Heavens. What’s to come isn’t pretty, especially for non-believers; and, Ms. Quesinberry states this book isn’t for everyone. It is not for the faint of heart or fearful. It is for those whom God has called then chosen to follow His son Jesus.

This reviewer recommends “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law” to anyone seeking the truth about our future: straight from the Bible.

Pamela Collins, Canada

This book Biblically interpreting The Revelation not only is fantastic but is an essential tool providing only scriptural answers to what is happening globally today. EVERYONE in the world needs this book. Ms. Quesinberry is blessed! — In the Grip of Grace Ministries


Manya Lenne’ Wilson, California, 10/25/03

Bonita Quesinberry is a gifted woman of God, her prophetic message in “Bind up the Testimony…” Enlightening! Powerful enough to singe the readers’ fingers.

____________________ offers the best pricing. Hint: buy it “used” and you will actually receive a new copy


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