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Extra Oil Update 52: The Brain & Truth in Law

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Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 52: The Brain and Truth in Law
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

Economy: Following 9/11/01 the stock market crashed by over 200 points, which has never been fully recovered. Last week, it crashed again by over 200 points, a few days later coming up by a shaky 59 points. Two more banks failed, new home construction still down, foreclosures increasing, and another company is laying off 11K people. Citigroup reported losses, Bank of America reported a$5.2B loss. Toyota stops production at 6 plants, not sure when will resume.
——Despite myriad Sunday leaders denying 9/11 was the prophecy set out in Revelation 8:1-5 that picks up in 18:5-19 for a complete portent, the event fulfilled God’s Word to the letter, to the minute, to the exclamations of other nations, and to the US and world today continuing in a downward spiral. A few months ago, economic experts at last admitted the collapse did not really begin in 2008, rather it truly began with 9/11. This is why TSaS maintains that recovery will not happen, only total economic collapse.
New Scam
: You might get an automated call saying it is about your credit card(s) and you need to ‘press 1″ or some such number to learn about how to get a lower interest rate. They also provide a toll free number: do not use it! Hang up! They do not indicate whether it is Visa, MasterCard or whatever and do not mention the name of a bank or holder of your credit card. To respond will result in the caller asking for your account number and other information that allows ID theft. Credit card companies/banks do not do this. They would send a letter and suggest you call them. Regardless, call your credit card holder and ask about the call you might have gotten.

Two New Laws?
©copyright 2006 Bonita M Quesinberry

Did Jesus say or command anything new? Did He really? The world majority of  “Corporate Christendom” would have us believe Christ came, performed miracles AND made changes to God’s Word set out in the Old Testament; this latter being just one of God’s complaints with Corporate Christendom. And, the only thing good about them that Paul could say was that they “preach Jesus.” Below are God’s Words compared to Christ’s about only one of man’s false claims: aids in discernment of lies and Truth.

Review Solomon’s words: “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” ~~Proverbs 14:12 and Ecclesiastes 12:13, respectively. Solomon said “of man;” not only Jews, for salvation was offered to pagans even in Solomon’s day.

The following definitions are critical to understanding verses hereinbelow— According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, Collegiate Edition ©1957:

ONE— characterized by unity, agreed, undivided, with one accord, the same opinion
MAGNIFY— make the status and importance greater, to glorify, praise, extol
HONOURABLE— worthy of honor, noble, respectable; validating right in honesty and integrity, upright, giving honor to the owner of, treating with respect {by obeying}
HANG UPON— hang on, hinge upon, on which hang, to depend upon, to-wit: cannot achieve without. [We cannot obey God’s Ten Precepts if we do not first love God and our neighbors good or bad.}


MAN SAID — Christ deleted the Ten Commandments and they were hung on the cross with Him, and He replaced the Ten with two new Royal Laws of Love, thus we do not have to worry about violating any of the Laws as long as we love. First, Daniel made it clear what was hung on the cross with Jesus: only the sacrificial ordinances, which quite naturally included the annual atonement Sabbath ordinance: which is not the Fourth Commandment, as man repeatedly claims.

JESUS SAID — I and my Father are one. Whosoever shall do and teach [God’s Law], the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.  ~~John 10:30; Matthew 5:19
Jesus said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. ~~ Matt 22:37-38 And the second is like unto it, thou shalt love they neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. (hang on) ~~ Matthew 22:39-40

GOD SAID — Teach them ordinances and laws, and show them the way they must walk and the work they must do . . . The Lord is well pleased for His righteousness’ sake; He [Jesus] will magnify the law, and make it honourable.” ~~Exodus 18:20; Isaiah 42:21
The Lord thy God is one Lord: and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. ~~Deut 6:4-5; 4:29; 11:1,13; Joshua 22:5; 23:11 Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the Lord. ~~Leviticus 19:18


As clearly shown above, Jesus did not give anyone two new laws to replace God’s Ten Precepts, as man’s leaders claim. If Christ had done so, it would have proven Him NOT the Son of God; which He claimed to be. Also, Jesus lived and taught exactly what God had said in Exodus 18:20 and Isaiah 42:21 quoted above, the Messiah repeating to both Jew and Gentile (heathen, pagan, stranger), exactly His Father’s words.

One might ask, “Why would our pastors and preachers teach us that Jesus did away with God’s Ten Commandments and gave us two new laws, when in fact He did not?” Because they fulfill Paul’s warning: “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” According to Solomon, their end is “death,” or as Jesus put it, “twice dead” and their houses are beautiful on the outside but full of dead men’s bones— both body and spirit.

These organized, corporate leaders’ work is to cause people to continue in sin thus, in the end, all who follow their false ways will perish with their father Satan. By the very lies they teach in Christ’s name, they imply that He was not the Son of God; despite saying He is. Jesus said there would come a time when ‘they’ will say He never came in the flesh. That time already was and continues— by implication, a lie most people do not even perceive as having been said, such as the following:

The Brain and Truth:
Today, Catholic and Protestant leaders all say, “The temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem before Jesus will return; the last week of Daniel’s 70wk (490yrs) prophecy has not been fulfilled, that final week is the 7-yr tribulation and begins as soon as Jesus arrives.” Now they have implied that Jesus never came in the flesh. To state that the temple must be rebuilt is to call God’s prophet Daniel a liar, for he said it would never be rebuilt after its destruction in A.D. 70. It also is to call Christ a liar, because He referred to Daniel’s prophecy about the temple being destroyed after He left earth. Those false leaders are of the great whore and harlot daughters and they even lie to God’s chosen Jews.

Lies come in one or more of four forms: verbal, written, implied and/or by omission. A lie is a lie is a lie, as far as God is concerned; death is the penalty where repentence is not forthcoming. To imply a thing has a greater, life altering impact on subconscious minds than most people comprehend. How so? While the conscious mind might miss an implied statement, the subconscious does not miss the implications. It is the portion of the brain that motivates behaviour, our actions either in agreement or disagreement with our conscious mind. Reminds one of the flesh warring with the spirit within.

The conscious brain can call up and deal with 8-10 stimuli per second, discerns fact and fiction, lies and truth by employing logical or illogical analysis— the latter only if the person wants to go with lies— but it has only short term memory. Our subconscious, the strongest most powerful section of the brain, can call up and deal with 10,000 stimuli per second, discerns truths and lies solely by our actions and will motivate repeats of those actions unless consciously directed otherwise, but it has infinite memory.

What does all that brain power mean to us? IF we follow after lies, our subconscious assumes the lies are true for us and will motivate us to continue acting in accordance with lies; despite the fact we might know the truth on a conscious level. Example: before going to sleep, you envision taking an exam the next day, racing through it, being the first to turn in your completed test, and getting it 100% correct. Now, on the conscious level you know logically that this has not yet happened; but, the next day, when you go in to take the exam, the subconscious kicks in and you perform exactly as envisioned the night before: the subconscious assumed that is what you wanted to have happen, else you would not have envisioned it then followed up the vision by going in to take the test. “Whatsoever a man thinketh, so it is.”

What do the above examples tell every Christian? If we know God’s Truth on a conscious level, then we had better live it or our subconscious will have us continue to follow lies we have heard or been taught all our lives or that we read somewhere. It is one thing to know God’s Truth, it is quite another to live it. Choice is the operative word here. Our choices are made on the conscious level, our subconscious then determines our choice by our actions and deems the choice we made as true to us and has us ‘act’ in accordance with the conscious choice.

Ah, but what about choices made unconsciously, for which God says we also are responsible? If we do not make a conscious choice accompanied by like actions, then our subconscious will make a choice for us based on the choices we consciously have made in the past, right or wrong. In either case, we make the choice.

Far too often Christians hear or read the Truth and consciously believe it in that moment yet contrarily continue to follow familiar denominational teachings or the ones they grew up with or because they ‘love’ the particular house and its people or because they could care less either way. Alas, the subconscious will determine that his or her conscious truth is his or her truth, despite being a lie, and will motivate him or her to continue in lies.

Oh, but the Truth is that once we have heard or read God’s Truth yet do not adhere to it, then Satan comes along and removes all sense of guilt about disobeying God. Then, very subtly he begins to remove the Truth altogether from the person’s conscious mind: the seeds of Truth had not fallen on fertile ground. It pleases Satan to keep people in his dark world, by hook or crook but mostly by using that person’s weaknesses.

To convince the subconscious that God’s Truth is the Truth means the person must consciously DO God’s Truth. Does this remind anyone of “Therefore, it takes both faith and works?” Indeed and in deed. Ah, but the Truth is that once we have heard or read God’s Truth and we work it, then the Holy Spirit confirms it and we continue to live it.

Consider carefully and through much prayer to determine what you believe and why you believe it. And, if you believe it, are you doing it? Also, why are you doing it: because God said so or man taught it a different way and that’s what you want to believe? The latter leads to utter destruction, as Solomon stated in Proverbs 14:12. So often, people are like an Ostrich sticking its head in the sand: it’s easier to pretend everything is fine when, in Truth, they will be slain right where they stand with their head in the sand.

Do look up and read all scriptures provided in this lesson.

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Extra Oil Update 51: ARMAGEDDON! God’s Truth

News of Haiti, Time/Age, God’s Armageddon, 7-Gifts for Righteousness, Gabriel Shares God’s Grief x2

Prophecy’s Extra Oil Update 51: ARMAGEDDON! God’s Truth
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

——Haiti has been struck with at least M4.0 aftershocks almost daily, at this time over 54, but magnitudes have been in the 5.0 range up to 6.1 in the last few days. The 7.5 that struck 10 days ago occurred in a major tectonic plate that lies beneath the outer rim of Haiti’s entire length and beyond, a part of the Ring of Fire; and, there is a narrower tectonic plate along its entire inner rim, part of which abuts the Dominican Republic. Major tectonic plates literally surround Haiti: a force that will fulfill Revelation’s 7th plague ” mountains fall, islands disappear”— but only when Christ comes in the clouds.
——So far, it seems all the quakes have been in the outer plate, with the exception of one that occurred a few days ago. It would not be surprising if the inner plate becomes just as active; so, please pray that the diverse sign moves away and pray for the people’s faith and patience as crews struggle to get food, water and medical aid to them.
—— The poem below precedes a 2002 question posed to TSaS about Armageddon’s “where and when”: that word used once in the Bible (Rev. 16:16). First, sister Debby shares a poem; read more at ~ If you share Debby’s poem, add title/copyright notice: “Time and Age,” ©2010 Debby Carlson-Sorenson

Time and age; it passes
and so do we from this life
to whatever we choose
But it’s the in-between
when our human selves crash
and we reflect on all the things
We regret; we forget that
with each fall and scrapped knee,
each time the dust settled
It was Him who was there.
It was Christ who washed the dirt
from our feet and lead us
To a place where time and age
has passed, eternity sings
and nothing else matters.
I want to hear that trumpet sound, 
see the clouds fall away
and Christ Himself call my name.. 


A R M A G E D D O N !  —  God's Truth 
©copyright 2002 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

Question: The final battle between good and evil will be fought where and when? Much of the answer below is a partial excerpt from “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law” written in 1998 and published in 2003 — You will want to get out your Bible and look up the scripture references as you read. Following this treatise is Gabriel sharing God’s grief.

Theologians and pastors claim the “where” as Armageddon, a Canaan plains area of the ancient city Megiddo, about 60-70 miles north of Jerusalem on the banks of Kishon River near Mt. Tabor and the Sea of Galilee: the former domain of the Hebrew tribe Issachar. These so called Bible experts further and rather vaguely claim that it will occur “when” Christ returns for a 1000 years ministry to the wicked. Their answers are based solely on one scripture found in Revelation and believed by most professing, Sunday keeping Christians: mainly because this erroneous interpretation is offered by those “tutored by man” thus holding doctorate degrees in theology. Jesus said, “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings (untutored by man) is praise and truth perfected.”
——Having cited man’s finite opinion, and without including extensively researched historical data or paraphrasing scriptures, this rendering offers Almighty God’s definitive answer regarding both man’s view as well as Ishi’s own absolutes. FYI: Ishi is the name by which God will be called in the restored earth. It is Hebrew for husband. Please bear in mind that, contrary to the above version, many books of the entire Bible actually interpret this specific prophecy, therefore not all references are provided hereinbelow.
——Allow the Bible to interpret itself and TSaS provides applicable historical data only as required for clarity. Note: neither Revelation nor any other book of the Bible is necessarily written chronologically, as Theologians and pastors tout. This tidbit as well as studying the Bible according to God’s prescribed method are vitally important in allowing God to interpret His own Word, to-wit: Bible interpreting the Bible. Members might want to take another look at the response to “How, Why and Who to Trust” recently posted. Two helpful hints: 1) rightly divide the Word; and 2) “What was in the beginning is today, what is today will be tomorrow, and what is tomorrow was in the beginning.”~~ the great preacher of Ecclesiastes.
——While Rev. c16 is fact in metaphor, it does not remedy our question, rather it specifically refers to the time of redemption, which is different from the final battle— the utter destruction of evil and cleansing of the earth with purging fire. It should be noted that in no way does this passage or any book of the Bible state that the battle WILL occur at the time and place of the Rev. c16 gathering, to-wit: Armageddon. It shows just the assembling in the general vicinity of Armageddon for “the battle of that great day of the Lord,” which day actually refers only to Christ’s return, not the battle itself.
——FYI: “As it is on earth, so it is in heaven:” It is necessary to understand how man’s criminal courts work in order to understand how God’s court functions. In earthly murder trials, following a preponderance of evidence, a judgment by a jury or a judge then is rendered of either innocent or guilty, at which time an innocent is immediately set free. At a later date, another hearing is held to determine actual penalty sentencing on guilty verdicts— for God’s purpose, death. Still, death sentences are not carried out at the same time as sentencing or even shortly thereafter. And, so it is with God’s criminal court.
——Mankind’s trial began in 1844, when God’s hidden truths were revealed to the world, the evidence noting obedience or disobedience, during which time all people were given 147 years to accept God’s truths by demonstrating obedience or remaining disobedient, each generation judged accordingly. Final judgment was reached in 1991, which opened the last church age of Laodecia— an era Jesus said will be very short compared to prior  six church ages. In this age, only the lukewarm can still turn around: Laodicea, the age of sentencing and claiming of a just people.
——Christ’s return metaphorically represents the second hearing for sentencing, thus he arrives with our sentences: whether it be life eternal evidenced by meeting Him in the air, or it be ‘twice dead’ evidenced by being left behind dead of a first death—which sentence is for a second death to all those not found in the Book of Life, execution to be carried out at a later date. There is an incredible volume of scripture validating this premise, thus it begs a question: What really happens the day and hour Christ comes in the clouds? In the interim, an explanation of the answer follows:
——Revelation 16:12-14,16 ~~ These 4 verses are disrupted by v.15. It is the “spirits of devils” that consider it the “the battle of.” Verses 13 and 14 clearly cite who begins preparing for the battle by assembling the “kings of the world,” which means their armies. Then, verse 16 continues, “he gathered them in Armageddon.” Note that “he” is not capitalized: the interpreters understood that “he” refers back to verses 13-14, Lucifer as it were, not God of whom the Great Whore attempts to convince the world. The 4 verses together reveal Lucifer gathering his angels and human minions for what he teaches is the final battle with God over the dominion of mankind, earth and heavens. The ongoing wars in the region are Lucifer’s way of “clearing the way” for the great battle he expects to wage with God.
——It is Lucifer who has determined that the battle will be waged at Armageddon, which timing of the assembling may be recognized in Luke 21:20: “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by the world’s armies;” consider Feb. 1991 Desert Storm— the Holy Lands remain surrounded by the worlds armies to this day. It behooves us to avoid a perception of God calling “the spirits of devils” either to battle or to this specific location: Middle East in general. Other scripture will disprove such premise. V.14 refers to “that great day of God Almighty,” DAY being an announcement clue for Christ’s living flocks hoping for His quick arrival in the “midst” of that battle as confirmed by v.15. Isaiah reveals the “spirits of devils” gathering untimely and will not do battle with God. (Isa 9:5; 54:15-16)
——Revelation 16:15,17-21— Continuing from above, v.15 is inserted amidst Lucifer’s assembling merely as an announcement advising Christ’s children that by this marshalling of kings (world’s armies) they are to understand Jesus is about to “come in the clouds to take up His flock to meet Him in the air”. (see also: Matthew 24:30-31,36; Luke 21:20)— Revelation v.17,20-21 pick back up with events that occur at Christ’s coming and the devastation following in His wake as He takes up his sheep. This reveals that of the last seven plagues, the seventh vial is poured out behind Jesus as He moves across the skies from east to west reaping His harvest. (Gen 1:2; Isaiah 24:1-5,20-22; 34:2-3; Jeremiah 26:32-33; Matthew 13:41-42,49-50; Psalm 37:10,38; 110:5-6; II Thessalonians 1:7-10)
——Special note should be made on v.19: Babylon (the great mother whore) was divided into 3 false prophet divisions centuries ago, so the first line of v.19 serves to identify Great Babylon— her religious divisions of pagan, papal, protestant, her largest division being the United States harboring them all. Here, God simply wants us to know that He has not forgotten their abominations and the affect they have had on His sheep, for which the three are now being rewarded with suffering and later will be re-rewarded with utter destruction. The passage then flashes back to a scene of destruction falling upon old earth as Christ’s sheep are redeemed from both grave and from among the living aka the Elect.
——Redemption complete and we are on our way to heaven. It is here that Father God says, “It is done!” Jesus said the same on the cross, but He was referring only to His part in that phase of His Father’s prophecy for earth and mankind’s temporary lifespan: Christ ministered then died for our “past” sins, saying as He drew His last breath, “It is done.”
——God’s interpretation to our question is found also in Revelation 20:1-9,12-15. It is here and later that we begin to understand that God has Seven Gifts to bestow upon the righteous people. Oh, how I love God’s number, seeing it add up in God’s Word time and again! Rev. c20 speaks only of Christ taking up His sheep followed by Satan’s symbolic chaining/imprisoning: the literal, in this case, being that he is left alive on a desolate earth populated with dead humans and from which he cannot escape for the duration of our ‘first gift’ received of a 1000 years in heaven. Did you catch that? The 1000 years in heaven is our “first gift” for unerringly loving and obeying God and His Son. Prison first is fitting retribution for Satan persecuting humans for 6000 years while knowing his  execution will follow.
——Our ‘second gift’ is witnessing Satan’s imprisonment. The chain is symbolic of his inability to ever enter heaven again, which was established in Rev. 12:8-9 and occurred in about 538BC. Here we simply are reminded that Lucifer no longer has the power to leave earth. Genesis 1:2, and other passages, clarify that “bottomless pit” means an earth void of life. Only the first part of Rev. 20:10 applies to this time frame, whereas the remainder is a flashback to events that occur at redemption; thus, “tormented day and night for ever and ever” means a 1000 years seems like forever to the wickeds’ tormented souls. Our ‘third gift’ is when we reach heaven and God opens His books to us. And, the ‘fourth gift’ is the wiping away of our tears and total healing. The ‘fifth gift’ is the wedding and wedding supper with our Lord and Saviour in heaven.
——Then we are shown what happens after the 1000 years we’ve spent in heaven with Christ. The wicked dead are resurrected— see also Rev. 14:17-18, grapes represent the wicked— and Lucifer immediately deceives them for three months— a season— into believing God still can be defeated. Really stupid, isn’t he? Satan then gathers them around old Jerusalem, because that’s where Christ and His saintly warriors are camped upon our return from heaven. Now God has called the time and place for that final battle; which will be no battle at all, according to Isaiah’s citations regarding this event. But, of the location God is even more specific, which should lend clarity.
——Joel 3:11-15— The valley of Jehoshaphat, valley of decision/judgment, to-wit: where sentencing of old was carried out— today called Kidron Valley. Interestingly, the valley of Jehoshaphat (Kidron) lies east of Mt. Zion and west of Jerusalem. The valley is directly outside Jerusalem’s east portal called Dung Gate, the only exit through which garbage and human waste were to be removed from the ancient city. It is that same valley in which God historically executed first death sentencing upon those persistently disobedient and/or for having harmed His chosen people.
——Our ‘sixth gift: Joel confirms the location for the final destruction of all that is evil, filthy and wicked, inasmuch as v.17-18 follow the execution with a description of new Jerusalem as set out in Revelation 21:1-6. It is only after the complete purging of evil that a New Jerusalem (Psalm 37:20), wherein God and Jesus ARE the temple, comes down out of heaven and Christ’s saints at last inherit a newly restored earth. (Isaiah 26:14)
——So now we have God’s opinion. Where~~ Valley of Jehoshaphat; When: following the sheep’s’ 1000 years reign in heaven with Christ. Of course, that 1000 years just might foster another question: “Why a 1000 years? Why not just do it all when Christ returns?” The answer also is given in God’s Holy Word: that 1000 years is earth’s Sabbath rest, during which time she shall lie fallow— unable to support life— because mankind “did not give earth her Sabbath rests of every seventh year,” as God had ordered. For each day of man’s week, earth was given 1000 years as a day. Thus, she was to labor 6000 years, then have her Sabbath rest the seventh 1000 years. 6000 years has expired.
——Nonetheless, an incredible logic and absolute justice is found in God’s Word unblemished by mankind, undeniably better than any penalty humans could devise against criminals. What better punishment than to have Satan left on a dead world littered with rotting, stinking bodies from one end of earth to the other as well as the unopened graves of his previously deceased followers: all for 1000 years of “weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.” No one to torment, no one to tempt, no one to torture, no one to follow him, no one to do his biding… no one at all, not even his fallen angelic army. How awful that will be for Beelzebub, who has been so busy for 6000 years deceiving the world and torturing God’s people. (Obadiah v.3-4; Amos 4:10)
——Man’s courts should eliminate death sentences, for how much better than that a rapist or murderer should have to live in confinement all of his/her natural years while living with why they are there; knowing only that, in the end, God will execute them: the unrepentant are the walking dead, the ‘twice dead.’
——In the end, what better place to destroy all evil garbage than outside Jerusalem’s Dung Gate in the valley of judgment: where God roars out of Mt. Zion utterly purging evil by an all consuming fire. Then, God presents us with our ‘seventh gift’ of eternity in paradise: He restores earth as Eden: where we dwell forever in the presence and magnificent light and warmth of God and Christ! Praise the Lord! Come, Lord Jesus, Come! God’s logic is far above man’s and irrefutable by His complete Word.

