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Extra Oil Update 21-URGENT: Lie of Seven & Jews Not Jews

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 21-URGENT: Lie of Seven & Jews Not Jews
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

Earth IS Reeling To & Fro like a Drunkard: Seven-yr Lie Blinds; crucial witnessing tool—”When a Jew is Not a Jew”

Unemployment and underemployed at 26-million or about 18%, expected to continue rising well into 2016. WE WILL NOT BE HERE! More people losing homes.

——THIS Extra Oil is a vital recall: “When a Jew is Not a Jew,” revealing exactly who will be taken up among Jews (10%) and Gentiles (heathens, 33.3%) when Christ is in the clouds. It is today even more crucial to understand the lies told to and/or implied to Israel as well as the professed Christian population in the very limited time man has left on this planet: i.e. the implied lie that Jesus has never come in the flesh, as He warned of in these end of days, causing the Jews to think their temple must be rebuilt before Messiah comes the “first” time. WE must speak the truth to Jews, in spite of the great whore and her harlot daughters; despite danger it might cause. Satan especially wants God’s chosen of Israel. Do you want their blood on your hands? It will be IF you and we all do not speak God’s Truth to them, whether they accept it or not; for it is their choice after heard.

A prior TSaS Bible lesson historically revealed the Lie of Seven as based on Daniel’s 490-yr prophecy, of which the last 7-yrs the harlot daughters say are not yet fulfilled. Making such a claim is, first, to IMPLY that God changed His prophetic protocol, then it IMPLYS that Messiah never came in the flesh after the temple was rebuilt for just that purpose during the timeframe of the first 483 years; implies that Jesus did not minister for 3.5 years; did not die on a cross; was not raised up; did not ascend to heaven with a host resurrected from their graves: all of which corporate Christendom contradicts their implications when they teach those events did occur— just not in the first 3.5 years of the final seven. God’s 490-yr prophecy halted at 483-yrs only to resume at some nonspecific time 2000 years later? NOT SO! Every prophecy of the Bible begins and ends without interruption: by God’s prophetic protocol.

The harlot daughters’ lie also implies that minister Stephen was not stoned to death 3.5 years after Christ’s crucifixion, which completed the last 7-yrs of Daniel’s 490-years, setting in motion prophecy’s Time of the Gentiles. Thus, it also implies that Paul was not chosen by Christ-in-the-Spirit to fill minister Stephen’s position: Paul’s specific mission to witness to the heathens. The lie, therefore, implies that Paul was a false prophet to the Gentiles (heathens). Who wants to stand face to face with God and attempt to validate such a blatant lie? A lie that has the potential to destroy all of Israel.

Remember Jesus chastising the Pharisees for not having taught the “weightier matters of God’s Law?” God judges “false witness” as a lie, whether presented verbal or written false charges and accusations, by omission of crucial facts or implied by deliberate twisting of God’s prophecies’ timelines or by a combination of all these methods in order to present a believable lie. Remember Daniel’s warning: “They change times and law.” The times they changed: God’s established day of 24 hours, and prophecy timelines. The law they changed: deleted on precept, changed the fourth law and divided the 10 one in order to maintain the illusion of Ten Commandments.

Time zips at dizzying speed, events still overlap at explosive rates. “Astounding,” such as earth has never seen, is happening globally every day. TSaS now broadcasts only critical prophecy and Truth lessons in recall, such as the following that directly relates to Daniel’s prophecy:

 When a Jew is Not a Jew
©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

Scriptures cited herein are paraphrased for clarity and taken from the Authorized King James Version Bible, the only translation that was by divine direction to fulfill one of Revelation’s prophecies, that of bringing God’s Truth to the world one more time, and the only version TSaS recommends. Open your Bible to the verses noted throughout and allow the Spirit’s confirmation: He cannot lie: this treatise is His, not that of TSaS.

