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Extra Oil Update 14: WARNINGS & Satan’s Attacks Worsening

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 14: WARNINGS & Satan’s Attacks Worsening 

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


This particular Extra Oil is out of the ordinary because of a number of problems on my end throughout this past week and right up until a few minutes ago. Many of you might remember that two weeks ago, the Internet site FACE BOOK was hacked into, possibly from China. It rendered the site inaccessible for about 24 hours. While it appears there was no major damage done, I and several others have suspicions, which I will share; for it has become clear that Satan is hitting us with every trick he can muster up. Thus, this post will have several WARNINGS for all of you who have Internet providers, web email accounts, and who do anything or have groups at Yahoo! as well.


I had invited some of you that are my “friends” at Face Book to check into Yahoo!’s Q&A section, which is the same website host for Truth Seekers and Speakers. I’d been answering numerous spiritual questions in that category, and such answers strictly Biblical. This last Wednesday, I received 5 violation of guidelines email notices, then a sixth one saying my Yahoo! Q&A account had been suspended for the violations. I immediately read again their guidelines to discover that I had not violated a single rule; so, I filed an appeal on Wednesday and another on Thursday.

At this time, I am still suspended from answering Biblical/Spiritual questions or even posting questions of my own. I had posted one query but apparently due to the suspension, I’ve received no answers. I did learn, however, that my suspension was one among many with everyone wanting to know what was going on at Yahoo! If I am not reinstated by Monday, I will file yet another appeal; albeit, one complainant said he did not get a response for 2 weeks, but then it was only a generic email suggesting he read the guidelines.

As far as I’m concerned, the Devil was working at Yahoo! that day: most of the suspensions were in the Religion/Spiritual Category. I’ve not yet posted this Extra Oil to TSaS, so I don’t know if the suspension affected our Truth Group but will know after I send this out to all of you.

WARNING TWO: Intercepted & Diverted Email

As you know, my internet and email provider is Earthlink. The problem began 4 days ago when I noticed I had received zero emails the first day. By the third day, Friday, I contacted Earthlink Support, who immediately checked to see what was the problem. They found the “you have your email being forwarded to (I am inserting spaces to prevent this creating a valid link) btl 0147 @,” which I informed them I had made no such change in my account.

I was asked if I had given my password to anyone, had I opened an email that required my password, to which I stated a resounding NO but what does “hk” mean on the end of that email address? Hong Kong, then he traced to the location where the change had been made. Wouldn’t you know, it showed to have occurred right here at my computer, yet I had never gone online to make such a ridiculous change. That was all he could tell me, then walked me through to delete that forwarding address and urged me to change my password. Well, I did that, then as a safety precaution, he had me delete all temporary cookies. Alas, afterward I could not even dial up or log on to the net. Today, I finally worked through the problem and, likely by a fluke, managed to do something that gave the control back to me.

Most of you will remember that about 6 months ago, the phone company proved that my line was, indeed, tapped. In the locked phone box outside each building, the tech found a single wire running from the phone above me (the raging drunk & party) to my phone. He completely rewired my service in the box, then came in and rewired each of my phone jacks. Only 4.5 hours later, the tap was back. In the interim, I had reported this violation of federal law to both the police and management to no avail.

Last weekend a new tenant moved next door to the above neighbor, later told us he had connected to her ComCast high speed internet and he was paying her $20 a month for same. Another violation of law. All of the things that have happened this week began after his illegal connection was made, a connection that already had tapped my phone yet a second time. I just don’t know how she tapped it the second time. These also occurred shortly after Face Book came back online and I had logged on several times before the incidents.

WARNING THREE: Face Book Potential Damage

When Face Book first came back online, I had noticed that one of my friends had taken a test: “What do your dreams mean?” It had not been sent to me and, thinking it might be fun, I clicked “take this test” on her answer and took the test. Interestingly, it did not give me the usual windows to pick so many friends to invite to take the test. It simply gave me my answer: “You are going to die. . . your brain is going to eat you up. . . ” I told my sister Anita about the best, so she when to my wall and clicked on my answer to take the test. Her results were so horrible and vile that she reported it to Face Book. I went back to mine to see if I could also report it, only to find mine had no such button to push.

I’m sure that computer experts, programmer, would tell us that while the hackers were roaming Face Books halls, they would have had access to our email addresses and our passwords. Since their hackers appeared to come out of China, then they might have hacked into my Earthlink email account. If this is what happened, it seems logical that they gained info on those of us that took the above test. When you say you want to take a test, you are told that your profile info will be opened to the maker of the test. Voila! What is in your profile?

So beware taking tests at Face Book. In the interim, I will see if there is anyway I can contact Face Book. Unfortunately, Yahoo! is quite secretive and provide absolutely no contact information. The only thing I could do was fill out the appeal form and “send” it within Yahoo!’s system. If any of you have a corporate office phone number for Yahoo!, please let me know ASAP.

As for what was going on in the world this past week, the news is becoming less and less informative and certainly sending out mixed messages. Aside from the stock market confusion I reported last week, the notable thing this week was a large earthquake in the Indian Ocean (site of the tsunami that claimed over 275,000 lives): this was all that was reported, no measure given, only that tsunami alarms were activated. Not one report has been given since, not even that there was or was not a tsunami! I feel the national governments are beginning to panic and have tightened up the news reporting censorships even more.

All of this is part and parcel of Satan’s demonstration of his utter rage and desperation, a sure sign that Jesus is about to come through earth’s door. Yoohoo! Our Groom is about to arrive! And, all of you have plenty of extra oil.

Remember to share these Extra Oils with all that you feel would want them and/or would benefit from them. If they want to see all of the Extra Oils, just point them to Truth Seekers and Speakers at  Our post archives are open to the public, so membership is not a requirement unless they want access to our Bible Lesson FILES.

 Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ

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  1. Great site, I now have you bookmarked to come back again.

    Comment by drop leaf tables | 16 August 2009 | Reply

    • 2.Thank you for stopping by. I pray that you keep up with the Extra Oil accounts of these “end of days,” for Christ is about to return and it is not going to go as the vast majority believe it will when He arrives. These represent the virgins’ extra lamp oil that Christ spoke of regarding these days: without which we will not be prepared and could be left behind very dead. 🙂 *pray*

      Luv in Christ, BonnieQ

      Comment by bonnieq | 17 August 2009 | Reply

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