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Extra Oil 2009 Recap 45: Mother/Daughters In the News

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 2009 Recap 45: Mother/Daughters In the News
©copyright 2010 Bonita M Quesinberry

News 12/29 to 12/31/09: The last few days of 2009 are included in each of the Extra Oils’ Recap categories. Watch for “anthrax is back!”

News 01/01/10Mother/Daughters: Bilderberg Society, rpt 7-B world population, must reduce to 500M for World Order, genocide thru vaccines/food/water; Pope’s peace message focused on environment; Nature: US northeast temps below 0 to –12 to effect deep south; Detroit, Hotel fire kills 2, 4 injrd; Brazil, floods kill 51, rising; Health: Bangladesh, Bus crash kills at least 17; India, train crash kills at least 10; Argentina, hospitals treat dozens injrd new years’ eve; Economy: US, $1.1M Degas artwork stolen frm museum; Homeless numbers serious problem; Bill requires 15% ethanol in gasoline, 2001 and older vehicles w/not run on 15%, 5% most (force poor buy new car?) Russia, Moscow police disperse opposition rally; Lawless: NH, 5th State to allow gay marriages; Denmark, Somali breaks into cartoonist’s home in plot to kill, Somali shot; Wars: US, DHS extends pilots’ certification to carry arms; Official says “US in WWIII but will not admit; Chili, Spaniard arrstd w/explosives; Pakistan, nw, car bomb at volleyball match kills 93, 34 injrd; Iran, reformist lawmaker’s office burned; Pro-government rally chants “Down with US”; Israel, protest on Gaza economic blockade; Somali, Pirates seize 4th ship in week;

News Recap 2009: Laodicea’s 19th year in earth’s end of days—
TSaS has done its best to compile the 2009 recaps, each as brief as possible. Most are 6 or less pages and represent just a drop of prophetic 2009 news unfolding since 1991, which began with simultaneous events of Desert Storm, Iraq war, televised 24/7— the first time ever in wars’ history or since— deadly earthquakes, volcanoes, storms of every ilk, flooding, death tolls that staggered the mind: the loudest and longest trumpet ever sounded from heaven echoed instantly in God’s few Prophets’ ears. TSaS cannot write fast enough to get all such news: first few Oils none, others a bit, and later quite a bit.

06/06/09— Scientist said, “Earth is critically close to utter extinction for the first time due to its largest species: mankind.” Because a single 2009 Recap ate up 50 pages, TSaS decided to Recap in category bites. Now, for the longest category— does that tell you something? — 2009 Recap of Mother and her Daughters In the News

Mother/Daughters: Plague-5, also Signs; essential not to miss one word, life or death