God’s Seven Gifts to His Righteous People

1. Spend 1000 years in heaven
2. Witness Satan’s Imprisonment
3. God opens His record books to us
4. Wipes away our tears and heals us
5. Wedding and wedding supper with Lord Jesus Christ
6. Earth’s complete purging of evil followed by total restoration
7. Eternity in earth’s paradise with our Father and His Son Jesus

Gabriel Shares God’s Grief:
——Do feel free to share the following poems, which were my way of sharing what happened the morning of 16 January 2005 and again on 09 December 2005; in the midst of that year I suffered a statistically fatal brain aneurysm. Satan desperately wants my mouth shut and my pen stilled, my computer down and websites to ban my work. Since the age of 6, Lucifer has made numerous attempts to slay me. He is a failure.
——Please, if you are lukewarm, read these words with fear and trembling then turn yourself wholly to God’s Way; for you cannot mix His with the world’s, else you will perish. I felt God’s unutterable grief on those mornings: it is OVERWHELMING, so deep, deeper than any grief humans ever feel over the loss of loved ones. I know, for I have buried 2 children, my parents and my only sibling.
——Imagine God’s grief over all that He created and loves. As He said, “I take no pleasure in destroying that which I created.” But, He also said, “There must be an end” to evil and the wicked. Please, do not be one of the reasons for God’s grief and tears when earth stops. READ, WEEP and INSTANTLY TURN AROUND.
I Lay Weeping
©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry

I was crying when suddenly awoken,
blood spilling from a heart so broken
as Gabriel repeated, “It’s far too late,
for each sin they refused to abate.
You must stand fast and hear all the angels hark
as Jesus weeps o’er earth in the dark.”

I lay weeping, not wanting to even move,
aware there’s nothing more I can do. 
It is done; and, I’d said all that could be said,
while praying it saved them from twice dead.
Alas, they maligned God’s Word spoken so true,
left unsure I’d reached even a few.

I was crying when suddenly awoken,
bitter tears o’er Satan’s vile tokens;
though Gabriel assured me, “You are secure.
Rise and look away from Satan’s lures;
continue to stand fast and do as you’ve done:
for it will keep you strong in God’s Son.”

I weep still for their loss but now understand.
They can hear words only smooth and bland;
for it was written that they will not repent,
despite overt fury God has sent.
I comprehend: I must continue to speak,
for my strength is in God’s Truth I keep. 

I lay weeping but would do as I was told
thus arose to a room very cold.
Words flowed through my mind as I turned up the heat
and swiped at tears; for I’d not be beat,
as there are those who haven’t read what I write.
God’s might is mine and I’m in His light.

For them I weep, yet shake their dust from my feet,
sorely aware of their soon defeat;
for each who deny, live and die Satan’s child;
lukewarm, unruly, utterly wild.
They live loosely, thus will die outside God’s Law;
despite having been warned of each flaw.



Again This Dawn
©copyright 2005 Bonita M Quesinberry  
(Exodus c.20; Deuteronomy c.5)

Another glorious Friday You’ve made, Father,
this Sabbath eve; skies clear and sun warm.
I remembered Your words giving understanding
when again this dawn I woke in tears:
“Thou grieveth, like a mourning dove on the mountain,
for those left in cities filled with fears.
They refused to obey My Word; and, they should have
when ye spoke to prevent deadly harm.”

Oh, thank you so much, Lord, for sharing that wisdom,
and more, the one who sought to find me:
she whom I’ve just met though I have never seen her.
She said, “I spoke to God about you;
and, He said to me, ‘She is favored of the Lord.'”
Oh, how merciful to hear this, too;
a soothing balm healing each of my battle wounds;
for soon, Jesus lifts me up to Thee.

Father, this handmaiden is humbled by Your Love,
that You would choose this unworthy Eve,
then bless me with such great responsibility:
to reveal Your mysteries so true,
as well as to teach all Your Law, that some might live.
Oh, how I weep, for there are so few.
Alas, most turn away; others argue Your Word,
contrarily claiming to believe.

In all things, good and bad, I praise my loving God;
praise and give all the glory to You:
for I’m nothing without You, merely pitiful;
yet with You, I am all things and more.
Praise you, Father; Amen in Christ’s name: You are God!
You love me, just for keeping Your score!
And I know I love God, for His Law I obey.
It’s vile to break even one or two.

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Extra Oil 2009 Recap 50: earthquakes CORRECTION

Earthquakes every 8/10ths second CORRECTION:

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 2009 Recap 50: Wars In the News ©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

Correction Para. 2 of TSaS Note Below: Last 7 days of earthquakes
Please forgive the mathematical error of leaving out one step in the equation: unusual for someone with an accounting degree. Either my blond brain or sheer exhaustion might account for it. The paragraph indicated 7 days equal to 1080 seconds, which should have reflected minutes, then converted to 64800 seconds to equal an earthquake of M1.0 up to the highest magnitude every 48 seconds. While this might seem to reflect fewer quakes than every 35 seconds USGS reported in 1999, the one figure we do not have that they have are the number of quakes of a M0.1 up to M0.9. If we had that number to include, it is felt that earthquakes today would be striking in far less than every 35 seconds. Alas, in searching USGS records, we have not found numbers below M1.0 for now. However, the number of quakes of M5.0 and higher have continued to increase steadily since 1991.

TSaS Note: Back in 1998, just after research and writing had been completed for “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” the government USGS reported earthquakes of “some magnitude occurring somewhere in the world every hour.” In 1999, USGS gave a similar report, except quakes were then “occurring every 35-seconds;” to which one scientist said, “Earth is reeling to and fro.” That scientist may not have realized he quoted a Bible prophecy. He just did not quote it entirely: “Earth is reeling to and fro like a drunkard.” BonnieQ provided that information globally as well as added it in “Bind Up . . .” She has long said that these events will continue to worsen exponentially and they have.

——Extra Oil 2009 Lawless Recap, posted 16 Jan, provided a ‘last seven days’ (1080 seconds) earthquake report of 286 M4.0 or greater and 978 M1.0 or greater. Earth, 11 years later, is quaking every eight/tenths (.8) of a second, excluding quakes below M1.0, and it has not changed in any recent seven-day USGS reports, oft times more frequent. CNN’s Monday evening news tickler cited a quake off the Cayman Islands but did not mention the magnitude; albeit, to even report it meant a significant event (it was M5.8). And, a few days ago, a M4.0 quake was reported near Oklahoma City. In the last seven days, there have been 222 quakes of M4.0 or greater just between Alaska down to but not including South America.

——Earth is quaking constantly and events are more devastating and deadly. She is no longer just reeling to and fro; she is cracking up in the final throes of her ‘first death’ and volcanoes are going to explode with her blood.

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Extra Oil 2009 Recap 50: Earthquakes, 2009 Wars

Earthquakes every 8/10ths second, Cayman Islands/Oklahoma City quakes, Van Impe, Robot Rules, Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson, Recap 2009 Wars

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 2009 Recap 50: Wars In the News
©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry


TSaS Note: Back in 1998, just after research and writing had been completed for “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law,” the government USGS reported earthquakes of some magnitude occurring somewhere in the world every hour. In 1999, USGS gave a similar report, except quakes were then occurring every 35-seconds; to which one scientist said, “Earth is reeling to and fro.” That scientist may not have realized he had quoted a Bible prophecy. He just did not quote it entirely: “Earth is reeling to and fro like a drunkard.” BonnieQ provided that information globally as well as added it in “Bind Up . . .” She has long said that these events will continue to worsen exponentially and they have.
——Extra Oil 2009 Lawless Recap, posted 16 Jan, provided a ‘last seven days’ (1080 seconds) earthquake report of 286 M4.0 or greater and 978 M1.0 or greater. Earth, 11 years later, is quaking every eight/tenths (.8) of a second, excluding quakes below M1.0, and it has not changed in any recent seven-day USGS reports, oft times more frequent. CNN’s Monday evening news tickler cited a quake off the Cayman Islands but did not mention the magnitude; albeit, to even report it meant a significant event (it was M5.8). And, a few days ago, a M4.0 quake was reported near Oklahoma City. In the last seven days, there have been 222 quakes of M4.0 or greater just between Alaska down to but not including South America.
——Earth is quaking constantly and events are more devastating and deadly. She is no longer just reeling to and fro; she is cracking up in the final throes of her ‘first death’ and volcanoes are going to explode with her blood.
——TBN: Jack Van Impe aired Monday night. After viewing most of its 30-minute program, TSaS feels it no longer necessary to keep a watchful eye on him; the man has truly lost all sense of reality, both in the corporeal and spiritual realms, and is now living in some video war game made up of fantastical creatures.
——As Van Impe’s recent custom, the show was about his false 7yr tribulation but more about a purported World Order government: Obama its World Dictator. It was here that insanity entered Van Impe’s world. First, Rexella showed several articles with pictures from various magazines, reporting on a World Order and a portended leader and another on the advancement of robots.
——Van Impe resumed, saying that the true Dictator would actually be “in the wings,” but on stage publicly would be a ruling robot built with extreme technological advances of which we are not aware. He described a fully functional Korean robot with fire in his belly that walks through the woods eating vegetation, quoting one scientist as saying “he is a vegetarian,” that is extremely powerful as well as dangerous. Such a robot will appear, in presence and name only, to be the new World Government leader directed by the real Dictator from behind the scenes.
——Van Impe’s diatribe shifted to the marking of people, saying it would be an injection that includes microscopic robots but would be done in the guise of controlling terrorists and their attacks; this latter purportedly said by the Bilderberg Society. We can assume that only non-extremists would be injected. In short, hiding the fact that the injections constitute the “mark of the beast” and anyone not having that injection “will be able to neither buy nor sell.” Rexella closed by again hawking his “Prophecy Bible.”
——TSaS Note: It amazes us that there are billions of global people who listen to and heed the ravings of madmen simply because they hold doctorate degrees in theology. What is worse, people believe their worldly interpretation of these end days. They who know God and His prophecies will not, do not believe the versions coming from mother and daughters and their leaders; yet, billions buy into the likes of Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson and all the others in their mother’s house. People even give their hard-earned money to support the likes of Van Impe in the style to which they aspire: riches for lies, riches for smooth words, riches for sin to continue unpunished.
——TSaS repeats, “There is no such thing as a 7-year tribulation. Tribulation began in 1991 and it will continue until Christ is in the clouds. There is no such thing as Christ ruling on earth for 1000 years before it is made new. There is no such thing as people just ‘disappearing’ before our eyes with no visible explanation.” Poof and a person is no longer there yet the Bible says, “Every eye will see and will know why they are left behind . . . dead from one end of earth to the other end.”
——As for a World Order, Government as it were? Well, that has been every powerful nation’s goal almost since the beginning of time. It is true that the world is closer than ever in history to such an order; however, it has nothing to do with God, His people or His Word and certainly not to prophecy. In fact, prophecy bears out that every time a nation is about to achieve such a feat, that nation falls, utterly falls: recall the Roman Empire, Napoleon, Hitler. The list goes on.
——A World Government is not part of these end days equation, for it is not part of God’s equation. Jesus will return before such a Government can ever come to complete fruition. The only event concerning prophecy was the formation of a World Church from out of Revelation’s great whore and her harlot daughters; and, Satan had 1810 years to achieve it. He has achieved it, thus now it is time for his divided house to fall; for God will never allow Lucifer to ascend to His throne nor sit on His Son’s throne. These are the days in which Christ said, “I come quickly.” Not soon but quickly!
——Get out of the world, people; stop thinking in the world. THINK SPIRITUALLY.

— Scientist said, “Earth is critically close to utter extinction; for the first time due to its largest species: mankind.” Instead of what mankind is doing, the world needs to be more aware of God’s arsenal firing His wrath upon the world.

Wars: Plague-6, “When Jerusalem is surrounded by the world’s armies” 1991 began Armageddon; Signs, “wars and rumor of wars.” The 2009 Recap of Lawless News

