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Extra Oil Update 26: News in World Without End

Earth reels to and fro like a drunk: Nature, Economy, Wars, H1N1, Lawless, Greed, Human Sales, Animals, Holy Mosque, Vashon to Pastors, Van Impe-Earth’s End?

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 26: News in World Without End
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

News 10/21-10/25: 3.5 days of earth’s end days —

Nature— Sat. 7.0 quake hits near INDONESIA, second in 2 days, global “ring of fire” in constant shifts of tectonic plates; Heavy rains hit PUERTO RICO in midst of oil fires; US weather summer to early winter, where is fall; WISCONSIN early snow; storm ‘warning’ Pacific NORTHWEST severe weather, high winds, snow levels down 2500-ft, winds affect Oregon, California; TEXAS, Arkansas get flooding rains; LATVIA, meteorite-like object hits area; NC/TN border, I-40 blocked by massive rock slide from flooding rains;

Economy— FDIC, 7 more banks fail last 3.5 days, 2009 total 106, “at risk” list 100s more; Visa issues new cards yet old ones not expired in order to change terms; Sin city Vegas, homeless live in tunnels beneath its glitz and $ mega-billions; INDIA, desperate farmers sell wives & daughters to pay debts, India Gov— results are 1.3-million child prostitutes, Hillary Clinton— human trafficking worldwide problem even in US;

SEATTLE to replace crumbling Viaduct with twin tunnels, cost multi-billion $; DOZENS US States await Fed $ for hi-speed rail, “just a good start” cost $150-billion; FDA wants $4-billion more $ to hire more field inspectors to halt food-born ecoli; HOUSING values will drop another 11% by year-end; Mortgage rates at 5% APR 6%;

Tax credit $8,000 for first time buyers and buyers who have not owned a home in 3 years or more ends in Nov 30; “Tax Credit creates false demand, costs all homeowners about $43,000 in taxes yet property values dropping”; “Housing market must get better before economy can recover”; UNEMPLOYMENT figures still rising; US Recession kills death penalty— $ too high, not a crime deterrent;

Wars & Rumors— JUAREZ, Mexico’s deadliest city, over 2000 killed by drug wars in last 10-mo; PAKISTAN seizes key Taliban village; drone kills 16; helicopter crash kills 3 DEA; security arrest 8 Iraqis crossing border; AFGHAN, 2-US soldiers killed; helicopter crash kills 14 US Embassy staff; 4-US soldiers killed when 2-copters collide mid-air; TALIBAN deep into heroine trafficking, funds war against West; AFRICA, British tourists killed in Kenya; BAGHDAD double bombing kills 160 (includes 30 children), injures 520 Iraqis; ISRAEL, police arrest 18 Palestinian protestors in riot at Jerusalem’s temple mount site, caused by rumors of Muslim Mosque to be blown up—harlot daughters’ lies that Jewish Temple must be rebuilt cause event, will worsen;

Health— (Sign) 10/24 H1N1, US 1.5-million cases’ with numbers now rising at alarming rate, more than 1000 US deaths and over 20,000 hospitalized, Obama declares “National Emergency”— will free hospitals from mass paperwork to focus on patients, Frustration over not enough vaccines, One town closes all schools to 27,000 students, US Flu Clinics’ lines longer than vaccine available, change in “at risk” ages-2 to 24 must have shots; GLOBAL figures of H1N1 cases not given; INDIA, train & bridge collapse in suburb; SUDAN, Airline crash; Obama declares “emergency” in PUERTO RICO, 5 oil storage tanks explode, fires blazed 3 days, smoke seen from space affects breathing, threat of acid rain, 1000 evacuated, quickly vaccinated for H1N1 as “at risk,” fires extinguished Sun. evening, FBI/ATF investigate arson or accident; FLORIDA, Madoff investor drowns w/massive heart attack in home pool, made $7-million in Madoff’s scheme; Health Reform may include public option, over 60% Americans want it;

Misc — ANIMALS rebel against abuse: ice skating bear kills circus administrator, injures trainer;