04/18/09— Massive quake central Italy, devastation-300 deaths, might affect volcano Vesuvius. God’s warning Vatican ignored; again will hit w/o warning, reduce Vatican to rubble. Pope w/order violence against Sheep/Prophets. God divides sheep from goats;
06/06/09KN, anti-abortion protestor killed late-term abortion Dr. Tiller ushering at his Lutheran church, both shooter/doctor violated “Thou shalt not kill.” CA, San Moreno, Rev Cribbs, Church of Christ aired stand for gays to marry, vowed to do no weddings until gays can marry— stated Bible premise of “equality in love.”
06/13/09— Rev Wright, Pres former pastor, asked if spoken w/Pres since elec, “Them Jews won’t let me talk to him. But, I will, probably when he becomes a lame duck Those Zionists are doing ethnic cleansing in Palestine.” CA, pastor supports gay marriages week before, which worse of two evils, Brunn or Rev. Wright? Just one more professed minister of God speaking from Satan’s pulpit; psychiatrist agreed Wright most dangerous, majority listen to ministers; God agrees, TSaS agrees: such preachers will incite violence by focusing on Doctrine Keepers labeled “cult”; encourage killing; Living in dangerous times, gun sales up-will see more senseless killings. Memberships rising rapidly in US extremist orgs KKK, anti-government groups, due to global $-crisis began in US + have African Amer President; actor Jon Voight labeled Obama “false prophet”;
06/27/09—”25 Messianic Signs” aired TBN Corporate Christendom declared Biblical of Christ’s return. All lies, result was God’s fury roaring through TSaS, “THEY LIE TO MY CHOSEN PEOPLE!” then an excruciating surge of pain within from so deep I knew it was God’s infinite pain in grief, rage that such lies will destroy 2/3rds of those flattering lipped Christians + 90% of Israel; inside I was screaming louder than one can imagine, agonizing hot tears flowed unabated until I called my sister-in-Christ—5:15am her time, 3:15am mine; talked 2.5hrs, God’s grief is so overwhelming;
07/04/09— New date for Christ’s return; writer says based on Bible clues lending to “21 May 2010,” only possible clues those of Christ’s birth, death, resurrection/ascension, His ascension on or about 15 May 31AD, do NOT apply to Christ’s return, only Father knows “day and hour,” May does not coincide w/final harvest in Oct, final harvest festival early Nov symbol of “resurrection/ascension”; Bible only describes the day will look unusual;
09/05/09— Pastor Steven Anderson, sm Arizona Baptist church recorded sermon to flock: “Hates Obama, wants him dead,” quoted passage from Psalms actually one of Christ’s prayers about Judas, that what happened to Judas should happen to Obama: his wife a widow, his children without a father~ Anderson false minister for ” daughter”; OK, nude body 61yo pastor Carole Daniels found positioned like on cross behind altar of tiny church; GA, Atlanta police shoot/kill preacher in what was called a “drug bust gone wrong,” female drug suspect exited pastor’s car who sped off as police ordered him to stop; Muslim 17-yo girl fears for life after converting to a “daughter”;  Evangelicals to revise AKJV Bible to reflect gender inclusive, politically correct—abomination;
09/12/09MX, Minister hijacks plane, “Jesus is coming,” ends w/5 arrests; OR, sex offender sworn in as Sunday pastor, cannot minister to children;
09/30/09Nepal church collapse kills +23; WA, numerous Sunday churches burned to ground last few years; others across nation and globe.
10/06/09US courts reject Rome’s plea to block records of Priests’ sex crimes (“great whore gnawing her tongue from pain of sores”);
10/08/09— Wed: Italian scientist Luigi Garlaschelli created image on linen, a shroud proving Papal Rome’s Shroud of Turin definitely fake; Detroit pastors w/guns, claim responsibility to defend flocks (goats); WA, Tacoma, Baptist preacher arrstd for sexual solicitation; Guiana, remember Jonestown, +900 died for extremist’s lies;
10/12/09Pope canonizes 5 new saints, Father Damien among; Daughters’ greed revealed when denominations ripped off by fraudulent investments, long ago revealed by incorporating for tax exemption; Seminary students carry banner “Let Live, Let Love for ALL God’s Children” as they join Gay Rights march for equal rights in military, marriage, contractual equality; Obama states effort to stop military gay discrimination, get civil equal rights, as guaranteed by US Constitution;
10/20/09— Vatican welcomes Anglicans into Catholic church;
10/27/09TX, Catholic priest stabbed to death; Italy, clergyman arrstd spearhead in African genocide; Recent STUDY shows 56% Sunday-keepers changed habits giving-tithing in global crisis— 20% stopped giving, 19% cut 50%, 17% cut giving 75%. WA, Vashon, Puget Sound island ferryboat only, myriad Sunday sects only. Jan Osborn asked minister to start Saturday services as God/Christ’s Sabbath day/Seal. He would “think about it,” revealing knowledge of God’s truth yet avoiding; fear of losing “paid” pastoral job: most common reason disobedient. All Sunday leaders know God’s truth: some need urging, others walk away from. Which is your denomination/pastor? “Why halt ye between two opinions? Either you are for God or you are not!”
10/31/09Spain, Priest + 33 others arrstd in marriage scam; France convicts Church of Scientology (CoS) fraud, acclaimed Director Haggis quit CoS after Judge set $1M fine, 45K French CoS members won’t slow down despite Judge’s warning to people; Chirac on trial for corruption; Hallowe’en, History Channel docu traces— Celtic festival 3K-yrs before Papal Rome dubbed it All Hallowed Eve of All Saints Day, ritual to urge angry dead to stay in graves during dark days of winter solstice, still strong today in Wiccan, Druid religions w/Sunday’s global Christians’ nod of approval (No wonder pagans believe their religion oldest— Unaware Christianity should be Judaic branch back to Adam/Eve);
11/02/09NY chapel that held 9/11 victims set on fire; Judge denies Papal church appeal of sex crimes lawsuit settlements;
11/07/09AZ, Phoenix Bishop to appeal conviction disturbing peace w/church bells ea. half hour 24/7; FLA, Tammy, Tampa, reported wife of boss hostile re: Tammy’s 7th day obedience~ wife, boss seminary grads, he Sunday assoc. pastor told Tammy, “We work 7 days a week!” Despite obedience to God, Tammy still has job ’til “God says move,” boss cut hours but failed when he had to call her in (Don’t treat God’s children badly, He takes care of His own!); NY, preacher’s rally peaceful, said violence in front Muslim Mosque;
LDS, Utah Mormon church supports gay rights; Franciscan priest fathers son 22yrs ago, church document swore mother to secrecy exchange $ support, son dying cancer, church refuses aid despite mother now w/cancer;
11/24/09POPE to meet Anglican leaders amidst rising tensions; Hal LINDSEY recently viewed, noticed distinct agitation in evangelist as he defined points of prophecy, inaccurate, on his TBN show: formerly confident, the nervous fidgeting revealed his recognition of lies in God’s name. Hal Lindsey is not alone; many like him, i.e. Hagee, Van Impe speak for harlot daughters despite knowing Truth;
TBN Sun 11/22, Rev. John HAGEE, fronting a poster labeled “Counterfeit Christianity,” urged Sunday attendance then robs audience of Truth by accusing all who obey God’s Doctrine as legalist cults, “counterfeits.” By sight/sound Hagee trains his goats to blame Christ’s sheep for causing global devastation— Revelation shows Apostle John shocked by a scene of what appeared to be Christ’s church persecuting Christ’s church.
——Hagee’s sermon cited God’s wrath on US—economic crisis— then said “pray to return god to America and its demise can be stopped:” it is not the god whom Christ’s sheep follow, as Hagee later implied. It is too late to turn the tide, so he leads his flock to certain destruction: God said, “Satan slays his own.” Hagee’s end comments about true sheep prepare his goats’ minds to fault the Elect: unbeknownst to them God views these acts as cursing God (Rev.). It is the same brainwashing methods used to create terrorists, some of whom will kill anyone they believe the Bible or Q’uran call “infidels,” unbelievers— God noted, “They think to do it for God.” NOT!
—— Sound like Muslim extremists? Hagee and others are urgently preparing their goats for exactly the same extreme behaviour as that of Islamic terrorists. Mark this word: their rage and indignation against Truth Speakers has been occurring for some time but only in verbal or written trickles; now their emotions are about to erupt in deadly rage. More frequently and more heatedly than any time in history, we are hearing these accusations from harlot daughters’ myriad denominational pulpits and televised evangelists: earth’s hourglass about to run out of sand. Increasing twists of God’s Word then heavily laced with lies and pointing fingers at the Elect, while speaking in angry tones, reveal Satan’s last effort to take down with him as many people who will allow his nasty power of them.
11/28/09— this last sign began during the Apostles’ ministry but is now building up to repeat church violence of the Dark Ages; Christ warned, “Beware of pastors, preachers, theologians taught by men, teaching man’s laws for God” —
—— FLA, sister Tammy: 11/24, Tampa 89.3-FM Christian radio broadcast, Rev. John Corbett said, “Paul wrote the book of Hebrews to stop Jews from being Hebrews. All of the Law, including God’s Ten, were sacrificial and done away with by Jesus: legalism no longer applies, so stay away from those legalists! All it takes is love.” At his .org website he declares a master in theology and indicates faith is Papal Rome, Revelation’s Great Whore and mother of harlot daughters: URL on Links page for Catholic catechism.
The following news was extrapolated from who highlighted Extra Oil 34 on their homepage with a link to our total article; take particular note of words underscored in bold print or in all CAPS— “11/23/09: A formidable COALITION of 150 Catholic, Orthodox and evangelical LEADERS are CALLING on CHRISTIANS IN A NEW MANIFESTO TO reject secular authority and even ENGAGE IN CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE— IF LAWS FORCE THEM TO ACCEPT abortion, same sex marriages and OTHER IDEAS THAT BETRAY THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.” (Coalition manifesto comes out of WCC)
——Those 150 clearly represent the Great Whore and her harlot daughters. It seems they not only shun Christ’s instruction to obey God’s Laws but also laws of the land. The finale of this long running sign will see Christ in the clouds: it is excitingly obvious the above call includes violence against those they call “legalists, cults:” we of God’s Doctrine, and that of His Christ, definitely betray their beliefs based on Satan’s teachings.
—— Recall history’s Dark Ages: Papal Rome ordered the deaths of millions of “heretics” via Rome’s civil power, killed all those who would not embrace her “church and religious beliefs.” The dead were Doctrine Keepers. Recall: US infancy history, Doctrine Keepers were beaten, jailed, even hung. We are being ushered into a new Dark Age where Papal Rome and her Protestant harlot daughters are ratcheting up to make one last, feeble attempt to annihilate God’s people: He said it would happen and that “they think to do it for God.” The above “manifesto” is a global call and the goats ultimately will respond with rage and violence against God’s Saints and Elect.
—— “Civil disobedience” is a misnomer: they have 52 US States’ Sunday Blue Laws with severest of police power included to back up their actions, plus the backing of our Federal Government’s declaration of “no provision for Saturday,” and a little known Federal law giving it unlimited power to back any State law without a matching Federal Law. So, do not look for the Federal Government to intervene on our behalf. Christ’s sheep and God’s Elect will be the ones ultimately beaten or jailed, and a “few” killed.
—— Today they are in an angry, argumentative stage vehemently rushing headlong to violence and first will go after Doctrine Keepers with the strongest voices and visibility: in their minds, what better way to eliminate the rest than by getting rid of those who boldly and without fear speak God’s Truth. TSaS has felt their heat many, many times in the last 30 years— emails, comments at websites, face-to-face— has felt the mother and daughters’ magnified hatred for God’s Truth. It is a hideous sound and sight.
—— Blasphemy using God’s Holy Name. They curse Him; unaware their armour is flawed, vital piece missing: Truth. Our armour has no Achilles heel: we have God’s power and bear sword of His Truth— the only sword we brandish in upcoming attacks against us. Harm no man; rather, take the insults and arrows, as did Jesus, a blessing to us and a curse to them: God WILL raise us up if they kill the flesh garment we wear!
—— FLA, 11/25— Sister Tammy also reported radio’s Rev. David Jeremiah of Turning Point, also on TBN, teaching that cults “came out of” myriad Christian denominations, therefore are part of them. This belies Paul’s statement that “men came among us to spy on our teachings, then left to go their own way. If they had been of us, they would have stayed with us.” The truth is that those myriad denominations “came out of” Christ’s True Church and are recognized as antichrists, apostate churches as it were. Doctrine Keepers were first and have always been since Christ; never a part of the Great Whore and her harlot daughters. Rev. Jeremiah also said “belief and works are not to be together, that your works should be community works that people can see. Love your neighbor.”
—— As Paul said, “I will show you my faith by my works . . . works of the Law of Righteousness.” Amen! And, when the men expounded on all their good “community” works to Jesus, including calling out demons in His name, He turned to them and said, “I know you not.” According to Christ, the “works” are to do God’s Will, His Doctrine, His Holy Law: by such obedience we instinctively will do other good works among people.
——Noted in Extra Oil 34, hostility is a rapidly increasing theme taught more heatedly each day by the mother and daughters’ ministers on TV, radio and pulpits: the above reports show how far they will go to incite rage against Christ’s small flocks. God says they curse Him by vile opposition of His Will—His Doctrine—His “perpetual” Holy Law and by attacks in His name. They defile His Christ, our saviour Lord: God sent to Him “magnify the Law and make it honorable” among men again. We suffer nothing strange, nothing our brethren before us did not suffer: they gladly died for God’s Truth, Christ’s sacrifice. — “Ye shall suffer for me as I suffered for you; but I will come quickly.”
—— TBN, 11/25— The first thing evangelist Jack Van Impe presents is that he has a doctorate in theology, as does wife Rexella. This broadcast was as if he were doing flip-flops trying to fit square pegs into round holes of the end days’ prophecies. Referencing daughter’s teaching that Israel must rebuild its Temple, he attempted to justify it with Revelation’s fact that New Jerusalem will come down from heaven, wherein there will be no Temple.
—— Van Impe says Israel must rebuild now— they have it in parts for assembly that could be done in a matter of weeks—it was allegedly prophesied that Abomination of Desolation will sit upon the throne therein before Christ returns, the Temple ostensibly defiled again. Van Impe explained that Saints are taken up in the rapture for a purported 7 years in 3rd heaven, earth left in utter chaos and a few might die but certainly not all.
—— According to Van Impe, when the Saints return with Jesus, He will destroy that new temple then New Jerusalem comes down from heaven. Jesus and the Saints then teach the people “Left Behind.” Van Impe did a fine job of rendering God’s ancient prophets liars and implied Jesus also a liar. Van Impe did his father proud, a liar from the beginning.
——Please do as sister Tammy did and report via email to TSaS all relevant activities of the mother and daughters in your area. We must keep a close eye on them; for Jesus said, “When they attack, then flee from city to city as needed: you will not go far before I come.” We are to speak only His Truth and flee the location rather than engage in their futile fight for Satan’s continued dominion over earth. HIS REIGN IS OVER!
12/08/09CA, Los Angeles Episcopalian board elects lesbian Asst. Bishop; NJ, battles same sex marriage issue; Italy, Tupak Shakur song makes Vatican online play list; Germany, joined Euro nations and US w/bill to close ALL businesses on Sunday, all nations include Blue Law police power/say Sabbatarians “oppose the law” while US “makes no provision for Saturday”; UK, Frank reports protestant Church of England’s Arch Bishop of Canterbury accused British National Party (BNP) of racism, contradicted self when refused to marry interracial couple; US,
U.S. News & World Report, “A political holy war w/o precedent in full swing in this country.” Corporate Christendom filled w/arts of manipulation, vague implications, “saying” ~ “doing” only “politically correct.”
12/14 91yo Oral Roberts dead; Leaders (ministers) SHOCKING! Acronym WCC = World Church Council, Papal Rome established, mother/daughters global members; WCC now about “controlled uncontrolled rage”: msgs to turn lukewarm back to world, prevent cold from hearing Truth; eliminate devout Doctrine Keepers; reports like those below made liars of God, Jesus, Apostles and God’s Bible: fatal blasphemy.

