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Extra Oil Update 20: The Beast Spoke “Pure Organic Logic”

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 20: The Beast Spoke “Pure Organic Logic”
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

Earth IS Reeling To & Fro like a Drunkard: The Beast spoke “Pure Organic Logic” to fulfill Isaiah 14:13-14 and Daniel 7:23-25 and 11:36

THIS Extra Oil is a recall of the article “Pure Organic Logic,” setting out a phase of the end of days’ prophecies fulfilled then brought to light in April 2005. Many people missed this event but TSaS members were informed. Time zips at dizzying speed, events overlap at explosive rates. Unless something astounding happens, TSaS will not report daily news summaries each week hereafter. “Astounding” is now happening globally every day. TSaS will, however, broadcast weekly prophecy lessons in recall like the following:

Pure Organic Logic
©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry

In the week of 10 April 2005, truth speakers witnessed fulfillment of one segment of both Daniel and Revelation prophecies, another fulfilled in 1993. Christendom as a whole believes these events have not yet occurred, in accordance with their prophetic interpretations by man. NOTE: God’s prophecies come to be interpreted by: 1. only the Holy Spirit can provide understanding; and, 2. God’s Bible provides interpretive clues scattered randomly throughout its pages. The following critical-to-understanding information is provided before citing the fulfillment of Isaiah and Daniel’s prophecies: do read the relevant verses of Isaiah 14:13-14 and Daniel 7:23-25, 11:36.

One clue is relevant to the above events: a woman, spoken of in prophecy, is a metaphor representing the church organization— not the people following those myriad Christian denominations. A virtuous woman represents God’s pure doctrine that was taught in Christ’s virginal church— established during His ministry and continued unblemished by His Apostles as long they lived.

A vile woman, Revelation’s great whore and her harlot daughters, stand for Christ’s virginal church defiled by a flood of false doctrines: established during the Apostles’ ministry, though not within their churches or done by the Apostles. The apostate church did not come to full power until after the death of the last living witness to Christ, Apostle John. Note the singularity of her church; for her daughters would not form until later in order to carry her lies around the world: in effect, doing “worse than their mother” who had confined her lies to the European sector.

The great whore was fully formed by 200 A.D. and firmly established as a powerful church body endowed with civil power by 348 A.D. Both dates reflect her installation of a counterfeit sabbath as well as changing God’s time of a day being determined from sundown to sundown to that of midnight to midnight. As Daniel warned, “They hope to changes times and law.”

Since 1844, the world of Christendom has known and declared the identity of the antichrist’s representative, yet during the latter years of the Philadelphia age they began to silence themselves in fear of their connection to her being discovered. A glaring spotlight shown upon the great whore as well as her harlot daughters, who stood at the fringes of this bright revelatory light; the daughters secured by their mother’s umbilical cord. Satan spoke boldly through his queen via his prince and those beneath the prince. Did not God speak of His virginal queen and act through His prince Christ, Christ’s church? So does Satan speak through his vile queen and her daughters by way of his prince(s).

Pope John Paul II, who died on 05 April 2005, in an interview several years ago said, “I am pure organic logic. Take it or leave it.” What does this statement tell God’s Truth seekers and speakers about Pope John; rather, for whom he spoke? Review Webster’s definitions of the words “pure” and “organic,” which should lend a bit of comprehension to this Pope’s underlying message while revealing the one who spoke through him.

Pure: adj. 1. Free from anything that adulterates, taints, impairs, etc; unmixed; clear. 2. simple, mere. 3. utter; absolute; sheer; 4. free from defects; perfect; faultless. 5. free from sin or guilt; blameless. 6. virgin or chaste. 7. of unmixed stock; pure-blooded. 9. in the Bible, ceremonially undefiled. n. that which is pure. —SYN. see chaste.

Organic: adj. 2. inherent, inborn. 3. organized, systematically arranged. 5. derived from living organisms. 7. producing or involving alteration in the structure of an organ, opposed to functional. organical disease: visible structural changes. organism: an organism’s own dynamic system constitutes life, opposed to mechanism, vitalism.

Humans are organic beings, meaning the body has solid substance; however, the human flesh has no life of its own— unless or until a non-organic spirit being is placed within each, thus giving life to a flesh body made up of various earth-based organisms. Spiritual beings are pure energy with neither a visible form nor made up of substance or earth-based organisms: albeit, they can manifest a visible form. Thus, the Pope’s “pure, organic logic” must be construed as man’s flawed logic, as opposed to God’s pure spiritual logic.

Was the Pope a pure man; free from sin that adulterates, taints and impairs? Was he perfect, without fault, ceremonially undefiled? According to God’s Word, the only pure person ever to walk upon this earth was Jesus Christ; who was of an immaculate birth, thus not born of sin, and He never sinned against God during His short lifetime by violating and/or changing any of His Father’s Laws: therefore ceremonially pure.

