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Extra Oil 2009 Recap 46: Nature In the News + Current News

Prophecy’s Extra Oil 2009 Recap 46: Nature In the News
copyright 2009 Bonita M Quesinberry

News 01/02 to 10/05/10: 2009 Nature Recap will follow 2010 news. Extra Oils readers 1200 more at Authors Den in last week, now over 3000 + 5 other websites + private email list and incalculable number shared globally! Welcome new member June! More seeking God’s Truth, coming out of mother and daughters; the same who spoke about ‘betrayers’ and ‘disobedient’ and ‘abandonment’ during Sunday’s TBN and DayStar broadcasts included below:

Mother/Daughters: 2010
CNN, Pastor Rick Warren tells congregation/TV audience he needs $900K to cover church “short fall” or will have to shut down, raises $2.4M; no cause of “short fall”:

FLA Radio, Tammy reports— 1. News, Military Chaplains not allowed to pray in name of Jesus, Obama seeks bill to include Christ’s name in prayer;

2. Vatican statement, “We really do not need the Bible because we have the Pope.”

3. Radio, Moody Institute ‘Open Forum’ w/Dr. Harold Camping, doctorate in theology, said, “The rapture will occur on 21 Oct 2011 but the judgment occurs on 21 May 2011. Also, Jesus changed the Sabbath to Sunday during His last Passover meal with the Apostles, so God’s Sabbath has nothing to do with anything.” A caller pro-argued the importance of God’s true Sabbath based on indepth scripture study, also pointed out that the two dates Camping cited fall on God’s Sabbath and added Daniel’s prophecy as totally fulfilled. Camping vehemently argued against the caller’s comments, further declaring, “How dare you legalists say the last week (7yrs) of Daniel’s 490yr prophecy has been fulfilled! Tribulation has not started yet!” Camping, with a doctorate in theology, went on to say, “I do not see how anyone can understand Matthew c.1.”

——TSaS: 1. News, We reported the omission of Christ’s name during the Chaplain’s prayer at Ft. Hood’s televised memorial;

2. Vatican, Recall that Papal Rome, eons ago, designated the Pope as “Jesus incarnate.” ‘Incarnate’ means to give a flesh body, not a re-incarnation, like God gave Christ a flesh body, thus every Pope before and since was/is the flesh body of Christ; therefore, the Pope IS Christ. The death of each Pope symbolizes Jesus dying again and again as well as being resurrected again and again; though Rome declared that Jesus never rose from the grave: direct contradiction to verse stating Jesus died once and will not die again for the world’s sins. The Vatican pushes this belief today more than ever in an attempt to bring people into or back to what they declare “the true and only church of Christ.” The same message, slightly altered, is going out among her harlot daughters.

3. Radio, Dr Camping. “Jesus changed the Sabbath day at the last Passover?” Not only do the Gospels dispute this but also Hebrews c.4 belies Camping’s claim: nowhere in the Bible does it say Jesus changed the Holy Day to Sunday; to the contrary per Hebrews c.4.

——Tribulation is not yet? It is a fact that, first, Daniel’s 490yr prophecy was fulfilled completely; and, second, the tribulation began in 1991. It is astounding how far the mother and daughters will go in their attempt to justify Sunday in people’s minds as well as make a wild claim contrary to God’s protocol that one of God’s prophecies was fulfilled only in part, knowing people will not check God’s Word for selves.

——Nowhere in the Bible does it say Tribulation occurs in the last 7yrs of Daniel’s prophecy: it would have put tribulation during Christ’s ministry followed by Stephen’s stoning death. Such a claim is to imply that Jesus never came in the flesh the first time. Papal Rome made the Sabbath change— at least insofar as first a civil law, later an ecclesiastic law; the change actually began during the Apostles’ time by the spies who left the Apostles. Rome is very vocal about changes she effected into law; after all, the Pope is Christ and has the “divine right” to change, exchange, delete anything he so desires.

——Camping is painting himself as a Prophet of God: having a doctorate in theology does not a prophet make. God chooses His prophets from among the untutored-by-man. However, not even God’s Prophets know the day or hour, neither the angels in heaven or Jesus: only the Father. The only thing God’s Prophets can give the sheep is a ‘final Jewish Harvest’ timeframe, during which to watch the clouds, between mid-Oct to mid-Nov and “no later than 2011,” the latter given by the Spirit, and God’s Prophets can describe the day as it will appear— it is described in the Bible— but they cannot give a specific day and hour of Christ coming in the clouds.

——21 May 2011 as ‘the day’ for man’s judgment is gross error, such trial having taken place during Philadelphia between A.D. 1844 to Feb. 1991; the age of teaching the Truth one more time and trial judgment and sealing a righteous people— 147 years instead of Camping’s ludicrous one day. Laodicea is the age of tribulation during which Christ will cut it short for the Elect’s sake by His arrival in the clouds.

——’The Rapture’ as man describes it: no such event will happen. Man says the wicked left behind are left alive, Jesus to return again after 7 years, ‘their’ tribulation time, then spend 1000 years teaching the wicked. God says they are left dead from one end of earth to the other end for 1000 years: until the “second resurrection.” It is written.

——The caller pointed out that both 21 May and 21 Oct 2011 either begin at or fall on God’s Sabbath; sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. God’s Sabbath is observed in heaven and earth forever; always has been and always will be. There is no way God will have Jesus labor at harvest on His and His Father’s Holy Day, Holy Memorial— EVER! He cautioned even us to not “flee on the Sabbath day” when danger comes calling.

