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Extra Oil Update 19: All Say 2012 & SCIENCE PROVES GOD!

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 19: All Say 2012 & Science Proves God
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

Earth IS Reeling To & Fro like a Drunkard: 2012 Prediction with Others . . . Science Proves God

THIS Extra Oil is the most exciting ever and should have Christ’s sheep jumping over hurtles they first thought impossible! But, a quick interesting fact: Extra Oil #19 is reaching you on God’s Sabbath of 09-19-2009. Without one flaw and as usual, weekly events still prove God’s “end of days.” Time zips at dizzying speed, events overlap at explosive rates. But, TSaS will not report any more weekly news, unless something astounding happens. At the moment, “astounding” is quite literally every day.

Following this broadcast, TSaS Extra Oils will be recalls of specific and vital Bible lessons from our Files regarding these “end of days.” We really do not need any more news, for there is no doubt time is rapidly leading to consumption, as Daniel mentioned. Still no CNN response, Yahoo Q&A remains suspended: no info on reinstatement. Oils might not reach Sheep in future, perhaps soon.

Now, for that promised fresh study about 21 December 2012: a summary of three (3) documentaries in the week of Extra Oil 18, each essential to understanding God’s end result given to a TSaS Truth Speaker. Keep in mind: “God does nothing without first telling His prophets.” Results are for Christ’s small flocks of sheep. Alas, these truths will not turn earth’s majority population, for they are blind and deaf. They are not willing to read even the Extra Oils God is providing.

——2012 PREDICTION JOINS OTHERS: The 3 new documentaries compare all religions, pagan and otherwise, with scientific evidence and to the ancient Mayan portent of earth’s end on 21 December 2012. Many points are accurate, although there are several factors that were not considered but should have been.

The Mayan calendar was compared to like-beliefs of America’s Hopi Indians, predictions by Nostradamus, Sir Isaac Newton, and Edgar Cayce, loosely referred to as “prophets”— Cayce is often known as the “other Nostradamus”— together with various Christian and Judaic religions and all pagan beliefs such as Wiccan, Druid and other non-Judaic sects. Compiled, all were examined and compared to scientific evidence of the cosmic and magnetic effects in our universe, all together having proven to have been explosive during specific eras of earth’s equinox periods— of which Mayans were and remain the most astrologically knowledgeable of any nationality before or since their existence.

“Equinox: when the sun crosses the equator, making night and day of equal length in all parts of the earth; vernal equinox occurs on about 21 March; autumnal equinox on or about September 22-23; either of the two points on the celestial equator where the sun crosses it on those dates is called the equinoctial point, a time of storms at either date” (Webster’s New World Dictionary).

The rotation of earth and magnetic pull by its moon and sun as well as its variable alignment with other planets in our solar system always have had a profound affect on both earth and its natural elements: the latter as played out in weather, earthquakes and volcanoes. Through hundreds of years of Mayan observation and study revealed a pattern of devastation that, ultimately, resulted in a calendar more precise than any in existence, which led to their prediction of utter destruction unlike previous equinoctial events that were followed by a time of restoration. 21 December 2012 includes no continuation for a period of restoration; the Mayan calendar simply stops on that date. If viewed from a strictly Biblical/prophetic point of view, a thousand years of earth lying fallow would seem a total end of earth and mankind from man’s finite perspective. 

Those devastating events, according to Mayan records, involved not only earth’s elements but also included man’s brutality during such equinoctial “storms.” This latter was the focus of Nostradamus’ predictions wherein he pointed to history’s most brutal national leaders: Napoleon and Hitler; and, he alluded to such a national leader in earth’s final era in which we live. Many today believe that third “antichrist” is President Barack Obama; a gross injustice to our President and a worse injustice to God’s Word. It is apparent that Nostradamus did not understand who or what represents the Bible’s antichrist, and neither does most of mankind today have a grip on God’s reality.

Nostradamus’ visions, which he believed were from God, were written in quatrains with artistic renderings, then applied to Bible prophecies. He did acknowledge that the antichrist began in the Apostolic age but assumed from his visions that there would be three; albeit, he erred by applying a finite perspective to Revelation’s metaphors instead of a strictly spiritual interpretation, not comprehending that the brutality would come through and from what appears to be Christ’s church: it did not occur to him to look at Papal Rome followed by her harlot daughters.