A man conceived in the traditional manner and born of a woman never can claim the perfection and holiness of God and His Christ. While we can grow up into Christ’s perfection, we nevertheless always will bear scars of our past sins as long as we wear these fleshy, restrictive, tattered garments. Christ had no past, present or future sins therefore bore no scars of sin.

Consequently, to have added organic to his self-description, Pope John subtly revealed that he spoke man’s logic, Satan’s as it were, which is opposed to God’s reasoning: the former blemished, the latter perfect. Before Bibles were available to laymen, Papal Rome made structural, weighty changes to God’s times and laws, over 1900 years ago: as Daniel, Jesus and His Apostles warned. All previous Popes as well as John Paul agreed to these changes by virtue of their individual compliance as well as working to convince the world of Christendom that these blasphemous changes were by divine power: for the most part, to which all organized, incorporated Christian denominations adhere.

This charge of guilt is the same as God having charged guilty of murder those who did not actually do the killing of His ancient prophets, or all unrepentant sinners being judged guilty of Christ’s death. God’s judgment is based on each individual having supported the original perpetrators by adhering to their falsehoods: thus are all future generations judged by behaviour deeming them an accessory to murder after the fact.

Say Gary confesses to Joe that he committed a murder but hasn’t been caught. If Joe does not report Gary to law enforcement, then Joe can be charged as an accessory after the fact to that murder, thus rendering Joe also subject to Gary’s punishment.

God’s court of Law functions no differently. If you know God’s Truth and do not adhere to it as well as don’t shout it from rooftops, then you are just as guilty as those who changed God’s Law and you will be subject to their everlasting penalty. Daniel made it undeniably clear what we were to look for in order to identify false prophets and teachers: times and laws, the most vital being law; for within God’s law is His seal.

If the seal is not intact within the Statutes of Life, then it is NOT God’s Law: study the fourth Precept to discover the seal, then compare it to what is being taught; and, if not being taught, then look to that which is being observed by a monkey-see-monkey-do mentality: Exodus 20:8-11, also repeated in Deuteronomy c.5.

Lucifer was given 2300 years in which to deceive the world, in the midst of which 1260 years would be done through his queen and her daughters. They would convince the world of lies in God’s name. It would be these 1260 years during which God’s fourth Statute was presented changed and the majority of earth’s Christian population would obey said changes. However, God’s truth was being preserved by small flocks hiding “in the wilderness” during those years, prepared to preach it again when it was time.

Bear in mind, Bibles were forbidden to laymen; therefore, the non-clergy population had to accept whatever came from their chosen pulpit: which means that, up until the Truth was preached again, all those violating the fourth commandment were not held accountable for it: UNLESS they had encountered one of the small flocks and had heard God’s Truth. This is not to say they were judged wholly innocent, for there might have been other ongoing sins that would have rendered them guilty thus marked twice dead.

Preaching the Truth again began in 1844 through 1991, the Philadelphia church age, by then the Bible having been widely available and circulated since 1611. And, while man’s trial and sealing has been completed, for we are now in the last church era of Laodicea, the Truth continues to be spoken to those lukewarm or cold around the globe: these being the ones whom God is saying, “Come out of her.” This means to fully comply with God’s Doctrine, wholly giving up all ties to the great whore and her harlot daughters.

To be lukewarm is to know and obey God’s Law out of duty instead of love and faith thus believing obedience is all it takes: these are in danger of being spewed out of God’s mouth, meaning that if they don’t repent they shall perish in the end. One who is cold believes in God and Christ yet feels that some part of what he or she has been taught was only a part: a sense of something missing, as it were. God prefers that one be either hot or cold; there being more hope for the cold in that a cold person will seek warmth, look for that which is missing and, upon finding it, he or she instantly will embrace it.

More revealing in recent statements by John Paul, provided by the media after his death, his Cardinals unwittingly gave the identity of who spoke through him and them; albeit, it was done very cleverly. They declared Pope John as the “Universal Church Leader” and “Prince of the Church” and “Christ among us.” These titles are nothing new, always having been a matter of Vatican record— all previous Popes carried the same titles— yet none have ever been made in such a public manner and, certainly, not as blatantly as during the second week of April 2005.

Earth is a mere dot in the universe thus the heavens are included in “Universal Church Leader,” indicating Satan finally and boldly had declared himself to the world as God and did so through Papal Rome’s prince who had just died. Then, by virtue of declaring himself “Christ among us,” the Destroyer metaphorically ascended to God’s throne upon Pope John’s demise: portended in Isaiah 14:13-14 and Daniel 7:23-25, 11:36. Lucifer’s ascension is only metaphoric, for he never can truly achieve such a lofty position.