——US, news 12/13 Sunday denominations across nation now mix religion w/astrology, Buddhism, yoga, pagan meditation forms: justified inclusions, “God is bigger than religion.” Prior news: SDA sects consider merge with Sunday sects, “We serve same God and Christ.” SDA already allows Sunday use of their Houses of Prayer.
——TSaS: Any Doctrine Keeping church that unites with Satan’s synagogues becomes one of the daughters by implication. Certainly God is bigger than “organized religion,” for He taught us to meditate in “be still and pray unceasing,” but there is no justification for mixing pagan practices within Christ’s framework. God forbid. Papal Rome has done just that since firm establishment in A.D. 200, mixing far more paganism than just tidbits noted in above televised news report. Observing pagan festivals began with their mother: reminds one of old cliché, “mother like daughter.” Indeed; but the above is almost tame compared to news reported to TSaS and its monitoring of the “family.”
——FLA radio, this past week sister Tammy heard 4 different pastors but caught the name of only one: the first advised, the “time for spirit of migration about to begin: worldwide all of Christ’s Sheep will migrate to Israel where Jesus will take them up to the clouds when He arrives, then He crosses earth’s skies taking up the dead in Christ.”
——TSaS: Not in the Bible: no such event, actually quite the opposite; Jesus resurrects the dead in Christ then takes them up with, at the same time as, the living in Christ.
——FLA radio, In one day: 3 different sects’ preachers urged, “Do not leave our church because there are problems! Stay and work them out with us. Leaving is not the answer.”

——Rev. Chip Ingram preached ­to legalists, “Maybe this message will finally cause you to come out of your legalism.” He compared salvation to looking in a kaleidoscope: first seen is a cross, Jesus died for your sins; then a beautiful blue means you are His forever; second is the color red for redemption Christ’s cleansing blood, third is green means His grace is forever. “Grace means always saved when you accept Jesus; you do not have to worry about or feel guilty when you sin again. No matter what you do, you are saved. You do not have to worry about going to heaven.”
——TSaS: months ago, TSaS reported “urging to stay in sect church by mother and daughters”: tactic to prevent members from replying to God’s call, “Come out of her, my people!” Ingram’s words clearly directed to “lukewarm” among Doctrine Keepers and the “cold” still in the midst of myriad apostate churches. It seems recent WCC manifesto included plea “to stay” and recent urging of “Christians to civil disobedience” and obvious directives in keeping with TBN news below. Both TBN reports are hard to wrap the brain around, especially Van Impe’s capable of inciting awful “civil disobedience:” tell TSaS how you feel about the daughters’ incidents across our entire nation.
——TBN, 12/12: Based on his teaching of nothing happens until 7-year tribulation begins, Hal Lindsey angrily accused scientists and former V.P. Gore of lying about global warming; it is a manipulative “ploy for governments to take control of power resources [fuel, electricity, etc], then increase cost of oil/gas and cost of gas-saving automobiles.” He also said such warming not due to the sun, “God will never allow the climate to get dangerously warm; the sun is not even emitting solar flares!” He closed with request for ministry support monies.
——TBN, 12/12, Drs. Rexella/Jack Van Impe erratically focused on 3 alleged issues— “Obama’s visit to China was to discuss a universal currency due to the dollar AND gold, silver becoming worthless.” Van Impe charged “true reason behind a universal currency is to set up a One World Order to facilitate the coming antichrist, the World Dictator.”
——Van Impe continued by accusing the secret society Bildenburg of being part of setting up the One World Order, “already laid out plans to microchip [he believes is mark of the beast] all humans by 2016. Once World Order is in place, Obama, the World Dictator, YES! The World Dictator directs the world’s armies to converge on Middle East for bloodiest of bloody wars, WWIII.”
——Van Impe seemed to be losing control as he angrily shook his fist, “Yes! Obama is the World Dictator [antichrist]. The proof was him being given the Nobel Peace Prize when he has not brought peace! More proof was when he told Israel to give Gaza to Palestine OR HE would give it to Palestine! Just like the masterminds of 9/11 should not get a trial, only execution; the same for the Ft. Hood shooter . . . [incomplete sentence stopped short of saying “Obama, too!”, Van Impe’s expression said it]. They [Muslims] have gone among Christians to learn what we teach, just to use it against us. The Bible says “they are to be put to death!”
——Van Impe’s tirade mindlessly jumped to the Bible’s word “sorceries,” he interpreted as drugs/alcohol, that addicts will not go to heaven. “Governments are behind addictions to get rid of those not worthy of a One World Order and to brainwash Christians who will refuse the microchip!” Van Impe ended with a request for $59.95 to purchase his leather bound “Prophecy Bible,” regularly over $100. Rexella said, “Get it for Christmas for those you love! What a wonderful gift this would be.”
——TSaS Critical Note: Hal Lindsey same as denied Revelation’s 4th active plague; we reported sun flares increasing intensity; global warming photos, films worth 1000 words.