——”I do not see how anyone can understand Matthew c.1.” Camping has a doctorate in theology? Doctrine Keepers have no such problem: it sets out Christ’s lineage from Abraham to His birth, a period of 4200 years determined by the Old Testament in adding Abraham’s age at the birth of Isaac to Isaac’s age at the birth of his son, and so forth up the line, brings us to the year of Jesus’ birth; which we then are given the Hebrew month in which Mary conceived, allowing for a normal gestation period, as the Bible indicates, then we have the month in which Christ was born— about mid- to late October. As with prophecies alluding to dates, they must be determined by the ancient Hebrew calendar, which TSaS used. Similar to the hour and day of Christ’s return, the day and hour of His birth is not given. Just because the wise men followed a bright star, night as it were, does not lend to either a light or dark time of birth. Beware, Doctrine Keepers: the lies and blame, veiled and unveiled, continue in 2010 at TBN and DayStar.

TBN, DayStar 01/04/10 Sun, TSaS viewing— same as calling Doctrine Keepers ‘heretics;’ as previously said, mother/daughters are returning to violent Dark Ages: 

——1. Dr. Ed Hindson about “Starting Over” first hawks his “The King is Coming” study Bible for a $125 donation or more. The thrust of his message was to not leave your church denomination, despite internal problems. “Everyone who leaves and is not in church on Sunday is disobedient and a betrayer.” Hindson quoted the few who leave, “There is something wrong here.” Hindson said they then went out and started their own churches. “God is a God of second chances! Give us a second chance.”

——2. Bayless Conley, also with a doctorate in theology, delivers almost same message from the Cottonwood Christian Center: “Do not leave the church because times are bad. We need each other during these difficult days to comfort and aid one another. This is our hour of need, we’ve been “abandoned and betrayed” by those who leave the church. Let’s start fresh, go out, bring in new people. Draw close to your church people on Sunday—Sunday—Sunday! We are being accused of “things not right here.” We must endure, start fresh, obey our Lord; no matter what, be here on Sundays. We can’t quit! Go, minister, bring more new people in!”

——3. Hal Lindsey, showed video of State Senator speaking to House Speaker about “Obama told Middle East that the US is not a Judaeo Christian Nation!” He went on to cite various US Presidents’ statements of the government being Christian, founded upon Christian foundations, along with Constitution documents declaring “Sunday is the Sabbath of the United States, indeed the whole world.” Another of Lindsey’s veiled slams against Obama as the “World Dictator.” He also brought up the “7yr tribulation,” adding that in the “midst of it” Jesus will rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, then sit on its throne when he returns at the end of the 7 years.

——TSaS: 1-2. Doctrine Keepers are “abandoning, betraying and disobedient” to the Great Whore and her harlot daughters. Praise the Lord! Yet, it is odd, would you not agree, that for almost 300 years the global daughters have unanimously taught that “the day does not matter,” that any day is fine as long as people set aside one day out of each week for the Lord; yet, today Sunday now matters, matters greatly. Both Hindson and Conley made veiled reference to Paul’s statement about the spies who came in among the Apostles then left to begin their own churches. Also, veiled reference was made to Judas the Betrayer. The Great Whore and her harlot daughters are the spies, the betrayers.

——Praise the Lord on the one hand: we are recognized as God’s “peculiar people” obedient to Him and Christ only, living by only the “divine translation” of God’s AKJV Bible, the only one to have fulfilled Revelation’s “preach truth one more time, lest it be lost forever.” On the other hand, their accusations against Doctrine Keepers are a very sad, disheartening testimony to the one they serve and willingly follow down his path to utter destruction. “Satan slays his own.” Like a drowning man, Satan will not die alone for his great sins against God and Christ: “Be here on Sundays! Go out, minister, bring new people!” Oh, dear Father, dear Jesus, would that people could hear and obey God.

——3. Hal Lindsey and the Senator misquoted Obama; rather, they omitted Obama’s full statement: “The US is not a Judaeo Christian Nation. It is a nation made up of all the world’s religions, including Muslim. I am a Christian but I also have Muslim family members.” Obama was not talking about our Government, rather the US people. It is a fact our government was not founded on Judaeo Christian tenets: federal documents vow allegiance to Rome’s Great Whore. The US is Revelation’s second beast that rose up from the wilderness— denotes young— to support the first beast, Papal Rome. The Senator quoted a document by omission: “Sunday is the US Sabbath, indeed for the whole world. We will adjust it as work requires and make no provision for Saturday.”

——So much news came in on the mother/daughters that we have chosen to include the rest in the Sabbath Extra Oil 2009 Recap on Health. Now for the rest of the news in the remaining 5 categories:


Nature: US, entire nation in record deep freeze, FLA orchards at risk w/20-deg temps, another Arctic blast on its way, temps across nation to be about 20 to 30-deg below normal; China, Beijing worst snow storm in over 40yrs; Lava tube on Moon might be suitable for colony by 2025, water found on Moon; Brazil flood death toll to 99; OR, dead Baby Sperm Whale washes ashore; Swiss Alps, avalanche kills 4; So. Pacific, 01/03 M5.5, M4.9 quakes; Tajikistan, quake M5.3, 20K homeless, no deaths rptd; Solomon Isl, 01/03 M6.5 followed by M7.2 quakes, 01/04 hit again, 01/05 hit again; World, last 7 days 193 quakes M3.4 to M7.2, does not include 1000s of lesser magnitude quakes; CA, 1906 San Francisco quake survivor dies at 107yo;

Health: Olympics hopeful Kevin Pearce critical head injry; Maryland, Amtrak train kills girl; Chicago, comm. Lear Jet crashes/breaks up in river near Executive Airport; NY, Alfred, students plead w/drunk bus driver to stop; N.Turkey, trains collide, at least 1 dead; MX, 70mi east Tijuana, bus crash kills 14, 21 injrd; Bahamas, woman jumped from Cruise ship still missing;

Economy: US, Fed Resrv Chairman Bernanke “Mortgage interest rates must go up to prevent another financial bubble (collapse);” Banks brace for next foreclosure wave; 50%/6M Amer. 1 in 50 survive on food stamps only; Meals on Wheels orgs now have waiting lists for meals, need donations, volunteers, drivers; Analysts expt home values w/drop even more 2010; Global sex trade of young girls escalating as economy worsens, NY has strongest sex trafficking laws but not will to enforce; Workers satisfaction at all time low; TX, 2K barrels oil tank fires, finally put out; AZ Public Defender says “need to begin road to decriminalizing drugs; Dubai, debt hard hit but opens world’s tallest bldg tower;

