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Extra Oil Update 41: News Spent 7x Over

Rage Spins Earth’s Clock: News, Economy, War, Nature, Health, H1N1, Cancer, Heart, Nature, Death, Lawless, Mom/Daughters, Gays Wed, Twitter, Grace Spent

 Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 41: News Spent 7 Times Over
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


News: tiny bits and pieces
Health: H1N1 kids' vaccine recall, 800K low dose, Scientists major breakthru 
unlock cancer gene; Heart stem cell treatments widening; CA, 79yo Roy Disney 
dead; 90yo actress Jennifer Jones dead; Chris Henry, Bengal Tigers' wide 
receiver, dies from fall; Death penalty drops x-nation; Economy: OKs $154B 
jobs bill; w/pass $636B defense budget; Buyers get 2% home loans; LV casinos 
close room wings, layoffs, due to 5% visitor loss; 13% jobless, 30% loss home 
values; Bet on + $Crisis is new lrgst casino City Ctr 67-acres w/4K rooms; 
John Mack refuses Morgan-Stanley bonus; Russia, economy reformer dead; British 
Air judge halts strike; Google, Bing drop Yahoo!; Lawless: DC city council OKs 
gay weddings; daycare doping kids insure naps; 15% teens get/send sextext msgs; 
NYC, apt 4 dead; Nature: LA, FLA break rain records; NE, severe winter storm 1' 
to 30" snow/tornadoes; CA, seaside cliff apts evacuated to erosion; Samoa, ocean 
4K ft. deep volcano repeated violent eruptions; Lebanon, ship sinks, 83 missing; 
Climate Summit, protest violence, +100 arrstd, US journalists barred; Wars: 
Pakistan, blast kills 12; attack 40 killed; Yemen, 34 killed; MX, top drug cartel 
leader killed; Twitter, Thurs pm hacked by "Iranian Cyberian Army";
Mother/Daughters: God Squad, Chaplin insurance workplace, ministers for $10 mo. 
per employee 1hr per month, 400 US companies added, more to join; Pastor doubles 
membership w/in-house drawings for $100-500, sometimes $1K, ea wk, "works in 
economic crisis," urges all sects do same (Satan pays followers to join world); 
Ireland, Cardinal accepts Bishop's resignation in child sex abuse scandal; US, 
Catholic leaders launch big push for parishioners to "come back home" to Papal 
church; CNN, "Archaic" Blue laws, established w/first settlers, in every State 
cite Sunday day of rest, limit sales to fuel/food, sm. businesses for but big 
business want repeal, "Chic Fillet" owner said "it is Christian, God comes first, 
about religion, stores never open Sunday, show of sacrifice for God" (no mention 
police power attached to Blue Laws or FED states "no provision for Saturday" since 
US a nation);
Extra Oil #40 Comments: 
(Debby, Nursing Home Dietician) Wow! Any day now. The world is INSANE and I am 
standing in the midst of it at work. A resident conversed with me about witches, 
not exactly a conversation. I said "I do NOT invite demons in." He said "they are 
make-believe." I said "they are not." This started over books. He said "oh, it is 
a religious thing." I said "no I am not religious. I am sold out to Christ. HE is 
my whole life. Let me tell you about my Christ." He said "I don't do Christ." I 
said "I am sorry to hear that. I was hoping to see you in heaven." He laughed. I 
did not. He said "you are serious. I said "I am." He said "you will miss some good 
reads." I said "no loss here." He wheeled out of the dining room. It was INSANE. 
This happens daily. Insanity breeds rage, rage incites riots: the lost are 
delusional. Soon all will come to pass. You're right. This was a hard [Extra Oil] 
to wrap around the brain but not around my heart. How funny I had that conversation 
today then read this tonight. Praise God! We are almost home. Love, Debby 
(Tammy, Accountant) Since I turned from lukewarm to hot, I can't get over how 
various preachers' lies jump out at me. Now I keep my radio on Christian stations 
all the time so I can report them to our brothers and sisters. This last Extra Oil 
was truly sickening but now I understand how exciting it is, too. Before, I didn't. 
Love, Tammy (Please PRAY for Tammy, cell phone stolen, cannot call in reports)

Seven Steps of Grace
©copyright annotations 2003
by Bonita M Quesinberry


TSaS query/verse by member Bruce, New Zealand: “What is the Biblical meaning of Grace and how does it work for sinners?” Ephesians 2:8-9 AKJV— For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.