“I know the blasphemy of they who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan . . . I will make them, who are of the synagogue of Satan and who say they are Jews and are not but do lie, to come and worship at your feet.” (Rev. 2:9; 3:9) God is speaking to His chosen people, the Jews, and is referring to those pagans who turn to embrace salvation offered in Truth. In other words, when they hear God’s Truth, they “come out of” the “great whore and her harlot daughters” to live God’s Truth as the Jews have always known it. God makes this promise to Jews because, thousands of years ago, they agreed to suffer greatly in order to bring salvation to we heathens. However, this passage is even more important to Christ’s sheep, as will be shown herein.

Many assume the above means a person who claims Jewish birth yet do not have a drop of Hebrew blood in their veins thus obviously liars. To understand God’s meaning, ALL of His relevant Word must be brought together. Know this: Satan’s synagogues are those that, on their beautiful white surfaces, appear to be Christian but teach lies in Christ’s name, together with all false religions: they all are full of dead men’s bones, their goats accepting man’s precepts and traditions instead of God’s, thus sentenced twice dead. They claim to be Jews, which is to say ‘believers,’ but their behaviour says they are lying.

Romans 2:25-29 reveals more: “Circumcision benefits you, IF God’s Ten Precepts are obeyed; but, to violate His Law makes circumcision count for nothing. Also, the lack of circumcision, one’s natural state, should be accepted as circumcision, IF such a man obeys God’s Law. For no one is a Jew just because he was born a Jew, and neither is circumcision of the flesh true circumcision, if the circumcised are disobedient. One is a Jew inwardly when circumcision is of the heart, in a man’s spirit— not in Moses’ ordinance sacrifice by circumcision— and whose praise is not by men’s commandments and traditions but by God’s Statutes.”

It is necessary to understand the difference between Law/Precept/Statutes versus a type of law called Ordinances. We are directed first to the fact that for everything in heaven— its hierarchy, government, laws, population— there are likenesses here on earth. Look at man’s laws to determine the difference between the two forms of law. Precept/Statutes are permanent laws, such as criminal law in that a crime always will be a crime; while Ordinances are temporary laws put into force for myriad reasons and for a variety of fixed time periods: i.e. a temporary toll charge to pay for a new road or local taxation for the cost of, say, building a sports arena; or, more importantly, God’s ordinance of sacrifice and oblation was to be obeyed until Christ physically replaced it.

As it is with man’s criminal laws, so it is with God’s Law: His Precept/Statutes are deemed “to stand forever” and “perpetual, even in the New Earth and heavens,” for sin always is sin and always abominable to God. Moses’ Ordinances, however, were and are temporary, such as the sacrificial ordinances; which were a “shadow of better to come”: Christ the Lamb. Of these ordinances God had declared, in Ezekiel 20:24-25, “as not good,” in that the blood of an animal cannot cleanse away sin and circumcision of the flesh could not instill love and faith thus obedience. Neither could an annual atonement sabbath absolve someone who died before the next year’s atonement ritual.

Granted, there also are ordinances of health and caring for the land, which are good and remain standing, as well as war ordinances until there are no more wars. Even these, however, are temporary and will be deleted from God’s Law books when evil is utterly destroyed, followed by earth and the heavens being restored to original purity.

Getting back to our subject: Galatians 2:15-16 has been used to justify a teaching that Christians do not have to obey God’s Ten Commandments, and many other such verses have been used in the same erroneous way; however, when verses 3, 7 and 8 are included, it is discovered that Paul was chastising Peter for requiring heathen converts to be circumcised according to Moses’ sacrificial ordinance of circumcision. This passage in no way refers to God’s Law of Liberty, also known as Statutes of Life, Precepts, Law of Blessings, Law of Righteousness: in all, only His Ten Commandments.