Lawless— TX, Catholic priest stabbed to death in fight before mass, priest investigated for improprieties, NJ janitor charged/hospitalized; ITALY, Clergyman arrested as spearhead in African genocide; “Balloon Boy” parents admit hoax, charges to reap 6yrs prison; FLORIDA, missing 7-yo Somer body in landfill; CHINA busts child prostitution ring; PHILIPPINES, estimate 130,000 teen gang members; US, best friends shot 13 times, left in ditch; ARIZONA, Iraqi father ran down daughter for “disrespect” of husband in Iraq + a US boyfriend, girl in coma; NFL Howard stabbed to death, funeral Mon; US FBI arrest 60 pimps in child prostitute ring, 52 kids recovered; SMARTPHONE common target of computer hackers;

Good, Greedy & Sick News—CHINA mine collapse, miners rescued after 8 days; NY 18-yo amnesiac identified, WA father flies to see her; US, 2-yo girl denied insurance re: “too skinny” at 24-lbs, since accepted; MADONNA in Africa to launch school; AVOID investment scams of “offshore banks,” false fronts, returns too good; Blacks barred at CHICAGO nightclub; NEW MEXICO Whitten Inn refuses people with Spanish/Mexican names, anglicizes employee names, manager under fire-protestors front Inn;

Special Report: Recent STUDY shows 56% of Sunday-keepers changed habits of giving and paying tithes in this global economic crisis— 20% stopped all giving, 19% cut by 50%, and 17% cut giving by 75%. TRUTH: God’s sheep give even in a state of poverty, often giving more than tithes: never go without or have too little, as God promised. 

VASHON, WA— a Puget Sound island accessible by ferryboat, boasts myriad Sunday denominations only. Last week, islander Jan Osborn asked her Sunday minister to start holding Saturday services, stating it as God & Christ’s Sabbath day and Seal. He said he would “think about it,” revealing knowledge of God’s truth yet avoiding it; likely in fear of losing his “paid” pastoral job: the most common reason for refusing total obedience to God and Christ. All Sunday leaders know God’s truth: some need only urging into full compliance, others to be walked away from. Which is your denomination and pastor?

How many of Christ’s sheep are still attending Sunday synagogues, despite knowing God’s truth, despite God’s plea that you “come out of her?” As a sheep, have you urged your pastors to accept, honor and obey God’s Fourth Precept, as set out in Exodus 20:8-11 and as established at creation, for the sound reason that it is His and Christ’s Seal of Authority over the universe, earth and all that is in and upon it, including mankind?

If you did ask and your pastor declined, did you shake off that church’s dust from your feet when you left, to never go that way again, as the Bible instructs? OR, are you one of Sunday’s goats blindly treading Satan’s easy, smooth road to utter destruction? Do you really want this life to be all there is? Staying on his road leads to annihilation in YOUR lifetime, not a hundred or more years from now— within two years from today.

Recall Jesus overturning the moneychangers’ tables and throwing them out of God’s Holy Temple on the Sabbath Day? The Pharisees wanted Him dead for that! Do you have His strength from God upon you to stand before your pastor and parishioners to speak God’s Truth? When do God and Christ and their Holy Word become more vital to you than a chosen denomination, its preacher and/or beloved fellow members; more important than mother, father, brother, sister, or friend; more important than your very life? Christ said, “If you love these more than me, you are not worthy of me.”

“Why halt ye between two opinions? Either you are for God or you are not!” You see, ancient Israel became torn between God and paganism, even as she is today with three different religions and sabbaths in her midst. Did you read what happened to the Jews for such abominations? The dregs of God’s wrath are now upon the entire earth; this time it is final, absolute and forever. So saith our Lord and Saviour, “I come quickly.” And, we say as John said, “Come, Lord Jesus, come!”


A World Without End?
©copyright 2007 Bonita M Quesinberry

 Many are familiar with Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe, a husband and wife TBN televangelist team, who adamantly point to their doctorate degrees in Bible theology: first clue they attended man’s seminaries, where taught “man’s commandments and traditions” as well as man’s interpretation of Revelation and related prophecies instead of spiritual interpretations. Accordingly, this is about the end days we live— Laodicea in the midst of Armageddon ongoing— and, more specifically, about what happens when Christ returns.

Sunday, 21 January 2007: Dr. Van Impe spoke of Christ’s return to earth, fiercely telling about instruction by some unnamed Christian denominations purportedly teaching that earth will end; “utterly destroyed— become asteroids and comets floating about space”— and, eventually, a new planet earth will be created apart from this original one. Not! In fact, TSaS does not know of any denomination teaching the end in this manner; though the majorities teach it with many errors.