In order to cut in half this lengthy lesson— God has a lot to say about Grace— verse references are given, not quotes, some followed by notes in {brackets}. Please look up God’s Word each time reference given, then read any notes added.

Amidst the world of Christendom, there is gross misunderstanding as well as critically erroneous teachings regarding God’s grace: especially concerning works mentioned in the above referenced Ephesians passage, as well as other Bible books. Such lies easily were achieved when Bibles were not available to laymen for thousands of years, leaving us entirely at the mercy of global pulpits: a manmade pedestal from which only select scriptures were and even today are given to support whatever lies were and still spew from such a meager height on any given day. It behooves us to discover ALL relevant verses. First, review the definition of this much-misused word, GRACE, supplying only those spiritually applicable— which are validated scripturally:

GRACE: n. [L. gratia, pleasing quality, favor, good will, thanks, etc. < gratus, pleasing], 2. an attractive quality, feature, manner, etc. 3. a sense of what is right and proper; decency. 4.a) disposition to grant something freely; favor; good will. b) pl. the condition or fact of being favored. c) a favor or privilege. 5. mercy; clemency. 6. a period of time granted beyond the date set for the performance of an act or the payment of an obligation; temporary exemption. 7. favor shown by granting such a delay. 11. in theology, 1) the unmerited love and favor of God toward man. B) divine influence acting in man to make him pure and morally strong. C) the condition of a person thus influenced. EXP: fall from grace: to do wrong; sin — have the grace: to be so aware of what is proper as (to do something) —with good grace: graciously or willingly. —Webster’s New World Dictionary, Collegiate Edition

According to Webster’s and the Bible, God is both love and mercy therefore extends grace to those whom He chooses to call: though clearly undeserving. We exemplify a state of temporary grace if we respond to His call; but, by coming into full obedience— as Jesus said to Peter, “When you become fully converted”— our grace is both exemplified permanently and deems us chosen: Biblical Grace is three-fold, according to definition, which is separate from the seven steps of Grace, shown later herein:

1. God is grace, for He has an absolute and pure sense of what is right and proper;
2. God mercifully offers grace to whom He chooses to follow His Son Jesus; thus,
3. Those, whom God favors, then exemplify grace by being compelled to do what is right and proper according to God’s definition of right and proper— as opposed to mankind’s discernments— in accordance with God’s Twelve Statutes and defining judgments.

The other remarkably apropos definition: “6. a period of time granted beyond the date set for the performance of an act or the payment of an obligation; temporary exemption.” The payment owed for our sins is death, absolute permanent death. Grace temporarily is granted to a sinful individual called to salvation, which is to be forgiven of our sins committed prior to the call only after answering God’s summons.

To be called is not the same as being chosen. Therefore, should we not truly love the Lord with all our heart and mind and soul, are not determined to obey ALL His Law— as one having been favored and despite ridicule— then we lose grace: fall from grace, as it were. We no longer, then, are exempt from the penalty of death we owed for our past sins inasmuch as we continued in sin.

On the other hand, if we love God with all our heart and mind and soul and become totally obedient, it is then we actually are chosen: the sign of which is the receiving of the Holy Spirit as our guide and teacher who, later, will give us one or more gifts at the Lord’s discretion: this latter being the anointing. Gifts are taught in a TSaS File.

In a chosen condition, we will not, definitely cannot, fall from grace: in other words, we no long have a heart for sin and disobedience. Rather, our heart is devoted to pleasing Christ, our spiritual husband. Hence, salvation is permanent. Like Job, a chosen does ALL God’s commands exactly as He cited them— no more and no less—avoids evil, or even the hint of it, at all costs, and does good works.

