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Extra Oil Update 16: “Strange Days” in Silence

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 16: “Strange Days” of Silence  

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

Prophecy’s world today: www Intercepts, Economy/Scams; Flu Season Explosion; CNN bites; FG Peroxide; Africa’s Losses; Heaven/Earth’s Eerie Silence; Sheep Watchmen All

What is not heard on TV news or read in newspapers is nothing short of amazing but it is not the silence mentioned in the above summary of this Update. Happenings are global and the world is unaware that it is worse than earth ever has seen; and, the nations’ governments don’t want us to know for fear of panic. They already have and continue to panic instead of repent; only the sheep do not panic, rather they rejoice their returning Messiah. Still, CNN and various “current” documentaries keep the sheep informed; this past week one of prophetic note was aired by National Geographic on Public Television stations around our nation (ch.9 in WA.): entitled “Strange Days.” Indeed, they are.

Yahoo’s Q&A, Earthlink Internet provider: to date, no Yahoo response or reinstatement of Q&A account, no investigation launched into Yahoo email address that invaded BonnieQ’s Earthlink webmail— despite Yahoo informed and provided rogue Hong Kong address. Considering major news networks with story, as she is not the only one affected. FaceBook also remains problematic, even for sister-in-Christ Anita in Texas.

TSaS remains safe from Yahoo; however, trouble still brews at Earthlink, BonnieQ’s Internet provider: each time she attempts to go to specific websites, the link is intercepted and shoots her back to Earthlink’s homepage. Despite myriad “fixes,” the issue is not yet resolved. As forewarned, there could come a time when these Extra Oil’s might not get to everyone; so, keep up with world events by watching periodic documentaries on History, Discovery, and Public television channels. As for news, CNN still reports more than other stations; albeit, there are times even CNN comes across as confused.

As for global happenings this past week relating to economy, flu season and scams, the following CNN capsules consistently increase as evidenced by daily reports:

—Swine flu (H1N1), WHO (World Health Org.) expects explosion of H1N1 in US during fall flu season with possible 90,000 deaths (annual US death tolls from varied previous flu seasons averaged 36,000: see data below about FG Peroxide)

—Boeing lays off more, unemployment increases, small companies closing down or now in bankruptcy (added to large companies systematically folding)

—Scams on increase: received another automated call from “Ron Zimmer,” offering 40 to 60 per cent returns IF you have $25,000 in assets to liquidate immediately to invest in this purported money making scam. Do not be deceived and don’t “press 1”

—More fires reported worldwide (Greece, California, Washington and more) millions of US acres destroyed (add to millions already lost in past few years)— SIGN: 1/3 earth land masses burned, we are there already!

—Oil leaks from ocean oilrig off Australian coast, large spill

—Global earthquakes and volcanoes increasing activity as Jesus draws nearer; still no updates on last week’s Indian Ocean event

—Aircraft crashes, car/suicide bombings, auto/bus wrecks, all with increasing death tolls consistently in daily global news

—Venezuela joins California in considering decriminalization of private marijuana possession/use in order to earn money for nation

—Mega robberies, thefts and violent crimes increasing daily across globe, one US bank robber bold enough to face cameras unmasked (still not captured, still robbing)

—Global civil unrest spreading to more and more nations, including USA

Flashback: Black Blizzards are coming our way from the Middle East and will also erupt in and around the US Great Plains areas much like the 1930s. While Washington skies now appear clear of dust, I have noticed my eyes burning every time I’m outside and the hacking cough begins all over again with added throat scratchiness. Deadly gasses were found in an overwhelming volume, the same affecting our atmosphere and getting to the world’s people as well: read about Africa’s Losses below. There are a ton of contaminates in earth’s air today that cannot be seen by the naked eye but our eyes certainly will feel it.