It was the people, not God, who desired sacrificial ordinances, in order to visually acknowledge God and to have a visual atonement for sins; much like Egypt’s pagan rituals, under whose rule they previously had been for 400 years. Deuteronomy 30:6,8 states, “God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your seed, to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may live. And, by this love you will obey God’s Commandments” (Exodus 20:3-17; Deuteronomy 5:7-14,16-21).

Instead of removing a man’s foreskin with a knife, God circumcises (softens) a person’s stony heart with love and thereupon writes His Law— Deuteronomy 5:29; 10:16; 26:16; I Kings 8:61— a consuming love that motivates man to obey God’s Law without Moses’ ordinances of circumcision, just as Jesus replaced a sacrificial lamb used for the annual atonement sabbath: this latter of which is not to be confused with God’s Fourth Precept (Exodus 20:8-11). Daniel 9:27 accurately prophesied that Jesus would do away with the “ordinances of sacrifice and oblations.” Nowhere does the Word say God’s Ten Statutes would ever be deleted. If Jesus had said so, then He would have made His Father a liar, for God said the Twelve (2-Royal Laws + 10-Precepts) are perpetual “even in new earth and the heavens.”

When is a Jew not a Jew? Romans 1:16-18 states, “The gospel of Christ is God’s power of salvation to every one who believes; to Jews first, and also to heathens. For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, ‘The just shall live by faith.’ For God’s anger comes from heaven against all of men’s ungodliness and unrighteousness, they who refuse to speak the truth because of their unrighteousness.” Living by faith is to obey God’s Law because we believe it is in our best interest, it is just, and it is the way of righteousness; but, first and foremost, we obey because we love God: which is NOT legalism, as many of us are accused— “We know that we love God because we obey His Commandments.”

It is established that a Jew is anyone of whatsoever national origin who has the faith OF and IN Jesus and obeys God’s Commandments (Rev. 12:17; 14:12; 22:14); likewise and regardless of heritage, one is not a Jew if he or she does not accept Christ as God’s Son, thus does not have faith like Christ’s, and does not ‘lovingly’ obey God’s Statutes.

Paul tells us in Galatians 3:28-29, “There is neither Jew nor heathen, there is neither servant nor freeman, there is neither male nor female: for both Jew and heathen are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you, who before were pagans, belong to Christ, then you are of Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.”

Paul reiterates and instructs in Colossians 3:10-16, “By belief and obedience, you have put on a new man, which is made after the image of God by His knowledge: where there is neither heathen nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, bond nor free: but Christ is all and in all. As the elect of God, take on mercy, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering; patience with one another and forgiving one another.

“If any man has a complaint against another, as Christ forgave you, you also forgive. Above all these things put on love, which is the connection to perfection. Let God’s peace rule in your hearts, for you are called to one body; and, be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you passionately in all wisdom; teaching and give warning to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”

Referencing “the connection to perfection,” we are led to Matthew 22:37-40; “Love God with all your heart and soul and with all your mind; and, love your neighbour as yourself. God’s Precepts hang on, are connected to these two [royal] commandments.” According to Webster’s Dictionary, to hang on means “to depend upon;” therefore, obedience to God’s Law of Righteousness depends upon whether our professed love is genuine or insincere. Love softens hearts; otherwise, they remain like stone and behaviour will continue in unrighteousness.

In an aside, the harlot daughters teach the above royal law as given by Jesus to replace God’s Ten Precepts. What they do not reveal is that God stated those two royal laws in the Old Testament as required to maintain the Ten; the same as Jesus talked and walked: He came teaching nothing new and making no changes. 

Righteousness is perfection, God’s and Christ’s perfection that we, as professed believers, are instructed to “grow into” by daily striving, which is to say “work out your salvation,” toward perfect obedience (Luke 13:24; I Corinthians 9:25-27; Ephesians 4:15-19; Philippians 1:27; Hebrews 12:4). This must be accomplished so we can be presented to Christ as a virgin bride when He arrives to take up His small flocks of sheep (II Corinthians 11:2; Colossians 1:27-29).