Anyone can do good works, such as obeying God’s Law as well as feeding-housing-clothing those in need; yet, doing so is not a sign of having been chosen. Jesus made this clear in numerous ways, such as: “Many are called, few are chosen.” And, “Even the wicked love and give— but with expectations of receiving same or more in return.” 

“Even the Jews, who are righteous above all, obey the law but not by faith.” This means they obey because the Word says to obey and experience has taught them to be fearful of not obeying, yet they lack faith that in doing so truly is best and they reflect conditional, selective love: thus, those things are not done from a heart full of love for God and fellow man. While works definitely are required of Christ’s followers, such works are of no merit unless preceded and concluded with unconditional love.

A chosen heart cannot do otherwise, for it is abhorrent to him or her to disobey. Still, don’t misunderstand: while marginally less destructive with those called, Satan absolutely gives his worst of temptation, torment, and persecution to God’s chosen. Many might cry out, “Why do I sometimes get wicked thoughts, even though I know I’ve been chosen?”

They refer to this Biblical teaching: “If you think it, you are as guilty as if you had done it.” God had a very good reason for saying, “bring your thoughts captive:” a feat achieved only when we understand what this means and how to do it effectively. Bringing thoughts captive was discussed in depth in a prior TSaS post, currently in the Files section.

If, however, grace is as the world teaches it, based solely on the Ephesians passage previous quoted— guaranteed salvation without works of the law or any other types of work on Christ’s behalf— then, not only is everything else in the entire Bible a lie but also Jesus was a liar. If this is a fact, then we all may as well hang it up and do whatever darn well strikes our fancy, enjoy it to the hilt, then die when our body no long can hold up to the rigors of such an excessive, decadent lifestyle. After all, this is all there is or ever will be: IF the Bible and Jesus are founded upon lies.

Throughout the Old Testament, God consistently complains of His Law and His Sabbath being defiled, utterly disobeyed: this is to say, God’s Will is His Doctrine is His Law and Judgments. Jesus came saying, “Do my Father’s Will. You teach man’s doctrine and traditions for God, bringing damnation unto yourselves and all who follow after you. You hypocrites, vipers, dead men, twice dead… Obey God’s Law, as given in the beginning.”

Oh. When was that? With Adam and Eve, given orally. With Moses, by God’s own hand written in stone to denote the Law’s permanence. With Jesus, who not only reiterated the Law but lived it as well: our perfect example to follow. With the Apostles, who cited the Law and lived it. So, what was it that exempted the rest of us from the Law after the last Apostle died? Even their proselytes cited the Law and lived it.

Still in all, when did God extend grace? Did it come only by way of Christ? If that were the case, then everyone before Him and all the way back to Adam and Eve already are twice dead. Hmm? God doesn’t sound all that merciful and forgiving, does He?

Adam and Eve were commanded not to eat of the trees of Life and Knowledge or they would die. Contrarily, they ate of knowledge. Instead of destroying Adam and Eve, God fashioned clothes to cover their nakedness, cast them from the perfection and ease of Eden to live hardship as punishment for defiance. Sounds a lot better than dying twice!

Grace had been extended for the first time. And, while it appears Adam and Eve remained obedient during the remainder of their lifetime, their son Cain was wicked. After Cain killed his own brother, grace was granted yet again: Cain was sent into exile a marked man, who suffered greatly for his crime. Having received grace, Cain did go on to live successfully: whether or not it was in a way acceptable to God, only God knows. Yet, mankind continued to do evil, living for the moment and for the world’s riches.

Finally, God had enough and debated destroying all creation: except, there was Noah and grace was extended yet again. This time, anyone who did not accept Noah’s word— an example of believing God— would lose the grace offered. As we all know, Noah and his family were the only ones to enter the ark when the great flood began. All outside the ark were destroyed. Except for Noah— rather, except for God no one would exist today.

Following that great flood, the entire earth was given a second chance to get it right through Noah. During this period of opportunity, God extended grace in the form of examples of the things He “hates with a perfect hate,” illustrations of the things pleasing to Him, provided His hitherto oral law and judgments in writing for us to refer to often.

