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Extra Oil Update 8: Revelation’s Seventh Vial

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 8: Revelation’s Seventh Vial

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


“There is not much time on this old earth and the time left will pass swiftly. A day is as a second, and a second is dust.” ~~ ©2009 Debby Sorenson-Carlson


As promised last week, this is not an update of world events relative to either signs or first six plagues already performing; although, I have done cursory views every day, just not so intense as previous weeks. Those will begin again next week. However, please note the following few “to avoid” warnings:

WARNINGS: 1. Nestlé’s Refrigerated Raw Cookie Dough E.coli tainted are being recalled; 2. Computer-generated calls from a RON ZIMMER, and possibly others, offering investment deals** returning up to 40%, surely a Ponzi scheme; 3. US being flooded with counterfeit dollars out of North Korea; and, 4. Severe storm system covering parts of Canada, all of US and parts of Mexico delivering hurricane-force winds up to 100mph unusually far inland, up to F5 tornados 1/2-mile wide, massive flooding

**KNOWLEDGE: A return “of” investment means a return “of” the money you invest in a plan; a return “on” investment reflects a gain on your money— i.e. 40% return “of” a $20,000 investment is $8,000 of only your own money returned; 40% return “on” $20,000 investment equals your money plus earnings or, as the example, $28,000. In today’s economic climate, such returns of and on investments are insane and can mean only a Ponzi scheme: a con to get your money and never return it. The Madoff scandal: he presented huge returns “on” investors’ money but only on paper— investors never received a return of and on their investments because there were none; Madoff lived well off billions he collected from investors over the years.


Christ could be here “any day, any hour;” so, I felt it prudent to paint a very clear picture of the seventh angel’s vial designated to be poured out behind Jesus as He crosses our skies from east to west “taking up His small flocks, from both the dead and the living,” to meet Him “in the air;” then escort us “to the safe haven of heaven.” Scripture placement amidst the seven vials leaves no doubt about when it is emptied: sometime during the ongoing Middle East wars that began in 1991 via Desert Storm. Provided is relevant data taken from two current reports by experts in the fields of earthquakes and volcanoes contained in this seventh vial. Let us begin with God’s Word about this plague to come:

Revelation 16: 17-18,20-21:

“And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air (global effect); and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, ‘It is done.’ And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great. And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent (100-lbs): and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding.”

“It is done.” What is done? Man’s sentencing has been decided and Christ’s harvest of wheat begins, the weeds left behind to burn. Based on the earthquake description, it is apparent that volcanoes are involved; the “great hail” likely huge, fiery stones violently cast in eruptions caused by coinciding immense global earthquakes basically tied together. In the pole regions, the hail could be huge pieces of razor-sharp ice and stone being catapulted by volcanoes local to those regions.

Two reports viewed this past week were on these two elements, the worst seen historically and what will come. High winds occur as a by-product of immense energy forces created in the air by combined volcanic heat and earthquakes greater than ever recorded or even theorized, which sea based earthquakes will set off tsunamis: huge walls of fire, mud, lava and water exceeding 3000-degrees and moving faster than anything ever reported. A potential by-product of quakes and eruptions would be involuntary explosions of man’s weapons of mass destruction. God will prevent those.

We begin with the world’s SEVEN most dangerous seas together with a few of earth’s most deadly volcanoes, the latter numbering far more than seven: God’s perfect number. These seven seas dot earth in an arrangement assuring the first death of all wicked humans and render the planet to its condition before life: Genesis’ described, “a void, an abyss” to which Satan will be metaphorically bound (unable to fly the heavens) and chained (trapped) for one thousand years. God designates this same period as earth’s Sabbath rest of 1000 years. She lies fallow: works not moves not until regeneration.

SEVEN MOST DANGEROUS SEAS: listed in order of “most dangerous” causing tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

1. Andaman Sea: located in the 1100-mile Java Trench in the Indian Ocean between Java and Sumatra, the Trench being the India and Burma tectonic plates. A 9.3 earthquake by those plates moving, one over the other, caused the Indian Ocean tsunami of Dec 2004; which affected over 5000-miles of coastline and over 275,000 dead and missing. Some waves were over 100-feet high, making them equal to the power of 10,000-mph winds, with an impact force like being hit with a solid object as large as the Great Wall of China.

