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Extra Oil Update 22A-SPECIAL: Busy Busy Weekend

Earth Reels To & Fro like a Drunkard: Correction, Wars, Riots/Death, Economy, Health, Obama & Gay Rights, Harlot daughters & Rights, MLK, H1N1, Nature, Newton’s Year 2060, Holidays

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 22A-SPECIAL: Busy Busy Weekend
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

Correction: last week, Christ’s Sheep were asked to remember Jonestown, Guyana (was misspelled), over 900 died (wrote 600) for one man’s insane views of God’s Holy Bible— alas, we now live in this last era when a few Sheep will die at the hands of the great whore and her harlot daughters, achieved by way of police powers in Blue Laws of the land in place more than 1000 years around world and over 200 years in US; This is also the time to remember God’s warning, “Beware ye double minded:” a deadly mindset to be in at anytime and especially when Christ arrives (see 10-17 Sabbath Extra Oil).

——Wars & Riots: Fatalities of UN soldiers, civilians and policemen rising all over Middle East and Africa along with civil unrest in many parts of the world, including US; India test fires ground to ground missiles; Iran test fires 5 short-range nuclear missiles; China sentences to death 6 held responsible for riots; Iran sentences to death 5 held responsible for election result protests; UN official says Afghan votes fraudulent; Greenpeace protestors camp on Parliament roof; Tensions rise between Turkey & Israel when military exercises cancelled; Pakistan— weekend, teen suicide bomber kits military headquarters, 41 civilians dead & 50+ injured; Pakistan, Monday blast kills 29, 45-injured; Gun battle breaks out in Ohio bar due to man trying to sell drugs; Siblings fight over Martin Luther King’s estate in trial;

——Misc: Last Sabbath Extra Oil reported Obama’s win of Nobel Peace Prize: he donated to charity the 1.4-million prize money; Hilary Clinton won’t run again for presidency;

—— Economy: Gasoline falls below $2.50 gallon; “Recession may be over but recovery painful” . . . NOT over; Insurance industry threatens premium increases up to $1700 per year for family of 4 and as much as $600 for one person, effort to thwart Health Care Reform; Airlines to cut holiday airfares lower than last year; By 2009 end, 1.4-million will lose unemployment benefits, Fed considering another extension of same;

——Great whore & harlot daughters: Pope canonizes 5 new saints, Father Damien among Vatican’s new saints; daughters’ greed revealed when denominations are ripped off by fraudulent investments, but long ago revealed by incorporating to gain tax exemption; Seminary students carry banner “Let Live, Let Love for ALL God’s Children” as they join Gay Rights march for equal rights in both the military and marriage or contractual equality; Obama states effort to eliminate gay discrimination in military and equal rights outside military as guaranteed under the US Constitution;

——Nature: Philippines floods cause landslides, death toll over 200 & rising; Heavy rains cause floods in mid-east & eastern US states; heavy snow early winter in Denver, Colo.; Earthquakes— global includes western US, 226 all along Ring of Fire in last 6 days, includes today, ranging from 2.5 to 5.4; Volcanoes— continuing activity in last 6 days, includes today, at following sites: Southern Chile, Chuginadak Island, Columbia, Banks Island, Eastern & Central Kamchatka (2 in Russia), Kyushu, Montserrat, Indonesia, Halmahera, Hawaii, 2 in New Britain, Mexico, 2 in Ecuador, and Japan.

——Newton’s Year 2060: “The Nostradamus Effect” 2009 documentary was about 200-yr hidden documents of Isaac Newton’s research in Bible prophecies of Daniel, parts of Isaiah and Apostle John’s Revelation. Newton’s study of Revelation was done using science and math that resulted in predicting Armageddon to occur “before 2060:” his theory based on what he referred to as “numeric codes” in the Bible, stating that Armageddon would be followed by 1000 years of restoration and teaching of God’s Truth for one last time: right here on earth. This does agree with pagan beliefs, albeit the dates differ, but not the Bible.

Born 25 Dec 1642/died 20 Mar 1727, Newton was considered a “brilliant” British scientist who had an almost obsessive fascination with Bible prophecy; unfortunately he died before God removed the seals to future prophecies in 1798: the very ones he was attempting to interpret. By the time he was an adult, the Bible was freely available to all who wanted one, thanks to King James’ A.D. 1611 translators.

Newton’s records do seem to accurately predict the Jews 1944 return to Israel and predicted their temple must be rebuilt, despite a Moslem Mosque— Dome of the Rock— built on the ancient temple’s foundation between A.D. 658 and 691, where it continues to stand today. The problem with his results: the Jews return to Israel was encouraged by the prophecy that led up to Christ’s 3.5-yr ministry: Daniel’s 490-yr (70-wks) prophecy plus scriptures from Isaiah already totally fulfilled. Their return IS prophesied but not before a “new earth” timeframe when there will be no temple, “for God and Christ are the temple.”