What we have here is an elaborate veil of illusion that most Christians cannot see beyond. Alas, they expect to literally see Satan himself performing great miracles, then before their very eyes he turns as ugly as his personality. Satan is far too devious to reveal his spiritual form. After all, his expertise is in the creation of illusions and lies. Although, Satan’s miracles have and are being performed through his various princes/ministers. As Paul warned, “Do not be surprised that Satan can manifest himself as an angel of Light or that his ministers can do the same.”

Look around, pay attention: they’ve been achieving miraculous healings, but not by the power of God nor even according to His instructions about using the gift of healing. One must have God’s seal in order to have the power of God. Lucifer has been performing miracles also through doctors and nations’ armaments; again, not by the power of God.

Satan’s miracles differ on several levels from those Christ performed, mainly because Satan’s are illusions meant to deceive while Christ possessed the power of God designed to reveal God’s power and to identify Him as God’s Son. Stop looking for more than there should be, just as Israel looked for more than there should have been when the promised Messiah arrived. They missed Him, at least the majority did.

By her bold behaviour, not only has the great whore declared herself a queen that cannot be overthrown, see Revelation 18:7, but her princes have declared themselves Christ: both of which Jesus charged as being false prophets and false Christs in Matthew 23-24. Her harlot daughters Pagan and Protestant do the same, although much more subtly and by diverse means: in order to conceal their familial bond, both parental and sibling. After all, even the sisters deny each other. Satan’s house is divided, as Christ declared in Luke 11:17-18, and it will fall to utter destruction as Christ crosses earth’s skies from east to west. Satan’s house is Revelation’s Babylon in three parts: Papal, Pagan, and Protestant. How much more divided can that be?

Pagan and her like sisters are blatant in following Papal laws while denying God and His Christ altogether. After all, the Vatican is riddled with Pagan’s icons, black rituals, and consuming superstitions of Wiccan, Druidism, and all other false religions.

Protestant, however, is the more devious of Papal daughters; in that she and her like sisters quietly adhere to Papal laws and times as well as by deed, more than word, encourage their followers to do the same— rather than God’s Laws written in stone with His own finger. Protestant and her sisters overtly deny familial ties with their mother as well as her sister Pagan.

One daughter denies both mother and God yet follows her mother’s ways; the other daughter denies mother and sister yet also follows her mother’s ways while contrarily declaring God and His Christ: albeit, she does use her pagan sister’s trinkets and icons as well as observes her heathen festivals, all in the name of Christ.

Think not? Consider one example: as is Christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving, Easter also is another pagan festival, one dedicated to pagan sun gods; a floating day celebrated in Christ’s name by Protestant on 27 March 2005 in exchange for Passover, the first fixed day of which is 24 April of 2005. Christ observed Passover and instructed His sheep to do the same: “as often as you will, do it in remembrance of me.” There is more.

False prophets and false Christs are revealed through God’s Law untouched. If it is taught and lived as it was “given in the beginning,” then the prophets are as true as Christ was true and as His Apostles and their proselytes were true. Contrarily, if the Law is taught with changes therein, then the prophets are false. Additionally, false Christ’s are those willing to be considered Christ while merely a church leader.

Apostle Paul warned of these “men,” finding only one good thing to say about them: “They preach Jesus.” Christ said of them, “For all the good you do, I do not know you.” And, He warned the people of His day against Jewish Pharisees and Scribes, which also applies to Christian leadership today, and it is for the very same reason that He does not know the great whore and harlot daughters and the people refusing “to come out of her:”

“You appear as white sepulchres with your commandments and traditions of men taught in God’s name, and the people love your smooth words; but, you are full of dead men’s bones.” This is to say, the great whore and her harlot daughter Protestant appear as Christ’s light but they teach lies for God, thus they condemn their own followers to a sentence of twice dead: UNLESS they “come out of her” to follow only God’s Law of Liberty. Avowed pagans already are so sentenced, although in their midst might be some lost sheep. If so, those lost sheep will embrace God’s Truth the “instant they hear it.”

Another prophecy, fulfilled back in 1993, was first portended by Daniel and reiterated by Christ. Jesus and the Apostles had just left the holy temple and were walking in the city of Jerusalem when Christ said, “When you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel, standing in this holy place, then flee to the mountains and watch for me to come in the clouds.”

“Abomination of desolation” is another title Satan bears; however, the person or entity we must look to is one of his ministers who only appears to be Light and functions as the leader of Revelation’s great whore. Over the centuries there have been many such ministers, each having assumed the blasphemous titles of the one who reigned before him; much like the king or president of a nation hands said titled to the next man or woman to fill that national leadership role. The minister in question here would be a part of having distorted God’s Word by supporting blasphemous changes to God’s Law as well as His times and teaching same to the world and its denominational followers.