Amidst the Indonesian portion of the Java Trench, between Asia and Australia about 30-miles from Java and 90-miles from Katavia, lies the world’s most deadly volcano first known as Krakatoa: actually a series of 3 volcanoes, the other two known as Toba and Tambora. The three, spread over 1700 miles, blew 4 times on 27 Aug 1883, the fourth blow resounded 100-decibels heard as far away as San Francisco, CA. A fifth eruption collapsed Krakatoa, creating a huge bowl, a “calderas,” on the sea floor, destroyed 2/3rds of the volcanic island and killed 36,000 people; a small number compared to what we already have seen during this Laodecia period. It was a very loud trumpet heralding the beginning of the Philadelphia church age 4 months later (1844).

It was determined, also, that a bigger eruption occurred in 535AD, four years before the onset of Thyatira era. Through both findings, it was discovered that the calderas is what makes Krakatoa the most dangerous in the world: with each eruption, its calderas enlarges to create more power in the next eruption. 416AD delivered Krakatoa’s largest explosion, the plume of ash and rock darkening the sun worldwide for 18 months: one of prophecy’s signs fulfilled. It pointed to the firm establishment of Revelation’s first beast, aka Satan’s Great Whore.

1920: a new Krakatoa island suddenly appears above water, now called Anat Krakatoua (son of Krakatoa). At an annual growth of 25-feet, it stands 600-feet tall today, 1-mile across, and has been building in strength for 89-years, it’s last deadly eruption almost 126-years ago: Java and Sumatra, combined populations today 2-million, are ground zero. Were it to blow any time soon, it would create 100-foot tsunamis; a torrent of fire and water moving at 60mph. The only warning might be an earthquake the day before. It would darken the sun for many decades— causing earth to become a dark void— planes would seize mid-air and crash, seas and rivers would dry up. Sound like scripture? Indeed; and, no doubt, Jesus will be crossing our skies when it blows without warning.

2. Mar de Hoces:  located between South America’s Cape Horn and Antarctica; waves usually 60-feet high from one direction, possibly 100-feet from another, and 80-feet from yet another route; winds always high; inhospitable conditions are far worse in storms. This strait has the world’s strongest currents due to the narrow passage receiving water from both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans as well as river feeders from continents on either side. Even 44,000-ton ships have been sunk by the ocean’s power in this region: 1-cubic foot of water weighs 64-pounds, 1000 times heavier than air; so imagine billions of tons of water hitting anything and everything both on land and sea.

3. Caribbean Sea: warmest ocean area at 80-degrees or more, thus spawns hurricanes. While winds are destructive enough, hurricanes are worse because they suck up water and heat; which is what made 2005’s Katrina the worst hurricane in US history. Katrina’s power to a category 5 was due to picking up 2 water heat core rings (swirling eddies) that were about 150-ft deep, top to bottom, from the Gulf of Mexico and created winds up to 200mph. It hit New Orleans with a 22-foot wall of water and, if it had not been for early evacuation, the death toll would have been more than 1800 reported. These storms are intensifying steadily due to global warming and are expected to be worse each year.

4. Philippine Sea: between South Japan to East Guam, the deepest part of the ocean at 36,000 feet— such depths cause instant death and implosion of most sub-vehicles. It’s Mariana Trench is considerably bigger and deeper than Grand Canyon, total darkness last six miles down, last mile called the hadalphylagic (Hades/hell)— pressure on bodies human or mechanical is tolerated as heavy as 15psi at a depth of no more than 60-feet. Multiply 15psi by 600 at the sea floor! Even that figure would be grossly short of true psi at 36,000 feet. There are, amazingly, all manner of life producing their own light at that depth, an exploration revealed in 1960 but, because of inherent dangers and pressure damage to a special-built sub, none have been done since. A submarine, about that time, imploded at 1800-feet, killing over 100 aboard. Today, only about 3% of earth’s oceans have been explored, meaning there are likely far more tectonic plates and sea volcanoes than currently discovered.

5. Aegean Sea: Eastern Pacific between Greece and Turkey; discovered in 2000, its main feature is a 200-mile trench made up of the Aegean and African tectonic plates, where volcanoes constantly form— “sort of a volcano nursery.” An ancient eruption formed a ring shaped island later called San Tarrini discovered in 4000BC by the Minoan people, who then inhabited it. Unaware, volcanoes were building again below their seaport. The seabed indicates a later massive eruption where many Minoan artifacts and architecture as well as art revealing Minoan personalities were found; but, there was not one human remain located. It is theorized that an earthquake warned them of an eruption coming and they fled the island to Crete, which likely wiped out most of them, anyway. Crete records indicated a tsunami wall 200-feet high moving at 150mph that devastated Crete. Today, these volcanoes are still very much active and fast gathering more strength than ever.