——I was terribly nauseated by the time Van Impe’s broadcast ended; I could not believe what I had heard in that painfully long hour, what violence I had seen in Van Impe’s body language: his sweaty face, squinted eyes and fisted hand punching the air. Not that any of this comes as a surprise. God prophesied such behaviours would happen.
——Still, forget Nobel Prize, forget misquoting Obama: former given but not for peace as implied; Obama never spoke the latter. Obviously, Van Impe does not recognize God’s Seal or how to get it. Worse, does not know what is the Beast’s mark muchless who is the beast. Accept the microchip or no: makes no difference; chip is zero in fact and prophecy. Fatal dichotomy: Van Impe speaks for the beast.
——Headed by Papal Rome, the WCC recently approved and issued a manifesto urging “civil disobedience” against “other ideas that differ from our beliefs,”— might as well have said “fake Christians”— approved by pastors across nation and Van Impe, based on his insane comments alluding to “kill President Obama.” Both the WCC and Van Impe hint at an Arizona preacher’s blunt message recently shouted, recorded from pulpit, “He is the antichrist. Kill him! Obama should be killed!” One WCC manifesto with multiple directives sent out sooner than thought. AZ: 1 man 1 State 1 building; Van Impe is global, followed by millions just in the US.
——First, what true Christian would deny anyone a fair trial? God demands fair trials.  This news is a clear statement to Doctrine Keepers: if arrested, there will be no fair trial. Jesus did not get a fair trial, either. Van Impe said, “The Bible says they are to be put to death!” Isn’t that the cry of extremist Muslims based on, “kill the infidels?” Only recently a friend, who grouped all Muslims, was warned that, like extremist Muslims misinterpret the Q’uran, so will extremist Christians misinterpret the Bible’s use of the word “infidel” in these end days. It is coming even faster than TSaS had thought it would.
——Second and worst of all, Van Impe’s insane rant reveals how rapidly word reaches the mother/daughters’ ranks and reflects how enraged is Satan and his ministers. The end is too close and Lucifer is desperate to establish One World Order quickly; for he thinks by getting it done NOW that he can “prevent God” and Christ. But, it means first getting all opposition on his side or out of his way. His ministers also are enraged; if they do not remove all opposition, it means they swore allegiance to the wrong god. Satan forbid!
——The Bible addresses the “drunkard” which logically covers all forms of mind-altering addiction. The definition of “sorceries” is witchcraft, even in the Bible’s original language; witchcraft being exactly what God said was an abomination to Him.
——TSaS can say only that Lindsey and Van Impe have lost all awareness of truth and sanity; the latter having sent out a clear message to incite many Christian extremists to take up the gauntlet. Everyone pray unceasing, for those extremists will act against Obama’s life and his family: neither deserve the slurs muchless threats, for God said, “I set up kings and I take down kings. Who can prevent God?” Obama is in office because he is supposed to lead this country, as all leaders of nations, during earth’s final days.
——TSaS prays that everyone recognize “Satan’s synagogues;” for they are many and varied. So many members of Sunday sects— some family, friends, some emails— say, “I know our pastor is a man of God!” It is suggested they step back and re-evaluate, ask “which god” your pastor and sect truly serve: you will know by what they say: if you have already heard any of the above, then you know their god. Now, ask whom is it you love more than life: members, pastor, sect OR God and Christ?
——Most importantly, you cannot have it both ways: 1 foot in comfort, 1 in Truth. Jesus was not “comfortable” and neither should we be during our final test. If you lean to God, reply instantly to His plea “come out of her,” to do “God’s Will”: it is almost too late to join Christ’s small flocks of Doctrine Keepers, not a religion, only the Bible. You know the Truth, it is all that TSaS broadcasts; embrace it now, Today. What have sheep to do with goats? Earth’s sun is about to set and it will not rise again for 1000 years.
12/19/09God Squad, Chaplain insurance workplace, ministers for $10 mo. per employee 1hr per mo, 400 US companies added, more to join; US Pastor doubles membership w/in-house drawings for $100-500, sometimes $1K, ea wk, “works in economic crisis,” urges all sects do same (Satan pays followers to join world); Ireland, Cardinal accepts Bishop’s resignation in child sex abuse scandal; US, Catholic leaders launch big push for parishioners to “come back home” to Papal church; CNN, “Archaic” Blue laws, estab w/first settlers, in each State cite Sunday day of rest, limit sales to fuel- food, sm. businesses for-big business want repeal, “Chic Fillet” said “it is Christian, God comes first, all about religion, stores never open Sunday, shows sacrifice for God” (no note of police power in Blue Laws or FED “no provision for Saturday” since a nation);
12/22/09CNN News: 12/17: Pope John Paul II one step closer to being canonized “saint;” 12/21: England, Priest tells congregation, “The poor among you should steal, go out and shoplift, as long as you take no more than you need!” In an interview, he said he stands by his message and will not recant it.
CNN News Special: 12/18: “In God We Trust: Faith & Money in America” The host’s purpose was to evaluate money and religion and how the current economic crisis has affected religion: cited 15% US population agnostic or atheist, the remaining 85% Christian less 1.3M Muslims. Guests were a Catholic Priest, Jewish Rabbi, Pastor Joel Olsteen, Prof Deepak Chopra. Host opened with, “Money makes faith and religion go round.” Georgetown Priest said financial success is sign of faith, while Jewish Rabbi urged people “seek moderation” in all things. Each guest agreed that, during financial hard times, people turn back to God and increases demand for church help at the same time tithes are dropping. “Religion has always been the guiding voice of economy.”
——The largest of mega-churches is in Houston, TX, pastor Joel Olsteen (43K members + televised worldwide) is an example of the most profitable ($6.5M annual) in mega-churches and myriad Christian sects: Olsteen’s non-denominational evangelical [still one of daughters]. It sits on a huge campus and includes myriad shops-for-profit. Olsteen, on the economic crisis, said, “My Dad was a preacher and taught me that if you don’t have the money to buy a chair, sit on a box until you do; if you don’t have a car, walk or bike or take a bus until you have the cost of a car [“owe no man”]. I also teach in accordance with the Old Testament premise of “loan but do not borrow.” [wonder if that includes “charge no interest” of brethren?] “People need to examine their motive for more money: need or greed. Be practical but hopeful.” When asked how his methods seem to work better than other churches, he said, “Most people have their priorities out of order, prosperity being first on the list when it should be relationships, both personal and with God. Christians are beat down and I’m here to lift them up.” The host later remarked, “Despite having grown up in poverty, Olsteen is far from poor; his last book advance was $12M and made the best seller lists, as all his books have.”
——Deepak Chopra, a very wise and deep thinker said, “Even businesses have their priorities out of order. Instead of how much money they make being the focus, it should be how they spend it; based on an attitude of “we” instead of “me.” The biggest message I deliver is to give, give, give. Giving returns the abundance of life; but one should make sure they are not giving for the sake of returns, which is the basis of greed; giving with no expectation of return is truly giving.”
——The host then presented how religion works in and with governments. The WCC spends billions every year to pay lobbyists (of myriad nations) to get what the church wants or delete what stands in its way: all achieved within the scope of man’s laws.
——TSaS: One function of lobbyists is to prepare bills, in accordance with an entity’s desire, then present those proposed bills to Congress to be voted into law. In order to achieve desired votes, lobbyists use an entity’s money for two purposes: 1. Pay for lobbyists’ time, and 2. Grease the palms of lawmakers, Senators-Congressmen, so they will vote as the entity wishes, in this case WCC. Yes, our federal reps get paid to vote yea or nay, not to vote the people’s wishes: greed and world dominance.
——About ten years ago, God’s handmaiden reported the formation of WC of which WCC is its ruling body; at the time, obtained a copy of ruling doctrine and membership list: impossible to get today unless a member. It is the “World Church” devised by Papal Rome, a sitting Pope the WC supreme leader; which boasts members as including leaders from every nation, all Sunday denominations plus Orthodox Judaism, Muslim/Islam, Buddhism, Wiccan, Druid, and all other pagan religions. Only one sect is not a member, neither invited nor by request: Doctrine Keepers, legalist cults as they are fond of accusing— WCC will not accept “cults.” The WC‘s ruling Council, can afford to buy international power as well as bury anything and anyone in its way. Doctrine Keepers be wary. WCC has ruled for “civil disobedience” against us.
——TBN, 12/20: Kerry Shook, Woodlands Mega Church, TX; Core of Shook’s sermon was summed up in “Tradition of Christmas is about fun and getting gifts, but it also should be about giving the greatest gift to Jesus. Partner with us to give the greatest gift to Jesus by giving to our ministry.” —
——12/10: Robert Jeffress, Mega First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX; Jeffress began in rebuttal to having heard on the news that “Christmas is wrapped in pagan myth, so it is not the facts that are important, rather the message of the season.” Jeffress retorted, “The facts are important because the message is composed of facts.” He then cited three facts: 1. Prophecy: 48 fulfilled when Christ was born; 2. Incarnation, He would be born of a virgin and would reflect the character of God, i.e. the Word made flesh; and, 3. Christ’s Atoning Work, He fulfilled that during His ministry. Jeffress added that Philippians 2:5-8 is the best Xmas message [humility]. For some odd reason, Jeffress went off in a different direction, “Because I’m an ordained pastor, people want to talk with me about spiritual things. And, because I am a pastor, I have a message from God for you!”
——TSaS: Jeffress very cleverly brought forth two issues, one a lie and the other an emphasis on man’s seminary education. 1. “Myth” is an appropriate adjective to describe Christmas, for it was in origin and continues to be a pagan festival observed in Christ’s name— blasphemy. And, 2. “Man’s education,” the very emphasis that prevents people from hearing God’s Truth and heeding the warnings from Christ’s Sheep and God’s few prophets: babes taught by no man, as Jesus said it would be in our day and was even with the Apostles. “Babes perfect Truth and praise.”
——Cable Special, 12/19: “The great whore agonizes her great sores.” In Istanbul, Turkey— originally Constantinople—is world’s oldest Catholic Church. Papal Rome declared Istanbul “the other Holy Land” to Israel’s Jerusalem: “Spiritually it is not far from Jerusalem,” said its Patriarch. It was built 17 centuries ago, during 400 A.D., a time when Papal Rome’s power was unmatched. Still standing and in use today, it is in exterior disrepair; but its interior is as beautiful, though smaller than, Italy’s Sistine Chapel.
——The church Patriarch is All Holiness, among myriad titles, Bartholomew and is deemed second only to the Pope; for all intents and purposes, he is the Pope over “the other Holy Land.” While the buildings are meager, its pews can seat 500 but today little more than a handful attend mass each Sunday; perhaps, because Istanbul is now 90% Muslim, Catholics numbering only 4K in a land once predominantly Christian.
——Bartholomew’s life is frequently threatened and requires 24hr protection, his few loyal parishioners often threatened, too. When asked if he felt persecuted, he said, “Yes, oh yes; but, that’s part of being a Christian.” Long ago Turkey confiscated all the other Catholic churches, schools and its seminary now a Greek Orthodox college; leaving only the main cathedral and a few smaller buildings to Bartholomew. This Papal location also lays claim to possessing the original Ten Statutes written on parchment by Moses and states that Christ’s ministry began in Turkey. When asked why he stayed and keeps the church going, Bartholomew said, “Our mission was given when this was Constantinople and has not changed or been rescinded. We still must get people to come to Christ’s true church. Despite being Greek, I was born here, lived here all my life. This is my home.”
——TSaS: Yes, the great whore is suffering her pain. God says there is only one Holy Land, Israel, and one Holy City, Jerusalem. Papal Rome having dubbed Istanbul “the other Holy Land” should be a glaring statement revealing the “god” of her religion: it is not God the Creator and they merely use Christ’s name while claiming the Pope is Jesus reincarnated. Logically Israel would have the Ten Precept’s parchment penned by Moses or it was lost forever. Bartholomew’s claim is as fabricated as Papal Rome’s Shroud of Turin, only recently scientifically proven fake. Plus, it is pure fantasy that Christ began His ministry in Turkey; the Gospels dispel such a notion.
——God destroyed Papal Rome’s reputation when, in the Sardis era, it was learned who she truly is and represents. Since then, her many sins have gone public again and again, each one worse than before. However, only God will bring about her utter destruction not long from now, and that of her harlot daughters “who have done worse than their mother.” As for Bartholomew being “persecuted,” no doubt his life is threatened, but his persecution does not come by the church; which is the case in Revelation: today, it is the apostate church persecuting Christ’s church made up of Doctrine Keepers.
——CA Television, 12/19 Sacramento, sister Zenith reported seeing a commercial, paid for by the Catholic Church, “calling its people home.” A woman in the ad explained why she was glad she had returned, “I missed the Eucharist.” [Eucharist is Papal term for the communion, last supper, Passover; eat consecrated bread, drink wine]
——FLA radio, sister Tammy w/3 reports: Christian Station News— Pastors respond to text censorship included in new Hate Crime Bill named after St. Michael, saying “This is the first time government has ever told us what we can say or do regarding issues of gay rights, abortion or anyone with ideas that go against our beliefs. Despite it, we will follow the WCC manifesto to rise up in “civil disobedience” when it is time.”
——12/19: A former Orthodox but now a Messianic Jew was a guest who testified that, after having read Christ’s description in Isaiah 52:13-15; 53:2-12 compared to the Gospels, was what convinced him that Christ was definitely the promised Messiah. According to him, the book of Isaiah in today’s Jewish Bible reveals 52:13-15 and all of c.53 omitted, though they are in the ancient texts.
—— TSaS: On the one hand, this Jew’s enlightenment is glorious for God, yet on the other hand he is involved with a Sunday sect thus lied to not only about God’s Law but also his people’s own prophecies. As for the missing text in later Jewish Bibles, it is a fact that, prior to the promised Messiah, the Pharisees agreed with God to become “blind and deaf” in order to birth salvation for they who did not know God, pagans. Perhaps, the omissions were necessary to maintain that condition among church leaders; note, I said “leaders” inasmuch as each generation outside leadership received the same call as have gentiles. Therefore, we do see Messianic Jews all over, including Israel: Messianic Jews true to God observe God’s true Sabbath with understanding that Jesus also is Lord of that Holy Day— never Sunday.
——12/17: Pastor Chuck Swindell taught that Revelation’s two witnesses will arrive when the antichrist, the World Dictator, brings about peace in the world; which is not yet. One of the witnesses, he believes, will be the spirit of ancient prophet Elijah but uncertain who will be the second witness. After they teach for 1260 days, that’s three and a half years, then they will be dragged through the streets and killed, then lay dead in the street for 3.5 days, then God resurrects them and takes them up to heaven.
—— TSaS: Man’s rendering of prophecy is always inaccurate, complicated and often incomplete; such as this one about the two witnesses: “Elijah, but do not know who is the other.” When God imparts wisdom to His prophets, there is no guesswork or theories, only solid, verifiable facts; and, the only omission in these days is the “day and hour” of Christ’s return. In 3 different ways, Jesus told us exactly who are those two witnesses: “A wise man brings forth from his treasures both the old and newand “By two or three witnesses is a testimony judged true; my Father is one witness and I am one witness.” then two verses combine for a clear picture of Revelation’s two witnesses, “The Old and New Testaments witness of me.” How much more focused can this picture be?
——”They teach for 1260 days, 3.5 years.” This is prophetic time, thus 1260 prophetic days is 1260 literal years. Of the 1810yrs prophecy for “time of the Gentiles,” 1260yrs is part of and began in 538AD, ended 1798AD. Sardis Church age began: time for Daniel and Revelation’s sealed prophecies opened for understanding, which work was finished when the Philadelphia era began, the time to “teach the truth again before lost forever,” and simultaneously the time of mankind’s “trial, judgment and sealing of a just people;” 1844AD—1991AD. Then Laodicea: “sentencing the wicked, claiming a just people.” Portents before and after the “2 witnesses” were fulfilled to the letter to the day.
——The two witnesses dead bodies lay in the street for 3.5 days? Prophetic time: 3.5 prophetic days are 3.5 literal years. No one would allow dead bodies to lie on the street for 3.5 days muchless years: diseases. Fulfilled in 1793: French Assembly passed decree banning all religion from France. All Bibles confiscated, burned in bonfires in the streets; synagogues and cathedrals converted to brothels and temples used for Goddess of Reason worship: anything religion was abolished and the being of God was denied.
——Thereafter, chaos and crime reigned in France while the world watched without trying to stop the blasphemy— “if works for France, it will work for the entire world”— until exactly 3.5 years later when the government and the people could stand no more: Camille Jourdan submitted a request for religion to be reinstated: it was. Since King James’ 1611 translation, the Bible was already widely available, but by 1804 it had gained so lofty a position in the world that it were as if the two witnesses could be seen from the heavens by her detractors. Now, the entire globe had seen God’s two witnesses resurrected, understood His Word could not be defeated, realized God’s Truth would never again be hidden: “an open door that no man can shut.” Satan’s arrogance is without limit, so he still attempts to shut them up. “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt,” sting a bit; but, the time is so close to Christ’s return that His Sheep and God’s few Prophets need to be aware that they are about to experience more than the mother and daughters’ words: for coming soon will be the worst— 
12/26/09— Revelation 16:10-11— “The fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; they gnawed their tongues for pain and blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.”