06/06/09— “Desert Storm Armageddon”; past week Middle East, Israel, other countries’ battles reap numerous deaths; largest civilian toll Sri Lanka: over 20K. Drug Cartel fighting, over 40 deaths along US/Mexico border El Paso, TX, ongoing.
06/13/09US 5000 soldiers killed Middle East since 1991; Sri Lanka 20,000 civilians; Pakistan, Taliban kills 33; Taliban kills 14; car bomb kills 17, 50 injured; Bannu evacuations urged. Thailand, 10 killed; Peru, police kill “more than 30 civilian protestors” (arrest 36); Kashmir, 5 killed; Baghdad 7 killed; roadside bomb kills 1, wounds 4; Hamas kills 5 Israelis; Muslim cleric killed; Iraq, teen shoots lawmaker, bombs mosque; China, 24 injured acid attack, 3rd in 6 months; Afghan, mine blast kills 1, 50 injured; UK soldier killed (attacks reach record highs); Turkey, rocket factory explosion; Al-Bathaa, car bomb 35 dead, toll rising; Iraq, 28 & 35 dead in two locations suicide bombings; Islamabad, 2-police officers killed, 1-officer wounded suicide bomber; US Military personnel has highest suicide rate in history, rate still rising; MX, Drug Cartel, 15 MX soldiers, 2 civilians, 2 tourists killed, Drug Cartel wars (to date, 11,000 killed) 3 police killed in another exchange; Africa, 100s kids killed, more by starvation, 1000s kidnapped by 1 man, forces to be killing machines, slay own parents;
07/04/09Iraq, our military men/women ” coming home,” at least 40K soldiers to stay another 2yrs; In lieu of military departures, extremist attacks escalate dramatically, so too civilian/UN military personnel death tolls; Number of suicide bombings/missile attacks so many, could not keep up;
07/25/09—Extremist attacks escalated more than 60%, civilian/military killed still rising;
08/01/09Wars, civil unrest killing 100s civilians, police, military around world, not just Middle East also China, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, England, Africa, more; CNN issued “global terrorist warning” today, mankind’s economic crisis turning to rage, as predicted, people seek someone to blame, US specifically, near earth’s end blame will be on Christ’s sheep;
08/08/09—More lives lost to wars, rumors of wars, civil unrest throughout nations;
08/22/09US Homeland Security urges raising terrorist alert system; MX, legalize drugs to stop Drug Cartels’ bloody wars/death tolls, Cartels sweeping across US with performing brutal kidnappings;
09/05/09China civil unrest escalating, 5 killed syringe stabbings, many wounded, people demand better security. Chili civil unrest causes deaths. Peru guerrillas shoot down helicopter killing 2; Pakistan, detains 3 terrorist suspects, US soldier death tolls in M/E rapidly rising, numbers expected to exceed total for prev yrs there est 5000 up to 2009; US to send more troops to Afghan to comply w/30-yr peace contract to eliminate Al Qaida, Taliban; PM wounded in gun attack; US warned keep up guard potential terrorism; India PM, helicopter pilot found dead; Commonwealth suspends Fiji; CBS reporter wounded; Afghan, 22 US, British, French, Scottish soldiers killed suicide bomb mosque; Iraq, 2-US soldiers killed vehicle crash; 1-Brit soldier killed; dozen bomb strikes kill at least 6, wound 85; NATO air strike kills 90/over half civilians; Kashmir, Baghdad bombing death tolls rising; numerous other bomb blasts around M/E cause steady rise of death tolls; US, deviant hazing amid military contractors serving as US Embassy security Kabul, so far 10 fired as investigation proceeds; MX, Drug Cartel all over US, 3 pot fields found in WA forests nearby vacated camps, usually heavily armed, found by routine fly-over~ 25,248 mature plants hauled off; pot farms encroaching tourist areas; attack on Drug Rehab Center killed 17, wounded 2; Afghan, dramatic decrease in opium production as poppy fields destroyed;
09/12/09— 8th Anni 9/11; US largest military in world, largest number bases in other nations (5000); Baghdad, 1 dead, 11 wounded; Afghan, Polish solder killed; 4 US killed, suicide bomber kills 2 at airport; 2 US killed; 100’s of votes invalid at 447 polling sites; Iraq 8 killed, 36 wounded; 4 US, 7 Iraqis killed; suicide bomber kills 2 @ Brit Military Base; Multi-bombings kill 26, scores wounded; Brit journalist rescued, Afghan peer killed; Pakistan, killed more than 50 militants; Taliban spokesman arrstd; Israel, 2 killed; Venezuela activists topple radio towers as health danger, Minister to close more radio stations; N. Korea massive grave sites of millions starved to death; Sudan tries woman wearing pants; China 21 arrstd in syringe stabbings; MX legislature candidate/family killed; Ireland investigating mass bombing; Guatemala 4-officials killed @ prison; Japan, death row inmates pushed to insanity;
09/30/09Uganda riots kill 14, 640 arrstd;
10/06/09Afghan, 8 soldiers, 1 police killed, unspecified number insurgents killed; Iraq, suicide bomb kills 7; Pakistan, suicide bomber enters World Food Program office at UN, kills 5; Nuristan, Taliban attack kills 9; Taliban/Al Qaida casualties in 1000s last 12mo Afghan war; India, militant attack kills 10; Jerusalem, riots at Wailing Wall) get police out in full force Mon; India, Station “firecracker” blast kills 2; 35-40 militants killed in other attacks; Baghdad explosion kills 1, 6 injured; Turkey police break up Anti-IMF protest;
10/08/09Afghan, Kabul, Taliban suicide blasts India’s Embassy kills 17, +80 injured; 1-British, 1-Spanish soldiers killed; India, police shootout kills 17 police; Iraq, 4 police killed; Iran accuses US of researcher’s disappearance; US, Gen’l need 40K more soldiers in Afghan, Obama weighing all aspects before decision;
10/12/09Pakistan, teen suicide bomber hits military hdqtrs, 41 civilians dead, 50+ injured; Mon, blast kills 29, 45-injured;
10/17/09US, Soldier dies from transplanted smoker’s lungs; China/India argue disputed region; India, rebels bomb school, railway; Iraq, Kabala blast kills 6, dozens wounded; 9 Awakening members killed, 30 injured at Mosque; Minister says 12-mo war related death toll 85,000 Iraqis, 25-US military loss last 30-days—157 last 12mo; Pakistan military jets hit Taliban hideouts 2 days running; Militant attack, 37 dead, attack on police station kills 13; Africa, Nigerian militants declare end to cease fire; Spain denies having paid Taliban to protect their soldiers; arrests 10 believed linked to Basque separatists; Russia won’t honor UN sanctions against Iran; Britain to send 500 military to Afghan, Obama discusses request for 40K US soldiers; Columbia, large death toll rising in vicious drug war, its former President blames US anti-drug strategies, also still warring in MX; Australia, 5-convicted of terrorism;
10/20/09Africa, activists say rape Congo weapon of war; Afghan bombing kills 4-US soldiers; Pakistan, militants kill 13 police; 2-Taliban suicide bombers hit Int’l. Islamic Univ, kill 4, injure 18, ages 18 to 25; kills about 20 Taliban, 2 Pakistani dead, effort to reclaim southern stronghold of Taliban; Middle East strategic site to US & world, likely to send more soldiers to Afghan; Afghan, votes invalid at 210 sites, US urges run-off election, w/be Nov 7; Iran, suicide blast kills 37 + 5 Revolutionary Guards, dozens injured, blames US, Pakistan, Britain & threatens “crushing response”; Iraq, roadside bomb kills 13; car wreck kills 1, injures 2 US soldiers; 1 US soldier, 4 Iraqis dead; India, security scare at Cricket match; has 400,000 soldiers on its Pakistan border; Yemen rebels get death penalty; Brazil, 10 + 2 officers killed in drug war; China, pirates hijack Indian Ocean cargo ship; Russia, extensive electoral breach at polls; US Air Force loss, 1-pilot didn’t eject in mid-air crash; Ex-US Gov Scientist arrstd in sting passing critical US data to fake Israeli agents;
10/27/09Wars & RumorsMX, Juarez deadliest city, over 2000 killed by drug wars in last 10-mo; Pakistan, seizes key Taliban village; drone kills 16; helicopter crash kills 3 DEA; security arrest 8 Iraqis crossing border; Afghan, 2-US soldiers killed; helicopter crash kills 14 US Embassy staff; 4-US soldiers killed when 2-copters collide mid-air; Taliban deep into heroine trafficking, funds war against West; Africa, British tourists killed in Kenya; Bahgdad, double bombing kills 160 (incl 30 kids), injures 520 Iraqis; Israel, police arrest 18 Palestinian protestors in riot at Jerusalem’s temple mount site, caused by rumors of Muslim Mosque to be blown up—harlot daughters’ lies that Jewish Temple must be rebuilt cause event, w/worsen;
10/31/09Afghan, Tues. 8-US/Seattle killed by roadside bombs, Oct deadliest for US, worse for ME; Afghans feel for Taliban re: air attacks on hideout village kills 906; Taliban kills 5-UN workers re: runoff election, 1-Taliban killed; Taliban kills 8; Chicago, 2-men arrested as terrorists w/al Qaeda links; Israel blocks Pakistan from adequate water supplies; Pakistan, Iranians released; Peshawar mkt. car bomb kills 100+; Iraq, Al Qaeda claims deadly twin bombings last week, death/ injury tolls rising; US, navy ship accidentally fires on Polish port; Somalia, British couple sailing send SOS, pirates seize yacht, kidnapped couple put on Spanish ship (possible ransom demand); India, oil depot explosive fire kills 3, 6 missing;
11/02/09Somalia, British couple held on Spanish ship, pirates demand-Britain refuses $7M ransom; Somalia group w/al Qaeda ties threatens Israel; Italy, Naples killer identified; Iraq, bomb suspect/officer die; Bombing kills 7, injr 40+;  Kabul, Taliban kills 8; Iran, Swiss diplomats visit 4-US hikers held for illegal entry; Baghdad, motorcycle bomb kills 5; Srinagar, militants attack police; US, Amer-Israeli arrstd on terrorist chgs; Spain, 7-indited aiding train bombers flee Madrid; Pakistan, 17-wounded; Commercial center bombing kills + 35, injrs 65; N.Korea calls for direct US talks;
11/07/09— Thurs 11/05 No US casualties this week in Middle East, all in US: TX, Ft. Hood, Thurs 1:30pm CST, shooter 39yo Sgt. Major Nadal Hasan kills 13 = 12 soldiers+1 civilian, injrs 30; wounded female civilian cop Kimberly Munley took him down w/4 shots; Hasan lone shooter, hospitalized ICU; 11/05 LA, Camp LeJuene, Marine kills Marine; Iran shuts down leading newspaper; Iranians clash w/police on anniv 1979 US Embassy hostage crises; Israel, detains ship w/weapons from Iran to Syria for Hezbollah; H. Clinton speech controversy w/Arabs; Pakistan train crash kills 12, injures 19; Seizes another Taliban stronghold; Drone strike kills 4; US, warned need more satellites in southern hemisphere to monitor China rocket/missile firings; Afghan, 5-Brit soldiers killed; 2-NATO soldiers missing; Palestine, Taliban “tactical retreat” face army offensive; Tunnel scam targets “dirt poor” Palestinians; Leader does not want another office term; Italy, convicts CIA agents kidnapping/torturing Muslim Cleric, US not get diplomatic immunity prior to op, serve 5yrs prison; UN pulls 600 staff frm Kabul;
TX, viewed memorial for 13 of Ft. Hood today, eve of Veterans’ Day; No other news compiled by TSaS;
11/14/09Pakistan, traffic blast kills “at least” 26; separate Bomb blast kills 17, “scores” injrd; Baghdad, 2 killed; Korea, skirmish between north and south navies; Tailand, Cambodia tensions worsen; US alert over German al Qaeda threat; Kabul, bomb blast US base kills 2; TX, Ft. Hood, Hasan off ventilator, paralyzed, chg’d w/13 counts premeditated murder, death penalty likely;
11/24/09UK opens investigation soldier abuses Abul Grae prison; Pakistan, 20 Taliban killed; Philippines, kidnappers kill 21; Politically motivated massacre, 46 dead; Afghan, Nov: US soldiers-15 killed; Iran, alliance talks w/Russia/So. America;
US, Obama to announce up to 34-k soldiers’ will deploy to Afghan; Philippines, massacre toll rising, 100 arrstd;
12/01/09Afghan, US will send 30k soldiers; Missing US contractors’ copter crash site found; US policy, no letter to families of military suicides;
12/04/09US, send 30k soldiers 18mo Afghan, draw down begins July 2011, Gen. McCrystal gets 40k as NATO/Afghan/Italy add up to 7000, 5000, 1000 respectively, logistics/Taliban promise “fiasco”; Afghan, US soldier found dead; Greece, armed man w/explosives enters school; Somalia, blast at school kills 23; Syria, bus explosion kills dozens; Indonesia, disco fire kills 20; China, 5 more rioters get death penalty; Pakistan, militant attack kills dozens at mosque;
Africa, Darfur, 5 peace keepers killed; Baghdad, car bomb kills at least 130, wounds “more than” 400; Afghan, Taliban/al Qaeda threats; Allies kill militants, seize weapons; Iraq, school blast kills 7, wounds 41; Pakistan, Lahore market, suicide bomb kills 54, “dozens” injured; Peshawar, suicide bomb kills “at least” 12; Iran, protestors shout “Death to the Dictator” gassed by police; Japan, US military kids arrested; Greece, 5 wounded in riots; Australia, 12/02 being a Christian nation, PM Kevin Rudd ordered, “Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law are to get out of Australia, as the government will target radicals to head off potential terror attacks”;
12/15/09Baghdad, Mosul 8 dead; UK, 2009-100 soldiers lost; Canada, Homegrown terrorist plot 9/11 anniv. foiled by Muslim youth leader/infiltrated as mole, wld hv bn worse than US 9/11; Palestine, Gaza farmer killed; Afghan, 8 police dead, 13 dead; Pakistan, at least 22 dead; Congo, 1400 civilians killed; US, NASA launch infrared telescope monitor entire sky/universe; Iran, tries 3-hikers, threat to US opposing nuclear program; Honduras, anti-drug chief killed; India, bus wreck kills 21;
12/19/09Pakistan, blast kills 12; attack 40 killed; Yemen, 34 killed; MX, top drug cartel leader killed; Twitter, Thurs pm hacked by “Iranian Cyberian Army”;
12/22/09MX, Juarez +2400 murders in 2009; Afghan, 4-Taliban killed, 11 injr;
12/26/09Iran, to launch satellite; Cultural Council fires opposition leader; Iraq, Church bombed, 1 of sev attacks; new attack/25 pilgrims ded; Yemen, dozens militants killed; Pakistan, blast kills at least 4; Kandahar, Bomb kills at least 8; Bosnia, Discriminates against minorities; China, 5 more to be executed for riots; MX, 2009 drug wars kill 74K, incl 5K innocent civilians; Colombia, kidnapped Governor found dead;

12/29/09 Detroit, 12/25 NW Flt 253 frm Amsterdam, 23yo Nigerian Nat’l AbduMutallab, son of wealthy Nigerian banker who rptd concerns to embassy prior Flt, ankle trigger shorts/burns, explosive sewn in underwear wld hv blown up plane, 2nd-3rd degree burns on leg, tackled by passenger Schuringa/all okay, believed part of terrorist grp, acted alone in response to US strike on Al Qaeda base in Yemen, Al Qaeda claims plot; Security heightened all US airports, Obama orders more US Marshalls on flts in/out of US; 12/27 NW Flt 253 frm Amsterdam, not same plane as Xmas day, unruly Nigerian Nat’l, pilot alerts TSA (Traffic Security Agency), psngr in custody, DHS (Dept. Homeland Security) determined legitimate illness repeat trips to restroom, 1 trip lasted 1hr; 12/28, US Airways flt Orlando to Phoenix, pasngrs report 2-men (India descent) act suspicious, TSA questioned then release; Short flt, drunk man knocked on pilots cabin door, questioned/released; US Off say “Iraq yesterday’s war, Afghan today’s, Yemen tomorrow’s war”; Pakistan, drone attack kills 13-militants; Mosque bombing kills Official/family-5, 81-injr; Sewer gas explosion kills 25; Suicide bomb kills 30, 50 injr; Afghan, US soldier killed, total since 2001— US.848, UN.500; Rocket lands on Ministry grounds; Israel kills 6 Palestinians for murder Gaza farmer; Iraq, Shiite pilgrims, census workers killed; Iran, Tehran protestors clash w/riot police, 8 dead, 1-opposition leader Mousavi’s nephew, 17 so far w/gun shot wounds; 300 arrst; Video shows police car plunging into crowd; Nobel Laureate Sharin Ebadi’s sister arrstd; Leader accuses US, Zionists of urging protestors; Lebanon, 2-Hamas killed; Baghdad, pilgrims killed in bombing; Taliban, airs “horrible” video of captured US PVC Bergdahl, disappeared Jun, not proof alive; Yemen-Al Qaeda on US radar; China, Brit Nat’l executed, mentally ill conned to smuggle 50lbs cocaine; Thailand, to deport more than 4K Hmong to Laos; Somali pirates seize 2 ships;

12/31/09NYC, Van w/no tags bomb scare Times Sq, false alarm; Amsterdam, w/install 15 airport body scanners w/in 3wks; Spain, kidnapped by Al Qaeda, aid worker wounded; Pakistan, drone kills 3; Yemen, Al Qaeda “most dangerous” arrstd; W. Iraq governor critically injrd in blast; Iraq, 5th Brit hostage released in Iraq, 3 dead, 4th believed dead; Dec deadliest month for Iraqis; Afghan, suicide bomber gets into US base dining hall, 7 CIA dead + bomber (CIA lgst loss since 1983); 4-Canadians killed, 1 a journalist;  Kandahar, 3 French journalist kidnapped; Somali, man tries to board plane w/chems, syringe; Spain, terror alert, threat of ETA attack; Yemen, Al Qaeda solidifies presence; Iran, Opposition leader Mousavi’s nephew shot in back, buried 12/30; Police threaten worse force on anti-gov protestors; Pro-gov rally huge 12/30; US, former VP Cheney accuses Obama of pretending US not at war;


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Extra Oil: God Should Repent, SDA, John Hagee

Haiti, Nature, Wars, God Should Repent? Gay Rights, SDA, WC, NCC, WCC, John Hagee

Prophecy’s Extra Oil: God Should Repent, SDA, John Hagee
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

News Brief 2010:
Haiti: pictures of family sought, “Found” toggle shows pics of people found; Within 15 seconds the earthquake had collapsed all buildings; Presidents Obama, Clinton, Bush to head Haiti Relief Fundraiser; 6 orphans flown to US adoptive parents; 100 orphans leave for Netherlands; 3 Hospital ships at Haiti, operating rooms busy; UN— top 2 officials dead, 37 personnel dead, 330 missing; 16 Americans confirmed dead; US Air Force Major Ken Bourland missing; Leogane 90% buildings collapsed, news crew first people they had seen by Sunday, need help/water/food; Port-au-Prince, Leogane w/o elec/water, no death or injr reported at this time; Almost all roads and street blocked by heavy debris; 12K US soldiers deployed; US aid $100M, UN aid $10M, World Bank aid $100M, 11 other countries est. $50M, Red Cross donations $8M, plus other charities $ coming in; 3M people affected, Sat. about 11.2K meals served, Sun. 40K high energy biscuits handed out; US citizens complaining about 12K soldiers being sent to Haiti but more complaining about $100M aid while US is suffering unemployment, homeless and hunger;
——TSaS Note: First, most families of military personnel had rather see their soldiers in Haiti than in a war zone; Second, our Government is like any business with accounts payables and receivables, the 100M is from an account earmarked Aid to Foreign Countries, therefore the money is not coming out of accounts for US citizens. The same applies to the UN $10M aid; While US citizens are suffering, lives are at stake in Haiti, so count your blessings and pray for Haitians instead of whining;
Nature: Sunday, Venezuela M6.3 quake off coast; CA, OR, WA, large storm brought 60mph winds, 3 more storms rapidly coming in back to back;
Wars: Sunday, Pakistan, drone kills 20; Kabul, explosions/gunfire rock city; Pirates release Greek oil-tanker ship;

God Should Repent
FLA, Sister Tammy reported
——On 29 June 2009, which TSaS previously reported, President Obama signed an addendum to the existing Civil Rights Bill giving gay partners the same rights as married couples when it comes to employment benefits, insurance, inheritance and death of a partner, but does exclude marriage rights. It is prudent to point out that Obama did not initiate this addendum, he merely signed off on what already was approved by Congress.
——Tammy found more data on the event: As customary, Obama gave the pen to long time civil rights activist, octogenarian Frank Kameny, who had been key in getting the codicil added and was present for the President’s signature and seal of office. John Berry, Obama’s Director of Personnel, then congratulated Kameny for his great work in civil rights and apologized for the astronomer’s 1950 firing from his Federal job “because he was gay.” Kameny had sent an email to Peter LaBarbera, President of ‘Americans for Truth.’ The main thrust of that email is quoted below:
——”God of the Bible is a sinful, homophobic bigot. He needs to repent and seek forgiveness for the pain and suffering, which is sinful homophobia, which has needlessly been inflicted upon gay people for the last 4000 years.”
——Kameny is infamous for saying and repeated in his email, “Bestiality is alright, as long as the animal doesn’t mind. Bigotry is sinful, whether it is racism or anti-Semitism or homophobia! Your God of Leviticus and of the Bible as a whole is clearly a sinful, homophobic bigot. He should repent of sinful homophobia. He should atone for that sin. It is not homosexuality that is always wrong, sinful and immoral. It is homophobia that is a sin and your God that is a sinner on this account.”
——TSaS Note: At the time of the signing of the addendum and despite Kameny’s eighty-some-odd years, he is a very angry man that certainly does not know his Maker. Anger is a killer, so it is a wonder he has reached his eighties. We need to pray for this man; what he has said is to curse God and to blasphemy the Holy Spirit.