The wars of which Nostradamus prophesied were merely road signs, events leading up to new church ages, each of which either would bring even worse lies from the church or open new spiritual knowledge— specifically certain prophecies of both Daniel and Revelation that were to remain sealed from man’s understanding until a time appointed. Alas, Nostradamus’ interpretations were based on still-closed prophecies, therefore God’s wisdom was not available to him at that time. God, Christ and the Apostles warned that understanding and interpretation is gained only by way of the Spirit and of only spiritual matters and only when the time was or is right, to-wit: the church. This is the only logical conclusion in that the Bible is not written to the world, it is written only to the church and concerns only the condition of the church during its seven eras.

Therefore, the visions given Nostradamus may have been of God, but certainly his interpretations did not come from the Holy Spirit— it was not time, so his had no relevance to the church, except perhaps indirectly. There is no doubt that France killed God’s “two witnesses” and they lay dead in the streets for exactly 3.5 years in accordance with Revelation— which directly affected the church— however, this neither occurred in Napoleon’s era nor was it caused by a brutal war directed by a brutal French leader.

Interestingly, however, in several of Nostradamus’ drawings he pointed to three women, beginning first with one, then there were three, then two, and in the end only one. He did not accurately apply the women as symbols of God’s church; either in its origins, its corruption, or its final and permanent position of purity. Biblically, a woman symbolizes the church, either in a fallen state or in a virginal/pure state. Nostradamus viewed them as having some relevance to governments.

In keeping with the Bible, Nostradamus sees one woman: the ancient Jewish church. Then, he sees three women: the ancient Jewish church, Christ’s pure Apostolic church, and Christ’s church corrupted as witnessed by the Apostles. Near earth’s end, he sees two women: the ancient Jewish church and Christ’s pure church, the apostate church not noted here because it was exposed, but not destroyed, in 1844 AD. Alas, Nostradamus also did not comprehend who were or are the harlot daughters.

Finally, Nostradamus sees only 1 woman: the commingling of the ancient Jewish church with Christ’s pure church, inasmuch as a division was never intended. Jesus came to offer the Jewish faith to heathens, that is gentiles, to encourage them to obey His Father in the manner in which God had prescribed in the beginning. Thus, it makes perfect sense that there will be only one true church in earth restored. After all, if we accept Christ as the Son of God, are we not considered “adopted” into the Jewish Tree of Life? Indeed.

The Hopi Indians, no longer existing in the United States, also predicted earth’s end in much the same way as the Mayans; the difference being that the Hopi saw this age as a “time of choice:” either take the high road that goes on forever or take the low road to no longer exist. According to Hopi records, a “blue star” would mark this beginning of change. Alas, no one, not even scientists, knows what is the “blue star.” Biblically, we know that the North Star marked the birth of Christ; but, this star does not appear blue, rather it is a brilliant white. However, considering that the Hopi did not have God’s Truth, it would be logical to assume the North Star dimmed by paganism, blue as it were.

In short, the Hopi prediction was one of earth and a conformed mankind continuing as always because man made the right choice for change and renewal; those not embracing change simply cease to exist. Here again, there is no allowance for God’s declared Sabbath rest of 1000 years for mother earth, a time in which she reverts to her Genesis description of a void, an abyss in darkness, a bottomless pit, while the redeemed are in heaven; after which follows her restoration upon our return to earth with Christ.

Sir Isaac Newton was added to the above list of “prophets” based on his belief that the Bible could be decoded mathematically. His work toward this end crossed dates with the Mayan 2012, at which time Newton pointed to a war in “Mesopotamia” of ancient times, today known as Iraq. Newton’s timing was off, because Desert Storm (Armageddon) began in February 1991.

Newton further indicated 2012 as a time when banks would be stormed, people demanding their money for lack of trust, ultimately resulting in the burning of paper money in the streets. Again, his timing is off but the events point directly to one of Christ’s signs: 9/11 in 2001, when both our Military and Financial strength were attacked; the latter leading to global economic collapse and famine. Already, runs are happening to global banks due to printing more money than gold available: worthless paper.

Virtually all religions researched for the 3 documentaries portend a cataclysmic occurrence bringing an end to evil followed by some form of restoration, though not according to God’s timing or His methods; rather, based on historical events coinciding with each of earth’s measurable equinoctials, which depend on specific alignments of planets with earth affected by the sun and moon. As reminded in previous Extra Oils, God stated, “The sun and moon and stars govern earth, but you are not to delve in it.”