Currently, there are teachers in the world who are saying that all Jews who lived prior to Christ will not be redeemed, because they no longer are God’s people. In part, and part only, this is true; BUT, only because all who were to be redeemed were resurrected and taken up with Christ when He ascended to heaven in A.D. 33. This is verified in Ezekiel 37:11-14; Matthew 27:50,52-53; Ephesians 4:8. To be held in the grave— the Hebrew word most know as hell— is to be held in captivity on a temporary basis.

A host— “a multitude, great number”— of graves were opened the moment Christ died on the cross: these resurrected people, who were God’s ancient prophets and those Jews who obeyed His Law with a pure heart, were seen by many in the cities. To “take captivity captive” when Christ ascended to heaven, means that He took all of the ones resurrected with Him. Judgment thereafter is confined to generations following Christ’s ministry; for judgment of Jews prior to Christ was already carried out. It remains that we of the last 2000 years, both Jew and Gentile, receive just sentencing based on stated beliefs and our behaviour; this latter revealing whether the heart is soft or hardened. Christ brings sentencing with Him: those guilty are left behind dead and those innocent are taken up to meet Christ in the air to be escorted to the “safe haven of heaven.”

An important aspect of “Circumcision profits you, IF you obey God’s Ten Statutes”: if a natural Jew is circumcised AND obeys God’s Law yet has not accepted Christ, he still might be accepted into Christ’s kingdom in the end for his unwavering Judaic devotion. Alas, many orthodox Jews today do not obey God’s Law in the manner God prescribed, thus still defile it as they defile the Holy City: they need Jesus— we must pray for them, for they suffered terribly over the past centuries in order to bring salvation to pagans.

As heathens, or Gentiles and Greeks if you will, all who have accepted Christ and obey God’s Law as evidence of our love, have been adopted thus grafted into God’s Tree of Life. Two of the twelve natural Jewish branches were cut out due to having turned completely to idolatry: it is here that repentant heathens are grafted in (see article “The Twelve Tribes”). If we disobey in likeness of pagans, then we can be cut out of God’s eternal tree. God might easily graft back in the two Jewish branches before removed.

As adoptees we become Biblical Jews and will inherit the same reward as a natural Jew: we are the elect people of God, because we elected/chose to believe their God is the One True God and we embrace His Son Christ.

Jews are God’s chosen people who, against all they believed, still did things God abhors: because He hardened their hearts so we heathens could learn what not to do, if we want to be saved in the end. In order to prevent the Jews from doing what they knew was right, God rendered them blind and deaf so they would carry out His great plan of salvation. We should be on our knees kissing their feet and humbly thanking them!

Romans 8:15,23; 9:4; Galatians 4:5; Ephesians 1:5; Romans 11:16-24; see Hebrews 4:4,7-9,11 for an example of unbelief, which directly relates to Exodus 20:8-11. Do not behave in unbelief to cause your own destruction. Be a Jew at heart and in works of God’s Law: accept Jesus as God’s Son and obey God’s Law as given in the beginning. Not much to ask, is it? He asks little yet God rewards greatly here and more in the hereafter.

—— So saith the Spirit, “As Daniel knew 2 years before the Jews’ captivity would end, so ye know 2 years before earth’s end.” By the Spirit, the sheep have been told, “Christ will come as early as mid-October to early-November 2009 or 2010 but no later than those same months in 2011.” Jesus has been allowed a bit of time to tarry, IF need be. Be sure to read the two SPECIAL broadcasts Extra Oil Update 20A and 20B for a sneak peek at the seventh plague: due in full force behind Jesus as He crosses our skies.

Partial silence has begun, as spoken of previously; thus, the precise year will be known when utter silence extends for 7.5 days (prophetic “half an hour”). Listen, little sheep, listen with your spiritual ears, and watch the clouds with your spiritual eyes. Time is of the essence. If not fully converted, time is no longer your friend; for total conversion in this age must be instant, this day, today: do not delay.