Van Impe then pointed to Papal Rome and other specific yet unidentified Christian sects he claims speak truth, that teach this “world without end.” He quoted various Old and New Testament verses to support his perception that this present earth will never be destroyed. Based on that perspective, Van Impe said Christ’s millennial reign MUST happen on this old earth; as opposed to heaven. Van Impe is both right and wrong.

According to Van Impe, we the people will not go to heaven for even a few days—in previous broadcasts, Van Impe taught that only “pastors, preachers and theologians will go to heaven when Christ comes in the clouds in either 2007 or 2008, their stay in heaven for a period of seven years in preparation for coming back with Jesus to help Him teach us God’s truth again for 1000 years;” a principle based on claims that the 70-weeks/490-years prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27 has 7 years left to be fulfilled as well as supposedly to fulfill the “prophesy again” admonition of Revelation 10:11. Van Impe and associates failed to recognize Revelation 3:7-8 as fulfilled in the Philadelphia church age.

Van Impe states that, by way of a purportedly secret Bible code, each of those pastors, preachers and theologians are actually named. All of this is wholly without Biblical merit, for there is no such thing as a secret code that is found much like working a letter-by-letter word puzzle; choosing a series of letters horizontally, vertically, up and down, and even diagonally and backwards, throughout various books of the Old Testament in their original Hebrew. The Bible does reveal God’s “secrets and mysteries” but in plain sight and in all languages, yet perceived only by studying the Bible as God directed and under the Holy Spirit’s tutelage: topically.

Nevertheless, Van Impe concluded his current argument by saying earth cannot be both totally destroyed and lived on at the same time, adamantly directing his next words to everyone believing otherwise, “You cannot have it both ways!” Again, Van Impe is right and wrong. Being right and wrong is a very dangerous place to be when Christ returns.

Earth IS a planet without end, intended to be forever populated with humans, as Van Impe quoted from Ecclesiastes 1:4, but he carefully avoided reciting all relevant scriptures clearly denying his claims for Christ spending Revelation’s 1000 years on this defiled orb; such verses rendering the above Christian organizations and Van Impe’s premise totally illogical. This lack of logic found in church leaders taught by man, instead of the Holy Spirit, leads people down a path of destruction ending in God’s pit of fire and brimstone. We must remember Paul’s admonition, “Do not be surprised that Satan can manifest himself as an angel of light, and that his ministers can do the same.”

Examine God’s perfect logic, reflected by His perfect number, for Christ and His sheep spending 1000 years in heaven:

Since the entire 490 years of Daniel’s prophecy was completely fulfilled— by virtue of Christ’s ministry having been the first 3-1/2 years of the prophecy’s last 7 years and the remaining 3-1/2 years of it meant to end with minister Stephen’s death in 36 AD, as a sign of the prophetic “Time of the Gentiles” beginning, which occurred— then we first need to understand what the Bible means by “earth’s end.” It was obvious in Noah’s day that earth was destroyed by floods, only Noah and his family saved because the people did not listen to Noah’s warnings given over a period of 100 years.

The flood was earth’s first destruction followed by renewal. II Peter 3:5-7 continues from the great flood to say that, since the flood, earth is reserved to perish by fire, fire from heaven— this denies man’s teachings that it will be from nuclear bombs and other of man’s weaponry, which is to render a worldly interpretation of “fire from heaven”— fire is the only way to purify earth of man’s spilled blood and permeating wickedness.

God and only God brings final destruction; He does not need man’s puny weapons. The Philadelphia age served like Noah’s 100-years warning, except the warning of earth’s end by fire was given through 147 years, for Philadelphia ended in 1991; yet, the warning continues even in this Laodicea age. At an appointed time after our redemption, earth will be restored yet again: albeit, earth’s second restoration will be permanently without evil.

It should be clear: while earth is a permanent world, life in and on it perished once, save 8 people, and will again for a final time. This latter, however, will be for 1000 years instead of the 40 nights and days in Noah’s time, plus the five months it took the floods to recede. Thus, we review the manner of Christ’s return, for this too will disprove Christ reigning 1000-years on this grossly defiled planet.

According to Mark 14:62, Jesus will be seen coming “in the clouds of heaven.” I Thessalonians 4:16-17, further states, “Christ comes in the clouds [of heaven] and gathers up His sheep, both the dead and living, to bring them together in the clouds [of heaven] to meet Him in the air; where we shall ever be.” The use of ever, in this case, means a long time, to-wit: 1000 years. To a finite mind it would seem like forever. “To ever be in the air” clearly means we will be located in the heavens, not on earth.