As noted above, the future prophecies he was attempting to solve were still sealed to prevent understanding until God said it was time to interpret: the Sardis era that began in 1798. Therefore, it is spiritually accurate to say that the 1944 return to Israel was and remains caused by man’s design and manipulation of Jews scattered around the world— Nostradamus and Newton along with the great whore and harlot daughters— as opposed to God’s perfect timing spiritually discerned in His prophecies at the right time.

The first Holy Temple was built by King Solomon between B.C. 957 and 587, which was later destroyed. Newton and the Jews failed to note that the only time they were given back all of the Holy Lands was during the first 483-yrs of the prophecy to prepare for Messiah-in-the-flesh to come the first time. The second temple, built by King David, was completed in B.C. 515. As both Daniel and Jesus predicted, it was destroyed in A.D. 70.

Jews have been in the Holy Land for 65 years now; yet multitudes have not returned and Israel still does not possess all the original real estate: prophecy stated they would not regain it and Daniel said that, following its destruction in A.D. 70, the temple would never be rebuilt “even to the consumption,” earth’s temporary end— her Sabbath rest beginning when Christ returns in the clouds to take up His small flocks of sheep.

Newton also tied to the above event Revelation’s prophecy of God’s Truth being taught one more time. This latter was fulfilled during the Philadelphia age that began in 1844 and ended in 1991 when Desert Storm began in the Middle East: the Laodicea age began and extends to Jesus’ returning in the clouds. It appears that Newton’s scientific and numeric research did not include research of key events having already occurred in Jewish history that fulfilled those prophecies with perfect accuracy. Also, he did not precisely bring together the exact timing of each prophetic event involved that brought humanity to these “end of days.” How could he?

Newton did not understand the meaning of the only scripture in the entire Bible that prophesies the “end of days” with a single reference to the ancient plains of Armageddon, on the border of which sat the ancient village of Megiddo; which must be combined with Christ’s statement, “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by the world’s armies . . .” The entire Middle East, including Israel, were and remain surrounded by UN armies on land, sea and air since 1991. How perfect! There also is another problem with Newton’s date of 2060 extending the Laodicea age to 69 years, which Jesus said would be cut short, thus causing it to exceed the Sardis age by 23 years: Sardis era consumed 46 years.

Newton’s findings contain the same lack of precision taught by Revelation’s great whore Papal Rome, her harlot daughters’ myriad Protestant denominations, and echoed by their fake pastors and false prophets. While there is a numeric code to determine dates of prophecy, it is in plain sight in the Bible; i.e. an hour is a day, a day is a year, a month being 30 days, man’s week being seven days but earth’s week is determined as one day equals 1000 years, and so forth. Despite these codes, historical research must be combined with them in order to determine exact dates to perfect events that match prophecy’s metaphors without flaw.

God’s infinite logic and accuracy is brought together in “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law”— the only chronological, wholly Biblical/Spiritual interpretation of The Revelation, paraphrased as we speak today: it is not for the world, only the saints and the elect. If any of Christ’s sheep still believe man’s interpretation, they are strongly urged to read “Bind Up . . .” in order to discern the difference between man’s lack of logic and God’s pure logic. Believing man’s story is to be unprepared thus left behind dead.

——Man’s so-called Christian festivals are upon us, an issue that needs to be addressed by every true saint and elect. Turn away from the following rituals done in God and Christ’s names: Thanksgiving, 8-day Celtic festival to harvest gods; Halloween, ritual to appease angry gods now called all-saints day; Christmas & Easter, Wicca & Druid solstice festivals to sun god; Valentine’s Day remembers a mortal pope in name of love. Each was adopted into the apostate churches by Papal Rome, the great whore of Revelation. Can you stand toe-to-toe with Jesus and tell Him you observe them in His name and that makes it okay?

Jesus never embraced pagan rites to save heathens, neither did His Apostles or the true church nor should we. He said to do as He did. Jesus gave us one ordinance to keep in remembrance of Him, as often as desired: Passover. Easter is a floating day; Passover is a fixed date each year. Jesus was born in mid- to late October, not December; and He rose from the grave on a May Sunday, not a floating Sunday. As for the little cherub of love: we should give our love to fellow man every day, not just once a year— cards and cardboard hearts filled with chocolates don’t cut it. The facts on this issue will come by Extra Oil in a few weeks from now.

——TSaS post archives open to everyone, posted weekly; membership accesses Bible Lesson FILES. TSaS ministry needs nothing, only continued prayer and that you share God’s Truth with all who will hear or read and obey in “the instant heard or read.” Be good stewards of God’s Word: share Extra Oils, give everyone the URL to our TSaS website— . . .

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Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ

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