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Extra Oil Update 15: Black Blizzard Economy

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The world in prophecy today; Home computer/Internet invasions; Earth’s capsules poisoned; Mega Droughts and Black Blizzards; Economy fatal roller coaster ride


There is no doubt: Satan is becoming more desperate by the day and exceedingly more enraged. He is attacking us from every direction, not one trick being off limits to him and his demons; total goal is to take down God’s Sheep.

Update of experience with Yahoo’s Q&A and Earthlink Internet service, specifically web mail: in the course of 1-week I filed 5 appeals to Yahoo and 1-complaint to an unrelated Yahoo section accidentally found— communication with Yahoo is impossible. To date, no Yahoo response, no reinstatement of Q&A account, no investigation launched into the Yahoo email address that invaded Earthlink account— despite having informed Yahoo and provided rogue address. Last week’s TSaS post revealed Yahoo had not touched our website. Pray they continue to leave us alone.

Rogue email address forwarding my email: after Earthlink deleted it and I changed my password, the very next day that forwarding address was back. I deleted it, then immediately contacted Earthlink again. Only seconds passed and he found it yet again in my system! The Tech did some fancy footwork to block access to my preferences along with some other fancy moves: it has not been back since. He assured it would not. Still, check your email accounts and internal preferences daily!

NOTE: the Tech asked if I had received email that required my password to open; apparently a new trick by hackers. Hackers are getting really sophisticated at not only getting into our accounts but also obtaining our passwords. Mine was one no one would have thought of but they obviously managed to retrieve it from some secret place in my computer, where I haven’t a clue, or that of FaceBook. Worse, they managed do all this damage yet made it look as though I did it from my computer.

All of you know my phone is tapped, thus there is the possibility that the neighbor did all of this. Or, as reported, it could have been from China working through FaceBook. Our brother Ted reported that China has a large group of hackers bent on destroying the US Internet and computer systems. Remember a previous TSaS report that China had banned FaceBook in its country. Later, they rescinded the ban; at least via news report in the USA. DON’T take any tests at FaceBook; they open your profile to the test creators, putting your personal information at risk of a multitude of crimes at your expense.

Regarding the phone tap, there is one other possibility: our esteemed Uncle Sam. It is a known fact that he listens in at will to every phone in this nation, mostly in an effort to catch terrorists before they can do homeland damage. God’s Truth paints a dismal, evil picture of the United States and I have been bold in globally revealing this “lamb with two small horns”— innocence personified but dangerous beneath— who has eagerly aided and abetted Rome’s harlot daughters who have done worse than their mother.

I’m also spreading recognition of all the signs of Christ’s return and six of the seven plagues, despite US censorship of news reporting and so forth. It could be that Uncle Sam wants to know if I am some kind of extremist threat. Well, they can listen and read all they want: my message is in support of our country but most of all God’s Truth and His Love, not violence and hate or any act of force. Love and obedience cannot be enforced upon anyone by any means, especially by that of threat and violence. After all, Love is a choice, not a demand to be filled. Do not worry about me. If I must die before Christ returns, it merely fulfills part of prophecy. I will see you when we meet in the clouds!

As for what was going on in the world these past few weeks, I offer up the following CNN encapsulated bits and pieces of poison consistently increasing in daily TV news:

—US Homeland Security urges raising the terrorist alert system

—Swine flu (H1N1) cases still rising and now Tamiflu vaccines are becoming ineffective yet H1N1 vaccine not available until September: rapidly closing in on annual flu season

—Oil prices surge to 10-month high

—Stock Market roller coaster becoming a wilder ride, housing market still dropping with increasing foreclosures, unemployment increases even further, bigger and bigger companies looking to bankruptcy

—Shelton, WA: we discovered a Dogwood tree blooming today, in keeping with God’s sign of “even the trees are confused.” Logically it adds up, for we have been experiencing radical changes in weather, appropriately stated by one meteorologist, “We had a week of summer, now a week of early winter and back to summer.” Recently, Extra Oil reported a prophecy sign and plague fulfilled of “the cattle are confused” by lack of water and food. Mad Cow Disease also fits in this plague category.

—Storms moving into Washington coastline causing dangerous waves that could destroy protective sandbars

—Season fires began early and at all time high with millions of acres destroyed (add to the millions already incinerated in the past few years)

—Global earthquakes and volcanoes increasing activity as Jesus draws nearer

—Aircraft crashes and bombings, auto wrecks, all with increasing death tolls consistently in daily news

—Mexico to legalize drugs in effort to stop Drug Cartels’ bloody wars and death tolls, Cartels sweeping across US and performing brutal kidnappings

—California to expand legalization of medical marijuana to include taxation to aid resolution of State’s deficit; masses urging Federal legalization as well

—Mega robberies, thefts and violent crimes increasing daily across world

—Global civil unrest causing large death tolls and occurring in more and more nations

Reduced to even little caplets of data, things are ever worsening but should be exciting to God’s Sheep. This past week, a new documentary was viewed about the “eventuality”— note this does not say “possibility”— of a global drought began with a brief recount of the 1930’s Mega Drought, a full documentary seen some months ago. Actually, the drought began simultaneous to the Stock Market crash of 1929, but it was 1930 before farmers began to see a problem; mainly because the nation’s silos were full, large reserves on hand. Then, 1931 roared in with what would be called Black Blizzards: dust and sand, gravel and building debris caught up in 70-80mph hurricane-force winds that moved across our Great Plains of the West, Mid- and South- West States.

