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Extra Oil Update 42: SHOCKING SHOCKING News

News, Economy, War, Nature, Health, Death, Lawless, Hate Crimes Bill, Mom/Daughters, Stealing Okay, The Other Holy Land, Persecution

In the past week, TSaS has been plagued with Satan attempting to prevent these Extra Oils from being posted. Today, we managed to get it online at Truth Seekers and Speakers; so, rather than fight him here at All Poetry, we are providing only a link to this Oil 42.

If you’ve been shocked by some of the news about the mother/daughters, this one will shock even more. SO DON’T MISS IT! You might have to cut/paste the link into your browser, if it does not work automatically.

Much Love in Christ,
Truth Seekers and Speakers

22 December 2009 - Posted by | Apostate, Bible, Bible Study, Blasphemy, Christ, Christs Return, Church, Death, Economy, End Times, Escatology, God, Great Whore, Harlot Daughters, Health, Jesus, Jews, Muslims, Nature, News, Papal Rome, Prayer Requests, Protestants, Religion, Remnant, Spiritual, Ten Commandments, Theology, Truth, WCC, World | , ,

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