Reduced to even little caplets of data, things are ever worsening but should be exciting to God’s Sheep, terrifying to Satan’s goats. My daughter, María, recently discovered the health benefits of Food Grade Peroxide; one of the first diseases shown to cure on their list is lymph sarcoma, one of the deadliest human cancers (1-drop to a gallon of water drank as often as one chooses). She is taking it for asthma and, in just a few days, found she had not needed her inhaler even once. She also gives it to her dog along with a formula BonnieQ developed 30 years ago: Shana was given 1-month to live with lymph sarcoma. Shana is now showing signs of improvement and that month has passed on by.

Food Grade Peroxide can be purchased at — to date, BonnieQ hasn’t been able to get to the website because of Earthlink interceptions, so she hopes to have María order it for her.

This past week brought a new documentary by National Geographic, “Strange Days,” about unexpected ongoing devastation in Africa, by what seemed at first glance totally unrelated, diverse events discovered to be connected to each other as well as global warming caused by an unstoppable, huge volume of natural gasses damaging earth’s ozone. Scientists adamantly declared these events, and more, as the “fastest global climate changes in earth’s history,” their findings today labeled “Strange Days” and summarized below: 

Investigating Africa’s grassland animal preserves found them “eerily devoid of life: strange losses of 50% of Hippopotamus, 70% of elephants, 80% of lions, huge numbers of leopards and wild dogs. Even stranger are large numbers of Baboons are hunting at night and marauding farming fields for food, so much so that fields are stripped leaving nothing for the farmer and family. To protect what crops are left, African farmers have resorted to keeping children out of school to guard their fields and run off Baboons.

One proposed answer to the animal losses was illegal hunting by man, although over and beyond illegal poaching, but no answer for the why such massive hunting is happening in protected National Parks to the devastating degree of many animals now in danger of extinction. What few Bushmen hunters park Rangers have caught vowed their catches were road kill claimed for food: which did not explain these losses. Their investigation moved coastal to find 90% of its fishing communities had disappeared due, at first thought, to over-fishing: fishermen have become hunters in order to feed their families.

Quickly, another answer manifested on Namibia’s shores and 1000-square miles of its coastal Indian Ocean waters. First noticed was a periodic nauseating odor of “rotten eggs,” occurring exactly each time the sea changed from a blue color to a dirty yellow, rapidly followed by 1-billion dead fish washing ashore— mostly tuna and salmon: the annual number a staggering 100-billion dead fish every year “for a number of years now.” God says it has been since 1991. Add this to thieves taking over 25% of fishermen’s markets plus over-fishing and this is why 90% of the fishing villages had disappeared.

Their investigation moved deeper into the Indian Ocean for what might be causing such a sickening stench followed by enormous death tolls of marine life. While the seabed showed no sign of a volcano, such as other seas reveal by identifiable sulfite gasses and lava flows, they did find large phytoplankton decompositions resulting in huge volumes of hydrogen sulfite gasses mixing with silent, unseen regular eruptions of methane gasses from the floor: “the largest eruptions of deadly gasses ever detected, so much so they contribute to expanding ozone damage and increasing global warming.” Most alarming was seabed sediments revealing the largest deadly bacteria ever seen on earth. High acid levels mixed with these gasses and bacteria are rapidly poisoning all marine life.

Unfortunately, each of these findings, just in Africa and its oceans, collectively affect also earth’s bird population that feeds on fish, huge numbers found dead on shores with still living flocks steadily decreasing daily. We already have witness large pods of whales, porpoise, and sea lions beaching themselves to die and/or washing ashore dead. Equally devastating is that what remedies are available are not cost effective; thus, few fisheries are willing or have the resources to employ them. Even if they could afford them, Scientists are realizing it would be “too little, too late.”

Here in Washington, and surely every forested country in the world, reports are becoming more frequent of bears and mountain lions coming into cities foraging for food: unheard of behaviour that confirms earth’s inability to support life. From our perspective, there is nothing man can do to prevent God: He warned mankind thousands of years ago and now it is time to fulfill the “end of days” omens. Earth’s oceans and seas have become like “the blood of a dead man” and so have all other water sources and reserves; even land animals are confused by the lack of food and water as a result of declining rainfalls.