——”The beast” is one and the same as Revelation’s Great Whore aka Papal Rome, its seat the ecclesiastical/civil power of Rome’s Vatican: “a government in the guise of the church.” The fifth vial was poured out in 1991 and since then she and her daughters have been “gnawing their tongues.” Almost instantly a storm of pedophilia charges against Priests and Bishops flooded the world; yet, this problem was just one stream of slime that slid from under her ancient lust-filled bed, which the world has flowed into quite easily: her other sins of lies, fornication, Papal children out of wedlock then set up as Priests and Nuns, and even more revealed in A.D. 1844 Truth— a seemingly fatal wound. Although, that particular Revelation passage is referring to the fall of the ancient Roman Empire resurrected as the Holy Roman Empire. Nonetheless, many in 1844 thought the truth of her sins going public would be Papal Rome’s demise, the death of Catholicism.
——It was not her time, though, for utter destruction; no, only shamed so badly that it should have caused her to repent. God is “kind to the wicked” but knew she would not; for she believes herself “a queen no one can touch.” After all, she had a secret the world noted only vaguely during Sardis: her harlot daughters moved forth with her false message of Christ and she knew, one day, they would put her back on her false throne to rule the world. In deed, the World Church (WC) and her leadership of the World Church Council (WCC). Evidence of them “gnawing their tongues is seen today in their futile, repeated attempts to fit a square peg into God’s round hole: changing teachings, changing interpretations— the list goes on but by their own process, more and more of their sins are revealed to the world; a world that, for the most part, does not see or hear: “for the ears and eyes of the Sheep only.”
——”They have done worse than their mother” by taking her lies global, deceiving the whole world. Instead of her nasty floods drying up over time, her putrid sins began to spill out into this Laodicea age like a rank, puss-laden boil. Until 1991, the daughters vehemently denied all connection to Papal Rome, though during all of the Philadelphia age Truth Speakers, far and few between, were pointing to the glaring umbilical cord: Sunday, the day they “observe in homage to her, the mark of Papal Rome’s ecclesiastical authority to command all under sin.”
——Not long into Laodicea, reports about her harlot Protestant leaders began hitting radio and television: arrests-soliciting prostitutes, visiting stripper clubs, pornography, mistresses, pedophilia, stealing nonprofit funds, living in gated communities, body guards, driving luxury cars, taking expensive vacations— all in God’s name and with people’s hard-earned money those leaders called seeds God would turn into millions of dollars for those who contributed— accepted homosexual clergy, female leaders and more abominations.
——Of late, TSaS Extra Oils’ have reported to our members escalating news of the mother and daughters around the world. Going global, however, has not been the latter’s worst sin, not that one is any worse than others; an act even their mother had not yet done: lie to God’s Chosen People, the Jews, convincing them the temple must be rebuilt before Messiah will come. Indeed and in deed, worse than their mother; albeit, recent news shows both mother and daughters getting worse in their desperate attempts to keep Satan in power over earth and its riches he has given them: “Break God’s Law!”