SDA Unites With WCC: TSaS research
——From the website
The following is a partial list of churches documented as part of and cooperating or working with the WCC/NCC, some for many years: Anglican, Assemblies of God, Baptist (including Seventh-day), Brethren, Catholic (including Old), Christian, Church of God, Congregational, Community, Disciples, Episcopal, Evangelical, Friends (Quakers), Full Gospel, Holiness, Latter Day Saints (Mormon), Lutheran, Mennonite, Methodist, Missionary, Moravian, Orthodox (Bulgarian, Christian, Eastern, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Syrian, Ukrainian), Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Protestant, Reformed, Seventh-day Adventist, United, and Wesleyan (see Letter from the National Council of Churches of Christ, January 13, 1965, from Wilbur C. Parry, Associate General Secretary; American Opinion, January, 1982, p 11; Directory of Christian Councils, published by the World Council of Churches, 1985).
——In addition to prior years, in 1984 the SDA church itself admittedly gave $8,000 to the World and National Councils of Churches. The documented facts, especially from the SDA church, prove they indeed supported NCC and WCC with financial help, and for some time! This means the SDA church and every corporate member are guilty of supporting furtherance of the goal towards a One World Church and New World Order, the spreading of Communism, terrorism, and aiding the killing of innocent people.
——But what about the union and cooperation of the SDA church with WCC or any of its branch organizations? “Over one hundred theologians met in Lima, Peru, in January, 1982, recommended [voted] unanimously to transmit this agreed statement: The Lima text excerpt: “For the common study and official response of the churches. They represent virtually all major church traditions: Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Reformed, Methodist, United, Disciples, Baptist, Adventist and Pentecostal.”
——SDA General Conference leadership states: “Today the old, largely negative approach emphasizing chiefly the things wherein we differ from all other religious groups is past, definitely past.  And that is as it should be.” Ministry Magazine, March 1966, p 10.
——”The Adventist church today is better prepared to make common cause with these other evangelicals than at any previous time in its history.” Ministry Magazine, June, 1966, p 19-20.
——As a result of the SDA leadership urging its churches to teach in common and ignore preaching the pure cutting truths of the three angels, this led to “the General Conference, as a world confessional body or church, [being] recognized by an advisor in Canterbury at the 1969 meeting of the WCC Central Committee” (see paper prepared by B.B. Beach titled “The World Council of Churches/Seventh-day Adventist conversations and their significance”).
——After the SDA churches were officially represented in Canterbury, the SDA General Conference Executive Committee passed a Resolution to teach “in common” with the other churches connected with the WCC! “Whereas…voted…departmental plans…to create a public image…set salvation within the reach of the multitudes…to place emphasis on the non-controversial truths shared in common with all Christianity.” Review and Herald, December 18, 1969, p 16-20, Autumn Council action.
——Tammy also reported the following quote from the General Conference: “We are not members of the WC and WCC. We are merely advisors and consultants.”
——TSaS Note: The SDA Conference denial proves their political savvy and play on words to skirt the truth without having seemed to do so— “advisors and consultants?” As the Holy Spirit said, “WHAT have sheep to do with goats?” If salvation were still on the table, it might seem the way to reach out to everyone who has been deceived by Sunday’s leaders; but, it came off the table in Feb. 1991 when we entered the Laodicea era. Under no circumstances did Jesus join the enemy to save the few sheep within their ranks and neither should Doctrine Keepers EVER join the enemy. We speak outside their doors and the cold within will come instantly they hear God’s Truth and the lukewarm might return.
——This is incredibly sad for all true Doctrine Keepers; however, it validates the vision given BonnieQ in 1981. Readers might recall that, in 2001, she also obtained a copy of the World Church Charter/Doctrine and, a few days later, received in the mail its current membership list at that time: which hard copies are in her research files. What the Light Ministries report did not include in their brief membership list are the tell-all members that reveal who directs the Pope, from behind the scenes— spiritually as it were— of the World Church. ALL pagan religions, including Wiccan (witchcraft), Celtic and Druid as well as all other sects were in 2001 and today remain members of the World Church, with many others since added, making WC the mother over all of Satan’s divided house.
——Fortunately, as recently reported, there are individual SDA churches across our nation, and perhaps around the globe, that have pulled out of both the local and General Conferences and now call themselves ‘Independent Seventh Day Adventists.” Praise the Lord! However, our work is not done, for there are many small churches that may not realize the gravity of what the General Council has done thus have yet to leave it.

TBN, 10/17/10 John Hagee Ministries, Texas, a supporter of Sunday sabbath as, from his standpoint of “Prophetic Mysteries Revealed” as the backdrop of his church stage:  ———Today, Hagee gave a sermon on “lawlessness;” in which he began by saying, “Lawlessness means . . . lawlessness.” He went on to cite various crimes we are seeing around this nation and the world, both by children and adults: “We used to never have to lock our doors, could park unlocked cars outside the garage; but, today if we leave the car unlocked and outside and it’s stolen, it is our fault. Now, we keep our doors locked, bars over the windows, a gun beside our bed, and women carry mace . . . just in case.”
——Hagee rather vaguely referred to lawlessness within the church but not to full disclosure; rather, directly pointing to the last six of God’s Precepts. In God’s reality, the first four Statutes reflect our relationship with God, while the last six establish our relationship with mankind.
——After the program, TBN advertised it urgent for people to go out and buy the “Left Behind” series of books that claim to detail “Revelation,” the end of times.

——TSaS Note: We have been sending out Extra Oils covering six (6) of the signs and plagues consistently in the news, those being: 1. Mother/Daughters; 2. Nature; 3. Health; 4. Economy; 5. Lawless; and, 6. Wars. The reason the Great Whore and her harlot daughters are number one in this list is because they reveal lawlessness within Sunday houses as well as all sects that align themselves with Sunday by either deed or word, such as having joined the World Church and its arms of the National Church Council and World Church Council: which ALL specifically contradict three of God’s first four Statutes, deleted the second one altogether, actually placed the fourth into the third position and omitted all of its phrasing except “Keep thou the Sabbath holy.”
——We must understand and obey ALL of God’s Commandments, also Biblically called Statutes of Life, Law of Righteousness, Law of Blessings, God’s Doctrine: the one and same Doctrine Jesus came living, preaching and teaching and specifically added, “Do my Father’s Will.” God’s will and doctrine always have been just His Law written by His finger in stone, exclusive of the Ordinances He had Moses write upon parchment: to which Precepts the only thing added was that we accept Christ as His Son and our Saviour, He being what made the Old Covenant new by virtue of replacing and omitting the sacrificial ordinances. About God’s Law, Jesus said, “Do as I have done.”

——God revealed in the Old Testament that He would “create a perfect man, who shall magnify His Law and make it honorable among men.” Jesus was and remains that man: He did this and taught us, by word and deed, to do the same. How many Christians can say, “I magnify God’s Law and make it honorable among men?” Magnify is to believe and very visibly live God’s Law in our personal lives; to make it honorable among men by teaching it to others as required of all believers who “love” God and Christ. Jesus did say, “He who obeys the Law and teaches others to do the same, will be called great in heaven. And, he who brings just one to me, will be called great in heaven.”

——The greatest offence within corporate Christendom and all who, knowingly or unknowingly, align themselves with the Great Whore constitutes blatant blasphemy of the Holy Spirit by their denial and disobedience of God’s Fourth Precept: the seventh day Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11, which is not just 5 words) extends from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. This is one of the most vital of the Ten Commandments and the first to carry a blessing, preceded only by, and which Ten depend upon, the two Royal Laws of Love. There is only one way to interpret God’s Seal and Satan’s Mark, and that is spiritually; any other interpretation is of the world.

——Saturday identifies: 1. The God we worship; and, 2. God’s people, which day defines them as “a peculiar people,” Biblically known as Jews, Christ’s sheep and Elect. It also is 3. God’s Seal on us, in us, around us, the penalty for which Seal is eternal life, OR without it one will not enter heaven and new earth— after all is said and done.

——Sunday identifies: 1. Lucifer, a fallen angel who desires God’s Throne and will trample anyone who does not bow to him or that gets in the way of his single-minded pursuit, including his own people; and, 2. Lucifer’s people, Biblically known as goats and grapes defined as evil and/or wicked. It also is 3. Lucifer’s Mark that is upon and in and around countless blind and deaf multitudes, the penalty for which Mark is to die twice— after all is said and done.

——As for the “Left Behind” Series, written as fictional works by a pastor and his writer friend who claim it is “Bible Truth, classified fiction in order to sell” millions of copies and make even more money from the movies based on them— TSaS has said before and will say again and again, the series IS fiction; about as fiction as any fantasy writer might venture to imagine. Every word is based on man’s interpretation of Revelation, every word based on a finite perspective instead of the only perspective that counts: Holy Spirit. Every word is also couched in greed.

——God’s Truth has no need to produce a lie around it in order to reach more people, sell more copies for tons of money, even get movie rights for tons of more money; for God’s Truth goes only to those whom He has chosen. God’s chosen represent an unbelievably small market in the world’s scheme of riches; BUT! The world’s riches are stored up for His peculiar people— after all is said and done.

Dear Sheep, may this day our Lord has made rain many blessings upon each of you and the best blessing of Truth.

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Extra Oil: Christ’s True Church

Prophecy’s Extra Oil: Christ’s True Church
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

A friend of the Sheep, Frank in England, called on Sabbath with a request that we send a link to everyone we know and request that they share the link with everyone they know around the world. He will be doing the same from England because he wants everyone to learn about and read Prophecy’s Extra Oils as well as other critical data available to those who seek God’s Truth. Frank would like to see a message something like the following:

The time is at hand and I am sending the following link to everyone I know and ask that you share it with everyone you know: Please visit the Seventh Seal Library at Answers from God are there for all to read!

——This particular website has most of God’s work there, including the Extra Oils and a lot of data just on the first page and margin. It also provides a link to Truth Seekers and Speakers. Please feel free to copy the above message (it is in Times New Roman, Font 12, Font color black), paste it into an email to friends and family: everyone you know! ——The Sabbath Oil that went out Friday indicated that today’s post would bring everyone up to date regarding the SDA church, it’s State and General Conferences. However, the following paragraph explains why we felt it important that this one about Christ’s church was necessary at this time. We plan to post the SDA issue on Monday.
——A few recipients might not have understood BonnieQ’s statement in the last Extra Oil, about not stepping foot in any Sunday keeping church building nor in any SDA building still a member of the Conference and/or meeting in a Sunday facility or renting out its own facility to Sunday groups. The core point is that Christ’s Sheep are to do nothing that in anyway appears to condone that which goes against God: a counterfeit sabbath is exceedingly abhorrent to God; it is blasphemy, it is to curse and deny God while at the same time elevating Satan to God’s throne. Abomination.
——Perhaps, the excerpt below will aid understanding of her position, one that should be shared by all of God’s Sheep. The Lord said, “Come out of her, my people.” He did not mean to come out only in mind and spirit; God also meant literally to exit those “White sepulchres, beautiful on the outside but full of dead men’s bones.” They are Satan’s synagogues, as the below excerpt will prove. As the Holy Spirit has said very adamantly and repeatedly in the last few months, “WHAT have sheep to do with goats?”
——Keep in mind the behaviour of Revelation’s Great Whore and her harlot daughters throughout 2009 and what we have learned in just the first 17 days of 2010. Remember the World Church, its Charter/Doctrine and its broad membership that includes every pagan religion in the world. And, finally, remember the World Church Council, its manifesto of “civil disobedience” recently learned of; and, remember former President Bush’s signature on an Executive Order in 2006.
–—It is especially important to remember that we are living in the last church age of Laodicea: the age where salvation is no longer on the table— as the Spirit said, “It is too late.” It is the age of awaiting man’s sentencing, for the trial ended in Feb 1991. It is the age in which God made it clear that we speak and warn only the “lukewarm and cold:” there is still hope of turning around the former, the ones at most risk of perishing. And, there is a little time left to reach the cold, whom, no matter what, will not perish.
——Do not be deceived that Satan’s synagogues are bringing in new converts by the thousands and physically healing as many more: it is all part of his illusion meant to make it appear that his is the true church, that all is well and the end not near. BUT! Do remember there may be a few lukewarm or even cold within their midst; yet, do not enter his synagogues: speak and warn outside Satan’s doors. You will be ill-thought of by his goats, a curse upon them, but you will be favored by God with blessings beyond measure.
——The following excerpt includes all “scripture references” as opposed to all scripture quotes found in “Truth Gathering.” So, please, get out your Bibles and read all the verses provided for God’s validation of the treatise below.

Christ’s True Church
excerpt “Truth Gathering,” C.30, pgs. 485-507
©copyright 1998, 2003 Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C.

Church, according to the Hebrew word, is translated people. Jesus cited His church as not hewn by man and referred to His sheep as lively stones, metaphorically hewn wood and stones formed by one mind, one faith, one heart and one way, the mortar of God’s Word binding the whole. Both God and Jesus made it clear the behaviour in which such a church would perform, which scripture references are provided at the end of this article.

Are there any corporate denominational churches out there functioning in accordance with God’s Word? There is not one sect wholly of one mind, one faith, one heart and one way, which is obvious by virtue of their myriad differences without and within. Still, are their members wholly equal in all things? The answer is a resounding NO. Not even those who seem to teach Truth, such as Seventh Day-Baptists/Church of God/Adventists, the first two of which have been in this nation since the first settlers; though none doing all things equal— the meaning revealed in God’s Holy Word.

The only organized religions near to practicing all things equal—and separate from the world in hard work, absolutely no use of manmade evil inventions, such as electricity, cars, computers and so forth—are Amish and Mennonites. In these, Christ’s sheep could learn from their example. Albeit, Amish and Mennonites, too, are tied to the Great Whore by observing her counterfeit sabbath: made worse by entering into that blasphemous rest every two weeks as opposed to each seventh day according to God and Christ.

The absolute closest to description would have to be those few Christian Jewish congregations that observe and do all Twelve of God’s Precepts in and of the faith of Jesus, including supporting one another both spiritually and financially.

Still, there is not one Christian professing incorporated religious group wherein all members pool their resources and divide excesses for equality. Most pay their church leaders but do not divide surpluses among members as each have need—thus all things being equal as Christ established with His Apostles and disciples; and, as they established it in all churches they formed. It isn’t going to happen either: at least not in the halls and sanctuaries of corporate Christendom.

Corporate Christendom: those denominations formed under governmental incorporation laws. In this case, for the specific purpose of avoiding taxation: making them wickedly similar to any for-profit business. Being incorporated puts denominations under strict governmental control, more so than one might think. Incorporation allows religions to urge, even force, governments to pass laws as those so called righteous men of the moral majority deem necessary. Regardless of how good intentioned such laws are, neither morality nor immorality can be forced. It simply is: God deems and controls both.

As determined in a previous chapter, all known corporate denominations—with the exception of Catholicism—are of Satan’s Synagogues, those obese and excessively wealthy harlot daughters of the Great Whore: Papal Rome, the mother by some edict or other. If for no other reason than they are mixing church and State: despite the fact both they and State deny such commingling. Is there not even one considered wholly Christ’s denomination? No! Not even those seeming* to teach whole truth. (*next paragraph)

I recall one Sabbath a few years ago, as I sat in a neighborhood *Seventh Day Adventist Church. Behind me was a young, divorced mother with three children, one a newborn. She struggled to make ends meet: at the moment, in need of food and diapers. So, a note was given to the Pastor requesting a call for a special love offering on behalf of a nameless family in need at close of service. He read the memo, stuffed it in his pocket and, at the end of his sermon, walked to the exit to bid everyone a happy Sabbath as they strolled out the door. He was careful to avoid eye contact with the missive’s author. Then he left to go play golf, violating God’s fourth Law, which this preacher taught as truth.

Stunned almost immobile, as the front rows filed past our pew, several of us quickly dug into our purses, pooled meager cash-on-hand, stuffed the money in a tithe envelope and presented it to the young mother: rapidly advising her embarrassment that it was a gift, not from us, but from God. After all, whatever we have, however so much or little, is the Lords for our use, as He deems appropriate.

Even I had experienced a lack of care in that church: for at the same time this young mother was suffering, I had been conducting in my home a free in-residence counseling program for teen girls, supporting it with a small retirement fund. When the money ran out, I contacted our pastor via email to learn if there were any programs available, within the Seventh Day Conference, to aid in keeping a much-needed service alive and well.

The Conference meant the hierarchy of SDA churches throughout our nation. A short email advised: the church does not have the budget. He mentioned no programs such as I had requested. In the end, I lost my home and, no longer able to work, ended up on public assistance and housing. Praise the Lord! He never let me go hungry or without a roof. I must, however, quickly add: I am where I am at any given moment by God’s design. He always shows me who and why I am there or here or over yonder. Yet, I digress.

Even the rare corporate religion teaching truth is failing to enter into that truth: the Pharisees in panoramic color, as are many of its own leaders and members. Woe unto that church leader, for God surely will hold him accountable: not only for corrupting God’s Holy Word by his blatant example, but for failing to respond to the needs of the flock in his care. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep. One of mine hungered and you did not feed her. Thus, I say to you, I never knew you.”

Just such corporate religions and many of their members, indeed, have a form of godliness but lack the power of God. These corporate sects have need to support their own leaders in a worldly style to which they wish to become accustomed. They want to build bigger, fancier buildings and recreation rooms; despite our Lord saying His church would not be hewn by man.

In fact, churches established by the Apostles met in private homes. But, corporate leaders desire to flaunt wealth, to drive fancy cars, live in expensive homes and wear designer clothes: and, call it bearing fruit of righteousness when they overflow their synagogues with misguided people. An erroneous message of prosperity.

They must be celebrities in their own right: television shows filled with elaborate sets and movies filmed on lies and traditions of men with the roles played by Hollywood actors, some of whom voice non-belief in God: all with money gained from the poor. They build their own schools at all scholastic levels: to teach what man deemeth right but which lead the way to destruction. They covet being recognized authors of volumes of books full of half-truths and void of all but a few inapplicable scriptures: fully expecting to be well paid for their talent in producing great fiction. Of course, those authors make even more bucks when corporate Christendom purchases the movie rights.

It is of no consequence to them if members are wearing rags, going hungry, living in shacks and walking wherever they need to go: all, in order to send their last dime to help pay for all those evangelical luxuries and falsehoods. Or, they even may be homeless and destitute, yet diligently seeking our gracious Lord while helping others with what little they might have: by sharing it.

The only good thing that can be said for all these corporate denominations is exactly what Paul said, “Some indeed preach a Christ of envy and strife; and some also of good will. One preaches a Christ of contention but the other of love. What then? Notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.”

At least they are teaching something of Jesus: meaning, at some point members here and there are going to do exactly what this commentator did—question God for His truths and His only. And, in finding it, those few here and there will become obedient and seek out others like themselves. We of the truth have in common a sense of being alone, without mutual believers around us.

Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and of her plagues. It is corporate Christendom’s myriad denominations which Christ’s members are called from to come together in one mind, one heart and one way. Without benefit of a corporate structure designed for tax exemption while ceding ultimate control to governments. They come together believing one Truth, God’s; behaving in one Way, Christ-like; and, all of one heart in obedience to Every Word of God: ever lifting up each other, encouraging one another and adamantly maintaining equality among Christ’s members. One at a time: here a person, there a person. This is exactly why Jesus said, Where two or three sit in my name, so shall I be in their midst. It has been said from the beginning: God’s people are of little strength—indicative of their small numbers all over this world.

Sometimes, one sheep stands alone, for a time: often feeling persecuted while those around them jeer at his or her belief, poke fun at their obedience and make jokes at their expense. Finally, someone steps over to his or her side, and then another and another. Today’s church is no stranger to taunting, teasing and jesting, as well as being called a variety of unflattering names; such as false prophets and blasphemers, just as Jesus was accused. Today’s church is well aware, however, that it is worsening: because the day is fast approaching when corporate brothers will lay blame for this world’s ills at the feet of obedient brethren.

But we: Fear not, for the Lord is with us. We are fully armored and cannot be swayed to change sides. We care not for the flesh and hope for the day when, victoriously, we say to a tormentor, “Go ahead! Kill me, and I guarantee you that, in the end, Jesus will raise me up again.” Think how triumphant Jesus must have felt when He said almost those same words to the Pharisees. Victorious! Wonderful! Because He knew it was true. The Father would and did raise Christ up again; and, it will be done for us as well. It is written!

Solomon built a temple, just as God foretold his father David. David was not allowed to build it because he had warred much and spilled blood, defiling the land. A splendid house Solomon did build! Solomon remains the wisest king in all history and since; yet, like his father David, he ultimately fell from grace due to his monetary extravagance virtually bankrupting Israel coupled with his legendary number of wives.

Later, Solomon’s temple to our Lord was destroyed. Then, rebuilt several times until the last time in preparation for a coming Messiah. Seventy years after Christ’s birth, it was destroyed again: as Daniel and Jesus portended, and will remain so: because New Jerusalem will come down from out of heaven, according to John’s Revelation.

Over the hundreds of years following Solomon’s structure, there were many times when God’s house and His ways were forsaken. Many times it was defiled by merchants and vendors: long before Jesus. Worse, priests and Pharisees began wielding more power than they had right; thus, even God’s Word was defiled.

Looking at various church buildings and leaders of today reveal the same vile uses, lust of power and abhorrent sacrilege of God’s Word. Perhaps one might think this does not hold true in Sabbath keeping denominations. Think again: for quite often, even they will rent their buildings to Sunday keeping sects. It is little wonder God declared, His church would not be built by mankind. Neither is it: because man cannot bring anyone to Christ, nor can man create a man, nor can man build a house that will stand forever. Christ’s church is built of mankind, of people.