Speaking of birds, about a month ago BonnieQ began noticing a strange anomaly when outdoors: an eerie quiet only rarely punctured by a solitary dog bark or crow squawk. Since then, a pitiful few of her neighbors commented about it being “too quiet,” but friends have reported the same in Texas, other parts of the US and global. The air is void of early morning songbirds, the sky absent of wings in flight; only on rare occasion is a bird heard in the distance or perhaps one seen in the sky or even a squirrel scampering across the lawn. The silence is not total just yet, but the quiet is becoming noticeable: it portends of Father about to instruct Christ to harvest His sheep.

Animals sense major, catastrophic events before humans do; particularly noticed prior to the Indian Ocean tsunami: huge numbers of wild animals began heading for high ground before that earthquake measured on a rictor scale. Watch carefully for the sign quoted below— excerpt “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” chapter Laodicea, page 174:

“. . . as time nears its predetermined end, Christ will remove the seventh seal from the seventh page of the scroll. There will be silence in heaven and a seeming quiet upon earth for seven and a half days, the lull of which was previously spoken; for the Lord takes no pleasure in destroying anything He has created. It is a sad time for the unrepentant; yet, a joy for my saints, for the day of Christ’s redemption of His sheep has arrived.” — AKJV: Rev. 8:1; Exo. 20:8-11; Ezek. 20:12,20.

We may understand by implication that the seventh page Jesus opens is a list of names, each marked either innocent or guilty: the guilty God and heaven’s host mourn in silence, the innocent to be harvested by Christ following this period of grieving. In accordance with the final Jewish Harvest and Festival that follows, October and early November respectively, Messiah’s sheep will be redeemed: the utter silence in heaven and on earth preceding our redemption— the quiet behaviour of wild animals giving us the first sign— begins and continues for seven and one-half days (prophetic time “about half an hour”), at the end of which utter chaos breaks out on earth as Christ appears in earth’s clouds to take up His sheep from all over the world to meet Him in the air.

It will happen fast and efficiently, only the wicked left behind “dead from one end of earth to the other end.” Listen to the quiet, dear sheep, listen carefully for it to become total silence. God’s six vials of plagues quickly are reaching a climax and the scroll is about to be opened for Messiah’s eyes only.

You have plenty of Truth’s extra oil and must not run out. Be watchful, as I am watchful, and continue to watch and stand fast in the face of all odds against Christ’s sheep. Earth’s majority hate hearing the news these days, finding it doom and gloom, as it is for them; however, I might not be able to continue sending Extra Oil at some point in time, thus it is imperative you Sheep remain watchful. Jesus has knocked at the world’s door for 2000 years with an invitation to join His righteous way. The invitation ended in 1991.

This time Christ will walk through earth’s door unannounced, bringing with Him man’s individual sentencings of innocent or guilty. The world will view this event as if He were a thief in the night, as unprepared they are; but to Jesus’ small flocks He IS announced, of no surprise to us; for we are watchful and prepared for our Lord and Saviour’s quick visit in the clouds. Make sure to maintain extra oil by way of total obedience and unwavering faith and be watchmen all: our Groom is not going to tarry much longer.

Share these Extra Oils with everyone you feel would want or might benefit from them, careful to remember that they are not for the world, only the Sheep: they who hear and obey. To read each Extra Oil, find them all at Truth Seekers and Speakers online at 

TSaS post archives are open to the public, membership not required unless they want access to our Bible Lesson FILES and Book data/photos. The TSaS ministry asks nothing of members, except continued prayer and to share God’s Truth with all who will hear and obey.

Much Love in Christ,

Sister BonnieQ

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  1. I found this data is very helpful. Thank you for sharing. Do you care whether we mention a few facts from this post in our website if it’s mentions you for the writer and links back to this site? Thanks!

    Comment by Toby Ines | 1 December 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you, Toby, and please feel free to mention a few facts and our link on your website. By the way, my daughter suffers asthma and treats it mainly with natural options: God’s herbal medicines! 🙂

      Much love in Christ,
      God’s Handmaiden

      Comment by bonnieq | 9 December 2010 | Reply

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