Flashback: God’s Trumpet sounded the Philadelphia era beginning in 1844, announcing the teaching of His Truths one more time and man’s simultaneous trial and the sealing of a just people. A second sounding in 1929 was God warning, “You are not heeding and obeying.” This mega drought lasted a decade with hundreds of deaths due to a then newly labeled disease called Dust Pneumonia— same as a horse with Sand Colic— and other lung disorders: not one drop of rain until 1941. The US experienced the largest migration of farmers and workers in its history: 15% of Oklahoma’s population migrated, which coined the term “Okies” to anyone heading for the West Coast from all affected territories for a total of 64% of farmers and workers in Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and other Plains locales.

There were a number of causes that contributed to the largest and longest drought in US history, most of which were due to man and his new-fangled machines, “man’s wicked inventions” in the form of motorized tractors, massive plows and bailers. Other factors were fairly common annual climate anomalies reacting negatively with man and machine over-stripping the land for profit: they were earning more money for their products than they ever had made. Plowed land breaks the seal retaining available moisture; over-plowing millions and millions of acres caused instant dehydration in time for the long nightmare of Black Blizzards.

Scientists today have been tracking the most unusual climate anomalies Earth has ever seen (Recall: earth shifted 1-minute off its axis during the Indian Ocean earthquake of 2004: experts assured it would not affect the elements, yet God reported to us that it would cause extreme changes in climate and weather conditions). Experts have discovered Mega Droughts already occurring in the Asian theatre as well as large, myriad areas of Africa. These resemble those of the US Black Blizzards but found to be more powerful and now moving across the great Pacific Ocean toward US shores.

Laodicea’s “end of days,” in which we live, reflect the worst ever known. God had said, “What was yesterday is today; what is today is tomorrow, and what is tomorrow was in the beginning.” No wonder the vast majority do not believe anything has changed as they view the world with the tunnel vision of cycles forever repeating— because they have, except for one critical and much overlooked point: God poured out the dregs of His great wrath during our generation. The difference is “such as the world has never seen.” Sadly, the majority are not and refuse to be prepared for Christ. In their minds there is likely to be another 1000 or 2000 years before the end— well, 100 years at their worst.

Has anyone noticed, in recent days, our skies looking dingy off in the distance, as though a minor dust storm is happening somewhere near? This might seem common in parts of Texas and Oklahoma and other Great Plains States, but never seen in especially the rainy Western Washington State: our skies looked dusty this past week and I developed a hacking cough with flu-like symptoms as a result— never fear, it’s not the flu, these are symptoms of a Lupus attack and will go away. I tend to laugh about being God’s barometer of nature’s behaviour. How are the skies in your area— diverse global places?

Analyzing all contributing factors that fuel Black Blizzards, experts found overworked farmlands persist and in worse condition than in 1929. Exceptionally low rainfalls and unusually high temperatures in the last few years resulted in millions and millions of acres burning from great heat and/or drying up for lack of rain, the problem compounded by very low contaminated water reserves— not just in the Great Plains but in all directions, from coast to coast and border to border. Water reserves are on the decline (Extra Oil recently reported): droughts already have begun, likely some years back. God says it began in 1991, for that was when the first six vials were poured out to rapidly intensify. As in 1930, today’s large grain reserves and radiated produce for longer shelf life prevented early detection, first by farmers then climate experts. Early notice came by only God’s messengers but few heeded the warnings.

Scientists determined that the US is about to experience a new Mega Drought; only this time the strange climate anomalies of today are immensely different, a lot more deadly, and include UV rays penetrating our damaged ozone layer, such rays not present in 1929: combined will cause this Drought to continue for over 100 years. Yes, dear sheep, not 10 years: 100 years— “such as the world has never seen!” Earth’s surface destroyed: one or two years of a mega drought will do and further enhance existing global famine.

Like the 1929 stock market crash and subsequent mega drought, we learned first of a global economic crisis, our own worsening by the hour. Then, in the past week news reported unemployment must rapidly reverse or there is no way the market can hold up and neither can housing markets: the roller coasters are out of control and about to jump the tracks. Added to these, we’ve learned of a repeat cycle of the 1930’s mega drought and resulting black blizzards that lasted unabated for 10 years; alas, this time it is global and to last 100 years. There is yet one more difference in today’s cycle:

Christ’s Sheep are not here for the cataclysmic event, at least the worst of it: Jesus is about to enter earth’s door. The episode will add to the appearance of smoke— volcano smoke and ash, sand and debris held in sleeping earth’s atmosphere—to rise up forever, actually for 1000 years, the length of time we spend in heaven building New Jerusalem. Our Groom is about to wed His Bride! After the wedding supper, then we work.

All of you have plenty of Truth’s extra oil and you must not run out. Be watchful as I have been watchful and continue to watch. The majority hate hearing the news these days, finding it depressing; however, I might not be able to continue sending Extra Oil at some point in time, thus it is imperative the Sheep remain watchful. Jesus has knocked at the world’s door for 2000 years to hand over an invitation to join His righteous way. But, this time, He will walk through earth’s door unannounced, bringing with Him only mankind’s sentencing, innocent or guilty. The world will see this as the act of a thief in the night, but to His small flocks His entry IS announced, of no surprise to us; for we are watchful and prepared to be received by our Lord and Saviour.

Make sure you maintain extra oil by way of total obedience and unwavering faith and be watchmen all: our Groom is not going to tarry much longer. That’s right, He has been tarrying a bit, actually by about four years and counting. As said last week, even two years more before our Lord’s arrival would be surprising. He will not let His sheep suffer long. More importantly, don’t believe you can rest assured in corporate Christendom’s gray clouds floating out from their vile pulpits: with God black is black and white is white with nothing between. Gray is Rome’s harlot daughters and we know their end and the end of all who follow them. Either be His and do not fear standing up peacefully in and for His ways; or, be not His thus caught unaware to perish by a sentence of guilty.

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Much Love in Christ, BonnieQ

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