Grace was extended to Moses, the babe, by saving his infant life: which grace was extended through Moses to lead the Hebrews out of Egyptian captivity. And through Moses, provided to His people His Will and Doctrine in writing: that they might never forget again what Jehovah requires of those whom He claims for His own.

Still, the world began to wax more evil than before the flood: mainly because evil hadn’t been destroyed by the flood. Of course not. Satan remained and still remains very much alive and more active than ever in time. The next event of extending grace was to take away inferior sacrificial ordinances and offerings— which God never wanted in the first place— by replacing them with a permanent-one-time-only sacrifice.

That perfect sacrifice temporarily would provide a living, breathing example of God’s Will and Doctrine in action and whom we were intended to emulate: Jesus Christ, the Messiah who died for our “past sins.” However, there would be a catch, a snag if you will, following Christ’s ascension to heaven. Lucifer would be allowed to establish apostate churches simultaneous to the Apostles establishing true churches. Satan then would be allowed 1810 years to convince people that his church taught God’s truth and Christ’s churches were cults denying God’s grace.

Satan was not given this opportunity without God’s offer of grace being extended one final time at the end of Lucifer’s wicked destruction of God’s Holy Word. However, during his evil god-like reign there still would remain small, obscure churches teaching God’s Truth: despite the Destroyer’s synagogues’ immense, rapid growth, seemingly validating it as truth. Due to this, a small grace was extended until his reign ended: those who had not heard the truth would not be held accountable for what they did not know— as long as they truly were devoted to God and obeyed all they did know of His Word.

During the years of Satan’s religious supremacy, many of God’s Truths were obliterated, hidden, and/or changed: easily done since Bibles were not yet available to the common man. Near the close of Lucifer’s unfettered reign of lies, suddenly the Bible went global and put one in each person’s hand. His untarnished reign closed when the Philadelphia age began in A.D. 1844: the era of God’s Truths taught one last time, each person able to accept the call and be chosen or reject it and suffer a second death.

Philadelphia also is the period of time in which earth’s people were being judged, based on acceptance or rejection of God’s truth when heard: simultaneously being marked or sealed. Philadelphia closed in 1991 thus calls to salvation ended and Laodicea began: time of sentencing, which is rendered by Christ Himself when He comes in the clouds.

GOD’S GRACE BEGAN with and EXTENDED through:

1. Adam and Eve – Genesis 3:22-24
2. Cain – Genesis 4:11-16
3. Noah – Genesis 6:17-22
4. Moses and through him to… – Exodus 1:22; 2:2-3,8-10
5. Lead the Jews out of captivity and who birthed the Messiah – Exodus 3:15-17
6. Jesus on behalf of all humanity henceforth – Matthew 26:55-56; 27:50; 28:19-20
7. The church age of Philadelphia through God’s messengers – Revelation 3:7-10; 10:11

Once again, God’s perfect number seven. Another remarkable feature about God is His patience. He not only gave earth two chances to get it right, before it’s purged by fire to utterly destroy the filthy and wicked; but, He also gave humanity 6000 years in which to do it: over which time He has extended grace seven different times by seven different methods. He has done everything, even more than humanity deserved, to assure that as many as possible can and might accept His consistent offer of eternal life. Once called, we’ve merely to accept and obey His Truths and only His.

There must be an ending point: otherwise, we live perpetually amidst evil and its resulting, ever-escalating chaos— to say the least of which is that everyone is crying out for relief; more so now (2009) than at any time in history. The fact God removed Adam and Eve from proximity of the Tree of Life validates an end to this current chaotic state of mankind. Also, this planet no longer is capable of supporting life; only one of many clear signs that Jesus is about to return.

TIME IS UP! The Lord’s call to salvation has ceased; but, grace still abounds to the end for those called but did not respond by obedience compelled by love: Revelation’s “lukewarm or cold.” All who ignore this short call drink of Satan’s deadly poison.

Please open your Bibles to examine scriptures relative to God’s grace. Please, do not discount God’s grace extended to Adam and Eve on the basis that the term grace was not used in Genesis. Grace is clear by His actions. The original lesson quotes all scriptures verbatim and is in the TSaS Files.


