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Extra Oil Update 17: Black Skies Bloody Moon

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 17: Black Skies Bloody Moon  

©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

Earth Reels: Gmail, FaceBook, Job Losses; Signs & Plagues; CNN bites; Peroxide; Fatal Droughts; Earthquakes; Hurricanes; Fires—World spinning out of Control

“Strange Days” on earth are getting stranger as various signs of Christ’s imminent return and the first six plagues increased rapidly in the past week while attacks continue against Internet and computers. Each Extra Oil IS an update, never repeats of prior Oils! Put all together and there is a total picture of God’s description of “the terrors of these end days.” Even encapsulated, it is impossible to get all relevant events included; there is too much happening everywhere. These Extra Oils prove God’s timeline. If one or more Extra Oils was missed, follow link at end of this update: Extra Oils most current first, then previous. 

Yahoo’s Q&A, Earthlink provider: Yahoo responded to say BonnieQ “had” violated guidelines, but did not say how or reinstate her Q&A account; contrarily, a second Yahoo email claimed one question answered was not in violation thus answer was reinstated. Still no investigation of Yahoo address that invaded Earthlink web mail— despite Yahoo informed and provided rogue China address. BonnieQ reported to CNN Tuesday: no feedback yet. FaceBook and Google’s Gmail both suffered disruptions this past week.

TSaS seems safe from Yahoo; sister Zenith reported the Food Grade Peroxide link would not take her to the website. Contact them by phone: 1-352-563-5400. Otherwise, the only other way get to the website: type into a search engine “Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.” A list comes up that includes the link given last week, among others: clicking on it will reach the website. As forewarned, these Extra Oils might not get to everyone in future; please keep up with world events by watching relevant 2008 and 2009 documentaries on TV channels for History, Discovery, and Public services and any others you might find. As for news, CNN still reports most; albeit, there are times CNN seems confused.

Global events this past week relating to myriad signs and prophetic plagues, having begun in 1991, significantly increased in daily CNN reports and other broadcasters: (Rev. = Revelation)——

——Rev. FIRST VIAL “noisome and grievous sore”{“My people shall walk among them and be not touched.”}: Swine flu (H1N1) free vaccines to begin in Oct. at elementary schools; cases in US up to 1-million since first case reported “in New York,” US deaths 550, global 750 last report: also cited 1-million new US cases expected in fall flu season with possible 90,000 deaths in US alone; CDC reports, “suspect most Americans will not get seriously ill with this new flu;” most ERs no longer testing new cases, numbers overwhelming coupled with more familiarity with H1N1 symptoms (recall God’s projection of low death tolls but high number of cases). At high risk: “children (urged to be the first vaccinated), pregnant women, and anyone with pre-existing illnesses/diseases.” No global H1N1 report this week, except Columbian President with H1N1. Flu information at  . Teen cries blood getting expert help. Explosion kills 18 in China; lead poisoning closes South China plants with 1000’s ill.

——SIGN “even the trees and cattle are confused” applies to all creatures: past week starving cougar killed in Washington town of Manson; bears with cubs and bobcats still coming into major cities like Seattle seeking food; earth’s wildlife starving all over the world, if not killed; marine life dying even faster in polluted seas and oceans. All earth’s creatures are breathing the most contaminated air in earth’s history: filled with smoke, fine sand particles, poisonous gasses. Wolf hunting again legal but controversial because still too close to extinction. NASA monitoring space junk after space stated nearly hit by piece equal to 7 football fields: might endanger earth.

——Rev. SIGN censor of fire strikes: 1. US military; and, 2. Financial strength began with 9/11 and has spread globally as prophesied: 2. WA. reports 68,000 job losses in last 12 months in Seattle area only; reported Texas with least job losses and only 2 small company closures (this will change rapidly). US unemployment rate at 26-yr high: 9.7% (does not include under-unemployed figures, per cent greater than any period of US history). Back-to-school sales fell far short of norm. Desperate homeowners frustrated with mortgage aid program; China economy rose due only to government spending, then 7% market dive; US stocks in steady drop despite short period rise, claim stocks are “poised to rise;” US Gov to hire 270,000 for “mission critical” jobs, meaning unknown; US halts aid to Honduras; US eases Cuban embargos;

——2. California set to release 27,000 prison inmates to aid State economy, average 70% likely to re-offend; desperate-for-money people selling own vital organs for transplant; Fed officials claim US economy on the upturn, but how so? since “billion dollar bailouts only benefited rich CEOs and ultimately must be paid back to US government; no benefits to low wage earners who often are cheated out of overtime pay and due to veiled threats don’t collect on workmen’s’ compensation” says economic expert; Home Depot sales fell 8.5% due to failing housing industry; experts say “consumers must spend more for economy to improve”— and, where do people get the spending money? Statement puts the onus on people instead of government over-spending and waste plus greed.

