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Extra Oil Update 9: “They Lie to My Chosen”

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 9: “They Lie to My Chosen”

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


“There is not much time on this old earth and the time left will pass swiftly. A day is as a second, and a second is dust.” ~~ ©2009 Debby Sorenson-Carlson

I have 15 pages of notes on the last two weeks of global news: economic collapse, wars and rumors of wars, Armageddon, wild natural elements, rapidly rising death tolls. As noted in prior updates, all the signs and 6 plagues are worsening but at a rate far faster than anyone anticipated. One special was on global warming, scientists now saying it is far worse than first thought: i.e. 700 glaciers in the Andes are dramatically smaller and, at the rate of melt, will disappear by 2015; north and south poles’ glaciers not recovering every winter, more and more ground revealed— investors already moving in for the untapped riches in ores, gold, oil and natural gas, that before were inaccessible.

I could not summarize all those notes in this update; for there was a matter of far greater importance brought to bear upon my heart and mind and spirit. I’d seen “25 Messianic Signs” aired on TBN this past Tuesday: signs Corporate Christendom declared Biblical of Christ’s return. All “prophetic signs” they pointed to are in the Old Testament, bits and pieces of prophecy, yet the end result was God’s fury roaring through my body and mind, “THEY LIE TO MY CHOSEN PEOPLE!” Jehovah’s Israel; rather, not just them but the same lies are given to Christ’s sheep: “smooth words” reflecting an end that shall not be.

Several hours later, as I attempted to get some sleep, there was an excruciating surge of pain within that came from incredibly deep, so deep that I knew it was not my own: it was God’s infinite pain in grief and rage that such lies will not only destroy 2/3rds of those flattering lipped Christians but 90% of Israel, too. Inside I was screaming louder than one can imagine and agonizingly hot tears flowed unabated until I finally called my Texas sister-in-Christ, Anita—5:15am her time, 3:15am mine. We talked for 2.5 hours. Still, my spirit being weeps and I cannot be consoled, for God’s grief is so overwhelming.

Each sign presented was validated first by Israel’s and the temple’s destruction in 70AD, followed by Jews being scattered across the globe, then Jews having returned to Israel and finally declared a State in 1948, summing up the ongoing wars therein and the need to rebuild the Temple, whereupon sits a Moslem mosque, in order to ‘usher in’ Christ.

Corporate Christendom’s leaders admit that orthodox Jews do not know Christ as their Messiah and contrarily stated that the Jews will recognize Him at the moment He arrives. There is nothing mankind can do to ‘usher in’ Christ: He will come only when God instructs Him to begin the harvest. All the prophecies Christendom used were grossly misused and/or misplaced in history: if the Jews do not recognize Christ until He gets here, such timing is far too late to save them! 

Corporate Christendom is misleading Israel, guiding them to utter destruction; the biggest lie of all being that the Temple must be rebuilt. Daniel and Jesus made it clear that it would never be rebuilt after its destruction in 70AD. To encourage the Jews to rebuild is to justify their denial when Messiah came the first time yet at the same time implies that Jesus never came the first time; albeit, the latter does fulfill one sign: there will be those who even deny Christ ever came the first time.

Protestant leaders do say Immanuel came the first time but fail to prove or even attempt to prove this to orthodox Israel, yet God’s Testament proves it when compared with Christ’s Testament. Instead, the Great Whore and her harlot daughters imply one lie and withhold God’s Truth for a second lie by omission. By God’s infinite wisdom, a lie is a lie whether it is spoken or written, implied or by omission.

I remember saying to Anita that I wish there were a way I could get ‘the book’ to Israel, to even go there myself in order to speak God’s Wisdom in the streets of Jerusalem. If it is to be so, so shall it be by God’s Will. If any of you know someone in Israel that might be willing to accept the book if mailed to them, please let me know by providing a name and valid International mailing address. In the interim, we must continue to speak God’s Truth of these end days, to continue issuing God’s warnings to the unrepentant and, hopefully, to literally snatch a few from the fire.

If any of you saw TBN’s presentation of “25 Messianic Signs” and have any questions about or confusion on any of the 25 points they made, please do not hesitate to send an email to me with your question(s), being sure to cite which TBN ‘sign’ is in question: all 25 should be in question, albeit all are clarified in “Bind Up. . .” God’s prophecies tied to Israel’s resurrection in 1948 does, on the surface, seem a logical understanding; but, when presented by God’s Holy Spirit, man’s logical falls grossly short of Truth. I will respond to all queries received in time for next week’s update:

Share the virgins’ “Extra Oil” reports with everyone you know, everyone that wants God’s truth about current events in their lives, in prophecy and want only God’s Truth. Earth’s body is in turmoil and her people in chaos. The Kingdom is near. And, don’t forget—

HEAVEN’S TWO KEYS: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus, AND obey God’s Commandments.” Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5 confirm compliance with Jehovah’s perpetual Laws; “which stand forever and ever, even in the new earth and new heavens.” Many believe they comply but should understand His 4th precept. It is this Statute-of-Life the majority violates: THE Seal of God and Jesus. To avoid this precept puts a person straddling the fence, a fatal place to be when Christ arrives. Do you comply?

 BonnieQ, Truth Seekers and Speakers


NEW BOOK REVIEW: “The Last Speaker of His Truth” ~~ Debby Carlson 

“BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW” – 5-Stars, 1998 Revelation interpreted, published 2003, arranged/paraphrased by Bonita M Quesinberry, 25 May 2009 Review by Debby Sorenson-Carlson, Texas, author/poet, nursing home dietician & chef; wife, mother, grandmother.

[Bonita is] speaker of the house; the one God anointed to spread the truth, also the clear bearer of news that many will not want to hear or believe but all will believe soon. [She is] His truth, as she is incapable of lying. Actually, she may be the last speaker of His absolute truth before His coming. [Bonita is] part of the last seal, created for just this purpose, just as she was placed in my life so that I could see with my heart all I was to understand. I do believe Christ is standing in the door and in the cool of an October evening (book’s detail and my soul’s belief), He will walk through and we will pass from this old earthly world to His eternal life.

As far as the latter parts of the book are concerned, they are happening now [2009]. One would have to be blind not to see that everything written in “Bind Up. . .” was divinely inspired, as there is no way anyone could have predicted what was going to happen in the detail it was written in 1998. I would never have dreamed this world would exist in the [current] mess it is in.


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BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW, Biblical/spiritual, chronological interpretation of Revelation—written 1998, published 2003. For spiritual insight: “TRUTH GATHERING,” the only exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible of salvation subjects: no other in the world, God’s “every” word in each subject. Buy “used” at— used is new.

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