Genesis 6:8 {grace to the world}; Genesis 19:18,~19 {grace to an individual}; Exodus 33:12-13; 34:9; Judges 6:17,22-23; Ruth 2:10-12; Ezra  c.9 & c.10; Psalm 45:2; 84:11-12; Proverbs 3:1-4,13,21-23,34; 4:2,4~,5-6,9;

Jeremiah 31:2 {refers to Moses’ people, who denied entry to the promised land: those who were not destroyed for refusing to obey. Therefore, the remnant remained in the wilderness until they died a natural death; only their children inheriting the promise land.}

Zechariah 12:10; Luke 2:40; John 1:14,16-17 {Recall that Psalms defines Truth as God’s Law. For the Law to have come by Jesus, means He taught it and lived it and expected it to be obeyed by His followers.}

Acts 4:33 {GREAT GRACE upon the Apostles means not only were they forgiven their past sins but they also fully obeyed God’s Law, did their duty as witnesses, and were ENDOWED WITH ALL THE GIFTS of the Spirit. After all, it was their specific duty to spread the news all over the world as the only living witnesses to Christ. However, since the Apostles, no one is endowed with ALL the gifts: they taught that the gifts are distributed among the body according to the Spirit’s discretion, in a manner making the body a whole.}

Acts 15:8-11 {Back in the Old Testament, God had declared that He had rather the people circumcise their heart, to have a heart to obey His Law, instead of circumcision of the flesh: which proved nothing and certainly did not cause them to be obedient. With a Messiah in their future, God declared that by Jesus people’s hearts would be made flesh— instead of stone— and it would be circumcised by their obedience to His Law.}

Acts 18:27-28; 20:24,32; Romans 1:3-6; 3:23-31; 4:3-8 {Please do not let this passage lead to believing that once called, even if sinning again thereafter, sin is not counted against the person. Paul merely is confirming that, as long as we believe God and believe in His Son Jesus, our PAST sins are forgiven when we accept God’s call to follow His Son: regardless of how bad those sins might have been, and regardless of whether we were Jews living within His Law or Gentiles who knew nothing of God’s Law prior to His call to salvation. Once called, we are expected to become obedient to Yeshua’s Law: if we don’t, we fall from grace. However, we are given time to accept the validity of El’s Doctrine and the necessity to adhere to it. So, falling from grace is not something that happens immediately. We have much to learn— thus, accept or reject— before God makes this decision. The following verses prove this axiom.}

Romans 5:19; 6:1-2,14-18 {The Bible clearly states that sin is the transgression of God’s Law— I John 3:4— and, those who do transgress are described as having a heart of stone. Those who are dead to sin are incapable of violating God’s Ten Precepts: they haven’t a conscience or heart for sin, revealing a fulfilling of the first two Royal Laws of Love. Rather, they have a heart of flesh and love for obedience; and, as such, they sacrifice— this is to say, they refuse to give in to— wiles of the flesh and are dead to the penalty for violating El’s Law. See Romans 12:1-3 below.}

Romans 11:5 {This speaks of the remnant of Israel, the approximate 10% of those who did, and still today, obey; by the same token, Revelation 12:17— by virtue of its reference to Christ— speaks of the remnant of all mankind who “obey the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” According to Webster’s Dictionary, a remnant is a small remaining part of a whole; applied to the church, it means: of all humanity who have heard God’s Truth, only a small number in any given generation obey thus become chosen; according to God’s discretion/choice— or election of grace, if you will— not according to man’s discernment.}

Romans 12:1-3,~6 {The sixth of the Seven Steps of Grace: the receiving of gifts, or anointing as it were, signifying having attained a chosen state assuring eternal life. Critical Note: Receiving the Holy Ghost for guidance and instruction is NOT an anointing. Anointing refers only to gifts being bestowed upon the recipient who has reached a Chosen condition. And, please, do not be lured by the so-called gift of tongues: purportedly only a language known to God and the angels but not Satan. Lucifer IS an angel and, scripturally, there is no such unknown language.}