——SIGN: “wars and rumors of wars.” 1— China civil unrest escalating, 5 killed by syringe stabbings, many wounded, people demand better security. Chili civil unrest causes deaths. Peru guerrillas shoot down helicopter killing 2; US soldier death tolls in Middle East rapidly rising, numbers expected to exceed total for previous years there: about 5000 up to 2009. Pakistan’s Minister wounded in gun attack; India: Minister and helicopter pilot found dead; Commonwealth suspends Fiji; US will send more troops to Afghanistan to comply with 30-yr peace contract and to eliminate Al Qaida and Taliban;

——CBS reporter wounded; US, British, French and Scottish soldiers die in Afghanistan; 2-US soldiers killed in vehicle crash; 1-British soldier killed in Iraq; NATO air strike kills 90/over half civilians; Kashmir and Baghdad bombing death tolls rising (General says war winnable but grim); 22 killed in suicide bombing of Afghan mosque; Iraq: dozen bomb strikes kill at least 6, wound 85; numerous other bomb blasts around Middle East cause continued increase of death tolls; Americans warned to keep up guard against potential terrorism; Pakistan detains 3 terrorist suspects.

——SIGN: “1/3-earth landmasses burned/VIAL 4, sun scorches men and land”— Black Blizzards (see Extra Oils 15/16) Reported Wed, Kenya heartland gripped by drought and deaths; refer to last week’s report on “Black Blizzards:”

——California in 100% drought reports 5 major unpredictable fires (largest called LA Station Fire north of Los Angeles), fire caused by arson thus when caught culprit will be charged with homicide for deaths of 2-firefighters, Governor declares several counties disaster: LA Station fire “largest and worst in CA history,” oddity—no Santa Anna winds, which would have been easier because they push flames in one direction; without winds plus dangerously low humidity and triple-digit temps LA fire at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit creates own winds rushing every direction;

——CA Film crew caught never-before seen tornado-of-fire whipping across mountain ridge (norm: tornados form as hot air mixes with cold air and never occur in mountains, no such mix here; as odd as the tornado that struck Denver, the mile high city). Sun: over 35,000 acres burnt, Friday over 147,000 acres charred in 226-sq.mi. zone; LA fire encroaching dozens of homes and dozens of others destroyed and some commercial buildings; first time use 5—747 Super Tankers, each laying 20,000 gallons retardant each covering size football field; historic Mt. Wilson Observatory at risk and numerous TV towers, including TBN—Trinity Broadcasting. Friday, LA fire near 50% contained but evacuations continue. Some areas of LA inferno had not seen fire in over 60 years.

——Sunday: still no reports on 4 other CA fires; critical fire warnings up for Nevada, Utah, Idaho by heat index/drought. Mon: Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado report fires; LA smoke clouds Denver 800 miles away, darkens sun-blood red moon. Huge fires in Greece and other countries. To date, millions US acres destroyed plus millions lost since 1991 and millions of global acres. (see update on Black Blizzards hereinbelow).

——VIALS 3 and 4 “water like the blood of a dead man”: Oil leaks from ocean rig off Australia’s coast; officials alarmed by size—adds to increasing oceanic acid levels plus deadly levels hydrogen sulfite and methane gases erupting from and into ocean and earth’s atmosphere. BP drilling “giant” oil well . . . somewhere. Iraq, Turkey and Syria discuss water issues, likely effects of Middle East drought; more US water services instructing customers to boil water.