Nevertheless, discover Christ’s True Church. Bear in mind: the word church, Biblically, means the people—our first clue as to the building blocks we seek in defining this church. Along the way, this AKJV Topical Bible has revealed every dirty little secret of Satan’s Synagogues, including the fact it is built upon shifting sands, an unstable foundation, and enormous lies for building blocks of dust easily blown away.

Learn each truth and every nuance of Christ’s church, for there is no other like it. It is the only one built upon an indestructible, immovable rock and whose members are handpicked by the Father to follow His Son. Christ’s church: the personality and behavior of its people, who are small lively stones building up the body of Christ’s temple—being one with His body, mind and spirit.

The AKJV scripture references below begin with a description of the ancient church, first setting out the Father’s Commandments. Remember: those same precepts were spoken long before they were written by God’s finger for Moses, as set out in Exodus 20:3-17 and Deuteronomy 5:7-21. Additionally, the fourth commandment seventh day Sabbath was not established through or for the Jews. It was established at creation, Genesis 2:2-3, thus for ALL people of whatsoever nationality.

The second and ensuing sets of verse references below reflect Christ’s New Testament church. Once having read both God’s and Christ’s church descriptions, it will be clear that neither ancient nor new differ in God’s requirements. TRUTH: those who truly love God will look up and study every one the scriptures provided, for they seek only God’s Truth.

In an aside, the Authorized King James Version is the Bible of choice in whatsoever language, in that it is the only translation from the original languages that fulfilled a part of Revelation prophecy: therefore the only divine translation. It has been determined that other, newer versions have altered, changed and even deleted critical words and phrasing.

The Ancient Church:
Exodus 20:1,3-17,25; 23:12-13; 31:13; Leviticus 19:3,30; 23:3; 26:1-3; II Samuel 7:12-13,14,16; Psalm 5:7,11-12; 27:4,6,14; 30:1,2-4,11-12; 84:4-5,9-12; 85:8-13; 92:13-15; 100:1-5; 105:1-5; 111:7-8; 116:12-14,17-18; 127:1; 135:4-7,(8-11),13; Proverbs 1:2-6,7,33; 3:1-14,24-25,27,29-31; 4:1-2,4-7,14-15,17,19,10-21; 7:1-4; 8:7-14,32-26; 24:3-4; Isaiah 51:1,7; 56:4-7; 58:6-11,13-14; 60:3,10-12; 66:1-2,15-16,18-19,21-24; Ezekiel 20:12,20; 44:24; Micah 4:5; Habakkuk 2:20

Christ’s Church:
compare to Exodus 20:3-17— Matthew 4:10; I John 5:21; Acts 17:29; I Timothy 6:1; Matthew 24:20; Mark 2:27,28; Hebrews 4:4,9,10, margin Colossians 1:16. The Law after Christ’s death: Romans 3:31; Luke 23:54-56 and at least 84 references to the Sabbath in the book of Acts.

Christ’s Church Personality & Ways:
Matthew 7:24-27; 9:37-38; 10:7,14-15,22,24-25,27-28,32,40,42; 12:6-8,11-13,48-50; 16:24-26; 18:20-22; 19:17,18-19,21; 21:13-14; Mark 1:14,21-22; 10:14-15,19,21,23; 11:25-26; Luke 4:14-16,31-32; 6:6; 12:29-36; 13:10-12; 23:54-56; 24:1-3,6; 18:18-20,22,24; 20:22-25; (ref. Matt. 17:24-27); John 2:16-17,19-21; 5:5,8-9; 14:1-4;

Acts 2:41-42,44-47; 4:34-37; 7:47-50; 13:14-15,42,44,46-48; 16:13; 17:1-2,4,5; 18:1,4,6-8; 20:28,33-35; Romans 12:1-2,9-21; 13:1-9,12-14; 15:1-3,6,14; 16:1-5; I Corinthians 3:16-17; 7:19; 11:24-33; 12:24-28; 13:4-7,8,13; 14:1,3,12,22,39-40; 16:14-16,19-20; II Corinthians 5:1-11; 6:14-18; Galatians 1:6-12; Ephesians 2:1-8; 3:16-21; 6:2,4,5-9,13-20; Philippians 3:7-8; Colossians 1:9-14; 4:15,17,27-29; I Thessalonians 2:12-13; II Thessalonians 1:3,4-5; I Timothy 3:15-16; II Timothy 2:3-4,15,19,22-26; Philemon 2;

Hebrews 3:1,3,6-8; 4:4,9-11; 10:22-27; 12:22-29; James 5:7-8,10-11,13-16,19-20; I Peter 2:5,9-10,17-18,21-23; I John 1:5,7-10; 2:3-7,15-17; 3:16-18; 5:2-3; II John v. 5,6,9; III John v.4-6,11; Revelation 1:9-10; 3:12; 12:17; 14:12; 22:14

As noted, this article is an excerpt from Truth Gathering, which is an exhaustive AKJV Topical Bible (rightly dividing) unlike any available in the world, none of which are exhaustive. Truth Gathering covers all critical-to-salvation subjects by providing every relevant scripture (here a little, there a little), fully annotated for definition and comprehension, and includes a prophetic time chart of all critical prophecies relating to Christ and these end days.

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Extra Oil 2009 Recap 49: Lawless & 2010 News

2010 News: Haiti Earthquake, Pat Robertson, Pact W/Devil, Recap 2009 Lawless News ©copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

Prophecy’s 2009 Extra Oil Recap 49: Lawless in the News

Urgent 2010 News:
NatureCalifornia’s 01/09 4:27pm, M6.5 violent quake, at 5:51pm Solomon Islands M6.2; less than 72-hours after CA quake on 01/12 5:00pm a M7.5 struck Haiti, Port-au-Prince capital and port destroyed, 100s of 1000s dead, 7K already buried in mass graves, more trapped/missing/dead on streets. (TSaS: 01/09—More large earthquakes will hit in the ring of fire following Haiti, statistics over the last 2 years show as many as 5 within hours to a week following a strong quake in the ring, which also affects volcanoes); 01/14 2.:03pm Mariana Isl. M6.0; 01/15 A.M. Haiti M4.6; Venezuela, M5.6; Kuril Isls, M5.3; Japan, M5.3; Philippines, M5.3; Ring of Fire, 286 earthquakes in last 7 days, 42 at M5.0 and greater, 4 at M6.0 to M7.5; US, 978 quakes of M1.0 and greater, most along CA coast, also in/around WA, OR, and a few neighboring states, 1 in TX, the greatest cluster in AK and along its peninsula; the number of M5.0 and greater are increasing rapidly; Volcanoes in or near Ring of Fire— 01/06-12
New Activity/Unrest— Mayon, Nyamuragira, Piton de la Fournaise, Tungurahua, and Turrialba, Continuing Activity— Barren Island, Chaiten, Fuego, Karymsky, Kilauea, Kliuchevskoi, Pacaya, Popcatepetl, Rabaul, Redoubt, Sakura-jima, Santa Maria, Shiveluch, Soufriere Hills, Suwanose-jima;
Mother/Daughters— TSaS has critical data regarding the SDA church; but, in lieu of the Haiti earthquake, we will put it out in another post in a few days.
——01/14 brother Rob R reported: Evangelist
Pat Robinson of the 700 Club, in the wake of Haiti’s earthquake said Haiti had made a pact with the Devil— “We will serve you if you free us from the French”— thus hurricanes, tropical storms and this earthquake is what they have reaped. Haiti wanted a deal with the devil as the Haitian people were under French control. They said they would serve the devil if he kicks the French out. The devil said OK and ever since then the Island nation has been cursed. The Island is divided in two countries with the Dominican Republic prosperous and Haiti is cursed and poor. They should turn to God for strength to relieve the suffering. Robertson has received a lot of press, most critical of his remarks. I’m not sure why the people would make a pact with the devil but Pat says they did. From what history shows, most of Haiti’s problems are a result of government corruption and greed.
—— At One of the most callous reactions to the Haiti disaster thus far has come from televangelist Pat Robertson, who told viewers on his 700 Club Christian Broadcasting Network on Wednesday morning that he knew the real reason for the quake: ‘Something happened a long time ago in Haiti … they were under the heel of the French, uh, you know, Napoleon the third and whatever and they got together and swore a pact to the devil: we will serve you, if you get us free from the Prince. True story.’ 
——”But is it a true story? We spoke with Andrew Apter, professor of history and anthopology at UCLA, about Haiti’s voodoo traditions, the ignorance behind the evangelical community’s distortions and the real cause of suffering in the third-world country.
——”Is there any truth to what Pat Robertson is saying? Of course not! Haitians are Christians. Pat Robertson’s language is the reductio ad absurdum of the Christian right. It’s so absurd it’s almost funny. This notion of a pact with the devil is basically an echo of an old colonial response to the successes of the 1790s Haitian revolution.” 

——TSaS Note: First, let it be known that TSaS has never and never will speak against people of whatsoever religion, even paganism. We always have maintained that the Truth we put out speaks against Rome’s Great Whore and her harlot daughters: religions. We do know that Revelation’s Whore mother reigns over Haiti as well as many other countries; however, Robertson’s statement was in the poorest of taste and certainly not that of the loving standards of true Christians who will rise up in loving care for the misery and pain and death Haitians are suffering and will suffer for years to come: that is, what few years earth has left. Exercise Christ’s compassion toward all people! We do not judge people; we have the power only to warn people; however, by God’s Word we are judges of religions and Christ’s church to determine them true or false or straying from God’s Word and according to the Biblical description of Christ’s Church (lesson w/scriptures at TSaS).
——Haiti is 85% Roman Catholic, thus another 15% might be Christ’s true church but would be affected, yet to a lesser degree. God’s people are everywhere! Most importantly, God’s wrath is pouring out upon ALL false religions, pouring out all over the world: most vehemently God’s wrath is upon ALL incorporated organizations with tax exempt status, as it were Corporate Christendom, and/or masquerading as Christ’s church: religions, NOT people therein, unless they do not heed God’s call to “come out of her, my people.”
——There is no doubt God’s wrath is pouring out on earth and has been since 1991, worsening exponentially each year thereafter; however, Robertson’s charge came across as though he and his “rich organization” were better than Papal Rome, despite the fact he stands with and for her harlot daughters of Protestantism. Anyone vowing allegiance to either Papal Rome or Protestantism— Sunday, as it were—knowingly or unknowingly has made a pact with Satan. Robertson is the pot calling the kettle black: both are black. We need to pray that all people who embrace Sunday be given sight and hearing, that they “come out of her,” to ask God to forgive them, “for they know not what they do.”
——We, as Doctrine Keepers, know that many of us will die before Christ arrives but we also know it is God’s way of “sparing” them the worst terrors to come: which will be quite soon in the form of violence by those who appear Christian using Blue Laws to persecute and/or slay the Elect still standing, “thinking they do it for God.” We must stand strong and adamant for God’s Truth and keep our feet out of Satan’s synagogues. BonnieQ said, “I will not step foot in any church building that follows Sunday and/or is a World Church member. It saddens me to have to include many SDA churches still in the local and General Conferences.”
——Speak to people everywhere, for we do not know who is lukewarm or cold; but, do understand that the lukewarm are the most difficult to reach, for their one foot in the world is their comfort and ease instead of that comfort and ease being solely in God and Christ; whereas the cold will come to God’s Truth the “instant” they hear or read it. Paul told us to speak “twice” to a person or persons and, if they do not receive the Truth after “the second admonition,” it is because their “mind is perverted;” thus, we shake their dust from our feet and move on to the next and the next and so forth. Fear no man, fear not death; for us it is no death at all.
——Doctrine Keepers, pray your hearts out for Haiti and its people! If you can help with cash donations, please do so through trusted organizations listed at No matter whom we help, it is as if we do it for our Lord Jesus.


06/06/09“Earth is critically close to utter extinction; for the first time due to its largest species: mankind.” Now for the 2009 Recap of Lawless News


06/06/09ALARM: w/be many senseless killings unbelievable; i.e. British soccer fan shot for “singing too much.” [Imagine God’s prophets/Christ’s sheep killed for speaking God’s Truth.]
06/13/09LA: Porn star Stormy Daniels running for LA Senate; KS: anti-abortionist Roeder killed late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller, said more attacks scheduled across US; Tiller’s clinic closed permanently, “a win for life” stated Roeder. NEB Dr set to do late-term abortions in KS replace Dr. Tiller; NV: gambling, prostitution legal in Vegas, other States; UT: Polygamy practiced inspite of Statehood agreements, Groups in other States; CA: US accepts Hollywood’s OK, contrary to God, via movies, entertainers’ actions of— nudity, homosexuality, sex outside marriage, gay marriages, divorce, ghosts, astrology, cross-dressers, transvestites, rich OK murder— all evil called good; 5 STS: OK “gay marriages”; FED: 200-yo Fed document declares, “Sunday national sabbath and for whole world, absolutely no provision for seventh day,” Sunday violators under police power; 52 STS: 1.Child porn, perverted sex acts, i.e. autoerotic asphyxiation as in actor Carradine’s accidental death, or animals; Pedophiles range from ages 17 to 82 in 1000s across nation; 2. Sunday Blue Laws w/police power— Corporate Christian sects observe Sunday, include pagan artifacts w/heathen festivals; PA, 4-bystandeers dead by theft getaway car; US, Man shoots over “loud” teens; Mother kills 2 sons then self; AZ, 2 killed helicopter crash; NM, 1-dead, 1-injured helicopter crash;
08/08/09—Senseless individual killings-rapes-kidnappings;
09/05/09Vermont OKs gay marriage; Another pastor w/perform gay marriages; WA, OK gay partner rights, no marriage; US, 11-yo Jaycee Dugard found after 18yrs, mom of 2-daughters sired by kidnapper Phillip Garrido, he/wife charged w/29-counts rape/kidnapping; GA, 8 killed, 1 child critical, older son arrstd on suspicion, neighbors fear for lives; PA, Pittsburgh boy found dead;  NC, 19-yo man arrstd in 1 of 5 serial rape/murders; TX, 3 arrstd TX doctor murder; WalMart, stranger slaps 2yo 5x after telling Mom to stop child’s tantrum or he would; DE, man arrstd in police officer’s death; Manson, dying member denied 13th parole plea; CA, Health Reform Rally, man bit off fingertip of man’s pinky in fight; US, Sr. football star stops girl w/gun on school bus; Taiwan, former first lady chgd w/perjury; Zimbabwe prisoners’ amnesty to reduce overcrowding; WA, Renton Bar shooting kills 5; Apple store emptied in 31-second robbery; Man kills 4 family/self; 36yo drunk driver kills 26yo, injures 6; NC, 9th highest rate teen pregnancies; Mass, officer killed at scene domestic violence; Fla, vote workers sought for voter fraud; Uruguay passes bill allow homosexuals adopt children; Colombia, gov confiscates $11M smuggled cash; Yale student/bride-to-be disappears; Wis, man arrstd serial killings; TN, soldier killed wife; Crime boss Gotti trial; MI, 2 men killed, 1-antiabortionist activist;
09/30/09US, 10 bank robberies’ suspect arrstd;
10/06/09Chicago highest for teen gang killings; US teens killing epidemic; CNN reporter, “We live in a violent society.” 3-mo jail, 10-yr probation, 1yr suspended license to female driver on cell phone caused wreck, Feds consider bill to ban all cell phone use while driving, even hands free; S.Fla Univ gunman arrstd;
10/08/09US, Egypt charge 100 in ID theft ring; France, Minister will not resign over “sex with boys;” US, former US judge tried for sex-with-inmates case; Brazil, missing ex-legislator on run from crime; WA, drive-up Coffee Barristas wearing bikini thongs, some topless, arrstd indecent exposure; NY, gun show sting finds guns illegally sold w/o background chks; NH, 4 teens 17-19 invade, 17yo kills 42yo woman severely injured 10yo daughter, husband away on business; Chicago, last 12-mo 34 teens killed, 134 injured in 500 shootings;
10/12/09OH, gun battle in bar due to man selling drugs; MLK, siblings fight over King’s estate in trial;
10/17/09US juveniles laugh as set fire to 15yo “snitch,” critical on life support; DC, teen shooting deaths; NY, 2 arrested for beating “gay” man; Mexican man beaten to pulp; Supreme Court hears charges against “Sex Slave” Web site; LA Judge denies marriage license to interracial couple; 3 in court for Anna Nicole Smith’s death; Ford, 4.5M cars recalled, fire hazard; FLA, judge sends converted Christian teen to OH home, Muslim family to undergo psych testing/counseling; AZ, 3 die in sweat lodge ritual, author hires PI to investigate; CA governor signs anti-paparazzi law, wife Maria breaks cell phone law;
10/20/09— Teen pregnancies high; SC, student dead, officer hurt in school fight; Police kill man in car racing toward them; CN Univ. Jr. football player stabbed to death outside game dance; “Balloon Boy” a hoax, parents face 4 felony charges, 4 local & Fed groups’ rescue efforts at $14,000+, Child Welfare looks into case, states child abuse if parents arrested in kids’ view; Chicago, 16yo girl critical after huge street fight; NC, incarcerated killers & rapists to go free per 1970s & 80s state laws; Puerto Rico, 7 killed in shootout; Black boxer waits for Obama to issue pardon, jailed for interracial dating; Last 12-mo. 89,000 US women raped, some killed, reporter says, “undeclared war on women;” Afghan women, 90% in domestic abuse; 92yo woman in wheelchair arrested for smuggling cocaine; Seattle Judge on trial, paid male prostitutes for sex;
10/27/09— “Balloon Boy” parents admit hoax, chgs to reap 6yrs prison; FLA, missing 7-yo Somer body in landfill; China busts child prostitute ring; Philippines, est 130K teen gang members; US, best friends shot 13 times, left in ditch; AZ, Iraqi father ran down daughter for “disrespect” of Iraq husband + a US boyfriend, girl in coma; NFL Howard stabbed to death, funeral Mon; FBI arrst 60 pimps in child prostitute ring, 52 kids recovered; Smartphone common target of computer hackers; Chicago, Blacks barred at nightclub; NM, Whitten Inn refuses people w/Spanish/Mexican names, anglicizes staff names, mgr under fire-protestors front Inn;
10/31/09CA, 15yo girl brutally gang beaten/robbed/multiple rapes, critical, 6 arrstd incl 2 adults, more sought; Latino woman driver ticketed/no speak Eng; US, nationwide sting update- 690 arrstd child prostitute rings, incl 60 pimps, rcvd 52 kids young as 10, OR: kids as young as 8; Afghan, young boys sold as sex slaves, 60K street children in Kabul alone; TX, Muslim woman refused at market; CT, 3 non-students arrstd in jr. Univ football player Jasper Howard murder; WA. Quiznos, security camera sees gun-wielding robber ignored by staff sweeping, robber left empty-handed when register did not open; Robbers crash trucks into ATM machines all over State, steal; Past week numerous arsons- homes, businesses, warehouses, damages in $Ms (what about your area?); FED, Hate Crime Law extended/signed, include gay communities— Obama: “It shows we [Americans] value all life”— Law Censors use of Bible verses re:homosexuals and/or behaviour (USA edits God?);
11/02/09FLA, 7-mo girl, 2-ft tall 11-lbs, vanished from home, parents not suspects; CA. 5-young adults arrested in burglary of celebrities’ homes; “Spam King” pays $711-mil damages to FaceBook; OH, Cleveland, 6 strangled bodies in/around sex offender’s home, may be 3 more, several months 7-neighborhood women missing, suspect spotted on street, arrested; WA, Seattle, drive by shooter kills officer, wounds student officer; Neighborhood shooting kills 1-man;
Robber breaks into man’s apartment, thief beaten by neighbors as he tries to flee, critical condition; US req extradition Roman Polanski, fled US 32-yrs ago to avoid prison conviction 1977 rape 13yo girl; SC, Ex- lawmaker, Deputy US Atty Gen Roland Corning, lunch in cemetery w/sex toys, Viagra, 18yo stripper-prostitute, in shadow of ex-Gov’s Argentina mistress, Atty Gen’l fired Roland; Eliz. Olten, 15yo arrstd murder sister’s 9yo friend; MX extradites to US authorities record number US criminals; NY outlaws cell phone texting while driving; Mom/screaming toddler kicked off plane;
11/07/09NC, Fayetteville man murders wife, two kids then self; AZ, 20yo girl dies from injuries when Iraqi Dad ran her down w/car; Phoenix, 2 men arrstd, police recover 1K pieces Sky Harbor Air passengers’ luggage; US, 38% kids ignore age requirements at websites, i.e. FaceBook, My Space, too much info in profiles; Missing baby found in box beneath sitter’s bed, Mom and Sitter arrstd; Police “job getting more dangerous out there by the day”; OR, man arrstd digging for gold State forestland, much damage; CA, 7th arrstd in gang rape; US, 14yo boy as adult in clothes dryer murder of 4yo; Inmates come to guard’s aid in jail attack; MX, officials report death of a Drug Cartel leader; Army apologizes to Brian Seacrest for armed military stalker; Iowa, Mom guilty of killing 2yo son; TX, polygamist guilty of sexual assault; FLA, 11/06, Orlando arrst Jason Rodriguez killed 1, injrs 5, 1 heart attack in former 2007 employer office; WA, Tacoma, 2-men pose as undercover cops rob restaurants, raped 1-employee; Bremerton, woman killed in house fire/homicide; Greenwood, shopping center fire destroys 4 business, severe water damage 2 others, serial arsonist on loose; Anacortes, dog trainer murdered by ex-wife’s boyfriend; Seattle, $102k reward for killer of policeman; Moses Lake, silicon factory fire cause evacuation; SeaTac, Houston felony fugitive creates havoc fleeing plane in police chase; Middle School student arrstd assault w/knife; Lakewood, 31yo chgd w/2 bank robberies; OR, reports same as WA St; OH, Cleveland arrsts ex-Marine/reg sex offender 50yo Anthony Sowell, 11 bodies, 2 decapitated/more expected; Maine, votes reject gay marriages; LA, Judge resigns over interracial marriage scandal; FBI “Granddad Bandit” on loose; Teen drowned 4yo to protect secret; Mom guilty of killing 2yo son; Missing baby found alive in box beneath sitter’s bed, mom/sitter in custody; Tanzania, 4 to hang in death of Albino;
10-yo boy kills dad; MO, search for bodies child sex abuse case, 6 arrstd oldest in 70s; AR, 5 bodies found; CO, Vail bar shooting kills 1, injrs 3; Man attempts to extort Cindy Crawford, husband; Elderly MX man charged in “witch” murder;
11/24/09US, religion/sexual orientation hate crimes rising rapidly; OR bad weather, road rage shooting kills 1, injrs others/shooter kills self; LV, officer killed in home; FaceBook led to 12yo beating, Woman informed “stripped of Canadian disability to F/B photos Chippendale strip show”; (Uncle Sam is watching/listening);
11/28/09VT, 1st state for gay marriage~ 1 public school now teaching children “anything goes” in sexuality [?sex with animals, too?]; FLA, man sought for shooting 5;
12/04/09MX, airport, 2 men arrested w/$4.1M cash; 105 slave workers freed; Italy, jury convicts US Amanda Knox killed roommate, gets 26yrs prison, w/appeal; NY, senate kills gay wed bill; MD, Baltimore mayor guilty embezzlement; DC, senator’s daughter carjacked; Soldier arrests 2 in stabbing deaths; PA, 2 men rob man waiting in ER, dies of heart attack, loved musician/counselor;
Prison escapee faked paralysis, captured; FaceBook, 5 groups work to protect kids; 20k attend 4 slain Seattle Officers’ funeral; Lawless, teenage delinquency, crime increased by almost 200% last 10 years: indeed, in deed Pope called, they came; Do you believe news reporting agencies are not censored, things are just now getting worse or are the same as ever? US example of global censoring, Sun 12/06/09 Docu: 2 travesties 2005/06— Ireland, man fired from school 2yrs before walks into school, kills 21 kids, 2 teachers, self; England, man enters primary school, kills 16 kids, police kill man. Lawlessness, rage is global, far worse than can be reported in our Extra Oils.
NY, Times Square shooter killed; NJ, ‘the boss’ Bruce Springsteen tells home State “vote yes gay marriage.”
12/15/09CA, actor John Stamos extortion plot target; Police safely explode bomb, perps unknown; SC gov’s wife files divorce; US: 2009 Police officer line-of-duty deaths increase 24%; Lg. cities gear for deadly riots/protests; 2 women, 2 kids murder/suicide; 98yo woman murders 100yo nursing home roommate, said she was taking over room, making “life living hell”, suffocated w/plastic bag, “hope I don’t have to use it on new roommate”; TX, Houston-new gay Mayor; PA, 2teens/3officers arrstd in hate beating death; Italy, Prime Minister hit at protest rally, hosp w/injuries worse than thought;
12/19/09DC city council OKs gay weddings; daycare doping kids insure naps; 15% teens get/send sextext msgs; NYC, 4 found dead in apt;
12/26/09WA, 2 more officers shot in Tacoma, 1/critical, 1/stable, 5 total Tacoma— 1 Hallowe’en, 2 Thanksgiving, 2 Xmas— + 1 killed/1 wounded in Seattle; Seattle, boyfriend sought in killing of girlfriend/5-mo old daughter, couple dated 9yrs planned marriage, neighbors shocked; Balloon Boy, father gets 90 days jail/60 days probation, mom gets 20 days jail/60 days probation, w/have to pay $47K cost of local/Fed agencies involved; Delaware, Pediatrician arrstd for molestation of multiple victims; Spain, police seize $635K in cocaine; CA, singer Amy Winehouse chg’d with assault;