6. Sea of Norumbegan: northwest Pacific, between Canada and India; contains hundreds of whirlpools (vortexes, eddies) that, when opened up, range from 10 to 15-feet across to as much as 250-feet wide. In the last 20 years, 400 died in a large eddy near Bangladesh. In the last 10 years, a vortex called “Old Sow” near Canada has claimed 12 lives. They are formed when ocean currents must turn to avoid large obstacles like underwater mountains, or where fresh water flows into salt water: one is lighter in weight thus causes something akin to an air pocket. Whirlpools, which look like underwater tornados whose tails touch the ocean floor, instantly enlarge when they move over a deeper seabed from a shallow position. A test conducted to determine how one might break free from a vortex found lightweight objects sucked in, while heavy objects were thrown free. Scientific advise: “throw out boat’s heavy anchor and pray.”

7. Beaufort Sea: southern edge of the Arctic Ocean above the Pacific is a vast frozen wasteland that in summer is about the size of Manhattan and double that in winter. The Northwest Passage is the most dangerous area of this Sea. Water temp is rarely over 32-deg. Fahrenheit: hypothermic in seconds, death in minutes. In spring and summer broken sheets form icebergs and ice caps become very dangerous; as evidenced by sinking the HMS Titanic, a ship the size of two city blocks that claimed over 1500 lives. Boats and ships trapped in the ice usually are crushed as winter sets in, winds always high: about 50mph. Ice is less dense than water thus floats but is rock hard and razor sharp, easily cutting through a ship’s hull or ports. Many ships have sunk due only to the weight of ice forming on them. Global warming has made this area particularly dangerous because central glaciers are sliding off the landmass: i.e. a recent glacial slide was the size of Manhattan and about a mile long. It was a 4500-yr old glacier that quickly disappeared, now even more dangerous to ships because no one can tell captains where it might be.

The above seven seas are becoming increasingly deadly because: 1) man has caused global warming; and, 2) man’s trash is everywhere on ocean floors. The latter has resulted in ocean acid levels so high that marine life are dying in huge numbers; the former is causing increasingly more violent storms, hurricanes and tornados, and high winds from these drive tons of water ashore to eat up everything in its path— like a head-on collision with a solid concrete wall as thick as the Great Wall of China.

One of our “Extra Oil” updates indicated God’s children and Christ’s sheep do leave this planet for 1000-years, that same period being earth’s Sabbath rest; a time wherein she lies fallow, unable to support life. This seventh plague returns her to a state of being before God created life: a dark void, an abyss (Gen. 1:2). As a result of this last angel’s vial, both water and earthquakes, the latter causing unheard of volcanic eruptions, bring about earth’s final condition; that of absolutely no life and no water beneath, upon or above her.

When Krakatoa erupts it will devastate the entire globe, killing all life therein and there on. However, a study conducted recently on the seven volcanoes in the US west coast Cascade mountain range reaped startling results; which are added to recent finding of the lava pool beneath Yellow Stone National Park, an eruption of which would destroy half of the US to its eastern coastline. Lava pools beneath Mt. St. Helen’s, and the other six volcanoes between Alaska down into California, now have huge, powerful pools that are 100 times their sizes back in 1980, when Mt. St. Helen erupted. If only Mt. Helen or Mt. Rainier erupts, it would take out the entire United States. Plus, there are numerous global volcanoes currently active and exceedingly dangerous; as noted in the 7 seas and such as Hawaii, which State currently is enveloped in smoke/smog showing no sign of lifting.

There is no doubt, as mentioned before, that the closer Christ comes to earth the more turbulent and powerful these forces have and are becoming. Therefore, as He crosses our skies beginning in the east— scripture indicates He begins in the Middle East for God’s children the Jews— and progresses to the west, behind Him every fault line and volcano reacts in violent, massive quakes and eruptions containing heat up to 6000-degrees, “such as the world has never seen.” Just the volcanoes in the oceans will dry up those huge bodies of water covering about 85% of our globe. Add fire preceding Jesus and the heat alone will “dry up every river, sea and ocean, pond and well, even containers of water,” as prophesied. Clearly, the living wicked die an instant first death. We will see these things but not be touched from where we travel in the clouds with our Lord and Saviour.