Lawless: GA, New Year’s Eve (NYE) gunfire to sky kills man in his bed; FLA, NYE shot kills 6yo boy; NJ, NYE shot kills boy, “guns shot into air have to come down somewhere,” said CNN reporter; OR, Portland, woman stabs boyfriend’s young daughter, critical w/survive; WA, Tacoma arson/murder, woman dead of gunshots, husband badly burned; NV, Las Vegas, Fed Court security officer shot dead by suspect, Deputy wounded killed suspect; US, threats against US judges, attorneys escalating;

Wars: CA, airport shut down, hazardous substance found; MX, CA school board man kidnapped/killed w/6 others by Drug Cartel; Yemen, Brit, French, US Embassies closed at attack threat, no reopen date; Somali, Islamists start deadly fight; Pakistan, Volleyball deaths to 99; US drone attack kills teacher, 9yo son; Iran, Dakar protestor dies after police car ran over; Denies Sen. Kerry to visit; Nigeria, religious leader tells reporter, “Nigeria’s problems are due to US, because US has an interest in our oil.”

Comments on Extra Oil 2009 Recap 45Mother/Daughters

——Sister Debby: It tires me just to read all that you wrote here [about the mother/daughters in 2009]. I cannot imagine the physical and mental toll it takes on you. It boggles my mind and makes my heart bleed listening to what comes out of the mouths and hearts of men and women who profess that they are speaking the Word of God. Where in the Bible does it say it is ok to break every commandment God wrote? Where does it say that the God of yesterday is not the God of today? Even today, the penalty for sin is death unless you have taken Christ as your Savior. He washes our [past] sins away, otherwise we would be dead too. Time is so short but I do not see many removing the veils they placed in order not to see the truth. We as men and women must choose who we belong to. We are HIS bride and soon, we will walk across HIS threshold and be home. I love you, Debby

—— Brother Jerry Melisaratos: Wow! That was a lot of work. I love reading these. Keep up the good fight, Sister Bonnie.

06/06/09— Scientist said, “Earth is critically close to utter extinction; for the first time due to its largest species: mankind.” Now, for the 2009 Recap of Nature In the News