12/29/09 AZ, Xmas day kidnapped girl rescued “Xmas miracle”; NM, missing child found dead; NYC, mayor rpts safest yr on record, fewest murders ever; WA, Seattle, man shot dead in car at apt bldg; Speeding SUV hits car in 5way intersection, SUV driver w/head injr runs off, other driver killed, pedestrian w/head injry frm flying tire; Gig Harbor, body found in Bay; Belltown, gang beat one man, stab another, still on run; CA, Xmas day theft, Little League equipt; actor Charlie Sheen released after domestic violence arrst, not exptd to affect career; actor Nicolas Cage facing $36.7 law suit, denies petitioner claims; Minnesota, investigating rash suspicious fires, 2 dead; Maryland, homeless man steals sm plane, crashes on runway then runs away; US, 51yo man steals sm plane, crash found in woods, man dead; Couple robbed at store frnt, woman beaten, man shot, both hosp; Hate Crime, man beaten to death w/2×4, sticks, perps sought; FED say crime rate down across nation, yet daily news says otherwise, Gov’s try to sedate public; Argentina, first gay marriage in Latin Amer;

12/31/09US, more police officer killed in 2009 than ever; NYPD, officer accuses dept of racial profiling; WA, Dad rpts furnance prob to homeowner weeks ago, catches fire 12/31 Dad at work, 2 toddler daughters dead, wife burned 1/2 body; Man stabs man w/screwdriver, Deputy wounded but killed perp, victim stable; 11yo girl arrstd, conspired w/boyfriend to kill Dad; Redman, man found dead, no obvious trauma, accident/homicide?; Baskin Robbins robbed @ gunpoint; Man meets 19yo girl on My Space, date ends w/her stealing his keys, car, wallet, car found/returned, she stole again, police nabbed when she pulled up at Red Robin Restaurant; Ocean Shores, man arrstd for $25K for hit man to kill wife;  TX, Gunman puts man in own car trunk, man texts 911, police nabbed when gunman pulled up @ bank; VA, Prison inmate stabs/shoots guards; Finland, Shooter kills 5 + self;

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Extra Oil: HAITI DEVASTATED, Critical Info Herein

01/12/10— M7.0 Earthquake Haiti:

PRAY FOR HAITI: After California’s earthquake a few days ago, another in the ring of fire was expected and it hit with a vengeance. At 5pm, Tuesday, Haiti time, it was hit by M7.0 earthquake, the epicenter at its capital of Port-au-Prince. Florida reported it at a M7.5 and Australia at a M7.3. At least 28 aftershocks averaging M5.0 since, Wed. morning still getting after shocks, highest at M5.9, one at 5pm Wed was M4.9. There will be another major quake somewhere in the ring of fire following this one: statistics bear this out, especially in the last 2 years.

Haiti’s First Lady reported, “Most of Port-au-Prince is destroyed.” More than 100K are reported dead, including Roman Catholic Archbishop Minot, with 100s of 1000s more expected, thousands injured and missing. At least 3M people have been affected. Massive building collapses, including hospitals, UN, Aid centers, homes and more. One of its major prisons collapsed and prisoners escaped. Electric and water systems have collapsed as well as the landline phone systems: please do not attempt to call Haiti about loved ones visiting or living there: info below about how to check on them. Cell phones are being used to Twitter pictures and text messages to other nations. Requesting aid.

Experts had said that Haiti was at risk of such an earthquake; however, because Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, their buildings are not earthquake proof. 95% of its population is below poverty level and 54% are in abject poverty. Haiti’s population is 95% black, 85% Roman Catholic, language French, with a nationwide population over 9-million. Approximately 30-40K American citizens are in Haiti, most working with various aid and relief organizations.

Haiti was still trying to recover from 2 massive hurricanes and 2 tropical storms Sept. and Oct. 2008 when this quake struck. US aid is already on the way: Coast Guard ships en route, UN immediately releasing $10M in aid funds, US aid organizations either gearing up to fly in with staff and aid supplies or have flown out this morning. If you wish to donate, please make it cash only to one of the organizations set up to handle this tragedy. CNN has a list at the site mentioned below and so does former President Clinton.

Most US airlines have cancelled all flights to Haiti, with exception of aid crews. Haiti airport will fly out 200 U.S. citizens on Thursday morning and afternoon; for the remaining wishing to evacuate, no plans yet in the works.

If you have family and/or friends in Haiti and need to know about their safety, the following data will help:

1. State Department of Operations toll-free 1-888-407-4747, keep calling until you get through, may have info on US citizens in Haiti

2. To get information and how to help, go to

3. MySpace and FaceBook have set up a Haiti page for people to post pictures of loved ones in Haiti and to request information as to their well-being.

4. Clinton – Haiti is very special to President Clinton and wife Hillary, where they took a belated honeymoon in 1975. His foundation is prepared to accept cash donations for medicines and medical supplies badly needed.

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Extra Oil 2009 Recap 48: Economy + 2010 News

2009 Recap/2010 News: Omens Zilch, Mark Vaccine, Mother/Daughters, False/True Prophets, Van Impe, McGuire, WC, Sect Profiling, Antichrist, Nature, Health, $Econ, Crime, DHS, Wars

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 2009 Recap 48:
Economy In the News + 2010 News
©copyright 2009/2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

News: 01/08 to 01/12/10There will be no 2010 news in the last 2 Recaps of 2009 Lawless and Wars that will follow this recap: we all need a break from the emotional and physical exhaustion everyone is beginning to feel. We know it is bad out there and worsening exponentially; for now, just checking our local evening news is enough. If anything major occurs in any of the 6 news categories, TSaS will get it to us. Now, the current 2010 news followed by the 2009 Recap on the Economy:

US, DHS to include religious profiling in airports’ security [TSaS: watch for profiling to go beyond airports]; Senator wants focus shifted from economy to God and security; Afghan, Sunday Mirror (Catholic periodical) journalist killed by roadside bomb; Malaysia, Muslim extremists firebomb 8 Catholic churches, black graffiti on another, for using word “Allah,” Pope had Malaysia veto bill preventing non-Muslim use of Muslim word; TBN theme park “Holy Land Experience” Orlando, FLA, vacation for $3395 pkg incl airfare, hotel, park— park now hiring actors 18 to 80, modest pay, non-union, benefits, faith based, relocate to Orlando on your own, contact TBN [TSaS: another money maker for world’s false prophets]; Jack Van Impe, 01/11, more in control, wife Rexella spoke more than Jack, 7yr tribulation message still the same but could tell he was struggling to stay in control after last week’s fiasco of calling US big Satan and Israel little Satan;
——TBN: 01/08 Dr. Paul McGuire, books published, hosted by Dr. Clifton Davis on “Praise the Lord.” McGuire spoke about the Mark of the Beast, the Euro currency, one world religion, antichrist ‘man’ and what really matters in the end. According to McGuire, the Mark is not only a microscopic computer chip but also includes a virus, the combo injected beneath the skin like any ordinary vaccine— if a person is not Satan’s when injected, the virus will assure they convert to Satan’s way.
——But! “The one world union, one world government, one-world religion, and the antichrist ‘man’ must come before the marking begins; in other words, a counterfeit religion.” Leading up to these is the Euro, its intent to reduce the US dollar to zero, then the Euro becomes the one world currency reserve. Then Jesus will come, but McGuire is not sure how all of it will come about. He does know that people like himself who have researched prophecy for years, Clifton Davis, Hal Lindsey, and others like them are today’s prophets and, in time, will know how everything will happen.
——”But! First, the seven year tribulation has to begin and that hasn’t happened yet.” He went on to say, “Interpretation does not really matter; only faith matters. Right now, Jesus has been delayed so that every human can be saved. They have to accept Jesus because ‘you’ still can be saved because the last church age has not started yet.” Dr. Davis closed the broadcast by saying, “The year of 2010 is the year of blessings!”
TSaS Note: Not one thing Dr. McGuire said made any sense, most of it patently untrue. First, he, as many others like him, declare the Mark of the Beast to be a computer chip beneath the skin; then added it will be microscopic within a virus (nanobot) injected like a vaccine. While some might buy into the microchip idea, no one should be able to accept that it will be forced upon God’s people, too; if, for no other reason than God’s people would refuse it. Inject us against our will? No way God would allow it. Second, what kind of virus could turn people from God to Satan? No such virus. Laodicea is the age in which the Saints cannot be deceived. God’s descriptions of the Mark and Seal are absolute logic: spiritual. Sunday’s prophets are all false.
——We already know the machine is in high gear creating a one world government, leader and religion. Apparently, they do not know a government will never come to total fruition; albeit, maybe they do. After all, McGuire said the tribulation has to happen first; he does not know it began in 1991— admission by omission? The one-world church is already in place (WC), though McGuire implied it was not yet he is a member by Sunday testimony, and its antichrist supreme leader is the Pope— God’s timing determined which Pope, in this case Pope Benedict XVII serves; albeit, until his death, Pope John Paul II served and was the one to watch in Philadelphia, very closely in Laodicea up to his death.
——The only reason the above ‘church’ came to full fruition is because God prophesied through John of an apostate church, apostasy having begun during the Apostles’ era and they warned of it. Prophecy always has been about God and Christ’s church, therefore spiritual, and the antichrist would be represented by a counterfeit. It is by this we know what are the Mark and Seal: first, because God told us what is His Seal and Satan, through his Queen Vatican, told us what is his Mark: the former is God’s Fourth Precept, the latter published, saying “the mark of its authority” is Sunday, a counterfeit to God’s Seal. By that information, we know that the Mark and Seal would be ‘seen’ only by a person’s behaviour, not some visible irrelevant something or other, not even a tattoo.
——As for Satan’s prophets, they are out there by the millions; God’s prophets are a few scattered around the world. Makes sense: Satan’s membership out numbers Christ’s membership. We are small; they are large. Volume easily deceives. The critical difference between Satan’s and God’s prophets is that God’s messengers not only do and teach His Law, they also know ahead of time how specifics will happen, approximately when, and have been telling the saints all along.
——Saints, do not be deceived. Satan may well have his minions produce such a vaccine with a microscopic chip or force tattooing; but, even if forced upon the Saints, it will have no affect on the Elect. Satan’s purpose for these absurd ideas is to convince those people who still have a foot in the world, the lukewarm, and he hopes the cold can be further fooled. A tangible vaccine/chip might explain to them why the Bible says the mark is in either the forehead or hand: the reason is spiritual, not tangible. Regardless, Saints know that God looks for His Seal upon our hearts and minds and in our behaviour, thus His Seal is in our forehead: behaviour matches belief. He looks for Satan’s mark the very same way: heart, mind and behaviour.
——”Interpretation of the prophecies does not matter.” Whoa! If that were so, God would not have His few prophets in the Philadelphia and Laodicea ages; and, Satan would not have millions of false prophets everywhere to distort interpretation. Besides, God would not have prophesied anything at any time. Interpretation does not matter? Does this not imply that God was simply spinning yarns and fantasy tales for entertainment? If they do not matter, then why did God bless those who read and “keep” (interpret and teach) the words of the prophecies? Not only is that an insult to God, blasphemy as it were, we heartily disagree and go for the blessings.
——To understand prophecy was and is critical to man before and since Christ, more so in the last two ages during which knowledge IS the extra oil for our lanterns as we await our Groom. Prophecy interpreted teaches us how to recognize God’s prophets, know the antichrist, spot false prophets, identify the Great Whore and her harlot daughters, find and understand the Beast’s Mark, and recognize the logic and necessity of God’s Seal. “For lack of knowledge, my people perish.” The Elect would be as deceived as the entire world is deceived today: ignorance and failure to heed God’s prophets is a self-proclaimed death sentence, not once but twice dead.
——”Only faith matters.” A lie by omission: Revelation says three times that it takes faith and obedience, faith and works; one without the other is dead, thus the person will perish forever. Faith and works reveal God’s true prophets, who function and teach both, and the true sheep, who learn and follow both.