All the interpretations fall short of accuracy, with respect to dates, due to an obvious lack of spiritual interpretation, such based on man’s finite/corporeal discernment coupled with the lack of foresight about future events that would render void the year 2012. The Mayan winter solstice is about the sun and occurs on or about 21 December, not of earth’s equinoctial events.

The only explanation for a December date would be to assume an allowance for time to bring about total destruction between September and 21 December. It has been said many times that, while no man can give a day and hour, the Bible is clear enough to God’s prophets that a month and year can be concluded: the day and hour known only to the Father. “God does nothing until first telling His Prophets.”

Each prophetic rendering, whether Christian or pagan, failed to address the following facts: 1. The great whore and her harlot daughters, who only appear to be Christ’s church, offer up Revelation based on man’s military power instead of God’s infinite strength and the power of His elements; 2. They approach Revelation as if it covers only “end of days” and as written chronologically, both of which are untrue; and, 3. Not one entity allowed for an earthquake of such magnitude that it would knock earth off its axis by one minute.

One minute seems insignificant in the scheme of daily life, but to the universe as a whole a single minute can have monumental effects on earth and prophetic timing. When in 2004 that 9.7 earthquake broke apart the Indian Ocean and caused a tsunami that hit 11 countries, leaving a death toll of over 275,000 and unimaginable damage as well as thousands upon thousands of displaced people, it caught the attention of TSaS along with a multitude of news reporters and scientists; the latter of whom were asked if that one minute could affect global weather. Science responded with a resounding no; but, in 2004 TSaS advised its people that it would have catastrophic effects on all natural elements, not just weather. As revealed in the documentaries, scientists today have changed their minds and stated the truth that TSaS already had spoken.

Scientists still seem oblivious of the effect one minute would have on universal time, specifically the proven behaviour and timing of earth’s equinoctials. Jesus said, “I will come quickly and cut short the end of days (Laodicea) for the sake of my elect.” One minute. What would that convert to in linear miles, taking into consideration the size of our planet? 100 or 1000, or maybe 10,000 miles? And, how would the difference affect the alignment of planets for earth’s catastrophic equinox? TSaS is certain that minute will cause the next destructive equinox affect to occur earlier than at any time in history.

What better way to “cut short” earth’s last church age? We already know the shortest church age to date was Sardis of 46 years. We know we are more than 18 years into Laodicea and that it will be even shorter than Sardis. Tipping earth on its axis will cause the equinox to occur sooner than expected. Over a month ago, TSaS stated, “would be amazed if earth and humanity have more than two years left.”

By the Spirit, the sheep are told now, “Christ will come as early as mid-October to early-November 2009 or 2010 but no later than those same months in 2011.” Jesus has been allowed a bit of time to tarry, IF need be. So saith the Spirit, “As Daniel knew 2 years before the Jews’ captivity would end, so ye know 2 years before earth’s end.”

Partial silence has begun, as spoken of previously; thus, the precise year will be known when utter silence extends for 7.5 days. Listen, little sheep, listen with your spiritual ears, and watch the clouds with your spiritual eyes. Finally, time is of the essence. If you are not fully converted, time is no longer your friend; for total conversion now must be instant, this day: do not delay.

——DNA SIGNATURE CELL: God is good; God is amazing; and now even SCIENCE HAS PROVEN GOD’S EXISTENCE! It is a fact that each individual DNA is expressly unique. We understand how it can determine the paternity of a person or catch criminals of myriad crimes. A TSaS segment not long ago about the DNA of every living thing on this planet, including earth, was based on a recent documentary: i.e. each pine tree is unique to the one next to it, the same with flowers, herbs, grasses and all living creatures.

Still, science was determined to hang on to a big bang theory resulting in an evolution theory— theory: that which cannot be proven—because they could not find what they felt would be scientific evidence of a supreme intellectual being, whom we fondly call God, having created everything in our universe. Also, they believed that for there to be a single designer, then there had to be a reason for the design; neither of which they could find or determine. Two weeks ago, a new documentary found science writing a new song.