Nature: Signs and Plagues of 2009


04/18/09— (Sample plague-7)= Canada’s Mt. Redoubt shakes up Mt. St. Helen, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, when erupted at force of 1980’s Mt. St. Helens. Global volcanoes randomly hit w/1000s quakes per day. Italy, massive quake devastates, kills 300. (Plagues 2-3)= Scientist described earth’s water pollution so bad, “It’s as though earth’s water ways have ‘turned to the blood of all marine life dying in huge numbers.” (Plague-4) Scientists say earth’s temp hotter than ever.
05/16/09— Microburst, upside down tornado, destroyed TX Cowboys’ practice arena.
05/30/09— Yellow Stone volcano hit w/swarm 1000 quakes, rare if ever; 7.1 quake set off tsunami alarms Honduras coast, many homes collapsed: death toll not reported; past week, another earthquake CA/WA; new fault line from Seattle x Cascades to Yakima; tropical storm off FLA coast out to sea. Hurricane, tornado sites unpredictable; recall 2008 more than 1000 tornadoes 1 day, 5 States; never before tornado CO mountains; add recent TX “micro-burst” to witness “such as never seen before.”
06/16/09Globe, growing hole in earth’s ozone “scorches men;” oceans acid content increased 30%; + red tides, deadly organisms, + man’s ocean-dumped waste reaps huge number of whales, several pods, washed ashore, all died; TX, Cleburne residents awoke to thunder, actually M3.0 quake; Storm-chaser filmed strange tornado behaviour (location N/A): funnel suddenly separated from mother tornado, its top pivoted like a head tipped slightly downward as if intending to turn its body to move toward cameraman 2mi away, inside-funnel view, described eerie, “It looked like a huge monster’s mouth intending to devour me.” FLA, S. Beach unheard of 9-in rain massive flooding in city never flooded, inadequate drains, no fatalities or injuries, damages huge; GA, rain 25 straight days; TX, DFW severe storms dump 8-10-in rain in 24hrs, tremendous flooding w/wind gusts to 70mph, more rain due, tornados sighted: numerous flights cancelled. MT/ND, freezing temps from Canada meet 90-deg dump 1 to 2-in snow “This is June,” exclaimed stunned meteorologist; US, hot/cold air meet, violent storms, hail, tornados various States to east coast; Line of severe storms across entire nation; WA, temps 15 to 20-deg over season normal, lasting longer than usual, 5 days, near end week temps dropped below normal at 60+/-; Wed, one town hit w/1000 lightning strikes in just over 1hr (rare in WA, OR, CA); Earthquakes, report says out of control, i.e. China last yr killed over 5K students, total over 80K, fact we did not hear total confirms news censor, also said M9.7 Indian Ocean deadly tsunami report was over 125K dead, actual over 275K;
06/20/09—Severe storm sys over parts Canada, all US, parts Mexico hurricane winds to 100mph unusually far inland, up to F5 tornados 1/2-mile wide, massive flooding;
06/27/09—Scientists say global warming far worse than first thought, i.e. 700 glaciers in Andes dramatically smaller, at rate of melt will disappear by 2015; north, south poles’ glaciers not recovering each winter, more and more soil revealed— investors moving in for untapped riches in ores, gold, oil, natural gas, before inaccessible;
07/25/09— Man’s wicked inventions; cars, aircraft, rockets, trains, motorized boats/ships, computers, electricity, phones include cell, microwaves, televisions, man’s medicine, contaminated air, damaged earth’s ozone, dangerous UV sunrays in atmosphere “scorch mankind, kill fields,” deadly fires, unemployment, crashes, human/animal deaths; quakes, volcanoes continuously active: earth in turmoil, greater throes of death as Christ nears;
08/01/09TX, Austin, severe drought, largest lakes evaporated, marina/boats on dry land, never seen before, sm islands appeared, cattle ranchers lose grazing lands, kill cattle cannot afford to feed, will see also at horse ranches/stables, unusually high temps plaguing area/entire nation, broke all records in US history: i.e. WA, Seattle 1-deg hotter than Death Valley on same day last week; Huge cases animal abuse at puppy/cat/ferret mills, by hundreds pets for profit; deliberate poisoning of more than 20 horses; unseasonable plant/tree growth/dormant patterns, strange weather patterns killing people, animals; all water sources dangerously contaminated or dried up, animals die of both dehydration/starvation; Recall 2004 TSaS Warning, earth knocked off axis 1-min by Indian Ocean quake, warned would affect weather-quakes-volcanoes; quakes, volcanoes continuously more active, flooding claims many lives, unusual storms emitting dangerous lightning, tornadoes, hurricane frequency on rise;
08/08/09—Yahoo question, “For 2000 years Christians saying we live in last days ever since Jesus was here. Is world coming to an end or will listen to this for 2000 more years?” TSaS said “I would be amazed if we had two more years.” Earth has lived over 66.6% of intended 6-K yrs, on downward slide w/less than third life left, ailing, first 6 eras aka “last days,” last church age aka “end of days” shortest of prior 6 church ages, Sardis shortest of first 6 eras at 46yrs, 18 years into 7th/final age Laodicea;
08/15/09— Earthquake Indian Ocean no magnitude given, tsunami alarms activated;
08/22/09WA, Shelton, Dogwood tree blooming today, “trees are confused,” prophecy sign/plague also “cattle are confused” by lack of water/food, Mad Cow Disease; Storms coastline, dangerous waves could destroy protective sandbars; Season fires early, all time high w/Ms acres destroyed (add to millions incinerated past few years); Global quakes, volcanoes increase activity as Jesus draws nearer; Black Blizzards, Global drought equal 1930’s Mega Drought (unabated 10yrs) beginning, due Great Plains of West, Mid- South- W. States, Mega Droughts already in Asian theatre + lrg myriad areas Africa resemble US Black Blizzards but more powerful, moving across Pacific Ocean to US shores, W. WA St skies dusty past week, people w/hacking cough flu-like symptoms, Scientists say US about to have new Mega Drought, strange climate anomalies today immensely different, more deadly, include UV rays penetrating ozone, not present 1929~ combined w/cause this Drought to continue for over 100 years, 1 or 2yrs w/enhance global famine;
08/29/09— More fires worldwide (Greece, CA, WA, more) millions US acres destroyed (add to millions lost past few years) SIGN: 1/3 earth burned, we are there; Oil leaks from ocean rig off Australian coast, large spill; Global earthquakes, volcanoes increasing activity, still no updates on last week’s Indian Ocean event— “Strange Days” scientists say “fastest global climate changes in earth’s history,” Africa’s grassland animal preserves “eerily devoid of life: strange losses of 50% Hippopotamus, 70% elephants, 80% lions, huge numbers leopards/wild dogs, large numbers Baboons hunting at night marauding farming fields for food, fields stripped leaving nothing for farmer/family. African farmers resort to keeping children out of school to guard fields/run off Baboons. Many animals now in danger of extinction. Investigation moved coastal, 90% fishing communities had disappeared, loss of fish: fishermen became hunters to feed families. Namibia’s shores, 1000-sq.mi of coastal Indian Ocean waters, noticed periodic nauseating odor “rotten eggs,” each time sea changed from blue to dirty yellow, rapidly followed by 1B dead fish washing ashore, annual number 100B dead fish ea. year “for number of years now.” God says since 1991. Also, thieves took over 25% fishermen’s mkts plus over-fishing is why 90% fishing villages disappeared. Investigation moved deeper Indian Ocean showed no volcano, did find large phytoplankton decompositions resulting in huge volumes of hydrogen sulfite gasses mixing w/silent, unseen eruptions methane gasses from seabed, ” largest eruptions of deadly gasses ever detected, so much they contribute to expanding ozone damage/increasing global warming.” Seabed sediments reveal largest deadly bacteria ever seen on earth. High acid levels mixed w/gasses + bacteria rapidly poisoning all marine life. These findings in Africa/its oceans, collectively affect earth’s bird popu. that feeds on fish, huge numbers dead on shores w/living flocks decreasing daily. Large pods whales, porpoise, sea lions beaching selves to die or washing ashore dead. Equally devastating is remedies available not cost effective; fisheries unwilling or do not have resources. Even if could afford, Scientists realize it is “too little, too late.”— WA, Global, bears-mountain lions coming into cities for food: unheard of behaviour confirms cannot support life; Earth’s oceans, seas like “the blood of a dead man” so have all other water sources/reserves; land animals confused by lack of food/water due to less rainfalls; “There will be silence in heaven/quiet on earth 7.5 days”~~             month ago BonnieQ heard strange anomaly outdoors, eerie quiet rarely punctured by solitary dog bark or crow squawk. Neighbors commented “too quiet,” friends reported same Texas, other parts of US, global. Air void of early AM songbirds, sky absent of flight; rare occasion a bird heard in distance or one seen in sky or even a squirrel scampering across lawn. Silence not total yet, but quiet becoming noticeable: Father about to instruct Christ to harvest. Animals sense catastrophic events before humans; particularly noticed prior to Indian Ocean tsunami: huge numbers wild animals headed for high ground before quake touched rictor scale. Listen carefully;