Additionally, Matthew 24:27 describes Christ’s journey across our skies as beginning in the east like the sun rises and moves to the west where the sun sets: fire preceding Him and the seventh plague of Revelation 16:17-21 following behind Him. Jesus said in John 14:2-3, “I go to prepare a mansion for you in my Father’s house. And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again to take you where I am, that you may be there also.”

Considering the fire preceding Jesus and the seventh plague pouring out in His wake, the combined scriptures from Revelation 14:9-11, Psalm 37:20; 114:3-8; Isaiah 26:14, 31:30,33; 33:14; 34:9-10; Habakkuk 3:3-6,11-15; Zephaniah 1:2-3, 3:6; II Thessalonians 1:7-9; II Peter 3:7 and Mark 13:31 reveal the condition of this earth once we are gone (paraphrased): “Earth’s streams are turned into pitch and its dust into fiery stone. The land has become burning tar. Wicked nations have been removed, leaving no living inhabitants, their streets waste and cities destroyed. And, the fires shall not go out night or day, and the smoke and torment of those who worshipped the beast and his image and whosoever bore the mark of his name shall go up for a thousand years, and from generation to generation the earth shall lay a wasteland. No creature, man nor beast, shall pass through it during the thousand years of earth’s Sabbath. For the old heavens and the earth now are reserved for consuming fire on the day of execution and perdition of ungodly men. Then, God will utterly purge all things from off the bloodied land: man and beast, birds and fish, and the stumbling blocks of the wicked.”

Does this sound like what happened to Israel? Indeed, it did, almost; but, as God said, “What was in the beginning is now, and what is now will be, and what will be was in the beginning.” What happened to Israel was to give us a semblance of what happens when God brings wickedness to an eternal end; for He did say, “There must be an end.” To say the wicked are tormented forever alludes to Revelation’s 1000 years.

If we are to remain on defiled earth for the next 1000 years, where is the logic in taking us up into “the clouds of heaven” or to have prepared a heavenly mansion for us? Why would Jesus remain in the clouds taking up His sheep across the world from east to west; and, why would we be traveling with Him in the clouds, IF He and we are to remain on earth for this purported reign? Why would Christ or we be staying in the midst of fire and smoke and rotting bodies? God tells us why Christ and we will not be staying here.

We are advised in II Thessalonians 2:7-10 that the wicked immediately die at the brightness of Christ’s return— that brightness is equal to the suns of Orion, ten times the brightness of earth’s sun— and Revelation 20:4-6 states they will not live again for 1000 years; for they have part only in the second resurrection to a second death. Now we have a problem with those dead bodies, what to do with them if Jesus and we are staying on earth. How do so few sheep bury billions of rotting bodies?

Both science and the Bible confirm that, after only a few days, the stench is unbearable; as noted about Lazarus before Christ resurrected him. Dead bodies become extremely toxic to the environment and air we breathe. We have seen such decomposition cause all manner of diseases when there has been a catastrophic event: i.e. Indian Ocean tsunami that left over 285,000 dead bodies decomposing. There is no doubt our Lord could speak and all those bodies instantly disappear; but, it is not what God says will happen.

The Lord declares in Jeremiah 25:32-33, that the wicked He slays shall lie dead from one end of earth to the other end and they shall neither be grieved over nor gathered up to bury; in as much as they shall be like dung upon the ground. This being the case, there is no way we or Christ would remain on this old earth, for Jesus is to claim a purified earthly kingdom and Revelation 20:4-6 already rendered the understanding of how long they will lie dead on earth’s surface: 1000 years.

What is the purpose of leaving the wicked dead like dung? Fact: decomposing material, plant or animal or human, and even waste from these life forms, actually enriches soil over long periods of time. There is another requirement, however, that will add to the replenishing of earth so she may infinitely support life.

In order to keep the land healthy, rich and fertile, fully capable of sustaining life, God instructed in both Exodus 23:10-11 and Leviticus 25:2-7, that the land was to have a Sabbath rest every seventh year; which should clarify that earth is a living entity. Leviticus 26:35 and Joshua 14:15 tells us why this planet shall have its seventh thousand years as a Sabbath rest: because it was not given rest while man lived upon it. Man justified not letting the land lie fallow every seventh year by claiming it will not become depleted of nutrients if crop rotation is timely. Untrue!