I Corinthians 1:4-7 {Here revealed is the fact that we first must attain a level of faith where even our speech is full of Him and we must obtain all His knowledge: before a gift or gifts. Additionally, our growth into patience is noted by “waiting” for Jesus to return to take us up. Once we have a foundation of absolute Truth, then our loyalty to God’s Truth is severely tested.}

I Corinthians 3:9,11-13; 15:10-11 {It is by God’s Grace we are called; by His Grace we believe; by Grace we obey; by Grace we are chosen; by Grace we labour on His behalf— by the Father’s Grace we do all that we do: nothing done by our own election. Grace compels us to righteousness. And, it all is to God’s glory, not to ours. Our glory comes in the eternal, not while in this temporary world and wearing a temporary flesh garment.}

II Corinthians 4:15-18; 6:1,3-10 {Jesus stood strong, never wavering from His Father’s ways: despite having been dishonoured, evil reports— lies— made against Him, accused of being a deceiver— doing the devil’s work— though He spoke the truth, and He was not recognized as the Son of God. But, God recognized Christ as His Son. We must do as Messiah did in all things, or the grace extended to us is in vain and God will not claim us.}

II Corinthians 8:1-2 [Spiritual Freedom, no longer controlled by lusts of the flesh]; II Corinthians 9:8-10; 12:5~,6-10;

Galatians 1:6-8; 2:15-19 {Numerous Old Testament passages state: “Obey my law and live.” This is exactly what Paul is saying. Christ is not the minister of sin. He lived and taught obedience. Paul clarifies that, because he obeys the law, he therefore is exempt of the penalty for violating God’s Law: thus, he lives for God and will attain eternal life. This is exactly what was meant by the Old Testament passages as well as Galatians 3:12— The man that doeth them shall live in them. Additionally, v.13 states “Christ hath redeemed us from the CURSE of the law…” The curse of any law, corporeal or spiritual, is the penalty is carries for breaking the law.}

Galatians 5:4-7 {Clearly Paul refers to old ceremonial laws of sacrifice and offerings, which were done away with by Christ’s sacrificial act. One must carefully study in order to discern the difference between deleted ordinances and the Ten Commandments. Those who obey the Ten Commandments, simply because they believe it will save them, are in error: for here, Paul clearly states that righteous behavior— which is demonstrated by obedience to the Ten— is gained only by faith and love: the prerequisites to obedience.}

Ephesians 2:4-10; Ephesians 4:7,11-16,23-24 {Note that while there are different gifts, each differing in administration, the truth is the same no matter what. There is nowhere in the Bible that the existence of different denominations is acceptable to God. In fact, these are mentioned as being “every wind of doctrine, cunning craftiness:” especially considering that each present different, from slight to extreme, doctrines and each claim to be the “true church.” Impossible. The true church is not a denomination: it is a group of people following only God’s way: of one mind, one belief, one behavior, one doctrine, one Lord Jesus Christ.}

Ephesians 6:24; Colossians 1:5-6,8-9 {Truth is part of God’s Armor, revealed in Psalms as His Twelve Commandments. This is the only truth God Himself ever presented and insisted upon adherence to: all other laws and ordinances were at the demand of His people: who had been too long under the influence of idolatrous Egypt. As Elohim said, “They want to be like the heathen.” They same applies to everyone today who insist upon following man’s doctrine instead of God’s.}

Colossians 3:16-17; 4:5-6; II Thessalonians 2:15-17; Timothy 1:14-16; II Timothy 1:7-10; 2:1-9; Titus 2:1,7-15 {“Let no man despise thee” might seem contradictory when considering the saints will be and today are falsely accused, deemed the Devil’s worker, and so forth. This statement is referring to brethren amidst the church, not the wicked outside God’s doctrine. Thus and because there is hypocrisy within the church, there will be those who either will despise or be jealous of God’s Truth speakers: the rebellious who do not wish to hear the truth, preferring instead smooth words. These, then, are “those among us who trouble us” and are feigned believers.

