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Extra Oil Update 11: Man’s Wicked Inventions

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 11: Man’s Wicked Inventions

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

 The world in prophecy, man’s wicked inventions failing, roller coaster markets, new scams, Christ’s quick return, Swine Flu update~~


Noted in the chapter “Laodicea” of “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law” is a scene of our arrival in heaven with Jesus. At that time God instructs angels to return to earth to “destroy man’s wicked inventions.” No where does His Word tells us what those are; however, common sense provides answers: cars, aircraft of all types including space rockets, trains, motorized boats and ships, computers, electricity, phones including cell phones and microwaves, televisions, and last but certainly not least is man’s medicine.

From a finite perspective, man can justify all those inventions as necessary. If we view them through God’s eyes, we get an entirely logical perspective. We already know that cars, planes and rockets, as well as boats and ships have dramatically contaminated not only the air we breathe but also disastrously damaged earth’s protective ozone; which now allows dangerous UV sunrays through our atmosphere to “scorch mankind and kill fields” as well as cause deadly fires. While all of these seemingly make man’s life easier, one has only to look back to simpler times of horses and buggies and man-powered ships.

Looking at computers, we find they replaced many employees over the years; so much so that we now have far too many people unemployed. Electricity has marred earth’s beautiful vistas and in many cases caused fires. Worse, in far too many locales, it resulted in damning up rivers for both the water source and the power it can generate: again marring earth’s beauty as well as generating dangerous effects to all who live around high-wire structures. Even cell and cordless phones, microwaves, computers and televisions put out damaging rays; to say the least that the latter two critically infringes upon quality family time and, in far too many homes, are used as babysitter while both tend to separate husbands and wives to dramatically raise the incidents of divorce.

The point here has been in the news for the last three weeks: an extraordinary number of deadly crashes of small planes, airliners, fighter jets and helicopters all over the globe. Death tolls have ranged from one person to hundreds. The number of incidents exceeds anything we’ve ever seen since these luxuries were invented. In fact, it long had been the flight industry’s mantra that flying was far safer than driving a car; and, they had statistics to prove it. Add to these events, numerous global fatal train wrecks and an increase in auto accidents with fatalities.

We won’t even discuss here the number of animals killed by these vile machines on both land and sea. God is showing us man’s wicked inventions and what He thinks of them all. The list of reasons each of the above are “wicked inventions” goes on and is too lengthy to set out here; however, if one looks back to the simpler times when everything was as God had created and intended it, it is easy to understand and to wish man had not become so technologically advanced.

As for man’s modern medicine; well, God prescribed “herbs of the field,” thus man’s form slowly kills and even causes obesity. Still, each of the above represents signs of Christ’s “quick return.” To keep up with what little is being reported, I have found CNN (Cable News Network) to be the most informative because, while a reporter is speaking on screen, a tickler at the bottom of the screen provides even more news in brief.

A previous “Extra Oil” briefly touched on the stock markets’ rises and falls, the falls never really recovered in the next rise then followed by an even greater fall: in short, truly a steady decline. For the last week, the markets have reflected daily rises; however, do not be deceived, those rises will not cause recovery and they will not last.

Previously, we were told of military men and women “coming home” from Iraq but about 40,000 would remain for another two years: no mention of Afghanistan and Pakistan and other areas of contention in the Middle East in which we are involved. Indeed, a few are coming home, although another 40,000 are set to deploy to Afghanistan. As I said in 1991, the wars there will never end until Christ is crossing our skies. In fact and in lieu of the date for military departures, extremist attacks escalated dramatically— according to reports, by more than 60%—  death tolls of civilians and military still rising.

Alas, there is another scam on the rise. If you or one of your children has a government funded student loan that is delinquent or “in default,” you might get a call from a “collection agency.” The callers manage to get your checking account numbers and con you into allowing them to debit the account monthly. Do NOT give personal information over the phone! Uncle Sam DOES NOT use collection agencies. This scam goes against Obama’s plan to forgive student loans that are 20 years or older and if the person is in some part of the health industry. He also has plans to assist others who are delinquent and he has made available large education grants, which do not require repayment.

Remember not to get caught up in the new lie circulating about that glorious day of Christ’s return, for which we eagerly await— “Christ will return 21 May 2010.” Not true. Also, in keeping with previous reports on the Swine Flu, last week found over 100,000 cases in the US and 100,000 NEW cases in Britain. As a result, people are flooding pharmacies all over the world for helpful drugs. On the upside, global deaths are at 700; again, in keeping with God’s Word. Earthquakes and volcanoes are continuously active: earth is in turmoil and in greater throes of death as Christ gets closer to our planet. Keep your eyes on the clouds! Especially during the final harvest of October and thereafter.

Share the virgins’ “Extra Oil” reports with everyone you know, everyone that wants God’s truth about current events in their lives, in prophecy and want only God’s Truth. Earth’s body is in turmoil and her people in chaos. The Kingdom is near. And, don’t forget—

HEAVEN’S TWO KEYS: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus, AND obey God’s Commandments.” Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5 confirm compliance with Jehovah’s perpetual Laws; “which stand forever and ever, even in the new earth and new heavens.” Many believe they comply but should understand His 4th precept. It is this Statute-of-Life the majority violates: THE Seal of God and Jesus. To avoid this precept puts a person straddling the fence, a fatal place to be when Christ arrives. Do you comply?

BonnieQ, Truth Seekers and Speakers


If you missed prophecy’s first 2009 “Extra Oil” followed by 9-updates and a 2005 Recall, (10-articles), go to:  —archives open to public viewing

BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW, Biblical/spiritual, chronological interpretation of Revelation—written 1998, published 2003. For spiritual insight: “TRUTH GATHERING,” the only exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible of salvation subjects: no other in the world, God’s “every” word in each subject. Buy “used” at— used is new.


“The Last Speaker of His Truth” ~~ Debby Carlson 

“BIND UP THE TESTIMONY, SEAL THE LAW” – 5-Stars, 1998 Revelation interpreted, published 2003, arranged/paraphrased by Bonita M Quesinberry, 25 May 2009 Review by Debby Sorenson-Carlson, Texas, author/poet, nursing home dietician & chef; wife, mother, grandmother.

[Bonita is] speaker of the house; the one God anointed to spread the truth, also the clear bearer of news that many will not want to hear or believe but all will believe soon. [She is] His truth, as she is incapable of lying. Actually, she may be the last speaker of His absolute truth before His coming. [Bonita is] part of the last seal, created for just this purpose, just as she was placed in my life so that I could see with my heart all I was to understand. I do believe Christ is standing in the door and in the cool of an October evening (book’s detail and my soul’s belief), He will walk through and we will pass from this old earthly world to His eternal life.

As far as the latter parts of the book are concerned, they are happening now [2009]. One would have to be blind not to see that everything written in “Bind Up. . .” was divinely inspired, as there is no way anyone could have predicted what was going to happen in the detail it was written in 1998. I would never have dreamed this world would exist in the [current] mess it is in.


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