——Rev. 1991 SIGN angels’ “release natural elements:” noted earthquakes on Mon-NE India; Wed-7.2 Indonesia, massive landslides in various areas, one known village buried with 57 dead, dozens feared buried alive, 300 injured, still no reports on other stricken areas, Fri: heavy equipment moving their way; followed on heals of last week’s quake in Indian Ocean that set off tsunami alarms. Hurricanes: Jimena (he-may-nah) began as category 4—150mph winds, hit California’s Baja Peninsula downgraded to category 2—100mph winds, unpredictably moved toward Pacific Ocean instead of inland, expected to reduce to a tropical depression. Erica: tropical storm brewing in Atlantic on heels of last week’s tropical storm along US east coast. Taiwan floods wiped out villages killing all residents, many others by deadly mudslides.

——SIGN 1. “the wicked shall wax worse” and, 2. activity amidst Rev. “great whore and harlot daughters.” Read ALL of number 2 to avoid jumping to erroneous conclusions:

1. Vermont approves gay marriages; yet another pastor will perform gay marriages; Washington State set to approve gay partner rights absent marriage; 11-yo Jaycee Dugard found after 18 years, mom of 2-daughters sired by kidnapper Phillip Garrido, he and wife charged with 29-counts rape/kidnapping; Georgia– 8 murdered, 1 child critical, older son found bodies, arrested on suspicion for removing a shotgun from house and hid in his truck; neighbors fear for lives by unknown murderer(s);

——No. Carolina 19-yo man charged in 1 of 5 serial rape/murders; 3 arrested in murder of Texas doctor; stranger slaps 2-year old 5 times in WalMart after telling Mom to stop child’s tantrum or he would (recall warning: loud noises increasingly irritate as people’s anger turns to rage); man arrested in Delaware police officer’s death; dying Manson family member denied 13th parole plea; California Health Reform Rally— man bit off fingertip of a man’s pinky in fight; Sr. football star stops girl with gun on school bus;

——former first lady of Taiwan charged with perjury; Zimbabwe prisoners get amnesty to reduce prison overcrowding; US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer charged with illegal Rx marketing and fraud of off-label marketing, instructed salesmen to do what they had to in order to sell products, fined 2.5-billion dollars; Other Rx companies over last 10 years, such as Merck, have been fined 11-billion dollars for same violations; Rx firms prevented from paying up to $1500 to each doctor who attends all-expense paid Rx conferences IF doctors prescribe Rx meds to patients; deviant hazing amid military contractors serving as US Embassy security in Kabul, so far 10 fired as investigation proceeds;

——Global human organ black market fact of life and benefits only the rich, everyone else must wait to die, WHO estimates 1 of every 10 transplants done is illegal, even some done at Mt. Sinai Hospital, people desperate for money will sell own organs and name a price from $2,000 up to $10,000; Mexican Drug Cartel all over US, 3 pot fields found in Washington forests with nearby vacated camps, usually heavily armed, found by routine fly-over; 25,248 mature plants hauled off; pot farms encroaching tourist areas; dramatic decrease in Afghan opium production as poppy fields destroyed; attack on Mexican Drug Rehab Center killed 17, wounded 2;

2. Pastor Steven Anderson of small Arizona Baptist church recorded his sermon to flock: “Hates Obama, wants him dead,” quoted passage from the Psalms that actually was one of Christ’s prayers about Judas the Betrayer, that what happened to Judas should happen to Obama: his wife a widow, his children without a father. . . This man, trained in men’s seminaries, obviously does not have the mind of Christ, does not know God, and certainly does not know God’s Word or the prophecies: else he would have preached a message of love and forgiveness, not hate. Hate messages from purported Christian leaders are the most dangerous because people will ACT on these due to having been taught to believe pastors “know God’s Word” and to believe no other person, despite Christ’s warning— Anderson is a false prophet for one of Sunday’s “harlot daughters.”

——Oklahoma: nude body of pastor Carole Daniels, 61yo, found positioned as if on a cross behind altar of her tiny church that few, if any, ever attended Sundays: door found locked that day by friend who knew Daniels should be there. Perpetrator took Daniels’ clothes from building to eliminate possible evidence. Police profiler on case. Hate in another form by one of Satan’s direct hits.

——North of Atlanta, GA. police shoot/kill preacher in what was called a “drug bust gone wrong.” Female drug suspect exited pastor’s car, pastor then sped off as police ordered him to stop. Muslim 17-yo girl fears for life after converting to Christianity.