——Pray for the world’s national leaders and all the nations’ people; pray for the goats, asking our Father to forgive those who do not “come out of her to become fully converted sheep, for they know not what they do or to whom they do it.” KNOW WITH CERTAINTY: NEITHER GOD’S FEW PROPHETS NOR ANY OF CHRIST’S SHEEP EVER BRING HARM UPON ANY CREATURE, INCLUDING MAN, INSTEAD CHOOSING FORGIVENESS AND DEATH OF SELF in exchange for everlasting life; all as exemplified by Christ.

Little Sheep, be watchful, as I watch and continue watching; continue standing fast, even if facing death. We are greatly outnumbered but completely assured WE HAVE GOD’S POWER: they have no strength, only the ability to harm your flesh but never your spirit being! KEEP WALKING and TALKING, even when it feels useless: in the blink of an eye you might snatch one lost sheep from God’s fiery wrath.

Earth staggers with Christ’s closed invitation to only the “lukewarm and cold”— the former knows Truth but in some way is not living and/or speaking it. The Cold seek warmth of Truth and come to it the instant heard or read. Dear Sheep, live and speak ALL of God’s Truth: that is the warmth sought by the cold, whom God never said He would spew out of His mouth: “I wish that you were hot or cold, but since you are lukewarm I shall destroy you.” Why not the cold? Because He knows the Cold are seeking His Truth and, while patiently waiting for His speakers, they obey all that they do know and understand. So saith the Lord, “Ye lukewarm await consuming fire.”

Quickly— after all, a year or two is not much time— Jesus will come through earth’s door upon the clouds with a host of His angels. He brings with Him the decrees of innocent or guilty. His Sheep maintain extra oil by total obedience, unwavering faith and being watchmen of the signs and plagues— our Groom is close by.

—TSaS post archives open to everyone, posted weekly; membership accesses Bible Lesson FILES. TSaS ministry needs nothing, only continued prayer and that you share God’s Truth with all who will hear/read and obey in “the instant heard or read.” Be good stewards of God’s Word: share Extra Oils, give everyone the URL to our TSaS website— . . . 

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Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ

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  1. Fear and Failure are lies to the core. Look deep inside and you will see God at the door. Come in Come in it’s great to see you, I have been waiting here to make all your dreams true. The world had you hypnotized by is glamour and flare, and now you are understanding that it has never been there. The ego lies and tells you it’s true that I want to hurt, kill and later burn you. My children who hear my voice know this is not so, how can I create a love and then just let it go? Why would I, love create, in order to just annihilate? Think on you own without being told and you to will see this Great Lie of old. Fear is control and lies are the means, so go deep within and plan your dreams. When you understand that FEAR is a lie you can see the culprit and remove his disguise. Brothers and Sisters listen and hear, I too am a son of God and He is right here. Live this life and live your dreams without the fear to Fail! And you too will see that our God is a God of love and Not the god of Hell!

    david winter

    Comment by David | 2 October 2009 | Reply

    • I’ve looked over your blog, David, and clearly see that we have very different gifts of the Spirit: yours is to teach Christ without fear, mine is to teach the prophecies of these end days and the weightier matters of the Law. Please take care that you are not discounting all the other Spiritual gifts meant to learn from one another as well as to share with all who will listen and heed or repent, as the case may be.

      As God state, “I do not give you a spirit of fear; I give you a spirit of peace.” We know fear is Satan’s tool. Blessed are the elect, for we fear nothing of mankind or of the elements: we know and are excited that Christ is about to arrive in the clouds.

      Much love in Christ,
      BonnieQ 🙂

      Comment by bonnieq | 3 October 2009 | Reply

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    • Thank you, once again, for the pingback. The Extra Oils are so crucial to these end of days. 🙂

      God’s Warrior Handmaiden

      Comment by bonnieq | 3 October 2009 | Reply

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