Prophecy also states we shall see their smoke rise up forever and ever; which interprets as the 1000 years: to the wicked, weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth, it will seem forever: a time of agonized knowing without doubt what remains on their itinerary. The cloud of smoke, dust, ash and rock from Krakatoa alone would encompass the globe and darken the sun for incalculable decades. Consider how long the combined clouds of all volcanoes erupting almost simultaneously might last. A thousand years? God says, “Yes.” After all, when we leave for heaven, the earth comes to a perfect stand-still resulting in no winds, no rains, and no gravity; all of which aid in moving, cleansing and returning airborne particles to ground. Suspended smoke appears to rise forever: until our return.

Finally, the first-death toll will be greater than man has ever seen in a single catastrophic event: 90% of unrepentant living Jews, 66% of professed Christians with “flattering lips” together with all living heathens who outright denied the Holy Trinity and God’s Law. The numbers are staggering. Nevertheless and as pointed out in last week’s report, their first death is so instant as to not physically suffer at all: their spirit beings, however and unlike the righteous dead, won’t have the benefit of sleeping until the second resurrection. The only thing left alive on earth will be Satan: metaphorically “chained to an abyss.” A fitting wait before he and his followers’ are utterly destroyed? Amen and amen!

When every inch of mother earth quakes from violent movement of tectonic plates that then incite all volcanoes, today super charged, to erupt in sync with Christ’s appearance in the clouds, the tremendous force they will exert could easily reduce our planet to little space particles. Their power far exceeds man’s atom bombs and nuclear weapons of mass destruction. According to God, she will remain intact, which will confirm our findings in heaven: “God always was and is in control.” Despite the enormous, immeasurable power of God’s arsenal, only He controls how much damage they can do— injury or fatality. “Islands and mountains disappear.” Earthquakes provoking volcanic activity created both landmarks; and, “such as man has never seen” will remove them. Who can prevent God?

If you know someone who is lost, or who is cold thus desperate for God’s Truth or, worse, lukewarm, urge them to read this “Extra Oil” and, perhaps, it will scare them straight: literally “snatching them from the fire.” Share the virgins’ “Extra Oil” reports with everyone you know, everyone that wants God’s truth about current events in their lives, in prophecy and who want only God’s Truth. And, don’t forget—

HEAVEN’S TWO KEYS: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus, AND obey God’s Commandments.” Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5 confirm compliance with Jehovah’s perpetual Laws; “which stand forever and ever, even in the new earth and new heavens.” Many believe they comply but should understand His 4th precept. It is this Statute-of-Life the majority violates: THE Seal of God and Jesus. To avoid this precept puts a person straddling the fence, a fatal place to be when Christ arrives. Do you comply?

BonnieQ, Truth Seekers and Speakers



“The Last Speaker of His Truth” ~~ Debby Carlson 

“BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW” – 5-Stars, 1998 Revelation interpreted, published 2003, arranged/paraphrased by Bonita M Quesinberry, 25 May 2009 Review by Debby Sorenson-Carlson, Texas, author/poet, nursing home dietician & chef; wife, mother, grandmother.

“[Bonita is] speaker of the house; the one God anointed to spread the truth, also the clear bearer of news that many will not want to hear or believe but all will believe soon. [She is] His truth, as she is incapable of lying. Actually, she may be the last speaker of His absolute truth before His coming. [Bonita is] part of the last seal, created for just this purpose, just as she was placed in my life so that I could see with my heart all I was to understand. I do believe Christ is standing in the door and in the cool of an October evening (book’s detail and my soul’s belief), He will walk through and we will pass from this old earthly world to His eternal life.

“As far as the latter parts of the book are concerned, they are happening now [2009]. One would have to be blind not to see that everything written in “Bind Up. . .” was divinely inspired, as there is no way anyone could have predicted what was going to happen in the detail it was written in 1998. I would never have dreamed this world would exist in the [current] mess it is in.”


If you missed prophecy’s first 2009 “Extra Oil” followed by 6-updates and 7-2005 Recall, go to:  

— post archives open to public

BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW, Biblical/spiritual, chronological interpretation of Revelation—written 1998, published 2003. For spiritual insight: “TRUTH GATHERING,” the only exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible of salvation subjects: no other in the world, God’s “every” word in each subject. Buy “used” at— used is new.

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