Despite regular change, earth is now so depleted that testing reveals all produce and grains very low in nutrients. Greed was and is motive for not giving earth rest. Thus, between rotting material, ashes from the fire preceding Christ and earth resting for 1000 years, while healing from its wounds of wars, the soil will be totally restored by the time we return from heaven with Christ. All that would remain to be done will be to reduce the resurrected wicked to ashes, whereupon the righteous will walk, and the planet returned to its Eden-like state, then Christ begins His reign over God’s earthly kingdom.

Further proof of our stay in heaven for 1000 years, instead of earth, is the fact that earth will be at rest therefore producing nothing to sustain mankind. She will lie fallow, unable to support life. This is where the first phase of Satan’s and wicked man’s punishment begins. Revelation 20:1-3 metaphorically describes Satan bound with chains to the bottomless pit of earth. Genesis 1:2 describes earth’s beginning as a void in darkness, which is the same state in which she shall have her Sabbath rest. Therefore, earth becomes a bottomless pit for Satan by virtue of no life upon it, except his.

How apropos that he should be bound to earth with nothing more than the stench of decaying bodies for 1000 years; not one living soul to tempt and torment with his utter cruelty and lies. However, the wicked dead do not sleep, as do those dead in Christ slept before resurrection; instead, the wicked’s spirit beings are conscious and “weeping and wailing and grinding their teeth,” because they know a second death is coming.

All Satan has to look forward to is a short release to tempt again the resurrected wicked, yet three months later he and they will be utterly destroyed: so completely that even the smoke of their ashes will disappear, that God never again be reminded of Lucifer and his followers. At this time of our return, we temporarily camp at Old Jerusalem with Christ. Now, the final reason Christ’s 1000-years reign with us will be in heaven.

A beautiful description of New Jerusalem’s construction is given in Revelation c.2l; albeit, Zechariah 6:13,15 says Jesus will build New Jerusalem— God’s temple as it were— and that the sheep will be helping: “they that are far off” refers to heathens, the Gentiles who before had not known God yet came to accept God and Christ thus forsook their many false gods. New Jerusalem becomes the world’s capital from which Christ and God will rule.

It stands to reason that New Jerusalem is built in heaven, because once all wickedness is destroyed upon our return to earth, then Christ makes earth and the heavens new: this is the time where Revelation 21:1-2 reveals New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, adorned like a bride for her Groom: complete in every way and absolutely pure.

Based on the Holy City’s size, 2.250-million square miles (1500 mi by 1500 mi), it is realistic that we will be busy building for hundreds of years after the wedding and feast. Compare: it took Israel almost 480 years to rebuild the road from Rome to Jerusalem, rebuild the city and its walls and the temple, the latter having taken 40 years; none of which is nearly as large as it will be in the new earth.

Once again, God’s truth results in His perfect number seven; seven very sound reasons why neither Christ nor His sheep will remain on earth for the millennial reign. Would you want to remain on earth under the conditions God has described? Or, would you prefer the pure heavenly bliss of God’s files being revealed to us, that we understand His judgment, participating in the great wedding, then dining with our Lord, listening to Him speak and, finally, helping Him build New Jerusalem? Indeed, we shall be very busy; and, as for this house, we choose heaven any day and, like Apostle John, we pray that Christ’s return be quickly: for the wicked and filthy grow worse and worse.

The results herein turn Jack Van Impe’s words back onto him, “You can’t have it both ways.” Van Impe’s way, and those he supports, leaves their followers unprepared for Christ’s return: their teachings pave a wide, wide road to utter destruction.

——Watch the clouds between mid-October to mid-November now and until no later than 2011. Hebrews says Jesus will not be late. If not fully converted now, time is your enemy; total conversion must be instant, this day, TODAY: do not delay. Pray unceasing! Be watchful; stand fast even to death. WE HAVE GOD’S POWER. KEEP WALKING and TALKING, even when it seems useless: you might snatch one lost, lukewarm sheep from the flames. Saith the Lord, “Ye lukewarm await consuming fire.”

——TSaS post archives open to public; members access Bible Lesson FILES. TSaS ministry neither needs nor asks for money and never will: God provides our basic needs. We ask only for prayer and that you share God’s Truth with all who will hear/read and obey in “the instant.” Be good stewards of God’s Word: share Extra Oils, lead everyone to God’s Biblical Truth at —

Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ

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