Update England: More data on HLN about Anglican Priest Tim Jones who told his congregation, “in these difficult times it is okay to shoplift groceries and things you need but do not take more than needed. It is not good but God understands in these pressing times.” When a reporter asked about “Thou shalt not steal,” Father Jones said he stood by his sermon. Anglican leaders denounced Jones’ words but did nothing.

——TSaS: God understands that Jones not only instructed people to violate His Law but also taught them to have no faith in the power of God to care for them. Whether or not we have Christ, the Bible is clear that God judges all by His Law: “To break one of the least of these is to be guilty of them all.” To violate or encourage violation of even one is also an act of blasphemy, the only unforgivable sin. Remember what Jesus said about God’s Law, “Ye who obey God’s Law, and teach others the same, will be called great in heaven.” This verse validates Revelation’s two keys to heaven: Jesus and God’s Law.

TV, Radio News: Ireland, 2 more Roman Bishops resign in child sex abuse continuing investigation; WA. DC, Religious lobbying surges in multi-$M enterprise in recent years, lobbyists include Buddhist, Muslims, Christian, Catholic, all members of WCC; Nun lobbyist is Catholic Socialist Advocate said line between church/State not blurring because “Jesus was a political activist.” Vermont, Baptist church to sell beloved St. Michael stained glass window to keep shelter open; Pastor Sue (female) lamented over having to let it go, as it is our “Window of hope;”

CNN News: 1. Vatican, Mid-night Xmas eve mass began in chaos when security rushes to stop a woman who jumped the barrier rope to touch Pope Benedict for healing as he proceeded up red-carpeted aisle to his “throne” at the altar to deliver his Xmas message; she fell backwards holding onto Pope’s collar, taking him down with her, the woman made attempt last year; but he is OK; Homer Simpson cartoons given Pope’s blessing;
——2. Santa, loosely based on life of a Papal priest 100s of years ago. Today, 12/24, a young girl and two teen brothers went to visit Santa. Sitting on his lap, she asked him to bring home her Dad from Iraq. At once, her Dad stood in front of her. The excitement was great and Dad said to reporters, “We have a good relationship with Santa.”

——TSaS: 1. Pope: One of Papal Rome’s religious descriptions of the Pope is “Jesus reincarnated, the Holy Father.” The Vatican incident likely was planned, and certainly serves to the world, as a reminder of the woman who touched Christ’s robe believing she would be healed by such a simple act: indicates the Pope can do the same. 2. Santa: Doctrine Keepers felt sad that Jesus was not given credit due for the child’s Dad being home. The Dad’s statement was a vile lesson to impressionable children, his and all who watched the broadcast: “Santa gives you what you ask for.” THIS is just one example of what happens when Christ is used as the reason for observing pagan festivals and rituals. The worst is that, by the mere act of being a part of these rituals, people all over the world, unaware or aware, are validating the Great Whore’s religious authority: it is her festival. But, there is worse regarding ‘Christmas,’ revealed in the last report hereinbelow.

Fla. Radio: Tammy’s 4 reports about 4 Sunday leaders—
1. The preacher stated, “My problem with teaching the millennium being in heaven is that the Bible says Jesus will return to sit on King David’s throne, which will not happen if everyone is in heaven. He will teach the wicked, that have not converted, right here for 1000 years.” [TSaS: Jesus will take David’s throne in the new earth and heavens, as prophecy states, not before then. The ‘throne’ represents Israel, its specific location in New Jerusalem. Fact: the wicked have already been judged. And, the lies go on.];
2. Tammy told pastor Boss about Anglican Priest, he laughed and said, “That went out the window when pot smoking became the norm.” [TSaS:???? Suppose that is one way to avoid saying that, no matter what, we should obey God’s Law.]
3. Website provides a link to a website they found offensive in that it proudly displays a picture of a Anglican NY billboard in Auckland paid for by the High Anglican Church: Joseph, looking dejected, Mary looking heavenward, are shown in bed together with the caption “Poor Joseph. God is a hard act to follow.” The Anglican Church reasoned the billboard, “It is to provoke thought and conversation.”
——The picture itself cannot be construed in any way other than to imply that sex with man is not nearly as good as with God: lust of the flesh, blasphemy. Were it not for the caption, the billboard might be interpreted as Christ conceived by conventional manner instead of Immaculate Conception. Regardless, the act of sex is of the flesh, not of the spirit, and was intended only for reproduction of flesh man until the end. In the new earth there will be no one given in marriage, no one old, no children: sex will no longer be necessary; considering from earth’s beginning to end the worthy live again. The linked website also cited the mark of the Beast as being a microchip implanted beneath people’s skin to be done very soon. US Anglican Churches are branches of the Church of England; merely an arm of Catholicism in most practices and rituals;

4. Radio pastor, on heaven’s hierarchy, said “Gabriel is the only archangel assigned to deal exclusively with gentiles; Michael is an archangel but his only purpose is Israel but He’s not really an archangel.” He went on to say that the main message of Xmas is about Gabriel going to Mary but he’s not sure He was the Holy Ghost or if it were another angel that impregnated her. He also said, “Jesus said He came to fulfill the Law, therefore when He died the Ten Commandments were done away with.”

——TSaS: This daughters’ pastor is quite confused and certainly has no understanding that the word ‘law’ is used interchangeably to cover both Statutes and Ordinances, other scriptures clarify which are being spoken of in any given passage. The Bible clearly reveals Gabriel as God’s Holy Ghost/Spirit that interacted with the Hebrews throughout the Old Testament as well as clarifying “when” Mary became pregnant in addition to other clues given. The man’s indirect shot at Doctrine Keepers also is in error: Jesus fulfilled the law of temporary sacrificial ordinances when He died on the Cross, the only laws Daniel prophesied the Messiah would delete.
——If the Ten Statutes had been deleted by Christ’s sacrifice, then God lied when He said His Law is “perpetual, stand forever even in the new earth and heavens,” thus Apostle John did not know what he was doing when he cited the two Revelation keys needed to enter heaven, one being God’s Law. God also said, “And, all men will obey my Sabbath in the new earth and heavens.” The royal laws of love and the Ten Statutes of Life were required in the beginning, required today and are required forever.

TBN: Pastor John Hagee, Corner Stone mega church San Antonia, TX, millions of global followers on TV, radio; taught a “prayer formula” for getting God to answer prayers; the formula consisting of 7 ingredients: 1. Pray in Jesus name, name above all names in heaven (not Mary or Joseph or anyone else); 2. Pray with praise and thanksgiving; 3. Ask for forgiveness of known and unknown sins; 4. Make sure prayer motive is to God’s glory (even financial); 5. Forgive others in your relationships; 6. Prayer must be led by Holy Spirit; and, ingredient 7. Pray according to the Word of God’s Will.