09/05/09WA, starving cougar killed in Manson; bears/cubs, bobcats still coming into major cities like Seattle seeking food; Earth’s wildlife starving all over world, if not killed; marine life dying even faster in polluted seas/oceans. All earth’s creatures breath most contaminated air in earth’s history: smoke, fine sand particles, poisonous gasses; MT, wolf hunting again legal, controversial still too close to extinction; NASA monitoring space junk after station nearly hit by piece size 7 football fields: could endanger earth; Kenya heartland drought/deaths Black Blizzards; CA in 100% drought 5 major unpredictable fires (LA Station north of Los Angeles), caused by arson culprit will be charged w/homicide 2-firefighters, Governor declares several counties disaster, LA Station fire “largest worst in CA history,” oddity—no Santa Anna winds, would have been easier because push flames in one direction; without winds + dangerously low humidity triple-digit temps LA fire 2000 degrees F. creates own winds every direction; CA Film crew caught never-before seen tornado-of-fire whipping across mountain ridge (norm: tornados form as hot air mixes with cold air, never occur in mountains, no such mix here; as odd as tornado in Denver, CO). Over 35K acres burnt, Fri over 147K acres charred in 226-sq.mi. zone, LA fire encroaching dozens homes dozens others destroyed, some commercial bldgs, historic Mt. Wilson Observatory at risk/numerous TV towers, LA fire near 50% contained, evacuations continue. Some areas LA inferno not had fire in over 60 years, Sunday: no reports on 4 other CA fires; NV, UT, ID critical fire warnings by heat index/drought; Mon: WA, OR, AZ, CO report fires; LA smoke clouds Denver 800mi away, darkens sun/blood red moon; Greece, huge fires + other countries. Australia, oil leaks from ocean rig off coast officials alarmed by size, adds to increasing oceanic acid levels + deadly levels hydrogen sulfite/methane gases erupting from/into ocean/earth’s atmosphere; BP drilling “giant” oil well somewhere; Iraq, Turkey, Syria discuss water issues, effects of M/E drought; US, more water services tell customers boil water;  India, noted quakes on Mon; Indonesia, Wed-7.2, massive landslides varied areas, one village buried 57 dead, dozens feared buried alive, 300 injured, Fri heavy equipment moving their way, followed last week’s quake in Indian Ocean that set off tsunami alarms; CA, Baja Peninsula Hurricane Jimena began as c.4, 150mph winds, hit downgraded to c.2,100mph winds, unpredictably moved toward Pacific Ocean instead of inland, expected down to tropical depression; US, east coast Erica tropical storm brewing in Atlantic; Taiwan floods wipe out villages killing all residents, many by mudslides;
09/12/09WA, cougar Seattle’s Discovery Pk returned to wild; car kills starving cougar; several horses killed by pit bulls; W.WA tornados all over, heavy rain, lightning, hail, more expected; CA, 100% drought: LA St. Fire 56% contained, “largest/worst in history,” over 157K acres/250-sq.mi; 78 homes lost; No reports on 4 other fires; Oakland Bay Bridge cracked; LA street sink hole swallows fire truck; US, School coach tried in football player heat death; US infrastructure crumbling~bridges, roads, dams, levies critical stage; S.FLA, Tropical storms flood; East Coast, Hurricane Fred could deliver 3.8 to 5.5″ rapid rain; West Africa flood, heavy rains tropical storm Fred, affects 600K, displaces 350K; Chili flooding kills 2, 1 missing; Turkey, flood kills dozens, more flooding expected; Brazil floods kill 7; TX, agriculture/cattle ranchers hurt by drought, sudden flooding; Nicaragua, volcano erupts, now quiet; Indonesia quake kills 56, 32 missing, Mon quakes again, Tues major quake; Taiwan Premier resigns recent typhoon deaths/damage; Argentina tornado kills 10; India building collapse kills 3; Istanbul fatal floods;
09/19/09— TSaS presented God’s response to Mayan predicted end of 21 Dec 2012;
09/26/09— TSaS presented “Pure Organic Logic,” Abomination of Desolation fulfilled;
09/30/09OR, fires smoke WA skies breathing difficulties people urged stay indoors; CA, fires still raging. Kazakhstan, fires kill 38; One day: 09/29AM, 8.0 quake 3-15-foot tsunami to Pacific Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, Apia Islands, death toll 111 rising many people buried in sand/under bldgs/homes rubble, many missing; PM,  Indonesia 7.6 quake Sumatra Isl of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, huge damage +200 dead, 1000s missing/trapped collapsed buildings/homes; Typhoon Ketsana across SE Asia, Vietnam +23 dead, after leaving Philippines + 280 dead/missing over weekend. 2-new storms in Pacific east of Philippines threaten to hamper rescue/cleanup ops, danger to Manila, surrounding areas; Yellowstone Nat’l Pk rocked by quake swarms; hit by 100 up M3.6, quakes daily. Various global volcanoes more active; 7-Pestilences God’s number— 1. Billions flies swarming Africa coast, sky darkened, death if faces not covered— 2. Africa rain forest crabs/billions turn roads/landscapes red— 3. Box Jelly Fish of No. Australia, Indo-Pacific Ocean, some Hawaii— billions mate in shallow waters, tentacles excrete deadly poison anything brushes against— 4. TX mosquitoes billions swarm, kill cattle great losses to ranchers— 5. Australia prolific small mice w/long pointed nose, overrun by billions, billions more to come, birth babies at 6-wks old, babies ravenous, wipe out entire crops, carry variety deadly diseases— 6. CA, yellow jacket bees deadly swarm if someone near nests or disturb ground nests, death if help not immediate— 7. Africa locusts swarm billions, enough to cover 1/5 earth’s landmass, typically swarm every 15yrs but things worsening, US due locust swarms, will be like Africa~ darken skies, strip crop fields;
10/01/09—Second quake Samoan Islands, new Typhoon Parma to Philippines; death toll: Nam’s Typhoon Ketsana, Samoa quake/tsunamis, Indonesia‘s 2 quakes— 1100 dead, could be 1000s collectively in Vietnam, Samoan Islands, Sumatra (Indonesia); Yellowstone: “Scientists monitor biggest swarm of earthquakes in more than 20 years.” Since Dec 2008, more than 500 quakes as large as 3.9 = 400 in 1wk, 22 in 1-day (28 Apr) 2009. Recent report 100 quakes in single day.
10/06/09CA, “Sheep Fire” burns 12sq.mi, over 4500 acres, fire grows as 45mph winds push flames down San Bernardino hills, 100s evacuated, homes destroyed, no injuries or deaths; Recent “LA Station” fire ate almost 280 square miles, 2 firefighters died; Colombia, Galeras volcano erupts 9:14am Wed/09-30; So India, floods kill +270, over 1M homeless; Indonesia, 2-quakes summit Sumbing Volcano, flattened 4 villages with landslides, 608 known dead, 1000 missing in one, at least 4000 buried in rubble of others, heavy rains impede rescue/recovery; Philippines, 24-hrs Thurs/Fri, 35-quakes at Mayon volcano, near residents warned of lahars; W. Samoa/US Samoa tsunami death toll +170 rising; 4 Pacific tropical storms Tues/09-29—Philippines evacuate Typhoon Parma slams coastline, 15 known dead, Manila spared, 3rd Typhoon Melor moving in; Italy, 9-in rain in 3hrs, Sicily mudslide kills 21, dozens missing; CA, Prior report Gulf hit by swarm M6-quakes; Sat AM 10-03 struck by 250 quake swarms M0.8 to M4.8 centered Salton Sea area; Sun. 10/04: Cleveland Volcano, Alaska, brief eruption at just before midnight on 02 Friday, small ash cloud dispersed over Bering Sea (no seismic monitoring at this site); Already quake damaged Padang, Indonesia hit by 5.5 quake Sat., 3 in five days; Mon. 10/05: TX, San Antonio record rains; WA, unheard of Dust storm at Ritzville, east WA rips across Hwy I-90, 50mph winds, visibility +/- 3-feet, cars/trucks wrecked, 11 injured; Super Typhoon Melor cat.5, nears Philippines, could veer to Tokyo;