Darwin was responsible for devising tests that initiated DNA study, tests that were unable to locate an ID of a maker/designer thus they held on to the big bang theory. Darwin did not have the sophisticated equipment and techniques as well as evidence available today, such that has carried DNA studies to greater depths and even greater clarity. DNA “strands” look similar to a spinal column spiraling around another, kept equidistance from each other by what look like bars. As we progress, keep the spinal column in your mind, the top being attached to our head and the bottom our tailbone (beginning and end).

Today, scientists still apply Darwin’s methods of testing DNA but recently have added the use of techniques and equipment that reveal the minutest cells of a DNA strand, which are made up of a multitude of repetitive cells. Scientists had been testing the DNA of every living thing on earth, when suddenly they realized there was a minute single cell at the bottom of each strand that is repeated in all DNA strands of whatsoever life form. For example, your DNA might be A, F, and C cells but at the bottom of your strand is a single G cell; my DNA is perhaps B, D, and T cells with a single G cell; the pine tree DNA could be F, R and Q cells and again ends with a single G cell. It reminds us of God’s Seal, the fourth Precept, that appears in both His Ten Precepts and Ordinances.

Until now, science was reluctant to espouse a belief that the universe was deliberately designed by a single intelligent entity, because if there were a single designer then there had to be “a purpose for the design;” the latter of which science could not determine by its myriad tests and studies. Well—

On and on it goes, each strand ending in a single cell that is repeated in every living thing, even earth’s soil and rocks from the moon! Scientists have labeled the repeating unit a “signature cell” and stated that it supports our Judaic/Christian claim of a single “intelligent designer.” We call Him GOD!

Why, we even can tell science the purpose for His creation: because He could and did and, since then, He has been waiting patiently for His prodigal children to find their way back home. God is so good and so gracious to Truth speakers, for He said of these end days, “That which is secret, that which is hidden, will be revealed.” God did not mean just bad things but the good, too! Man’s science has validated our God and truly made us Truth Speakers! “Weep and wail and gnash your teeth all ye who do not believe!”

——Pray for the world’s national leaders and all the nations; pray for the goats, asking our Father to forgive those who do not “come out of her to become fully converted sheep, for they know not what they do or to whom they do it.” KNOW WITH CERTAINTY: NEITHER GOD’S FEW PROPHETS NOR ANY OF CHRIST’S SHEEP EVER BRING HARM UPON ANY CREATURE, INCLUDING MAN, INSTEAD CHOOSING FORGIVENESS AND DEATH OF SELF in exchange for everlasting life.

Little Sheep, be watchful, as I watch and continue watching; continue standing fast, even if facing death. We are greatly outnumbered but completely assured WE HAVE GOD’S POWER: they have no strength, only the ability to harm your flesh but never your spirit being! KEEP WALKING and TALKING, even when it feels useless: in the blink of an eye you might snatch one lost sheep from God’s fiery wrath.

Earth staggers with Christ’s closed invitation to only the “lukewarm and cold”— the former knows Truth but in some way is not living and/or speaking it. The Cold seek warmth of Truth and come to it the instant heard or read. Dear Sheep, live and speak ALL of God’s Truth: that is the warmth sought by the cold, whom God never said He would spew out of His mouth: “I wish that you were hot or cold, but since you are lukewarm I shall destroy you.” Why not the cold? Because He knows the Cold are seeking His Truth and, while patiently waiting for His speakers, they obey all that they do know and understand. So saith the Lord, “Ye lukewarm await consuming fire.”

Quickly— after all, a year or two is not much time— Jesus will come through earth’s door upon the clouds with a host of His angels. He brings with Him the decrees of innocent or guilty. His Sheep maintain extra oil by total obedience, unwavering faith and being watchmen of the signs and plagues— our Groom is close by.

—TSaS post archives open to everyone, posted weekly; membership accesses Bible Lesson FILES. TSaS ministry needs nothing, only continued prayer and that you share God’s Truth with all who will hear/read and obey in “the instant heard or read.” Be good stewards of God’s Word: share Extra Oils, give everyone the URL to our TSaS website— . . .

Got Questions about the Bible or Extra Oils? Email them to  

Want to talk with BonnieQ? Send an email stating need for person-to-person contact, to include a method of verifying your identity. If Spirit led, phone number will be sent by reply email. PLEASE NOTE: collect calls cannot be accepted: this ministry has no need of anyone’s money.

Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ

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