Otherwise, a fellow believer might feel resentful or even dislike another chosen because of how a situation had been handled. We are told to rebuke brethren in error and to do so with all authority. This means three things: 1) we’d best know of what we speak, aware of every last crossed T, dotted i and punctuation mark; 2) do so by use of and in accordance with Gods Word, all of it concerning the issue; and, 2) do it in a spirit of love rather than a spirit of condemnation. This latter has a tendency to make us appear as a judge, which we are not. Finesse is the key: what works best is to use our own self as an example of what a like or similar error had cost us and the rewards we reaped after finally complying with God’s Word on any given point. Paul confirms this advice, as follows:}

Titus 3:1-8; Hebrews 2:9-12 {Revealed here is the fact that suffering brings about perfection: Christ’s as well as our own, through Him and His works. Without suffering, we never would turn to the Lord. What reason would we have? And, each time we turn to Him, we learn more of Yeshua and our devotion increases as well as our wisdom and knowledge: until one day we reach Christ-like perfection.

Anyone who says we cannot become perfect is a liar. Jesus said, rather, commanded that we become perfect as He is perfect and holy as the Father is holy. If self-perfection cannot be achieved in this lifetime, then Jesus was unreasonable and could not have been the Son of God.

Why would anyone deny what Christ said? Simple: they don’t want to expend the energy, the effort, and the work necessary to become perfect; yet, it is a requirement for redemption. The absence of striving for perfection, reaps flattering lips whose hearts are far from Jesus and His Father. Woe unto anyone teaching that perfection is not possible, for they lead people down a path of utter destruction.}

Hebrews 4:9-11,16; 12:11,13-15; 13:9 {Hebrews c.12 clearly reveals that it is possible to fall from Grace, which fall will cause others close to the fallen to also fall: to become defiled. There is no doubt, by the Word, that up until achieving the final step of Grace, we are at risk of falling from Grace.

C.13 directly refers to the many differing denominations claiming Christianity as well as all easily identified as not claiming Jesus together with all idolatrous practices. If a denominational doctrine is not based on “every word of God” and/or it teaches a doctrine not sanctioned by God, then it is a strange doctrine according to God: i.e. a Sunday sabbath, for which there is no scriptural validation; or, sprinkling instead of immersion baptism— to name a few blasphemies.

Our heart being established with grace, which is to receive El’s Truth— as opposed to man’s— is far better than to give up His Truth for literal food for this flesh body: a temporary garment that began dying the day we were born. It is temporary, but God’s Truth is everlasting and reaps eternal life.}

James 1:2-6; 4:6-7; I Peter 13-16 {Peter reveals a final act of God’s Grace. The first act of God’s Grace was to allow life to continue on this earth, despite being undeserving; then He offered Grace to individuals to be gained in six steps by acts of the individuals. Then, God performs a final act of Grace: redeeming those who obeyed by striving to reach and complete each step to gain infallible grace before the Lord.

One of the things God noted about Noah and Job, that caused Him to look upon them with Grace, was the fact they did good works and avoided any and all semblance of evil. Peter instructs us to this same behaviour.}

I Peter 3:8-12; 4:10-11 {We have nothing of our own: neither wisdom nor knowledge or even the monetary things we have. ALL we have, even our thoughts, were in the beginning and remain Yeshua’s. Therefore it is only right that all we do be done giving credit only to Adonai. If we’ve been blessed with El Elyon’s wisdom, knowledge, secrets, mysteries, and His thoughts; then, we must acknowledge aloud that they are His and not that of our own.}

I Peter 5:6-11; II Peter 3:18 {“Grow in grace.” How revealing, for the steps of grace we must achieve are exactly that: to grow from infancy in the Word to a mature adult in the Word. As previous scriptures enlightened, we must learn before we possibly can share God’s Truths with others.

This is not to say we don’t share all along the way: we share only what we’ve learned as we learn it. In our immaturity, we must be very careful: for we could impart a lie unaware. But, what if we are asked a question we’ve yet to learn the answer? It is then we defer to someone we know as being more mature in the Word of God.