——TSaS: While to most people the above formula of 7 assurances of prayers being answered is right on target, and TSaS does not totally disagree, in reality Hagee omitted the most critical requirement for our prayers to be heard at all; albeit, number 7 alludes to it but does not adamantly state what is God’s Will. Alas, mother/daughters teach God’s Will is that we believe in His Son; therefore, Hagee implied only that. According to Bible scriptures included in the TSaS lesson “Does God hear Everyone’s Prayers,” it was proven that God hears and responds to only those who meet the two specifics stated 3 times in Revelation: “Those who have the faith of and in Jesus Christ and obey God’s Commandments.” Therefore, component 7 should be the first ingredient of the 7.
——No matter how good something sounds, that your pastor might say or do, it must be weighed by all of God’s Word on the topic thus His requirements of us all: “There is a way that seemeth right to man but leads to utter destruction” and “Do my Father’s Will,” which is God’s Doctrine of Twelve Precepts. Alas, by manipulation and omission, Hagee assured people their prayers will not be heard at all because the daughters’ leaders do not teach obedience to ALL of God’s Law; if teaching it at all, it is taught in altered part and certainly not the unblemished whole. They say God’s Will is only to believe Christ is His Son and to call on His name: period, that’s it, nothing more, law outdated legalism.
——However, God does give the wicked the desires of their heart “while they are here, for this is all they will have;” although, since earth’s time entered the final church age of Laodicea, their riches are slowly and systematically being stripped from them and stored for the Sheep when we return to earth with Jesus: as one gift of many promised us, if we follow in Christ’s footsteps of righteousness. 

Extra Oil 42, sister Zenith in which she reported a TV commercial she saw, a call for Catholics to come back home, which previously had gone out as a Papal Rome manifesto to all its churches. The ad was accompanied by a website address that explained Papal Rome’s efforts: “Welcome to ‘Catholics Come Home.’ We’re here to help you begin or continue your faith journey, so you can find true peace, happiness and purpose in life. At Catholics Come Home, we are dedicated to presenting the honest truth about even very difficult subjects. We want to share with you the beautiful, historical and miraculous aspects of the Catholic Church. People who have taken the time to explore our site are surprised to find out that there is much more to Catholicism than they ever realized.
——At a time when many Catholics are disillusioned, questioning their faith, and filled with doubts about the relevance of Catholicism in the modern world, the voice of one young man cries out with a clarity and inspiration to the world’s largest faith community. Beginning with our common yearning for happiness, Rediscovering Catholicism, takes us on an adventure of life-changing proportions by addressing some of the most important questions we face today both as individuals and as a Church.”

——TSaS: As said before, the Great Whore is desperate to keep people from God’s Truth, willing only to present her deadly brand of Satan’s fatal truth. The only relevancy of “Catholicism in the modern world” is that, for the moment, she lives and so do her harlot daughters. Satan has convinced mother and daughters that if they get everyone into their churches, then God and Christ are defeated and this world will be his henceforth and forever. Praise the Lord, he is already defeated; fighting a losing battle as it were. 

FLA website, 12/23 sister Tammy did more research on the web and found the following information: visualize the sanctuaries of most Protestant denominations, there is usually a bare cross on the wall to symbolize Christ’s sacrifice; bare because Christ arose, therefore no longer on the cross. However, the crosses in all Catholic churches, including the Vatican, have the form of Christ bleeding upon the cross. Vatican records reflect that Christ is shown upon the cross because He was never resurrected and remains dead; all Priests refuse to believe otherwise. They have been convinced it is so because the Pope is “of such lofty position that he is Christ reincarnated, the Holy Father.” But, the data gleaned from Tammy’s research got even worse.
—— The term ‘Christmas,’ as most people know, was a Papal word formed by joining Christ to Mass; not a big deal in itself but the intent is an abominable lie. The Latin root for the word ‘Mass,’ as used in Catholicism, means “dismissal, destruction” (Catholic Encyclopedia, pg. 537). In every day use, the word ‘mass’ means a large number, used often as ‘the masses’ to denote vast population of common people, i.e. not wealthy, often not well educated.
——Therefore, to say ‘Merry Christmas’ is intended to imply “Joy and happiness, celebrate! Christ has been destroyed. Make merriment of Christ’s destruction!” How appropriate to Satan’s aspirations to ascend God’s throne and to be God of earth and mankind. To do so, he had to destroy Christ in a manner not perceived, put the focus on his queen-the-church and cause the world to see his minister the Pope as Jesus Himself with all the power indicated. For the ‘masses’ to believe in and follow her or her daughters also means their destruction. As God said, “Satan slays his own.” Because God “preserves His Truths,” it was expected that Rome would, ultimately, reveal herself as the Great Whore and, ultimately, identify her harlot daughters.
—— The above is further clarification of Paul’s warning that the antichrist was already in his time; that spies had come into the Apostles’ midst to learn what they were teaching, then went out from them to start their own ‘religion,’ which they began in Rome. By A.D. 200, the Papacy was standing tall and, by A.D. 438, she was fully grown with both civil and ecclesiastic power and authority. The implication of ‘Merry Christmas’ also reminds TSaS of the French cry when it abolished Christianity in its nation, “Kill the wretch!” Fact: at that time France was predominantly Catholic. Papal Rome referred to France as her ‘wayward daughter’ and gladly used the incident to claim church persecution.
——How can anyone stand back and allow themselves to be called “uneducated common folk,” blindly following Satan, whose only mission is to utterly destroy them in the end? Are we not humans with the brain capacity to study and learn? Why would anyone enter a Sunday sect knowing how hated is their Saviour and their only purpose, as a parishioner or member, is to serve as the method by which Satan rewards his ministers?
——Why would anyone allow a day to cause his or her total annihilation, when another day assures redemption? In ages gone by, when only clergy and a few wealthy possessed Bibles, it was easy to believe what spewed from ‘church pulpits.’ But, that excuse is no longer viable with God and has not been since King James, prior to A.D. 1611, began the arduous task of making the Bible available to everyone: world’s Best Sellers List since the early 1700s where it remains in today’s market.

12/29/09FED, Catholic Hospitals, Nuns apprv abortion allowances in Heath Reform Bill, Bishops do not apprv; WA, 12/25 Seattle, First Samoan Church destroyed by fire, cause: extension cord to Xmas lights; Philippines, Estab. Nat’l Day of Islam, re: 9/11, nation 90% Catholic;

——TBN 12/28: Just a week after the last report, Jack Van Impe was at it again: expounding on a 7yr Tribulation, erroneously deemed the last 7 years of Daniel’s 490yr prophecy long ago fulfilled, then went into a tirade about President Obama, the World Dictator, and said that Pope Benedict XVII is the pope to watch. We know all of Van Impe’s presentation is based on man’s twist of prophecy instead of the Holy Spirit’s Truth; as for the current Pope, neither is he the Pope to have watched. The Bible described said Pope to observe as being the most world traveled with a message of peace thus represents the title of “Abomination of Desolation,” just one of Satan’s names. Van Impe’s deceitful words work to build up hostility and rage toward Obama and his family as well as toward Doctrine Keepers, which includes Orthodox Jews and Messianic Jews that hold to God’s Fourth Precept, that he and others slam as “legalists, legalism, cults.”

——12/27 FLA, sister Tammy 7-Internet reports: l. Vatican, office on UFOs said, “To claim there is not life on other planets is to limit God,” loosely based on God’s OT statement, “I have sheep you know not of.” 2. Scotland, 2005, Free Presbyterian Church minister MacLeod preached about obedience: reason Indian Ocean earthquake had happened week before. He said “The tsunami happened because of people who are NOT in church on Sunday. They have caused God’s wrath to come upon our planet!” He then made a statement against Jews and Seventh Day Adventists as being some of those “people.” 3. SDA Conference considers joining World Church (WC), says spiritual war is not about differences in denominational beliefs. One SDA pastor spoke out against such a blasphemous union that includes pagan religions (i.e. Wiccan, Druid, etc.). 4. London, famed college conducting study on pain threshold of people who believe in God and their ability to be brainwashed. One test uses rapid flashes of Catholic icons and determines that it acts as a motivator to incite violence against Christians who defy Sunday, Saturday being their preference or Muslims’ Friday. 5. During Pope John Paul II‘s 1993 and 2001 visits to the Mid-East, which included Israel, he was photographed kissing the Q’uran, then a Muslim cleric kissed the Pope’s ring. 6. ICC, International Criminal Courts, came out of Rome’s Criminal Court, its laws and forms of punishment devised by the Pope and the court of choice for the WC. In additional to trying traditional crimes, it includes laws to prosecute, without benefit of bail or appeal, Christians who defy Papal Rome’s beliefs and teachings, and reinstates the ancient death penalty of burning at the stake. US President Clinton joined the US to ICC; President Bush retracted membership; and, rumor has it President Obama is considering US membership: albeit, there was nothing in the news about his intent. 7. Italy, all schools teaching Islamic faith to students; Papal edict cites reason is to prevent future extremists; looks to be more in support of WC membership that includes Muslim leaders as well as Wiccans and Druids.