It is a matter of record that Papal Rome changed God’s Law and times, making it the mother synagogue of the “abomination of desolation.” Therefore, the man/minister we look for, relative to this particular prophecy, would be Papal Rome’s highest leader. Pope John Paul was seen standing at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall in 1993, an event that was not reported worldwide at the time; news film clips of this his second visit, since 1991, were not reported in the United States until after his demise. This event reveals Christ about to come in the clouds.

The instruction to “flee to the mountains” was qualified with, “making sure your flight is not on the Sabbath day.” Therefore, two things are revealed: 1) the most unsafe places to be in these end days are global cities, validated by local and world news every day; and, 2) the admonition to not flee on God’s seventh day Sabbath brings to bear the importance of this day, meaning it is not to be disobeyed even during troublous times. That, and it is God’s Seal; thus, all who are impressed with His Seal would not disobey His and Christ’s Sabbath just to avoid possible trouble or even death. Review Hebrews, chapter four.

In the end, it is not God who causes the second death of all who did not embrace His and Christ’s Truth; rather, it is Satan himself “who slays his own.” God is true, His righteousness above all, His judgments just: God is love, for only love speaks truth and warns those who are not living in accordance with His and Christ’s Doctrine; which is one and the same as that which God gave in the beginning, written by His own finger on tablets of stone (Exodus c.20 and Deuteronomy c.5), the same Law that God said will “stand forever” and would be “magnified and made honorable” by Christ: then Christ said, “Do my Father’s will.”

God’s will always has been obedience to only His Ten Commandments from a fleshy heart of love, whereupon are written His Law: “circumcision of the heart,” as it were. To “magnify” is to live the Law, and to make “honorable” is to teach others to live it. Jesus lived God’s Law and He taught us to do the same. Jesus then said, “Whoever obeys God’s Law and teaches the same will be called great in heaven.”

—— So saith the Spirit, “As Daniel knew 2 years before the Jews’ captivity would end, so ye know 2 years before earth’s end.” By the Spirit, the sheep have been told, “Christ will come as early as mid-October to early-November 2009 or 2010 but no later than those same months in 2011.” Jesus has been allowed a bit of time to tarry, IF need be.

Partial silence has begun, as spoken of previously; thus, the precise year will be known when utter silence extends for 7.5 days. Listen, little sheep, listen with your spiritual ears, and watch the clouds with your spiritual eyes. Finally, time is of the essence. If you are not fully converted, time is no longer your friend; for total conversion now must be instant, this day, today: do not delay.

——Pray for the world’s national leaders and all the nations’ people; pray for the goats, asking our Father to forgive those who do not “come out of her to become fully converted sheep, for they know not what they do or to whom they do it.” KNOW WITH CERTAINTY: NEITHER GOD’S FEW PROPHETS NOR ANY OF CHRIST’S SHEEP EVER BRING HARM UPON ANY CREATURE, INCLUDING MAN, INSTEAD CHOOSING FORGIVENESS AND DEATH OF SELF in exchange for everlasting life.

Little Sheep, be watchful, as I watch and continue watching; continue standing fast, even if facing death. We are greatly outnumbered but completely assured WE HAVE GOD’S POWER: they have no strength, only the ability to harm your flesh but never your spirit being! KEEP WALKING and TALKING, even when it feels useless: in the blink of an eye you might snatch one lost sheep from God’s fiery wrath.

Earth staggers with Christ’s closed invitation to only the “lukewarm and cold”— the former knows Truth but in some way is not living and/or speaking it. The Cold seek warmth of Truth and come to it the instant heard or read. Dear Sheep, live and speak ALL of God’s Truth: that is the warmth sought by the cold, whom God never said He would spew out of His mouth: “I wish that you were hot or cold, but since you are lukewarm I shall destroy you.” Why not the cold? Because He knows the Cold are seeking His Truth and, while patiently waiting for His speakers, they obey all that they do know and understand. So saith the Lord, “Ye lukewarm await consuming fire.”

Quickly— after all, a year or two is not much time— Jesus will come through earth’s door upon the clouds with a host of His angels. He brings with Him the decrees of innocent or guilty. His Sheep maintain extra oil by total obedience, unwavering faith and being watchmen of the signs and plagues— our Groom is close by.

—TSaS post archives open to everyone, posted weekly; membership accesses Bible Lesson FILES. TSaS ministry needs nothing, only continued prayer and that you share God’s Truth with all who will hear/read and obey in “the instant heard or read.” Be good stewards of God’s Word: share Extra Oils, give everyone the URL to our TSaS website— . . .

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Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ

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