10/08/09Cape Cod, unheard-of- shark swarm near shores; World, Wed. countless overlapping quakes M.4 to M4.6 on/near every continent, including nearly all states W of ctrl US + TX + 3 quakes near Santa Cruz Is, Solomon Is, felt in Hawaii 5hrs away: M7.8 at 9:03am, M7.7 at 9:18am, M7.1 at 10:13am, followed by M5.7 aftershock at 10:38am, no damage or injuries, tsunami alert lifted when highest wave just 6-in; 2hrs later M6.7 quake hit near Philippines; Super Typhoon Melor, almost cat.5, veered from Philippines to strike Japan’s coast w/90mph winds, 35-ft waves, widespread flooding damage, 2 dead, dozens injured, headed for Mariana Islands, Saipan. 5 of 8 Typhoons made landfall Asia, 2 Super: Choi-wan, Melor. Typhoon Morakot struck Taiwan Aug, killing over 600, then struck by Typhoon Etau, which caused floods, landslides, killed 12. Ketsana hit Viet Nam before Philippines; India, 1.5M homeless to floods; US, Prolific pig weed resistant to pesticides killing millions of acres of cotton, soy beans, other crops in cntrl, south US heartland, weed so strong damages harvest equip, grows 3-in day, new pesticide not till 2015-16; Marine Camp LeJuene, 40yrs toxic water may be cause of male breast cancer among 40 marines/sons, VA benefits denied, still no cleanup;
10/12/09Philippines floods, landslides, death toll +200 rising; US, heavy rains flood mid-east/east states; CO, heavy snow early winter Denver; Earthquakes— global, US,  226 along Ring of Fire last 6 days, from M2.5 to M5.4; Volcanoes— continuing activity last 6 days, following sites: Southern Chile, Chuginadak Island, Columbia, Banks Island, Eastern/Central Kamchatka (2 Russia), Kyushu, Montserrat, Indonesia, Halmahera, Hawaii, 2 New Britain, Mexico, 2 Ecuador, Japan; TSaS presented Isaac Newton predicted Armageddon pre-2060 (not);
10/17/09Massive solar eruptions Sept, satellite filmed, affects weather, electronics; CA storm heavy, 8-10″ in burned Santa Cruz hills, 2.56″ to 6.14″ in cities, car wrecks, no mudslides, flood warnings as storm moves; CO, NJ, WA Early Snows; Philippines, Cat. 4 Typhoon headed for; Indonesia, M6.1 quake in Java, widespread damage, more than 6 last 2mo; MX, cat. 3-4 Hurricane Rick aimed Pacific coast, curve to CA Baja Peninsula; Will be first to grow genetically engineered corn; WA, Shelton rhododendron bursts w/white bloom from bud forming for next Spring; Artic ice to vanish over next 10 summers;
10/20/09Africa, east warned flooding drought areas; TX, significant flooding; Heavy rains due in southwest; Temps to rise significantly southwest/east; Hurricane Rick, cat. 3 winds 105-140 mph, skims Cabo San Lucas, kills 38yo man, may hit Baja’s tip Tues/Wed; Typhoon Lupit, cat. 4 winds 135mph to hit Philippines Wed & maybe Viet Nam, both suffering from last 2 storms; Grim warnings of climate change & water; PA,  Early snow; US Nor’easter at east coast, high winds, tides 2-ft above norm, might cause more early snow; Early cold in south and northeast; NASA’s impact to moon creates 60-ft crater, mile high debris plumb, study begins for water & ice; Global warming taking huge toll on Antarctica ice caps;
10/27/09Indonesia, Sat. M7.0 quake hits near, second in 2 days, global “ring of fire” in constant shifts of tectonic plates; Puerto Rico, Heavy rains hit in midst of oil fires; US weather summer to early winter, where is fall; WISCONSIN early snow; storm ‘warning’ Pacific Northwest severe weather, high winds, snow levels down 2500-ft, winds affect OR, CA; TX, AR get flooding rains; Latvia, meteorite-like object hits area; NC/TN,  border, I-40 blocked by massive rock slide from flooding rains; Animals rebel against abuse: ice skating bear kills circus administrator, injures trainer;
10/31/09Early SnowsWA, to 18-in Cascade passes, lowlands thunder/ lightning storms, hail, flood watch, need studded tires, chains; OR, Mt. Hood 16-in snow; WA-OR ski resorts open early; WA, temps jump 59-deg Thurs pm; Denver, 2-ft snow; NEB, snow; MISS/ALA, tornado watch Fri; NASA test rocket fired Wed; Philippines, cat-4 Typhoon Marina to hit (4th in 6 wks, death toll first 3 at 858+ rising); Greece, 8 migrants drown off coast; Quakes 181> 23rd to 28th> magnitudes 2.5 to 6.9, day 27th~~18 quakes M5.3, one hour~~1 quake M2.5— N. American continent 128 to M5.9 most along US Pacific coastline, Asian continent 25 to M6.2, African continent 2 to M5.6, European continent 1 at M4.8, Australia 25 to M6.9 = total 180-quakes in entire Pacific “Ring of Fire”, 1-quake at M2.5 in Euro Atlantic ring, all over lesser quakes every 35 seconds on avg;
11/02/09CA, oil tanker leaks in SF Bay, birds/sea lions suffer, work to save; Temps to +80s; FLA temps to 90s; TX, temps to +70s; WA, OR temps to 59+; Philippines, 4th in 1-mo, Typhoon Mirinae hits w/100mph winds, downgrades to tropical storm, at least 14 dead; LA, Bossier city floods levees into homes; Prophecy: Nov 01, FALL BACK time— God’s charge against daylight savings, “they make day night and night day,” adds Daniel’s warning, “they hope to change times and laws” re: God’s day from sunset to sunset opposed to man’s from midnight to midnight, man’s changes to God’s prophetic times/events, changing His Ten Statutes of Life— just a few reasons God’s wrath is pouring out on earth today; Quakeslast 2.5 days– 66 quakes Pacific “Ring of Fire” from M2.5 to M6.2, lesser every 35-seconds on avg. entire earth; 40-quakes US prop (US-48, Hawaii, Alaska, Samoa, etc), local US— CA, OK, AR, TN, most in CA-wide areas, multiples other states; heavy clusters along Alaskan coast; Samoa islands hit again w/M5.0, then M4.9 below; Indonesia a sixth, seventh time w/M5.2 and 5.0—just highlights of a few of the 66 in the last 2.5 days; Agency global map 11:30am PST today, M4.9 hit near Samoa islands again, noted above;
11/07/09Caribbean, tropical storm aimed at Gulf of MX, now 60+mph winds; CA, Diamond Bar fires threaten homes; WA, record temp mid-hi 60s Wed, storms due Thurs thru Wed next week w/hi winds, expect rivers to flood; SUN mega-bursts afftd T-Mobile; NC, I-40 rockslide 4-mo to clear; MX, ER declared towns flooding; Animals: GA, Beluga whale dies; FLA, Miami man dies from swarming Bees; Round up/kill Boa Constrictors countless; Milwaukee, zoo elephant trapped in deep concrete mote, keepers’ efforts failed to get him out, hours later elephant extricated self; Australia, Kangaroos overrunning towns, “could kill 700 not make dent”; Quakes:last 3.5 days~~ Iran, Tues pm, M4.8 quake, 700 injured, no report deaths; Volcanoes: 2009 docu 20K active volcanoes beneath oceans;
Update Hurricane Ida, downgraded tropical storm, winds 70mph hit LA, ALA, FLA Panhandle, El Salvador, killed 91 w/60 missing massive rains, floods, mudslides; Indonesia, Earthquake hits 11/08, 1 death/many injuries;
11/14/09El Salvador Ida death toll up to 200; Indonesia, another quake; US, southeast flooding from Ida w/winds higher than Gulf of Mexico landfall, Atlantic seaboard swamped w/8-ft waves, VA, NJ floods kill 5, east coast bracing for more floods w/new storm off coast, Oregon/Washington funnels w/more storms moving in, more snow opens Ski Resorts earlier than ever; Tanzania, landslide kills 20; China, heavy snows kill 21; AZ, Scottsdale multi-$M mansion burned to ground; NASA finds water on moon;
11/21/09— Strong quake strikes Canada‘s Pacific coast; Australia issues “catastrophic” fire warning; Pacific Northwest hit w/near hurricane winds (60-80mph), flooding rains, heavy snow, damages, power outages, 3 more Pacific storms moving in back to back; Global death tolls by myriad causes climbing;
11/24/09England, “many” missing in “worst storm floods ever recorded” ancient stone bridges collapse, 1000s homes flooded; WA 5th storm, rivers flood, 3-ft snow, 7-in more due even lowlands, hail, wind damages, “at least” 11K no power;