——TSaS: 1. There is no denying that many believe in and claim to have experienced UFO’s; however, we must be reminded that Satan is a master of illusion and, as such, will create any illusion necessary to pull a person(s) from God’s Truth. As for the Vatican’s statement of “limiting God;” indeed, God is without limit. However, based on the Vatican’s use of the scripture, “I have sheep you know not of,” it is a Biblical fact that God does not mention a mystery then not answer it in His Written Word. The entire Bible and Christ verify that the sheep of whom God referred were the gentiles, to whom He would make Himself known through His Son Jesus and the Apostles. They had been offered salvation even in the OT; however, Jesus was the bright Light revealing their ignorance and offering an invitation to convert from pagan ways to the One True God. Not even science has been able to prove life on other planets; although, that does not mean there are not other inhabited planets outside our solar system. But, if there are, it is of no consequence to us; for God would not allow them to visit our planet. To suggest that they do visit is to once again limit God’s power of control. Additionally, to learn of life on other planets in no way enhances our salvation. Such investigations serve more to Satan’s aspirations of taking God’s place, despite God being even his creator.

——2. Indian Ocean Tsunami: True followers of Christ do not fear God’s wrath being poured out upon earth today: we understand not only His reason and the timing but also that it means our Lord is about to return. What in this is there to fear; unless one is not a true follower of Christ? Only the false fear God’s signs and seven plagues and only the false blame Doctrine Keepers (Jews and Sabbatarians) all over the world; so blind are they that they do not perceive their own sins against God and Christ: alas, they deny culpability and seek others to blame.

——3. WC/SDA: It is bad enough that some, not all, SDA churches still include pagan festivals like Christmas in their otherwise pure Doctrine; but, to even consider joining the WC is to instantly change her classification from “Christ’s Remnant Church” to that of one of Satan’s many daughters. TSaS stands behind the sole SDA pastor who spoke out against such a blasphemous union. TSaS “heard from the horses mouth,” while attending a local church about 5 years ago, that some SDA churches were considering joining Sunday sects, the speaker in agreement said, “Because we all believe in the same God and Christ.” At that time, there had been no such consideration in the SDA General Conference, merely among some individual churches. What happened to the obedience Christ lived and taught us to follow without blemish? What happened to the SDA doctrine of “nothing but the Bible?” To join WC will be a grave mistake; however, these are just two reasons why Doctrine Keepers are no longer affiliated with any organized, incorporated Christian denomination. It is imperative that we stand apart from, that we as God’s “peculiar people” are highly visible as a “peculiar people.”

——4. London: Such tactics of brainwashing are very common and have long been used in myriad daughters’ sects, whether it be rapid flashing iconic photos or the use of child-like teachings to reach the immature Christian, i.e. Jehovahs’ Witnesses, or pastors who incite hysteria in their congregations during services. All this goes hand in hand with God’s portent of an attack on His people by what appears to be Christ’s church but is not. All of Tammy’s reports this week reveal that not only are the false churches gearing up to come against Jews and Doctrine Keepers but that they have been doing so for far longer than first thought. So, it should come as no surprise that it seems to be escalating very rapidly today, almost as though it came on all at once in the last few months.

——5. Pope John Paul II: Sometime ago TSaS reported the “Abomination of Desolation” having appeared in Israel “where he ought not to be” back in 1993 and 2001; however, the photos shown in the documentary of his career after he died did not show his visits to other Mid-Eastern States: although, Muslims and Christians also inhabit the Holy City Jerusalem, which has a Moslem Mosque sitting on its Temple Mount. It is safe to assume the photos of His behaviour with the Q’uran and a Muslim cleric were taken during those visits and serve as more glimpses of who the Pope represents, from the first Pope to Pope Benedict XVII today.
——6. ICC: It is supposed that some US Presidents may have deemed this court as a way to try criminals who cannot be tried in the US due to diplomatic immunity as well as to try war crimes. TSaS is not sure there was any intent beyond this reasoning. President Obama, rather, has shown himself very thorough about investigating issues before he makes decisions; so, it is hoped he continues to be transparent and will discover ICC’s dark side, thus decide against membership.
——7. Italy: It is not surprising that Italian schools, at the Pope’s instruction, are teaching the Islamic (Muslim) faith. We are assured of seeing other beliefs begin to be taught in the very near future and on a worldwide platform, such as Wiccan and Druid; however, the thrust of such teachings will be about their similarities to Christianity as opposed to the differences: the absence of Jesus. This would appear to validate the World Church membership of every false religion in the world, which includes the mother and her daughters and all pagan sects. When TSaS first reported the World Church, we had obtained a copy of its Charter/Doctrine, in which states similarities as reason for the formation, and a list of its membership, which as grown considerably since then; however, its website is inaccessible today unless a member. Recall its annual gathering is always held in a country other than the US. What led TSaS to research the WC was a brief News item about a meeting in another country. This also led to researching its ruling body, the World Church Council (WCC).
12/31/09Mother/Daughters: N.Korea, holds US missionary Robert Park;  

Attacks against BQ:
05/16/09—2.5yrs torment ongoing at home in WA;
possible move to OR still on table;
06/27/09“— email Hal Lindsey Org: “How dare you call our teachings lies [about necessity for Israel to rebuild temple] that are converting millions of Jews to Christ!” (just left a link to Extra Oil #9 “They Lie to My Chosen”);
Discredit expanding, strong feeling final move will come from unexpected sources with man’s power, feel will not move from Fir Tree Park Apts;
08/11/09: Personal web mail hacked, mail forwarded to Hong Kong, Earthlink shows happened my end (neighbor hacked into computer). Also, do not open email requiring password to open; apparently new hacker trick, getting sophisticated; Phone tap now could be Fed in addition to neighbor;
08/15/09: ALARMS, 1. Yahoo! Q&A’s, last Wed received 5 guideline violations via email notices, sixth said Yahoo! Q&A acct suspended, had not violated guidelines, 2 appeals, suspension one among many, 2. Facebook hacked into, might have gotten my info while there, beware of tests at Facebook, gets your info; Yahoo did not respond to report or trace Hong Cong email address;
11/00/09at  Phil Marshall: “Woman writes her own Book reviews, etc”— Steve: reviewed BQ instead of book at publisher’s website, “I suffered through her website, vague about education, claims to be perfect, claims to be a prophet, suffers major narcissism [all about self]” more implied “a liar”;
12/00/09—email unknown perp: “Take your freakin’ Bible and shove it up your a@$!” Yahoo: 2x-2009, false charge violating Q&A rules, ban answering Religion/Spiritual queries (claimed TSaS link is to sell books) most answers rated #1; Still not reinstated at close of 2009.
12/18-12/26/09— Considerable problems posting Extra Oils at all websites, escalated to appear problem w/computer and possibly modem; prayed over computer/websites for God to clear of Satan IF He wants our Extra Oils to continue.
12/29/09— GOD IS GOOD AND FAITHFUL! Absolutely no problems with computer and none with any of the websites where Extra Oils posted: Oil 44 posted without a hitch!




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  1. very usefull words, u changed my mind 🙂 im gonna save this one 🙂 thanksss x

    Comment by barnaleikir | 2 March 2011 | Reply

  2. Interesting posts you have, though I think Christianity is dead and will be redeemed and brought to fruition and perfection through Thelema. Check out my blog at if you will. Love is the law, love under will. 😉

    Comment by christianityisdead | 2 January 2010 | Reply

    • Most people who want to do what they want to do, that is contrary to God’s moral teachings, believe in no God or Christ; either preferring atheism or agnosticism or, in your case, Thelema. People of these preferences do not know the Bible at all; for it they did, they would believe and obey: it is not that hard to do.

      As for me and my house, I’d rather take the chance that God is real and that His Son Christ is real, and LIVE FOREVER; rather than to not believe only to die and learn it all was true, then perish forever.

      Thank you for stopping by,
      Much love in Christ,

      Comment by bonnieq | 2 January 2010 | Reply

      • 93 BonnieQ: I appreciate your reply! Are you saying you would rather live in fear your entire life of a possible everlasting hell, whose only evidence are the malicious words in an archaic book? Jesus himself spoke of attaining the Kingdom of Heaven in this life, and he was himself a symbol of God & Man. I encourage you to check out for a more subtle understanding!

        P.S. I assure you we are familiar with the Bible! We recommend you read 2 Kings 18:27 & Deuteronomy 25:11-12. Love is the law, love under will 😉

        Comment by christianityisdead | 2 January 2010

      • The point of knowing Christ and God is that I have no fear at all; in fact, an internal peace that no man can understand. Indeed, the two Royal Laws of love “upon which depend the Ten Commandments.” “We know we love God because we obey His Commandments.” The Royal without the Ten is useless, just as the Ten without the Royal is impossible. I obey because I love God, not the other way around. 🙂

        Comment by bonnieq | 3 January 2010

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