Nature: Have you seen God’s weapons of war, against which man’s weapons are useless?
India, sub-zero freeze kills 204, flights/trains affected; IL, Evanston, signal lights LED, too cool to melt snow/ice, at least 1 traffic death, drivers cannot see lights; US, flight ground delays, cancelled across nation, at least 9 deaths, 100s auto wrecks; Kids break thru ice, 2 dead, 1 escaped; Snowmobiles break ice, family 3 dead, 2 w/mild hypothermia; SD –31, NB –21, TN, Memphis uncommon temp 0 to sub-zero; GA icy roads, 30-car pileup, minor injrs; Massachusetts, 6-alarm fire destroys Apts. 6 injur, others in shelters; NB, fire destroys shopping center, fire fighters say hard to work in 0-temps, water freezes instantly, gloves freeze/cannot move hands; TX, DFW 21-deg; AR, -1 deg; OK, -1 deg; N, E temps worse; Cleveland airport w/no power; ND
schools closed, temp –32 deg, wind chill –50deg; FLA, Tampa 20-deg, Miami 22-deg; All fish die at Fish farm due to 4 days freezing; So. Fla animals suffering, zoos doing what can, rescues wildlife— iguanas fall from trees in suspended animation freeze, sea turtles/manatees rescued, honey bee hives dying/work to save queen bees; Fla.Keys to drop to 20-deg; Nation to warm up, CO, to hit 54-deg; W.WA, bands of rain, mild temps 45 to 57-deg thru Wed w/sun breaks, temps still as high as 58-deg, above normal by 15-25-deg; Mtn passes freezing rain, snow; Seattle, coyote attks small dog/critical condition; Germany, 100s trapped in cars in unrelenting blizzards; UK, Frank called from England, his area never has snow but snowed in now w/no equip or chemicals to clear roads, very bad all over Island; [TSaS: Thaws worldwide could bring massive flooding, mudslides, possible deaths] CA, 01/09 4.27pm, M6.5 violent quake 10mi deep off northern coast, nearest Ferndale, 33mi from Eureka, Ferndale 25K w/no power, 2 bldgs not safe, gas leak in Humboldt, advised to conserve water, otherwise minor damages/no deaths/injrys no tsunami alert, followed by more than 12 aftershocks M4.5 then less, still shaking Sunday— sign of more quakes to come say experts [TSaS: Recently reported one large quake sets of many others within hours and days];

Health: China, Gas leak kills at least 21; CA, Fuel tanker falls into 50-ft canyon, breaks up, driver trapped; World, a curative or seasoning of some kind used in meat, cheese, fish may be toxic, no other details; H1N1, CDC says still here, plenty of vaccine; CN, bus crash kills 1, injrs 2 adult/15 kids critical; TX, Austin running out of cemetery space; VP Biden 92yo mother died Fri; NJ, apprvs bill legalizing med. marijuana; Baseball’s McGwire admits to prior steroid use; WA, may vote to legalize med. marijuana;

Economy: US, Nov 11K job losses, 4K jobs created, Dec. job losses 85K, nationwide jobless 10.1%, under-unemployed 17.3%, 15.4M still jobless, more men jobless than women-cap closing; Horizon Bank 1st 2010 failure; Obama sets $2.3B for clean energy jobs; Obama wants bailouts re-“paid in full”; Gasoline up 14-cents gal in last week; Families with disabled members struggling after States cut health budgets; Scams, latest is birthday card includes “free” stuff, actually a time-share pitch or send money for gifts; Foot Locker closed 190 stores in 2009, now to close 117, cut +/- 100 corp jobs; Hanes pulls Charlie Sheen sponsorship; Alcoa posts small profit, below forecast; “Avatar” movie breaks all box-office records, rakes in $Billions worldwide 4th straight week; Toyota to expand Prius line; FED hiring 1.5M census workers, likely temporary; Some companies refuse to outsource to other nations; IN, Indianapolis WalMart, 3 shooters possible bank robbery, 1 in custody, 2 on run; UPS, ask 1K workers volunteer separation, will layoff 800 others, no facility closures; CA, Hawthorne, 3 rob insurance co, on run; State needs $8B Fed credit to train 150K workers, create 100K jobs, aid budget deficits—CA recovery critical to national recovery; Europe, 16 countries using Euro currency yet have 10% unemply rate; Egypt, new tombs found near great pyramids; Venezuela, forces to go after businesses that raise prices after drop of dollar value last week;

Lawless: US, ID theft was up 28% in 2008, greater in 2009-10; Drive by shooting kills police officer, mimics Seattle, WA killing; OH, 2-teen girls, abt 16/12, rob bank, on run; CO, a Mom missing 1mo, husband person of interest/will not talk, moving w/kids to WA family, go on w/life; OK, OKCity robbers assault 9yo daughter of restaurant owner; WA, Bellevue fire destroys home, Tacoma fire destroys home, Everett arson destroys restaurant— no injrs; 14 homes robbed in one Seattle neighborhood in 2wks; Marine kidnaps son, threatens wife, on run; Seattle home invasion, 2 killed/1unhurt, 3 perps on run; AZ, baby missing, arrst mom says she gave him away, told father she killed him; Italy, Rosano residents fire on black immigrant workers, caused fighting in streets, many injrd, 1K immigrants bussed out of town; Portugal, passes bill to allow gay marriages/adoptions;

Wars: No. Ireland, bomb explodes under car; NYC, 2 arrstd in city bomb plot, links to Al Qaeda; US, 2nd flt in 3 days escorted by fighter jets, unruly passngr; Waziristan, drone attk kills at least 4 Al Qaeda; Burma, court give 3 death for military data leaked to N. Korea; UK, France, Amsterdam to increase body scans on all US bound flights; UK, bans Islamist group; Russia, first Georgia landing since 2008 war; France, arrst/deport Islam extremist; DHS, to include religious profiling in airport security, scrambling to add more Air Marshalls; Greece, bomb explodes outside Parliament bldg, no injry; Africa, Angola, Togo football bus fired on, driver killed, 9 injr, pulled out of Angola tournament; Pakistan, 8 militants dead; Drone attk kills 5; Israel strike kills 3 Palistinians after they fired 20 rockets/mortars from Gaza; Afghan, roadside bomb kills Brit journalist, 1-US Marine, 1-Afghan soldier, 5 injrd; Iran, 30 mothers arrst at peaceful gathering; Professor/Scientist killed by bomb, suspect US/Israel; Malaysia, 8 Sun. churches firebombed for use of word “Allah,” another church painted w/black graffiti, Pope had court veto bill not allowing Muslim word use by non-Muslims; China, 30 injd in Hong Kong acid attack; Yemen, US will not send addl soldiers to aid, those currently in Yemen step up operations, did send security funds; Grinding poverty main Al Qaeda recruit tool; Algeria, militants kill 10; Philippines, 10s of 1000s police enforce ban on arms until after June 9, due to 2007 election in which rioters killed over 100, to prevent 2010 election deaths; India, violent riots erupt over boy killed by police; Peru, arrst 15 suspected drug traffickers; NASA to move forward with Mars exploration plans; MX, Top drug trafficker arrstd in Tijuana; Juarz, most dangerous city in MX, 2010/24hrs reaps 69 deaths, 620 in 2009;

06/06/09— Scientist said, “Earth is critically close to utter extinction; for the first time due to its largest species: mankind.” Now, for the 2009 Economy Recap News

Economy: 2009 wild roller coaster ride to get wilder in 2010

04/18/09WA, man w/10yo daughter in tow robs convenience store clerk at gunpoint. OR man demands bank teller’s $. (neither man w/criminal records, both long jobless) similar cases across nation. US declares economic crisis began 2008 (TSaS said 9/11);
05/30/09US admits economic crisis began 9/11, “60 Minutes” expert guesses Obama’s plan to bring outsourced Amer companies home will cause nations to ban US products in their countries, badly reducing US sales, profit figures; return unlikely to improve economy or jobless; both 9/11 and results of Obama’s plan predicted in “Bind Up . . .” written in 1999; 2008 had 20% drop property values, greater in sales adds to huge foreclosure inventory reduces existing values, costs of 2002; Home sales up 2.9% May first time bargain buyers. Homes will become worth even less. Bank, credit card fees, oil, gasoline $ rising; Your home free/clear, sit tight; have mortgage, sell ASAP, pocket $; TX, not affected so far;
06/06/09US, “Economic recovery by year’s end wishful thinking. Those who forget history make bad economic choices.” US Bond market steadily dropped; “China in ‘shock & awe’ of own dependence on US economy, China losing patience with US disaster and continued Middle-East wars. US [is beginning to] feel like an empire on the wane” like ancient Roman Empire. US auto empire fails, Ford, GM, Chrysler 2008 over 400,000 workers laid off, pay back bailout $ or buy back 60% FED ownership; 2900 dealerships closed to date, Chrysler to close 789, GM to close 2100/discontinue several popular autos; extraordinary increase in private sector bankruptcy filings; new filings expected to add 1.5M by end 2009; 5-States w/highest jobless to 26.9%: CA, AZ, MI, OR, LA, nationwide rising rapidly.

06/13/09DC, 88yo James Von Brunn killed Holocaust Museum guard, wounded bystander, police shot Brunn critical, angry economy/Jews; Fiat/Chrysler dealerships closing: 100K jobless, 40K by plant closures; GM plant 21K jobless; no reports on Ford. US expected nat’l jobless avg be only 8% by Sept, May was 9.4%, highest in 25yrs, still rising; does not include f “under unemployed”; May loss of 345K jobs in misc mkts, number down from prior months, but not reflected in the President’s Tues statement; Nat’l College grads jobless avg 80.3%, WA 75%, no national Teen jobless avgs given, WA reported 24%; No States’ jobless figures gov jobs eliminated, despite Stimulus pkgs. May jobless benefit claims 601K, fewer seeking benefits; How much do these totals add to national 11.5M jobless in 2008—exceedingly worse than official reports, figures Biblical, “as never seen before;” yet, VP Biden said, “Signs of hope.” 37 US banks failed; May 3rd highest RE foreclosures; mortgage interest rates rising; US Dairy Farmers report losses of $100K a month in crisis-caused sales loss, despite FED aid; ALARM: auto dealership deals— consumers w/get deals-warranties honored, but trade-ins might not get paid off due to closures, buyer could owe for both old/new vehicles. Advice, “you sell your trade-in, pay cash down.” Fed to pay part of new auto purchases, $4.5K, new auto must be Cadillac, Dodge, Chev, Ford for at least $45K w/trade-in ’86+ get at least 18mpg or better. TSaS, recommend no new purchases of any commodity. Pres summer goal to create 600K jobs quickly by speeding up spending, noting he had created 100K jobs in first 100 days; create 3.5 to 4M jobs within next 2 years; Last 8mo 985K jobs lost May 2009, + “under unemployed.” Pres said, “Health care reform critical to US prosperity,” private net worths back to 2004 values; Christ’s sheep warned 36 years ago when I worked in bank industry, then again 1991, again 2001-2002 and again when “Bind Up” published 2003, and since warned continuously. God doesn’t lie; it’s all in His Word. 52-US States to raise individual/business State taxes a collective $24B; Still recommend homeowners sell while can; cash out all investments: stocks, bonds, real property, etc. “life-blood” commodities WILL zero: oil, housing, food, money, clothing, precious metals. SCAMS: mass mail outs by psychics, seers, astrologers promising, for a fee, to tell your future regarding $, what will happen if you fly; fake lotteries/vacation groups say you won huge $ or free vacation, send money to receive win, bogus telemarketing promising all sorts of things in return for your $;
06/20/09Scams: Computer-generated calls from RON ZIMMER, maybe others, offer investment deals returning 40%; N. Korea floods US w/counterfeit dollars;
07/04/09— News reporters confused: Mar showed est. 11.5M jobless, yet date hereof reported “risen to 6.5M since 2007; CA, issuing IOU’s instead of checks; TX, now feeling home value drops;
07/25/09— Stock market steady decline, despite rises/falls, last week market daily rises, they will not last; Scams: on the rise, delinquent FED funded student loan, you get call from “collection agency” gets your checking account numbers, con you into allowing debit account monthly, Against Obama’s plan to forgive loans 20yo, older, if debtor in part of health industry, assist others delinquent, lg education grants not repaid;
08/01/09Fla, Housing Mkt plunges, new $1M condos/high-rise going for $36K each if an investors buy entire buildings. Investors beware! TX, sees decline property values; nation lost 30% of millionaires/billionaires heavy losses since 9/11, %s will grow; Pres said, “Economic crisis far worse than anyone thought, will take longer to recover”; Scams: Young people going door to door w/sob stories, buy a number of magazine subscriptions, your right then, CNN said buyers never get mags, cons/scam artists coming out of woodwork like cockroaches, don’t buy thru door-to-door sales, don’t buy over phone-telemarketers, other sales pitchers, never give personal info over phone, collapsing economy bringing out worst of worst w/old schemes renewed, new ones added, goal is take what little you have; Honda massive recall of 3 models, faulty airbag deployment causing injuries, at least 1-death to date;
08/08/09— Contradictions blatant though surely unintended: i.e. CNN tickler said markets still rising at end of past week yet market window above showed dramatic losses; Scams: News overrun w/new cons hitting public, be on guard;
08/22/09— Oil prices surge to 10-month high; Stock Mkt wilder ride; Housing mkt still dropping w/rising foreclosures; Jobless rises more; Bigger companies look to bankruptcy; CA, to expand legalization of medical marijuana, tax to pay State deficit; FED, lobbyists urge Fed legalize drugs; Mega robberies, thefts, violent crimes increase daily, global economy; Global civil unrest w/large death tolls, occurring in more nations;
08/29/09— Boeing lays off more, jobless increases, sm companies close down or now in bankruptcy (add to large companies folding); Scams increase, another automated call “Ron Zimmer,” offers 40 to 60% returns IF you have $25K assets to liquidate now to invest, do not be deceived/don’t “press 1”; Venezuela considering decriminalizing private marijuana possession/use to earn money for nation; Mega robberies, thefts, violent crimes increase daily across globe, one US bank robber boldly faced cameras unmasked (still on loose, still robbing); Global civil unrest spreading to more nations, including US;
09/05/09US jobless rate 26-yr high~ 9.7% (not include under-unemployed, % greater than any in US history); Back-to-school sales fell far short of norm; Homeowners frustrated w/mortgage aid program; China economy rose due to gov spending, then 7% market dive; US stocks in steady drop despite short rise, claim stocks “poised to rise;” Gov to hire 270K for “mission critical” jobs, meaning unknown; Halts aid Honduras; Eases Cuban embargos; CA to release 27K prison inmates to aid economy, avg 70% likely to re-offend; Desperate-for-$ people selling own vital organs for transplant; Fed officials claim economy on upturn; Home Depot sales fell 8.5% due to failing housing industry; Experts say “consumers must spend more for economy to improve” statement puts onus on people instead of gov over-spending, waste + greed;
09/12/0920G group 20 most economically powerful nations in world to decide economic solutions; US Fed’s say 7.4M unemployed; Wall St. Experts say diseased by recklessness/greed, market still down, experts say losses outweigh earnings; Banks 5 more US fail 2009 total 89; GM offers money-back guarantees; SC, Boeing votes out union (smart); Multi-$M Josh Harris living in friend’s pool house and driving borrowed Corvette; Nigeria, 4 bankers chgd w/corruption; Lending rate @ record low; Only 12% of borrowers helped by Obama plan; Turkey fines Media firm $2.5M; US people panhandling for jobs; FLA second highest foreclosure rates; mortgage payments lagging, more foreclosures expected; number uninsured US rising fast; Gold rushes up + $1000 per oz. (don’t be deceived, it will fall to zero); Guatemala emergency critical food shortage; Taiwan, former pres convicted corruption;
10/01/09US, coroners report unclaimed bodies piling up in freezers, people unable to pay for funerals + cities’ budgets tapped out for pauper burials; coroners said they’d never seen anything like it; death tolls rising out of economic/discriminatory rage played out in US streets/worldwide, reports say lack of “money greatest global stressor”;
10/03/09— Unemployment, underemployed 26M or about 18%, expected to continue rising well into 2016; More people losing homes;
10/06/09US Bank failures top 98, month ago 89; Bailout Cop, “Treasury lied to save economy.” Michigan highest, No. Dakota lowest unemployment, latter is Bobcat home bght by Korean Co., sales slump, some layoffs, few call backs;
10/08/09FED mortgage stimulus helps 500K debtors keep homes; Detroit, 50K swarm gov office for Fed $-help, only 3500 applications, police break up fights, people faint; US Dollar declines, consider dump dollar, push for International Reserve Currency (Euro?); Expert says, “The dollar declining means a nation declining.” Dell to layoff 905;
10/12/09Gasoline falls below $2.50 gallon; Insurance industry threatens premium increases up to $1700 per year family of 4 as much as $600 for one person, effort to thwart Health Care Reform; Airlines to cut holiday airfares lower than last year; By 2009 end, 1.4M will lose jobless benefits, Fed considering extension;
10/17/09Obama, suggests another $250 stimulus seniors/elderly on SS, no 2010 cost-of-living increase; Foreclosure frenzy highest last 3 months than ever in history, avg 1 of every 24 homes lost by mostly unemployed middle-income; Bank of America, $2.2-B loss, CEO no 2009 bonus; UN world 1B hungry; Africa, 11.6M homeless to conflicts;
10/20/09FDIC, bank 99 fails; Bank of America might file bankruptcy; Biggest US deficit since 1945; Housing values drop again, sales not as expected; Wall St. slammed for giving bonuses; Insurance Companies mislead public re: Health Reform, raise premiums, employees will suffer most; Health Reform cost about $8.29-billion a year, $829-billion over 10 years; Falling $ boosts import demand = economic + by companies making investments; Holiday airfares rise with added surcharge on peak flights, bookings falling off; India’s first priority—poverty at home; Seattle county to cut budget 80% in Human Services (child/domestic abuse, sex abuse, suicide prevention), HS says won’t survive on 20% budget; NY Times cuts 100 jobs; States can’t afford death penalties;
10/27/09FDIC, 7 more banks fail last 3.5 days, 2009 total 106, “at risk” list 100s more; Visa issues new cards yet old ones not expired in order to change terms; Sin city Vegas, homeless live in tunnels beneath its glitz and $ mega-billions; INDIA, desperate farmers sell wives & daughters to pay debts, India Gov— results are 1.3-million child prostitutes, Hillary Clinton— human trafficking worldwide problem even in US; Seattle, to replace crumbling Viaduct with twin tunnels, cost multi-billion $; US dozens of States await Fed $ for hi-speed rail, “just a good start” cost $150B; FDA wants $4B more to hire more field inspectors to halt food-born ecoli; Housing values will drop another 11% by year-end; Mortgage rates at 5% APR 6%; Tax credit $8,000 for first time buyers, buyers who have not owned a home in 3 years or more ends in Nov 30; “Tax Credit creates false demand, costs all homeowners about $43K in taxes yet property values dropping”; “Housing market must get better before economy can recover”; Jobless figures still rising; US Recession kills death penalty, $ too high, not a crime deterrent; Avoid  investment scams of “offshore banks,” false fronts, returns too good/not true;
10/31/09Detroit: medium home prices $65,000; TX: mansions for as little as $40,000~~ “home pending sales still rebounding” a contradiction, “New home sales surprise drop”, new buyer $8k tax credit extends into 2010; Smart Meters, elec, 18-mil homes to receive; Smart Grid, nation to expand elec grid for control, clean energy, create 1000s new jobs, Fed grants $3.4-billion, companies match w/$4.7-billion; Plasma TVs biggest electric users, new flat screens better; Democrats push for green energy bill; Bailouts save 640,000 jobs; GMAC seeks 3rd bailout; GM, former plant to make electric cars, Obama wants 1-mil hybrids on road by 2016; WA, town spends $-millions yearly on lighted animated holiday scenes displayed along roads (what about homeless, hungry?); Chicago, protesters crash Bank Convention for bad use of bailout $-billions; US Samoa, wastes tsunami warning funds; China to buy Volvo; Versace cuts staff by 25%; 15.1-mil Jobless now tapping into 401Ks; Boeing Dreamliner moves to SC, cost 4000 Seattle jobs; BP faces record $87-mil fine; FED, House Ethics panel to investigate CA Democrats, 30+ Republicans face ethics probe for accidental document disclosure; Hidden “nickel/dime fees/surcharges cost each consumer $1K to $2K per year;
11/02/09Bailouts create 640K jobs? “Cannot say if numbers are new jobs or jobs revived”; US Samoa, wasted tsunami warning funds reveals great damage, deaths but not reported in 7.0 quake/tsunami weeks ago, US aid still not received; US, 9-banks fail in major Holding Co., total 125-ytd; Jobless, last report 1.5M, not include newly jobless 1M = 2.5M to date, contradicts w/over 12-mil months ago; citizens asking, “Where are the jobs?” OBAMA warns of more job losses to come; Chrysler to layoff 23K more, spends $37M ads for buyout employees’ stock; Toyota, Lexus– largest auto recall in US history, 4M cars; Ford reports $1B profit; CIT, lender to sm-med businesses, Chap. 11 bankruptcy to reorganize, largest in US crisis; Colleges, 23 pay $1M annual to pres; Rbt. Shiller, Yale economist, “Difficult to predict outcome of rare global economic crisis.” Martin Wolf, “Financial Times” said, “While FED Bernanke at first was wrong a few years ago, he was first to realize the crisis severity [printed more money to save Banks].” Shiller “Financial institutions need to restrain from giving huge CEO bonuses in order to defuse people’s anger. We don’t want an economic system with an attitude of “winner-take-all” resulting in riots and runs on banks that happened during the great depression.”
11/07/09PA transit workers strike; Johnson/Johnson to cut 8000 jobs; MicroSoft to cut 800 more jobs; Warren Buffet firm buys Burlington Northern Railway for $34B bet on econ upturn; US Kids, 50% to age 20 on food stamps, 90% black children~~ low income, jobless; UK, Qatari firm buys US Embassy London building; Credit Card comp raising rates, House speeds up credit card reform; Boeing, RyanAir demands price cut or cancel orders; WA, capital Olympia to cut 27 jobs to reduce deficit; US, 2009 job cuts to exceed 2008 losses; Bankruptcy, 9% surge personal filings; Wall St. on roll triple-digit rises still on roller coaster; HUD, Fannie Mae reports $19-B loss in bad loans; House extends jobless benefits/first time home buyer tax benefit into 2010; US jobless hits 10.2%, under-unemployed not included; British Airways reports record losses; FORD profit due to reorg, cut exps, cut jobs, “way ahead of game compared to other makers”, Ford to introduce inflatable seat belts; GM cancels sale of Euro arm Opal, German Gov wants $-B loans paid; AUTO sales Oct~~ GM up 5%, Ford up 3%, Chrysler down 30%; Chrysler drops Viper, Fiat new design by 2014, finan crunch halting new dvlpmt; US Vendors look to Cuba’s markets; Rush Limbaugh accuses Obama destroying US econ; actor Ted Danson accuses Limbaugh/Religious Right (extremists) exploiting fear; TSaS affirms that God does not give a spirit of fear to His people, only upon wicked in days of His wrath; NYC, billionaire Mayor Bloomberg spends $100M own money win 3rd term; Obama, “schools perform poorly w/be shut down”;
experts say full blown depression, FED cracks down on bank overdraft fees, 3 large comp cut jobs by 1200, 1500, 2500, all US States cutback more Gov jobs yet approve tax hikes, 10-States face massive budget shortfalls; NV, statewide 42% children homeless, 5K in Las Vegas; Panic amidst jobless, make reckless $ decisions, men killing entire family/self across US; Chase Bank to hire 1200 loan officers; Banks, 5 more fail, big banks in no rush to pair up; Obama visits 4 Asia nations to discuss economy, global climate change;
11/21/09AOL to cut 1/3 work force; China,
9K suspects. 4,800 arrsts, $200M in assets seized;
11/24/09“Economy not as strong as believed,” people deadly panic mode, 29 States’ job loss rates climbing;
11/28/09US, 1 of every 4 home mortgages exceed value, “under water”; Banks, “at risk” hits 552; Jobless, real rate 17.5%;
12/01/09Dubai market drops 7%, debt may hurt US banks; Obama to push banks to aid default homeowners; FED eliminates $25B AIG debt, stock drops 15%;
12/04/09Cuba, economy cuts stop food subsidy for poor (like US food stamps); US, Black Fri sales fail to boost profits, businesses skittish about hiring, make do w/less staff; Bank of America to pay back bailout $B;
12/08/08—2009 Bank failures 130 to date; Congress to extend jobless benefits 2mo 2010; Gold value falls 4%— months ago, based on God’s prophecy TSaS advised: 1. Do not count on buying gold for currency against global economic collapse. All who bought gold lost $, value will continue up/down on fiscal roller coaster. 2. Homes: paid-in-full sit tight OR mortgaged sell fast— Fri 12/04 CNN economic advisor says, “pay-off mortgages, if possible, do not re-finance.” TSaS on free/clear homes advises: get reverse mortgage to get $ out of home while living in it, 2yrs is little time left; Banks set to eliminate new home bldg credit lines, w/give credit line if cash collateral used to assure repayment; TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) to shave costs of $700B bailouts by $200B, est 11 banks set to repay, TARP expected loss of $341B over next 10yrs but Bernanke says now w/earn profit; Obama to use extra $200B to create jobs; US nat’l debt $9T, incr $1T per year; Brazil, US bust Visa fraud ring; Geo. Wa. Letter sold for $3.2M; Space Trip, private rocket, first flight 65mi space set for 2011, tickets cost $200K ea;
US, House passes $447B Fed spending bill; 2009-Home values drop +$500B; Crisis update 12/08/09: Fed speaks out of both sides of mouth in 1 news hour, “It’s worse than Great Depression” then “The Recession improving.” Less than 2mo ago, economy reported “full blown depression.” God says, “Greatest Depression.”
12/15/09US, Obama to give sm business tax breaks; Homeowner cash incentives make homes energy efficient; 2009 Bank failures 133; 2008 REvalue loss $3.6t, + over $500b 2009 = $4.1T loss in 2yrs; Jobless rate bad; Sudden jump in jobless claims; XTO sold to Exxon-$41B deal; Bankers called to White House, Obama: “Nothing is free. You took bailouts but decreased loans to small businesses, gave Fat Cats bonuses. You owe taxpayers. It is time to help the people! We expect you to help us rebuild.” Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citicorp “no shows”; TARP deals: Citicorp strikes $25B-pay back-got $30B, Wells Fargo $20B-pay back, (Bush admin formed TARP to bailout banks, Obama made transparent); GM to pay back bailout early; 50% Amer. spend less on gifts; CNN emails rcvd: “Obama working man’s president”—”Feds say recession over; not ’til I have a job!” Indonesia, anti-corruption protests;
12/19/09FED, OKs $154B jobs bill; w/pass $636B defense budget; Buyers get 2% home loans; LV casinos close room wings, layoffs, due to 5% visitor loss; 13% jobless, 30% loss home values; Bet on + $Crisis is new lrgst casino City Ctr 67-acres w/4K rooms; John Mack refuses Morgan-Stanley bonus; Russia, economy reformer dead; British Air judge halts strike; Google, Bing drop Yahoo!;
12/22/09Retail stores hope Sat best, busiest shopping for profit margin, 47% shoppers not finished for Xmas, E/NE sales down 40-80%; Citadel Broadcasting radio files bankruptcy; 60 Min. reported “Recession, Depression worse than Great Depression, now called Great Recession, US Jobless 17%; Toys for Kids when hunger reigns; Gas at pumps falling; Cuba, accuses US trying to destabilize China;
12/26/09— New home sales -11.3%, used home sales +7.4%; 30yr loans 5%, values still drop; Mkt closes +, but yr peak way below peaks prior to recession, Wall St gains but Main St losing; FED, Expect job increase by spring 2010; Consumer spending up Nov-Dec, expect sudden drop after Xmas; Senate apprvs incr debt limit by $290B; UK, Prince William spends night on streets to learn what homeless teens go through; LA, Baton Rouge post office, wheel chair gunman held emplyes hostage, after 9hrs surrendered; NY, NYU employee stole $409K over 5yrs; TX, San Antonio, Xmas eve bell ringing Salvation Army Maj. shot/killed by man w/kids in front of store, police seek man;