——Evangelicals to begin revision of most popular Bible version, AKJV, to change language to reflect gender inclusive, politically correct by man’s measure. Premise is that God is neither he nor she. Arguably God is a genderless spirit; so, how are we to refer to God— not she or he, perhaps IT? This is abomination: God had reasons for the male term spiritually applied to both Him and heaven’s host and within His Word. He had reasons for making man holy unto Him and woman made for man. Period, end of discussion. They tread dangerous waters that will take them down into a deadly undertow.

——”Why are you surprised that Satan can manifest himself as an angel of light and that his ministers can do the same?” Satan, as Jesus indicated, is divided on this earth and his houses will fall; one of his 3 divisions is like an angel of Light, and he has done all he can to convince the world that his counterfeit churches are the houses of God making him God on those podiums; and still thinks he can ascend even to heaven’s throne of God by way of his clever deceits— the greatest lie ever perpetuated and accepted by the world’s majority for almost 2000 years.

Because prophecy says “they have shed the blood of saints and prophets,” Lucifer must make it seem that his ministers and goats are unjustly killed in these end days in order to keep his veil of illusion in place. God’s charge against him, “The Devil slays his own.”

There are two flaws in Satan’s plan: 1. a bold umbilical cord, known as Sunday, between the great whore aka Papal Rome, and her harlot daughters aka Protestant Denominations. God’s Truth: Sunday is Satan’s counterfeit sabbath, which lacks power of authority; yet, sundown Friday to sundown Saturday is God’s 7th day Sabbath, His 4th Precept that IS absolute power of authority over all creation: Seal of God and His Christ. Do not be deceived by any other claim of a different Seal of the Living God: there is no other.

——2. “Satan slays his own” whereas God’s saints and prophets are killed by what appears to be Christ’s church but in fact will be done by members of Satan’s churches that only appear to be Christian (“beautiful white sepulchres full of dead men’s bones”). Not one death of “Satan’s own” has been carried out by what appear to be Christians since 1991; rather, they were by either wicked sick people or militants of other religions not Christian. Keep this in mind when someone asks you about the deaths of those whom they perceive to be Christian leaders and followers. Only a few of Christ’s will be killed before He returns and it will be done by Sunday-keeping Christians; but many of Satan’s will die as well; each time revealing Satan’s desperation as his end draws nearer. Pray for them all, “for they know not what they do, nor to whom they do it.”

You Sheep have plenty of extra oil and must not run out. Be watchful, as I am watchful, and continue to watch and stand fast in the face of all odds against Christ’s sheep. Earth’s majority hate hearing the news these days, finding it doom and gloom, as it is for them; however, sending Extra Oil might become difficult or even impossible: imperative you Sheep remain watchful; yet there is more you must do. Jesus knocked at the world’s door for 2000 years to deliver an invitation to join His righteous way.

Christ’s open invitation ceased in 1991, when man’s trial ended; since then it has been a closed invitation to only the “lukewarm and cold”— the first are they who know the Truth but have not lived and spoken it; the cold have been seeking Truth and will come to it the instant they hear it. Remember, dear Sheep, to live and speak God’s Truth only; for you might literally snatch a person from Christ’s consuming fire.

Jesus will walk through earth’s door unannounced, bringing with Him man’s individual sentencings of innocent or guilty. The world will view this event as if He were a thief in the night, as unprepared they are; but to Jesus’ small flocks He IS announced, of no surprise to us; for we are watchful and prepared for our Lord and Saviour’s quick visit in the clouds. Make sure to maintain extra oil by way of total obedience and unwavering faith and be watchmen all: our Groom is not going to tarry much longer.

TSaS post archives open to public, membership not required except for access to Bible Lesson FILES and Book data/photos. This ministry asks nothing of members, except continued prayer and to share God’s Truth with all who will hear and obey “the instant they hear” or read it. Share these Extra Oils, each one available at Truth Seekers and Speakers ministry at 

Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ

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  2. We will be held accountable someday to the Creator. Please see Hebrews 4:30
    Jan Fredericks, LPC, MA
    Licensed Counselor
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    Founder, God’s Creatures Ministry

    Comment by Jan Fredericks | 5 September 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Jan, thank you for the comment, for indeed mankind is soon to receive that accounting judgment; therefore, I stand boldly before the throne of Grace and do as the Holy Spirit has instructed me, the work I’ve been assigned by the gifts He has given to me. 🙂

      Luv in Christ, BonnieQ

      Comment by bonnieq | 5 September 2009 | Reply

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