11/28/09Climate Change Summit, Obama, China to attend in Copenhagen; Quakes, 227 last 7 days, M2.5 to M5.9, most M5 range, more widespread; Volcanoes, no wonder air so polluted, partial list last 7 days shows 16 eruptions globally with ash plumes as high 46.9K feet, does not include all activity, only most active on land, not oceans;
12/04/09FLA, sister Tammy reported odd appearance over Tampa had people shouting, “This is freakin’ end of the world stuff!
US, most States get maj blizzards; OH, Lebanon Raceway 11-alarm/80-stall stable fire kills 2 workers + 65 horses; UK, Frank says unheard-of-flooding rains persist widespread, massive damage, some deaths; CA, Sacramento under unheard-of snow; Hawaii, strong Pacific storm slamming 50-ft waves against isl; Animals: popular DC Panda leaves for China breeding; Elephant draws self-portrait, Orangutan takes photos of cage mates, both astoundingly good; Climate Change Summit, Copenhagen, over 200 nations attend, protestors descend, No. Pole IS melting; China w/worst air pollution in world vows to decrease emissions 40% by 2020; CA, sister Zenith reported bright moon Sacramento clear, pitch black sky no stars past week; FLA, last week sister Tammy reported moon had people crying, “It’s freakin’ end of the world stuff!” Details were not covered in Oil 37: photo/descrip report at Moon in Black Hole DON’T MISS THIS!
Climate Change Summit, world leaders trip selves in denial of global warming, says theory (people may panic? Should repent!); Urgent action as Scientists say “Current decade hottest on record;” God says, “It will get hotter. Do not let my freezing weapons fool you.” Australia sees ‘monster iceberg’ nearing; Turkey, mine explosion kills 19; LA, heavy rains float caskets New Orleans; US, records broke by 16-deg/below temps, heavy snows, 17 dead, power outages, next storm building west;
12/15/09Animals: Deer’s horns dangerously tangled in holiday light string, could not catch to remove; Climate Change Summit, some Fed reps say global warming a lie, Cuba says US on offensive (Hal Lindsey chgd worse in mother/daughter rept); Go Green TX, largest producer electricity by wind; CA, largest number green jobs, 55k, due to bldg. green codes; Mudslides on highway block cars; OR, 3-missing Mt. Hood climbers, 1-body found; WA, unseasonal snow; Philippines, evac pre-volcano eruption;
12/19/09LA, FLA break rain records; NE, severe winter storm 1′ to 30″ snow/tornadoes; CA, seaside cliff apts evacuated to erosion; Samoa, ocean 4K ft. deep volcano repeated violent eruptions; Lebanon, ship sinks, 83 missing; Climate Summit, protest violence, +100 arrstd, US journalists barred;
12/22/09US, E/NE States hit w/blizzards, 3K auto crashes, airports closed, 1200 flights cancelled, some runways now open, hi-winds 37mph+ caused whiteouts, 20″ more due, 46K w/o power; “at least” 6 deaths, 3 in VA, ice storms now moving up coast, 16″-18″ snow in single day broke all records; FLA, Miami hi-winds blew away vendor, canopied cart, floods worsen; WA, light rain W.WA, mtn. passes, above avg. temps 45-57-deg Wed-Thur dry out, new storm off coast w/cold air; CA, unusually cold; EU, parts w/hi-winds snow storms, France closes Eiffel Tower; Philippines, Mayon Volcano w/100s quakes, erupted w/ash last few days, 30K evacuated, still quaking; Climate Change Summit, UN reports “deal reached;”
12/26/09Philippines, hi-alert as Mayon quakes continue to increase/intensify; Boats collide, 27 missing; AZ, Severe dust storm causes 30/40-vehicle pile up, some burned, at least 6 dead; TX, storm of ice/violent tornadoes thru eastern State to move north, dump up to 16″ snow; Mass of wrecks in DFW; OK, whiteout, no planes in/out of State, winds 50-60mph, storm badly affecting TX, OK, KN, MN, NB, LA, Miss, Okla called “black” blizzard because combined dust/snow; At least 12 deaths in mid-west storm; LA, winds send tree into mobile home, kills 1-man; Blackberry 3 blackouts in 2wks affects millions users;  EU, Severe snow storms cause travel chaos;

