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Extra Oil Update 20A: SPECIAL Seventh Vial Sampling

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 20A: Seventh Vial Sampling
copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


Earth IS Reeling To & Fro like a Drunkard: Special— Seventh Vial Sampling, Sign of Pestilences, Fires, Civil Unrest (2.5 pages)

THIS Extra Oil is a SPECIAL broadcast to advise Christ’s sheep that earth has now experienced a sampling of Revelation’s Seventh Vial and signs of pestilences in deadly swarms; also, the great whore and her harlot daughters continue to feel God’s wrath; albeit, they have been feeling it all along by myriad events. Our regular Extra Oil will be posted Friday evening for Sabbath: “Lie of Seven and Jews Not Jews.”

God was busy on Tuesday, 29 Sept 2009— JESUS IS AT THE DOOR! Everything below happened on this day:

Revelation 16:20— “And every island fled away . . .” While there is much more about the 7th vial of God’s wrath, the following events of Tuesday truly provided a “sneak peek” or sampling of what will be happening globally as Christ crosses earth’s skies taking up His small flocks and God’s few prophets.

AM: an 8.0 quake causes 3- to 15-foot tsunami waves aimed at Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga and Apia Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It was estimated that the waves also could reach US shores of California, Oregon and Washington as early as 9pm Tuesday night (no reports available) as well as Pacific Asian shores in the other direction. Satellite pictures before the quake, then during the tsunami revealed a disappearance of all but the big Island of Samoa, although it appeared only as a small white dot in the ocean instead of its full size shot taken in advance of deadly waves. The current death toll is 111 and rising: they know numerous people are still buried in sand and beneath the rubble of buildings and homes; “many, many are missing.”

PM: Indonesia rocked by a 7.6 quake at Sumatra Island in the area previously affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004; huge damage in Sumatra, confirmed 200 dead with 1000s missing or trapped in collapsed buildings and homes.

Typhoon Ketsana kills and leaves many people missing. “Typhoon Ketsana continued its deadly path across Southeast Asia as it ripped into the coast of Vietnam, killing at least 23 people there, after leaving more than 280 people dead or missing in the Philippines over the weekend. Two fresh storms were brewing in the Pacific east of the Philippines, meanwhile, and threatened to hamper rescue and cleanup operations, especially in Manila and surrounding areas,” reported James Hookway of the Wall Street Journal.

Yellowstone National Park rocked by swarms of earthquakes beneath one of the earth’s largest lava pools; hit by 100 as much as 3.6 on the scale. Becoming increasingly active with quakes daily. Various deadly volcanoes around the globe becoming more and more active.

Nepal church collapse kills at least 23. In Washington alone, there have been numerous Sunday observing churches burned to the ground in the last few years; there have been others across this nation and even across the globe. As Jesus said, “They are like white sepulchres; beautiful on the outside but full of dead men’s bones.” We will never see God’s wrath come down upon those who are sealed with His Fourth Precept seal, as evidenced by their behaviour. The only ones who will attack the sheep are the goats.

This report/sign will remind you of the swarm of locusts that Moses brought upon Egypt, which destroyed all of Egypt’s crops. The following was a 2009 documentary seen two weeks ago on Comcast cable television, channel 43ANIPW, the events having occurred, or will be happening, since 1991; the beginning of earth’s last church age of Laodicea. Note that the pestilences number SEVEN:

—— 1. Billions of flies swarming every few months along African coast, so thick that sky is darkened and if faces are not covered, inhaling causes death to man and beast.

—— 2. Africa’s rain forest crabs make their way to coastline to lay eggs while tide is out: they cannot swim. The swarms are now in the billions, turning roads and landscapes red as they go out then make their way back to the rain forests. Hatchlings are in even larger billions and, soon, they make their way to the rain forests.

—— 3. Box Jelly Fish of Northern Australia and Indo-Pacific Ocean— some do collect around certain points of Hawaii— come into shallow shore waters to mate, their extremely long tentacles excreting deadly poison that can paralyze anything that brushes against them. They now come to shallow waters by the billions: some people killed, others injured and/or blinded. Signs up to keep people out of the water.

—— 4. Texas mosquitoes swarming by the billions, so many that they actually kill cattle causing great losses to ranchers.

—— 5. Australia being overrun by a type of prolific small mice with long pointed noses: overrun by billions and billions more to come. They begin birthing babies at six weeks old and the babies are ravenous, wiping out entire crops. They also carry a variety of deadly diseases.

—— 6. California yellow jacket bees in deadly swarms if someone comes near their nests or accidentally disturb nests on the ground. If help is not immediate, the hundreds of stings will kill almost instantly.

—— 7. Africa’s locusts now swarm in the billions, enough to cover 1/5 of earth’s landmass. Typically, they swarm every 15 years but things are worsening. US due locust swarms and it will be as bad as in Africa: darken skies by huge clouds of them.

——Events in last 2 weeks: Civil unrest global, even US— Uganda riots kill 14, 640 arrested; elements’ and signs’ death tolls rising globally; Oregon fires smoke Washington skies causing breathing difficulties for many, people urged to stay indoors. California fires still raging. Kazakhstan fires kill 38. India— police toss teen from train causing loss of teen’s legs; US—10 Bank robberies suspect arrested; Fear H1N1 virus causes France to forbid kissing; US— 6-million people lost insurance coverage in last 12 months.

——Pray for the world’s national leaders and all the nations; pray for the goats, asking our Father to forgive those who do not “come out of her to become fully converted sheep, for they know not what they do or to whom they do it.” KNOW WITH CERTAINTY: NEITHER GOD’S FEW PROPHETS NOR ANY OF CHRIST’S SHEEP EVER BRING HARM UPON ANY CREATURE, INCLUDING MAN, INSTEAD CHOOSING FORGIVENESS AND DEATH OF SELF in exchange for everlasting life.

Little Sheep, be watchful, as I watch and continue watching; continue standing fast, even if facing death. We are greatly outnumbered but completely assured WE HAVE GOD’S POWER: they have no strength, only the ability to harm your flesh but never your spirit being! KEEP WALKING and TALKING, even when it feels useless: in the blink of an eye you might snatch one lost sheep from God’s fiery wrath.

Earth staggers with Christ’s closed invitation to only the “lukewarm and cold”— the former knows Truth but in some way is not living and/or speaking it. The Cold seek warmth of Truth and come to it the instant heard or read. Dear Sheep, live and speak ALL of God’s Truth: that is the warmth sought by the cold, whom God never said He would spew out of His mouth: “I wish that you were hot or cold, but since you are lukewarm I shall destroy you.” Why not the cold? Because He knows the Cold are seeking His Truth and, while patiently waiting for His speakers, they obey all that they do know and understand. So saith the Lord, “Ye lukewarm await consuming fire.”

Quickly— after all, a year or two is not much time— Jesus will come through earth’s door upon the clouds with a host of His angels. He brings with Him the decrees of innocent or guilty. His Sheep maintain extra oil by total obedience, unwavering faith and being watchmen of the signs and plagues— our Groom is close by.

—TSaS post archives open to everyone, posted weekly; membership accesses Bible Lesson FILES. TSaS ministry needs nothing, only continued prayer and that you share God’s Truth with all who will hear/read and obey in “the instant heard or read.” Be good stewards of God’s Word: share Extra Oils, give everyone the URL to our TSaS website— . . .

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Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ

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