It is easy to identify the mature: the description of whom is cited in a TSaS file: “How, Why and Whom” revealing God’s directions on how to study the Bible, why we should study it, and it identifies whom we can trust to serve as our human guide prior to receiving guidance and teaching from Holy Spirit. This particular TSaS file is received automatically when a person joins us; but, if displaced, it is easy to retrieve from our Files Section.}

SUMMARY: It should be obvious that Grace doesn’t occur just once— other than the first incident of Grace to allow mankind to continue for an extended, specified period of time: though certainly not deserved— nor does it occur for only one purpose. Grace is granted at each step of requirements leading to a final condition of becoming chosen thus unable to fall from grace: or, not being chosen for having fallen from grace after called.

SEVEN STEPS OF GRACE: core messages are in ALL CAPS

GRACE was extended to the world one more time, after the great flood, by ALLOWING LIFE TO CONTINUE for a specified number of years remaining of the whole of predetermined time, instead of utterly destroying all that God had created;
1. GRACE then is granted to each INDIVIDUAL, by way of a CALL to the Lord’s offer of salvation; if the call is answered, then
2. GRACE is extended again to those answering, ENCOURAGING him or her TO BELIEVE; if God determines that he or she truly believes, then
3. GRACE is extended once more ENCOURAGING believer TO totally OBEY God’s Law; if the person chooses to be obedient as shown, then
4. GRACE is extended yet again: SENDING the HOLY SPIRIT to this called believer TO GUIDE and TEACH— and may do so through a “babe mature in the Word”— indicating nomination for chosen status—preferable condition that assures redemption;
5. GRACE then is extended in the form of tests determining a nominee’s level of love and devotion for God and His Son; once LOVE and DEVOTION PROVEN; then finally,
6. GRACE is extended when the DEVOUT CALLED BELIEVER is ANOINTED with a gift or gifts, at the Spirit’s discretion, to use in his or her mission on Christ’s behalf: EVIDENCE OF having achieved CHOSEN status, GRACE NOW PERMANENT.
7. GOD’S FINAL ACT OF GRACE, at an appointed time known only to Him, REDEEM HIS CHOSEN people: His Saints, the Elect: His small flocks.

Having completed the sixth step signals to begin a ministry to share and teach others God’s Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge, secrets and mysteries by way of a gift or gifts received: II Timothy 2:1-9. Paul cites that we first must learn those things. Jesus warned, and Paul confirmed, that the chosen shall endure hard times, be accused of doing the Devil’s work, possibly imprisoned on false charges and, perhaps, even killed. Fortunately, we have no fear or concern for this life or our flesh being; rather, focus is on eternal life. As for things we must endure, they are counted as joy: confirms we belong to God.

Still, there is the seventh, final act of Grace done by God, I Peter 1:13-16— Jesus returns to take up His chosen: those obedient to the end, who became as holy as God and Christ.

CONCLUSION: Wow! God’s magic number seven. I stand in awe every time this happens. Once the first six steps are achieved, the chosen are not capable of falling from grace; although, anytime before attaining the sixth step, he or she is at risk of again falling from grace due to temptation: to be deemed twice dead, marked for utter destruction. Equate these steps to an infant learning to sit, crawl, finally walk and talk: or, as the Bible says, starting out with only milk, then maturing sufficiently to eat solid food.

God performed the first act of Grace— a word in the Bible’s original language denotes action by both parties— He “called” then requested six acts of Grace by those called, to accept with eagerness and humility: we do not deserve God’s act of Grace initiated. Think about it. Six steps make not a long walk. Christ took the first giant step for us: death. If we achieve six steps then God gives the seventh Grace: our redemption to life eternal!

Once fully converted, then what is our mission? The mission is the same for all: speak only God/Christ’s testimony and teach God’s Law. Each person’s role within the mission differs, depending on the gift or gifts each is given based on their life experiences; which will be used for people of like or similar experiences— who have yet to fully turn to God— and to lift up our brethren. When it is time, the Spirit clarifies an individual’s gift.

As Minister Paul said, so say I: “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.” —II Corinthians 13:14


Be good stewards of your Sword: harm no one, share Extra Oils, lead everyone to God’s Truth (note new TSaS URL for brevity)

Much Love in Christ, Sister BonnieQ
also at Unicorn Haven’s Seventh Seal Library and Seventh Seal Messenger

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