12/29/09 W.WA, Clear, mostly sunny, winds up to 60mph in north Sound; Green, non-recyclable garbage, i.e. yogurt cups, vinyl records, aluminum/paper packaging, computer parts— new Business repurpose to picture frames, backpacks, ring binders, etc; Mid-East, hard hit blizzards, at least 21 dead, warnings still up, spreading east; Chicago, flts cancelled to storm; 12/25, Indonesia, quake strikes close to 2005 tsunami anniv; AK, tugboat hits reef, spills 55K-gal oil; CA, 1/2M acres agricultural land dead due drought, lack of water, farmers desperate, Governor has $40B plan despite State $21B deficit; Argentina, floods kill 2, 3K more homeless;
12/31/09Italy, Mt. Vesuvius active, expelling strong gases, recent massive quakes nearby threaten eruption; MX, Baja quake shallow M5.9 near US border, felt in San Diego, AZ, NV, several weaker after-shocks, no injrs/damages reprtd; Brazil, floods kill 14; US, Blue moon to shine on new year’s eve, means 2nd full moon in 30 days; WA, heavy rains to wrap up 2009, snow in Mtns; OR, Portland I-26 parking lot/snow storm 4″; Green, Times Sq. crystal ball now 78% more efficient w/+32K LED bulbs; Australia, Power lines cause devastating brush fires;
——Animals, 1700 sea lions disappear from San Francisco pier 39, cause unknown, just 12 on pier today; [CNN News]
——Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs, Maryland’s icon, the blue crab, has been fading away in Chesapeake Bay. Last year saw the lowest harvest (22M lbs) since 1945. Just four decades ago the bay produced 96M lbs. The population is down 70% since 1990, first formal count. There are only about 120M crabs in the bay; they think they need 200M for a sustainable population. Over-fishing, pollution, invasive species and global warming get blame. Ash Trees: In late 1990’s, a pretty iridescent green species beetle, now known as emerald ash borer, hitched a ride to No. Amer with ash wood products imported from eastern Asia. In less than a decade, its larvae have killed millions of trees in the Midwest, and continue to spread. They’ve killed more than 30M ash trees in southeastern Michigan alone, with tens of millions more lost in Ohio and Indiana. More than 7.5B ash trees are currently at risk. Honey Bees: Nothing on our list of disappearing America is so dire; plummeting so enormously and so necessary to the survival of our food supply as the honey bee. Very scary. ‘Colony Collapse Disorder,’ or CCD, has spread throughout the U.S. and Europe over the past few years, wiping out 50% to 90% of the colonies of many beekeepers and along with it, their livelihood. The Family Farm: Since the 1930’s, the number of family farms has been declining rapidly. According to USDA, 5.3M farms dotted our nation in 1950, but this number had declined to 2.1M according to the 2003 farm census (data for the 2007 census not yet published). 91% of U.S. farms are small family farms. [losses submitted by brother Bob Harding, OR]

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