12/29/09 US, vendors extend Xmas returns to 31 Jan, anything bought in Nov-Dec except computers; Airlines’ stocks drop to terrorist attempt; Banks to tighten belt more 2010; Nov-Dec 2009 spending up 1.0% over terrible 2008 drop, stores had bigger sales less inventory, Online sales up 15.5% over last season but only 10% of all sales, after Xmas sales good; 2009 Consumers pd $10B interest on credit cards; Credit Unions duke it out w/Banks; Bad news: housing prices flatten; Wall St, admits greatest loss ever in 9/11/2001 still not recovered; Stocks 6-day win falls;

12/31/09US, New millennium 2000 abt Y2K but decade abt tech advances/FaceBook 350M users, greed, housing mkt collapse, big businesses bankrupt, unemployment 15M, Dollar weakens in yr end trade—experts say decade defined by tech advances (TSaS says defined by collapsing global economy); Housing, 10yrs no gain in prices; GM recalls 22K Corvettes; GMAC (GM lending arm) gets $4B 3rd bailout = $17.3B bailouts, Gov now owns 56% stock; US, Oil prices dip ahead of inventory rprt; Mass Senator pushes for investment tax (reminds of JFK campaign speech); Nokia escalates Apple patent battle; Ins, term life cheapest/best way to go; Tiger Woods, backers shareholder losses $12B in Woods sex scandal; WA, King County budget cuts 1-day month, less pay for 1000s workers but glad to have job;

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Extra Oil Vision: Antichrist Recognized

Vision of Antichrist Recognized
©copyright 1975 Bonita M Quesinberry
©copyright 2003 Infinity Publishing

Below is an excerpt of “Truth Gathering”, Intro pgs.11-13: God showed that I would recognize the antichrist, a question I had asked of Him a year before the vision. The main thrust was “you will recognize the antichrist in total” but it would be in his earthly form appropriate to the creation of Satan’s synagogues hinted at by the vision’s metaphors.

——Converse to man’s scientific data, I ceased to dream random dreams at the age of 13. I had one dream then: a vision warning of danger. I did not understand what it meant, mistakenly thinking it portended an unidentified loved one’s death. Two years later it came to pass but was not about death, only a tragedy for the loved one actually seen in the vision. Only then did I comprehend its convoluted warning. I didn’t dream again until years later after my journey began to gain God’s knowledge and wisdoms and only His.

——One early morning sometime in 1975, in a vision—dream—the Holy Spirit showed me strange scenes, the first opening in what seemed a family room in an unfamiliar home. I saw myself sitting on a tall stool, vaguely cognizant of other people milling about: I actually saw the faces of only my husband and son. Instinctively, I was aware my daughter was not present. To this day her absence has left me concerned for her.

——Immediately, various unseen, but not perceived as unknown, people approached me exclaiming, “Jesus is here! Hurry, we’ve got to go see him! He’s performing all kinds of miracles, just like he did before! Hurry!” I declared adamantly and repeatedly, “It cannot be Jesus Christ. It has to be the antichrist.” Everyone argued it was, indeed, our Saviour. Again, I repeated the denial: to no avail and utter frustration.

——Finally, I agreed to go but only to prove God’s point. We climbed into our cars and in the next instant were standing behind a vast crowd praising and glorifying a being I could see above this throng as though standing on a podium. For lack of sufficient words, I can say only that he was the most beautiful entity I had ever seen, emitting a bright glow all about him as he healed people and performed other miracles. Come one, come all, he seemed to encourage with such believable conviction and loving demeanor.

——My thoughts were piercing as I looked from this incredible creature to search the crowd of faces, my expression one of absolute amazement. Don’t they understand? Can’t they see this isn’t Christ? Long before this dream, God had shown me that when Jesus returns He will come in the clouds and take us up to Him “to meet Him in the air.” His written word states this very thing. He will never step foot on this old earth until it is time to make it new again. Nor would He be performing any miracles upon His return, aside from our redemption, ascension and leaving behind total desolation. It is written!

——Still, I looked again to this gorgeous individual, human-like in form, who stood perhaps three feet above a mass of worshippers. Again, I scanned an ecstatic crowd and once more stared at this entity, the same disbelieving musings racing through my mind.

——I neither could tolerate his blasphemy or that of the people worshipping him. Despite being some distance from this glorious life form, it was as though he singled me out just as I stabbed the air with my finger and abruptly roared, “I rebuke you, Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

——At once his beautiful form twisted into the most hideous raging beast. I am at a loss to describe his vile appearance and ugly madness such as I’d never seen before. Instantly, he was surrounded by an ominous, threatening pitch-black roiling cloud. Immediately, the crowd was screeching and screaming and running for their lives.

——Those with me and I ran, unexpectedly finding ourselves standing outside our vehicles. At once, I realized my kids were not with us. Frantically I searched, only to instantaneously find myself again sitting on that stool just as a deep, bass voice boomed and reverberated into the room, my body vibrating from His thunderous bass. “Fear not, for you are safe in the Lord,” saith the Lord. Somehow, and inspite of how very loud He spoke, God’s voice was soothing and comforting and I knew all would be well.

——I awoke and for a split second was perplexed; then I remembered a full year before. I had asked God if I would recognize the antichrist. In the interim and amidst His Holy Ghost guiding me through our Lord’s written Word regarding matters in progress, as well as in the absence of a quick answer, I had forgotten that I’d even asked. Instantly, I realized I had just been shown recognition of the beast: his Queen the great whore and her harlot daughters, of whom Revelation speaks and spoken of throughout the Bible. But, He would not reveal them as a single man such as portrayed in my dream. Rather, He ultimately revealed corporate Christendom’s seminaries and pulpits as Satan’s synagogues representing the antichrist Papal Rome. El Shaddai provides only Truth.

——Over the next twelve months, God’s Spirit began to bring into my hands various historical data and records I would never have thought to search for, nor would I have known even where to find them. With these, the Holy Spirit led me through Christ’s prophecies as well as those applicable from ancient prophets and John’s Revelation. By the end of another full year, I fully and undeniably recognized the antichrist and his apostate churches: the Synagogues of Satan— the recognition without flaw, God’s confirmation that I understood accurately.

——Still, our Lord had shown me more in this vision. The time of Christ’s return is drawing incredibly near and all things remaining to occur have been happening in my lifetime. In 2003, I was 59 years young. The time is so short: I describe it as though I were poised on the very edge of a chair, my hands hovering on either side, my body in forward motion, as if about to push up, rush out to meet Jesus in the clouds.

——Dear reader, old earth’s time is so short. Six of the last seven plagues began in 1991 and are rapidly intensifying, which is Biblically proven beyond doubt in “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law.” The seventh plague will occur in Christ’s wake as He sweeps across our skies taking up His sheep. We must be prepared in obedience, faith and good works. We must possess the same unshakable faith Jesus demonstrated when facing His cross, a deep faith allowing Him to be nailed to a tree. And, our works must be acceptable to His Father: wholly from our hearts. Think not works? Read of Revelation’s seven churches where Christ said, “I have not found your works perfect before God.” The time is nigh upon us: purity and perfection IS required for entry into heaven.

——In 1991, Allied Forces opened attack on Iraq, President Bush having initiated the theatre labeled Desert Storm. Immediately, theologians and I rushed to scriptures. Theologians said it was not Armageddon; it was and remains Armageddon, just not Armageddon as theologians and Sunday sects teach. What was and is going on in the Middle East is of immense value to Christ’s true church, thus we must understand its meaning. This unexpected, yet expected, war reminded me of a dream our Lord gave to me ten years before Desert Storm: “Christ’s Remnant Polluted,” the TSaS broadcast on 01/09/10 Tuesday. The ominous black cloud in that vision also represented the Dark Ages Papal Rome and her harlot daughters are bringing upon Doctrine Keepers today: again, we metaphorically are fleeing to the wilderness in order to “preserve” God’s Truth; though we keep and speak it today only for the lukewarm and cold. The dust of mother and daughters we have shook from our feet and never will go their way again, never step inside one of their polluted synagogues. Our Lord is on His way!
——After all the Spirit had taught me in prophecy, in 1998 He instructed that I put it in a book; the result was “Bind Up the Testimony, Seal the Law”. A good thing for everyone who is to have the interpretation, for there is far too much to include with the above vision: as one might imagine, 25 years ensued from the time of the vision, which does not include all the other necessary spiritual training prior to and since 1975; the 25 years spent just in being taught coupled with study of appropriate prophetic scriptures throughout the Bible and in research for appropriate historical and current events that were fulfilled and now fulfill each phase of Philadelphia and Laodicea’s prophecies.
——Over 30 years of spiritual training, by Holy Spirit’s instruction, also resulted in “Truth Gathering”, an AKJV Topical Bible unlike anything available in the world: all subjects critical-to-salvation provide “every” relevant scripture, as it were all of God’s Word about His requirements of His children and Christ’s sheep: topical is the method of study God prescribed. Both books finally were published in 2003 by Infinity Publishing, an on-demand publisher, which assures the books always will be in print: well, as long as this old earth exists, as there will be no necessity for them in new earth. God provided the money necessary to get them published by way of Social Security’s settlement on His writer; and, to this day, the gatherer/annotator has not earned a penny in return: money was not and is not and never will be the motive for publishing.
——God’s writer has paid for and given away 100s of copies over the last eight years, per the Holy Spirit’s discretion, perhaps 5 copies of each purchased by others somewhere in the US. Sadly, of those 5 only 1 was a Sunday-keeping preacher; the upside of which is that he has frequently communicated with God’s writer for information on other topics, such as the “Early and Latter Rains.” He was directed to TSaS each time, as Bible lessons are posted on that topic and others not necessary to have included in “Truth Gathering.”
——Please, never think God’s Writer “knows it all;” for there is far too much to ever know it all during this temporary lifetime. She does, however, “know it all” when it comes to prophecy and the weightier matters of God’s Law; the latter of which lessons also are at TSaS and in “Truth Gathering.” We can make the claim of “knowing it all” only after we reach heaven, for at that time our finite brain will be converted to an infinite brain capable of absorbing “it all.” The Holy Spirit has continued to bring new Truths upon God’s writer during this last church age; one example being the wedding parables with interpretation transparency that exceeded just “being prepared” as commonly taught.
——The Holy Spirit has communicated with God’s pen in several ways: audibly with that voice of thunders and many waters, in her thoughts, or in words coming out of her mouth yet not in her thoughts. The latter was the case in March 2009 when He provided a clarity no religious sect has ever taught on the parables nor had she ever heard in her 65 years.
——On the phone, in March, with her best friend of 43 years, the topic of understanding prophecy came up, the facts of which her best friend, who has the gift of faith, did not feel she needed to know: “faith is all I need.” God’s writer began explaining the meanings of the wedding parables, yet not one word of thought was in her mind. Her best friend commented that she had never heard that before but God’s pen did not respond.
——When the call was terminated, God’s pen fully realized the Holy Spirit had just given her a new Bible lesson and at the same time allowed her to understand why it had never been given to anyone until 2009: now was the “time.” God is always punctual, never late, never early. A week later, she reminded her best friend of their conversation and said, “You had said that you’d never heard that before. Well, I confess that I’d never heard it before until I told it to you.” They both laughed and marveled at God’s greatness and how He works with His beloved Sheep and prophets.
——Many of the “new” lessons given God’s writer in this last church age were given because it was “time” for full understanding to reach the Elect: the “new” lessons not really new, just fine tuned, would serve to strengthen us, as the terrors of these end days painfully escalate, and to make it “impossible” to deceive us. The “wedding parables” lesson resulted in Extra Oils now broadcasting from TSaS. Other great “new” lessons have been given on Grace, Faith, Healing, and so more: each bringing the most incredible logic and insight to greatly enhance our knowledge and understanding of why we suffer as we do, who is God and what is His character, a God worthy of so much more than our love, praise and total obedience— our best for God and Christ. The Holy Spirit has taught us how to be our best; we have only to heed the lessons.

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